this scene is a joy to color



A WRINKLE IN TIME stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Mindy Kaling, & Zach Galifianakis, and it’s directed by Ava Duvernay!
The movie is based on a book about a girl who travels though time & space to save her father, a gifted scientist who is held prisoner on another planet!
The film hits theatres March 2018✨


Disney has announced details about an upcoming, newly announced film, THE NUTCRACKER & THE FOUR REALMS!✨ All we know about the plot is that it will be a dark twist on the classic tale of the Nutcracker and that there will be four “realms,” including the Land of the Flowers and the Land of the Snowflakes.🌸❄️ Keira Knightly will play the Sugar Plum Fairy, Helen Mirren will play Mother Ginger, Morgan Freeman will play Drosselmeyer, and ballerina Misty Copeland will also star in the movie. The audience at the panel got to see a teaser trailer for movie, which apparently has great visuals including scenery and costumes. It is scheduled for release November 2, 2018.✨


Production has already started on Disney’s live-action Dumbo!🐘🎪
The film is being directed by Tim Burton, and stars Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, & Eva Green!🐘
The story follows Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell), a former circus star and war veteran, who has been enlisted by circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) to care for a newborn elephant with oversized ears. The baby elephant’s ears are a laughingstock and embarrassment to the already struggling circus. That is, until Holt’s children discover that Dumbo can fly! Aerial artist Colette Marchant (Eva Green) and entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton) then swoop in to make Dumbo, the flying elephant, a star.🐘🎪
Dumbo will be brought to life through CGI and a team of award winning filmmakers are currently working on the movie!🎪
Dumbo hits theaters March 29, 2019!🐘🎪


Disney has just announced the cast for the live-action Aladdin movie!
Mena Massoud will be playing Aladdin
Naomi Scott will be playing Jasmine
There’s no release date but it’s most likely to be released in 2020.

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The audience at D23 were shown an exclusive clip from Mary Poppins Returns, the sequel to the 1964 classic musical!☔️
The story follows Michael (Ben Whishaw) & Jane Banks (Emily Mortimer) who are now grown up, and Michael is living with his three children and their housekeeper, Ellen (Julie Walters) on Cherry Tree Lane. After Michael suffers a personal loss, the enigmatic nanny Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) re-enters the lives of the Banks family, and long with the optimistic street lamplighter, Jack (Lin Manuel Miranda), uses her unique magical skills to help the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives. Mary Poppins also introduces the children to a new assortment of colorful and whimsical characters, including her eccentric cousin, Topsy (Streep). And, as mentioned before, Dick Van Dyke will play a role in the film as Mr. Dawes Jr., the chairman of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank, which is now run by William Weatherall Wilkins (Colin Firth).☔️
All we know of the scene showed at the panel was that it involved Dick Van Dyke dancing on a table! We didn’t get that scene but at least we got this beautiful video poster starring Emily as Mary!☔️
Mary Poppins Returns hits theatres Christmas 2018.☔️

“I think as a kid, I found that a magical mysterious person whisking into their lives and making everything right again was really comforting as a child … so I always found the film incredibly magical and wanted to be the Banks children! I need to pay homage to what Julie did but carve our space for myself. No one is going to out julie julie andrews. we were very loyal to the books.” - Emily Blunt


Hugh Jackman is going to voice Scar in Disney’s upcoming live action adaptation of The Lion King! He will join an all star cast that includes:

  • Simba voiced by Donald Glover
  • Mufasa voiced by James Earl Jones
  • Zazu voiced by John Oliver
  • Timon voiced by Billy Eichner
  • Pumbaa voiced by Seth Rogen

The audience at D23’s live action presentation got to see the Circle of Life sequence from Disney’s upcoming live action version of The Lion King!
Apparently it was shot-for-shot as you see in the animated movie, Baby Simba was adorable, and it doesn’t look like CGI! Everyone who saw the scene keeps on raving about how beautiful it was and I can’t wait for the movie!
The live action version of Lion King will hit theaters July 2019!

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Click here for an analysis of the footage!


