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Let me say i've shipped ALOT of couples... all sexualities... and i have an EXTREME fav one here in the states but I have NEVER seen two characters love each other and show it to the depths Rob and Aaron do. I've never seen anything like it.

Awwww isn’t this gorgeous?

Yeah, they’re brilliant. They’re the biggest mess ever, they’re both total nightmares and their storyline pretty much defines angst but they’re the BEST and entirely original and, as you say, there’s so much love it’s kind of disgusting by this point ;)

Plus, the god damned chemistry these two have.

So happy you enjoy them too (hope you enjoy the whole show TBH!)

  • Someone in the hallway: (calls a kid gay)
  • Me walking by: I'm gayer

There are only two people in the whole who would really care about me”

- Meowth



Meowth Rules

A Poached Ego

Litwick Mansion

Meowth, Corless (I forgot the rest, it in the best wishes series)

Pokemon XY Japanese Opening


Pokemon XY episode 63 

Putting Yuri into perspective

This episode really had me thinking back to all Yuri and Viktor have been through. The last scene is about Yuri’s imminent retiring from skating, not necessarily a break up. But this says alot about how Yuri feels concerning his relationship with Viktor, and his anxiety. Shit, this show is just so F U L L of subtlety, that I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming.

Remember back at the end of ep 9, when Yuri says:

then Viktor says this:

and so, Yuri tears up:

I never quite understood why Yuri gets sad here - he looked so happy and determined to see Viktor just moments ago. I always thought he was just overwhelmed, but why with sadness? It’s because, as viktor says “ I wish you’d never retire”, Yuri is crushed with the weight that he knows he wants to retire very soon - after the GPF.

This scene is actually the saddest to me now. Not because Yuri starts crying, but because it says so much about how Yuri is feeling and there were no words needed. Viktor just finished telling him how he would improve his own coaching to help Yuri from that point on, but Yuri knows it’s going to be so short lived. Yuri knows his time with Viktor is coming to an end, on his own accord.

Thus, we have Yuri’s breakdown on the ice.

It’s no secret he’s an anxious wreck, as this screams volumes of his disappointment in himself, again, no words needed. But of course, he doesn’t break down entirely because of failure, but because of pressure, the pressure of being under Viktor’s flawless image. ( Notice there is a lot of emphasis on pressure in this episode, especially with how JJ’s performance went down: “so this is the pressure of the Grand Prix Final” i think he says; then phichit wanting to make his country proud, crying at the end to release said pressure). You can see the ring’s emphatic glow there, which is a nod to Viktor (and their engagement).

In this flashback, it illustrates that impressing Viktor is always on his mind:

this flashback in particular, along with his obsessive thoughts about that quad flip, tells me that being at Viktor’s standards is the only way he’ll feel good about himself. (What many people misconstrue about Yuri is that he just skates to impress Viktor - when the reality is he wants to skate so that he doesn’t make Viktor look bad. It is his anxiety speaking).

The conflict in Yuri is that he obviously loves Viktor - but he has finally come to terms that Viktor affects his skating. He already has performance anxiety and he knows that failing is going to make himself feel worse, because he’s concerned about how badly that reflects on Viktor - as he says here back in ep 7:

And that is on top of his own poor self-esteem:

I feel like this shows how Yuri is trapped by his anxiety. This is one of the most realistic depictions of mental illness that I’ve seen in media ever. The fear of failure is always in him, and it is not cured by Viktor.

In which case, I think this answers all our questions about why Yuri refers to fucking wedding rings as “good luck charms,” and why he was all “wait, WHAT?” when Viktor announced their engagement. This signifies that Yuri doesn’t want to be the one to hold Viktor back - he doesn’t feel he’s worth it.

And, oh, Yuri seeing Viktor look out onto the ice:

here, we see Yuri is on a much lower plane than Viktor and we are looking with his perspective. He stands looking up at Viktor, a person who he admires so much. Again, another strange scene without words that speaks through symbolism: Yuri still sees Viktor as someone who is always going to be out of reach and always above him.

And Yuri telling Viktor this will surely challenge him, because unlike Yuri, he is confident. He’s never been in Yuri’s shoes. But I’m 99% sure they’re not going to break up. Although this is clearly Yuri saying “look. I don’t want to be the one to hold you back, I’m not worth it. You’re the one who should be on the ice, not me. I’m retiring so you can go back to Russia and go back to doing what you love, whether it be competing or coaching someone better.”


But, if we haven’t already seen, Viktor doesn’t feel that way anymore. He loves Yuri more and has done his time with winning championships. I’m actually excited to see what Viktor will tell Yuri in the next episode, for it will hopefully give Yuri piece of mind, as Viktor hasn’t entirely expressed this to him yet. Yuri is still under the impression that Viktor is coaching him because he sees Yuri as a great skater that can win the Grand Prix, when in actuality it’s because Viktor loves him. I’m thinking Viktor finally expressing his true love to him will ease his anxiety.. Fear is clearly holding him back; if he does win the GPF (and i think he will), it will not be because he is the protagonist of the story - it will be because Viktor’s love has made him stronger. Is that not what his theme is this year?

“Now that I know love, I’m stronger for it.”

All the episodes of both of them being ambiguous on the subject on their true, deep-ass feelings lead up to this point:

Love will conquer his fear.

Bring it on episode 12. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Hey guys, I just wanna let you know my depression/anxiety posts are not how I feel now. I am satisfied with my point of life atm. My posts are based on previous feelings and such. I’ve been getting messages of people worrying about me and I just wanna say I appreciate it alot, we need more people like you, thanks for worrying xx ❤

BTS as shit my groupchat says

Seokjin: “Will suck dick for new pink vans”

Yoongi: “Cannibalism is for cool kids”

Hoseok: “I have the lords protection”

Namjoon: “The sky is like earths plastic wrap what a weird thing”

Jimin: “Didnt do shit but get caught for cheating and party but i did win homecoming queen twice so”

Taehyung: “the eyebrows is what sells it”

Jungkook: “i have performance anxiety i can’t pee in front of spiders”

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could i ask what are your brush settings? your lines are so nice!

sure !! i dont rly use alot but heres my current brush settings

main brush: (that I use for almost everything, esp lineart)

and a sketch brush i sometimes use, if i just want to doodle/do some warmups

thats abt it, if i still have some other brushes id like to show ill just add them to here .w.

henrik holm is the coolest fucking dork in the universe. he’s like my older cousin who i see twice a year and is super nice and takes me for drives and i help him out with errands except he keeps running into people who know him on the street, and these people are all cool, aesthetic, Old Kids that work at coffeeshops or as waiters part-time while they study in university or pursue their dreams, and he introduces me with a smile and im like shy in the corner, and he’s super friendly and includes me in the conversation and would give me his sweater and genuinely want to know what i’m up to and think whatever im doing is cool. like what a guy.

Jeonghan IZE Magazine Interview

Q: you seem to tease the members as a way of taking care of them which makes you look like a young boy.

YJH: Ah, if i like you, I’d tease you alot. That’s the way I show affection. The kids might hate it, but because i like it, i keep doing it. But Dino said something (to me): You should act like you hate it (being teased) so the fans would like it! 

Trans: guojeu