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what if the true reason why zoya left the darkling’s ranks is bc she saw the way he looked at alina & saw how frustrated he started to get at work so one day she was like, “you two just need to bone” and he was like “?? what did you say??” while ivan made a strangled noise in the back of his throat and whispered, hoping against hope, “don’t say it again” but zoya just looked her soverenyi dead in the fucking eye and went, “i said you two need to bone.”
so there he is, eyes like saucers, nostrils flaring, and he just whispers in the deadliest, most dangerous voice he can find: “hoooooow DARE you soldier nazyalensky. I AM YOUR SUPERIOR!!!!!!!! COMMANDER!!!!!!(bOOoOoooOOooOOooOOoOOOONE!!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!)

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Do you interact with multiples of the same character?

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for the most part,  yes!  at the moment the only trek  character i’m exclusive with  is  BEVERLY CRUSHER  as written by  @chaied !   sure,  i’ve got a handful of MAINS,  but as far as i’m aware these blogs are comfortable with duplicates of their own characters. 

however,  i’m  EXCLUSIVE  with these non-trek blogs  ( note:  exclusivity may or may not be mutual:  if you’re listed below and we haven’t talked about being exclusives it means i’ve decided  that i’m personally just interested in your portrayal ) 

@herroyaldarkness   /   @queenxcersei   /   @maimedlion   /   @ all of aaron’s blogs   /   @kythereiia   /   @monstrauma   /   @sanctamater   /   @grishildr   /   @properlycool   /   @snitchcrux   /   @heelscrossed   /   @presdnt   /   @welshbred   /   @rapusodosu   /   @mammaterasu   /   @rotnichor   /   @tcmbraider   /   @imperialmight   /   @culinarymatriarch   /   @vicemirrored   &   i’m clearly missing some but !  these nerds first came to mind,  so