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Can we talk about the importance of the “you knew it was me” scene and basically the whole room of requirement scene?

Okay so.
Draco has a wand pointed to Harry’s face. And so do two other people. And what does Harry James Potter do? He ignores the other two and talks to Draco.

“You knew it was me.” After everything, Harry just wants Draco to know that Harry knows he isn’t the terrible person he shows himself to be. After what happened in the manor, when Draco saved his life, Harry doesn’t feel threatened, even at wand-point, he wants to know why Draco did it. And Draco is hesitating. Draco is about to lower his wand. He’s about to make the choice Harry deems him capable of making if it weren’t for his company. Harry wants to let Draco know that there’s time to make the right choice. He wants to know why he didn’t give him away at the manor, when it would have made everything so much easier. And during the Fiendfyre, when Harry goes back, he just immediately reaches for Draco, doesn’t look at anyone else. And before Harry even reaches out Draco already knows he’s come back for him. Like… this scene is glorious.

Voltron Theory: “Galra” Is Not a Species, Part 2

So before Season 2 came out, I proposed a theory that the species we knew as Galra was actually a genetically enhanced group of “colonized” aliens. While season 2 didn’t confirm this, it did provide a TON of new evidence.


Again we have more examples of Galra with the same purple skin and yellow eyes, but with varying physical features. Interestingly, two Galra in particular stand out as relatively different than their Galra counterparts: Ulaz and Kolivan

Although they look distinctly Galra–tall, purple with yellow eyes–their skin looks noticeably paler than that of a typical Galra, as if the modifications have faded. Perhaps the potion must be taken regularly to maintain their forms. This theory makes sense when considering Thace too, since he’s working within the Galra hierarchy and would likely take whatever potion they’re handing out to maintain his cover.

Also there’s this line from Kolivan:

“Zarkon’s reign will be at an end, and the savagery that’s poisoned our universe can finally be cleansed.”  (ep 209)

It’s not definitive proof of course, but his word choice seems interesting.


In “Escape from Beta Traz,” we see the warden forcibly extracting information from Slav through an elaborate helmet:

“Already your mind is rendering me weapons and genetic modifications.”

Interesting that these genetic modifications come in glowing purple vials that look very familiar.

And make the subject larger, stronger, and give him glowing purple eyes.


This is arguably one of the biggest reveals of the season. Not only is there a third Altean still alive in the universe, but she is A) probably over 10,000 years old and B) also Galra. But how can someone be Altean and Galra at the same time? How does Allura truly know she’s Altean just because she has pointed ears and colored cheek markings? This scene suggests that Allura knows exactly what a Galra is.


But the most obvious bit of evidence is in a single screenshot from episode 207, “Space Mall,” in a flashback between Shiro and the Black Lion.

Notice the people surrounding Alfor and Zarkon are clearly of two distinct species. The purple aliens–presumably Zarkon’s kinsmen–all have similar physical features (pointed ears and a…head fin? of some kind). If the purple ones are Galra, they look nothing like the Galra of today.

We see only one Galra in season 1 with similar features:

Oddly enough, he’s the only Galra we see with pupils.


So we know that Keith is Galra, but is he a descendant of Zarkon’s kinsmen or a product of a genetically modified Galra? Consider this quote from Steven Yeun [x]:

“Keith is a complicated character. He operates a little differently than the other paladins. He’s not the only one with a difficult family history, but his centers around the way that he is. He’s hotheaded for a reason, and he’s very talented without a lot of ways or things that he can use to express that.”

If Keith were to have some lineage of Galra that was genetically modified to be stronger/faster/etc than the average life form, it would make sense for him to be physically more capable and more headstrong than most. He’s an ace pilot, an excellent swordsman, and more emotionally driven than most. Consider the Galra mantra: “Nothing stops me but triumph or death.” Even Zarkon noticed this similarity in the season 1 finale: “You fight like a Galra soldier.” 


