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Apartment Scene-- Headcanon

I wrote this because I love the apartment scene on Day 10 of Zen’s route. 

Like, so much.

SPOILERS FOR DAY 10 OF ZEN’S ROUTE, ish. The rest of this is non-canonical.

The party was only a few days away, but everyone in the RFA had been working so hard to send her new contacts that she felt justified in taking a break for the evening. Plus, having replied to everyone’s opening inquiries so far, there wasn’t much she could do besides wait for them to get back to her.

The night sky had faded to a dull purple outside the windows of the apartment; freaky security systems aside, Rika had had excellent taste. The view from the fourteenth floor was unbeatable.

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I dk why but as much as I ship Newt/Tina I was really happy that they didn’t kiss during the movie? Like at their final scene I almost thought they were going to kiss and I just really didn’t want them to?? I dk how to explain it?? I was so glad that they left that till the next movie maybe?? because instead we get to see Tina being so happy waiting for him to come back and Newt is just being his cute clueless self and I dk.


lol silly kookmin doodles, inspired by gohan/videl (their learn to fly scene)…. and friends hahahaha (the obscene b-day cake ep, and the jellyfish sting ep lol

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