this scene is close to the very first one they shared

i was bummed when it looked like they might share a dance together at the celebration & then didn’t but LOW AND BEHOLD JUST A LITTLE LATER ON WE GET A VERY NICE SLOW DANCE TO SMOOTH JAZZ RECORDS WHILE DEBATING DEALS WITH A DEMON & PROMISING THEY’LL SAVE EACH OTHER FROM MADNESS, SO YEAH I’M DOING FINE but i felt like finishing this wish-fulfillment piece anyway, so…

Did the “one drink” changed Zoro and Law relationship?

The latest chapter (804) showed how Zoro and Law interacted in casual way. Until that point they almost never talked to each other. And who knows, maybe the drink(s) they shared really helped to change their previous lack of contact?

The first time Zoro was shown after party scene, he was sitting close to Law, reading newspaper. He looked like he wasn’t paying attention to others (but then again, it’s Zoro he is always aware about things & people around him). That contrast very much with previous scenes like that:

In this Zoro took place that let him observed Law from distance and he was paying full attention to what’s going on. He didn’t showed distrust for their ally (and we know he doesn’t trust people easily), yet he didn’t speak with Trafalgar unless it was necessery (like asking him about strategy Law mentioned).

Even at Dressrosa their interaction was minimal though they spent a bit of time together. Zoro found and brought with himself Law’s sword. Yet he didn’t gave it to owner nor even said anything about it - he handled it to Luffy (who most likely told his first mate what happened to them. Very typical for them to not paid attention to what their enemy is talking right now).

At this point I was a bit dissapointed about lack of their interaction - Zoro is Supernova too, it would be cool to see him having any relationship with other pirates from the worst generation (I’m still waiting for him to meet Killer, I’m sure with so “idiotic” captains they can relate to each other  xD). And then party scene happened, when Zoro freely accosted Law (and basicly violated his personal space, what he didn’t do until now):

And since that moment both of them are more at easy in their own company. They acts in similar uncaring way

talk to each other and exchange insights

and what is important, Law doesn’t question Zoro’s decisions (who in absence of Luffy act as the leader of the group). They threat each other like equal.

I’m really curious how their relationship will develop in upcoming chapters.

[ARTICLE]SHINee’s Minho and Park So Dam Are a Lovely Couple in Teasers for New Drama

Teasers and behind-the-scenes stills from OnStyle‘s original drama “First Time” (working title) starring SHINee‘s Minho and Park So Dam have been released.

Anticipation rises for this upcoming drama as Minho (playing Yoon Tae Oh), Park So Dam (playing Han Song Yi), and the rest of the main cast are said to have great chemistry with one another.

The production team stated, “We thought it would be difficult to have [all the actors] take a group picture on a high wall for the teaser images, but the cast already became so close with each other that the shoot very smoothly. They chatted and laughed so much, and it created a very good atmosphere. We ended up with so many great photos and it’s hard to choose from them.”

“First Time” is a coming-of-age drama that shares the stories of young adults going through hardships of life and how they learn to mature in their own ways. It will be penned by Jung Hyun Jung, the writer behind popular dramas “I Need Romance” and “Discovery of Love.” The first episode is slated to air in the beginning of October.

Article HERE


EXO - 150204 Gaon Weibo Chart official weibo update: “#GWC·分享#1月28日Gaon大赏EXO独家访抢先透露:成员们说休假时最想去的地方是去Lay家里吃Lay妈妈做的菜,还想去TAO家吃海鲜,因为挨着海边 采访期间有个小花絮,TAO吐槽我家粉色小浪公仔不好看(呜呜..明明很萌),又多拿了一个红色小浪公仔,最后一手一个玩的很嗨(说好的不好看呢!)”

Translation: “#GWC.Shares# January 28 Gaon Daesang EXO’s exclusive interview first sneak peak: Members say that the place they want to go to the most when on holiday is to Lay’s home to eat the food the Lay’s mom makes, and they want to go to TAO’s home to eat seafood, because it is close to the sea. During the interview there was a small behind the scenes, TAO complained that my pink Little Wave Boy1 wasn’t nice (woo woo.. clearly very cute), and took one more red Little Wave Boy, in the end he was playing with one on each hand and was very high (You’re the one who said it wasn’t nice!)”

Credit: 明星势力榜. (1Note: Reference to the mascots of Sina that Tao is holding in his hands in the photo)