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Look at how Steve holds Bucky’s face in the first gif; making sure he’s real, he’s alive. We always talk about Bucky in this scene, but there’s so much emotion in Steve’s face. He barely dared to hope Bucky was alive; and yet here he is, broken and bruised but still Steve’s Bucky, and Steve just reaches out and touches him as if he’s scared he’ll disappear.

My Favorite Stydia Scenes

Because @argyledpenguin asked and also they were making me emotional. This isn’t remotely all of them, just the ones that make me the most emotional. Enjoy!

Bonus: Lydia remembering that she loves Stiles/the kiss

Part one Part two Part three

and for a more comprehensive experience, here is a link to Lydia’s romantic journey. 

Between being autistic and a woman, I feel constantly under the foot of double standards. If I raise my voice it’s causing a scene but every allistic man I’ve ever known regularly shouts to make their point. If I hit an inanimate object I’m being violent but the guys around me can throw or slam anything and are always seen as having a perfectly good reason for blowing off steam. Becoming emotional condemns me but validates them.

My anger is volatile but theirs is righteous.

I’m so sorry…

It always made me wonder what kind of life Lucretia must have led when I was watching the cut scenes from DoC. It makes me sad that at some point in her life, she must have thrown away what it was to be a woman because logic leaves no room for emotions in the world of science. Perhaps it was for that reason she was so bright when she was with Vincent-

-Vincent, who always and till the very end, saw her only as the woman who smiled like the moon.

AN: the final piece in the deleted make out scenes series. i’m now forever emo about cassian andor and his refusal to deal with his own emotions. 

earlier scenes here, here, here, here, and here

He had always known the council would back away from a fight. Especially one with odds like this. Deep down in his gut he had known it all along, but he’d pushed it to the back of his head. He couldn’t let it surface or everything he’d done would pile around him. Bodies of men he’d let die, of men he’d abandoned to escape, of men he’d killed on orders or to increase his chance of survival, to save a partner. They would surround him, they would come back and stack around him one by one, suffocating him.  

So he followed orders. For the cause. He did what he was told all the while knowing that allegiance to the cause and allegiance to the council were never quite the same. He’d muddled them together for just long enough to get by, just long enough to stake his claim in the rebellion, and the council had let him. They’d aligned with his ideals just enough for him to forget, if he needed to, that they weren’t what he was fighting for. That the fight was bigger than the circle of diplomats around the table calling the shots.

The illusion that kept him in his place, following orders, shattered at the same moment Jyn’s face fell, the moment she’d realized they were surrounded by councilors who couldn’t muster up enough bravery to bear the truth. He’d slipped out with Jyn’s voice trailing behind him as she repeated the words he’d spoken to her earlier on Jedha.

“Rebellions are built on hope.”

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+sherlolly because...that coffin

The Final Problem continues to do things to my heart and my emotions. I’m still working out how I feel about that scene with the ‘release code’. But one thing I do know is that the coffin scene absolutely broke my heart. Obliterated it. So as I sought a balm for my wounds, I wrote my own balm. x


Wounds  (also on

The contrast was so stark it quite literally rang in his ears.

The police lights that swirled in the pitch black outside their old and rotted Musgrave home, the jarring collision of police radios, the ringing of mobile phones and the whirring blades of government helicopters all formed the cacophony that had been Sherlock’s environment just an hour ago.

Now that he was home and the silence of his now-destroyed flat enveloped him, the silence deafened him. He sat amongst the rubble that used to be his sitting room, and although his eyes opened wide, they stared into nothing. 

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While recording a Kirblog earlier today, I was gushing with a friend over some Japanese voice actors. I watched “Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel” when it premiered on Disney XD recently (now one of my new favorite Pokemon movies btw) and this particular scene with Ash and the gang fighting a hoard of Mega-Evolutions stuck out to me. I’ve followed this show (and its movies) for years and always respected how well Ikue Ohtani portrays emotion through literally three different syllables via her performance on Pikachu. THIS part though…I was pretty blown away. Also the fact that it’s like a badass 360-rotating shot with Pikachu pumping his arms like a DBZ character while electrocuting the shit out like four Pokemon quadruple his size makes it even better. Damn.

