this scene brings me so much tears

A lot of people will write long posts justifying why it’s wrong the more popular actors/movies didn’t win, but here’s one for Ruth Negga.

Ruth was born to an Irishwoman and an Ethiopian man, Ruth has been working tirelessly for years in various shows and movies. 

Ruth portrayed Mildred Loving, a woman who was arrested for sleeping in bed with her husband. A woman who was arrested after the birth of her first child. A woman who was not allowed to happily be with her husband or family for over ten years because of the color of her skin. When they finally won their case, Mildred lost her husband seven years later to a drunk drive. Ruth wore her ACLU ribbon today partly to represent them. 

Ruth’s performance in Loving was heartstopping and everyone I’ve shown the movie to in real life watched with awe as she brought so much emotion and voice out of a woman who hardly spoke. Watch archive footage of Mildred and then watch Ruth’s performance. It’s completely astounding and you can TELL she worked so hard to bring her to life, to tell us the story of this woman who’s been only mentioned briefly in schoolbooks. Just a scene of her, standing in the sun in the countryside, had me in tears. 

I can’t quite wrap my head around a white, fictional character in a performance that was underwhelming in comparison to Ruth’s winning. I just can’t. Was she undermined because of race? Perhaps. Was it because she was a new face? I don’t know. 

What I do know is that Ruth Negga won that red carpet tonight and she truly kept her “always be posing” rule at maximum performance. Everytime the camera flipped to her (which was quite often) she looked so ethereal. “We may lose the small battles but win the big war.” I feel like we’ll see Ruth Negga on that red carpet again soon. She’s got so many Preacher fans at her back and she’s definitely taking the world by storm. I can’t wait to see what she does next and I hope she has a really nice night and a good night’s sleep. 


I just need to let some things off my chest… I’ve seen so much negativity in these tags lately and it just feels awful.

People are complaining about every little thing lately. The episodes for 2A have already been filmed and edited. There is NOTHING anyone can do about it now. No one knew people would have the reactions they are. For me, I saw nothing wrong with 2x07 or 2x08.

I thought all the scenes were sweet. I saw that Magus was hesitant of losing Alec but not hesitant of having sex. There is a big difference there and I think a lot of people didn’t understand that or it was misinterpreted. There WAS consent. It may not have been verbal but it was a physical consent. If you think Magnus Bane would let someone take advantage of him, you clearly don’t know his character very well. Same goes with Alec; if you thought he would ‘push himself‘ onto Magnus and force sex… You clearly don’t know his character either. Alec was just trying to be confident and not overthink things and I thought they showed that pretty well. I think they didn’t show a ‘sex scene’ because it was Alec’s first time. It’s personal. I thought it was the smartest thing to do. Let the audience fill in the gaps to how things went. I’m sure in the future episodes that are CURRENTLY being filmed, you will see more. Just have faith in the actors and the writers. They work bloody hard to try and keep everyone happy. With the latest episode, I’ve seen people questioning whether or not it happened and that Magnus and Alec seem awkward about it because Alec told Izzy there was nothing to talk about. Back in season 1, Izzy told Alec that he never talks about his personal life with her. Jump to this episode; nothing has changed. Yes, he asked her for advice in 2x07 which was a huge step for him but I don’t think he’s going to start talking about his sex life with his sister anytime soon. That would be very out of character. 

It upsets me so much that everyone is finding such small things to complain about and tear into the actors/writers about. They aren’t being homophobic, that is just ridiculous. If they were you wouldn’t even have half the Malec scenes you get. Come on now. The writers are doing a fantastic job. They love this show, those characters just as much as everyone else. 

Let’s stop with all the negativity in these tags now. Bring on more positive posts about how sweet Alec and Magnus are together and how healthy their relationship is. 

Feel free the message me your opinions. I’m up for a healthy discussion about the show. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, so I’m happy to hear everyone out! :)




This is an AU where Yuu basically lost a bet to Shinoa (and Kimizuki), so now they’re pressuring him to make a not-so-yuu-chan-move on this one hot waiter, Mika, who’s been ogling him for the past 2 weeks….So Shinoa gives him some really helpful tips!! :-)

Thank you so much for being so patient with my delayed art trade, @laffforever​!!! This was really fun to make, and your part of the trade still brings me to tears but I hope you like this!!

(shout out to @mika-yuu for giving me the gay/great scene idea…it made me laugh for days)

The 100 4x09 DNR

I most definitely did not cry, nope. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Okay, fine, I cried. Harper and monty, raven and Murphy man……made me cry so bad….and that goodbye with Harper jasper and Bellamy………fuck

First, let me start with the Harper and Monty scene. Him staying behind for Harper, I just. Ughhh, I may be a hopeless romantic, but when she saw monty standing there, I died. They’re so cute together, and for him to make that decision because of how much he loves her……..I’m just concerned that all my favorite characters are going to start dying. This show is fucking me up.

Next, the Goodbye between Harper, Jasper, and Bellamy. First of all, let me note that this is one of the first times we really saw them forgive Bellamy. Sure there was 4x08, but it was “forgiveness” as much as an “were all dying so I don’t give a shit”. I love how Bellamy still sticks up for the 100. How he understands what they want. He said it was their choice, and they they pretty much deserved to decide their fate, and I’m glad he got Jaha to see that. And that “whatever the hell you want”, man that messed me up. Bringing it back. Jasper might not be my favorite character, but I actually kind of enjoyed him today.

