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Hey I was wondering if you could analyze lucrezia and cesare relationship in the Borgia ??? Thank you!!

Ah, Cesare and Lucrezia. This will be so long.

I need to preface the analysis by saying I usually hate the inclusion of incest in anything that isn’t a Toni Morrison novel but The Borgias handled Lucrezia and Cesare’s situation with so much nuance and Holliday and Francois have outstanding chemistry that I got sucked in to that ship.

The progression of Cesare and Lucrezia is actually quite interesting because the underlying tension between the two of them is there from the pilot. The first time we’re introduced to their relationship, Lucrezia is spying on Cesare having sex:

and then he chases her around the courtyard but there is a balance between playful innocence:

and very potent sexual tension:

They spoke like lovers:

their gazes were always charged with this tension that clearly made the other feel something but I think that something remained unrealized between them:

and yet Cesare’s protectiveness of Lucrezia was very much a protection of her innocence:

He disagrees with the marriage to Giovanni Sforza and wordlessly warns him against consummating their marriage during the wedding ceremony because he doesn’t want Lucrezia to grow up too quickly, it’s a very brotherly concern.

Even when Juan has to kill Djem who Lucrezia was infatuated with

and Lucrezia is devastated, Cesare is devastated for her, there is no sense of jealousy, there is no sense of possessiveness, he’s just hurting because his sister who he loves dearly is hurting.

At the same time, as one of the aforementioned gifs suggest, there was always a sense of who would be a priority in their hearts, there was always this knowledge that no man or woman would ever be able to inspire in them such strong feelings even though at the time, Cesare had this dark infatuation with Ursula.

When I think things begin to turn for Cesare and Lucrezia is after Lucrezia has been repeatedly abused by Giovanni. Cesare is devastated by the loss of Lucrezia’s innocence (and previously stated he would cut out the heart of the man who dared hurt her)

But I think her loss of innocence:

(compared to pre-Sforza)

is what sort of catalyzes Cesare into starting to view Lucrezia as a woman to avenge and not a little sister to protect.

While with Cesare, well Lucrezia found a safe space with Paolo and she loved him dearly and she knew he loved her, but I don’t think she felt, like, wholly safe (which she says in season 3) or completely herself unless with Cesare no matter how much she loved Paolo. You see her relax with Cesare in a way she couldn’t even do with him:

Her entire body exhales. I think after the ordeal with Giovanni, she truly began recognizing that. So the end of season 1 is the beginning of realization for the both of them.

In season 2, Lucrezia has been hardened first by the rape and abuse she had to endure during her marriage to Giovanni and then by Paolo’s death at the hands of Juan.

In season 1 Cesare was concerned with preserving Lucrezia’s innocence but this season Cesare wanted to make Lucrezia happy and he wants to do so himself:

And the above moment between them is also a turning point for their relationship because Lucrezia asks Cesare if he can make her happy as they talk about Paolo, “Could he make you smile?” “Can you?” and he delivers her a moment of levity:

Which re-establishes this theme of Cesare and Lucrezia knowing each other’s hearts better than anyone, thy actually don’t spend much time together in season 2 but when they do, they’re knowing each other and seeing each other:

which is a mixture of ferocious vengeance, like when Cesare makes good on his promise to kill the man who harms her:

and then gives her the knife he killed him with:

as well as a mixture of peace and lightness and comfort, no longer playful innocence, but a breath of fresh air:

and the realization between them grows:

that by the end of the season, they joke about marrying one another

while Lucrezia’s betrothed, who she does care for, notices the tension when they dance:

And then season 3 happens and their relationship gets even more complex while at the same time simpler because the realization is, well, fully-realized, which I think is because of Alfonso. The way Lucrezia cares for Alfonso is almost piteous, like she finds him endearing, she finds him innocent, she finds him to be something to protect and cherish platonically while Cesare disdains Alfonso because he finds his love for Lucrezia weak, he isn’t fierce enough for her, he isn’t severe in his affection, which in a way creates a situation where Lucrezia has to ask this question again:

to which Cesare responds:

so they both know that only they can provide for each other what they need, they’ve experienced that repeatedly by this point:

and because they both aren’t running from that realization anymore, they’re getting bolder:

but of course there’s shame:

which only intensifies the knowledge that they both want something that they shouldn’t want and then they finally give in once Lucrezia discovers once again on her wedding night that she can’t get from Alfonso or from anyone else what she can get from Cesare:

But what I actually enjoy about The Borgias is that the torment between Cesare and Lucrezia doesn’t stop after they finally give in and have sex, it’s not like things get easier, in fact things get so much more difficult because there is such a profound embarrassment and shame that they both feel after what happened:

Lucrezia describes it as a cloud descended upon her and she can’t consummate with her actual husband after what happened:

But those feelings don’t disappear, they eat away at the both of them to the point that Lucrezia breaks down when Cesare tells her that Alfonso’s uncle wants to see them actually consummate their marriage and starts hitting him, saying she loves him:

they’re both tormented by this in a way that’s not just about familial protection, Lucrezia doesn’t want to sleep with her husband especially not in front of his uncle and Cesare doesn’t want her to and that’s why Lucrezia gets her revenge by saying that Cesare has to watch

And when he actually watches her and Alfonso consummate, that is one of the scenes that was hardest for me to watch because it was so layered and so uncomfortable in how layered it was because Cesare is experiencing both pleasure and self-disgust at the same time. Lucrezia and him stare at each other as she has sex with Alfonso, its in fact the only way Lucrezia can even experience pleasure and Cesare is clearly turned on but hes crying at the same time

which leads to more embarrassment and more shame and more running away

but the fact that they’re abstaining from something just further intensifies the attraction/chemistry/love that they make a point of not fully giving in to:

and then that spawns a resentment but also an acceptance that they cant run from but that they can’t do anything with:

Until, once again, Alfonso.