Since the very beginning we’ve seen hints of Zarkon’s evolutionist worldview. He values strength above all else. He would sooner allow half of a fleet to die than survive: “Weakness is an infection. Better to cut it off than let it spread.” He values Voltron, specifically the most powerful piece of Voltron, above all other assets in his vast empire. He assumes that strength is the ultimate measure of value, and therefore assumes that the Black Lion itself, perhaps the most powerful singular weapon in existence, would also value power over trust and intention. His obsession with power blinds him to smaller but still potentially threatening targets, such as Allura, a potential spy among his ranks, and the paladins themselves. 

With such a worldview, seeking to create a genetically enhanced race of beings to rule all peoples would fall in line perfectly with Zarkon’s vision for the universe. 

date a boy who reads. date a boy who reads textbooks aloud to his friends when they’re anxious. date a boy who reads about his murderous latin teacher’s past. date a boy who wears a secondhand school uniform and goes to private school on a partial scholarship. date a boy who works three jobs to put himself through school. date a boy who sacrifices himself to a mystical forest to help his best friend on his quest to find a mythological welsh king. date adam parrish.

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My friend who wont shut up about fate who got into it like 3 years ago (and somehow knows every bit of lore because he's a lore whore) once told me about these sex scenes to the point that my favorite line is "My meat has fully expanded to its limits." It's the one thing I will always remember from Fate. That, and "Spaghetti Sauce (Flayed with meat of course)"

both of these are absolute classics honestly

Star Trek: Discovery to ditch a long frustrating Trek rule

Star Trek: Discovery is shedding a creative restriction that’s long frustrated top writers on previous shows in the franchise.

Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg — working from a creative roadmap laid out by executive producer Bryan Fuller — are delivering a Trek saga that gets rid of one the franchise’s decades-old limitations in an effort to evolve the series.

As part of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s utopian vision of the future (and one that Trek franchise executive producer Rick Berman carried on after Roddenberry’s death in 1991), writers on Trek shows were urged to avoid having Starfleet crew members in significant conflict with one another (unless a crew member is, say, possessed by an alien force), or from being shown in any seriously negative way.

This guideline wasn’t strictly followed across all 700 previous franchise episodes, of course (there are especially some notable exceptions in The Original Series). But in an aspirational effort to make the future more idyllic, Starfleet crew members typically weren’t supposed to demonstrate baser human flaws. For writers on Trek shows, the restriction has been a point of behind-the-scenes contention (one TNG and Voyager writer, Michael Piller, famously dubbed it “Roddenberry’s Box”). Drama is conflict, after all, and if all the conflict stems from non-Starfleet members on a show whose regular cast consists almost entirely of Starfleet officers, it hugely limits the types of stories that can be told.

So for the CBS All Access series coming Sept. 24, that restriction has been lifted and the writers are allowed to tell types of stories that were discouraged for decades.

“We’re trying to do stories that are complicated, with characters with strong points of view and strong passions,” Harberts said. “People have to make mistakes — mistakes are still going to be made in the future. We’re still going to argue in the future.”

“The rules of Starfleet remain the same,” Berg added. “But while we’re human or alien in various ways, none of us are perfect.”

The handling of these inner-Starfleet conflicts will still draw inspiration from Roddenberry’s ideals, however. “The thing we’re taking from Roddenberry is how we solve those conflicts,” Harberts said. “So we do have our characters in conflict, we do have them struggling with each other, but it’s about how they find a solution and work through their problems.”

Another major change is the new series is heavily serialized, unlike all the previous iterations which mostly consisted of close-ended episodes (with occasional story arcs that were two or three episodes long, plus Deep Space Nine‘s more ambitious Dominion Wars arc, among other examples). Serialization likewise makes it very difficult to keep all conflict from external sources because Discovery isn’t telling a new destination-based adventure each week. When you create dramatic storylines among the crew that spans an entire season or more, there should be some real friction and not just have the crew sitting around cheerfully playing tri-dimensional chess whenever they’re not under direct attack.