Okay so I kinda always knew this but it has just hit me...

During the iconic cuddle scene in episode 5, Isak tells Even that he can make a film out of his story if he likes and i’m just so emotional right now because this means that they have probably spent ages talking about Even’s passion for film making. 

Like how god damn adorable is that? can you imagine everything we missed? Is it Even’s dream to become a director, or a producer or a writer? Or, hell he’s also an artist, so is he into animation? What kind of movies does he want to make? What was THE movie that changed his life and made him fall madly in love with film? What exactly is it that he loves about film? Is it an escape from reality? The seduction of a world where everything happens the exact way it was written? No fear of the unexpected, you can guarantee on it unfolding in the way it was always intended to be.

What is his favourite movie? omg what kind of movies has he made so far? What does he feel when he creates something like that? the control and power of creating an entire world that was once just alive in your brain, but now it is real, it is here, for others to see. They are no longer running wild and recklessly in his mind. He has brought stories to life? is this why he loves film? is this his dream? 

Like i’m just sure he talked Isak’s ear off and it just kills me that we missed it. I might write a drabble of this sometime tomorrow if you guys are interested. Just an Evak dream talk kind of thing. I also promised a few of you a wedding drabble so…I should get to that. 

The scene in the bathroom in HBP between Draco and Harry always makes me extremely angry at Harry. Like, you enter the bathroom, see the other person having a mental/emotional breakdown, and you’re going to confront and accuse him? Like, yeah, I understand that Harry knows what Draco did, but it was in no one’s best interest to confront him then. Harry’s an imbecile if he didn’t think that would cause Draco to lash out. And the way the scene ends is just the icing on the cake.

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I personally kinda like when characters go /slightly/ off model cuz it makes them look squishy and moldable, as long as it's at an appropriate time, not during something serious. But it drives me crazy when they go so off model it looks ridiculous, or they're just plain lazy. Like when steven was on his knees yelling at cloud rose floating above him, that scene was dramatic and serious but his face looked so off?? It distracted me from the emotions I was supposed to be feeling

That’s squash and stretch rather than actually going off model, it’s what they do in animation to make things look more dynamic and bouncy which is always good. What su does is just going off model for no reason at all, like you said it can make dramatic scenes look awkward. The crew just need to have stricter models and only allow going off model to exaggerate emotions and stuff like that.

I’m now watching the one movie that has a scene that always makes me teary in it, help me


make me choose: captain swan in s4 or captain swan in s5?
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Favourite AVPM/S/SY Quote


the royals || and then it started like a guilty thing (2x09)
there’s a girl in my room who chose to stay in a very broken, unhealthy place for so many reasons. she stayed because she felt unworthy and unloved. unworthy of being loved. it occurs to me that there’s always been a girl in that room who felt that way and who made those choices. but only one of those girls was strong enough to get out, and it’s not me.


bellamy blake appreciation week
day one: favourite scene

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Charismatic - adjective 
“Exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others.“

Still not used to drawing that glass btw.
Drawing Lalna as anything other then his bubbly, eccentric self always feels so out of character for me. Which makes telling stories a bit on the tricky side, balancing what emotions we have seen of the character and what we fans think is going on… actually thinking on it, I think these scenes with Xeph are fairly rare in that there is no humour or lightness in it at all… *shrugs*


Just a tiny suggestion.

DON’T and I repeat Don’t ever watch the final scene from ‘The Husbands Of River Song’ and immediately follow it up with the final River/Eleven scene from 'Name Of The Doctor’.

Don’t even think of it. It fraks up your emotions in the worst way and makes you wonder why you enjoy putting yourself through this.

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