this scene happens right after jeff denies that something's been going on between them

TVLINE | There was also that throwaway line earlier in 3B where Caitlin asks Stiles if he likes guys — and he pauses. Did that mean anything?
That was nothing, really. Stiles isn’t gay, and he knows that, but what I love about him is that he’s even open to reacting that way to a question. He doesn’t have to jump into a defensive thing; he’s just so honest. He’s clearly not gay — I’ve never thought the character was — but he also looks at people as people. He doesn’t associate gay and not gay, but he knows he likes girls. [Laughs] It definitely created a whole thing, though.

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Can we talk about this?

I always thought Dylan understood his character better than anyone else on the show, but now I have to say I’m highly disappointed.

If that is indeed what happened during the caitlin scene, he’s basically admitting that the show has been queerbaiting us all along and they’re not even sorry for it, cause guess what?? it’s our damn fault for reading too much into it !!( I never heard that one before!)

“It definitely created a whole thing”, HA! Of course it’s our fault.. when is it never our fault for interpretating something the way THEY want us to interpretate it? How else were we supposed to read that pause he did when asked if he liked boys, after all? Of course it screamed “I’M SO STRAIGHT! I’m just pausing cause I saw a fly over there!”

Here is a crazy idea: how about you stop? How about you quit writing scenes that lead us to believe there’s a great potential for a couple on screen in the first place? How about you stop telling us WE are imagining things and YOU start writing scenes that aren’t AMBIGUOUS? It would be as easy as that.

Or better yet: how about you stop mocking us?

I mean, they do have to realize it’s basically a b-rated tv show that’s only lasted so long and gotten so popular cause of an AMAZING and loyal fandom. They have to know that.

And guess what’s the biggest part of that fandom? It surely can’t be us sterek shippers! You would think they’d have more respect for us, if that were the case, wouldn’t you?

I’m so damn tired of this. 

WAY TO GO, btw. Releasing this interview right before the finale is a stellar idea. 

Here is my prediction: ratings tonight will drop. Tomorrow will be filled with posts from people who (like me) have decided to give up.

Just to be clear, I’m not giving up Sterek, I’m giving up the show.

Let’s be realistic, there’s some people here on Tumblr who wrote metas FAR MORE interesting and original than whatever passes as canon on tv (and don’t let me get started on the fanfictions!). And honestly that’s just sad.

Maybe Dylan should take Jeff out for a coffee, cause I lost track of how many times Jeff said that Stiles is BI. They should sit down in front of a hot mug, make a decision AND STICK WITH IT.

Also, here’s another suggestion: how about you write something that’s self explainatory? I’m tired of actors coming along and telling us what really happened on a scene, like shelly did on the basement scene (in which she denied malia and stiled had sex, only for us to be told later than indeed they had). 

You know what’d be REALLY interesting to see on tv? A relationship forming between two people who’d never thought they’d give the other person a second glance, but managed to overcome their prejudice and their differences and see, really see eachother for what they really are, and start to care for one another. 

If you don’t find that interesting, just FYI, you’re spitting on the plot of Pride and Prejudice, one of the masterpieces of global literature (and one of the most beautiful love stories ever written), and I’m sorry for you.

You know what’d NOTbe interesting to see on tv? The OVERtold clichè of the popular girl who finally falls in love with the awkward guy who’s loved her for years (I’m sorry Stydia shippers, this isn’t about you. This is me loving Stiles and Lydia too much to see them together.). Or yet another strong female character who can’t seem to live on a show if she isn’t someone’s love interest. Or a bunch of new characters no one would care about when we already LOVE the ones who are already there, the ones there’s never time to really get to know (Isaac, Danny, Greenberg, Coach).

I know at the end of the day, writers don’t write a show for the fans, but what’s a show without fans?

I’d started losing hope right at the begining of season 3b, but kept watching the show for how amazing Dylan was, and for the amazing people on the fandom who kept inspiring me with their posts and their ideas about all the characters development we were getting even though stiles and derek had been kept separated.

I guess we were all kidding ourselves.

Dylan saying “ We support everything the fans like, and however they love the show is how they love the show.” about sterek, is basically saying it’s never going to happen, but keep watching the show sterek fans, we can’t give you sterek, but go on, keep watching the show and fuel our ratings.

