this says so much about you two

I am in a café with a lovely pal and I was telling her about the worst date I ever went on and these two guys at the next table came over and one of them said “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying, and you deserve so much better than that and I hope you find someone nice soon.”

THANKS STRANGER but I already did

Alright, I played through the whole world map and it took me almost 5 hours to collect everything and talk to everyone (and that’s without any battles)! So for the average player that would probably be closer to 10 hours. I’d say about 20% of that was in the premium areas – but if you struggle with the hardest puzzles it could be much bigger portion.

There’s a ton of little bugs to fix, like some NPCs showing up in two places at once. I think I’ll also make things a bit easier for completionists, and make backtracking easier, and add some “spare” key items for quests. (For example, a quest needs 10 key items, but 11 exist in the game) The world is getting so big that I need to make completing everything a bit more forgiving this time.

Being Shy and Quiet and Dating Antiope Would Include...

Requested by anon: Being shy and quiet and dating Antiope?

  • Training with the Amazons but always being in the background because you didn’t want much attention
  • Somehow you still got the attention of Antiope because you were a good fighter
  • Antiope wanted to have training sessions with you because she thought you were cute
  • After a few months of training together, Antiope realized that she had feelings for you
    • Giving you presents all the time
    • Seeing you blush when she gives you a compliment makes her day
  • Diana, being the wing-woman that she is, helped set you two up on your first date
  • After that first date Antiope finally tells you how she feels about you
  • Starting to date and spending more time with each other
  • Hippolyta is glad that Antiope has finally met someone who makes her happy
  • Now whenever the two of you spar Antiope finds excuses to pin you down
  • Both of you are pretty quiet and reserved about feelings so you two understand each other without having to say much
  • Lots of quiet cuddling and spending quality time with one another

actuallyginnyweasley  asked:

Sirius Remus and James????? Also omg this is AMAZING

James: Well, we have to say something! We have to get it out! It’s eating me alive! Remus got stung by a jellyfish.

Remus: All right! I got stung. Stung bad. I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t walk.

Sirius: We were two miles from the house. Scared and alone. We didn’t think we could make it. 

Remus: I was in too much pain.

James: And I was tired from digging the huge hole!

Sirius: And then Remus remembered something…

Lily: Wait a minute! I know! About jellyfish and how if you… Ewwww!! You peed on yourself?!

Remus: You can’t say that! You don’t know!! I mean I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain! Anyway I tried, but I couldn’t…bend that way. So… *looks at Sirius*

Lily: Ewwww!

Sirius: That’s right I stepped up! He’s my friend and he needed help! And if I had too, I’d pee on you too! Only… I couldn’t. I got the stage fright. I wanted to help, but there was too much pressure. So I turned to James.

James: Sirius kept screaming at me, “Do it now! Do it! Do it! Do it now!” Sometimes late at night I can still here the screaming.

Sirius: *laughs* That’s ‘cause sometimes I just do it through my wall to freak you out.

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I just wanted to say that I've been following you for about a year and a half (two years maybe???) and seeing how much you've progressed as an artist is inspiring! I hope you have a lovely day and keep being awesome <3

reading this made me a bit emotional haha. thank you for sticking with me for so long!  ❤ ❤ ❤

i hope you have a great day as well :)


alec looking at magnus ( 16 / ?? )

Yin and Yang in The Last Jedi

Ok, I’m going to try to list all the instances where Yin and Yang appear in the movie. They really did beat us in the head with this symbolism, didn’t they.

Some of the images I included aren’t so much Yin/Yang symbolism as things divided in two, which is another recurring theme and it is related to it. I love to find symbolism everywhere and you can’t stop me.

At the end I’ll link a couple of metas that treat the subject, which inspired this post. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the wonderful and talented people of this fandom who wrote them. This post is partly made in the hope that it will help you to write more. And congratulations. We won.

This will probably be edited many times. Feedback is more than welcome. Also, someday my prince will come and we’ll have HD pictures. For now, this will have to do.


So, without further ado, I give you the list:

- The cave symbol in Ach-To:

- The Tico sisters’ medallion, also refered to as the “perfect conductor”:

- Leia’s ring:

- Kylo’s fucking face:

- Actually, also Snoke’s face, but I don’t want to post a picture; it would make my eyes sad (and I suspect yours too).

- I can’t find any good shots but I bet my boots that Finn’s jacket is divided diagonally just like Kylo’s face. Unrelated: the thought of Poe stitching the jacket back together brings fuzzy feelings to my heart area. You can pry that headcanon from my cold, dead hands.

- Also, not really imagery, but I feel that Finn’s learning of the war’s profits, the whole two-sides-of-the-same-coin lesson also applies. Which brings us to:

- The whole Canto Bight wardrobe aesthetic. I mean, they took the trouble to show people walking paired very specifically: you see people dressed in black with people dressed in white. And it’s also in individual wardrobe choices. They weren’t even subtle about it. Like, at all.


Even the police guards, for fuck’s sake.

- The elevator scene:

Thanks to @discorded-psychicemotions​, @we-are-bellarke​, @frog-coins​ and @random-fangirl-confessions​ for pointing that one out, HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED IT.

- Anakin’s lightsaber:

Even the black side of the hilt is turned towards Rey and if that isn’t poetic cinema I don’t know what is.

