this scene hahahaha

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Valentine is out here picking good af outfits for our father they should've atleast put Valentine in a ridiculously mismatched outfit so Alec would know somethings wrong hjdghjkgf

LMAO it’s the same outfit from 2x11, actually! You can see the detail and print of the jacket(from the teaser):

Is the same as the one he’s wearing when Alec kissed him hello and told him about Azazel in the loft(LMAO you can’t see properly esp in B&W, but trust me its the same).

Plus they also hinted that 2x11 and 2x12 ALL HAPPENED IN A DAY(or atleast 48 hours). So its very likely that Magnus/Valentine is still wearing the same clothes.


Episode of the Week - 9x20 “The High in the Low”

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in a medicinal capacity. Even the ancient Egyptians used marijuana to treat hemorrhoids. Which, you know, they probably got from sitting around being stoned all day.


lol silly kookmin doodles, inspired by gohan/videl (their learn to fly scene)…. and friends hahahaha (the obscene b-day cake ep, and the jellyfish sting ep lol

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