Footage from Avengers: Infinity War was shown to the audience at D23!
Most of the stars of the movie showed up on stage: Robert Downey Jr., Josh Brolin, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Don Cheadle, Sebastian Stan, & Anthony Mackie.
Infinity War is the movie that all the previous Marvel movies have been leading up to; in it, we see the Avengers & the Guardians of the Galaxy team up to fight the super villain Thanos.
The trailer shown at D23 was very spoilery, & I won’t be discussing it here because I don’t want to spoil it on myself, but apparently the footage was so good that the entire audience gave a standing ovation!
Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4, 2018.💥

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  • November 8: Thor Ragnarok
  • November 22: Coco
  • December 16: Star Wars IX: The Last Jedi


  • February 16: Black Panther
  • March 9: A Wrinkle in Time
  • May 4, 2018: Avengers Infinity War
  • May 25: Han Solo
  • June 15: Incredibles 2
  • July 6: Antman & the Wasp
  • November 21: Wreck It Ralph 2
  • November 2: The Nutcracker & the Four Realms
  • December 25: Mary Poppins Returns


  • March 8: Captain Marvel
  • March 29: Dumbo
  • April: Untitled DisneyToon movie
  • TBA: Avengers 4
  • June 21: Toy Story 4
  • July: The Lion King
  • November: Frozen 2
  • TBA: Mulan
  • December: Star Wars IX

“The color yellow is often associated with meanings of happiness and joy.”

The first few rays of sun brightened up the bedroom, and they shined at the exact angle for you to wake up to blinding light. The left over popcorn was scattered on the bed, since you two fell asleep before the bowl was empty.

Glancing around the room, you smiled when you saw the movie’s home screen playing; the few scenes it showed had been looping over and over all night, keeping the usually-dark room bright.

Yawning, your eyes moved to the man next to you, who was preventing you from getting out of bed. He was still asleep, but he kept one arm around your waist, in an iron grip. You tried to squirm out, but ultimately failed.

Shawn sucked in a breath, his hands rising to collide with the wall behind his head. “Mm, g’morning.” He croaked, voice dry from sleeping with his mouth open.

“Good morning.” You pecked his jaw, smiling when his hands returned to your waist. “Want me to make breakfast?”

Shawn shook his head, peering down at you. “Not yet. Wanna wake up some more.” He yawned, one hand beginning to rub circles on your back. “How was your sleep?”

You hummed, shrugging. “Was ok, until someone woke me up with their snoring.” You poked Shawn in the cheek, and he let out a breathy laugh, squeezing your side.

“You missed my snoring, don’t lie.”

Not replying, you just tucked your head into the space between Shawn’s shoulder and head, seeming to fit perfectly.

You cherished the mornings like this, where the sun was just peeking into the room, causing everything to appear yellow. It was your favorite time of day, when Shawn would still be half-asleep, wanting nothing more than a cuddle and some kisses, which were two of the things you missed most while he was away.

Soufli spirits

❥ “The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”
William Blake, 1799, The Letters 

Shining Light | Jung Hoseok (Chapter 1)

You are the light at the end of the tunnel

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Genres: Soulmate!AU, fluff, soft angst

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x reader

Summary“Out there, there is one person that is meant for you more than any other person” they say. You can only experience true happiness when you find the one person who you belong with. Everyone you knew had already found their soulmate, making you feel even more sadder. Your world was endlessly gray until one faithful day, you finally the one destined for you, the light of your day whose name was Jung Hoseok.

Chapters: Chapter 1 

                                                       Chapter 1

“You’ll find him one day”

Those were the five words that endlessly echoed in your head. That’s all you would hear from your friends most of the time. They had tried so hard to keep you positive about it but you just couldn’t at times. Everywhere you went, you would see it everywhere. You would see so many couples walking around smiling with each other, the lucky ones who had already found the ones meant for them. Even your friends who you loved to hang out with became more dim, they had already found their soulmates, leaving you alone as the odd one out. You were still grateful for them, they still tried to include you in activities but soon it just started to feel like you were just clinged on to them like an annoying slug.

You had always wondered what it would be like to finally find your soulmate, to finally be able to feel the sense of happiness when seeing their face for the first time. That is what everyone always said to you about meeting their soulmates.

“It was like an overwhelming feeling of joy, to watch the world change color and to be greeted with the smile you’ve been waiting to see” You could recalled one of your friends saying to you. You had always wanted that feeling ever since you were younger but you couldn’t help feeling so negative whenever you stepped outside every morning and seeing nothing but grey.

“(Y/N) are you okay?”

