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J2: AU edition

We’re gonna get more interviews, more bts, more pictures, more comments from the cast, more videos, more fan encounters. MORE KATIE

And MORE LENA. She will probably finally interact with the rest of the super friends, she will have more scenes with kara and supergirl and more scenes of lena being nerdy and geeky and  asdfghjk I’m so excited!!!

because there’s not enough girl love and sister ship things:

  • please imagine lydia and malia still being friends, even after stydia becomes a thing. (and i’m so mad that kira and allison’s friendship didn’t grow more because that scene where they worked together jUST. MY HEART.) imagine how awkward it would be at first for all of them, but at the end of the day malia cares about them and their happiness, and slowly but surely gets over stiles.
  • please imagine group hugs between kira, lydia, and malia. then big sis malia brings in hayden. and there’s braeden standing on the side because she claims to “not do hugs” but kira and malia go for it anyway and asdfghjk. the cayoot.
  • please imagine isaac coming back to beacon hills. imagine isaac becoming another big brother figure to liam. isaac and malia meeting for the first time and thinking, “who the fuck are you?” scott pairing them off when the pack has to split up and they just – groans. but they actually work super well together and get shit done.
  • please imagine kira and lydia exchanging knowing glances when they see malia with isaac. imagine them getting hayden in on it and they’re all smug as shit. malia looking back at them and seeing the looks on their faces and she just throws her arms out like, “…what?”
  • imagine the synchronous: “nothing!”
  • scott, stiles, and liam teasing the hell out of isaac about malia and, admittedly, it’s awkward for stiles at first, but scott reassures him that the feeling will pass because he’s been through it with allison. isaac denying that he has any feelings for her whatsoever. him and malia? pfft. whaat. like that would ever happen.
  • concerned!boyfriends and worried!girlfriends trying to find each other, only to be reunited after a close call. scott picking up kira and twirling her around before setting her down and kissing her passionately. lydia slamming into stiles and nearly knocking him over and he clumsily catches his balance before his arms drape around her and g u h. actual puppies liam and hayden beaming at each other and holding hands and going in for the kissus despite the dirt and grime on their faces.
  • isaac and malia walking up to each other. 
  • “you okay?”
  • “yeah, i’m fine.”
  • malia being so confused and conflicted about her feelings now because she doesn’t know what to do and she doesn’t understand how she can go from barely standing isaac to falling head over heels for him and she goes to LYDIA AND LYDIA INVITES KIRA OVER AND KIRA AND LYDIA CURL UP BESIDE MALIA AND TALK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS AND FEELINGS AND ASDFGHJKKJH GIRL THINGS.
  • triple dates? more like saving beacon hills and tag-teaming during battle. so romantic amiright.
  • stiles seeing lydia actually use her powers in full force and being in total awe while holding his bat“kick his ass, baby. i got your flower.”
  • THE GIRLS SAVING THE BOYS. please imagine malia and hayden landing on all fours, canines bared, eyes glowing, kira wielding her katana and sinking into her fighting stance, and lydia doing her own little pose with her palms out and fingers curled and knees bent.
  • hayden getting away from theo and the mccall pack being a positive influence on her. hayden never having real female friends until kira, lydia, and malia. hayden looking up to the girls and wanting to be as strong as them because they’ve been through so much.
  • lydia taking the girls shopping because shopping is a must.
  • the girls anchoring each other when the boys aren’t around.
  • the boys lowkey boasting about how amazing their girls are. isaac idly bringing up malia. and how good her butt looks in a tight pair of pants and wHAT HE DID NOT SAY THAT.
  • malia initiating that first kiss though. feeling like her face is on fire and for some reason she can’t?? stop smiling?? so of course she’s gonna text kira and then of course kira is gonna text lydia and of course they’re gonna show up at malia’s house within seconds because this is an eMERGENCY.
  • “do you have to lean up on your tiptoes to kiss him?”
  • “kIRA”
  • “do you?”
  • “…yus”
  • “awh!”
  • “have you talked to him about it?”
  • “no.”
  • “you need to go see him. right now.”
  • “LYDS”
  • scott giving isaac that knowing look. stiles giving isaac ‘the talk’.
  • “if you ever hurt her, just know i will be first in line to kick your ass.”
  • “oh really?”
  • “i’m not afraid to punch a werewolf.”
  • *distressed scott noises*
  • confused bby liam. “are they always like this?”
  • understanding, bemused scott. “yeah. it’s just how they show affection.”
  • little spoon!malia. imagine. kira, lydia, and hayden talk about how much they love being the little spoon and, since malia’s only ever been the big spoon she doesn’t know what that’s like. but the first time she sleeps with isaac, he rolls over and spoons her in his sleep and she wakes up first and realizes what’s happening and she’s like oh. o h. so tHIS IS WHAT THIS IS.
  • genuine ! !! loving ! !! female friendships ! !!