this scene gives me chills

Top 5 ships

Thank you Jazzy @bellarkelifestyle and Jae @ethereal-bellarke for tagging me.And now there’s gonna be tears brace yourselves!


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All of you know i’m obsessed with this ship.They are everything look at how perfect they are.Shit i’m crying again. ‘’If i’m on that list you’re on that list!’’+’’Together’’+’’I need you’’


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Ok so this was my first ship.They are the beginning of my shipping adventures.And this scene here messed me tf up! I am too weak for this damn it!

‘’I will always choose you”+’’I’m mad at you because I love you!’’


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The most legendary slow burn ship in the history of slow burn ships.It was a torture to wait but totally worth it.LOVE THEM!

‘’Remember I love you.”


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This scene right here is a masterpiece.It gives me chills when I think about it.GIVE ME LOOOVEEEE

‘’He was your first love and I intend to be your last’’+”I enjoy you”+”I’ve tried to stop thinking about you,and I can’t” (Klaus you are killin me rn)


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They were super cute together and i’m so sad it didn’t work out.

Idk any quotes for this one but oh well lol

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infinite list of ouat-scenes, that gives me chills;
- 2x02, Charming’s speech
“If you cross that line, you’re going to be lost. Everyone who loves you will lose you. But there’s something worse – you’ll lose yourself. Look, I get wanting to leave here, I do. And I get that it’s easier to let go of bad memories, but… Even bad memories are part of us. David, Storybrooke David, was – is – weak, confused. And he hurt the woman I love. I wouldn’t give up being Charming just to be him, but, you know what? I wouldn’t make the other trade, either. Because that David reminds me, not only of who I lost, but of who I want to be. My weaknesses, and my strengths. David, and the Prince. I am both – just like you. You are both. The town is both. We are both. Stay here, and every choice is open to you. Live in the woods if you want. Hell, live in a shoe if you want. Or eat frozen burritos and write software. Let’s open Granny’s and the school. And get back to work. I will protect you. She won’t be able to hurt any of us. Not as long as I’m alive. Not as long as we all come together. As we did before. As we shall do again.”

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The scene that still gives me chills(in a good way) till this day is the scene where Mona confesses to killing wilden and the smirk she makes at the girls when they close the blinds to question her. It's one of the most badass scenes and the song they played( bad things by Meiko) really embodies what the show is all about.

Mona is such an icon. I will be impressed if AD matches up to her natural evilness / creepiness. 


One of the most beautiful things about AsaNoya is how Nishinoya always manages to give Asahi confidence and the will to fight and improve himself, and he’s not even doing it on purpose.. Noya just enjoys playing with Asahi (notice that he’s asking Asahi to hit his tosses, not Hinata, or Daichi or Tanaka, but Asahi, and he’s so happy when Asahi agrees, precius boy) and looks up to him as the ace and wants to better himself to be of use for Asahi, but in doing so, he gives Asahi the confidence to continue improving so he won’t be left behind.