Brought back to reality, you were sitting a small wooden table in a cafe towards the window. Looking towards you sat your friends, sitting along with their soulmates who along were concerned about you. The small mug of your favorite hot drink in front of you had gone cold, barely touched. You understood the concern from your friends but decided to excuse yourself from the table, making up an excuse to go home. Placing the money on the table to pay them back for the drink, you slid your phone into your pocket, not noticing it sticking out as if it was going to fall at any moment. Walking out from the entrance to the cafe, you turned to the right to walk away when you felt your shoulder collide with another’s.

Turning to apologize, you heard a small thud on the ground and looked to see your phone had fallen from your pocket. Bending down to pick it up, you reached for the phone only to see another hand reaching for it.

“I’m so sorry, here let me get that for you.”

That was all you heard when your finger had accidently met the stranger’s. Your nails had quickly touched but that was when you were both taken back. As soon as your fingers had touched, you saw it. Color slowly reaching up your arm and theirs, as if it was blooming like a flower in spring. Everything had become more bright and vivid, softly blinding you for a moment. You looked up to get a glimpse of the stranger in front of you and was met with brown eyes filled with shock and joy.

“I finally found him.”

Chapter 2?

Esme was still full of joy that my heart had finally been touched after all this time, no matter the potential for tragedy. She’d thought I would always be alone…


Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6A, Episode 10: The Reunion with Dad Part 1: ‘I found you. I can’t believe I found you.’

Come on, you had to know this scene would be first one I would do! ;) Anyway, I absolutely love this scene. It’s the absolute, sheer joy on the Sheriff’s face that does it. He’s so happy to see his son again he’s almost in tears. And Stiles has missed him so much that all he can do is hug him as tight as he can. I love the Sheriff/Stiles relationship so much and you can tell that Linden and Dylan really care about each other. 

I also absolutely love the coloring for this set. I feel like I got it just perfect and you can see everything. I’m working on the second half of this scene when the Sheriff ‘sacrifices’ himself so Stiles can get out. Hopefully that one will be out tomorrow or this weekend. 

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #219 - Anastasia (1997)

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) The prologue.

Originally posted by anastasiasromanovs

The very first few musical notes of the film’s score establish a key element which we will see throughout: a light and playful darkness which helps to accent the film. It fits the fairytale tone well, for that is what Anastasia is: a fairy tale. I’m not too familiar with Imperial Russia or the revolution which marked its end, but as I understand this film is FAR from historically accurate. I think that decision works well for the filmmakers, as making this more of a fairytale with fantasy elements allows for more room to play around (while also not being beholden to history).

Another reason the prologue works - other than setting tone - is that it establishes all the necessary backstory the film needs in a sleek and easily digestible way. We understand what happened to Anya/Anastasia, we understand Rasputin’s anger/motivations, we understand the pain that Anastasia’s grandmother will feel, we see Dimitri’s role in it all, everything comes through clearly. I like that.

2) Okay, question: Why does Rasputin only care about killing Anastasia and not her grandmother if he vowed to kill all of the Tsar’s family? Wouldn’t the grandma be a part of that equation?

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3) Here is how it went the first time I saw this film:

[Music builds to a swell as we see St. Petersburg]
Me [sarcastically]: “Oh GREAT, a song about how wonderful communist Russia is.”
Lyrics: “St. Petersburg is gloomy, St. Petersburg is bleak.”
Me [after a moment]: “Oh.”

4) “A Rumor in St. Petersburg”

Whereas the prologue established the world of the past, this song establishes the environment the characters are currently in. We understand really quickly the stakes which motivate Dimitri, why he wants to get out of St. Petersburg, and just how much of a hubbub is around the rumor of Anastasia’s return. Beyond that though, the opening is an appropriate first taste of the film’s original songs. St. Petersburg is a big opening number befitting of a Broadway show (which this film now is) and is greatly enjoyable, much like the rest of the songs will be.

5) Anya/Anastasia.

Originally posted by fadingchildhoodmemories

When it comes to the performance of Anya (I’m just going to call her Anya moving forward since that’s what the film does), the credit must go in equal parts to Meg Ryan and Liz Callaway. As her dialogue actress, Ryan is Anya’s actress the majority of the time. The actress is able to infuse her character with warmth, humor, heart, strength, resilience, and a little bit of sadness all in a captivating way that fits the character design. But Callaway must get the credit she deserves as well, for she is able to take all of the qualities Ryan gives Anya’s dialogue and match it in her singing. This is no easy task, as sometimes having two performers doing voice and song CAN be distracting. But the pair blend beautifully and are able to support the character to the her fullest.