- They also divided Snoke in two would you look at that.

- T H E  F U C K I N G  F I G H T S C E N E

I would post 94567293 shots of this scene but why try to grasp p e r f e c t i o n.

- Also saw the symbolism in the cave scene (when she asks to see her parents and sees two figures aproaching and they become one and the blurry reflection sure as hell looks a lot like Ben and then the barrier vanishes and she sees herself). What, pray tell, the fuck.

- Also, the lighting in all the force bond scenes was reminiscent of Yin and Yang. I’m not going to take screenshots right now. I am tired.

- The gold dice. They’re not really remotely Yin and Yang related but I feel there’s something more to them than Han’s memory.

- I also noticed that every time there was a shot of the sun in Luke’s last scenes (you know, where he dissapears along with what was left of my heart) there was always a cloud covering half its face. Look, I have proof:

This one is just blatantly obvious:

And when I saw this one, the TWO SUNS resembling TWO YIN AND YANGS I almost lost it then and there and it may or may not have been related to the fact that I smuggled a flask of wine to the theatre and my feelings were running rampant don’t judge me.

By the way, if you want to have your mind absolutely BLOWN, read this meta by @frolickingfizzgig about the significance of the sun in Kylo Ren’s story. It just adds so much to what I’m saying.

- And, finally, just a bunch of beautiful random shots where they just shove the symbolism down our throats, with varying levels of subtlety:

There was a shot of Rey training with the lightsaber which showed a very clear Yin and Yang shape in the sky. I wasn’t the one who noticed it, someone else did, but for the life of me I can’t find the original post and I want to credit them. Help! 

Luke and his always iconic fashion choices:

This is a work of art I like to call “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?”:

And, ah yes, fuck my heart:

I think this is it. For now.

For further reading, please direct your attention to:

Yin and Yang traits and how they relate to Ren and Rey. by @geminiwankenobi

Mirroring, opposites and the personification of Yin Yang in the final fight between Kylo Ren and Rey. also by @geminiwankenobi

Dark Feminine, Light Masculine: Examining the Gendered Balance of the Force in Star Wars by @legalist217 

And just read anything by @ohtze and thank me later.

You know what, fuck it, here’s the link to the whole Reylo meta library. Everything and everyone who writes is awesome:

Bad liar

Context: Found a secret Thieves Guild, but only me, a rogue, went inside because the rest of the party would stand out to much. I explored it and passing A LOT of persuasion checks so that no one would know I wasn’t part of the guild. I was just about to leave and catch up with my party when I got caught by two guards who ended up having really high perception rolls.

Guard: I don’t recognize you, how’d you get in here?


Me: You know the guy who sells the really expensive weapons? He’s my friend.

Guard: Do you have proof of this?


Me: Of course! Here, look at this expensive dagger he gave me. I bought it from my friend for 1/3 of its original price! Surely only a friend would do that for another friend, right?

DM: Oooh, good one. Let’s see..*rolls…Tsk, too bad for you. 

Guard: I’m not sure…. Even if you were friends with the weapons merchant, you’d still need to be approved by our leader. You’re going to have to come with us.



Party members: What?

DM: What?

Guard: What?


DM: …..*rolls

Guard: I don’t believe you.



So I know there has been some debate as to whether or not Qrow is Ruby’s father, and I am here to settle said debate with sufficient evidence.

Firstly: Age discrepancies

We know that at the beginning of Volume One, Ruby is 15 years old with her birthday on October 31st. By Volume 4 Ruby is 16, showing that at least a year has passed. However, since the beginning of Vol. 1 until Vol. 5, Yang has been 17. Now, if Yang was a full two years older than Ruby, she would have been 18 by the time that Ruby was 16, but she isn’t. At most, depending on the passage of time and when Yang will be 18, Ruby is at least 1 year and 8 months younger than Yang.

Here comes the potential discrepancy: If Yang was, lets say, 3 months old by the time Raven left, the turnaround time Taiyang would have had to both raise a daughter, deal with the loss of Raven, and fall in love and conceive Ruby would have been 8 months. With how demanding small children can be, it’s also unlikely that Tai would have had time to romance Summer into bed and then have another daughter right on top of taking care of the now one year old Yang.

Secondly: Relationships

Now I understand that romance can bloom unexpectedly, and Summer helping out Tai with the loss of Raven and raising a baby are all elements that could lead to love between those two. However, with how Tai mentions Raven, and his refusal to talk about her, it still seems like he isn’t over her, nor is she over him. In Volume 4, “Two steps forward and Two Steps Back” Tai says,

“Raven was great in so many ways - her strength, her ambition, her dedication to whatever cause she thought was worth fighting for. I’m proud of how much I see of her in you. …Like everybody, she had her faults, but those faults were what tore our team apart. And it did a real number on our family.”

To me, at least, this doesn’t necessarily sound like someone who isn’t still in love with another. However, the interesting aspect of this is that it doesn’t seem to be unrequited whatsoever. In Volume 5, “Lighting the Fire,” it seems like Raven’s very own semblance gives away her continued feelings for Tai.

“You can bond to certain people. And when you do, you create a portal that takes you straight to them. You’ve got one for Dad. One for me. And you’ve got one for Qrow.”