There’s also the fact the last Trek series (Star Trek: Enterprise) went off the air 12 years ago and the TV drama storytelling has evolved to be more realistic since then — and so has sci-fi. A former Trek writer, Ron Moore (who, like Piller, was outspoken about Trek‘s limitations), conceived of his acclaimed 2004 Battlestar Galactica reboot as a way of telling the types of morally murky stories that Deep Space Nine and Voyager wouldn’t allow. Moore, Piller and Discovery‘s Fuller all worked on late 1990s Trek shows, collectively trying to push the format’s creative envelope in bold new ways. Mind you, Discovery isn’t nearly as dark as BSG — it’s very much Star Trek and Starfleet officers have still evolved in all respects from where we are now. As always, they’re admirable people you wish you knew in real life. But the show’s producers will have the freedom to depict a wider and more realistic bandwidth of human (and alien) drama.

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On Monday, CBS announced Star Trek: Discovery will debut Sunday, Sept. 24 (first on CBS, then shifting to CBS All Access streaming service). EW has more to come, follow @jameshibberd for the latest.

So tumblr suggested a post (thanks tumblr)…where someone said that Yang would do for Weiss and Ruby, exactly what she did for Blake at the end of volume 3 and that thinking that moment was romantic is “disrespectful” to her character. 

But like…that’s not the point. The point is that the scene was written between Blake and Yang. The narrative of the show went in that direction, not once saying Yang wouldn’t do it for anyone else, saying that she chose to do it for Blake. That’s who Yang is and who she has always been. The POINT is that the scene was written between Blake and Yang. 

That’s why people see it the way that they do. Don’t be salty because your monkey fave was relegated to this in the biggest episode of the series. 

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"We can't go back and say 'and then they fell in love!' " D:

yeah and i took that as they can’t go back and make it happen sooner. they said keith and lance have a very natural development together. the romance has been said to be slow burn and as i’ve said 27387574 times now… keith and lance are the only two that fit that perfectly. they’re the only two that fit everything that’s been said about the romance perfectly. this just became more true with season 3. they are the pairing that has the most onscreen development… their development has been made the focus, or at least a subtle focus, many times throughout the show. people are arguing that lance’s love interest could be allura given their development in season 3 and i’ve debunked that already but also? knowing lauren and how she didn’t want to make lotor be as creepy as he was towards allura in a past version of voltron… she most likely wouldn’t even want to put allura with a guy who continued to flirt with her even after she was visibly displeased with it… even if lance has matured and their relationship has changed. i don’t think lauren herself would like that to be the romance? it gives a lot of people a very bad taste in their mouth. also, none of their interactions in season 3 gave me any romantic vibes. i can pick up on romantic vibes when they’re presented to me and lance and allura had none. no shipping goggles on whatsoever and i still felt nothing romantic about their interactions. aleu has pointed out that the scene where lance hands over his bayard to allura, felt an awful lot like the scene between mako and korra in the finale of TLOK. it felt like the closing of a chapter. they’ve grown to respect each other and they’re friends.

AND you really really have to remember that they couldn’t just fucking say OH YEAH they end up together!!! that interviewer shouldn’t have even asked them that, or anything about any ships, because they should know they can’t just say what ship is going to be endgame. they have to be careful and they have to choose their words wisely when answering questions like that. can’t straight out spoil anything. they can’t just say no comment or it would give it away… and if klance really wasn’t going to be canon, i think they would have just instantly shut it down tbh. yeah, they say all ships are valid (lol they’re not but whatever) but when they say that, they’re talking about fanon. they’ve literally shut down she/th a couple times now because they have a brotherly relationship in the show… and of course, that age gap. YET SHIT SHIPPERS STILL THINK IT HAS A CHANCE AT BEING CANON? shit shippers still think their interactions are meant to be romantic? lmao funny. 

