this scene gives me chills


infinite list of ouat-scenes, that gives me chills;
- 2x02, Charming’s speech
“If you cross that line, you’re going to be lost. Everyone who loves you will lose you. But there’s something worse – you’ll lose yourself. Look, I get wanting to leave here, I do. And I get that it’s easier to let go of bad memories, but… Even bad memories are part of us. David, Storybrooke David, was – is – weak, confused. And he hurt the woman I love. I wouldn’t give up being Charming just to be him, but, you know what? I wouldn’t make the other trade, either. Because that David reminds me, not only of who I lost, but of who I want to be. My weaknesses, and my strengths. David, and the Prince. I am both – just like you. You are both. The town is both. We are both. Stay here, and every choice is open to you. Live in the woods if you want. Hell, live in a shoe if you want. Or eat frozen burritos and write software. Let’s open Granny’s and the school. And get back to work. I will protect you. She won’t be able to hurt any of us. Not as long as I’m alive. Not as long as we all come together. As we did before. As we shall do again.”

On Victor and Yuuri (long post)

After, episode 10, where the two of them bowed and exchanged rings , this couldnt get any better, but it got, emotionally speaking.
In this episode we see , how much confidence Yuuri gives off, and the trust Victor has on him, he say so himself, Yuuri has no doubts anymore. 

On the ohter han, we see Yuuri, little Yuuri whos has grow up, not only emotianally but in technique too. We can see on his expressions after seeing his score on his SP, “How I can a better score?, How I can surpass myself?” 

Later, we see Yuuri is alone with the reporters, and Yuuri notices that Victor isnt there, hes off to find him and this scene give me the chills.

Yuuri notices that Victor is watching Yurio’s program, this leave him on shook but why?

And again we see the same scene here, when they are watching Chris performance, Yuuri feels the same again, why does Victor is making that face again. Yuuri knows that his performance wasnt the best, but he could surpass it with his FS, he knows he has the confidence to do it and he knows to that Victor is there to support him, but where this uneasiness comes?

And yet another scene, When they are watching Otabek’s program, Victor says “So exotic, I felt so refreshed” . Again, Yuuri knows that he could do better and acknowledges it. So, Yuuri wants Victor to feel that when hes watching his program? To look only look at him like in the cup of china, surprised …?

And the ending scene, we see yuuri being drifted away and thinking, Victor asks, and Yuuri wants to give his response, we can see how hard this is for Yuuri, his clenching his hands to give the answer, maybe it isnt right, but Yuuri always thinks in the other person, on the people feelings, thats one of his best qualities and at the same time the cause of his flaws.

Lets end this, Yuuri refers to this as an ending this whole coach and pupil thing in my opinion, because he saw who Victor eyes where directed to the other skaters, It was different when Victor was looking at him, in so many ways, Yuuri knows that Vcitor belongs to ice, and maybe he wanted to belive that Victor would stay by his side(which Victor agree), but maybe just maybe, Victor desires to comeback and Yuuri desire it too, He wanted to see his idol, his coach, his love to be in the ice again. Yuuri knew that Victor already found his motivation again, seeing him excited and amused , Yuuri couldnt deny Victor eagerness to do that. Yuuri wants, desires, wishes, to see Victor free again in the ice, to enjoy himself again. 

In the first episodes, we saw Yuuri fearing that to happen, but know Hes so sure, he not only wants to Victor to be in the rink again, but to Victor to look at him as a competitor, as a rival. And its also hard to do that, to be away from the person you love the most, to miss that person you spend almost a year together. And its not the case that Yuuri or Victor doesnt love each other anymore, its bc Yuuri loves him to that extent to, let Victor go. 

And dont get me wrong, they will still love each other, talk to each other, compete with each other, but it will not be the same, Yuuri wont have Victor and viceversa. And thats why I think the next season will be about this, about their relationship through a new way on the next ISU series.

Because Yuuri found himself in Victor.

Because Victor found himself in Yuuri.


This scene gives me chills - Padme’s gaze is unfocused and a bit insane. That hands that caress her face are up to the elbows in blood. Padme doesn’t know anything for sure yet, but suspects that her husband had something to do with the attack on the Temple, and she is afraid both of him and for him. And Anakin kisses her so desperately…

Shadowhunters can marry Downworlders, in Downworlder or mundane ceremonies. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen other Shadowhunters dismiss those marriages as meaning nothing, and I’ve seen some Shadowhunters bow under pressure and break the vows they made. I know you would never bow or break. I know that type of marriage would mean just as much to you. I know that any promises you made me, you would keep. But I was alive before the Accords. I sat and ate and talked with Shadowhunters about peace between our people, and then those same Shadowhunters threw away the plates I ate off because they thought I irredeemably tainted whatever I touched. I will not have a ceremony that anyone looks down on as lesser. I do not want you to have any less than the ceremony you could have had, to honor your vows to a Shadowhunter. I have had enough of making compromises in the name of trying to make peace. I want the Law to change. I do not want to get married until we can get married in gold.
—  Magnus Bane, Born to Endless Night

One of the most beautiful things about AsaNoya is how Nishinoya always manages to give Asahi confidence and the will to fight and improve himself, and he’s not even doing it on purpose.. Noya just enjoys playing with Asahi (notice that he’s asking Asahi to hit his tosses, not Hinata, or Daichi or Tanaka, but Asahi, and he’s so happy when Asahi agrees, precius boy) and looks up to him as the ace and wants to better himself to be of use for Asahi, but in doing so, he gives Asahi the confidence to continue improving so he won’t be left behind. 


Okay but these scenes give me chills?
Jungkook and Jimin look so pale as if they are dead esp Jimin. And Rapmon standing alone in the hallway gives me horror movie vibes.
There are scenes in which the colors are brighter and livelier, however there are also scenes that look cold and dead.
This MV looks aesthetic and the music is actually somewhat upbeat rock and all but I don’t have a good feeling about this. I feel like when it’s out we gonna bawl our eyes out somebody pls send help?