this scene and their faces and everything about this relationship

I know people are really disappointed with the apparent Malec sex scene. And rightfully so. If they are willing to show Jace in that position and a huge portion of it with the girl and him talking about the runes and then just show Malec walking off an that’s it? So rightly pissed.

However, saying that I’m so happy that Malec once again communicated. I’m so happy that we got to see this vulnerable side of Magnus that is hidden away so often, where he was so happy to receive this gift from Alec. Later when their casually making out, it’s so easy and it’s so casual, it’s so realistic. Everything about Malec is realistic in this scene, it makes you relate to them so much. These two boys, just sitting and kissing on the sofa, nothing else but just being them. And the scene prior to the “sex” scene. I’ll take that communication over an actual sex scene any day. 

I’ll take Magnus opening up about his fears of losing Alec, about getting too close and then Alec walking away. I’ll take Magnus opening about going too fast and making Alec realise that even though he’s centuries old he is just as vulnerable and just as scared. Alec realising this, Alec realising that it’s not only his feelings that should be taken into consideration but Magnus’ as well. And the way he reassured him, that smile on his face that just screamed “you are ridiculous if you think I’m ever letting go of you”, it just made everything better. You could see Magnus’ worries slowly fade away as he was led away. 

So yea, I’m disappointed about the “sex” scene, not because we didn’t get to see it but because we saw a m/f one just at the start and then the lgbtqa ship was put on the back burner. But you know what, I’ll take Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood communicating like a real life relationship where so many people can relate to, over a sex scene anyday. anyday.


It’s poison. I can feel it.

Acting - Dylan O’Brien (Smut)

Song: Alessia Cara - Wild Things

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,191

Warning: Exhibitionism(sort of), Oral (M>F), NSFW


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anonymous asked:

So SCrs have a post comparing 3x07 with 8x10 and saying that Elena made everything about her, about Stefan feeling anything or he'd lose her, but Caroline makes it about him regardless of their relationship... I know you didn't watch the episode, but what do you think?

I watched that scene and here is where context comes into play.

In 3x01 we learn that Elena has been searching for Stefan all summer, like literally for two or three months basically all she’s been doing is chasing leads.

and she’s been fighting everyone about searching for him:

and in 3x02 she faces werewolves for him:

In 3x03 she hid in a murder closet while Klaus the Original Vampire who thinks she’s dead, is right outside so she can see Stefan and bring him home:

and then Stefan breaks up with her after all of that:

and then in 3x05 she is hit by Klaus:

she watches Stefan tear apart her classmates:

and she’s still there like:

telling him to fight and he just needs to want it bad enough and he’s compelled to bite her which puts her in the hospital:

but in 3x06 she’s right there like:

and then 3x07 comes around and before that moment that the SCers are comparing to 8x10, Elena spends the day learning from Lexi on how to get through to Stefan, it’s about her methods and the things you have to do to get him to feel again:

She watches him suffer, listens to him talk about how he wished her never met her and she just has to take it , like it’s exhausting being there and going through that while at the same time her brother is cheating on her best friend with a ghost, Klaus is trying to make hybrids, like the world is coming apart at the seams and she’s needed elsewhere so she goes where she’s needed and Stefan asks her if she’s giving up, the one person who has been his cheerleader, who has been relentless in getting him back, who has been there no matter how hard he’s tried to push her away:

and she says:

Like no, I’m still here, I’m still your cheerleader, I’m still stubborn and she also says:

which is fair because she’s done everything, she’s risked her life for him, she brought his dead best friend to help her get through to him, tortured him, pleaded with him, but he needs to want it too, which is a line very much about him as is this:

and this line:

is an appeal to his humanity which makes absolute sense because it has been established and re-established that his humanity is directly linked to Elena.

In 3x01, she’s the one he calls, not Damon, not Caroline, it’s Elena:

In 3x05 he freaks out when Klaus hits her:

he told her she was what kept him from giving up:

Klaus marvels at the love he has for her:

and he fights compulsion for her:

So why wouldn’t Elena appeal to his humanity by threatening to give up on him? After everything she’s done for him why wouldn’t she realize that she’s spent so much of her time and been consumed with getting him back?

When 8x10 rolls around, what has Caroline done for Stefan by that point? Nothing. She’s talked at him.

In 8x08 they haven’t even interacted, she hasn’t been searching for any plans or any methods to help him out of his deal.

In 8x09 she talks at Damon about Elena and dances with him then talks at Stefan then stakes Stefan and throws a ring at him.

In 8x10 she manages to get him chained up and talks at him some more:

She didn’t risk her life for him, she hasn’t spent months searching for him, she’s a vampire so she has eternity on her side while Elena was a human who was being hunted by original vampires, Caroline is just getting started when Elena was invested by the time 3x07 rolled around. They are in two very different places and frankly Elena and Caroline mean two very different things to Stefan. Give me 3x07 over 8x10 any day.

Shadowhunters 2x19 - Magnus’s behaviour

I know there are some discussion on Magnus’s behaviour in 2x19 right now so let me point out a few things.

