this scene and their faces and everything about this relationship


Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6A, Episode 10: The Reunion with Dad Part 1: ‘I found you. I can’t believe I found you.’

Come on, you had to know this scene would be first one I would do! ;) Anyway, I absolutely love this scene. It’s the absolute, sheer joy on the Sheriff’s face that does it. He’s so happy to see his son again he’s almost in tears. And Stiles has missed him so much that all he can do is hug him as tight as he can. I love the Sheriff/Stiles relationship so much and you can tell that Linden and Dylan really care about each other. 

I also absolutely love the coloring for this set. I feel like I got it just perfect and you can see everything. I’m working on the second half of this scene when the Sheriff ‘sacrifices’ himself so Stiles can get out. Hopefully that one will be out tomorrow or this weekend. 

really eager to find out who leta lestrange is in fbawtft



i wanna know why he gets weak everytime he hears her name

i wanna know how they became friends

i wanna know what happened that made them drift apart

i wanna know everything about their past relationship and why newt is so hurt about it bC DAMN IT MERLIN I CANT STAND NEWT BEING HURT AND SAD 

tbh, when the scene came, i was like “who the hell is this leta lestrange? i hate her” ((yeah i was quite harsh lol)) 

((though i doubt that i’ll like her in the upcoming sequels lmao im sorryyyyy))

but then, maybe something happened

i mean, he said they were really close, so close bc no one accepted them for who they were so they got each other



*screams into the void*

why aren’t ed and jim shipped more in the fandom though?? their relationship is so important. jim was everything ed wanted to be – he had a girlfriend, he had friends, he was respected. jim liked ed (he always solved his riddles and asked ed if he was okay) but he obviously thought he was weird b/c let’s face it ed was weird as heck.

but ed idolised jim and respected his opinion. the scene where ed has jim at gunpoint is so important b/c he’s finally able to vent. “was i jim? was i your friend? or did you just pity me?” b/c goddammit here’s the guy who claims to be a hero and fight for the underdog, but he couldn’t save ed. ed went crazy right in front of jim and jim should’ve known but he didn’t?? what kind of hero is that

not to mention the fact that jim is a hypocrite, in ed’s eyes. he murdered galavan, didn’t he? if anyone understands what it’s like to kill someone, it’s jim. if any of his colleagues should get it, it should be jim. but here’s jim, calling him a psychopath and a criminal? no wonder ed hates jim so much.

and then jim’s the one who gets him arrested and locked up in arkham? ed is obsessed with jim. he sees jim arrive in arkham to speak to strange and immediately stops talking to the other crazies and goes over like “hello jimmy”. um… ed. mate. you were in the middle of a conversation. chill out.

(side note: who else do we see ed do that with? only kristen “love of my life” kringle. he stops talking to harvey and jim in the middle of a conversation to go speak to her. parallels much???)

and imagine how jim feels. sure, he didn’t like ed, but he didn’t hate him. he was kind to him. harvey straight up bullied ed, but jim seemed to tolerate him. and then this guy, who was sort of weird and dorky but basically harmless, tries to frame you for murder? this guy, who was a good guy, goes crazy? edward “nerdy loser” nygma?

when jim asks ed “how did you become this?” he’s genuinely hurt. he really thought he was ed’s friend. he thought ed was good. but now ed’s a serial killer who beats people to death with crowbars and blows up art museums? now ed’s burying bodies in the woods? what the heck kind of heel-turn is that? wasn’t this the same guy who hugged him awkwardly when he was suspended and went on a double date with him and lee?

there’s just so much unexplored territory with these two and it gives me so many feelings and i have no one to talk to about it goddammit.

“During the course of the story he is faced with exactly the same prospect (faced by his father) – of losing everything again. But it’s a catharsis for him. He realizes the only thing that matters is his family, his relationship with his mother and his love for Margaret, which he believes will never happen. He goes from being a somewhat tyrannical entrepreneur who is money-grubbing to someone who is prepared to shed all of that for love. It’s an amazing scene for a man of that time. It’s not about Victorian manners. It’s very now…… Her breeding and her mental attitude are at odds with her actual financial means, while John doesn’t have the intellectual means but has the financial means. Each has something the other wants … I also think part of the attraction has to do with the antagonism of their relationship. She challenges him. No one has ever done that to him apart from his mother, and he and his mother have a strong working relationship. Most of the women presented to him are silent and very conformist, but Margaret is different. There’s a very fine element of his mother he sees in her. It’s not necessarily an attraction but something he thrives on.”