Heyo. Heyoooooo. Although it would be obvious that Raven would have bonded to Tai, why keep up the bond if she doesn’t care for him? If her semblance relies on her having some feeling for the person she has bonded to, it’s clear that since she still has a bond with Tai, she still holds feelings for Tai.

Now while I don’t necessarily mind Tai and Summer having a relationship, based on Tai’s steadfast personality, it seems like it would have taken him a lot longer to get over Raven and fall in love with someone else than just 8 months, and when his attention is divided by taking care of baby Yang, so I just don’t think it’s plausible that he is her father.

Third: Qrow

As we all know by now, Qrow’s semblance is misfortune, which has caused him no little grief over the years, and I think is brushed to the wayside much more than it should be. Qrow constantly causes problems wherever he goes because his semblance isn’t something he can control, and it’s clear that he avoids those he cares about because he doesn’t want to cause them harm.

It seems inevitable though, if Ruby’s personality is almost exactly like her mothers, that Summer didn’t blame Qrow or get upset with him when things happened, something that is rare and would easily make a young, misunderstood and outsider Qrow fall in love with Summer. Add in Qrow’s charming personality and suave good looks, and Qrow x Summer is a great pairing that has a strong love built between the two.

But while Summer would be more than willing to work around Qrow’s semblance, I would say that when Summer found out she was pregnant, it would have caused Qrow to panic. Having a semblance like his around a newborn child would be dangerous, and I think it is this fear that caused Qrow to eventually leave Summer and Ruby, thinking that it would be the safest thing for them.

His sister leaving as well would create a gap in Tai’s life as well, so it would make logical sense that since Tai and Summer both lack a father and a mother figure in their children’s lives, the most logical step would be to raise the girls together as half-sisters and keep the parentage secret. Whether or not Tai and Summer fell in love after being together for so many years isn’t necessarily relevant, but it is a nice thought that they grew to care for each other after they both were left with a broken heart.

Lastly: Genetics

Although genes can be funny things, things just don’t add up when it comes to appearance and heritage for Yang and Ruby.

Looking at these pictures, Yang’s parentage makes sense

Raven + Tai = Yang

Yang has the build of her mother and her hair, but her coloring is clearly a mixture of Tai and Raven, and its undisputed that she is Raven and Tai’s daughter. The gold hair is clearly a dominant trait, along with blue eyes (which, paired with red would make Yang’s gorgeous lavender eyes).  Running with that logic, if Ruby was Tai’s daughter, her hair being blonde would be much more likely, seeing as it is a dominant trait.

But look closer at Summer and Qrow

Qrow + Summer = Ruby

Ruby clearly inherits much from her mother, such as the hair and eye color, and overall build, but it’s clear that she seems to inherit some elements of her father, even though she looks like a carbon copy of her mother. However, look closely at the hair–Summer’s hair has much more Red than black, and although Ruby also has red from her mother, her hair is much darker (there’s almost no red in it in Volume 4, where Qrow and Ruby have the most interaction *hint hint*). Ruby has more black to her hair, just like Qrow who has entirely black hair (although graying around the temples). The overall styling of Summer and Qrow seem to find a middle ground in Ruby as well, and it makes sense that Ruby’s style would be a mixture of both of her parents (like Yang’s is).

Feel free to correct me, but I don’t think its officially been said that Summer Rose wielded a scythe, but we have one character who definitely did and taught Ruby how to wield Crescent Rose–Qrow. The weapons of the main girls seem to reflect themselves from their parents, such as Yang’s hand to hand combat skills from her father. It would also make sense then, following the pattern of fighting style being passed paternally with the sisters, that Ruby would reflect the fighting style of her father–in my hypothesis–Qrow.

Misc. Evidence

Most interestingly, however, seems to be some of the hints in the dialogue of Vol. 5 that suggest that the sisterhood that Yang so ardently fights for might be a falsehood (not that it would change the relationship between Yang and Ruby, but still). When Yang confronts Raven in “Lighting the Fire,” from my perspective, Raven almost has a mocking tone when she mentions Yang’s devotion to her sister, and immediately talks about wanting Yang to know the truth of what’s going on in her life. (Starts at 11:30)

In addition, in previous Volumes, we have had interesting interactions and parallels with Tai and Qrow as father figures:

While this can be misinterpreted and just be used for comedic effect, if we know RoosterTeeth, they don’t put anything like this in without having some use for it down the line.

In addition, there are some interesting stylistic details from Ruby’s first appearance in the “Red Trailer.” Look closely at her outfit, specifically her belt

We see this exact same cross on another character later in the series. Guess who?

Qrow. While the design team changed her emblem from a cross to a Rose and turned it into a clasp for her cloak, I don’t think this similarity is a mere coincidence, but a potential hint that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father. If we study that the character’s emblems seem to be a mixture of their parents (but this isn’t consistent), it seems clear that RT is either intentionally, or unintentionally, hinting at Ruby’s true parentage.

However, I would say the strongest argument for Qrow being Ruby’s father is his absolute desperation in Volume 4 when he knows that RNJR is being hunted down by Tyrian (See “Tipping Point” and “Punished”).

While I will readily admit to not being an expert on the subject of genetics and that much of the information on the characters hasn’t yet been released, I would say that RT seems to be hinting that Ruby isn’t Tai’s daughter biologically, but actually Qrow’s daughter, and I would argue there is a lot of evidence that suggests that this is more than just a possibility.