Now the Raven and Murphy scene. That was the one that made me cry the most. The others were my eyes tearing up, but this was full out crying. When he apologized for shooting her, and she immediately told him it wasn’t his fault, I got so emotional. And Raven saying she could deal with losing a leg but not her mind. WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME??? I can’t even describe it because this scene made me so sad, it really pulled at my feels. Murphy seemed like he was gonna cry when he talked to Raven, and Raven did cry and seeing two characters I love so vulnerable it just made me cry.


anyway, next week apparently(HOPEFULLY) Bellamy steps up in a big way for Octavia, according to Marie Avgeropoulos. What do you think that is, honestly?

1. Some think it’s that he’s going to get hurt trying to save Octavia, now that he realizes she’s back, and she wants to be there. I thought that too, but now I’m not so sure.

2. The more I think of it, “stepping up” doesn’t have to be him protecting Octavia. It could simply be him telling Octavia that she doesn’t need his protection anymore, and that he wants her to do what she wants, not what he wants for her.

3. It could also potentially mean if Octavia gets into trouble with Azgeda or anyone in Polis, since she had killed people, that he sticks up for her and gets her out of trouble. It completely contradicts what I just said above, but it’s another possibility.

(And that cute platonic bellarke moment there…….I was hoping for a more dramatic reunion but this’ll do)

I’m still waiting for a murphamy reunion btw


So for the people who watched The Titanic, in the end Rose marries Jack in her dream. That beautiful scene inspired me so much to make this. Also these two deserved so much better and that’s also a reason because we as Clexa fans deserved this.

I will also make a little video and put these drawings in it, not sure if it will look good though because I’m a terrible editor.

But anways

I hope this will heal you guys a little bit… Or bring you in tears, give you mixed feeling, maybe a little heart attack following you to scream like a fangirl idk. Be creative.

Love you guys <3
Thanks for the 800+ followers, it means a lot to me :)

Final Thoughts on FFXV

So, I finished the game a few days ago and needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings because oh man did Chapter 14 bring the feels train fast and hard. To the point where I am giving PSA’s at work about it to my co workers who are playing the game.


Before I start, I just want to say that I had been following the game development for a few years now and was undecided after playing the Platinum demo how much I was going to like the game.  I am a traditionalist when it comes to Final Fantasy games and when they change things to much I don’t like it (looking at you X-2).  So when I saw the battle system I was a little skeptical that I would like it.  But none the less I gave it a chance especially after all the hype and how well done the Brotherhood anime was.


With that said, there a few things I need to get off my lady chest:


- The throw away dialog and puns in this game were just everything. (What are you my mother?  Mums the word ahahaha)  And the animation in battles and while driving were so fantastic (Ie when your driving Gladio and Prompto start plugging their nose and getting mad at Noctis like he farted in the car.  Like omg lol that is such a bro thing I can’t even.)


- I am fairly certain Regis somehow sabotaged the car to delay the journey long enough so they wouldn’t be anywhere near the Crown City when the NIff’s pulled their bull shit.  I mean Cid more or less implies it in the game and Regis doesn’t seem that stupid to not know it was a trap and wanted to save his son. (hence why the wedding was to be in Altissia)


- How did Gladio get his orginal scars?  Did he get into a fight about cup of noodles defending their honor?  Also what the fuck happened when he went off those few days on his own.  I mean I have theories (see my post below about Gladio and the Cup of Noodles cult) but damn it I will riot in the streets if his DLC doesn’t explain it.


- I really want to know more about the girl Galdio is seeing 10 years later.  I mean he is obviously smitten with her to bring her up to them the eve of their taking the city back.


- Iris is queen.


- Prompto’s heart belongs to Cindy.


- Prompto’s heart also belongs to Noctis (I didn’t get Promptis until I played the game and my god do I ship it.  I ship it so hard.)


- Is it ever explained why Cor is called Cor the Immortal?  Maybe his DLC will explain it but I imagine it’s because either he is really immortal or its a derogatory term used towards him because he always seems to miss the big battles?  I am thinking the later because he doesn’t seem to happy about being called that.


- I feel like Noctis and Luna had this Romeo and Juliet thing going on for awhile.


- I wish they went into their relationship more in the game…I mean obviously there was more to this engagement than just political reasons.  They obviously cared for each other.


- The Chocobo side quests were everything in this game.  I mean they might be my favorite Chocobos in a final fantasy game of all time.


- I may or may not have driven the Regalia in first person view so I could turn the camera directly on Ignis and just stare at that beautiful man’s face for hours.


- “That’s it!  I’ve discovered a new receipe” will now become a trigger of mine.


- Sorry Phichit from Yuri on Ice!! but Prompto Argentum is the new king of selfies.


- Also sooooooo many butt shots in this game.  I mean come on Prompto….we get it you have a thing for butts…expecially Glaido’s butt.


- Prompto really did take the best pictures.  I mean dude’s got a gift. (Also I was undecided if I was going to enjoy this feature in the game but my god if it was not my favorite thing to do out of all the guys special skills.  I loved to see what pictures Prompto took today)


- Speaking of Prompto…all this time I thought his insecurities stemmed from being a ackward fat kid (can so relate to that) but nope, not at all.  Dude had the darkest back story of the game.  I mean after Chapter 13 I just wanted to bundle him up and protect him at all costs.


- Also, apparently he was adopted as a baby but how did he know he was an MT?  Did he just make the connection while they were traveling or did he always know?  Or did Ardyn tell him?  So unclear.


- In the beginning I kind of hated Noctis.  I thought he was just this emo trash kid who was sheltered in life and didn’t want to grow up.  But by the end of it all I was literally on my knees bowing to the almighty true king.  I mean jesus did he redeem himself in the end.


- I’m not ok with the fact that Prompto never met Lunafreya or saw Pryna again.


- I was more upset about Ignis going blind than I was about Luna getting stabbed.


- Ignis being blind the rest of the game was worse than if they just killed him off.  It was so sad to play pretty much 4 chapters watching him struggle.


