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Coming to you soon starting October 23rd come join us on every night for a non-horror Halloween themed movie! The Schedule will be as follows:

Monday Oct. 23 : 8 PM AST , Coraline
Tuesday Oct. 24 : 6 PM AST , Beetlejuice
Wednesday Oct. 25 : 8 PM AST , The Addams Family
Thursday Oct. 26 : 6 PM AST , The Corps Bride
Friday Oct. 27 : 8 PM AST , The Private Eyes
Saturday Oct. 28 : 9 PM AST(time subject to change) , Paranorman
Sunday Oct. 29 : 6 PM AST , Clue
Monday Oct. 30 : 8 PM AST , The Addams Family Values
Tuesday Oct. 31: TBA ,  Halloween TV specials(Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and others will be announced as the day gets closer)

Saturday Morning Garbage

Every Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m.
I put a magic piece of candy in my mouth
the sour bittersweet taste soothes my stomach
and eases my raging skull
last night’s torrent of self-deprecation and decompression
slowly fades away through the dregs of the week
still ravaged my joints and muscles 
at least the hangover will be subsided
before noon
a Gatorade and a magic piece of candy
is all I need to not fear the Saturday Sun

The truth hurts but
so do most other things. 
I dreamed about you 
but you were nothing like  
When I woke up,  I tried to call you
to tell you 
the world wasn’t as bad as we thought
but if I ever knew your number,
it escaped me in that moment. 
I hope you forgive me my
I get it from my country. 
(Or else the ones who did this
to my country.
I can’t remember which.)

I heard from someone that 
the sky makes room for some things
but not for others,
and I can’t help but think
that my limbs don’t bend the right way.

And anyway, I hope you’re happy after all.
And I hope the sad poems don’t make any sense to you, kid,
I hope you never have to understand. 

And I’m sending my love.
You’ll recognize it by the way
it takes up all the elbow room 
in your new house.
(Sorry about that.
It’s something I’m working on.)

I hope you sleep well, old friend. 
I hope you wake up and
that’s ever been taken from you
is returned to you in full.
—  Y.Z, Found on Your Doorstep, 8 pm on a Saturday

Hello Tumblr friends! This post is specifically for people in Berkeley/the Bay Area, but Animal Planet’s coming to film us on Saturday and an $8 donation to Palomacy gets you one of these chubby pigeon pins (or $15 for 2)! They’re custom designed by @birdhism and measure 1.25" across. Miu approves 😊

They want people to stop by and ask questions, so you could be on TV!! An online fundraising site will be set up soon, too.

Details: This Saturday 8/26, 3:30-5 PM on the UC Berkeley Campus (Upper Sproul Plaza). Hope to see some of you there 😊

Possible Future

Summary: In the middle of the night, Bucky shows up in your house with his son in his arms looking for someone to talk to.

This is my submission for @whotheeffisbucky AU Writing Challenge! . My choice was single parent au

Paring: Bucky x Reader


Warnings: Fluffy, so much fluff.

Thank you @drinkfantasy for beta this for me you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owners

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It is a beautiful Saturday night, the weather is warm, the stars are shining and your apartment smells like fresh baked cookies. What else could a girl want? You are almost falling asleep on your couch when you hear your doorbell ring. Who would visit you at 8 p.m on a Saturday night without previous notice?

When you open the door, you are not surprised to see Bucky with his son, Grant, in his arms on the other side. If someone was going to show up at your house without being invited this someone would be Bucky Barnes. Not that you mind, you loved to spend time with him and his little boy.

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tonight on kad’s shitposting: its 4am and i couldnt stop thinking about this

how did he NOT sense that argost is a cryptid when he REALLY tried to find one there i mEAN CMOOON

MBTI on a long weekend

DISCLAIMER: all true things that may have happened ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- Saturday: re-reading old msgs, wondering if their friend is mad at them but not sure how to bring it up and discussing it with close friends
- Sunday: finally blackmailed into leaving the house by an extrovert
- Monday: willingly left the house to see fireworks, enjoying the aesthetic of watching them solo

- Saturday: plays in a competitive strategic game tournament (e.g. chess, sports, esports), takes home 1st place relentlessly
- Sunday: does not sleep in, wakes up, and proceeds as usual on a Sunday
- Monday: 50/50 chance of sleeping in, would prefer to spend the day being a closed-off hermit but fam barges in and drags INTJ out