A lot of people in the fandom agrees that Magnus has been written very well throughout all the seasons. However, some seem to think that if a person makes a mistake then it means she/he’s suddenly out of character or badly written, but it’s not always like that. Magnus is IN character throughout the episode, but his behaviour is not as perfect as always. Powerful warlock or not, he’s still human. He hurts, reacts, lashes out and makes mistake like ANY human being. There are reasons for that:

  • This is not the same sad and depressed Magnus of the previous episodes. Through his behaviour, you can clearly understand he’s bitter and still angry. His actions mirror what he was doing at the beginning of 1x12, right before they find Ragnor and the whole wedding happens: he was avoiding the situation because he was bitter about it all. He’s doing the same exact thing. He’s hurt and sad, as you can clearly see on his face when he looks at the pictures of him and Alec; however, the line “Seelies can’t lie” and his expression show how his bitterness and subtle anger, right now, are overshadowing his hurt and love. It’s a phase, it’s a moment. It will pass as soon as someone (or something) is going to force him to notice how his behaviour is endangering them all.
  • By being bitter and angry, it’s like his mentality flips completely. He tried to be understanding; he tried to hide his problems; he tried to open up his heart and put down his walls; he tried to be supportive. And in the end, what happened? The circumstances divided him from his lover, who chose to hide important things from him as if he couldn’t trust him (that’s Magnus’s perspective, not mine, mind you). So of course, since everything that he did in the past didn’t work, now he tries to do the exact opposite: he stops caring. He immerses himself COMPLETELY into his High Warlock job (which he kinda neglected if you notice) to forget his personal drama and he does the one thing that ensures he doesn’t have to think about things: he gives the power to make decisions to another person. By agreeing with everything the Seelie Queen says, he’s running away from his duty, that same duty that RUINED his relationship with Alec. He doesn’t want to think about the war, his relationship or anything at all. For once, he follows and in doing that he also guarantees safety to his people (safety that was NOT secure with the Clave’s behaviour, by the way). That’s what is important to him right now.

The fact that he’s running away is proved by three scenes:

  1. The beautiful scene at the beginning of the episode with Luke and Raphael. The whole “We know you can’t face Alec sober” comment by Luke shows how Magnus is still sad and how he tries to hide his concerns. He’s not ready to face his relationship problems. He can’t face Alec at all.

  2. Throughout the council meeting he hardly makes eye contact with others. He clearly can’t look at Alec; he looks his way when the other man is not looking, but the moment Alec tries to make eye contact with him, Magnus looks somewhere else. He knows that the moment he does and he sees Alec’s love reflected in his eyes his own bitterness and anger will melt way and for once he doesn’t want to. He’s not ready. He’s still too hurt.

  3. As soon as the meeting is over, HE BOLTS. He follows the Queen, not to make a statement, but to FLEE from Alec.

For once, Magnus is making a mistake. I’m sure he will be sad and heartbroken during the next episode, when he’ll finally realize how his decision was dangerous and dictated by his hurt as soon as the Seelies’ betrayal will be out in the open (Maia’s kidnapping included).
However, and this of course is only my opinion, I prefer dealing with this bitter and human Magnus, than the sad and heartbroken one we had during the previous episodes. I can deal with the first version, but I just want to wail and despair when I see the second one. Sad!Magnus will be the death of me.

anonymous asked:

could you please shed some light on the last malec's scene? magnus' expression specifically when he says "i can't do anything without thinking of you" like he hates himself for saying it.

That’s because Magnus “Petty” Bane was a nervous pile of nerves in that moment. Harry’s portrait is amazing because you can see Magnus’ anger dissolving into awkwardness and then fear and then hope.

Magnus literally downed his drink before walking outside, took a deep breath, had nervous hands nervously moving as he looked everywhere but at Alec’s general direction, and then did the “this is awkward” lips-pushed-smile.

 Evidence I

When Alec starts to apologize again. Magnus doesn’t want to talk about that anymore, because it doesn’t matter to him anymore. Magnus’ voice is much softer now, telling Alec not to apologize, telling him that his mistake is in the past. Notice that Magnus is hugging himself. He’s insecure, afraid that he may have broken what he and Alec had.

Evidence II

The first thing that Alec says after that is that without Magnus, he can’t think straight. This is when the “I can’t do anything without thinking of you” comes. Alec is shaking his head, Magnus is voicing something that makes him very vulnerable. 

It’s hard to talk about feelings because it makes you vulnerable. For someone as proud and as experienced as Magnus, he knows just how important those words are. He knows that, as great as a feeling that is, it is also a double-edged sword. Magnus’ feelings are so strong, he knows he’ll factor Alec in no matter the circumstances and that is not always a great thing. 

Especially if Alec doesn’t want to get back together with him, after everything that has happened.

You see, Magnus doesn’t know where that conversation is going. Alec’s next words could very well be “we should stay apart, this isn’t good for any of us.” 

But they aren’t. Blunt, honest to a fault Alec just blurts out an “I don’t think I can live without you.” Magnus’ face when he hears it is of someone who has just seen the light at the end of the tunnel. He can barely believe it.

Evidence III

Now Magnus knows where Alec is taking this. Alec wants him back. Alec still loves him. Magnus’ voice was never softer than when he says he thought he had to choose between Alec and the downworld. Magnus is half talking half smiling then, because he didn’t lose Alec, like he feared he had.

Magnus can be 100% sincere and 100% unafraid. And he is. He’s back at moving as he speak, closing the distance between them that he created. Imitating Alec, letting all his walls fall down. He’s laughing again.

This is how I saw this whole scene. In my opinion, it’s not that Magnus hates himself for not being able to stop thinking about Alec. He hates the situation they are now and how, despite everything, Alec is still so present in his mind. He probably never said that out loud. He probably never elaborated that so clearly.

