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i braced my hands on my hips, examining the drop, the trees, the lake beyond. “what did i do wrong?”

azriel, who had been sharpening truth-teller in his lap, flicked his hazel eyes to me. “aside from the tree?”

↳ happy birthday @illyrianazriel


Oh gowddd. I rewatch this apology scene again and again. Ever since the smooth hand slide, Magnus holding Alec’s hand with his free hand and fixing his jacket collar( aka) slight brush to his cheek, Alec couldn’t help himself but smile. THERE, I SCREAM AND DIE AGAIN. Omfg


“Deku what the FUCK”

thank you gift for the amazing @simkjrs for writing a golden masterpiece 

I cannot express my love for that fanfic, srsly, go and read it if you’re in bnha fandom asdfhjkl

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hi! would you mind sharing the psd you use for your phil + soap set? its super pretty!<3

oh. that. it was so hard to color aos framework scenes asdfghjk! i made that specifically for that scene. i hope it could work on other stuff too? i haven’t tried but here it is. good thing, it’s still saved! :)

(without psd)

(with psd)

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ULTIMATE SHIPPER CHALLENGE: [3/5] the moment you started shipping them
↳ Tom (Eames) x Cillian (Robert Fischer Jr.); during the kidnapping scene in Inception

“You’re NOT taking her!!!”

Click for better quality~ Colored version of my sketch for the lovely Tina and anon! Sorry guys, I’m quite terrible at coloring ;w; hope you enjoy anyway!