Richard Armitage

Steroline Appreciation Week: My Favorite Season 6 Scene: Stefan comforts Caroline in the woods in 6x13

I stole this idea from scienter because she wrote about her favorite scene and I thought that would be a great thing to add to show appreciation to our favorite couple :) So I picked the scene in 6x13 after Stefan pushes Caroline to break because she’s trying to bury the emotional pain she feels over not being able to save her mother from dying. For me the reason this scene is my favorite overall of the season is in encompasses everything about their relationship in one shot.

You see their friendship, the budding romance, the honesty and trust and you see the one line for me that always defined them “you don’t have to pretend with me.”

First you get a crystal clear shot of how badly Stefan wants to kiss Caroline, and maybe it’s because he’s a little drunk and he’s giving up control easier, but you can see painted on his face that’s all he wanted in that moment.

There’s realization on Caroline’s face as well, she sees this turning romantic and a part of her wants it to but she’s in such an emotionally heightened state she can’t give herself over to her feelings for Stefan as badly as she wants to.

So Caroline turns away to keep from hurting Stefan and herself and his first instinct is to reach for her because he doesn’t want her to think she can’t be vulnerable in front of him.

Then Caroline apologizes for turning away, for being an emotional wreck, and he reached for her cheek to gentle wipe away her tears as she’s still trying to hide from him.

It’s not until he keeps his hand on her cheek and gently holds her that she falls into his arms and begins to sob as he lets her take all the comfort she can from him in that moment, feeling her pain but also trying to take some of it away.

And that’s what being in love with someone should be about, it’s about being with someone you can be completely honest with. It’s being with someone who knows what you need even if you don’t say it. Love is friendship set on fire.

Full Gifset Here

What I want to see from Luke in S2!

Luke was such a great character in season one, taking care of everyone’s asses, he deserves a lot, so:

  • His “thing” with Jocelyn needs to be resolved. I don’t care about anything, Lucelyn needs to happen or I’ll slap Jocelyn in the face.
  • I want Luke to be full leader of the pack mode. I want people to aknowledge how great he is.
  • I honestly need more cop!Luke scenes. Idk how could that play out considering everything, but I need it.
  • I want him and Maia to have this strong relationship. Not necessarily father-daughter kind of relationship, I just want them to be close werewolves together.
  • More scenes with Simon!
  • He needs more great lines too. Memorable lines.
  • His past needs to be explored more. How was his life after turning, what he did, how did he and Valentine became parabatai.
  • He has to go into downworlder business, you know? Meetings with the vampires and warlocks (idk about seelies tbh)
  • I want him to show the Clave who the hell’s boss. I want him to prove them that even if he’s a werewolf now, he deserves respect.
  • Luke needs to take care of himself and his pack. His role helping the gang is important, but he’s his own character and person.
  • Luke has to learn more what it is like to be the leader. After all he’s new in this whole leader of the pack thing.
  • I want to see more interactions with Alaric!
  • Some domestic Luke with his girls would be nice too, although I doubt it considering the situation.
  • And you know?
  • Luke has to be in every flipping scene so y'all nasties can’t erase him.



Okay, technically I’ve finished doing SWPAW now, but I wanted to top it off with a tribute to Liam Neeson’s acting. You get a rough outline of Qui-Gon in the movie script, but the little details are what actually bring him to life, AND IT’S DONE SO GODDAMN WELL.

Okay, first up you’ve got a great blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Oh Look What An Unfortunate Happenstance shrug/expression (otherwise known as the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) after the dice toss goes in his favour, which only went in his favour because he manipulated it to do so. I like to call this a Magnificent Bastard moment, as should you.

Moving on!