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Is Nathan gonna be Ursula and Vlads sugar baby?

Lets be real here, they’re both her sugar babies and they know it. (Well, Vlad does. Nathan just doesn’t think about it)

If I go completely off the crackfic deep end, Vlad is the older, richer guy in his 40s trapped in a hateful relationship with his wife Elizabeth (man, you guys don’t know about her yet) who makes the scathing comment one night that Vlad couldn’t even PAY anyone to love him even if he tried, so in one of his drunken spiteful hazes he downloads an app and scrolls through all the people looking to be sugar babies and he’s just about to give up and throw his phone down cause this was a stupid idea, really, what was he thinking, hell what was he drinking….when he swipes one more time and oh, oh.

Except you can’t see the whole profile unless you match, so he hits the button and watches the bio unfold and Christ, Christ above, they’re a couple and they’re so beautiful it makes his heart hurt. It’s not even that they’re aesthetically pleasing (cause they are, they so are) but it’s the way they look at each other and their bio reads like a lonely hearts add, mid 20s, likes the colors red and green, don’t drink, don’t smoke, but with the added brutal addendum of “hey uh, we’re fucking broke but we’re kind of cute right?” 

And there’s an amazon wishlist and it’s just fucking college books man, it’s just books and fucking ramen noodles and he’s all alone in this giant fucking mansion with all this wealth he’ll never burn through even if he lives to be 200 years old so he just buys all of it, and leaves a message in the gift note area that says “pick something nice next time, ~V.” and moves on with his life, forgetting about it until he gets the thank you notification on his phone two days later after Nathan and Ursula wake up walled into their shitty apartment by all the amazon boxes on the doorstep. The doormat placed delicately on top. Cause I mean, what could go wrong, right?

And thus ensues a love affair through amazon prime. They don’t know who he is except that he has too much money to spend and doesn’t seem to want anything in return. And at first they’re like cool, fine, rich guy who doesn’t need anything from us, amazing, brilliant. Until one night when they’re lying in bed Ursula says,

“do you think he’s lonely, Mr. V?”

And Nathan is many things, many more things than he first realized thanks to dating Ursula (good bye pre-conceived notions of heterosexuality, hello realizing that gender is just a social construct and skittles had the right idea) and he’d never quite been comfortable with the whole Sugaring thing (Ursula is, it’s how she’s paid  for two degrees with no family help) he finds he doesn’t mind it if he knows what the other person is getting out of it. Except for “Mr. V” who as far as Nathan can tell gets nothing but a hefty monthly amazon bill and…yea, it’s been bothering him for a while…and

“I dunno…maybe? I mean…why else do that?”

“I dunno.” Ursula echoes back, chewing thoughtfully on her hair. “Do you think we should like, do something?”

“What, like hack into amazon and find out who he is?”

“I was thinking more posting an invitation to draw him out, see if he responds. But sure, we can do that too.”

Nathan’s nose wrinkles. “What kind of invitation.”

Ursula shrugs again, but her eyes already have that far off look that means she’s plotting. “He’s very formal, in his little notes…I bet he’d appreciate a proper invitation…”

Which is how Vlad, halfway through his lunch in his office (his only free time of the day where no one bothers him at all on pain of death) pauses midway through with a spoonful of tomato soup to his lips, mid scroll through the amazon app on his phone as he realizes their list has updated. It’s an “I want” note, the kind of thing you need to buy from somewhere else and have their address to send, except it’s not a thing. It’s…it’s…

Dear Mr. V.
Thank you for all the lovely gifts, the amazon gift card last month was greatly appreciated. My partner and I were hoping to engage your interests for an evening, or two, just a little something to show how appreciate we are of your time an attention. If you would like to accept this

he scrolls down to the next item, to where the character limit continues,

invitation, please meet us at [link], and input the password. The phrase is your most recent purchase to us. If not then please disregard this note as a simple gesture of good faith. Hope to meet your acquaintance properly soon, kind regards and much enthusiasm, U & N x.”



this rita minute was a blessing honestly i hope they have some good ol non canonical fun

Hero | Jeon Jung Kook | One-Shot

jungkook (bts) + you (reader)
word count: 5,326
warnings: this is purely netflix and chill graphic smut with kookie and it’s a mix of playful to hot and heavy there’s nothing too risky it’s mostly vanilla but there is fingering, oral sex, dirty talk, etc…
a/n: forgive me father i have sinned this is my first jungkook smut oneshot and it took forever to finish i have no idea why hehe anyway this fic is meant to be a fun time so sit back and enjoy i also named the dog Fish because of a jungkook drabble i wrote

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Hello!! I read this post made by @softklanceday and couldn’t help myself on writing a small drabbled for it. 

It was fun and it’s such an amazing and cute concept!Thank your for letting me write this! Read more under the cut.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me.

Hunk’s fingernails had glowed a deep bright orange, somehow resembling the sunset itself, and it wasn’t long before he found Shay, whose eyelids would glow the same color as his nails in the dark.

Soulmates. His best friend had found his soulmate and Lance had hoped that maybe soon would be his turn.

Two years later and Lance thinks the universe has horrible timing.