And it might just blow up on his face. But it doesn’t <333

so I saw Call Me By your Name last night and it was amazing. I’m putting some thoughts/observations behind the cut. there will be spoilers, so proceed with caution. (also I went to a session with a Q&A with Luca Guadagnino and he jokingly mentioned wanting to do a sequel !!!)

  • The look/aesthetics of the film are so beautiful. I hate summer but all I wanted to do when I got home was find a house to stay in for two months this summer so I could spend my days reading and swimming and eating fruit.
  • Armie and Timothee are so wonderful in their rolls. Armie probably does look a touch older than he should but he’s so great you end up not caring.
  • I don’t recall the characters ages are ever being explicitly stated. There is obviously an age gap but how much is never said. The relationship is in no way predatory, everything is consensual.

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I was rewatching 6.8 again and something struck me about this scene. 

In this scene we see Delia talking about Patsy, she’s scared and alone. Patsy is the only one who truly understands and knows her. They quite literally piece together like a jigsaw and are not whole without one another. When Delia can’t get in touch with Patsy she fears she’ll never be whole again, she’ll never experience love in that way again and no one will truly understand her. “she’s vanished” and “i’ve just disappeared” emphasises that they cannot truly exist without one another. In this scene Delia is facing the heartbreaking possibility of a future without Patsy.

But what struck me about this scene is that everything Delia is voicing is exactly how Patsy would have felt when Delia had her accident. Delia had no memory of Patsy following the accident, Delia wasn’t herself and therefore became someone Patsy “knew once.” Delia’s memory had vanished and thus all recollection of her relationship with Patsy. She couldn’t be reached during this time. And it was as if Delia had vanished from Patsy. Patsy faced the heartbreaking possibility of a future without Delia. 

It’s not exactly a parallel but it’s interesting to see that they’ve now both experienced the fear of having to live without one another. How they’ve both had to face a future alone, knowing they’d never be who they truly are again without one another.

Mark Pellegrino @ Asylum 18

A few random bits from his stage talks that I noted down:

* About a Jared fart during filming: “I don’t know what his diet is, but it’s not good!” When asked if he carried on acting the scene in spite of the smell, he replied that he was “too busy trying to get to all the free oxygen”, then added with a smile: “It’s why I enjoy torturing him.”

* “It’s sort of fun jumping Jared.”

* The most Luciferesque comment: “Aww, look at the baby! … I want to eat the baby. *Coos* Hello buddyyyy!” *Mutters darkly* “Their brains are so tender… Did I say that out loud?”

* Alaina and Mark singing happy birthday to an audience member, but in a slightly sinister Abaddon and Lucifer slow and murderous kind of way! xD

* Pelly rubbing the back of his head like ALL THE FREAKIN TIME… until the cute little tuft of hair at the back was sticking up.

* He said that he loves The Beatles (which has given me a headcanon that In My Life is Samifer’s song, because Jared once said that was his fav Beatles song. Aww!)

* If he could possess anyone, it would be Donald Trump, to “make him do things”, though he already thinks Trump is possessed!

* He dislikes the narcissism of Lucifer and the fact that he wants to wipe out humans, because he himself is very pro-humans thriving. But he does relate to the rebellious, anti-authoritarian side of Lucifer; the part that “deliberately stirs up shit” and asks why? “That’s the aspect of his individualism that I really dig”.

* He talked about how it was “heartbreaking” to film the scene where he kills Gabriel, and that he sees parallels between Luci and Gabe’s relationship and that of Sam and Dean’s.

* When someone mentioned the other actors who played Lucifer’s meatsuits, he jokingly refused to even acknowledge Rick Springfield’s existence. He kept scrunching up his face and saying “Who?” repeatedly.

* My favourite part of his talk was when he confessed to being afraid of everything and admitted to feeling “a sense of being less than I am”. He encouraged people to challenge that in themselves and practice going outside of their comfort zone because “Courage is a habit.”

Happy Platinum Rant

Okay in rewatching Okja i couldnt help but notice something about the way Silver and Blonde were shown

They never sit next to each other. They are constantly positioned one in front of the other, practically (and sometimes literally) in each others laps. They dont hold hands, instead they hold shoulders, biceps, FACES, places that are much more visible in the background of a scene, or they just straight up wrap their arms around each other, and take their time separating. Everything about their movements and the way they interact was designed to be as obvious as possible without stopping the plot to announce their relationship status.
Normally i hate when movies “imply” lgbt characters without on screen confirmation. (ive said “let them be gay you cowards!” So many times) but this. This is how you handle it wordlessly.

You dont have to announce them as a couple if you actually show them being a couple.


Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6A, Episode 10: The Reunion with Dad Part 1: ‘I found you. I can’t believe I found you.’

Come on, you had to know this scene would be first one I would do! ;) Anyway, I absolutely love this scene. It’s the absolute, sheer joy on the Sheriff’s face that does it. He’s so happy to see his son again he’s almost in tears. And Stiles has missed him so much that all he can do is hug him as tight as he can. I love the Sheriff/Stiles relationship so much and you can tell that Linden and Dylan really care about each other. 

I also absolutely love the coloring for this set. I feel like I got it just perfect and you can see everything. I’m working on the second half of this scene when the Sheriff ‘sacrifices’ himself so Stiles can get out. Hopefully that one will be out tomorrow or this weekend. 

Not Experienced - Choi Seunghyun

Originally posted by porimu

Pairing: Choi Seunghyun X Reader

Word Count: 3,197

hope you guys are gonna enjoy this cause i obviously did


Y/N was standing off to the side while she watched everyone set everything up for the scene she’d be shooting tomorrow. She was shaking with anxiety seeing as it was something she’d never done before in her short list of projects she’d participated in. A sex scene.