- I am fairly sure Cid lived with Ignis during the 10 years Noct was gone.  Like Ignis took him in and took care of him while they were in Lestallum.  Iggy is such a stand up guy.


- Ardyn just screamed stranger danger throughout the whole game.  I mean in Lestallum I was screaming at my tv for them to not go with him.  Like really that red convertible was literally a big white shady van.


- Also I feel no sympathy for Ardyn at all.  He was a sick twisted mother fucker.  I mean he had the images of all his ‘kills’ hanging above the thrown.  That is a sick and twisted man-demon.

- However I do feel sympathy for Ravus.  Poor bastard loved Luna so much and was really the casualty of this shitty war between Lucis and Niffilheim.


- The Final Fantasy call backs in this game we great (the soundtracks from old games, Wedge, Biggs, the Spira bank etc etc)

- Noctis sitting on the throne after defeating Ardyn killed me so much.  He was so strong and just accepted his fate.  Poor guy never had a chance for anything else.  God damn destiny.


- Nothing in life has ever made me cry sobbing ugly tears like the camp fire scene during the credits.  I mean I was crying the minuet they were all sitting there silent not wanting to bring up the big white elephant in the room and then Noct just telling them he made peace with his fate and fucking Prompto just sobbing and god damn it even Galdio had tears in his eyes I just couldn’t take it.  It was too much.  I am still not over it and never will be.  I re-watched the scene again on Youtube a few times and I still ugly cry.  No scene in a video game has ever made me that emotional before.


- The scene at the end with Luna and Noct I thought was nice but so sad.  Why couldn’t the six just grant them their lives back for being so pure and good?


- Also, I am certain the chocobros lived.  I think the scene in the afterlife was just Ardyn hallucinating and Noct drawing on their bond to finish them off.  Otherwise why all the emphasis on rebuilding and Gladio making note of the structures being save able and the whole walk tall speech?  Noct was leaving the rebuilding process to them.


- My ending head cannon would be Noct and Luna coming back and the chocobro’s meeting them on the steps of the Citadel and everyone reuniting and Noctis introducing her as his fiance and Luna healing Ignis’s eyes so that he can finally see dawn and everyone giving Gladio shit about the girl he’s been seeing and then teasing Prompto about pursuing Cindy for 10 years.



In the end I got an epic bro road trip that turned into a runaway feels train that came crashing down hard.


But I still loved the game anyways.

anonymous asked:

Firstly, THANKS FOR THE HUD MAKER LINK ITS SO HELPFUL Secondly, I've been watching this game's development since it's beginning, and looking at that trailer? Woaaah, you've come a long way! I feel super hyped for Virgo. Good job.

I’m so glad it helped you!!! It’s such a nice thing for all the RPG Maker community, really! It helped me a LOT, the other hud kept appearing on scenes, but now the problem is solved! I’ll post the new hud I did today (it’s not featured in the video as I did it only yesterday after the hud maker was out). I hope you’ll like it! And thank you so so much for this message, it brings literal tears to my eyes to see people like what I do, and seeing that you’re here from the beginning, it really makes me super emotional! (/´Д`)/ I’m always trying to make a fun game for everyone to enjoy, since life is so hard, and games always helped me to overcome hard times in my life, so I hope I can help someone someday as well with Virgo to make their days brighter! Thank you so much again and I hope I can make your day brighter too with my little game! (๑´`๑)♡

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Do you remember what Shuichi told Ran under the snowy weather: "You cry again. Sorry, you just remind me of a foolish woman who always sounds fine but then cries behind my back." At the first time reading it, it was weird to me. But after the story with Akemi revealed, those lines of Shuichi always bring tears to my eyes. He loves her so much now it has turned into an obsession. She's always on his mind. And imagine, Akemi looks clearly like the type who says "I'm perfectly ok" then cries alone

Hello Dear Anon!

That particular scene is probably one of my 10 best scenes in Detective Conan. It tells us so much about Shuichi, Shinichi, Ran…and Akemi, without us even noticing! 

It’s obvious why Shuichi would be so dramatic about Ran crying…he finally realized….unfortunately after it’s too late, why Akemi was crying at night, behind his back.

  1. Betrayal. Akemi knew Shuichi was a spy. She cried because she loves him so much that she can’t let go. Hence, Akemi was betraying BO. Even if BO is evil…this is where she belonged and she is driving a wedge of steel in that institute…this put a heavy weight on her shoulders.
  2. Despair. Having to live 3 years with a man who may or may not love her. Knowing he is a spy…Akemi probably never believed Shuichi loved her (even if he truly did). She had to live through a virtual one-sided relationship for so long because she can’t let go.
  3. Fear. Akemi lived her life, day by day, waiting for the moment Shuichi’s cover will be blown. She constantly feared what might happen if he was discovered… Not able to do anything..she suffered through this with silent tears.
  4. Anxiety. As a distinguished BO member, Shuichi went on dangerous missions. Akemi used to desperately wait to hear from Shuichi again and would probably check for injuries. People married/dating soldiers know exactly how agonizing this feeling is and how patience is defeated in such cases.
  5. Farewell. Above everything, Akemi was not living her life. She knew that the day Shuichi will leave will come sooner or later if he fulfills his mission. Like a terminally ill patient waiting for his death…Akemi couldn’t help but foreshadow this moment…over and over again.

Ironically, these somehow apply to Ran if we tweak them a bit. Back then, Shuichi was not aware of all of Ran’s troubles. He definitely staked the Detective agency and probably saw Ran crying a couple of times other than the time in NY. Right now, though, Shuichi aware of Shinichi, probably figured out all the reasons that drive Ran to cry…

Finally, no sane person will be able to tolerate such load. Akemi managed to do so..but thinking about this for Shuichi is just too brutal to manage. Knowing his 50:50 belief, he may never forgive his 50% share.