Lance purses his lips in concentration, fingers tracing his cheeks slowly, as if studying them. His freckles have never been that visible on the day, except maybe after an entire afternoon at his hometown’s beach, but that had only changed recently.

He found them during one of his beauty regimens, a late one for that matter because the weekly hang out with the gang had ended a little too late but none of them had really complained. Lance definitely didn’t, especially when Keith’s sleepy form had lean against him, face buried on his shoulder before Shiro called it a night and saved Lance’s heart from exploding.

Once back in his dorm room, Lance had been on the middle of applying his green goo face mask on his forehead when the lights had gone out. He’d been a second away from screaming out in annoyance when something caught his attention from the corner of his eye.

Small purple dots glowed back at him through the mirror and Lance remembers gasping so loud that Hunk had come running, a small candle in hand as he looked around the bathroom for any possible danger.

Glowing purple freckles. Lance got freckles as his signature for his soulmate link and they were purple.

Not just any purple! It had been such a rich purple, reminding Lance of a particular nebulae seen in his astronomy class, earlier in the semester. Talking about aesthetic, hell yeah.

The power didn’t come back until next morning but Lance barely noticed. He spent the entire night staring at a mirror. Professor Coran hadn’t been that amused during the class next day when Lance slept through half of the session.

The only downside, though, is that he has no clue on who his soulmate is. It’s been two weeks and he has yet to met anyone with the same color as his freckles.

It’s a fact that he knows them, he must know them because then the link wouldn’t have triggered, but who? The barista at BOM’s Cafe? The librarian where they go to study twice a week? It could be literally anyone.

God, he hopes it’s Keith.

The thought makes him pause for a second before he groans and hides his face in his hands. He really shouldn’t think of someone else when his soulmate might be out there, glowing the same shade as he is, but it’s so hard to remember that whenever Keith’s eyes are on his or when Keith’s touch makes him giddy and happy.

Lance tries to be reasonable, that anything is possible, but every time they hang out and he sees no glowing skin on Keith’s body, his small spark of hope gets dimmer.

“Lance? You there?” Keith’s voice appears out of the sudden, followed by two quick knocks on the door, and Lance’s heart skips a beat without his consent.

Rude, heart.

“Yeah, I’m here, what up?” Lance answers a few seconds later, pushing himself back from the mirror to look at the door.

“Everyone’s asking for you, we are about to start the movie.” Keith says, slowly opening the door and meeting Lance’s gaze, “Come on, Slowpoke, Pidge is this close to flee to the lab if we don’t arrive soon.”

Lance laughs, shaking his head in amusement as he rolls his eyes. “Cheese, that girl needs to learn that being surrounded by robots is not really ‘socializing’.”

“I don’t know, Rover has amazing topics to talk about.” Keith shrugs, a small grin in place before frowning when Lance pokes his forehead, his glasses sliding down at the move.

“Of course you would think so, Mr. Mothman Is Out There.”

Keith scoffs, glaring up at the brunet as he pushes his glasses back up. “He is out there.”

“Sure, sure.” Lance gives in, raising his arms in mock surrender as he exits the bathroom, “How are the new glasses, by the way? Good?”

Keith nods, following him out of dorm quietly. “Yeah, my headaches are starting to lessen, so I guess it was true that staying up with your laptop screen in the dark was not good for the eyesight, huh?”

“Ya think so?”

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Request: y/n's a famous singer and she and harry meet for the first time on a talk show where there's a game where they have to sing their dirtiest song to the other without breaking eye contact and Harry's intrigued by her orrrr same segment but boyfriend Harry is watching from home and gets a lil jealous? Xx

love this idea!! (let me know if y’all want a part 2!) 

Dirty Lyrics. 

Originally posted by sstyles

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Produce 101 Scandals

I’m so sick of seeing the trainees being bashed for simple mistakes. Some trainees didn’t even do anything wrong but still get bashed because some people hate on everything unless their fave is doing well and even then they still do it.

Scandals started even before the first episode aired, Maroo Entertainment’s Han Jongyeon got shit on for his past actions. I honestly didn’t have a problem with him leaving the competition because he deserved consequences for what he did, but what we forget sometimes is that it’s not our place to judge or say anything on the matter. Whether he did something or not we don’t know the full story so why stick your nose in a place where it doesn’t belong. I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion but don’t “take matters I to your own hands” and hate on a trainee when all the information you know came out of an allkpop article. It is not your business, you aren’t involved in anyway, so why are you over there making a fool out of yourself by cussing out a trainee that might never see your comments.

Kang Daniel got shit on for his actions, I understand that he did make a terrible decision and should have thought it through but it’s a simple mistake. He apologized and got dealt with by the Produce 101 staff so why do you think that your two cents are needed? The kid gets hated on and will continue to get hated on regardless of what he chooses to do because of a simple mistake. Get off your high horse, realize that you too have made mistakes and leave him alone. What do you get out of hating on a 22 year old that is just trying to make his dreams come true? at the end of the day he’s doing something with his life and you’re sitting at home using foul language because you lack the intelligence to voice your opinion in a civilized manner.