And if it weren’t bad enough that she was filming a scene, having to pretend to know what she’s doing when really she doesn’t even know what she is doing since she’s never experienced a real orgams her life, which she had to now fake, she was doing it alongside the one person on this set that she had the biggest crush on. Choi Seunghyun.

When she first found out she’d be acting alongside Seunghyun she cried. She cried for nearly an hour, her emotions ranging from disbelief to excitement to pure terror. She hadn’t even met him at that point. And when she did she nearly cried again right in his arms as he hugged her.

That was three weeks ago and she had finally gotten over the initial shock of facing and working with her celebrity crush and actual crush. But now she was terrified all over again because she was going to be filming this scene with him, going into it completely blind. God knows how many times she’s going to fuck it up and have to restart, effectively annoying everyone including Seunghyun.

“This is your first sex scene, huh?” His voice echoed from less than a foot behind her and she whipped around to see him standing there, watching the setup for the mock-bedroom they’d be in. He averted his gaze to her and gave her one of his luxurious smirky smiles.

“Yeah.” She mumbled, turning her attention back forward as Seunghyun stepped up, standing right beside her, his arm brushing against hers.

He tucked his hands into his pockets and rocked back on his feet awkwardly. “It’s not that bad, really. You get used to it after the first few takes.”

That statement did no good for calming Y/N. Knowing that she’d have to do multiple takes for this scene made everything seem ten times worse. “That’s great.” She mumbled sarcastically, earning her a chuckle from Seunghyun.

“You’ll do fine. Just…think about the real thing, ya know?” He shrugged. She sighed, mentally slapping her palm over her face as she let her head droop down. She’s only ever had sex twice and neither times were good at all. She was positive she hadn’t even orgasmed. She didn’t know what it was even suppose to feel like.

Her experience with sex came from a year long relationship with a boyfriend she had nearly two years ago. They only slept together twice. The first time was absolutely horrible. Y/N even cried if she remembered correctly because it was nothing like she expected it to be. She thought it’d be romantic and pleasurable but really it was nothing more than a rush of limbs and lips in the backseat of her ex-boyfriend’s car. Not to mention it was painful as fuck. The second time was almost no better, the only benefit begin it took place in an actual bed. But again, it wasn’t pleasurable and she nearly cried for a second time.

“That’ll be a little difficult for me.” She murmured ashamedly, her hands sinking into her pockets, her stature now mimicking the boy standing beside her.

Seunghyun’s head swiveled to the side as he looked down at her with a raised brow. “You’ve never had sex?” He asked her as if it was a real concern. She felt the heat rush to her face as she groaned.

“No—I mean, yes. Yes, I’ve … had sex. I just—“

“It wasn’t good? Don’t really have anything useful to pull from the experience?” Seunghyun beat her to the punchline.

She nodded timidly, rolling her lips between her teeth as she shifted uncomfortably on her feet. “It was horrible.” She laughed dryly, reminiscing on the two worst nights of her life. “It was rushed. Pretty sure I wasn’t actually sexually attracted to the guy in the first place. Which is a real punch in the face, seeing as I wasted a year dating him.” Seunghyun stood and listened as Y/N ranted on about her experience, or lack of. “There wasn’t even any foreplay, not that I’ve ever had the chance to really know what that is or experience it. I’m assuming it’s stuff like oral and whatnot.” She felt silly talking about this with him. Especially because it was Seunghyun. The last person she’d ever thought to have this conversation with. But she had to admit that speaking about it was lifting a huge weight off of her shoulders.

“So you’ve never … ?” Seunghyun asked awkwardly, gesturing a hand in the air haphazardly before shoving it back into his pocket.

“Orgasmed? No. And yes, I know I probably need to do a little research about how to at least fake one before tomorrow. As much as I hate the idea, I’ll probably spend my night watching porn—“

“Nuh-uh.” Seunghyun shook his head, cutting her off in an instant. She snapped her head to the side, her brows furrowing. She was about to open her mouth to ask why but he continued. “Porn is fake. Dramatic. Half of the shit you’ll watch is nowhere near what a real orgasm will look or even sound like.” She nearly smiled and laughed at the fact that he knew this fact. It didn’t click that it was because he’d seen a girl, or girls, actually orgasm before but she thought more about how he maybe had done research. And for some reason, the idea made her want to giggle.

“So what should I do then? It’s not like I have someone to just go sleep with before tomorrow. And even if I did, I doubt it’s be magical enough seeing as it’s been nearly two years since the last time I even did anything like that.” She could feel the drip of frustration just beginning to trickle through her body at the whole ordeal. “I mean, what would you advise me to do?”


The word rolled off of his tongue so casually, so smoothly as he continued looking forward, not even looking down at her—like he was answering the simplest math problem ever before moving on. But Y/N, on the other hand, stood there with wide eyes and her mouth slightly agape. “I—I’ve never—“

“I know you haven’t. Or you wouldn’t have this reaction.” Seunghyun finally looked down at her and waved a finger in her face. “But maybe you should try it. It’s not a big deal. It’s normal.” He shrugged. She’d always thought masturbation was a sexual thing you weren’t suppose to talk about with others but here she was with her co-worker, having what he probably believed was the most natural conversation ever. “Just go to bed tonight and try it out. Something may happen, something may not. I don’t know. Not exactly sure how well it’ll actually go. For a guy it’s pretty easy. But I assume if I can make a girl cum with just my fingers than you can do it to yourself.”