klance shippers are not reaching or anything when we say klance is going to be canon. we know they’re not scared of shutting down a ship and they’ve spoken positively and openly about klance on a couple occasions now. they aren’t baiting, she said it herself and we’ve all witnessed the development between keith and lance and how it’s pretty obviously not… strictly platonic. there is something else there… and i feel like if they were only going for a friendship arc between them, it would have been a more drawn out thing? but they’ve already had so much development and we’re only at season 3. so many people have picked up on it, tbh. so many people have said that klance shippers remind them of how korrasami shippers were before it was confirmed. we’re not dumb. we can see what’s been given to us for what it is. i, personally, have always been extremely good at reading things like this. i get it from my mom. when we watch stuff together, we both always call who’s going to get with who… who’s going to betray who… we have literally never been wrong. we almost always pick up on plot twists before they happen, too.

keith and lance are so undeniably each other’s love interests, how do some people not see this??? especially after the shot we got of keith through lance’s eyes??? he was literally admiring him and seeing him in a new light. all those soft looks that keith saves just for lance??? he’s not just interested in being lance’s friend. he has wanted to get closer to him ever since their bonding moment and he got upset when lance said it didn’t happen. why would keith get THAT upset and then proceed to, only AFTER the bonding moment, get jealous when lance flirts with people around him if he wasn’t interested in him romantically??? they aren’t baiting and i think lauren wanted to clarify that and she also wanted to clarify that when klance is canon, it was never because it’s what the fans wanted. it was never because it’s the fan favorite. it’s because it’s been planned from the start. it’s what’s best for the story, it’s what’s natural for it. the klance interactions in seasons 1 and 2 were done when they didn’t even have any clue that klance would be this huge. these two have so much trope-y shit surrounding them and their interactions. the build up is so obvious to me, i honestly get a little confused when people don’t think they’re meant to end up together… because this isn’t me being so certain just because i love the ship and want to see them together. it’s me being so certain because i SEE it… i see what they’re doing with these two. i see what’s happening. i’ve seen it from the very start. i do not see ANYTHING like it between any other characters. shay and hunk are different because it’s clear that they’re meant to be viewed as a romantic pairing, but with keith and lance… it is subtle and gradual… it is the natural evolution of their relationship. it is a slow burn romance.

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Look those different reactions and emotions from Sam and Dean toward Castiel in that clip(12x19)! I mean, it's the perfect comparison between REACTION from a BROTHER (Sam) and an ANGRY BOYFRIEND!!! How can anyone say otherwise???

You mean the husband / brother in law dynamic?! 

I’m paraphrasing you, sorry, you said brother, and they are very much like brothers in a way but also I feel like… not? Sam and Cas do care about each other deeply but they don’t really interact like brothers, most of their interactions are through Dean, when they do bond in ONE episode out of the 100 Cas has been in they STILL talk about Dean, like, a lot….

And they care but they’re not, like, anywhere as they both do for Dean. We are continuously shown the difference, eg. Sam isn’t that worried about Cas being dead in seasons 7 or 8 in comparison to Dean who is literally wallowing in booze and thinks he is seeing him everywhere, when Dean tells Sam “its not an IT, its CAS” etc, when Lucifer was possessing Cas and when Cas has been missing this season Dean is sleeplessly researching, going out of his mind, using all his coping mechanisms etc and Sam is supportive of Dean and saying “he’ll be fine”… pfff.

it’s the standard brother in law - person - spouse dynamic IRL and in fiction.

I love how CLEAR they are making it this season. I harp on about this all the time, which is probably why you messaged me ;)

I also love how they made this super clear with Saileen too! Which I discovered today was canonically scripted as a love interest *sighs contentedly*.

All the parallels *sighs again*…. but here how when Eileen is in emotional trouble Dean looks at Sam…

 kinda like…

Sorry for the terrible gif quality - I can’t gif well!

So yeah, I’m actually kinda weirdly disappointed by this promo as I was hoping for more unadulterated relief on Dean’s face before the anger considering he’s been out of his mind worried and looking for Cas in the corpse columns… but then I guess it’s because I try not to but I have my own expectations of what I speculate for this episode. I do definitely see more of the angst though and it getting stronger hopefully through the episode til its finale….

