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I went to see TGC for the nth time yesterday, and it made me remember back to when we were all so fkn thirsty for the deleted so-called “breakfast scene” from TSS. Remember how gutted and pissed we all were that Vaughn decided to cut it? We all agreed, myself included, that it was a terrible decision.

But now that I’ve seen how he’s used the scene in TGC, I am so so thankful that Vaughn did cut it out from TSS. He may not have cut it for the right reasons at the time, but damn, that scene inserted into TGC now becomes 2000% more powerful in the context as one of Eggsy’s most treasured memories of Harry. Such a beautiful scene would now seem wasted if it had been used in TSS as merely another training sequence between Harry and Eggsy.

Seeing Eggsy being choked up with that memory was worth the long wait to finally see the “breakfast scene.”

And Taron Egerton absolutely nailed it.



✨PART 23

✨The first time Jungkook dreamt about him, he was confused. The fifth time he was creeped out. The twentieth time he was absolutely terrified.

BTS Reaction To: Squirting.

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Jin was taken aback, completely shocked that he had managed to make you feel so good that you had actually managed to squirt. He was a little speechless, but nonetheless, he was still cocky.

“I didn’t know you could do that.. Did I make you feel that good?”

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Yoongi could not wipe the growing grin off his face, feeling almost proud of himself that he managed to make you orgasm so hard that you ended up squirting.

“Do you think you can do that again for me, baby girl?”

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You were hurtling towards your second orgasm, Namjoon sliding his fingers in and out from in between your folds. Namjoon was a little surprised when you came, realising that he made you squirt with just his fingers.

“Hmm, was that good, baby?”

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Hoseok was completely turned on by it, feeling extremely cocky with himself that he had made you squirt. Almost every time you both had sex, he would make it a challenge for himself to get you to squirt again, finding the sight of it extremely hot.

“Fuck, baby, did you just squirt?” “It was so fucking hot.”

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Taehyung had really wanted you to squirt. You never had, and Taehyung had wanted to see if he could manage to get you to. Every time he would finger you, he’d curl his fingers, thrusting them in and out of you as fast as he could. When Taehyung had finally managed to make you squirt, which you thought you couldn’t even do, he felt somewhat accomplished with himself.

“I’m the only one who can make you do that, right?” 

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Jimin practically praised you for squirting, telling you how much of a good girl you were for climaxing so hard that you had squirted. The fact that you had squirted boosted Jimin’s ego. 

“That was so fucking hot.. You’re such a good girl, aren’t you?”

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The first time you had squirted, Jungkook didn’t really find it much of an ego-booster, asking you “what was that?” after you came. But the next time you managed to squirt again because of the way Jungkook was working his tongue and fingers on you, he found it sexy.

“You’re always making a mess, aren’t you?”

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