Lee Daehwi, better known as “the kid that did absolutely nothing to you”. What did he do exactly? “He’s arrogant” acknowledging your skills and having your best be enough to be one of the best is arrogance? He got hated on for being the center because apparently you can be an absolute mess on stage and be worshipped as long as you’re handsome. Beauty is subjective so I’m not going to fight you on your opinion, even if I’m my eyes Daehwi has a cute lil face that is idol worthy, but you know to each their own. The hate that he gets got so bad that he felt that he couldn’t be disappointed for being ranked lower than he had hoped for, it got so bad that he didn’t volunteer to be center for playing with fire, it got so bad that he felt that he had to say “I know I’m ugly but please vote for me” during his “it’s meringue time” video. Daehwi is beyond talented, I do believe that he is a force to be reckoned with and so do you because if you didn’t you wouldn’t bash him to make your faves look better.

Im Youngmin has to be the most heartbreaking for me. How would you feel if you got hated on because you were with someone you love? I don’t expect you to think about that why would you? You’ve proven that you’re about as selfish and petty as it can get, so why would you put yourself in somebody else’s place? All of those comments scolding him for dating someone are completely unnecessary, frustrating, and well stupid. It’s not his or his girlfriend’s fault that you feel entitled to a 22 year old just because he’s on the path of becoming a public figure. Princess he’s not yours to do with as you please, he’s not here to do as you say, he’s human and him and every idol out there should be treated as such. Idols, soon to be idols, and/or trainees do not give up their humanity when they decide on this lifestyle. YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. YOU DO NOT GET TO DESTROY THEIR FRIENDSHIPS OR RELATIONSHIPS BECAUSE YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. But you do, you do it anyways, you hurt the people you say you love because you are a spoiled brat that can’t handle not getting what they want. I hope Youngmin and his girlfriend get through this and live happily ever after just to spite you all. I hope that they shove their relationship down your throat so we can see you foaming at the mouth in the corner, but that’s the thing. You see you don’t really care, it’s all temporary. One day you love this celebrity and say that you’ll be in love forever and the next you find somebody new to obsess over (god help them). For you it’s temporary, for them it’s there forever, that situation is a part of their life. Maybe you ruined a relationship that meant the world to them, maybe you ruined their chances of being successful, maybe you damaged their mental health. You’re not paying for your actions, they are, but you don’t care. If your fave isn’t in love with you then he can’t be in love with anybody? Please rethink your psychotic mentality and stop being a waste of oxygen for the rest of us.

I’m so sick and tired of trainees/idols being bashed for nothing. They deserve to be happy just like you and me. You say you love them, how about you stop saying it and start showing it?

BTS Reaction || You not wearing bra when you’re with them

Warnings: none

Genre: slight smut, comedy, fluff, bestfriend!bangtan


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Namjoon knew that you were a little in love with him. And when you appeared in his house without bra on, because you were using an strapless shirt, he felt flirted.

“Y/N…” he said when you both were eating ramyeon. You needed to bend over the plate so you could eat the noodles. Your shirt showed a lot of skin in front of him.

He tried to control himself but his boner was growing behind his shorts.

You raised your chin with the noodles still on your mouth. Letting him see you with a kiss face, looking into his eyes, and you didn’t bother to cover your chest.

“I guess you are flirting with me… and my dick is feeling bad about this. I think I have to punish you…” he told you, resting on his backrest, crossing his arms.

“What?” You said with your mouth full, licking your lips after you finish to swallow the noodles.

He diverted his view to your bare chest and you noticed what he was talking about, blushing. “I think it’s a little too late to apologize now.” He told you.

“Oh God, I’m sor… ah, it doesn’t matter anymore.” You answered him totally giving up because of course you were up to that.


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You were with your best friend watching a movie, but then you felt like your bra was squeezing your chest and you weren’t comfortable with that.

By the time you came back from the bathroom without your bra, you laid beside Jin on the couch, resting your head on his chest to keep watching the movie. He noticed that you didn’t had bra on. “Y/N, don’t you wear underwear?” He asked you, trying to separate his body from yours.

You were friends since high school but even though you slept with him because he was comfy, you never were that comfy around him, pressing your naked chest over him. But that night you were feeling tired and with need of feel free. “Yes, but my breasts hurt.” You answered him, laying again on his chest.

“I can’t do it, Y/N. I’m a man, mans get excited when they feel nipples over them. I’m sorry. Or you put your bra again or you’ll have to watch the movie on that side of the couch.” He said, sitting on to separate you from him and pointing the other side of the couch.


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Yoongi came to your house on saturday morning because you two had planned a picnic’s day. You’ve been friends with him since forever and there was so much confidence between you both that you treat yourselves like brothers.
That day, you were just woke up from bed when he knocked your door. Dressed only with your pajama shorts and the shirt, no bra on.

He didn’t say anything until you both were having breakfast. He was waiting for you, sitting in front of you on the table, talking about serious stuff like the songs he made recently but you noticed him, smiling to himself looking everywhere but you.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” You asked him, smiling and searching his glare with your eyes. “Nothing, is just… Y/N… I can see your hard nipples behind your shirt.” He said laughing.

“Min Yoongi!” You screamed at him throwing a cloth napkin to his head.


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One day, J-Hope came to help you with a new choreography that you were learning because you were a big hit’s trainee. Hoseok crossed his path with you months ago when you both chose the same menu of food and he followed you to the table to know you better because he thought that ‘you would be good friends.’

It was hot that day, so you decided to only use the sweatshirt to practice.

