this scene the music gives me feels


*there are way more namjoon tracks but this list was getting too long* *just peep his mixtape and soundcloud*

1. Rap Monster by Rap Monster

This is Namjoon’s take on “look at me now” by Chris Brown and a.k.a the first ever song to be represented by Bangtan Sonyeondan as it was the first ever track on BTS’s official soundcloud.

This is an introduction to Rap Monster as an artist and a lit track. This shit was a bop!

2. Too much by Rap Monster

This song is extremely meaningful and Namjoon’s voice sounds breathtaking. This was Namjoon’s reflection of the B-free incident. He mentions how he shouldn’t take B-free’s hate to his heart and not to over think criticism. In the beginning he sounds really hurt but omg towards the end he is going hard, and it gives me old school rap vibes.

3. Unpack your bags by Rap Monster

This song is a huge middle finger to the underground rap community who looks down on idol rappers. This was a collab with the show 4 things where he mentions how hard it was him to pursue hip hop. He mentioned 4 struggles he faced in the industry. Check out the episode, the show also shows how he interacts with his producers and Bang PDnim and this was where the really famous “ Solo, or Bangtan” moment was born. We really got to know Namjoon as an artist personally and his teenage days.This is complimented with a really cute music video.

4. P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) by Rap Monster

This is a track where he collabed with Warren G  prior to his mixtape in L.A and this gives me chills because of that prominent West Coast feel. Check out the MV and the naver behind the scenes.

5. Something by Rap Monster (a.k.a my all time favourite song I don’t know why tbh)

HOLY SHIT THIS SONG TAKES ME WAY BACK! I feel as if nowadays the producers really autotune Namjoon’s singing voice and make it really shaky but hear you can prominently really hear his singing skills and It is such a sexy love song. It really gives your romantic feels and reflects on a sad teenage love story.

6. Where u At by Rap Monster


Here we have high school Namjoon talking about how school has gotten the best of him. In a culture where education and status are everything, he talks about letting his parents down and confessing to his relatives about his future in Hip-Hop. Its an extremely relatable track where you think about where you want to head in the future.

7. Favourite Girl by Rap Monster

This is such a cute fuckboy song omg Namjoon’s voice is so cute in this. Young love amirite.

But I have a secret meme with this song. In 6th grade I accidentally blasted this and my teacher started singing along to it since the chorus is in english and ever since my friends have been taunting me with this song.

8. Monterlude by Rap Monster

The instrumental to this was included in the Skool Luv Affair album. This is in english and this is such a cute love song. Namjoon would spoil his girlfriend omg.

9. Promethus by Yankie feat Rap Monster

Namjoon teamed up with some popular K-rappers and his verse in this made my pussy drop BUT EVERYONE IN THIS SONG DID SO AMAZING THIS IS SUCH A TURNT SONG I WAS JAMMING TOO HARD

This song is based off of the seven sins and Namjoon plays lust..ofc.

He uses some sick korean wordplay.

10. Bucku Bucku by MFBTY feat Rap Monster

MFBTY are already korean hip hop legends and the fact that such “old” and wise rappers decided to have Namjoon feature is an honor. 

He also had a little role in another one of their mvs here

11.   PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (Feat. Kwon Jin Ah 권진아, Rap Monster 랩

This song is really relaxing and I love Primary’s beats and Kwon Jin Ah’s soothing voice, But Namjoon’s soothing rap was so sexy. It was just so hot omg.

12. Awakening by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song was from his mixtape which you absolutely need to check out and I suggest you see his other music videos such as the legendary Do You  and Joke.

This song was extremely powerful and eye opening. Just ready the lyrics and you will know why.

“In  the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
while saying that I became a moron after joining a company
yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol
at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title”

13. I believe by Rap Monster

Extremely uplifting and it brings you a huge amount of self-confidence, its a self-loving song and its a self reminder to always believe in yourself no matter how much you fall. Also has a little appearance from Jimin.