That’s not alright for me. I wrote months ago about how the writers give us crumbs to keep us appeased, when they never mean to deliver.

Guess it was forshadowing cause we got derek caring for stiles, stiles doubting his sexuality (though he really wasn’t, we were just imagining that!), derek being king on stiles’ board. All things that though few, kept us hooked.

Not anymore. I’d like to see what happens to teen wolf, if tomorrow all the sterek shippers decide they have enough.

I feel so sad and disappointed right now. Guess you become bitter when you deal with this for too long.

Reasons I can't deal with Malia Tate & Stalia

I am just so very angry about the character that is Malia Tate. Jeff has been planning this kind of character since the beginning of Season 3. Origonally, this was all supposed to be Cora Hale. Though because Adelaide Kane up and left for Reign, Jeff was left scrambling to keep his story on track.

That’s where Malia Tate, being this absolute bullshit extension of the Hale family came in (No offence, but it was a pretty lame writing save, Jeff). Malia Tate is legitimately Cora Hales replacement. Only there to take Stiles’ virginity (as Adelaide so kindly put it for us when asked about where her character would have gone, had she not left)

To be honest with you? I would have liked Cora more. Why? Because she was a strong, sarcastic, badass female character that I could see having lots of comedic dynamic with Stiles. Plus they had already spent a good half season getting to know each other. If they had entered that relationship, I wouldn’t be that opposed. Because they actually would have had relationship development. 

Malia was re-introduced rather abruptly, after thinking her storyline was over when returned home to her father. Then, much to everyones surprise, she showed up in Echin House. At first I went into her character with an open mind and found I was rather entertained by her. I enjoyed her attitude towards Stiles and the unexpected punch in the face had me laughing. But that all crashed and burned as soon as she had sex with Stiles. Not only was it weird and out of the blue, but it was also incredibly OCC on Stiles’ part. Stiles Stilinksi is not the kind  of character to just have sex with someone he barely knows. Yeah, he’s always been sexually frustrated, but that doesn’t mean he’d just jump anyones bones (the last girl he’d almost slept with had known him since preschool). Stalia was on a bad track record from that moment on, with me. Had that moment not have happened, I’d probably ship it.

Then, as the relationship went on in Season 4, suddenly Stiles and her we’re a thing (immediately considered to be some form of a relationship? But let’s not get into that). They had their cute moments, but because of the foundation they were built on, I am unable to enjoy them. It was just simply written so shockingly bad when it came to developing Malia and Stiles as a pair, that it made me cringe.

Not that it helped when they decided to contradict every good moment between Stiles and Lydia with a Stalia scene. For example, the highlighters/string moment was purposely used to convey that Malia understood Stiles’ way of thinking, where as Lydia questioned it back in Season 3. Another being when Malia kisses Stiles to calm herself down, just like Lydia did to calm Stiles down in 3x11. Often I wonder if Jeff is trying to throw us off track or trying to convert us to his new shoddy excuse for a ship? Either way, all it’s really doing is pissing me off.

You have to look at it from our point of view as Stydia fans too. There’s absolutely no denying that Stydia was indeed very real and fully intended to be shipped right from Season 1. Yet along comes Malia, and suddenly Stydia is an almost taboo subject amongst the entire cast and crew! Even Dylan “it will happen” O'Brien is being forced into the shadows. It’s suspicious, seeing as they shipped it quite happily until Malia came along. Now it’s all this “they’re friends they shouldn’t go beyond that” bullshit that I still don’t buy and never will.

So yes, I’m still rooting for Stydia. I believe the best relationships come out of friendships. There has to be that slow burn, otherwise you’ve missed all of that time getting to know each other, and jump straight into the deep end with little knowledge about the person you’re giving your heart to (Malia’s recent discovery of Stiles’ secret keeping, being a good example). Yes, Stydia make great detective buddies and lovely platonic friends, but why would you let two people with such a strong, special connection, take a back runner in your life and never try to make it something more? Sure, you can have time to be scared about the risks of breaking up and losing a great friendship, but aren’t they worth the risk? If they aren’t… then why are they best friends?

So, Stiles and Allison, huh?