While Alfonso never actually sees them do anything, the tension between them literally drives him to drink and he’s maddened by it,

which essentially causes him to fall on Cesare’s sword. And it isn’t until a further step in Lucrezia’s loss of innocence in which she reveals to Cesare that she knows how to kill Alfonso to end his pain that Cesare stops running from her and embraces the depravity of their bond and Lucrezia accepts that embrace literally with Alfonso’s dead body next to them:

All in all, I find them a very fascinating dynamic. Hope this did what you wanted!

Heaven's Light (Sad version)

B/N -bias name Y/n - Your name I/F - idol friend name

I knew I never know that warm and loving glow.
Thought I might wish with all my might.
No face as hideous as my face.
Was ever meant for Heaven’s Light

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You were in your way to visit your idol friend. Him and his group were doing a performance that night. And he invited you to the show. Little did you know he knew you had a crush on one of his members. And he has tried so hard to set you two up. Tonight was the night you were gonna confess to him. After the concert had ended you went towards the back stage showing the guard the pass and he lead you through. You got inside and saw the members trying to catch their breath after their hard work from tonight’s show. 

“Hey there you are!”, shouted your idol friend. He went towards you and gave you  a nasty sweat hug. 

One of the other members came over to you an gave you a hug as well. “Did you have fun?,” he asked.

“I did. It was amazing. You guys were incredible i cant believe that it is already over.” You told them as you hugged each member. You looked around looking for that specific person but he was no where to be found. 

“He’s talking to one of the mangers. He’ll be here soon,” said the youngest one of the group. “I think he is the other room.” 

The second youngest gives you his biggest hug and almost crushes you. “Are you free later? Want to get dinner with us? Please say you will.”

“Of course. I can never say no to you guys”, you answered and they knew you never turn down their love.

Your idol friends nudges you. “Go find B/N so we can leave and go eat.” He pushes you though the door you just walked through. “Oh and while you are at it. Tell him about your feelings. We are all rooting for you. And no chickening out this time.” After he said that him and the members watched as you walk towards the door.

You reached the door and getting ready to open the door. You put your hand on the handle and slowly turned it. “B/N. I wanted to say congrats on the….” Before you could finish the sentence you saw him locked lips with a person you never seen before. You felt you heart crack at the sight. You put on the best noh face you can endure and pretend that you didn’t see anything at all.

You slowly closed the door to a crack and made a knock on the door to hope that they did hear you. You heard him say that you can come in and you did. 

“Hey, Y/N. It good to see you. Thanks for coming tonight.” He gives his thanks and walk up and gives you  a hug. 

You smile hoping that it wouldn’t make you tears fall. “It was great all of you were great. I just wanted to give my congratulations. Um… I/F said that he wants to go out for dinner already. He kinda sent me to get you. 

“Oh, thanks. I head towards them now. Thanks. Will you be joining us tonight? And by the way this is–”

“I kinda have plans already. Maybe another time. I got to going. See you later.” You hurried with your words and rushed out and closing the door right behind you. You hurried and looked up and noticed your friend and the rest of the members looking at you with worried looks. 

“I just remembered that i had something to do. I’ll take a rain check and we can hang another time.” You smiled at them and you didn’t noticed the tear that slowly fell down you check. 

“Are you sure?” questioned your friends.

“Yeah. Next time i promise.”

“Text us in the group when you get home please,” I/F pleads.

“Of course”, you say will the half smile you can try to make. You bid your good byes and hugs to the members before you left the building. 

As you walk back home to your place. You didn’t feel like taking cab so you just walk to clear your mind. But every time your mind keeps going back to that scene that you wished you have never seen. You keep wiping the tears and before you knew it your feet had brought you to your apartment. You walked though your door and try to make your self comfortable. You felt you throat was parched and went to the kitchen to get some water. After you got your glass you remembered to text the boys telling them that you made it home and you will see them soon and that you were going to bed and told them good night. Knowing them they would keep sending texts that you turned off your phone for the rest of the night. As you walk towards your bed you felt your heart broke even more when you replayed the scene again in your head. This time you were really hurt and it was more painful than ever. You just laid there and felt the sadness creep over you. The tears were non stop soaking your sheets and pillows. 

“Of course he has someone already. He is the most perfect person ever. There’s no way that he needs me. He needs someone that is just a good looking as him. That person is perfect for him. I’m no body. I’m so ugly. So hideous compare to them.” Those were the last words you said for the night as you bawled until you fell asleep. 

You woke up and looked at the window at the rain. It felt like it was in sync with you and your emotions today. You were thankful that you didn’t have to work today and decided to stay in. 


Hey everyone this is admin DJ. This is my first scenario. I know it is really sad and is short. I just got done watching one of my favorite Disney movies, The Hunchback of notre Dame. And this ideas came up in my mind. I hope you enjoy this. I might make a second part for this depending on everyone and see how far this will. 