6) “Journey to the Past”

As “A Rumor in St. Petersburg” acts to set up Dimitri’s motivations, “Journey to the Past” sets up what drives Anya. Her search for who she is, for who she was, and any family that may come with that. While that subject matter (Anya confronting the unknown) could be bleak, the song is wonderfully uplifting and inspiring. You ROOT for Anya because of it. You’re invested in her and honestly I think its the best song in the piece. I just love it.

7) I get “Frosty the Snowman” vibes from the ticket seller saying, “No exit visa, no ticket!” Is that just me?

8) Dimitri.

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With much less singing (and certainly less solos), John Cusack plays much more of Dimitri than Jonathan Dokuchitz. Dokuchitz contributions are crazy important and well done, something which he deserves due credit for, but it is Cusack who has the responsibility of developing Dimitri more. Cusack’s through his voice is able to expand on Dimitri’s lovable rogue quality, but when he develops into a much more caring person it seems natural. Cusack through his performance is able to blend these two aspects perfectly, showing Dimitri’s heart and vulnerability in an interesting way as the film continues.

9) “Once Upon a December”

A hauntingly beautiful number, this tune always felt befitting of a ghost story to me. As at home in Phantom of the Opera as Anastasia. This is one of the songs which best demonstrate the dark flavors this film dabbles with and it fits perfectly with the rest of the soundtrack. Its wonderful, slightly creepy, and very fascinating.

10) The chemistry is great between Anya and Dimitri, specifically when they’re bickering. Their initial bickering is wildly fun to watch and it translates into trust, love, and respect much more than some live action film couples. It’s an important aspect to nail in getting the audience behind their relationship and the filmmakers do this well.

11) Kelsey Grammer as Vlad.

Originally posted by anastasiasjourney

I like Kelsey Grammer in most things, and this film is no exception. As both the speaking and singing voice for Vlad, the experienced actor gives the rotund figure an incredible amount of life which helps us as the audience get invested in him. I just like it.

12) Hank Azaria as Bartok.

Originally posted by kpfun

It’s Hank Azaria for crying out loud, what more do I need to say? The veteran voice over and character actor enables the lovable henchman to steal every scene he’s in. Bartok doesn’t even interact with any of the main heroes, just Rasputin, but that alone gives him enough comedic material for Azaria’s vocals to carry us away. All in all, it is an incredibly fun and entertaining part.

13) Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin.

Back to the Future is my favorite film, so having Christopher Lloyd in anything is a treat for me. His vocals as Rasputin are INCREDIBLE! He’s playful evil, having a ton of fun in the part which means the audience has fun too. Rasputin is a brilliantly entertaining villain (especially considering he’s stuck on the sidelines for most of the movie), with the physical humor brought about by his decaying corpse leading to some gross/great comedy bits! Rasputin is one of my favorite non-Disney animated villains of all time (if not my favorite). He’s great and has an incredible villain song!

14) “In the Dark of the Night”

Lloyd doesn’t song this song, instead its performed by legendary veteran of voice over work Jim Cummings (Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Ed from The Lion King, Ray from The Princess and the Frog, and MUCH more). Cummings KILLS IT with his vocal work, making Rasputin both fun and threatening in the number. The tune is dark, epic, and evil throughout. One of the best villain songs in animation because - more than above else - the threat just amplified considerably. We understand Rasputin is not someone to mess with and this song establishes that in a wildly entertaining way. I love it.

15) The scene which best shows Anya’s and Dimitri’s chemistry has to be when they’re on the train.

Anya: “Dimitri, do you really think I’m royalty?”

Dimitri: “You know I do.”

Anya: “Then stop bossing me around!”

Vlad: “She certainly has a mind of her own.”

Dimitri: “Yeah, I hate that in a woman.”

Originally posted by x--hydrangea

16) I really enjoy this film, but one of the things in it I found odd is that the main protagonists go almost completely unaware of the supernatural elements which threaten them. Not until Anya and Dimitri face Rasputin at the end are they conscious of it. If I were to change one thing in the film, it would be that.