“foolish woman…”

No. Shuichi could not have established this without Akemi’s answers. This is why he calls her foolish. He believes that things might have been different if she reached out to him and told him.
He thus indirectly invites Ran to voice her problems in words rather than crying over them. 

Unfortunately, Ran hasn’t yet confronted Shinichi…

SoRiKai: Through a Western Lense

The argument has been going on forever between the SoKai fans, the SoRiku fans, and the SoRiKai fans: what relationship is “canon” and who loves each other more. Personally, I feel the arguement is silly since the KH team has repeatedly made it known that they like the fans to ship whomever they want with, well, whomever they want. 
Normally I wouldn’t get involved, but there’s one aspect that’s been increasingly bothering me. The problem is that the argument revolves around a single instant: the reunion. I doubt I need a recap of the infamous tear-
jerker. The reason why this is a problem is that this scene is taken out of context for the series as a whole, and simplifies a very complex situation and set of emotions (which is what I love so much about the game in the first place). So, in the same style as my previous essay on Aqua, I’m going to bring some cultural context and remind me readers of some general story-telling devices, cliches, and etc to hopefully see this in a new light. 
For the necessary disclaimer: I am not advocating for any one ship. There will be some points where it will seem like I’m trying to push SoKai as the final verdict, but there’s a reason I’m doing this, and it is to prove a point for the later scene. If anything, I don’t think that scene proves anything as far as romantic intentions, but to explain why, I’m going to make a few quick points made in the game series leading up to this moment.
Let’s go back for a minute to the very first Kingdom Hearts game, before the idea of the “trio” was a standing trope through the series. It was a stand alone game with a simple plot-line and straight forward story, even as far as the relationships between the three main characters.
I’ll preface this with saying the plot line of having two same gender friends fighting over a potential love interest is a common storytelling device, no matter sex of the main characters. Two male leads fighting over a girl, or two girls fighting over a boy, ultimately leading to resolution of the two friends making up. And for a story featuring teens, this is hardly surprising. Kingdom Hearts actually subverts this, instead having Riku’s jealousy derive mostly from Sora’s company with Donald and Goofy and Riku’s antagonizing actions come from accusing Sora of not caring enough for Kairi.

While Kairi is indisposed, she can’t quell the arguments between Sora and Riku, and the boys instead turn on each other. When Kairi does finally awaken, Riku is already possessed so far that the only choice is to run, and they are unable to reconnect. The only chance Kairi has of interaction is with Sora, when she returns him to his true form.

Now a lot of people would like to point this out as their first embrace. However, I feel this is an inaccurate description. Kairi was not intending to ‘hug’ Sora, but to protect him- quite impressive when considering she’s just woken up from a coma and been faced with her other best friend’s possession. 

Because, in this video here (specifically at mark 4:35), please pay very, very close attention to this, because I cannot stress this enough:

Sora, until this moment has never hugged his friends. Not even the two best friends he grew up with. This is because in Japan, hugging (especially for males, and between males and females) is almost never done. Even among family members, this is a fairly rare form of affection with each other, even for emotional occasions. Nowadays its becoming a little more common and accepted, but in general, still not a common practice (except with girls). For us, this seems incredible and likely didn’t even cross many people’s minds when they saw this scene, but the important thing to note is that, for Destiny Islands at least, “hugging” isn’t something casually done among friends.
Now, let’s turn to Riku.
As much as people like to hate on Chain of Memories because of that confusing card system, there were very important plot points discussed in the game. Introducing the Organization of course, and the concept of the Nobodies, and Namine. On Sora’s side, he didn’t remember what transpired in the walls of Caslte Oblivion, not even when he had yet ANOTHER battle with Riku over a girl. (Please note he didn’t learn about the truth of the Replica until later.)

Riku, on the other hand, did remember everything.

It was his battle was with himself, and coming to terms with his actions and accepting Ansem’s darkness lurking inside of him. Yet he doesn’t “Accept the darkness” so much as “surrender his fate”. Leading up to the events of KH II, he needs to take in Roxas because he’s holding some of Sora’s memories hostage and preventing him from waking up. It’s the very same memories Sora decided to fall asleep to recover. Sora can’t wake up without memories of Kairi, because these are so important and precious to him. Riku knows this and is willing to succumb to the darkness to ensure his friend’s well- being and happiness, and as amends for his past crimes.
He spends the entirety of KH II running from Sora. He asks Mickey to look after him, hides in the shadows, and helps in tiny ways without ever revealing himself. He knows Sora is looking for him, but the thought of being seen with Ansem’s face is so abhorrent to him he stays out of sight, even as it worries Sora sick.
Now, while Sora’s been looking for Riku, Kairi’s been waiting for him on the islands. His biggest worry is when he’ll be able to return home to her. He doesn’t start worrying about her well-being until Axel attempts to take her from the islands, and then he blames himself for her danger, since its established that Kairi’s kidnapping is to rouse Sora’s anger and make him fight that much harder, since the Organization knows she’s precious to him.

