this scene is gold okay


“Guess it runs in the family.”


I’ll ask you this favour, man to man…


What do you think about getting along with Kyung Woo again? The truth is, Kyung Woo likes you. All men sowing their oats make mistakes like that once in their life. Since it’s all water under the bridge…


You were always gold to me

Mamo question of the day:  What is your favorite Mamoru scene in original anime?


Sailor Moon Super S, Episode 153: Dentist of Horrors? Palla-Palla’s House. Mamoru practicing his apology to Usagi. Hands down. I mean, he even practices the kiss. How can you get cuter than that?! It’s the only episode where he gets jealous too, and I can’t help but enjoy seeing that side of him. (Yes, I know Super S is universally hated, but this scene is gold, okay?)


Goodbye Stelena: Day 2

Favorite Scenes: The 3x20 dance (gifs not mine)

Okay, so 3x20 was gold Stelena wise; but the conversation they had when they slow danced was my favorite thing. Stefan is sorry for everything that happened to Elena because of him; he’s honored to be at the dance with her. And even though he loves her more than anything, he refuses to push her in her choice making. He wants the choice of who she chooses to be hers; so he just savors the time they can have together. And for me it’s as touching a scene as their hug later in the episode.