- Saturday: binge-watched a new Netflix original and isn’t ready to talk about the emotional and psychological trauma inflicted by the finale yet
- Sunday: scouring the internet for info and details on the show they just watched, re-blogging everything related to the show only to be recommended another one to watch by a total stranger on Tumblr
- Monday: hasn’t eaten in 17 hours from a sudden surge of creativity and they’re 5 chapters deep into a fanfiction they’ve written about their favourite pairing

- Saturday: at an art show enjoying the experience, talks to the artist afterward, and quietly wonders if they’ll ever leave their mark on the world
- Sunday: dabbles in a couple of activities, supports a friend at a concert, attends a chill afterparty, and doesn’t notice they’re being flirted with which is really cute
- Monday: after days of incubation, inspiration takes hold and ISFP basically drops off the face of this earth — they’re moved to Japan, rooming with a friend, please check up on them

- Saturday: bakes the most heavenly tasting cookies anyone has ever tasted and befriends all of the neighbours/neighbourhood pets/random birds and deers
- Sunday: mass, always
- Monday: gathers family together for dinner, ISFJ is always the best cook

- Saturday: Saturday routine (I.e. wake up, shower, breakfast, read/write/schoolwork, lunch, music rehearsal/sport practice, dinner, chill, sleep)
- Sunday: Sunday routine (I.e. fam time, friend time, me time)
- Monday: finally gets to sleep in

- Saturday: absorbing Wikipedia through an IV until fam kidnaps INTP for a long weekend trip
- Sunday: enjoys the sights, rebels in small ways, wishing they were alone but weird fam members and random strangers keep the trip interesting
- Monday: sleeps in, exhausted AF, in no mood to converse with anything that requires oxygen to functiom or has 2 or more legs, will sleep anywhere until they get to their bed, in which case they’ll revisit their good friend Wikipedia

- Saturday: hitting up the city, doing whatever they want, flirting, eating, dancing, interested in new experiences and noticing new people who can provide it
- Sunday: hermit - working on an independent project no one knows about
- Monday: ISTP is nowhere to be found, until their Instagram reveals that they went to the Arctic to film penguins for National Geographic

- Saturday: went Mexico for the weekend, told nobody about wanting to go but somehow drags 2 friends with them across the border
- Sunday: their Instagram pics are all tagged in Mexico but their Facebook update says they’re in Disneyland partying it up with Mickey and Minnie
- Monday: they show up to work by accident and immediately leave for a hike at the national park, only to get lost with their friends and get flirted with by the park ranger

- Saturday: low key attends a wedding and somehow wedges his way into the speaker’s list, makes jokes about the groom at his expense mercilessly just to get the crowd energy up
- Sunday: working on a lip sync dance battle YouTube project with friends, spends all day goofing around, and cracking jokes
- Sunday: hermiting the whole day at home to edit the video in time for Monday, king of memes and procrastination as always

- Saturday: tutor kids in need on weekends, not for the money but because ENFJ lives off the praises of the parents and is waiting for the moment when the student tells them they’re ‘so cool’
- Sunday: summons all their introverted friends out to play via black magic to come a long weekend party ENFJ is hosting
- Monday: runs into a friend while doing errands, the conversation somehow becomes about the friend’s abusive relationship, prompting ENFJ to suggest that they go somewhere to eat right now so the friend can pour over all the details over brunch and sangria

- Saturday: running a community fundraiser, spends their time mostly luring people they know to buy their baked goods and by chatting with friendly elderly during their 1pm walk (all of which ESFJ know by name), somehow raises $5000 from a bake sale
- Sunday: designated day to spend time with SO, brunch with drinks, quick hike through the local park and taking cute pictures together to remember these moments
- Monday: helping to host a neighbourhood block party at their cul de sac, making sure the music isn’t too loud, getting volunteers to stay on task, having fun meeting new people and spending time with friends