He was dancing with you but when he needed to fix your posture like always, he was in front of you moving his hands around you as he was looking for a place to touch you without being closer to your breasts.

“What is it, oppa?” You asked him.

“Sorry, Y/N but I’m afraid to touch your titis… Could you please put something on so I can teach you?” He said laughing and blushing.


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You were really tired so you decided to lie down in your friend’s bed, you felt sleep taking over you and, as you would know, he wouldn’t bother if you use it, so you got comfortable, removing your bra, and fell asleep.

Jimin enters the bedroom to discover that you have fallen asleep in his bed and without a bra on. He doesn’t know what to do, since he could go back to the living room. But he doesn’t want to sleep on the hard couch, nor does he want to wake you up because he knows the difficult day you’ve had. He decides, finally, to approach slowly while removing his sweatshirt and sweatpants, being left alone in black boxers.

He opens the edge of the sheets and moving your body gently with his hands, slips to your side to realize that there is not enough space. He remains like a stone next to you and his gaze goes from your face to your bare breasts under your shirt, feeling that he’s inches from your nipples. He begins to regret the decision he made. But then he whispers to you. “Y/N, there’s not much room here so… I’m going to take you by the waist, ok?” And without an answer from you, his arm surrounds your abdomen and rests on it, while resting his head on a pillow, as close as possible to your face “Good night Y/N” he ended, a little more confident, and falls asleep.


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You rested on Taehyung bedroom when you got back from work. You both were working until late that night ‘cause Christmas was coming and the store filled with people asking stupid things that they had on the tags of the products in the store.

So you took of your bra without taking off your t-shirt and went to his bed, not caring if he bothered.

You were half asleep when you felt an arm rounding your waist and a hand grabbing your left breast. “Oh… so confortable…” you heard Taehyung saying whispering.

You couldn’t avoid the fact that he was squeezing your breast, and your sensitive nipples got up easily, feeling his palm all around it. “What are you doing, boy?!” You whispered like screaming. “Calm down Y/N, it’s nothing sexual, you’re just seemed so comfortable I couldn’t resist…” he told you, resting his head on yours, squeezing his body on yours and falling asleep.


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Jungkook and you met each other on the gym near your building. It was a funny meeting because that day, he was using a machine that you needed for your rutine and when he finished and you positioned yourself to start, you broke it unconsciously. He turned around to see what happened and there were you, on the ground, he laughed shyly but helped you get up while calling the personal trainer. The next months you started to talk because you both already broke the ice due to the fact. He was a cute guy and helped you every time he saw you in trouble.

One morning, Jungkook was on the dressing room taking a shower, he got dressed and were drying his hair with a towel while he went out when he crashed with another body. He took his towel off his head to looked at you covering your breasts with the sweatshirt you were wearing to exercise minutes ago.

He covered his face with the towel and walked backwards, hitting himself with the column that was behind him but non stoping saying “sorry, sorry, sorry.” Noticing that he went to the girls dressing room.

What I’ve learned in 2017

1. Burning bridges is not a bad thing. 
Because burning bridges saves you. It saves you from running back to toxic people and it protects you against them running after you. If they have no path to get to you, chances are, they are too lazy to create one. Or at least not bothered enough.

 Burn the bridges you need to. It’s not a destructive habit. Sometimes, it’s the most constructive burning you will ever do. 

2. Decisions are daunting but they are not final. 
If you decide to opt for A instead of B, you may not always be able to go back to B in case you realize you have made the wrong decision BUT you can always research on options C, D, E and more. You can change the course of your life at any time you wish. Regretting is not productive, discovering a new path definitely is. 

3. People will think what they want to. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, they will think as they please. 

‘You know what is harder than getting someone to put their money in your wallet? Forcing your thoughts in their head.’ -Pinocchio (Kdrama)

So why would you want to waste all that time and effort? Leave them alone with their thoughts as they may be and continue to do what brings peace to you. 

4. We tend to inflate things in our head. When we are thinking of all the possibilities of certain choices, actions and situations, we tend to inflate the bad, the unwanted, the scary possibilities in our head. This makes us anxious and stressed more than is needed. That makes us want to back out of things, run away, not get out of bed. But in reality, even the worst possible outcome is not half as bad as we make it out to be in our head.

Just show up. 

That’s when you will realize that the universe isn’t against you. That life isn’t that hard. That people aren’t that intimidating or superior (skills, knowledge, beauty, etc). That everyone is just as nervous and anxious and unsure. Of course, they are better in containing that. But that’s not always a good thing anyway. 

5. People say things about us. Good and bad. But we can’t base our decisions on that. And we can’t base our opinion of ourselves on that. Why? Because what people say isn’t reliable and what people say isn’t constant and what they say definitely isn’t so much about us as it is about them. We can’t let a compliment make our day because if we give the words of others that kind of power, a rude remark can also completely ruin our day. And sadly, the latter is usually more in abundance than genuine compliments. 

6. People change. But so do you. And maybe it is harder to accept the changes in yourself than it is to accept them in others. I used to be a night person. I wouldn’t go to bed before 5 am. My sleep cycle was this messed up for 5 years. But that changed this year. However, I found it so hard to stop describing myself as a night owl when I met new people even though now I was going to bed by midnight. It is so important to accept the changes in yourself and to use correct language. 