Thank you so much and maybe we’ll see you soon. 

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SasuNaru and the pinhole : part 3

If we do a time skip to after the akatsuki arc, Naruto comes to understand why someone wants revenge when their loved is killed and admits yeah he didn’t really get sasuke and this is where it gets :/ on Narutos behalf for me

In the land of iron sasuke is falling rapidly deeper into the curse of hatred because he is using mangekyo more and more, he is doing very unethical things like attacking the cloud and trying to live capture a man..he is a full blown S ranked criminal whos name alone was capable of triggering a war, no matter how I a sasuke fan can justify and explain his behavior people who don’t know about the COD can’t. Naruto himself was like?? Who are you dude. But obito shows up and he is told. Naruto is woke about the curse of hatred and he says ‘sasuke loved his clan a lot and that’s why he cant forgive.’ But at that time that was not the case. During his fight with danzo his mangekyo evolved the most to a point where afterwards he was losing vision, and his issue wasn’t just that he wants his clan back, his issue was was the massacre and the discrimination. Naruto was like near the point, but homeboy missed it. In fact, the one who actually point its out is Kakashi, but he says both Naruto and Sakura see it, meaning when they both saw sasukes way of talking about Konoha, they understood him better. I cut Naruto slack because he tried understanding sasuke constantly, no matter how much sasuke cut him off. But this shit does not get an easy pass, where he jumps in to clash with sasuke so they read each others thoughts,,its funny bc he says he gets it…then proceeds..not to get it

Why is he talking about himself here? I respect that Naruto always tried his best to understand him

but he knows about the fucking curse and he says one bad move and I would have been like you? Nah, sasukes fate was chosen the second he saw his parents corpses. Naruto hears him talk about the uchiha,,,,and says this. :// It’s insensitive to the fact that sasuke isn’t just a survivor of a tragedy, hes a survivor of a national genocide. But he literally doesn’t mention it.

Meaning they both know Indra and Ashuras charka are in them

Lol another misinterpreted scene is the ill shoulder all your hate scene, while im sure he did want to end sasukes miserable suffering, he was talking about protecting Konoha and ending the cycle of hatred.

‘sasuke wants to kill naruto bc he knows his love will save him!111! No, it’s because the annoying orange stands in his way..also naruto still feels disrespected 

And sasuke atm isn’t having that ‘ill stop you because you are my friend.’ Stuff, which is mistranslated as ‘I am your friend’ but this entire arc was naruto speaking in I terms. Im meh about it.

Oh lol and the bane of my existence..’sakura and kakashi are selfish and tried to give up on him..naruto wanted to save him!11!!’

Lol to which sasukes response was ‘im itching to kill you kakashi’ so futile arguments remain futile

It’s not Kakashis fault sasuke is a man who lent his hand to a terrorist organization, attacked a village, live captured an innocent man who is a jinchuriki meaning he was actively help start the war,  and as shikamaru said a war would have started out in his name and he even attacked an international peace meeting..his motives were not to change the system but pure revenge over Konoha who even though is problematic has innocent citizens in it. Itachi is a good guy for killing his loved ones to stop a war and protect his brother the second Kakashi and Sakura do it they are selfish and don’t understand him.  Kakashi acknowledged he adored him no matter how far he is fallen and that he doesn’t want to kill him but he must do whats necessary, sakura knew that the current sasuke isn’t a sasuke the real sasuke would condone and she did what kakashi tried to do with obito, aka end his misery, as well as keep naruto from the akatuski, prevent a war, keep konoha safe and shoulder kakashis burden.

In fact, they acknowledged his victim status, but still a war in his name is a war in his name

‘sakura gave up on him!11!!’ she had a moment where she realized he would never do something like his own teammate and she noticed right away, no chakra sensing needed that he is definitely changed. She didn’t betray him when she didn’t even know any part of the truth, just like to innocent people in konoha like Kiba, he was the one doing the betrayal.

‘he doesn’t care and wanted to kill her’ is also funny bc he trusted her for a moment but called bullshit very fast

His face is not exactly ‘im itching to kill you sakura’ when she is all like im here for u :) fuck konoha :)

Sasuke chose not to frontally attack her. She is here to kill him and he knows it but deep down (like,,really deep down) this fuck still cares about team 7. This scene is fucked man, but it is not abusive in the context of the series at all.

Yeesh the second attack was sakura protecting kakashi, and self defense on sasukes part,,so no still not abusive..and if refutes the ‘she gave up on him’ argument because

The attack starts with her remembering all the shit he is causing right now,,he ain’t sasuke,,and poor kakashi is being burdened by this

But the second she is about to? She remembers real sasuke and isn’t able to do it, meaning no she has some hope for him. When naruto gives his speech she has a moment of sad realization that she isn’t able to stop sasuke as naruto emphasized only he can, so she decided to trust them naruto that he can bring him back and trust that sasuke isn’t as far gone as he seems.

‘he tried to kill her because he hates her’ ‘he doesn’t care at all!11!!’ ‘he wants her dead!11!!’

Lol this isn’t the most murderous face hes done so far tbh

Aint trying to say this scene is hallelujah but at least the context isn’t he wants to kill her and laughs about it in her face like he did to 3 people who really did not deserve that.