- Saturday: works overtime on Saturdays, doesn’t mind as long as they’re getting paid, task isn’t too meaningless, and it needs to get done, gets drinks with co-workers at the end to loosen up (it’s Saturday after all)
- Sunday: high key runs a business on the side, spends the day at business lunches, knows how to push a deal effortlessly
- Monday: plans with loved ones, highly structured, lunch at 11, freetime until 4, dinner party with friends At 5, sleep at 10, ready to wake up and go back to work for 8, just the way ENTJ likes it

- Saturday: long weekend cottage party that low key doubles as a networking session, leaves with new contacts and a job interview, not bad for a Saturday
- Sunday: designated date with the bae, doing couple things but mostly helping each other solve problems at work, always pushing each other to strive for higher, often called “high powered couple” and secretly likes it
- Monday: attends a charity ball, delivers a solid handshake to everyone they meet, bae in tow, both relishing at all the possible contacts they will make at the party, never forgets what charity the ball is raising awareness for

- Saturday: dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance
- Sunday: stays hydrated, goes to the gym to work on that body, makes a new friend by chatting with their treadmill neighbour, invites new friend to happy hour tonight, gets asked out right as they are leaving the gym
- Monday: rooftop patio bar, takes shots for their Instagram and their liver, soaking in the last of the long weekend with friends, the city, and a rooftop of fun loving strangers

- Saturday: away at a cottage, shenanigans ensue erupting in chaos for thr TJs, knows how to get what they want, gets yelled at by park ranger for causing a disturbance, always sleeps with something with 2 legs or more at night
- Sunday: sneaks out of the cottage early morning to look for animals, finds a bear, accidentally hikes through entire forest and is found by the park ranger (sent by friends who reported ESTP lost), and ESTP finally returns to their friends
- Monday: ESTP leaves the cottage by themselves at 7am, stops by the park ranger lodge to ask them out, catches a flight to Japan, and low key bumps into ISFP


How Disney is teaching valuable family lessons in an episode of ‘Doc McStuffins’ featuring Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi
This weekend, Disney Junior and The Disney Channel broke new ground on the successful animated children’s television series #DocMcStuffins , airing an episode featuring two moms as the heads of a household that learns the importance of putting a plan in place for unexpected emergencies. The episode entitled, “The Emergency Plan,” finds the two doll moms, voiced by out actors #WandaSykes and #PortiadeRossi , caught unprepared when a toy dragon causes an “earthquake” by jumping up an down. The family becomes separated, and Doc reunites them and shows them how to make emergency kits. .
“The Emergency Plan” episode originally aired on The Disney Channel on Saturday, August 5, at 8:00 a.m. ET/PT, and will air on Disney Junior on Sunday, August 6, at 12:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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‘Still Star-Crossed’ ABC Series Moving To Saturday After 3 Monday Airings

Shondaland’s Still Star-Crossed‘s Monday run is over after three low-rated outings. Starting this coming week, the Romeo & Juliet sequel no longer will air in its assigned Monday time slot. After a break, the ABC series will continue its freshman run on July 8, airing on Saturdays.

The scheduling downgrade is a clear sign that the medieval drama won’t go beyond its first season. Still Star-Crossed is expected to get a de facto cancellation next week when the options on the cast expire.

An adaptation of Melinda Taub’s novel, Still Star-Crossed landed ABC’s best summer time slot, behind The Bachelorette. It opened with underwhelming 2.3 million viewers and 0.5 adults 18-49 rating (Live+same day) and since has slipped to 1.6 million viewers and a 0.3 in the demo earlier this week.

*tv announcer voice* HE’S an eccentric fast-living demon, and HE’S a quirky by-the-books angel. Believe it or not, these two are BFF’s, and boy do they sure LOVE the EARTH! So when the APOCALYPSE rolls into to town, the both of them aren’t gonna let THIS slide. Because if the world succumbs to the bloody and terrifyingly conclusive final battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell, WHERE are THEY gonna feed the DUCKS? (canned laugh track) Crowley and Aziraphale aren’t going down without a fight in Good Omens, the hilarious tale of horsemen and hyjinks, prophecies and paranoia, and most importantly, the POWER of FRIENDSHIP.

Our heroes are out to save the day! There’s just one problem–SOMEONE misplaced the ANTI-CHRIST!! (silly unnecessary “boing” sound) Coming to you Saturdays at 8/7 Central, only on Showtime.