She nearly choked at his words, holding up her hands to him to stop him from sharing any more details of his sexual experiences. “Thanks for that.” She seethed with sarcasm. “But I don’t think I’ll do myself any good.”

“Do you want to do this scene correctly tomorrow or not? Go into it completely blind and I guarantee we’ll be here all night until you finally get it right.” Seunghyun brushed off, shrugging. “Think about it,” is the last thing he said to her before spinning on his heel and strolling away, leaving Y/N there to think about everything he’d just said.

She knew he was right. If she didn’t do something tomorrow would just be a huge disaster. Maybe if she did at least try to get a little feel for it she could channel it and make the whole thing not as bad.

She sighed, walking off to the parking lot to drive back to her hotel for the night.


Y/N walked onto set the next day, having already gone through wardrobe and makeup. Now she was just waiting for them to set marks and then she’d get to finally shoot the scene she’d been most dreading. Last night was a total bust for her. She tried her best to do as Seunghyun advised her but it just didn’t work out and now she felt completely screwed.

“So, how’d it go? Did you do what I said?” His voice came up behind her just as his body did until he was standing beside her like the previous day, hands tucked into his pockets.

“Yeah.” She said flatly, gnawing on her bottom lip.


“Nope.” As soon as the word left her mouth she heard Seunghyun sigh which only made her more annoyed than she already was. “What the hell are you getting all huffy about? You’re not the one about to make a fool of yourself in front of twenty plus people!” She snapped, instantly retracting back into her shell, an apologetic look on her face.

She expected Seunghyun to retaliate but instead a small grin creeped onto his lips, his interest piqued at her outburst. “I’m not. But maybe you should calm yourself a little bit.” He said softly, his hands coming out of his pockets and reaching at her sides to grabs her clenched fists she hadn’t even realized she made.

She let him carefully pry her fingers open as he looked at her with a reassuring glint in his eye, making her calm down immensely. “I’m sorry. I just know I’m going to fuck up a bunch of times and I don’t want everyone to be annoyed with me.”

“It’s alright. They’ll get over it. And if worse comes to worst I’ll do something about it. Alright?” Seunghyun spoke calmly, his tone making every last bit of nervous tension in her body wash away. She hated how easily he could manipulate her.

She nodded just as the director called places, the calmness she felt not last very long.

She lied in the bed, they were about six takes in and Seunghyun could tell she was becoming frustrated. He hovered above her, shirtless and shimmering slightly from the sweat he had built up from repeating the intense scene over and over again. They’d always got a decent amount into the scene but when it came time for Seunghyun to disappear under the blankets and for her to start moaning, it all crashed and burned. She was immensely embarrassed by now and she honestly just wished she’d drop dead.

Seunghyun looked down at her as they waited for the cameras to be set back into place. “Look at me.” He murmured softly, his hand stroking softly over her hair. She rolled her eyes in frustration and looked up at him, her face and glare hard. “Just let go, alright? You’re doing so good you just keep psyching yourself out at the last minute. Just relax.” His hand never stopped soothing over her hair, the feeling making waves of tingles rush through her body.

Y/N nodded, sighing and closing her eyes for a moment to breathe. It the moment that her eyes were closed Seunghyun pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, making her smile and huff out a laugh. “Thanks.” She said softly, looking to the side to see the director getting ready to start up again.

“Y/N, just relax!” He shouted out from behind the cameras. She nodded, holding up the hand she had rested on Seunghyun’s back to give the director a thumbs up. Her hand returned to it’s place as she looked back at him. She gave her a comforting smile and a small nod.

“Ready?” He asked, searching her face for any sign of doubt.

“I think so.” And with that the director called places and then action.

Seunghyun’s lips instantly connected with hers as they began kissing heatedly. This was the easiest part for her. She’d kissed Seunghyun multiple times in the past three weeks while filming stuff so that was a walk in the park. But as soon as it got more heated than that she began to fall apart.

Seunghyun’s hand reached for hers, their fingers tangling together as he kissed her with as much passion as he could fake. She hated that this was so easy for him. That he couldn’t make any mistakes so she was always to blame from their slip-ups. She just wanted to do it right.

Y/N let out a soft sigh as Seunghyun kissed from her lips down to the spot just below her ear, sucking softly. “Relax.” She heard Seunghyun whisper quietly, so quietly that not even the boom mic could pick it up. She swallowed, allowing her hand to come up and run through his hair as he nipped softly at her earlobe, nearly breaking her concentration. That wasn’t scripted.

The small gesture caused a rush of tingles to move through her body and up her spine. She swallowed the pressure in her throat as a sudden rush of heat at the entire situation made it’s way to her core. That hadn’t happened for any of the last six takes. At least not this strongly.

Nevertheless they both continued, Seunghyun kissing back up to her lips before mumbling just loud enough for the mic to pick up. “You’re so beautiful.” It was breathy and she’d heard it six times before but this time it had an actual effect on her, making her wrapped her hand around the back of his neck, something she wasn’t meant to do, as she pulled him harshly against her, kissing him roughly.

She felt the twitch of a smirk that his lips pulled into before he moved down her chin and throat, kissing over her pulse point, a moan falling from her lips that she just couldn’t contain. He nipped her skin as if to praise her for the sound before kissing down the valley of her breasts, over the middle strap of her bra and further.