17) I always found this little bit of dialogue funny, because Dimitri does think Anya convincing people she’s Anastasia is a lie but we as the audience know better.

Dimitri: “You don’t know if it’s a lie! What if it’s true!”

18) “Learn To Do It”

Originally posted by anastasiasjourney

The Pygmalion elements of the film could easily have been dull filler until we reach the end, but by condensing it to a charming and fun number Anya’s evolution into Anastasia is an interesting and integral part of the story. The number is one of pure joy, life, and entertainment, speaking to the relationship this trio develops on their long journey to Paris. It holds up against the other song quite well.

19) The waltz between Anya and Dimitri is a key turning point in their relationship. It’s the most vulnerable they’ve been with each other up to this point. I like that.

Originally posted by vladimir-todd

20) Anya’s dream.

There’s a nice sense of heightened reality in the dream’s visuals which (with a unique color palette) helps make it feel beyond reality. While cheerful in appearance, mixing the scenes with Newman’s score means we understand there’s danger even before we see the monsters in Anya’s head. The way the film cuts between dream and reality also works well, as the flow of the scene is never disrupted. All in all, it just works.

21) Angela Lansbury as the Dowager Empress.

Originally posted by anastasiagifs

Our first encounter with the Empress in modern setting shows her off as grumpy, jaded, and impatient. But what’s important is that we understand WHY she’s this way. The audience sees the tragedy in her not only through the film’s prologue but also through Lansbury’s performance. That heartache is wonderfully present throughout and when it turns to joy at finding her Anastasia the effect is wonderful. But more on that later.

22) Bernadette Peters as Sophie.

A broadway legend, Peters actually objected to Sohpie’s curvy appearance since she herself had actually lost weight. Despite this, the actress (much like Grammer with Vlad) breathes a wonderful amount of life into Sophie. It’s hard to imagine anyone performing the charming and energetic character since she just feels so natural/alive. While relegated to the third act, Sophie is definitely a memorable part of the film and Peters’ performance is an important part of that.

23) “Paris Holds The Key To Your Heart”

Originally posted by fromthemotionpicture

In terms of how the tune serves the story, it stands to set up Paris as a location much like “St Petersburg” did in the opening with its titular city. But beyond that, it allows us to juxtapose how far the characters have come. This is it, their final destination, which results in a joyous night on the town. Anya is the happiest she’s been in a while and Dimitri has grown up a lot, ready to let go the woman he cares for so she can have what she wants. Like many of the others, the tune is wildly entertaining and just takes you on this wild night in Paris wonderfully.

24) The fallout between Dimitri and Anya when she finds out his INITIAL motivations is particularly heartbreaking, largely because those are no longer his intentions. For the first time in his adult life he’s actually trying to do the right thing, which creates incredibly high stakes for him (which we see when he freaking KIDNAPS THE DOWAGER EMPRESS! Also in how he turns down the reward for finding Anya). It’s a wonderful if painful moment.

25) When the Empress first meets with Anya she’s guarded and dismissive, which makes sense. It’s self preservation at this point. But that just means it is all the more wonderful when she realizes it IS Anya, that neither of them are without family anymore, and she can finally let herself be open to happiness. (Although, it’s kinda weird that all of Anya’s memories come back at once.)

Originally posted by anastasiagifs

26) If I ever go to a high school reunion (which I don’t plan on doing), I gotta use this line.

Rasputin [upon seeing Anya]: “Look at what the years have done to us. You a beautiful young flower, me a rotting corpse!”

27) I talked about this a bit more in note #16, but I wish Rasputin took a more active role in the plot. That there was more interaction between him and the heroes. I really like the action of the climax, where Anya and Dimitri go at it with him, but I wish I’d had a bit more of that in the film.


Rasputin [thinking Anya died]: “Finally, the last of the Romanoffs dead!”

You know, except for her grandma.

29) I love happy endings which aren’t really endings (when they’re done like this, not so much when they’re cliffhangers).

Sophie [when she learns Anya and Dimitri eloped]: “Its a perfect ending!”

Empress: “No, it’s a perfect beginning.”

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Anastasia is one of the more underrated animated films out there. It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic - great music, memorable characters, an awesome bad guy, strong voice acting, a strong story - but not nearly the following of Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend putting in Anastasia.