14. God Rap By Rap Monster

This song talks about Namjoon being an athiest but also has a message for believers. It talks about controlling your own life and to be your own idol. It says how you have the power of god in you and how you are extraordinary.

15. Throw Away by Rap Monster


“got an automatic dick”

16. Rush by Rap Monster feat Krizz Kaliko also from his mixtape

Funny story this is how they got together and created this lit korean meets american rap track.

Namjoon goes really hard in this, check it out!

17. Drifting by Rap Monster also from his Mixtape

This song has a theme that goes with “Reflection” and “Always”, He says how his thoughts are drifting and how feels lost (almost like the track lost in wings). Its put you in a trance where you, yourself starts to think about where you are in life and what purpose you have. 

18. Life by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song got me tripping because Namjoon is a lyrical genius. The amount of questions this song got me saying is insane. Just read.

“ the little me inside myself was always lonely
why is there no opposite word of loneliness?
could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?
it’s necessary to seek a moment to be alone
yeah that’s a life
we live inside danger
through the reward that makes us able to see this beautiful world “

were we born to die, were we born to live
are we living to die, or are we dying to live
the nametag with my name on it, is that my life?
or is it death

who knows…

life, fall in love
life receives injuries from us and
is lonely because of the wind and
we wanna be right
but always wrong
were we born to be wrong?
is life something like that?
(in the end, for our whole lives we don’t know what tomorrow will be)”

19. Monster by Rap Monster from his mixtape


20. Joke. (you should probably know this)

I really did’nt want to include this because his 2 most famous tracks are Do you and Joke and I wanted to keep this list to the underrated but tbvh I was really surprised when I figured out that people don’t know this track.


In this track he said how he is mocking rappers who only have good flow but no sense of meaningful lyrics. 

The lyrics in this song make no sense but the rap flow is too damn good. WHEN WATCHING THIS YOU WILL BE LIKE HONEY PLEASE BREATHE. HE RAPS SO FAST.


21. DO YOU BY RAP MONSTER ( (you should also probably know this)

In this track he talks about how at a young age society tells us what to be, how to look, what to wear, how to behave. He says fuck whatever they say and just do you.

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22. Fantastic by Rap Monster (from fantastic four)

I heard that fantastic four was shit but Namjoon got a chance to do a song for a movie which is a big deal for bangtan so WHOO

23. Illest Bitch

A really cute confession from Namjoon going through Puberty

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Star's Tree of Hope
Brian H. Kim
Star's Tree of Hope

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Baby.

That title “Tree of Hope” isn’t canon or anything, so don’t go reading into it. More like, “Brian needs to name this cue something, that tree looks hopeful… TREE OF HOPE, boom.”

The artwork and animation in this scene are so beautiful, I felt like I was just trying to keep up. I love that the scene doesn’t really resolve; we’re not sure what this new discovery means to Baby in the moment, or for Star in the long run. 

I also made sure to give this cue an Eastern bent. There’s something very classic anime about this scene – it feels Rintaro-y to me – so I wanted to push the instrumentation in that direction while still staying in the SVTFOE palette.

Thanks to the fans who have reached out to tell me how much they liked the music in this scene. Always nice to hear. :)

my stream of consciousness during death note (2017)

So I finally watched this shit show last night, and kept a running document of every thought I had in order. Here are some of the top ones: (under the cut because….it gets a little long. it’s worth it though!) 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! So I was scouring the Internet for advice today but I couldn't find any on this topic. My problem isn't that I don't have any ideas (I probably have too many) but the problem is that I don't LOVE any of my ideas. I like them. I think they're all fine ideas. But liking them isn't going to motivate me long enough to finish a novel. How can I give my ideas that extra uumph to make me love them? How can I figure out what's missing or why I don't feel this way about any of my ideas?