While I’m sure some of you have already seen a post talking about this, I’m going to let you see it from another angle so you get the full impact:
When was the last time YOU got down on your hands and knees?
Have you ever asked your parents for something you wanted SO much you literally knelt down in front of them? What about with your friends? Did you do something so dreadful that only an apology on the very ground would suffice? Have you ever knelt down in front of your enemy, and BEGGED them not to hurt the people closest to you?
We can villainize Saix for rejecting Sora offering himself on a silver platter, but at least he acknowledged Sora’s sacrifice. He knew what the boy was offering and doing to ensure his friend was safe. But frankly, the people who completely forgot this scene, and blew it off thinking it wasn’t important are even worse. This is downright insulting to Sora and all his efforts, and his fears. But this point isn’t just about this scene, but to remind us of everything Sora has given up so far for Kairi’s sake before they meet up again. 
While initially shocked, Sora returned her embrace- an action he’s not used to, nor was he expecting. Now, its important to note that Riku is still present during this. Kairi’s initial instinct is to run and embrace Sora. Essentially, its their first talk and interaction once the heartless are gone. Now, up until this point Riku has witnessed:

Sora holding and protecting Kairi’s heart,
Sora sacrificing himself for Kairi,
Sora trusting his memories to Namine for Kairi,
Sora embracing Kairi in a romantic way after not seeing her for over a year.
So, tell me: who’s the most important person to Sora? The most natural answer, in that light, would be Kairi.
So, if that’s the case, why did the developers and the director decide to make Sora cry when he finally saw Riku again? The answer is actually pretty simple when you look at it from Riku’s perspective:

It was to make him stay.

Up until this point, Riku had either been fighting with Sora, or running from him. He had done terrible things, and was now a denizen of the Darkness forever. There was no hope to save him, no chance for true redemption. Sora and Kairi belonged together in the light. Back home, and out of danger. Riku didn't belong with them anymore. Besides, they’d be happy together. Sure, maybe Kairi forgave him, and Sora had been looking for him, but that was just how they were. Once Riku left for good and they returned, they’d grow to be happy together, without him making things even harder.

…in case that wasn’t clear, that was Riku’s perspective.

I’m not a screen writer involved with the team, but out of all my obsessing and analyzing of these characters and these games, I’m wholly convinced that even after Sora found the truth, and said how happy he was to see him, Riku would have found an excuse to break away and leave, especially considering all the time he’d done that already. Seeing Sora so emotionally upset and broken over seeing him again made him realize just how important he actually was to Sora, even after everything he’d done to him. Sora had already sacrificed so much for Kairi over and over again, Riku and the viewers needed to see something that was on par with that, and settle their old fight with a solid resolution.
And of course, even with Sora sobbing his eyes out, note how he touches him:

Hands only. No hugging. No romantic feelings intended.
Now, of course, there will be people who will likely blow off this essay and say that the scene is still proof of the romantic inclination. Frankly, I wonder why people can’t just be satisfied with a really sweet and touching scene between two best friends with a (somewhat) healthy expression of feelings between two males (riku could still learn a thing or two about that). But please note that I’m not anti SoRiku, and if you want to ship them, that’s fine. What I don’t like is the simplification and belittling of these character’s ordeals. Saying “oh he cried because he loves him romantically” just completely pushes away Sora’s very raw experiences of doubt, fear, worry, and shedding his mask to reveal the trauma he went through worrying about his friends. Not to mention blows off the very real sacrifices he made for Kairi’s sake. 
While no one means anything badly by it, you’re basically saying: “He cried because he’s gay. Straight guys shouldn’t cry, especially for each other.”
Now matter how you see that, its pretty discriminatory and sexist, not to mention rooted in a horribly unhealthy culture that stigmatizes men to express themselves in a naturally human way.

Now, on that note: why didn’t Sora have a similar reaction to Kairi if he was SO worried about her? Because then he’d be treated as a whiny little crybaby.

It’s not manly to cry in front of your girlfriend.
In any form of media anywhere, have you ever seen the male protagonist cry over his female love interest in ANY situation that didn’t result in death? Even if she dies, it’s usually an excuse for the male character to become angry and want to exact vengeance or something. This game was created for male wish fulfillment, and guys don’t want to cry over their girlfriends. (Plus there’s that whole “friendships between boys are so much more sacred” thing in Japan anyway, but I digress.)
And I will sum up with this because I KNOW people will reblog trying to retort this: yes, I know you’ll want to point out scenes in 3D to prove the romantic intentions. Especially including the very end when Sora jumped Riku to hug him completely.

That, my friends, is called queer-baiting, and its something developers and storytellers do when they know their fans will lap it up and further feed their sales and ensure loyalty. (Yes, even using Dearly Beloved, and ESPECIALLY with the paopu charm with the limit. They knew the fans would search for little details like that. Also, need I remind that Aqua’s use of the wayfinders in BBS was for purely platonic purposes, even though they were modeled after the paopu legends. Destinies don’t have to be romantic to be intertwined.)

Point is, you all fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Ya’ll wanna argue that Sora and Kairi’s hug was ‘awkward’ but for Pete’s sake, Riku didn’t even hug Sora back. If ANY embrace was platonic, it was this one. Please note that even with Sora’s enthusiasm, Riku did not once 1) seem shocked or touched, 2) hug him back. Sora’s gotten used to giving affection with Donald and Goofy. Riku… just tolerates it.

I love SoRiKai, and really any variation of it. So no, I’m definitely not bashing the SoRiku ship since its one of my guilty pleasures. But I find different elements and clues to have them romantically involved. Also, I’m just trying to give another perspective on this perpetual war between the shippers.

You’ll be okay

Paring: Robbie Kay x Reader
Request: Everything has just been getting a little too much
Genre: N/S
Warnings: Depression Hinted,

“Cut!” The director yelled, you stopped immediately your eyes becoming teary. You couldn’t do anything right lately. You’ve been at this once simple scene for hours and it was beginning to exhausted even more than you already were. You wanted to quit right on the spot, but you knew you couldn’t. You loved the cast, they were your family. You also  had a serious emotional involvement  with the show, so it really wasn’t that easy to just get up and leave. Even if they let you to, that is. 

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Am i the only one who LOVED the finale ???