Also @godshipsit pointed out that the scene looks like it has been cut and Sam is kind of hovering in the background…. like he has a lot this season re: Dean / Cas moments.

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And nothing more than in *THE ANGEL LOVE STORY EPISODE* 12x10…

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It’s just such a brother-in-law/brother wants to stay out of domestic squabble thing. It’s fantastic!

Near the end of “Salvage,” Conner and Jaime find Ugly and Whisper still pinned to the trees they left them pinned to, only in drooly, non-responsive catatonic states

Conner has this reaction:

which I see as like… a sickening realization kind of face, because he’s seen enemies left in similar states when M’gann uses her powers on them

Now Sportsmaster is shown to the audience to be the one that did this to Ugly and Whisper, presumably with the same drug he’s said to have invented that Artemis uses to put Psimon in a coma in “The Fix.” So this scene actually sets up precedent for Artemis reasonably having access to a means of rendering someone catatonic. (This was likely intentional, considering Weisman wrote both this episode and “The Fix.”) Also, having a villain character leaving people in similarly damaged states as M’gann has been doing, regardless of the differing intentions, does effectively highlight the immorality of her methods. So y’know, this scene is onion, has layers.

Buuuuut Conner doesn’t know at this point that Sportsmaster is responsible for this particular situation. Aaaand we never see him…. finding that out. So the implication is left hanging here that Conner might think M’gann fuCKING STALKED HIM AND JAIME ON THIS MISSION, and this is NEVER BROUGHT UP AGAIN and it really OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN since A) if he thinks that, he NEEDS TO SAY SOMETHING to SOMEBODY about it and B) he really needs to be informed that WASN’T THE CASE because IT REALLY WASN’T.

So it is foreshadowing, but dang is it clunky.

how did this even happen

soooooo I’m taking a break from my heist novel because the plot-tweaking process for that was getting frustrating and demoralising and I wanted to give myself something to do for a while that was not designing a complex con

so I thought

how about I write a short, fun, decidedly unserious gay romance novel!

kissing! disguises! lies! emotions! a whole lot of sex!

that will be just the kind of relaxing break I need!

it is now a week later and I have outlined every scene except for one, for which the description just reads [INSERT THE FUCKING CON HERE] because I have somehow managed to plot myself into a corner of my ABSURD ROMANCE NOVEL where A CON IS NECESSARY FOR PLOT REASONS because I am a deeply ridiculous human being and should not be allowed near a keyboard.

“’Why-why is it that you haven’t married?’ She’d never had the nerve to ask. Though she’d certainly found herself wondering it during these weeks.”

Mhmm of course you have, Nesryn. *cough* 

“‘So your father allows you to wed where you will?’ Dangerous, strange territory. She waited for him to tease her about it, but Sartaq fell quiet.” 



I always kinda forget this scene and how good it is. Isak is so startled to see Even cos it’s the first time after the almoust kiss. It’s not like he hasn’t been thinking about it all weekend but when he sees Even it’s like it becomes real and the memory is even more vivid like *shit he actually was gonna kiss me holy shit*. So then he’s there, right in front of Isak again asking him to join him at the Halloween party, and hell yes he’s gonna join him.


Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 《恶魔少爷别吻我》 Season 2 Ep. 18

Even if I say things that may hurt you, do hateful things, no matter how bad my attitude, please don’t ever leave me.

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I don't know if this was ever pointed out before, but right before Zuko is going to be burned during that Agni Kai, his prostrating himself is a form of an extreme apology in Japan called Dogeza. It's as low as a person can get, and they're showing complete submission and reverence to whoever they're prostrating themselves to; it's only performed by someone who's REALLY screwed up. I don't know very much about Japan's culture, but I'm fairly certain that is what Zuko was doing in that scene.

You know, I don’r think anyone has pointed that out to me yet 

It appears pretty similar to Zuko’s bows:

Thanks for the know!