Hello, nonny!  What a challenging question…  This one’s been in my inbox a couple days, just because it’s such a big question.  But I’ve thought it over and I think I have some ideas for you :)

The Thrill Is Gone – How to Find It Again

So generally, there’s no one answer or cure-all to this problem.  I’ve had this issue multiple times, with different causes.  My first novel didn’t have enough meat to the plot; my second novel had been over-planned in my head to the point that it no longer excited me.  My third novel had way too much plot, so that by the time I got ¾ the way through, I’d written over 200K words and felt sick of the idea.  I started my fourth novel way too soon, and am now going back and planning it more!  So there are obviously many different reasons that a story doesn’t take off (or dries up eventually).

The first step is to figure out what’s missing, like you said.  There are a few aspects of your story to assess…

1. Plot

I’m discussing plot first because, to me, it’s the most important part of fiction.  Plot, conflict, and stakes are foremost to my stories.  You could have the most complex and sympathetic characters, but without plot, they’re static and become boring.  But for some reason, this is the part of story ideas that new authors neglect most!

So if your story has great characters and an immersive setting, but you can’t get into it, try asking a few questions about your plot:

  • What is the point of the plot?  What’s the message you’re conveying in the story?  Even if your story isn’t an allegory or a metaphor or the next Chronicles of Narnia, there should always be a conclusion to which all plots arrive – otherwise, the story can feel aimless.  The best way to find your message is to look at the conflicts involved (e.g. Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, etc.) and find the “winner”.  What worldview, belief, or concept “defeats” the other concepts?  It can be as simple as Good vs. Evil, or more complex, like Loving the Sincere Drug Addict vs. Settling for the Selfish Dentist (provokes the question “Is love worth danger in relationships?”).
  • Does the plot have ups and downs?  And really consider both ends of the spectrum here.  Stories become dull if they are made up of victory after victory – or if they’re made up of nothing but loss and tragedy.  No matter the genre, you have to strike some sort of balance, lest the story become predictable and emotionally non-engaging.  Find victories and failures, even in unassuming places, to keep readers invested and hopeful.
  • Do you have a satisfactory ending?  Or do you have the ending     planned yet?  I’ve found that I can’t really commit to an idea unless I see a resolution – otherwise I feel too nervous to start.  If you do have an ending planned, make sure it’s the right ending.  It can feel like there’s one possible conclusion, and once you’ve found it, you stick to it – but question it, brainstorm it.  It may not be a happy ending every time, but when you find the right one, you’ll know it.
  • Do you have the right plot at all?  Look at your story as a whole.  Does it start too early or too late, relative to the real meat,     the real action?  Is it told from the most impactful POV?  Does the plot cover too much ground for one book, or is it not enough to fill the pages?  Consider all the characters, backstories, and subplots you have, and ask yourself if any of them are more interesting than the main plot.  If so, shift your focus.  Use them instead.

2. Characters

Maybe it’s not your plot that’s going sideways.  Maybe you have it all worked out – the head, the tail, the whole damn thing – but it still doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t feel like it’s coming to life, somehow.  It feels flat.

That can be a character problem.  It would be like sitting by the campfire and hearing the most fascinating, horrifying story, except it’s told by a man with The Most Boring Voice Who Talks So Incredibly Slowly and Takes All the Fun Out of Everything.  An example: The Hunger Games.  Those books bored the crap out of me.  Unless someone was being killed or Haymitch and Effie were interacting, I just didn’t care.  And those books had a great plot behind them!

So here’s what you need for a good cast of characters:

  • A solid protagonist.  Solid = three-dimensional, empathetic, and relatable; having a goal, an internal conflict, a self-image, and fears or shame.  They should have different facets of themselves – their head and their heart, their desires and doubts, and that little voice in their head that says, “Give up on that.  Be realistic.”  Give them strengths, weaknesses, and a couple of bad habits, for kicks.
  • A variety of supporting characters.  You don’t have to have thirty characters + six secret characters stuffed under your trench coat; but with however many characters you have, make them as different from each other as possible.  Give them some similarities, of course, so that they can relate to each other – but never make them so close together that you have to decide, “Who should say this line?  Character A or Character B?”  Make them unique enough that the words come out of their mouths, instead of you having to decide where to put the words, yourself.
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships.  And I’m not talking about romantic relationships.  I mean, sure, those too – but there are many different kinds of relationships to explore.  Friendships, enemy-ships (?), parent relationships, sibling-ships, silent alliances, “annoying friend-of-a-friend”-ships, “my-ex’s-little-sister”-ships, “you’re-the-ruler-of-the-galaxy-and-a-Sith-lord-but-also-my-dad-please-stop-being-evil”-ships…  You get the idea.  Make them unique, make them strong, and allow them to evolve over the course of the story.
  • Diverse morals, interests, and personalities.  My first short stories focused on white middle-class people who were culturally and politically identical.  They lived in one house, usually, and watched the same TV shows and made the same references.  They had the same sense of humor.  They rarely disagreed on anything that wasn’t clear-cut (e.g. “You drank the last Pepsi!”  “I was thirsty!”).  So do yourself a favor and don’t make my mistakes.  Give your characters unique ethics, cultures, backgrounds, personalities, goals, appearances, and conflicts.  You’ll be more invested by then, I’m sure.

3. Setting

Lastly, I’d like to add that while your characters and plot could be well-developed, there’s always a chance that they’re placed in the wrong setting.  This is why many story ideas can seem great, but won’t get off the ground – maybe they’re set in a pre-made universe like Middle Earth or Panem when they could be their own story.  Maybe your tragic romance is set in the middle of apocalyptic war, when instead, it should be drained down to a period piece.  Maybe your story is perfect, except you’re writing it too close to home – in the real world, in the present year.  There are a million factors to picking the right setting, including:

  • Applicable history and culture.  If you’re writing a story about someone who’s oppressed, or someone who’s a politician, or someone who’s a witch, you’re going to need to back that up with history.  Develop a history for the oppression or politics or witchcraft – where these things began, how they developed over time – and a culture for them now – how oppressed people survive and how witches in your world interact, etc.
  • Imaginative scenery, influenced by the characters.  Even if your story takes place in New York City in 2017, allow your characters’ living spaces and workplaces to have a unique touch – colors and quirks that your readers can see in their mind.  If even you can’t see what you’re writing, inspiration is going to be difficult to find.
  • A lifelike background.  Just because the plot focuses on your characters does not mean everything going on behind it should be quiet and dead.  Anyone who looks out a window in a city building can see other people living – people on the highway will see other cars taking other people other places.  Everyone who has a friend will hear a little something about their friend’s siblings, their friend’s friends, their friend’s neighbors.  Life and stories exist outside of your plot; make sure you’re not writing about a ship in a bottle.
  • An aesthetic.  That sounds gross and teen-tumblr-y, but let me tell you personally: I don’t feel truly ready to write (and love) my story until I can hear the music for the future movie adaptation – until I can see the kind of clothes the people wear, the games they play, the places they eat and shop.  I think of the colors and themes in my scenes (e.g. my first novel was set primarily at night in a grunge/city setting; my current novel is very green and outdoorsy and gives me that feeling of bonfires just after sunset).  Once you get that “feeling” from your story, you’ll know it.

Anyway, this reply took me like three days to write because I really wanted to get into it.  I hope some of this helps you to fall in love with one of your ideas, so you can get started :)  If you have any more questions, be sure to send them in!

(I have 26 questions in the inbox, though, so be patient with me…)

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

So the awesome Black Panther trailer

I was complaining to my friend the other day about how African culture has been poorly represented in popular media for decades and then not one day later the Black Panther Trailer came out.

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It gives me chills just looking at the attention to detail in the costume design, environment design, the African-like rhythm of the trailer’s music. I can easily identify with some of the scenes in the trailer, and point out which real culture or country might have inspired what. 

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And I got to see it right before going to watching the epic Wonder Woman. I can’t even explain how it feels, to be present for the making of these epic movies.

Yes you can be proud of being a woman.

Yes you can be proud of being black.

Yes you can be proud of your African heritage.