Everything you need to know about Qui-Gon’s relationship with the Council is summed up when you see the difference in his and Obi-Wan’s body language - Obi-Wan bows respectfully, but Qui-Gon barely nods his head. In the same scene, you see a whole ton of emotions on his face as he basically trades in Obi-Wan for Anakin - uncertainty, guilt (complete with quick glance at his apprentice), then determination. You can literally see his devotion to duty override all his other emotions and it’s great.

Annnnnd then you have the face-touch, which I’ve already written about, but it’s so lovely as one of the most parental moments we see in this six-part story about parents. And apparently, though I still have no source for this, it was Liam’s idea!

Okay, all done.

I will say though, about Crane being impulsive for Abbie, the scenes that gives me the most feels about that are the ones in 218 - it’s one thing seeing him be impulsive here, in this time, with him having basically lost everything and everyone around him seemingly having no manners or following a sensible social protocol. But Past Crane? Uptight proper military Captain Crane, in his own time? Even then, when he barely knows her, he’s still standing up to a superior for her, disobeying orders, following her lead - forgetting his manners… 

And that’s the Crane Betsy was needling, the Crane who lived in a world of manners and order and control, and who threw them all out the window for Abbie Mills. 

i know we all love a good emotional stiles speech, and especially when it’s about his feelings for lydia, but can you even imagine getting a scene where it’s lydia showing her feelings for stiles? i feel like we’ve seen a lot of stiles’ side of their relationship, and with everything going on with him right now, i just really need for lydia to finally have a sudden outburst after she has a realization about how much he means to her and she just can’t keep it in any longer and we see his happy, puppy dog face come back for the first time since she kissed him in 3a. i just need this.

Green Arrow – 4x01 – Episode Review

New season, now review format! The review will still focus on Olicity (best scene, important lines, etc…) but will also revolve around the meaningful moments of the episode (key scenes, important relationship…).

Let start this season with an episode that set up the entire first half of the season. We will come back to this oh-so-important scene at the end of the review – keeping the best for last – but if you can’t wait to read it, fast forward to the bottom!


Yes, Olicity is back and Oliver and Felicity are happier than ever. Let’s forget the angsty love of Season 3. Season 4 is about happiness, stability, comfort, trust and love.

Their faces speak for themselves. Everything is smile, touches, hugs, kisses. Oliver and Felicity learned to be a couple during these 5 months. A happy, balanced, honest couple.

To the point where Oliver is ready to make Felicity his wife. He is ready to give her his heart for the rest of his days. He is willing to make their happiness last for their entire life. This is how happy he is, this is how happy they are.

And no matter what the circumstances are – their happiness remains intact. Moving in Star City won’t change their feelings for each other, it will only straighten the bond between them.

Even if this bond may take a few more months to materialize through an engagement…


These two scenes are pivotal to understand Felicity and Oliver’s relationship. One defined what their relationship was about during these 5 months. The other set one what it will be moving forward.

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Gmhs : Riarkle

Please, pay attention to this scene :

Look when Lucas gone, Zay and Smakle turn they heads to him, BUT, Maya and farkle stay into Riley.
Maya’s face is so careful, because she knows (obviously), that what Lucas said to her hurts. Farkle stay your head in Riley, waiting for her reaction. Thats how much they care for each other, Farkle and Maya KNOWS everything about riley, and, i saw some peoples saying that, “ What Lucas said, is nothing compared to what Farkle will say to Riley in the end of the episode” , and people worried about riarkle relationship, now, knowing everything that you know about riarkle, you really think that something can shake they’re relationships, don’t worry guys, everything will be okay, just wait until the triumph of riarkle relationship


Nothing Without Love

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This was the moment for me. Oh, I was shipping Swan Queen looooooong before this (um…how about the Pilot when they shared that drink? But I have entire headcanons about that scene, I’ll save that for another post), but this moment was the one that stopped my heart and made me literally gasp out loud. If I was writing this show (I wish…), everything after this moment would have been a slow progression towards a romantic relationship between these two because this was the jumping off point, the no going back point, the point where True Love between them was/is, for me, undeniable. 