Misconceptions about the war : Sasuke only cares about naruto (seriously this trend needs to die) and he gives 0 shits about Kakashi and Sakura.  Ignoring the fact that when he first arrived she’s the one he acknowledged and answered to, the reason he had to keep saving Narutos ass is said multiple times by the s man himself..yin release and yang release

But no,,,he doesn’t care about sakura or kakashi

‘whatever he would have let them fall in lava, even tho naruto said that isn’t true’

‘whatever, he still called her useless’ No, he asked ‘if you heard whats going on outside, what would you do?’ then he shuts kakashi up and says he is in charge to which Naruto scolds him for not being a team player. Not for verbal abuse. ‘He said that bc he thinks shes weak.’ No he really didn’t.

Clean PC : sasukekun on tumblr

Sasuke goes on to talk about his revolution

And Sakura confesses asking him not to go any further into hatred. It’s funny how people call her selfish for confessing or pretend that you’re annoying has negative connotations beyond volume 18,, when her literal confession states that she wants to do anything for him that she can and she hates that she isn’t able to talk to him about his issues, nor is she able to exchange blows with him. Its really?? That people call her selfish bc all she literally says I hate that I cant help you despite how much I love you but please don’t go further into hate, lets just stay united and get through it. The..exact..same..thing..naruto…was…communicating

And it did make his resolve literally made him shake, people pretend he was happy to show her that genjutsu (to ensure she hated him) but,,,that is not the case he doesn’t look happy at all

Oh and ofc the famous argument lmao

‘He said he has no reason to love he only married her for pity’ gross, sasuke is the biggest leo bitch there is, too much pride to stick his dick in something he doesn’t really want

‘are you suggesting I enjoy a little renai?’ (romantic love) ‘I have no reason to love her and she has no reason to love’ /= I hate her and I have no feelings for her considering this was his mental view of everything…Kakashi saying only hate needs a reason isn’t guilt tripping..bc that’s..what..naruto communicated to him

Again, sasukes jaded way of thinking is a theme, he does not believe in the unity of the shinobi alliance, he believes they got together for a common reason.

‘she suffers from loving you’ ‘only hate needs a reason’ Sasuke immediately flashes to his own selfless love that never needed a reason, the love that made him suffer the most.

but no he has no feelings left for her :/ lol

‘Sasuke wanted to kill naruto bc he is his light, and the only thing holding him back from total darkness’ except, no this is a shonen

‘narutos bond can be romantic bc naruto said they aren’t indra and ashura…sasuke said one and only friend..they clearly have romantic feelings for each other’

Sage : my children will continue the cycle :/ this sucks

Naruto : no bc we aren’t indra and ashura

Also Naruto :

‘well sasuke called naruto still his closest friend and he knew no one else accepts him’

That was his mentality and it was wrong, just like when he was confused why Taka still looked for him after what he did. Naruto still remains sasukes best friend, that is true..but the one and only term sasuke uses is the exact same term Itachi used  yuuitsu to describe their relationship. So, no it’s not romantic, it is still brotherly.

 And the fight is the biggest proof of what ive been trying to say, they represent the naruto quite well . Naruto learned that power comes from unity and the sharing of pain, that the world isn’t perfect but we can endure  and change it little by little. Hagoromo confirms ss will happen lol

Read those 3 pages carefully please, specially if you are pro revolution

Sasuke goes off to state what his experience made him learn and ofc misses the point

And heres a page to focus on, if you really don’t believe this was a dictatorship



1.    a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.


Autocrat, monocrat, absolute ruler

How a dictatorship works : Dictatorship is a form of government  where a country or a group of countries is ruled by one person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure that the entity’s power remains strong

A dictatorship is a type of Authoritarianism, in which politicians regulate nearly every aspect of the public and private behavior of citizens. Dictatorship and totalitarianism societies generally employ political propaganda to decrease the influence of proponents of alternative governing systems.

Literally a dictatorship.

Naruto wants to teach him power and change come from love and comradeship, he doesn’t want his friend to do that to the world or himself, and since he is the only one who can save him, its pretty noble of him to try and understand sasuke and open him to interpreting the world differently instead of charging at him with hate, which given everything would be justified.

This goes back to Gaaras speech

When they wake up lol sasuke says the exact same thing Kakashi did except after the fight sasuke is free from the curse so he is able to think properly . this is the one aspect I really love about their relationship. Naruto knows loneliness so well, just like sasuke and he never gave up trying to teach him what he learned along the way. 2 boys, different experience, same feelings. The entire series on a small scale level. Thanks to Naruto persevering instead of hatin, sasuke found salvation. Why did Naruto persevere? Like Iruka said,, he just did. No reason needed.

Theres no fucking reason for love and friendship, you just want to share peoples pain because they matter and that’s that. 