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What a time to be alive.

recent reads

with the absence of 1dff it feels like this community is disjointed and lack of feedback has become more common than ever. i haven’t been in this fic world for a very long time but i have been so welcomed by all of you and you all really do mean so much to me! being in this fic community isn’t just me writing some stuff and throwing it out into the void, it’s also reading fic and giving that feedback to other writers. this is a two way street my friends, and of course my time to read has become more limited as life has gotten busier but sometimes you have to make the effort to sit down and read that fic you’ve been tagging #toread for months. so, i sat down recently and read some fic and wanted to make a list of what i had read because list are neat. 

sangria on your lips by @marisa-writes - a perfect summer read, teyana and niall have my heart, and marisa is fantastic! plus the fun doesn’t end, the series has continued and you can find it all here!!!! 

fire & persuasion by @roselirry - i am catching up on this today and honestly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i adore greek mythology and feel #blessed that eliza has given me an au of it!!

time stands still by @abejas-fic - i am loving this story!!!! the idea behind it is so cool and brianne’s writing is absolutely incredible! do yourself a favor and just go read this right now!!!!!

rose gold by @hxxefics - i am a sucker for music fics and this one is set around making an album/touring and i feel alive!!!! go read it and send hunter some love!!

i saw you (in a corridor) by @haubreyfeels - honestly this story is amazing, the writing is raw, there is a bad ass female musician, and it gives me all the ~vibes of the pretentious indie scene!! right away you get such a sense of all the characters and i cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!!!

Okay when I saw the mixtape scene I immediately thought of the hands in the Creation of Adam mural. I don’t have a tumblr but I thought this was too beautiful to keep to myself. The divine and humanity reaching to one another, bound by something as soul-moving and worshipful as music. I feel the mixtape was Dean giving Cas his heart, because music, especially in relation to Dean, has been the heartbeat of the show. Please feel free to share or just enjoy. I love your account.

Wow Nonny you read my mind! Also reminded me of Cas’s hand in 12x12 in the truck listening to the Bible Channel…. it’s very interesting and consistent imagery. Here: The righteous man and the fallen angel. When so soon after Cas gets faith in something else where he only ever really had faith in Dean since s4 and even then sometimes it’s been sketchy…. Thank you for sharing!

justpercyjacksonthings  asked:

How can I get my motivation back? I used to be able to say that I love writing, but recently it's become more of a "I love the //thought// of writing." I have no problem with coming up with ideas in my head, creating characters, creating scenes, but as soon as I'm at home on my laptop, writing is literally the last thing on my list of things I'd like to do.

Hi! I totally understand the feeling! Here are some tips:

1. Make writing part of your schedule. Dedicate time specifically for it. ♡This is what helps me most♡

2. Give yourself small goals, like writing 200 words.

3. Get comfortable. Wear pajamas. Play music. Eat food. (Associate writing with good things)

4. Dive into the best parts of what you want to write. Skip the filler stuff. Hopefully, this can get you in the right headspace.

5. Put your phone in another room, so you aren’t constantly checking it and procrastinating.

6. If need be, go back to the old notebook and pen.

7. Bring a notebook around with you, so you can write whenever you’re inspired throughout the day. Getting a notes app on your phone might be more accessible.

8. Change the place where you are writing at. Go outside perhaps.

9. But make sure that where you are writing is peaceful or distraction free.

10. It’s totally okay to reward yourself after writing with a hot bath, a piece of candy, whatever makes you happy.

I hope this could help!


Hidden track: SEA

Brushing past the sea of people on campus, I can’t help but feel lonely as this song plays on my phone.

It’s soothing, sweet, and grey, yet somehow so colorful as the bittersweet melody and somber beat mixes in our ears.

Thank you, Kim Namjoon for following your dreams, blessing us with your music, giving us insight into how you see life.

Thank you BTS for never giving up, your music is truly soul-healing.

I’m emo rn, let me live, ignore my silly thoughts pls :“)

Things I love in American Gods (up to episode 3)


I had to make a list, there’s already so much:

- Shadow’s face every time something weird happens

- honestly his expressions are just killing me

- super colourful opening hell yeah I’m in love

- the whole casting is spot on??