I’m like 500% certain that the finale will be a fight between Stiles and Allison 

Firstly, I think they’re both possessed, but by opposing forces, so to speak. That is, ‘Allison’ being the one who summoned the Oni to go after the Nogitsune that’s possessing stiles 

Let’s look at it this way: Allison and Stiles are the only two of the golden trio who seem to be losing large amounts of time. Compared to Scott, they’re both hallucinating pretty heavily, having unconsciously homicidal tendencies and losing parts of what makes them preternaturally awesome (Stiles’ smarts with his inability to read and Allison’s hunting skills with her lack of coordination, whereas Scott was being tormented by that which he couldn’t achieve).

But importantly, Stiles and Allison are also the ones who had already lost a parent to death, something they still feel very keenly, at the time of the sacrifice. 

Now, Scott loves his mother, of course he does, nobody could ever deny that. But, that being said, he doesn’t quite understand how it feels to lose a parent compared to the other two. He can only understand what it might feel like, you know? And that is a pretty terrifying, painfully and enormously awful ordeal to have to go through anyway. 

For Scott saving Melissa was a matter of coming this close to have something as terrible as losing a parent happen; for Allison and Stiles it was the matter of nearly having something that horrendously terrible happen again

That, I think, is the fundamental difference between how the nemeton has affected Scott compared to Allison and Stiles.

Not because Scott loves his mom any less than the other two love their parents, but because he lost a parent in a very different way to the other two. 

Let’s think about this logistically, this episode was foreshadowing heavily, and it would be pretty foolish to not consider all the happenings. 

With the introduction of Silverfinger, we learn that he is particularly acquainted with the supernatural world (as demonstrated by the wereguy who works for him with the sinfully attractive voice!). This is thus important because he, like Derek, can 'sense’ auras, or maybe like Lydia he can 'sense’ death or dark omens, (i don’t even know, i haven’t really worked out this bit yet, and we don’t even know what, or who he is, ugh) but anyway the point being that  he made a deliberate comment on the darkness inhibiting Allison. 

And yes, it might have been just a general warning like “oh, you’re gonna kill it no matter where it lies, fucker, even if it’s ur fucking daughter understand?” but I don’t think so. When has a warning ever been just a warning in television?

Additionally, the cinematography was specifically crafted to ensure tension: heavy use of lighting (with the contrast between tones of shadows, a grey area so to speak), the backing track was laden with the typical high notes that typify horrors or thrillers and, most importantly, there was the deliberate use of an extended shot close up shot of Chris’ expression as he heeds Silverfinger’s warning, the camera pans towards him like the dawning of realisation (and yes, I am aware that I have taken way too many film classes in my short life, it’s a problem).

We, the viewer, only see Chris’ expression - not Allison’s; and what we did see of her in the scene previous, was the majestic ruthlessness that she inhibits.

Allison’s been a hunter for less than a year, and yes, she did gain her skills throughout the course of her life; but having a skill set in gymnastics, and whatever else the Argents trained her in, and actually applying it to something like hunting are two entirely different things. 

Yet in this scene, Allison defeats countless, armed full grown adults who have, presumably, been in this business for far longer than she. But she does it all without a blink of an eye, impassive in her features and impressive in her stature, with a strength that is phenomenal to watch. Quite like not-Stiles was during his utter slaying of the Oni.

So both Stiles and Allison are prime candidates for this showdown, they’re very similar in respect to the fact that there had already been a prerequisite darkness to their personalities even before the nemeton (i.e. Stiles 'let’s go find a dead body and let’s torch peter hale’ Stilinski and Allison 'let me kill everyone in fucking sight’ Argent).  

And I think the slight nuances in their character, and perhaps even in how they lost their mothers (mothers!!), is what manifested these two different spirits into possessing them. 

There are so many parallels to be made between Stiles and Allison, and I hope it is a showdown, like to the fullest! I, for one, think that Jeff is completely bullshitting the entire fandom by being all like 'we’re gonna kill one of your faves’ just to get us in uproar, which we are doing right now. 

But I think that he’s lying, either that or he’s going to pull a Sherlock. Like surprise, no-one’s dead and you (re)gained a new cast member! 

Though, if Jeff is telling the truth, I hope that the only person who dies is fucking Gerard and the title sequence’s change is Dan Sharman’s glorious face on our screens for a few more seconds.