I used to be someone who would binge eat. 
I used to be someone who would send long, emotional texts at 4 am to people who abandoned me. 
I used to be someone who would give people more chances than they deserved. 
Used to. 

7. People at work don’t give a shit about your emotions. Or your anxiety. You need to better take care of yourself. You need to be better composed. Being an emotional mess is usually okay. But not at work. Anywhere but at work. 

8. Some people know what they want to do in their life right from school. They are very clear about what they want and what they have to do in order to get it. And they do exactly that. 

But then there are those like you who don’t have a very solid idea of what your life should look like in terms of your career or life in general. It is scary. It is very overwhelming. And it is super confusing. But you will figure it out. 

Just like you figured out how to be able to breathe after having your lungs crushed along with your heart or when you should say no or that time when you refrained from saying anything at all because you realized it wouldn’t change a thing.

You will get this. It isn’t a race. And there should be no comparisons. 

9. A very wise person coined ‘health is wealth’ because it is one of the truest things I’ve heard since I was little. Most other things were just sexist or racist. But this. THIS IS SO TRUE. It may be hard to realize now, being young and all. Right now your body may be able to take everything you throw at it. But just like everything else, this will not last. Physical exercise and eating right are essentials. There is no easy way and there are no pills. Your body very well understands the concept of ‘you will get what you give’. Treat it wisely. 

10. Needs vs Wants.
What would you like to hear? That you have won a world tour or you have a brain tumour? I think I know your answer. But were this not a hypothetical situation, you would benefit from hearing what you don’t want to hear rather than hearing what you want to. Had you only got the news of the world tour and not the required diagnosis, your health would further deteriorate.

That’s the difference between a want and a need. Most times, a need is essential to survival. Know the difference. Make that choice which though hard in the present, will be super beneficial in the long term. 

11. Globalization includes more than just a few countries. I think this was an obvious one, but for some reason it took me watching Korean TV shows this year to realize that all countries in the world have a beautiful culture and so much to offer and it would be really fun to know more about different countries than to be fixated on just my own and a few others. 

12. The healing time for different people is different. So it may hurt to see her make new friends and party while you are all alone, but you will get there too. It may just take a little longer. And that’s okay. 

13. Skills are super important. I mean, if somehow you ended up in like the 16th century, how would your knowledge and skills help the then world in advancement? This realization made me feel really lacking. But I won’t be sitting here and cribbing. I already have a list of things I want to learn in 2018. They might not necessarily help the hypothetical situation of being in the 16th century, but they will definitely add to me as a person. 

14. Take your time. 
Take your time to reply back to that text. 
Take your time to give an answer. 
Take your time to be ready. 
Don’t overwhelm yourself with the expectations of others. Because maybe they don’t care as much about you replying back as much as you’re getting anxious about not having replied yet. 

15. Show. Don’t tell.
 Don’t share your plan or goal with others. I mean, sure, maybe with one or two super close people, but don’t go ahead yelling it on the microphone (or well social media) every time you get a new idea or make a new choice because people have a way of fucking it up. Intentionally or otherwise. Even if you want to tell them, at least don’t hand them the blueprint.

 It is always nice to share once you’ve achieved your goal than to tell everyone when you are yet to start with the execution. It’s better that they see what you’ve achieved or done rather you telling them before it has even materialized.

16. Don’t sympathize with people too much. Especially not if you start feeling guilty about not having as many problems as them. Because most times, if you sympathize THAT much, you tend to alter your life to make theirs better and chances are, their life isn’t as bad as they make it to be. So you end up giving up on things for them and later realize that that wasn’t quite needed. Not that they are intentionally trying to make things seem worse than they are, just that maybe you feel every word of what they say deeply. In any case, you don’t have to feel guilty about having a better life. 

17. Happiness and satisfaction are two different things. And what you want to aim for is satisfaction. Because happiness is getting a new phone or getting a good morning text from someone you like. It is external. It is short lived. It will never be enough. Satisfaction is internal, it isn’t attached to materialistic things and it isn’t tied to other people. Satisfaction is working hard on a project and learning a lot. It is learning a new skill. It is making a choice trusting your instinct. It is living your life in a way that lets you sleep well at night and have a light heart.

2017 was quick. But 2017 was healing. It was realizing that after all the damage done in 2016, I can still be okay. And that throughout my life, I will fluctuate in my ‘okay-ness’ and that’s completely okay.

(More Than A) Dream By The Fire | JJK

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pairing | jungkook x reader
genre | comedy, fluff, smut; friends to lovers
word count | 5.1k
warnings | super cute, relatively vanilla smut, awkward sex mishaps, easily flustered jungkook

↳ the night may not have went the way you expected it to, but it turned out better than you could have ever imagined. 

You drum your fingers against the marble kitchen island, eyes glued to the ticking clock. Each minute seems to drag on for hours and you can slowly feel yourself going insane with anticipation. 8:48… 8:49… 8:50… God, why can’t it be nine o'clock yet?

Tonight is special — not only are you going to be seeing Jungkook again for the first time in three months due to his busy overseas promotions, but it is also the third anniversary of the day the two of you became friends. He called out of the blue on Wednesday, asking if you’d be home Friday night, and when you inquired as to why, he dropped the bomb that he’d be back home in Korea and free of any schedules for the three weeks leading up to Christmas.  

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