this scene always gives me chills

A Hero in the Age of Chaos is a gift to this world and you should all read it (also this scene was too cute I can’t even with me right now)

Why read it:

- Little Mikleo looking like a freaking tortoise

- Calamity Lord

- Sorey saving the day in tight pants and all his rainbow glory (not that it’s super different from the game but still)

- Sorey’s obvious pining. Like damn boy, chill.

- Mikleo being savage af

- Michael rooting for Sorey

- Becoming a hero always come with a cost (which is apparently 10000$ and also the prize for Mikleo’s love)

- No but seriously Michael rooting for Sorey tho (also Gramps)

- Lailah. Just Lailah.

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//Just curious...but whats the FF RP scene like? I'm considering joining it :)

Well, wonderful anon, I will give you the full blunt truth on everything, keep in mind this is subjective and what I interpret in the FF Fandom which may differ from your experience. The FF RP fandom, to me, is probably like most fandoms; You have the good, the bad, the ugly. But most cases I’ve seen on here its really chill you have a lot of amazing people from so many FF’s who will do crossovers - muns are hilarious and you will always give you something to laugh about. RP are great and will give you something to smile, laugh, get fluffy and angsty. However, just like any fandom, you’re going to run into some things and it’s not drama not talking about. 

The few important I can tell you is this if you rp in the FF Fandom, be only focused on your own characterisation, yes there is always potential to grow just as many old rpers are still grown. There will always be duplicates, never compare or contrast your muse characterisation. No interpretations are alike, that cloud rper you met could be interpreting himself as Picasso Cloud while the other Cloud you just met could be Leonardo da Vinci Cloud. Find the beauty in your interpretation and you will be alright. - this applies for OC’s as well.

Avoid Ship Wars I kid you not, FFXIII I’m looking at you with those anons sending stuff about; hoperai, fangrai, cairai, snowrai

Learn the different between constructive feedback and just people just shitting on you , this goes mostly for OC’s because anons are just that nasty.

If you do join here are a few good people I suggest;

@sunny-explosions | @croawe@summoners-path | @the-lonely-soul | @firxga | @xkuja | @ofnoconsxquence | @caelitis | @fxrtem | @firixn | @gluttonouschef | @asouldivided | @thatonedragoon | @ladywindvestal | @spiras-sunshine | @the-witch-matoya  |  @callmenaia |  @lostlittleremnant | @ofbraver | @adventson | @sxphiroth | @scphiroth |  @duciit  | @vatiss | @childofnoite | @seeressxxyeul | @misericorsmxrtyris@consecratus | @rexcrystallis

I hope this helps and pardon me if I come off as lecherous or vapid, just want you to understand everything before jumping in. If you want to know more about anything else feel free to ask I will be complete up front with you on anything.


One of the most beautiful things about AsaNoya is how Nishinoya always manages to give Asahi confidence and the will to fight and improve himself, and he’s not even doing it on purpose.. Noya just enjoys playing with Asahi (notice that he’s asking Asahi to hit his tosses, not Hinata, or Daichi or Tanaka, but Asahi, and he’s so happy when Asahi agrees, precius boy) and looks up to him as the ace and wants to better himself to be of use for Asahi, but in doing so, he gives Asahi the confidence to continue improving so he won’t be left behind. 

Ladies of Darkness 3/?

Charlie did you just drop a “Woah” like Keanu Fucking Reeves I can’t even with this

Hey guys so GUESS WHAT JUST CAME OUT YESTERDAY?  It’s another episode of this boss new podcast, @ladiesofdarkness!  And the GM put a little poem just before the opening theme, it was pretty cool.  Is that new?  I think that’s new.  (PS that theme song?  Very rad.  Gives me kind of a similar vibe to the BtVS theme song, but more chill?  Love it.)

Y'know last episode there was some talk of getting some food and I kind of thought, based on some excitement that seemed to be going on both in and out of character, that they were gonna do like.  A diner scene.  Where they could mix exposition and diner antics.  I always love having scenes in a roleplay where the characters can just sit around and talk and bond, but then again I never know how to get out of them and then they drag on until somebody forcefully shifts the scene and that’s kind of jarring so.  Maybe it’s for the best?  So we’re MOVIN ON.  Next day, down to business, new murders and shit, let’s DO THIS, let’s RAG ON the fake detective man yes.

Look at Charlie stepping up to the plate and being a team player!  Last episode Arakiel really got to shine but this week it is Charlie’s Time.  And like I have said before how great/necessary it has been, in this podcast, for there to be a character who is as new as I am to all the supernatural elements.  That’s a great help to the audience in many stories, but there is a part of that that seems really hard to do well?  And that’s how reluctant the character is to go along with everything.  Like, I see a lot of characters just go “Okay magic/aliens/time travel is real I guess, no sense questioning anything ever” and I see a lot of characters stuck in denial mode long past the point where it makes any sense, and either way it’s just really hard to get into that.  Charlie is hitting a very believable and relatable middle ground where she’s understandably skeptical, but not tremendously dense.

I adore the entire bit where they’re trying to be Hip With The Kids.  Dorian loosened his tie like.  Dorian.  You are not going to pass as a teenager you colossal dork.  (I kind of love him?)  And Charlie continues to be the star by being just.  Way Too Cool.  So Goddamn Cool.

Okay Operation: Make Arakiel Cry is simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever.  I laughed so hard and also I feel terrible.  I have no such conflicted feelings, though, about Operation: Even More Arson.  Remember kids, fire fixes everything.  Even if fire doesn’t look like the solution, try approaching the problem from a more flammable angle.

So yeah.  Episode 3 was a fuckin blast.  Looks like they’re on a bi-weekly schedule with this?  Pretty leisurely pace, if anyone feels like checking out the show it’s still very much on the ground floor, doesn’t have a huge backlog to catch up on.  It’s also one hour episodes, where a lot of other podcasts tend to run two hours.  Still a pretty good chunk of time but I find it a lot more manageable than the two hour variety.

Oh and like.  Ya’ll can ignore this bit but @amanitawitch mentioned my, reviews, reactions, whatever these posts are I don’t even know what to call them I’m just sort of doing them, and wanted to know how to pronounce my username?  I don’t care a lot about the pronunciation but how I say it is like.  "More uh thor" with emphasis on the first syllable.  Since it was asked.

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that gif of younger aaron at andy and katie's wedding in 2004 in your history of aaron's refusal to dance is giving me bare nerves. he was in the same room as his future husband ten years before they ever properly met. wild.

jamie!! hahaha yeah i know! it’s hilarious, especially when you consider that chas was hitting on robert in that very scene while aaron was just chilling playing on his gameboy lmaooooooo.

but yeah @aaronandrobert is always providing us with great gifsets like that :) actual queen of parallels and amazingness


Final Fantasy IX Week (Day 1) → Favorite character(s) or relationship

Yes, I’m totally going to do this challenge, because FFIX is like my favourite game of all time, and it needs more appreciation.

Anyway I like way too many characters, but I decided to confine myself to this two guys because yes, they are so different, but I’ve always loved Zidane and his silliness the same way I’ve always loved Kuja and his diabolic gay elegance (???). Besides, they are brothers, and this means Zidane doesn’t wanna give up on him. The scene where he comes back to Kuja on Iifa Tree still gives me chills.

I guess this count both as favourite characters and relationship.