“The color orange is often associated with meanings creativity and joy.“

You glanced up at the scene before you, grabbing the charcoal to the right of the paper and smudging it onto the paper, not caring that your fingers were getting dirty.

Shawn had invited a few friends over, and they were all admiring the view from the singer’s new condo, overlooking Toronto. They didn’t know they were the models for the new art piece you were working on, a project you had due in a few days.

You had been complaining to Shawn that you weren’t going to get it done, that nothing was inspiring you to create, causing him to bring up the idea of inviting some friends over, letting loose for the night.

But now you were over the moon that he had invited friends over, since the setting sun seemed to cast an orange hue over everything, the guys at the edge of the balcony, the CN Tower, the other buildings. It all looked so beautiful, your heart warmed with the picture before you, hands not coloring the page fast enough.

Shawn met your gaze, and he smirked as he saw you grab another piece of orange chalk pastel, knowing you had found some inspiration.

Once the guys had left, you saw Shawn was looking over the piece which you had finished not too long ago. “It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you.” You murmured, blushing.

The two of you stared at the exquisite drawing of Shawn and his friends, perfectly placed in front of the orange-colored sky, which had now turned into a dark blue.

You looked at Shawn, heart warming.

He looked at peace, just strumming his guitar, watching whatever was on the television. But the electronic fireplace continued to cast its orange hue over his face, making you smile.

Baby Driver.

My favorite movie of the year so far. Pure. Cinema. 

I’ll write something for real but this is just me yammering my thoughts. I will avoid spoilers.

Realism is for suckers. 

It is so fucking in love with being a movie. Joy. Car chases filmed as poetry. Music as soul and pulse, Baby Driver’s heart is old Soul records from Stax and diners at 2am. Sincerity and softness expressed in a masculine genre, of all the shitty anti-heroes we get, it is nice to see someone who is nice? Who makes dinner for his Dad?. A crime film filmed like a classic musical. Stylization that inform character and theme. The camera moves like a dancer. I haven’t seen a movie so in love with music and how much that love pops off the frame and isn’t afraid of how sappy it can make us. The real cars being driven for real doing real stunts are amazing. The film is earnest and wears its heart on its sleeve in an era of cool cynicism. It makes me believe in the magic of cinema I felt as a child can still be found as a “seen it all” adult. I hope you see it on the big screen nice and loud and feel some of the joy I felt and if you don’t, we are two very different people. 

It 100% deserves the best editing oscar. 

Fuckkkkk that scene set to The Damned’s “Neat Neat Neat”

A certain scene of violence. 

That steadycam shot during the opening credits. 

The use of color during the final action scene. 

The first film I can remember being nostalgic for iPods.

The hidden cuts during the foot chase scene!

How good the blocking and compositions are!

I am sucker for stories about found families. 

BTS & GOT7 Reaction: When their S/O giving birth and finding out that she’s having twins

OMG THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE DON A LONG TIME AGO!! I’m sooooo sorry this took so long! IDK why doing this reaction took forever, but I finally manage to do it! Thank you patient Nonnie! I’m sorry if this fully didn’t match your prompt. I was a bit clueless as to what dialogue they should have since I’m pretty sure that most of it would be S/O screaming her head off as a second baby was coming out of her.

Hi! Can I ask for a got7 & bts reaction being with their S/o during labor and meeting their first child although it happens to be twins and they didn’t expected that since doctors have missed it

Keep reading

Punk WoC Appreciation Post

As a punk and as a woman of color, I’ve found that I’ve been an oddity at so many punk shows I’ve been to. Maybe I’m just living in the wrong place, but when I attend punk shows I often find myself to literally be the only woman of color at a show. But fear not, we may be rare, but WoC punks, post punks, and other derivatives do exist!

Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex

Vocalist, songwriter and front woman for the X-ray Spex of London, England. Poly was born to a Somali father and is among some of the first women of color in the punk scene.

Pauline Black of The Selecter

Vocalist for the late 70′s 2-tone ska band The Selecter, Pauline Black was born in the Greater London Area to a Jewish mother and a Yoruba Nigerian father. The Selecter was a prominent band in the ska scene in London in the late70′s and early 80′s and Black’s dramatic and bold voice was a defining characteristic of the band.