First of all, look at Emma’s face, look at the emotion in her eyes. I fully acknowledge she had a lot to be emotional about in this moment, a lot to fear, and it wasn’t all because of Regina, but you can see in this moment that she’s firmly saying, ‘No. We’re gonna do this, or we’re going down together.’ I love that we really earned this moment based on what happened earlier in the episode, the heartbreaking “Let me die as Regina” moment. But really, Season 2 was such an uphill battle for them, and it coalesced into something truly stunning. 

Regina’s eyes really gut me. To this day, I refuse to believe that she’s thinking anything else other than, There’s no magic strong enough to destroy this trigger, except…

True Love. That’s become a frequently used construct on this show, and it’s sometimes used way too easily and frequently in ways that cheapen its meaning. But this is undeniable. 

Regina is literally like: Oh shit. 

And then they use their magic together and save everyone, and it honestly turns me into a mess of emotions just talking about it. The entire summer after this finale was glorious with all the Neverland AU fic. 

This is love. They both know it. 

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Let’s jump into “Secondo.” At the start of the hour, Bedelia tells Hannibal that he is going to be caught, and then adds, “I’m not concerned about me. I know exactly how I will navigate my way out of whatever it is I’ve gotten myself into.” It’s chilling when she says that. How smart is she? How deliberate and premeditated is she? Plus, she says everything in this halting cadence that’s poetic and ominous at once, and her words are so carefully chosen. Can you walk me through that scene?

Gillian Anderson: When I first started working on the series, it was just Mads [Mikkelsen] and I sitting across from each other, in a psychiatrist-patient relationship, and her cadence is born from that. It’s born from a need to remain on a particular level because she can’t… you know, she’s got the ultimate poker face. She can’t reveal anything to him about what she’s thinking. I mean, even though she is quite opinionated to him, she’s quite bold in that way, but she’s very self-aware and aware of how she’s adjusted herself to fit him. That, ultimately, is where the cadence comes from.But I do think that she is the smartest woman in the room, and I do think that she’s potentially one step ahead of him at times. So, she’s always on her toes, but she also pushes his boundaries, and she pushes her own boundaries with him. Sometimes she’s very outspoken, and sometime she says things that are incredibly provocative, and you do wonder, “Oh my God, just cool it!” [Laughs] You don’t want to be revealing too much, but she knows what he can take, and she potentially is also playing with his… not with his breaking points, but she knows that he likes the fact that she is courageous and brassy as him. I’ll let that sit there. [Gillian Anderson interview on June 18, 2015]

Details of Hannibal

You know what they are doing with Steroline, could be really smart in the long run, i think deep down it may be a way to prepare us to Bonnie and Damon.

I dont believe at all that Stefan and Caroline will work, i think it will happen, they deserve to be explored somehow, but eventually it’ll end. I cant shake that feeling they work better as friends, and that Stefan and Elena will go back to eachother in the end.

But all the interrogations that Stefan is experiencing right now, about Love, is an indirect way for Damon to realize some truth inside him (just look at his face in the scenes with Stefan), but also for the viewers to accept Elena isnt The One for Damon as himself though she was. 

Everything is changing. Damon’s relationship with Bonnie is a Big Deal.

The Best is yet to come ! :)

Okay, but how do you justify this?

“Hello people! I’m here again, another tuesday because guess what? Another episode of The Fosters aired last night. And guess what? The Jonnor storyline almost killed me. Again.

So let’s start with this. I should warn you, as usual that this is going to be very long so take a seat, grab some snacks or something.

We all were very excited for this episode, mainly because ALL OF US had one question in mind.

Who gets shot?

Theories have been thrown all your face all week and for what? FOR NOTHING.

But let’s start at the beggining. The first scene with Jude and Connor is one we’ve all seen a couple (of hundreds) of times. It’s cute (almost the only cute thing in this chapter), it’s flirty, it’s everything a fan could ask for their relationship.

IF this was a relationship. Even tho Taylor obviously suspects things (we’ll talk about her later), we are reminded very very fast what’s the actual situation. Connor is still dating Daria. Not okay, at all. 

And what’s worse is Jude’s face after he sees them kissing, you can actually tell that he thought it was over. Because you know, they kissed and all. But nooo, Connor has to keep on breaking his heart. What is he thinking?