- Robin x Regina working together and being their usual badass selves

- Zelena being sent back to Oz

- REGINA CALLING HOOK ‘KILLIAN’ (not over it okkk) 

- Snow x Charming comforting Emma


- Emma killing Hook ok was awfully sad but so well done omgggg the tears

- Rumbelle kiss was HOT (bonus: mini morning after scene)

- Hook dying a hero

- No Camelot characters who honestly no one cares about (tho i wonder, will we ever see them again; what about Merida?)  

- Rumple being a Dark One again (it just makes SO MUCH sense to me, no?) 

SasuSaku Month 2015

Day 24- Day Trip.
: I’ll See You Soon
: Sarada finally convinced her papa to take her with him in one of his missions. It was up to her mama to make sure she didn’t forget anything.

“Did you take your spare glasses?”

“Yes, mama.”

“And did you remember to take the sun protector?”

“It’s in my bag, mama…”

“And…. The repellent? There are many insects around those woods and they may carry diseases.”

“I did not forget that, mama.”

“And… Oh, Yeah! What about clean underwear? I know it’s almost that time of the month again so I already put some tampons in your father’s bag just in case.”




A blushing Sarada, an anxious Sakura and a patient Sasuke were the three elements that were composing that scenario. The three members of the Uchiha family were all reunited in the entrance hall of their house, as two of them were taking care of some last minute details before they could leave the village for the weekend. The mother was worried about her daughter for it would be the first time the pre-teen would be going on a journey without her. She wanted to make sure Sarada had everything she was going to need for her three days trip and she wanted to prevent any possible emergencies while she was not around. She wanted to do everything she could for her little girl while she was still close and not miles away from her. Uchiha Sakura wanted her to enjoy her journey without any possible worries. Sarada deserved to have fun during those three days, after all, it would be the first time her papa would take her with him.

After months of trying, and a lost bet, the Uchiha princess finally convinced her father to take her with him on one of his investigative missions. Since the ninja world was no longer that dangerous and since his wife agreed that there would be no problems in doing so, Sasuke decided that, when the Hokage’s orders didn’t send him too far away from home, he would be taking his little girl with him. He would help her discover the world outside Konoha’s walls and by doing so she would see its beauty through her own dark pearls. She would spend time with him and that was the one thing that was making him satisfied the most. After so long and after so many turbulences, they would finally be having some father-daughter time. They would have the chance to learn a little bit more about each other and they would have a chance of strengthening their bond. It would be a quite interesting mission. If only the rosette could join them, then that whole mission would be simply perfect.

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My Only Wish

Summary: Dan isn’t due back until just after new year, but Phil wishes that he would come back sooner.

this is for the weekly challenge by phanfic and is based on this song

Genre: angst, songfic, au, Christmas theme

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: none

Phil’s POV

As I walk through the streets on Christmas Eve, I think back to a few weeks ago when I wrote out the letter. You would think that a thirty year old man wouldn’t write a letter to Father Christmas, but I ended up doing it.

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Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday (William Wyler, 1953).

“I have to leave you now. I’m going to that corner there and turn. You must stay in the car and drive away. Promise not to watch me go beyond the corner. Just drive away and leave me, as I leave you. I don’t know how to say goodbye. I can’t think of any words.”

I am more of a film noir, Warner Bros type of person, but Roman Holiday is a romantic comedy which I thoroughly enjoy watching again and again. It is not your typical Hollywood love story with a sappy ending. It is very bittersweet, but realistic. When Joe says “Don’t try,” after Princess Ann makes her farewell speech, it always brings tears to my eyes. Their “holiday” scenes together are magical and so much fun to watch, especially the part where they visit La Bocca della Verità (The Mouth of Truth). It is escapism at its very best. Most of all, I love the chemistry between Hepburn and Peck. Unbelievably, this was the only film they made together. They were both tall, slim, dark and gorgeous and perfectly complimented each other. They could have been one of those legendary screen pairings, alongside Bogart and Bacall.

This was the first major film Audrey Hepburn made in Hollywood. She had minor roles in a handful of other films, but she did not make much of an impression in any of them. Due to her inexperience, some of the scenes were difficult to shoot, because they required real tears. Her director was frustrated and scolded her for wasting countless takes. The tears started streaming and she went on to win her only competitive Oscar for her performance. There were no hard feelings between them and they later went on to make The Children’s Hour and How to Steal a Million in the 60s.
Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 78 Spoilers - Full Text Translation

Title: 100P

- The chapter starts with a young Mutsuki in an interrogation room -

Mutsuki: My family was killed by Ghouls.

An investigator with a scary face looks through the glass.

Investigator: Tell us properly- what happened to your family?

Mutsuki is lying face down, tembling. “I don’t remember.”

Investigator: Don’t lie!

- Back to Mutsuki being trapped by Torso on Rushima -

He wakes up, with tears in his eyes. Torso has been watching him sleep.

Torso: You’re crying.

He wipes away Mutsuki’s tears.

Torso: Did you have a scary dream?

Mutsuki: …… no, I’m okay. (My dream was better than this) I’m hungry.

Torso: !! I will make something!

Torso feeds Mutsuki who has no arms.

Mutsuki: Do you remember things from your past?

Torso: My past…?

Mutsuki: Sometimes, I can’t remember things very well. (I have to get him talking about something. That way he won’t hit me while he’s distracted…)

Torso: Is that so?

Mutsuki: I can remember what happens before and after, but the rest is full of worm-holes.

Torso’s eyes seem to be seeing something from his past. “Well, I… and my father, it was just the two of us. He said that because we couldn’t find any food, we ate my mother.”

-Torso’s Flashback-

Torso’s Dad: Hey Karao, don’t go near any humans. You’re a stupid blockhead, and if you attract the attention of the Doves, they’ll kill me as well. If that happens, you should just die by yourself.

