this scene im crying its the best

honestly tho sometimes i cry bc i can like, imagine a scene in my head like yeeeearrss later in this timeline, when dark & maple r a lot older and have diff lives, where mapleshade n sparrowfeather finally….finally….get MARRIED like they actually get married bc maple is like “fuck it, ive had a shit life and i love this girl. we’re gonna get married”

and dark is like !!! awesome but then maple….maple does something 2 test their friendship……shes like

“listen dude. dont like. cry or anything but like. sparrow was talking about it, and i said yeah, and she like. wants u 2 be the best man. if ur not like busy.”

dark cries. he cries for a v long time. hes so happy he promises 2 bathe and wear the best suit.


“They said he’s always alone. He’s always in the dark by himself. No one can recognize him. Why? Because he has to be alone.

That feeling… you can’t even imagine it, right?

I know that feeling a little bit. When I was little I was in that situation.

I wished that no one would look at me, that no one would know me, then I would be alone.”

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Remind me my why were friends again? With john

hello yes this is platonic but it’s kinda easy to imagine some romance in there, you do you. ALSO IM ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP LIKE KEBDJDHSOENDD

There you were, at three AM, crying your eyes out, surrounded by candy wrappers and soda cans, over fandoms.
You called up your best friend, John Laurens, and started ranting to him.
“But like- if-*sobs*if Evan Hansen-wait noI LOVE CONNOR MURPHY HES SO ADORABLE*sobbing*ITS JUST-”
(Y/N), calm down.“ You heard him chuckling over the line.
You threw your pillow at nothing, replying “HES DEAD JOHN AND SNDKEHDOXHELXUHWWHL-
You heard his hang up. You snuffled defiantly and laid down again, randomly thinking of scenes to make you cry, when you heard someone crawl through your window.
Your eyes peered over the rim of the blanket;
He laughed, giving a thumbs up and crawling next to you.
“Remind me why we’re friends again.” He rolled his eyes as he began to drift off to sleep.
“Why are you here?”
“So that you don’t try and summon Dean Winchester-or Connor Murphy or whoever the fuck your fictional boyfriend is now to try and save them,, again.”

“True that.”
“You’re a good friend, you know that, John Laurens?” You giggled.
“I know.”
“Just sleeeeeeeeep.” He added vibrato to it, which made you tired because his voice was so angelic.
“Fine.” You huffed.
“I love you.” You whispered.
“Love you too.” And with that you both fell asleep.

Makedon remarked, rising, “You should have your slave fetch you some.”
“Fetch me some,” Laurent said.
Damen rose. And stopped.
Laurent had gone very still.
—  best of Kings Rising quotes 21/∞

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TG Anime new season, I won't judge the story because its the first episode and maybe the development of an "Aogiri kaneki" could be awesome... But for real, I simply can't forgive not watching the bones scene. ITS THE BEST FREAKING SCENE OF THE SERIES OMG WHY WHY, IM CRYING :(

I believe that an ‘Aogiri Kaneki’ route could be awesome too! 

And while I wish they included the 103 bones scene (because it was definitely one of the best parts of the Aogiri arc), I think they might have decided not to include it because it would have be really awkward for Kaneki to join Aogiri after Kaneki ‘half-kills’ Ayato.

Also, while it’s possible to pull off such a scene in manga, doing it in anime might be more difficult since Kaneki recites the names of 103 bones (Kaneki’s VA will have a hard time doing that). 

Oh well… at least we got the ‘Shut up and listen, I’m still talking’ scene animated. 

Im so happy that the Merlin fandom is stronger than ever

That people are still creating beautiful new things whether its art, fanfic, gifsets or spotting parallels in scenes Ive watched a million times but made me see them differently AND ALL THE MERTHUR Im just so happy that its not the end, we never got an ending, we’re left waiting with Merlin,  so we’re carrying on the story and I can honestly say its the best fandom to be a part of, hands down.  Everyone is so sweet and funny and talented and intelligent and have the most epic tags that often leave me either laughing or crying and I am just making this ugly text post because even though I miss Merlin, I REALLY MISS MERLIN, knowing something new is just around the corner on Tumblr is the best feeling ever.