Shingai Soniwa of Noisettes

Also from London, vocalist and bassist Shingai Soniwa is of Shona Zimbabwean descent. She is the front woman of the indie rock band “Noisettes”, but has also lent her soulful vocals to various other indie and punk acts. 

Adee Roberson and Osa Atoe of New Bloods

All girl post-punk band New Bloods is an interesting act that features characteristic minimalist joy division-esque bass lines and drums and unique use of the violin in their tracks. This band from Portland, Oregon featured two women of color, Adee Roberson and Osa Atoe. 

Allysa Lowe of The Atomic Tanlines

A relatively new and little known act in the scene, The Atomic Tanlines are a punk rock band out of Denton, Texas that features lead vocalist and attitude-wild WoC Allysa Lowe. Women like her remind us that we can still make our mark on the punk scene.

Alicia Armendariz of Bags

Alicia Armendariz (AKA Alice Bag) was the vocalist for the L.A. punk band “Bags” and later “Cholita!”, and is of Latina descent. “Bags” was among the first generation of punk rock bands in Los Angeles. Alice later went on to become an activist for Chicanx and women’s rights.

I’ve only scraped the surface of the many WoC in the punk and post-punk scenes of the past and present, and I didn’t even touch the scores of woman-led punk bands in Latin America and Asia, so I encourage everyone to add to this appreciation post.

Yes, I do teach creative writing: attribution.

There’s no need to ever use dialog tags. They are often clunky and add nothing. 

“I’ll kill you!” she screamed. (Can you guess she might be screaming?)

“What is that?” he asked. (Well, duh, it’s a question.)

“I love you,” I declared. (That’s a declarative sentence, so that’s obvious.)

“Not today,” he replied. (The word “replied” is my least favorite.)

“It’s a girl,” she said. (Good old “said.”)

But, you retort, we NEED dialog tags to clarify who’s speaking. That’s absolutely true, and I’m not a fan of unattributed dialog where you have to count back to figure out who’s talking.

“Give me the gun,” he demanded.

“Take one step closer and I’ll shoot.”

“You don’t even know how to use that thing.”

“Do you really want to find out how wrong you are?”

“Do you really want to do something you’ll regret the rest of your life?”

“What I want is for you to leave me alone.”

At the end of exchanges like this, I’m checking back to make sure I know, who’s saying what. So we need attribution. But dialog tags are so boring.

Good attribution can add action (even if it’s just a gesture), emotion, thought, or description. It’s separated from the dialog by a period, not a comma as with dialog tags. The writer is forced to think more deeply about what’s happening in the scene and with the characters. The reader is not stuck in a blank room with “talking heads.” Look at my five original lines of dialog, the ones with dialog tags above, rewritten with these types of attribution.

“I’ll kill you!” She bared her teeth, her hands clenched into fists of rage.

“What is that?” He could hardly look at the box as his face drained of color.

“I love you.” I had meant to say the words clearly. Why had they come out so shy and faint?

“Not today.” His eyes were bored as he turned the sign on the door to read “Closed.”

“It’s a girl.” Joy and wonder competed on her face as she handed me the bundle.

Look at how action, thought, and description attribution add to the unattributed scene.

“Give me the gun.” He held out his hand. Was it shaking slightly?

I found the safety, clicked it off. “Take one step closer and I’ll shoot.”

“You don’t even know how to use that thing.” He was trying to smile, to make light of the unlikely scenario of me with a gun.

“Do you really want to find out how wrong you are?” I didn’t try to keep my voice steady.

His smile was grim. “Do you really want to do something you’ll regret the rest of your life?”

But I was willing to call his bluff. “What I want is for you to leave me alone.”

He pulled out the kitchen chair and sat in it, still with that smile.

Doesn’t the attribution bring a lot more depth to the scene? Can’t you picture it a lot more easily?

Remember to always start a new paragraph each time the speaker changes, and sometimes even if there is no dialog, if the “camera” moves from one person to another.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming’s” Seven Best Jokes and Why they Matter

Spider-Man has had a rocky ride when it comes to Hollywood. Sam Raimi’s first two films were instantly beloved mega-hits that proved the superhero formula could be a cash cow, but the next three titles that bore the wall-crawler’s name ranged from just alright to downright abysmal. In case you didn’t already know, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a MUCH needed course correction, and in my opinion the best Spider-Man movie, ever, by a pretty huge margin.