Torso: Yes, I understand.

Torso’s narration: I did as I was told and didn’t go into town. The tent on the mountain that we lived on was my whole world.

The tent on the mountain us filled with old magazines and a small lamp.

Torso’s narration: I had so much time, I would go through the rubbish dump and find human’s books to read.

Mutsuki: Could you read?

Torso: No, I just looked at the pictures. But later, I had a chance to learn how to read.

Torso’s narration: One time, my dad left and didn’t come back home. About a month passed, I think.

Image of the young torso lying in the tent, with his stomach growling.

Torso’s narration: Finally the hunger became too much to bear, and I broke my word and went into town.

Torso finds a small mountain village, and on seeing civilization for the first time, stands still in shock.

Young Torso: Haa, haa, it’s amazing…

Torso’s narration: I was too scared to leave the road, so I just stood there for a time.

Young Torso: What is that place… I’m scared.

Timidly he leaves to road and moves down to the village. Suddenly, a young girl appears in front of him. He stares at her with amazed eyes.

Girl: What… are you doing?

Torso’s narration: Her name was Minomi…

Young Torso: Can I… uh… walk over there?

Torso’s narration: It was the first time I had met a “living” girl.

Minomi: ?? What’s wrong?

Young Torso: A- ah, no, it’s just…

Minomi takes Torso’s hand. I’m not scared.

Young Torso: (She’s not cold…)

She leads him to an empty shrine. 

Torso’s narration: That day, we just played around without a care in the world. I even forgot how hungry I was.

Young Torso: I… have to go home… my dad is…

Minomo: Me too. Will I see you again?

Torso’s narration: After a few days, my dad wandered back home. When I think about it, he probably went to the village to buy a woman, or to scavenge.

His dad says “I’m home” without looking at Torso.

Torso’s narration: Minomi had moved to this village from Kanto due to “family issues” and didn’t have any friends. Because of this, I played with her. She also taught me how to read and write. My whole world changed.

Scenes of them exchanging letters, Minomi teaching Karao how to ride a bike, then the two of them sitting on a hill together.

Minomi: Kara-chan, you didn’t go to school did you?

Young Torso: No… no.

Minomi: Why?

Torso’s narration: I couldn’t tell her “Because I’m a Ghoul”.

Young Torso: M… my family is strict.

Torso’s narration: So I said something vague.

Minomi: ? I see. I wish that…. I was also born into Kara-chan’s family.

Young Torso: What? Your family has food and a nice place to sleep, what are you dissatisfied with?

Minomi: A strange way of comforting.

Minomi: Kara-chan, do you want to go somewhere? Somewhere far away…

She rolls over, and Karao sees a fresh scar on her shoulder.

Torso’s narration: Red and blue and purple… her “Family issues” were in those bruises and cuts.

Young Torso: ……….

Torso’s narration: I could feel her life force, and it was, it was beautiful.

-The scene changes-

Torso’s dad: You went to the village! 

Young Torso: What? Why?

Torso’s dad: Even if you say “Why”, it means “Why do you know?” Right, Karao?

He sticks his hand in Karao’s mouth and starts to tear apart his cheeks. Blood comes out and Torso screams.

Torso’s dad: Why would you betray me, who brings you food, by putting me in danger like this? If you wanna go to the village so much, you can be alone from now on!

On spitting that out, he leaves the tent.

Torso’s dad: .. fuck, I even provided him with food, and this is how I was repaid.

Young Torso remains in the tent, and his wounds have already healed. Rain begins to fall, and he hastily runs outside.

Young Torso: Dad! Don’t go, dad!

Torso’s narration: In the end, I was still a child. No matter what a piece of shit my dad was, I had no choice but to rely on him.

Alone, he goes down to the village, and takes shelter from the rain under a empty house. Then, from the pouring rain, Minomi appears.

Torso’s narration: To me then, Minomi was…

Minomi is standing in the rain, in her underwear with more bruses and cuts all over her body. She reaches out her hand. “Kara-chan”

Torso’s narration: She reached out her hand, and I took it. I just… didn’t know where I should have taken her.

Minomi: Wow, Kara-chan! Your house is like a secret base!

He had taken her back to his tent, and given her a jersey to wear.

Minomi: I want to go somewhere where I can see the ocean. My old house was near the beach.

Young Torso: The ocean huh…

Minomi: Yeah, there were lots of boats there.

Young Torso: If we just walked, we would get tired.

Minomi: Which is why we need a car.

She looks at the ads for second-hand cars in an old magazine while smiling slightly.

Young Torso: I… I will learn how to drive! I will take you to the ocean!

Minomi smiles. “Promise?”

Young Torso: I promise.

That night, the sleep next to each other. Minomi grasps onto Torso’s shoulder, making him too nervous to sleep. His eyes are wide open, and he is also touching himself.

Later that night, Torso wakes up to hear a strange sound outside the tent. Minomi is no longer beside him.

Torso’s narration: I was woken up by a strange sound. Like someone trying to set fire to wet branches.

He leaves the tent “Minomi…”

Torso’s narration: I went around to the back of the tent, and there I saw Minomi stark naked, and being torn apart by my father.

Torso’s dad is already eating parts of her.

Torso’s dad: Oh, you can do it too when you try! Come over here and help me!

Torso’s narration: When I came to my senses, my dad was dead. I didn’t really feel anything.

He stands spattered in his father’s blood, staring down and the remains of Minomi.

Torso’s narration: Compared to the other parts of her body, only her torso was left unharmed. It gave off a smell like bleach. From then on… well, you know what happened.

A picture showing him collecting torsos as an adult.