Her heart began to race as he pressed kisses all across her stomach and hips. This is where she always messed up. Finally, Seunghyun disappeared under the covers completely but she managed to compose herself and continue. She reached out and fisted the sheets as the script said, just about to let out her first sigh of fake pleasure when all of a sudden she felt Seunghyun’s lips on the inside of her thigh.

She nearly choked at the feeling but continued, surprised she hadn’t fucked up yet. What the fuck was he doing?

Her hands began shaking as he kissed farther down her thigh. This wasn’t suppose to happen. He was suppose to be faking it all—not really touching her.

She let out a moaning gasp as the feeling of his lips connecting with her covered core, his tongue swiping over the fabric of her increasingly soaking underwear until the tip of his tongue was flicking against her clit. She choked back the loud moans she wanted to let out and opted for softer ones instead. She really fucking hoped the director wouldn’t call cut right now. She was enjoying this rebellious turn of events too much.

No one could see what Seunghyun was doing to her under the covers but the thought of someone catching them sent a shiver through her body and she visibly shook. She sucked in a shaky breath when Seunghyun pushed her underwear to the side, a loud moan slipping her lips when he kitten licked up her slit before pressing his tongue flat against her, collecting as much of her wetness as he possibly could. She couldn’t help the sounds tumbling from her lips as he continued, effectively driving her insane.

“Oh god,” fell from her lips. It wasn’t scripted and it was loud enough for everyone to hear but no one stopped them.

“You’re doing beautifully, Y/N.” The director commented as they continued, the sound of his voice snapping her out of the daze for a quick moment. Seunghyun must have noticed or knew because he instantly slipped his tongue inside of her, easily making her lose her train of thought again.

Her back arched as she felt a burning heat pooling in the pit of her stomach. Something she’d never felt before. Seunghyun licked back up to her clit, wrapping his lips around it and sucking harshly before nibbling on it. She was a moaning mess now and one of her hands even slipped under the blanket to run through Seunghyun’s hair. Once again: unscripted. But the director must have really loved all of these ‘improvised’ moves and sounds because no one off camera said a word.

Seunghyun sucked more harshly, his tongue licking over her quickly and before she could react the heat inside of her exploded, her body shaking as she pulled at the sheets and at his hair. His tongue continued to move over her slowly as he brought her down from her high, her chest heaving and her fingers lazily massaging his scalp.

“Cut!” The booming voice of the director snapped her, almost violently, out of her trance as her eyes snapped open and she jumped. “That was perfect!” The director cheered, a few people around set clapping, probably happy that the day was finally over. Seunghyun popped out from under the covered and she craned her head up to see him with a huge grin on his face. She huffed out an exhausted laugh as her head dropped back down onto the pillow while Seunghyun crawled back up to level his face above hers.

“Nice acting.” He taunted, kissing her on the nose. She rolled her eyes and mimicked his grin, her hands slowly trailing up his back, her fingers dancing across his spine.

“You’re going to hell.” She joked back, running her fingers through the short hairs at the base of his neck. Seunghyun laughed, a hand coming up to card through her disheveled hair.

“So, how was your first orgasm?” He asked, pride seeping through his voice as he made no effort to hide it.

She bit her lip as she felt the heat rushing to her face. “Amazing.” She mumbled, her other hand coming up to cup his cheek as her thumb soothed over his cheekbone.

“Well, there’s a lot more where that came from if you’re up for it.” The words made her chest tighten with excitement. “But first we should probably get up before people start to pick up on something.”

She smiled and nodded, letting him climb off of her before she sat up. She couldn’t believe he’d just fucking did that, but she sure as hell didn’t regret it. And if he was true to his word, she was extremely excited to see what else he had to offer, after this experience, she wanted more.


Sooooooo guys this is my first smut and i hope you enjoy it cause like a had to get some ideas from my friends which kinda failed :3  but anyway i hope you enjoy it see ya guys ;)

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I still can't get over the fact that Magnus was going to let Alec walk away and that it was obvious from his reaction that this has happened to him before so he just resigned himself to it but then Alec stays he comes back and Magnus looks so relieved and happy when he say "I'm all for effort" I'm crying

I mean when you look at it, Anon, it is 1x12 all over again. Magnus lay his feelings in front of Alec at the scene in his loft, but Alec told him to back off. And I am sure Magnus would have just done that if not Ragnor’s death “happened” and ghost!Ragnor told him like “Someday, someone will come along who will tear down these walls you’ve built around your heart…” which made Magnus realize, maybe I should give this one more chance so that’s why he went to Alec’s wedding. Because he knew there was something between him and Alec, something he couldn’t just simply let get away.

But even after Magnus made that decision and put his heart on the line, he could’ve never been sure if Alec wouldn’t just stomp on it. When you look closely at the scene you can see that even after Alec chooses himself and walks down the aisle towards Magnus, Magnus is still unsure if this really happens. If this is true. I think it finally dawns on him when Alec kisses him in front of everyone.

Same with 2x06 now. They hadn’t had time for each other. They always had to postpone their date. And when they finally went on that date it was all kinda awkward after the story of Magnus’ 17000 exes. So on the way home Magnus probably already braced himself that this thing with Alec and him might maybe lead to nowhere—because it seemed that Alec couldn’t handle it.

I mean Magnus was kinda struggling to maybe hold Alec back when Alec was leaving but he didn’t make a move. Accepting that this was the end before it even begun. So when Alec came back, you can see the surprise on Magnus’ face. And again, it takes Alec to kiss Magnus to make him fully understand that Alec chose Magnus. And this time, it really was all about him. Alec chose the man he had feelings for. And everything else just didn’t matter. And the realization when this sank into Magnus after their kiss, like Alec and him actually starting to be in a relationship now….so pure. All those raw emotions. It was simply perfect!