- direct quotes from the book

- Neil Gaiman having threatened to jump in from of a bus if they put a blowjob scene with Shadow in front of Laura’s grave

- super pretty blood (it looks really familiar….)

- half the cast of Hannibal is back for the ride

- holy shit the Anansi speech pulled no punches

- also that spider is super pretty and Anansi totally stole Hannibal’s suit

- Yggdrasil is looking damn fine

- those flashbacks of Coming to America

- Wednesday “why would I want to talk to people”

- The three Zorya sisters

- “I read your fortune. You want me, my sisters are garbage” XD

- THE JINN AND SALIM. That whole pairing had me in tears, it was so beautiful. I can die happy knowing this was adapted so well. AND THEY’RE COMING BACK omg thank you brian fuller

- also, making that scene even gayer than it was 

- the music is amazing??

- “Yes I like marshmallows”

- Fifty shades of Jesus

- the eldest Zora sister drinking vodka straight from the bottle while the other slinks away with her romance novels gives me life

- the smugness you feel when you’ve read the books and catch the references

Jonerys, Got 7x06

Before I watch the finale I’d like to write down my thoughts about my new fav ship because I am pretty sure their (couply) relationship won’t last long. To be specific it may last until they’ll find out that they are related. And it’s gonna break my shipper heart. I know, it’s common to marry a relative in those times but somehow it has a negative connotation (still hoping I am absolutely wrong though just because) and I guess my heroes won’t stay together in this special kind of way. I do believe in a baby though. And I do believe they won’t stop loving each other. And I do believe only one of them will survive in the end.

That being said …

Finally GoT was able to write a real love story. Before Daenerys and Jon met we (at home) often talked about what it might be like when they’d meet. And when Daenerys left Dhario behind we were pretty sure they’d end up together romantically (before that we went forth and back) and I was like: „ I can’t see Jon with Daenerys. They are too much alike. He needs a girl like Ygritte. An extrovert.“

Hell, I was sooo wrong. They match perfectly. They have chemistry. It feels like they complete each other. They give each other something that no ones ever given them before. Understanding probably. It’s like they found more than love – they found a soulmate. That’s why I think the won’t go seperate ways even when they find out about their family status. They just won’t sleep with each other (anymore).

But now I want to talk about my absolute favorite scene. How I felt about it, what it meant to me. Imo it was a masterpiece of emotions. Add the music…

While watching Jon behind the wall I remembered the last episode. The first time ever I felt like he wasn’t the first in line to go on this dangerous mission. He would have preferred to stay at Dragonstone.

 And then, while Jon was talking to Beric and he explained how he felt about his life.

BERIC: […] Your Wildling friend told me the red woman brought you back. […] We both serve the same lord.
JON: I serve the north.

BERIC: He wants you alive.
JON: Why?
BERIC: I don’t know.

BERIC: […]You and I wont find much joy while we’re here. But we can keep others alive. We can defend those who can’t defend themselves.

JON: “I am the shield that guards the realms of men.”
BERIC: Maybe we don’t need to understand any more than that. Maybe that’s enough.
JON: Aye. Maybe that’s enough.

This whole conversation made me so sad. Jon is feeling very alone and empty obviously .

Later on - while fighting the wights - he had given up. That was it. It was over.

And then out of the blue …

She was there. And with her came light, warmth, care. In all of its meanings. Physically and in a metaphorical sense.

In this very moment they both knew she came to save him. In this tiny moment the other people were unimportant. It was just the two of them. She wanted him safe and she saved him. In more than one way. And this was the first time I saw Jon pushing others out his way to get to something he wants

In this moment Daenerys kind of breathed life into Jon. He forgot everything. His honor, his supposed purpose. He just wanted to leave with her. Leave the cruel things behind and live. After he was resurrected some time ago he finaly came back to life. He did not feel alone anymore.

And Daenerys was happy too. He was alive and she now knew her feelings were mutal.


These scenes were so extra special. I was crying from the moment she and Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal appeared in the sky. Plus the death of Viserion hurt so bad. But my beloved dragons need an extra post.