-End of the flashback-

Torso: At that time, the thoughts “If I do this” and “I have to do this” were etched in my mind. I think if you, Tooru, are able to forget your past, it is a good thing.

Torso has been crying.

Torso: … I… I wanted to take Minomi to the beach.

Mutsuki looks away and says nothing.

Time passes, and Mutsuki is on his side now.

Mutsuki: (I shouldn’t be able to feel sympathy for someone who took my arms and legs… but, when I finally talked to him… I think I finally understand.. maybe.)

Suddenly, Torso appears from behind and picks up Mutsuki.

YURI!!! ON ICE Episode 7

This episode is really, REALLY OUT OF MY EXPECTATIONS!!

And no, it’s not because of the cliche, “It out-gay itself in this episode” but because of the feels it radiate and how real it really felt. (But yeah, still out-gay itself in this ep!)

I like how the creators poked us with the building tension on Yuuri. How his motivation crumbles little by little with the pressure he felt and his anxiety spread into him like a poison.

It make me realise just how REAL this character feel like.

This scene is where everything is set into place. We had seen how Yuuri had been distracted this whole time and HERE WE SEE VICTOR GOT CHALLENGED WITH HIS DUTY AS THE COACH. Yes, I like how we see more flaws in Viktor in this. He is no god or as perfect as what others see him to be. Just like how the others always underestimate Viktor caliber as a coach, he did try his best. 

This is the first time Viktor faced this stressed!Yuuri and he was lost for awhile. Why? Because HE KNOW YUURI KATSUKI. He know that the method Yakov had used to coach him will not effect anything to Yuuri, In fact, it may make it worst. But Viktor still thinks. He thinks how Yuuri’s mind will work at Viktor’s words. 

So Viktor acted on what he thought as the best.

Even when he know that he also don’t like this method.

Look how reluctant Viktor is! How it pained him to say what he gonna say and that make me on the verge of tears at that time. See how caring Viktor is towards Yuuri but at that time, he can’t just say his usual encouragement, he need to be tough and bring his Yuuri back on his own two feet. 

Thus, he said that.

Because, because Viktor know how much Yuuri don’t want him to leave. He knows that so he tried to use Yuuri’s fear… Can you hear how his voice at that time sounded reluctant and sad and the underlying message on it.. It’s like he want to say: “Don’t let me be apart from you. Don’t make me leave you. Let me stay. Let me stay beside you till the end so please wake up and be my Yuuri again.”

When Yuuri cried, I cried too. Because this episode bring us closer to the characters. As the scene continue, it was as if we are in the character’s shoes. How much each of them bleed with emotions that far from our expectation. Yes, there are various other anime that also make me cry BUT THIS ONE! This is new. Because we see this Katsuki Yuuri develop in each episode. How we are entertained with his thought at most part of the show and that is how we feel so close with his character.

We also know and feels the anxiety that is eating him. Can you blame me for crying?

When Viktor sees the tears that stained Yuuri’s face, he panic a little and don’t know what to do after that. He had thought that it backfired and tried to comfort him. (Idiot, you’re the one that make him cry in the first place)

Then, Viktor never expected the words that came out of Yuuri. All this while, Viktor had been guessing as to why Yuuri was so stressed. He never thought that the cause will be himself. This broke my heart. We see how supportive Viktor is.. Now we see how protective(?) Yuuri is!


Because here, we can see how having Viktor as his coach affect so many people and soo many things. That is also including his life. It change so much everything and Yuuri know,.. That while he was growing and becoming stronger and stronger, he don’t want to fail too. Not just because of his reputation (as sad as it is, that is something that Yuuri has become used at) but it will also affect VIKTOR NIKIFOROV. The legendary skater. The attention won’t be on just Yuuri but will be focused more on Viktor, his coach.

If Yuuri fail, he will somehow make the others who underestimate Viktor’s coach ability scoff at how true their words are. And no, Yuuri don’t want that. He want to impress Viktor more and PROVE THE OTHERS HOW BLESSED HE IS TO HAVE VIKTOR AS HIS COACH.

Yet, at the same time, Yuuri was also haunted with the thought of Viktor himself thinking that Yuuri was a mistake and wanting to quit. He know it was the opposite but still…

And for that, Viktor realise just what he lacked off.

The shock and realisation in his eyes at Yuuri’s word.

And from here onward, we are entertained with Yuuri’s performance. His thought talk such a concrete feelings. How he want to become more stronger.AND HE WLL. How he want to impress Viktor more.

In his performance, Yuuri didn’t wonder how the audience look at him.. HE WONDER HOW VIKTOR’S IS! And I quote: “I can surpass Viktor’s wildest imagination!”

So he did the quadraple flip and again, to impress Viktor. Here, we can see just how far Yuuri can go. Just how brilliant and beautiful he can be while he skate.

This is not a perfect performance but I can’t lie when I say that I wasn’t trapped with Yuuri’s skating. (Add up with the beautiful background music) The animation and the skating part is beautifully delivered to the audience. 

Sorry, I can’t help but add this ‘lover scene’ XD

Look at how proud Viktor looks! How he was beyond impressed at Yuuri’s attempt at his move of quadraple flip! (Because like the narrator(?) had said, not even Viktor would make the jump at the end of the program because of how hard it was.. Yet Yuuri managed that, even though he failed, he still managed to pull that stunt!)

Viktor surely won’t ever regrets his choice of coming to Japan for Yuuri and be his coach.

Yuri!!! On Ice proved itself that this anime wasn’t just about skating. It goes DEEPER than that. Some may be attracted by YOI because of  well, another attracting anime. But for me, YOI definitely my most favourite anime for this year because of the characters development and the plot line and more than that and…. yeah.. VICTUURI! XD