Here is all we know about The Pepperwood Chronicles

Dedication: “To Anthony Rizzo and the Chicago Cubs, for all we’ve been through. And to my friend Jessica Day for the same thing.” (6x01)

Forward: "Best enjoyed with shrimp cocktail.” (6x03)

Direct Quotes and Excerpts:

  • “Julius Pepperwood loved three things in his life… "his gumbo…his sex, and more of that sweet gumbo. Her legs were as long as the deep….” (6x12)
  • “The sun baked down on Pepperwood’s back as he moved over to the St. Charles streetcar. The driver handed him a brown paper sack. Without opening it, Pepperwood knew what was inside: blood-soaked beignets.” (6x15)
  • “Pepperwood lay on the ground - "in a puddle of blood. "Jessica Night broke through the barricades and ran to his side. ”‘Even though he doesn’t have muscles, “he seems incredibly strong’ Jessica thought, "as she looked into his perfect, sexy face. "Even now, even covered "in the blood of the man they both knew as Schmith, "the two sat in silence in the hot, New Orleans night, "waiting for the words that would never come.” (6x22)


  • Julius Pepperwood
  • Jessica Night - the reason Pepperwood gets out of bed every morning (6x22)
  • Gator - Pepperwood’s best friend and clairvoyant brother (6x12)
  • Schmith - puppy kicking, dirt bag, villain (6x03)
    Jewish sociopath who wears a bolo tie and eats applesauce out of a baboon skull (6x22)
  • Bayou Sue - possible letter sender (6x18)
  • Lady Diamante -involved in underwear incident (6x18)
  • Gay dog - (6x18)


  • "A hard-boiled Chicago cop turned New Orleans detective, racing around on fan-boats, drowning that two-faced DA in a bucket of jambalaya. Finding John F. Kennedy… alive?” -Schmidt (6x03)
  • “New Orleans story about a guy fighting with the alligator within.” -Nick (6x18)
  • “Race. The sexualization of the American handgun. It’s a story about his ambiguous relationship with with justice.” -Nick (6x18)
  • “Pepperwood, he’s a private investigator It’s about a man who has nothing, who risks everything, to feel something.” -Jess (6x19)

Noted Scenes:

  • Highly graphic sexual shed scene (6x15)
  • Scene in the fish morgue (6x18)
  • Transcribed local news: ..”the irony that Pepperwood’s violent world is being translated into sound bites for mass consumption…” -Schmidt (6x03)
  • Dilemma at the fish market (6x19) (thanks @newgirl-videos)


  • “Ah-don’t.“ (6x12)
  • “Kill yourself.” (6x19)

About the Author: Link by @jessicadamnday

Random facts:

  • Fandom name: Pepper-heads (6x18)
  • Inspired Fanfic written by Robbie (6x03)
  • Intended for Blue-collar nautical workers on the coastline of Maine, enjoyed by young adults everywhere (6x18)

Did I miss anything???

Outlander 03x09 The Doldrums

I’m a huge fan of shipnanigans in the books (and in general) so I’ve been really looking forward to this part of the season and this first episode aboard ship did NOT disappoint! Every element of the episode from the visuals to the music to the story and performances worked, individually and with each other. It’s another stellar example of the deft adaptation we’ve been seeing throughout this season. I only have a few main thematic threads I’m going to pick at this week and then a lot of little things that delighted me but first, my take on the new opening credit sequence which is easily the element of the episode I liked least (aside from seeing and hearing way more vomiting and retching than I ever needed to see on television, thank you very much). 

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Good day, I really enjoyed the end of Fairy Tail!

I didn’t want to post anything before a decent translation was out, and I believe I was right in doing so. There’s only so much a panel can convey with no text to accompany it. By reading the translated version I got a better insight into what was happening, though I pretty much already got the gist from the spoilers.

Do keep in mind that the official release is next week, so my opinion is based on a fan translation. But no matter, I don’t think much will change when I read the official translation. Just some minor details, but it won’t change my mind drastically in any way.

Anyway, like a lot of fans, I’ve been emotional all day, listening to the Fairy Tail OST, rewatching the OPs and EDs and recalling some of my favorite scenes. And now I’ve calmed down a bit (but just a bit, I’m pretty much yelling everything I’m typing right now but I want to keep this post clean so I’m not using caps), and am finally able to properly talk about the final chapter, and my final thoughts. 

I don’t normally do reviews or anything, but I felt like I should make an exception this one time, since Fairy Tail has been a big part of my life since 2012, if I remember correctly. This post will be me trying to sort out my thoughts and let out all my feels, so it will be pretty personal, but I’ll try to look at things from different angles. Still, this is just my opinion, so I might get a bit biased talking about a few things, but of course, you are free to agree or disagree. So I’ll just be letting out all my thoughts on the conclusion of a series that has been dear to me for years.

Keep in mind though, if you’re willing to read this trough to the end: it is LONG AF! So just that down.

More babbling under the cut. 

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Can you tell me PLEASE your thoughts on Barry and Iris sitting in their window and how he caresses her face? And the lighting

I’m so sorry this has taken me so long, anon. I’m almost exclusively on mobile and I wanted to back this up with pics/gifs. Plus life is so full I can barely find  moment to breathe. So I’m quite late, but here you go hope you see it. :)

(No gifs or pics are mine.)