Anyway, they go to Jude’s house and surprise surprise, Jude is not happy about being Connor’s secret. And… Can you blame him? He told him from the beggining, that he didn’t want to be anybody’s secret and Connor treats him like this. I get he’s confused, but let’s get real, he’s acting like shit. 

Their scene around the house it’s pretty amazing and funny because it’s just… I don’t know, it’s like the dinamic of the family is not ready for Jude and Connor to be together. It’s great, even tho Jesus was being a dick and literally all he did this episode was say something that wasn’t true at the end (Ana’s baby thing) and yell at Jude and Connor (what does he have against them, seriously). I have no idea what the writers are doing with his character but it’s not working.

Back to Jonnor, I loved LOVED how Daria and Taylor were like… Maybe he’s not coming and Connor was like There he is, my bae, I know he’d come. It’s a good moment to say that Connor has stopped trying to cover his crush on Jude and god he makes it obvious. I don’t know how Daria hasn’t realised.

Now I want to say something. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA SINCE THE BEGGINING. DARIA, TAYLOR, NOT GOOD PRESENT, BUY HER A FUCKING DRESS FOR FUCK’S SAKE. CONNOR, DO NOT GET JUDICORN INTO TROUBLE. AND… Jude, let’s be honest, you are smarter than this. I’m just forgiving you because the future doesn’t look good.

So… this scene. A lot has been said about Daria wanting to lose her virginity. Guys… It’s not that weird. Although I’m not saying it’s okay, because it’s not. They’re way too young… You do realise that to have a baby at 14 you must have had sex at 13. It’s not weird, it happens quite a lot actually. It’s… stupid. But it happens.

But don’t worry! It won’t happen because Connor’s not gonna be with her for long so…

Now this is one of the best things ever. I like how Taylor tries to kiss Jude, he backs away and she goes from awkward moment to "I will sail this ship with my own hands” in two seconds. SHE KNEW, she knew Jude had a crush on Connor, she knew everything. AND she’s acting totally cool. She doesn’t mention Jude and Connor’s sexuality or anything, she just says: You have a crush on Connor.

She owns the fucking episode, she stands, says: Let’s get drunk and make out. And looks at Jude like: This is your oportunity to make out with him. Then obviously, Connor and his tremendously obvious crush look at Jude like: I guess we’ll be hanging out… by ourselves after all. It’s amazing, Taylor’s amazing, she’s great, I knew from the beggining but she’s literal queen and she’s become one of my two favourite female characters (along with Emma).

I think this is another great moment to say that THIS WAS A BAD IDEA OMG HOW ARE ALL OF YOU SO FUCKING STUPID. I DON’T GET IT ARGGG

So they “break” into Taylor’s house. Jude keeps on telling Connor this is a bad idea, but he gives up at the end. He really shouldn’t have…
So Taylor’s dad wakes up, Jude drops the bottle, they start running.



But wait…

What’s this? Oh, is this the new promo? Okay, let’s see.

“We kissed, and now we’re like”

Is Jude coming out?… Is he… is he actually coming out to Lena? Is this happening? Is this real life?

I love Jude and Lena’s talks, btw. So I’ll probably cry.

“Jude cries”

Mmmmm, whatcha saaay

Actually no, I get sad everytime I see him cry, this is not okay, my feels are dead. WHat could be worse than…

“Losing a friend is one of the worst pains you can go through”


And then, the most scary thing in this whole promo happens.

“+Was it Connor’s idea?

-Just shut up.

+Excuse me?”

That, is for me, really really scary. Not because Jude’s standing up to Callie, he’s already done that. And not because she’s lecturing him, she always does that, I hate it but still.

Callie has never used a tone like that with Jude. Never. Even when she’s mad, she sounds like the overprotective sister she is. This tone is the one she uses with boys, with Mariana, with Robert, maybe. But not with Jude. This is a sign that things are changing guys. And they will never be the same again.

So… I hope you liked it:) I’m pretty excited about Monday’s episode but at the same time I don’t think I can handle more Jonnor drama. At this point I just want them to be happy for a while. 

BTW, for those of you who are scared about Connor dying. He’s not gonna die. He’s an important part of Season 3, so worry about Jude being sad or the “losing a friend” thing, but not about this.

See you guys!