Violins And Fries [Peter Parker]

Requested: Yes

‘an idea that’s been in my head for a while: peter parker x violinist!reader (or just any string instrument in general) I feel like that would be really cute?? Maybe it’s just my classical music obsessed self lol’

Words: 606

Tags: @e-x-o-b-t-s @khai-day-the-13th @pillow223 @courtneychicken @loza-m

Peter would admit that before dating you he wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of classical music, but hearing you play it was like heaven, maybe even beyond that. He was in love with the way your fingers would hit each note perfectly, and how it would all come together to create something so beautiful.

Peter sat in front of you, watching as you tried to play what was the most difficult song yet. A lot of work went into playing an instrument, but some songs needed more work than others. The process was a frustrating one.

You sighed as you messed up another note, removing your fingers from the strings and squinting your eyes to re read the notes.

“It has to be perfect” You say, putting down the violin and stretching your neck for a moment. It was aching. “The show’s tomorrow night and if it’s anything less than perfect…”

“Darling, perfect is just a word. Perfection is impossible and chasing after it will lead you nowhere. Just do your best and accept that the result is good, beyond good.” (@happylilprompts) Peter moves your violin from your lap and onto the stand, taking your hands in his

“Where’d that come from Mr. Poet?” You smile, feeling some of the frustration wash away.

The music room is quiet for a moment, it’s a rather large and secluded room for just two people which just makes the scene more romantic.

It was rather cliche really, the chemistry nerd and the music nerd but you two were perfect for each other and no one, not even Flash could deny that.

“I hate watching you get so stressed about performing, you always do amazing” Peter gives you a cheesy smile and plays with your fingers, the gesture is small but makes you feel better almost immediately.

“You have to say that, you’re my boyfriend” You giggle.

“Hey! Why would i lie to you? Do you see me running out of here covering my ears?” You shake your head no “Exactly”

Peter places his lips on yours in a quick, but meaningful kiss. Breaking the kiss to say something romantic but realistically, you can’t help but think about how his breath smelt like the french fries he’d eaten for lunch.

“If i didn’t love you as much as i do i’d tell you to pop a breath mint before kissing me again” You joke, scrunching up your face

“You’re lucky, i wanted chili but they only had fries” Peter jokingly scrunches up his face. “Now, you’re going to take this and practise a few more times and I’m positive you’ve got this cat in the bag” He seemed so proud of himself, a large smile was set on his face and you could practically see the joy radiating from his eyes.

You break out into a fit of laughter “That’s not the saying you goofball”

You pick up the violin again, placing the instrument in it’s designated spot and taking a deep breath in.

“You’ve got this babe, it’s just you and me”

You smile at how adorable your boyfriend was, sitting on the stool just like yours with his chin in his hands. He was staring at you intently with his eyes full of belief and love.

That was all it took for you to get through the whole song perfectly, not missing a note or messing up a single line.

You did the same thing the next night at the concert and of course, your boyfriend was in the front row showing his adoration and support with a bouquet of flowers and a kiss or two for after.


Old interview, 4:53-5:20 Russos talk about the “you could at least recognize me line”
5:25 =Black Widow solo film
At 6:17 a little montage of Winter Soldier&Black Widow’s scenes, and the entire last minute of the video gives me life, the music just picks up so EPICALLY 😍

I’m going through YOI withdrawal, and since I didn’t do this originally for eps 1 - 9, I figured I might as well fill my empty Wednesdays from now on doing this until I reach ep 9…so, without further ado:

Scenes I loved in episode 7 of Yuri on Ice (aka the episode that broke Tumblr, Twitter, the Internet, etc and saved 2016):

Still adorable.

Damn that blanket.

I don’t know what is cuter about Guang Hong’s internal narrative for his free skate: the fact that he rescues his beloved “ally” Leo or that Georgi is the villain. It’s probably a tie.


Baby Chris is super adorable. I guess in a way, Victor gave him his life and love by motivating him.