What makes it so special? Its sense of humor. Jon Watt’s attempt reminds me a lot of my favorite Spider-Man stories: the first few years of the “Ultimate Spider-man” comics penned by Brian Michael Bendis (who unsurprisingly gets a special thanks in the credits). What he does better than any iteration prior (or since) is fully convince the reader that Peter Parker is a goofy kid caught up in a world of larger than life choices, risks, and consequences. That premise is simultaneously kinda heart-breaking and, more importantly rife for comedy. Here are, in no particular order, the 7 best laugh out loud moments in Spider-Man: Homecoming and how they help give this movie its secret sauce.

Minor spoilers ahead, but I will write these in a way that the punchline isn’t ruined prematurely.

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The Reunion & All That Is Unspoken.

Bear with me for some mortifying self-indulgence: In some ways, my biggest fear with the Black Sails finale did actually to pass - I was confident Thomas would return, but was concerned it would be a reunion scene with Flint without any dialogue. (Mind you, it would have been worse again to have a cutaway ending with Flint going to find Thomas, or just seeing Thomas in the distance.) Whilst my fear did come to pass, let us thank the casting director gods for the acting calibre of Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones. Whilst there was no verbal dialogue with the reunion scene that the audience was privy to, Stephens and Penry-Jones gave the audience completely transparent inner monologues for both James and Thomas, along with a tangible unspoken back and forth dynamic between the two on screen. In the hands of lesser actors, it could have felt clichéd and trite. Instead, it is raw and euphoric all at once, and manages to carry the genuine weight and loss of two people who have been separated for ten years.

None of the above is an easy task for an actor, especially when so much is riding on the pay-off for the finale. In a normal situation, making actual dialogue sound naturalistic can be hard enough. It’s even harder again to convey a natural inner monologue without being over the top. In the case of Black Sails, Stephens and Penry-Jones have to give the audience a natural inner monologue, whilst also carrying the emotions and weight of a ten year reunion scene! It’s a tall order for any actor, that could have so easily gone wrong. Stephens and Penry-Jones completely exceeded each and every expectation, and managed to make the reunion scene both grounded yet still deeply emotional. (Talented jerks.) The following is my personal interpretation and breakdown of the reunion scene. I know everyone would have their own interpretation of the scene, including the actors themselves. We all no doubt color the scene a little differently depending on our own personal viewpoint. I’d love to read other people’s interpretations!

Until the finale, I had always assumed that Thomas would have been told that Miranda and James were dead, like they were re: Thomas’ fate. Considering Thomas’ inital reaction to being reunited with James is one of shock and joy, and not confused grief, I now have to wonder if the answer was just that Thomas never knew what happened to them both. Thomas had continued on, never knowing if they were alive or dead. Unlike James and Miranda, who had the loss and grief eating away at them both, Thomas might have been sustained all these years by even the slightiest possibility of hope.

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Guess what? NnT Ship Week is still on, and better than ever with a fancy new date and sweet new themes! 

NnT Ship Week will take place from September 4 - 10, 2017.

DAY 1: Firsts  |  Sunlight/Starlight  |  Favorite Romantic Scene

DAY 2: Sacrifice  |  Touch  |  Favorite M/M Ship

DAY 3: Warmth  |  Sweet Talk  |  Favorite Crackship

DAY 4: Leisure  |  Joy  |  Favorite F/F Ship

DAY 5: Time  |  Pain  |  Favorite BROTP/Platonic Ship

DAY 6: Faith  |  Memory  |  Ship You Want to Be Canon

DAY 7: Home  |  Little Things  |  Free-for-all

We’ve included multiple prompts for each day, but you are free to choose just one or two per day if you wish (i.e. creating a work solely based on the theme “Favorite Romantic Scene” for Day 1 is perfectly fine!). You also do not have to follow all the themes for all the days – they are provided to inspire your creations, not limit them!

All types of creative work are welcome, including art, writing, colorings, edits, AMVs, and anything else you want to create.

We encourage you to post your work under the tag #NnTShipWeek (remember that Tumblr often only tracks the first five tags on a post!) so that we can reblog it to this blog and everyone participating can see each other’s awesomeness in one place. Since it is a ship-oriented week, we also strongly encourage thorough tagging of any NSFW content.

Our askbox is open, so please feel free to ask us questions if you have them!