The lesson that sasuke was taught was the message of the entire series, by the hero Ninja Jesus..thats why im not particularly anti ending in a political respect unless you count the uchiha massacre which btw you say its why youre anti ending but lol naruto agreed on this in volume 50 something…when  he met itachi under edo tensei, so its not an ending issue it’s a naruto issue…this series never addressed things as politics, it addressed them as conflicts due to hate and misunderstanding.. it’s a kids series after all. One piece takes political issues and gives them political relevance but naruto was never about that. Im anti Naruto uzumakis ending bc imo NH is crap, hinata is up there with Karin on most badly written characters and it makes no romantic sense..the guy in the hokage chair is not Naruto and I hate it. But in boruto when an issue arises, we see the 5 kages fight the war (and tbh from the moment Hiashi prostrated to Neji) we see the hyuga issue is no longer a thing Kishimoto chose to be politically relevant he stuck to his comrade theme. So hating kishimoto for an ending when it’s a consistent message is useless..but in some aspects yeah ew

‘sasuke felt pain when he saw naruto in pain bc hes special’ lol no. he was always watching Naruto desperately try to make bonds and it reminded him of his own lost bonds. He saw a kid, unlike him try his best to find people and although he saw him a brat first he later thought it over and saw that it made him relieved that theres somebody out there trying to make the same time he saw it a weakness bc bonds mean attachment and not killing Itachi..the pain thing? Stop excluding team 7 like they don’t all matter to sasuke the same

That’s reading up or down..thats why

Good for him, he got the message the entire shinobi alliance learned from Naruto..a little late but hes always been a special snow flake

Lol he explained it better than I did almost. That’s it..he explained their entire relationship.

Sasukes ‘I lost’ came from the realization that Naruto got his power from his comrades, by feeling their pain and wanting to protect them and from shouldering their pain. Like I said, the whole point of the series echos in these 2s relationship. Countries used to be at war because they were no t allied bc they had no reason and war bred fear, fear bred hate and caused conflict and acts of injustice, along comes the child of prophecy changing the hearts of the people teaching them about unity and sharing burdens because of what he learned.-

He apologizes to Sakura, which I don’t think hes apologizing only for what he did to her per se, as much as its like what he said ‘everything’ …trying to say he was never wrong is :/ trying to say she guilted him is :/ he himself apologized for the emotional pain she did not ask him too

He apologized to sakura bc he wanted to take back that bond..its funny how a lot of sns hate sakura when its sasuke who initiated the apology and made the ship canon its petty and has a blind double standard cant erase sakura, nor Kakashi..theyre all his bonds

Naruto doesn’t seem so depressed about them reuniting either, so where is the romantic context? 0. Null. Nada.

Or people who try to twist sasukes words here as ‘hes ignoring her’ when he literally stated himself she had 0 to do with his crimes and he needs to understand the world before jumping full turkey into a relationship when his entire life was viewed from a skewed perspective

‘the forehead poke means distance and its negative’ mata condo da, next time maybe. Mata condo na, next time definitely. A promise for a better future after he is ready..he deserves some time after all he has been through, so? There we go.

The forehead poke had both a negative and a positive connotations, but it was still an act of affection from the person he loved the most and he does not look hateful doing that.look at that smile he is so cute


Once again, the series goes full circle.

The most important message of the series people miss

I never said devaluate naruto and sasukes bond, I said realize sasuke is a character who bought the series together, who had many bonds of different kinds. If you look at the series with the point of perspective as a reader whos just reading instead of a fan of a particular aspect of it, you’ll see that despite it’s inconsistent parts sometimes, it’ll seem a whole lot more enjoyable.

Bye, this has been a PSA.

Oh and I think I saw on your blog you said sasukes arm isn’t cut in the flashback?

Theres literally a clear cut line of the cut


MidNight Cin Suitors’s Children AU :3 

Have u ever think abt what do childrend of all suitors look like? I’ve been working on it for a while, lets see what do we have here yay!! Just imagine we have MC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 then LMAOOO, and this is just my AU, not official.

Nico’s daughter

  • She must be a girl, to receive the cuteness and loveliness from her father :x 
  • She’s completely a female version of Nico, those pink hair, big doe amber eyes make her even cuter >.< That little girl can unintentional give you a huge heart attack (Nico can be a little overprotected now lololol)- <br>
  • She can look similar to her father, but her personality is totally opposite. She’s really shy, too shy tbh. And that makes Nico her superhero (LMAOOO overprotected papa) 
  • She loves to watch her mama cooking. Sometimes she even teams up with MC to tease Nico (lol daddy is not superhero anymore) 
  • Idol: Nico (yes ofc), Byron (who dont idolize their king srsly loll) 

Byron’s twins (YES BYRON HAS TWINS) 

  • The twins has a ‘purpleish brown’ hair (tch, i dunno how to describe it), a combination between MC’s brown and Byron’s dark hair. And a pair of Byron’s eyes hehehehe :X 
  • They can look cute or handsome or sth outside, but deep insde they are not. Just imagine Nico’s soul in Byron’s body lolololol. They are very active, keep playing a prank and give Albert’s son a hard time :P 
  • Despite being naughty, they clearly aware of their responsibility as princes of Stein, and working their best. Those pranks are “to relax after studying hard” - they said. But where’s the fun if they dont give their teacher a hard time lolololol 
  • They love to sneak and hide in Byron’s cope (lololol) 
  • The right one is the older. He’s a little mature (yes just a little) than his younger bro (on the left)
  • Idol: Byron (ofc their father) and Nico (LMAO evil team) 

Albert’s son 

  • A little older than Byron’s twins. 
  • He was early trained to be a knight of Stein (Yes, his father is Albert after all lol) 
  • He was very impressed the 1st time meeting Byron, thats why he swore his best to protect the princes. 
  • Bestfriend and personal attendant of Byron’s twins. 
  • He takes after his father. From the look (except the glasses) and his personality. 
  • However, he’s quite soft and warm heart. Careful but a little slow. Thats why he always get pranks by Byron’s twins. (poor babyyyy)
  • His father is really strict when being outside, but he always listens to his son’s stories when they get home, and both of them will doze off in bed together after that. (MC be like: Boys what abt meeee) 
  • Idol: Albert, Byron (yes, father and the king loll) 

