this s u cks

i was so tired last night i actually thought these were good

  • Yoosung: Seven, have you seen my hoddie?
  • Seven: *sweets nervously* what no. You wear a hoddie? I never knew that, haha.
  • Yoosung: Really.
  • Seven: *all in one breath* okay I might have stolen it and put it under my pillow for when you're away at uni and I'm stuck here slaving for work and I take it out to smell bc it smells like you and I miss you a damn large amount while ur away and I'm sorry. Please don't hate me.
  • Yoosung: *covering face* that's adorable.
s2 thoughts:

- where???? was lance??? this season???

- where’s the cuban lance confirmation???

- 0% closer to finding Pidge’s family


- I think Thace went way too fucking soon like way to build up so much anticipation for a character and then not flesh him out even a little

- Keith finally learning not to go through doors he is explicitly told not to through, thank god

- bless hunk and his kind sweet heart, he made toxic cookies and still felt #blessed that ppl “enjoyed” them


- pidge can rig up a fucking satellite out of garbage but can’t make herself a tv with all available alien technology

- my son shiro is missing yes but my son lOTOR IS UPON US

- ok rlly tho where actually is shiro

- keith was staring at him in their decontamination shower

i’m setting kuma’s ic p.interest on fire

Okay so listen here you lil shit, Voldemort ain’t dead, he was reborn for like the fifth time (cuz u know he’s ambitious as f*ck) and transformed himself into a kpop idol whose dancing skills are no joke

Thank you so much to the lovely @ayumichi-me for letting me colour her wonderful work!

So heres a colouring to help me get back into the groove of art, but even this was kinda rushed and delayed a lot due to troubles, stress ,getting used to a whole new life style in a new country and around new people, self catering and all, family away.

There are things I like in this colouring and there are things I don’t there are still things I see I can fix,redo etc but just don’t have the energy both physically and mentally.
But  @ayumichi-me‘s work doesn’t disappoint, it’s beautiful and clean. I’ve always admired her work with what a constant style it has and just the art style in general. I’ve always wanted to colour one of her works and I’m glad I finally did! When I saw she did edo Nalu I was like O  F U  CK. She’s also an absolute sweetie so if you haven’t had the chance to look at her work, please please do she’s such an amazing artist she’s honestly an inspiration. I wish my art had such a constant and clean style as her has!

Hope this colouring is ok and I hope to get into drawing more soon!

I have posted doodles here and here if you want to see them please head to my twitter

psa !!

okay so i just figured out that my tablet isn’t working !! and right as i was about to draw coiny for bfdi month nice-!

anyway it might be a while till i’ll get to draw anything digital, so yeah. i’m pretty pissed off bc i was gonna do a drawing for @woahbunch ! bc ye ye ye it’s coiny day !! and i wanted to draw that lil bab but obviously that’s not gonna happen ! anyway sorry for being a bother whoops-