Honestly Running Home To You is in itself a perfect love song from a musical, filmed almost as if it were being performed on the stage. All they have is two actors, a set and lighting, and a song. And the sobbing audience, of course. ;)

So I’m glad you asked about the lighting because I was quite impressed by their use of it.

First things first though, everyone has already waxed poetic about how beautiful it was and how softly he caresses her face. Everything about the scene is soft. The song is soft, the touches are soft, the lighting is soft. It’s comfort and home, just like it should be.

(Hold it together, man…don’t…cry…) Grant is a very good actor and it shows here, but he’s never quite as good as when he’s acting opposite Candice. There’s a reason they looked everywhere to find such a perfect fit, since their chemistry and how they gel together is of primary importance considering Barry and Iris are the top of the speedster family tree and their relationship is iconic. Grant and Candice acting together are a director’s dream in that they work off each other and become even stronger actors together. That’s impressive considering how strong they are alone.

So we get a love song sung to Iris, only the two of them. It’s from the heart, it’s everything it needs to be to make up for the other one being spoiled. Note the lighting is soft amber when he starts and Iris is further into the apartment, mimicking lamp light from their home.

When they move in front of the window, the lighting shifts to blue. So pretty, so soft, so romantic.

But the lights outside the window remind me of something else. For that matter, so does the blue. What does it remind me of? Oh yes.


Look at the lights! It’s not a perfect match, but it has similar elements to the other. Focus on the color blue, pretty lights, romance, we even get a similar pose with Iris’ arms around Barry’s neck.

So while it’s entirely possible that this wasn’t a conscious choice from the crew, it very well could have been. Iris is also wearing a darker blue dress here that doesn’t pull focus from the lighter blue lighting. There seems to be quite an emphasis on the color blue this season when it comes to westallen, besides the classic red and yellow because he’s the Flash. So what is that? Blue is a lovely calming color that evokes peace and stability, yes, but it’s also the primary color of the speedforce. Is this a nod to Iris as Barry’s anchor? Possible foreshadowing of speedforce involvement in beating Savitar/losing Barry to it? Savitar himself has blue highlights to his suit. We could drive ourselves crazy with theories at this point.

But the main thing I take from this is that this is again almost a “reset” for westallen, harking back to the occasion they finally got their first date right and their romantic relationship on track. It fits, considering the first proposal was spoiled to a degree and their relationship had been derailed. And it’s just lovely.

And then, of course, when Barry proposes for a second time the song is over and the lights have changed just like they do after every love song in every musical I was ever in, and of course they reflect the reds and yellows of the Flash because that’s who this show is about and there is no Flash without Iris West. I approve!

Also, that pillow was perfect set dressing, lol. Nice.

All in all, the cast and crew gave their all for the musical ep and it showed. And westallen has raised the bar for all couples everywhere. (I won’t get started on the writing choices made to finangle them to this point, lol. No seriously don’t get me started…)

Westallen deserved a gorgeous iconic romantic scene, and it was so nice that we actually got it. :) Now I need to go watch that scene again excuse me…

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Hugs for you nonny, sorry I’m late!

anonymous asked:

that fight was so devastating! we never really saw jughead like that, especially when he's with betty,their moments are always quiet,gentle like that last scene. what did you think of it? i need that scene dissected

Oh Nonny, I’m not gonna lie: I LOVED that fight. I was absolutely giddy with glee while it happened. It was raw and angry and it brought so many of Jughead’s insecurities to light because even as he was lashing out, it was more self deprecating than finding any faults with Betty. He kept praising her even as she denied it and found so many faults within himself. It was heartbreaking but I’m so glad for that fight.

Jughead addressed some really important issues. Namely, Betty’s “perfection” and Archie. And while they didn’t re-address Archie in their later scene I don’t even know if they really need to.

Lili and Cole are AMAZING together on screen. Their actions and reactions and the emotions they bring out in each other is electric and captivating.

Betty’s face when Jughead mentioned Archie was devastating and you know that they both realized Jughead went a step too far with that remark. Her choosing to walk away COULD have been perceived as a realization on Betty’s part. It could have been Betty realizing Jughead had a point.

BUT IT WASN’T. Lili played that perfectly in a way where you saw NO REGRETS on Betty’s face about her relationship with Jughead and NO lingering feelings for Archie. She was more insulted and angry that Jughead would accuse her of that.

And look at what it lead to, exactly as you said: another soft, intimate scene with the two of them coming to a deeper understanding of each other as people and as a couple. My only issue is that I wish that diner scene had been longer. I wish we’d seen MORE of them talking about everything in their fight, going over all of their issues. But then a whole episode could have been dedicated to that talk and I still would want more :P.

I know I keep bringing up the “anchor couple” meta I wrote, but the way they’re writing them so far really does show how much of an anchor couple they really are. Contrasted with all of Archie and Veronica’s issues Bughead is a safe haven. They’re not “perfect”. They fight and have issues and THAT’S OK. They come back together stronger and their relationship deepens and becomes more stable as a result.

This got long and rambly and it’s not very organized but I’m going to go into this in so much more detail in my emotional intimacy meta which needs to be revised with this new episode. I may write a separate post on all my feelings about this episode in itself because it was just so good. Also, now I’ve started ANOTHER meta just on Betty’s feelings about the word “perfect” and everyone’s perception of her “perfection” vs her own.

So I hope this is enough for now Nonny. Stay tuned for the upcoming metas :)