Alyn’s son

  • He has dark brown hair like his parents, and a pair of red eyes from his father. 
  • A very stubborn and hot-tempered one. 
  • He was also trained to be a knight of Wysteria in a young age. 
  • He cant endure the bad things, and it got him in trouble, many times. 
  • Alyn doesnt like seeing his son hurted, but he also cant scold him after knowing the reason. 
  • He’s very enthusiastic and active. He always wandering around and help people in the castle. 
  • He also love to visit his uncle - Leo. Leo knows many interesting stories that he loves to listen to. 
  • Like to cuddle and enjoy dinner with mom, while telling her what he did a whole day. 
  • Bestfriend with Leo’s son, but people always mistaken that they hate each other. 
  • Idol: Alyn, Leo. 

Leo’s son

  • White hair, red eyes, totally inherit from his father. 
  • Flower boy. Alrd received many love letters from ladies at a young age. 
  • Opposite with Alyn’s son, his brain is his only weapon.
  • Always have to take care of (and curse at) Alyn’s son after his fighting.
  • Bestfriend with Alyn’s son, but always curse at him (sometime kick). People (and even their parents) always mistaken of them. 
  • He keeps his face calm and dont often show his expression, especially with his father (he’s shy lol) 
  • The talk between father and son will always end up him being teased by Leo, and tickled by Leo, and tickled by MC, and the whole family will end up sleep tgt. 
  • He secretly taught Sebastian bad words to play back his father. 
  • He dearly loves his family, but say nothing abt it (Yes he’s shy after all lol) 
  • He’s very smart, a result of being well- educated since his father is a excellent teacher. 
  • He loves art, and visits Robert whenever he can. 
  • Idol: Leo, Robert. 

Louis’s daughter

  • She has a pair of pure blue eyes and bright hair. 
  • Totally Louis’s jewel. 
  • She is soft, sweet and caring. She knows perfectly how to be a true lady. She’s a typical young lady that we can easily imagine. 
  • Her best friend is Robert’s daughter. She loves to listening to her stories. She wants to know more about the outside world. 
  • She’s always attracted by Leo’s stories. And wonder how can he know a lots.
  • She loves to learn cooking with his mother too. And Louis is always the one to try when MC and his daughter try a new receipt. 
  • Her father can silently kill any boys that come near her, by his death glare. (lololololol)
  • She secretly adore Alyn’s son, because he’s very honest and enthusiastic. 
  • Idol: Leo, Alyn’s son. (sorry not sorry Louis lololol) 

Giles’s son

  • His hair is a combination of purle and brown color. 
  • A very young but also very independent boy.
  • Can be a rival of Leo’s son when he’s getting older.  
  • Quite straightforward, even with his parents. 
  • Sometimes debates with his father about their point of view. 
  • Giles just wishes for his son to be like a normal boys (lollll) 
  • After a their lessons, both father and son (sometimes his mother joins them) will take a walk around the castle and enjoy the sunset. 
  • He loves festivals, so his parents often take him to where the festival held. 
  • He admires his father, and determined to follow his path despite how difficult it can be. 
  • Idol: Giles, Leo’s son. 

Robert’s daughter

  • She has light brown hair, and a pair of green eyes. 
  • She’s a cheerful lovely girl, a type of girl that we can count on. 
  • She’s also a very passion and talent artist, inheriting the painting skill from her father. 
  • Louis’s daughter is her bestfriend, and also her muse. 
  • She usually asks her bestfriend to be her model, thats why Louis has a lots portraits of his daughter, for free. 
  • She travels around, from countries to countries with her father, to draw. She keeps many souvenirs and give them to Louis’s daughter later, when she gets back to Wysteria. And tells her stories too. 
  • She also makes friend with Leo’s son. Since he always comes to her father whenever they are back in the castle. But he’s quite hard to understand in her opinion. 
  • She’s a sweet girl, all she wishes for is her father’s and her bestfriend’s happiness.
  • Idol: Robert (only father is enaph lol) 

Sid’s children

They are not twins, just sister and brother. (At first it was decided for Sid to have a daughter but I was interested by the idea of some romantic scenes between Sid’s and Louis’s child sooooooo Sid must have a son lmaoo.) 

They travel a lots with their father, sometimes Wysteria, sometimes Stein, and many other places. 

The travelling is quite tiring, but they enjoy it. Its freedom.

  • The sister has quite a strong personality (heheheheeee). 
  • Her hair is in dark blue tone with a little ombre red. 
  • She’s a replica of her father. Very interesting, and full of herself 
  • A girl fear of nothing, a girl to be on top. 
  • Her hobbies is to tease her little bro, her so-called-stupid-bro 
  • She doesnt quite get along with her father. They dont cuddle, dont fight, they dont interact much. But sometimes she finds out about his secret work and she thinks that her father is … cute? 
  • She loves to hear her mom singing. 
  • She will make Albert’s son hers in the future. 
  • Idol: Sid, Albert, Alyn. 