Adult Chris is still adorable to me but just in a naughtier way. Although I do wish the music he chose for his FS was more sexy. I never thought it matched him or his outfit.

I was so happy Phitchit got first place at the China Cup. I would’ve been TOTALLY fine if he got bronze during the Grand Prix Final. I love him.


Although Victor’s reaction did give me a chuckle.

Seriously, no matter how many times I rewatch this scene, I still get emotional. A distraught Yuuri just kills me.

Thank God for Georgi for providing a moment of levity. Again, I know he was totally seriously heartbroken and I completely feel for him, but I still couldn’t stop laughing at his entire FS. I’m sorry, Georgi. I hope his new girlfriend is nicer to him.

Such a tiny gesture and yet packed with so much meaning for them. Ugh, these two…my heart.

I love every single moment of Yuuri’s FS performance this time, from his inner dialogue to…

…both Victor and Yurio and just about everyone else’s reaction to it. Again, gets me all happy weepy every time.

As if there could be any doubt that I would love this moment. I mean, if seeing my OTP sitting together to share a meal and some laughter is enough to keep me happy for a year, something like this…I’m still surprised my brain didn’t just short circuit and break apart right then and there. I would normally expect something like this to happen in a show like Yuri on Ice as much as I would expect the same to occur in shows like Kuroko no Basuke or Haikyuu or Prince of Tennis…in that I would NEVER expect it to EVER happen since YOI is a sports anime first and foremost. So to say this shook me to my core in the best possible way would be an accurate assessment of my reaction when I first watched the episode. 

That look between them…I think I love it almost as much as I love The Kiss. I would’ve loved it more if they kissed again right here, but that much happiness in such quick succession would have definitely melted my brain into a worthless pile of goo. 

Yuuri had to have felt that glare all the way in China. I’m so happy Otabek came (back) into his life to burn some of that seething anger away.

softestziam  asked:

Toni, I don't mean to be a tinhat but DTD is a real Ziam song. Baby, I'm right here?!? Zayn has definitely whispered that to Liam as he thought he was sleeping, reassuring him that despite everything that's happening in the stunt world, they'll always be there for each other. I love it and them.

Hi Lisa,

Goddamn yes, wholeheartedly agree. Who’s to say the original intention of it, but that he says he sat and wrote it in a studio on the spur of the moment adds to it for me because of how much love and emotion is there,  as I’ve reblogged already today it’s an old fashioned beautiful love song that I want everyone to hear and its just stunning.

And of course, everyone else will have their opinions and make it about whatever but isn’t that the beauty of all this? Hasn’t Zayn said stuff like this before that its down to interpretation, no two people will be the same? 

So with that in mind, yes, It also feels as I put elsewhere along a very similar vein as I won’t mind.  That pride and strong and deep love for each other and that even when separated and that when things go tits up, not just now because actually we’ve got no idea when this was written but through the years, they can feel it and each other and that kind of makes it very simplified of course and its much more complex than that. . 

I also get a sense of Pillowtalk in it, the whole being in a room together, them against the world.kind of thing and that space and each other being a  protection against what’s out there.

And it’s no accident for example that for certain things and events where one might be out and about pap walks or whatever, the other is pretty quiet, not always but there’s been key moments that have been noticeable to me,

Also the lyric which on youtube says ‘girl give love to your body’ but on genius reads as ‘go give love to your body’ and either way I dunno it just reminded me of 2014 and Liam’s IG post and the whole ‘the person I truly love thinks I’m the coolest kid in town anyway’.

There’s so much more to the song but this isn’t meant as a song analysis cause I haven’t got a clue about all that. ,already talked a little bit about the whole scene with the detective and that whole thing of ‘you don’t know me’ feels like it counts for a lot

The media, the music industry, us as fans on whatever side of the fence we fall or however we view Zayn?  

But anyway, yeah I think it speaks so much, it carries on their story and I think they’re amazing too but this could all be nonsense but I’m ultimately so grateful for a beautiful passionate love song.


Jack Barakat + Music Videos 

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