  • The brother is also strong personality, but not as much as his sister. (They are Sid’s children after all lololol) 
  • His sister look is similar to their father, while his look is similar to their mother. 
  • His hobbies is writing, and he keeps his notebook close to him whenever they travel. 
  • Their father’s job is very dangerous, and he’s worried abt it. He once talked to Sid how he feel, and his father was very touched. His smile was so gentle. 
  • He swore to train and practice more so he will be helpful to his father someday. 
  • Due to travelling a lots, he met and made friends with many children around his age. 
  • He think his heart stopped beating the first time meeting Louis’s daughter. 
  • Idol: Sid, Byron, Nico, Louis’s daughter. 


Lol thats all I can think abt now, I will be update more in the future. 

You guys all know abt my AU now, so I wanna ask for a favor >.<</p>

Can you help me to name them, all of them, pretty please???  xDDDDD

I will choose the most suitable name for them, and then more stories after that :P 

Feel free to join and share your idea, im really appreciated >,< Thank you so muchhhhhhh 


And one more thing:  im not gonna be here for a while ;;;; 

There’s some trouble with my internet connection so Im not active recently, and probably later. 

It was very bad before, I can barely log into anything. I can log into tumblr now but I cant check the notification, it wont load /sigh/ Sorry cuz I cant reply you all now ;;;;; 

Its past midnight in my place so the internet is a little better, so It allowed me to post this … but its really sucks in other times. 

Feel free to give my AU’s name :x I will comeback and check the messages as soon as possible ;A; 

Thank you and sorryyyyyyyy ;;;;;A;;;;;

Theory: Noriko’s photograph, earlier experiments and body fusion

As many have already noticed, Kiznaiver is outstandingly full of hints and foreshadowing bits all over its lore, and thus I’ve been on the lookout for what the plot might turn out to be. And on ep 7, there was one particular piece which was a foreshadowing gem:

Noriko’s picture.

I’ve seen a post or two going around discussing this, but none of them really go that far, so here’s my take on it.

Let me say, I have a big theory regarding the entire plot and all the characters, but on this post I’ll stick close to one particular theory, which is fusion. Wait for more, though.


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Dear Stydia Children

I have to write this thing because I know a lot of you are going to need this. I hope it turns out the way I want it to turn out .. so here we go.

Teen Wolf is back on tomorrow and I know we have higher hopes than ever and not because of nothing. I am supporting you all because I have hopes too and I am sure about one thing: stydia is endgame. However .. I know after the first two episodes most of you are going to lose hope and this post is basically going to prevent that.

  1. stydia is not going to happen in 5A, so the first ten episode .. at least not like a real relationship, girlfriend/boyfriend > our ship is the slowest burn EVER and we all know it deserves better than being put together in ten episodes where one of them has to yet end a relationship and one of them has to yet admit her feelings .. they will end up together in the last season of teen wolf .. or in 5b .. or like season six .. but not in 5A
  2. st/lia is still going to be a thing in 5A. so yes they are going to makeout and have their scenes. they are still a thing .. however .. it’s going to end. we dont know when. maybe in epiode 4. maybe in episode ten. maybe in 5A (altho this is unliktely), so just push yourself through it .. or a pull a goldie: SKIP ALL THE ST/LIA and pretend like it didn’t happen
  3. m/rrish is going to be a thing in 5A, but this probably wont turn into a relationshop (actually im almost sure). maybe they will get romantically tinted scenes (ew) but girlfriend/boyfriend? nope dont think so. they will probably just work together on stuff .. but since parrish is irrelevant just ignore it and think about the future
  4. stiles and lydia will not kiss or whatever .. okay i dont want to say this as if its confirmed .. but i just dont think so .. sexual tension? hugs? touches? looks? caring? yes they always have that .. even in season four .. maybe they will even show us MORE about their feelings for each other .. but the kiss probably wont happen in 5A .. maybe something will happen that is 100% romantic but a kiss seems unlikely
  5. THEY WILL HAVE SCENES. we already have scenes confirmed, so dont worry about that, angela harvey confirmed that there were a lot of stiles and lydia scenes and she wrote most of 5A with jeff and the others .. so be patient .. maybe not the first couple episodes .. but we will get our beautiful scenes
  6. endgame means endgame .. so that doesnt mean its going to happen right after both of them are single .. they can date 50 people before each other .. but endgame means endgame: IN THE END .. they will get together .. so keep that in mind throughout this whole season
  7. season five isnt the last season. okay no one confirmed this and they even gave teen wolf the place for a 6th season and chances they will embrace that is high .. so again .. we might have to wait until 5B is done for all this too .. but hey endgame is endgame
  8. the plot will focus on more than romance, okay last season was a mess bc there was barely a plotline and even in the promos everything was KISS KISS FUCKFUCK but this season its different, they promoted way more things than couples .. and the promo had like 4 seconds of romance and thats it .. its all drama as you can see and there are going to be fights: aint no one have time to kiss and fuck when everyone if fighting
  9. its confirmed that the couples will have a hard time so again romance isnt the focus this season so even if we get m/rrish and st/lia its just a little
  10. mtv promoted a break up for st/lia multiple times and even asked us who we’d think would survive. considering the fact that they talked about a st/lia break up more than about a sc/ra one AND there is a sc/ira kiss IN THE OPENING .. we know which one wont survive .. also this is scott’s like 5th LI and stiles’s second .. 
  12. the baiting isnt just baiting .. its so much more .. its not just posting some pictures and thats it (like they did with st/rek) .. but you’ll have to look at the pics down here to see what im talking about
  19. think about getting a brazillian wax .. how fucking much it hurts .. how hard you scream and how hard you wanna cry .. but in the end you have a clean as vajayjay and you are happy
  20. think about learning for your exam .. youre dying and sweating .. its boring .. you want to get out and do fun stuff but NO YOU GOTTA STUDY and then you get that fucking good ass grade and you are happy

dont dont fucking forget this and here .. this is all proof we have to keep our hopes up 

every time you lose hope come back here and read this .. read what your mom wrote you because children i wont let go of you and i wont let any of you lose hope NEVER EVER

the only way this all will be a fucking fake is if jeff/the cast/the writers and mtv have literally been shitting and playing with us and tbh if that is true they are the most disrespectful people on earth and do not deserve our views and support .. but honestly .. you dont see melissa and linden pulling that huh? so dont count on the bad things .. ;)

'Insanity ensued' after Taylor Swift endorsed Troye Sivan's new music


LOS ANGELES — It’s half past midnight in West Hollywood, and Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan halts when he hears his friend Leland utter, “OH MY GOD!”

Sivan, thinking someone had died, glances at Leland’s iPhone only to discover that Taylor Swift and her Midas touch gave his new EP WILD an all-caps stamp of approval.

Heart racing, Sivan sprints down the street, arriving at a friend’s apartment, where he calls his mother using FaceTime to celebrate. He then calls his managers and everyone freaks out for 30 or so minutes before Sivan tries to unwind, to no avail, by watching I Am Cait.

“Insanity ensued,” he told Mashable, describing the post-tweet moments, days later. “I hardly slept that night — feels so amazing to be validated by someone who I look up to so much.”

His euphoric response is what you’d expect from a fresh-faced musician, or most artists internally waiting for the often-elusive feedback from their megastar peers.

Sivan, before securing a record deal, launched his YouTube career eight years ago when he was 13 years old with a clip of himself singing Declan Galbraith’s “Tell Me Why.” He naturally looped in his millions of dedicated online followers, many of whom were already sharing in his excitement.

Now 20, Sivan isn’t new to the music scene. His debut EP TRXYE in 2014 earned him spots on Billboard’s 21 Under 21 and Time’s 25 Most-Influential Teens.

But mere days after releasing his sophomore effort WILD on Sept. 4, Swift swooped in with her powerful endorsement, which extended beyond Twitter.

On Instagram and Tumblr, Swift wrote, “Vibes. Mood. Feelings.”

The effects of her words had an immediate impact:  Sivan’s global streams on Spotify increased 20% day-over-day on Sept. 7, a Spotify spokesman told Mashable.

The spike can be attributed to a combination of Swift’s digital thumbs-up, the curiosity from her followers who didn’t know him, and the fervor from Sivan’s existing fanbase.

“She has set such a high bar for songwriters with her ability to craft a song that getting a tweet of affirmation means everything,” Leland, a songwriter himself, said.

Around 3 a.m. that night, Swift humbly noted on Twitter that WILD moved ahead of her unstoppable sales monster 1989 on iTunes’ top albums chart.

Lyrically and sonically, Sivan’s WILD breaks free from the bland pop churned out by his 20-something counterparts. The lusty EP — which catapulted to No. 1 on iTunes in 41 countries on just preorders alone — comes out of the gates with a title track exploring his feelings for a childhood crush that are now manifesting into a budding relationship as young adults.

The “WILD” video, the first in a three-part storyline, has caged 2.5 million views since its Sept. 3 release. Part one ends with a years-in-the-making bedroom kiss. What’s next?

“You can expect to feel all of the feelings; I really wanted to strike a chord with people with these videos,” he explained. “I want to provoke thoughts and conversations, and hopefully inspire some change.”

The EP’s remaining five tracks are relentlessly experimental, anchored by introspective lyrics of relatable young love and loss, co-penned by British songwriter Alex Hope.

“BITE” dives into Sivan’s cautious maiden voyage into Australia’s gay club scene. “So kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please, don’t bite,” he sings on the track produced by Leland, Allie X and Bram Inscore. Sivan notably posted a “coming out” video on YouTube in 2013.

The song for the upcoming second part in his video trilogy, “FOOLS,” details a shattered relationship and the subsequent sorrows associated with the brutal breakup.

Life gets even gloomier on the reflective “DKLA (Don’t Keep Love Around)” with a fiery assist from teen rapper Tkay Maidza. “FOOLS” and “DKLA” have the forlorn vibe of TRXYE’s “Happy Little Pill” from returning producers SLUMS and Jia Lih.

“EASE” — Sivan’s favorite song he’s written — uncovers his homesick emotions alongside New Zealand duo Broods: “I’m down to my skin and bone, and my mommy, she can’t put down the phone, and stop asking how I’m doing all alone, alone. But the truth is the stars are falling, ma, and the wolves are out calling, ma, and my home has never felt this far.”

Sivan gets the silent treatment on “THE QUIET,” but we feel his pain loudly.

“To finally have people living to these songs, it means the world to me,” he said, adding that he’s ready to perform them live starting in October. “I just cant wait to bring the music to life. It’s going to be intimate, dark and hopefully very entertaining.”

Meanwhile, Swift will end 2015 on the 1989 World Tour in Sivan’s home country.

Her Australia stops would be the prime time to bring Sivan as a special guest.

“The height issue will be a little comical to see, but I’ll endure it,” he quipped.