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concerts are a safe place, somewhere you go to feel happy and carefree and get away from life’s stresses to go celebrate your favourite artists. and for this attack to have happened in such a place of joy is atrocious. this is gonna stick in the minds of the people there forever. the people that were primarily a young audience, including CHILDREN. i can’t properly express how devastating this is. parents sent their kids off thinking they were gonna have one of the best nights of their life, but it turned out to be one of the worst. that was the last some parents even saw them. i hope everyone stranded get home safely, i hope those injured pull through, i hope ariana doesn’t blame herself for something that isn’t her fault. i hope the poor people who had their lives snatched away from them so cruelly find peace.

our little family pt.5 | park jimin

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Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5

AN: SO I though this was going to be the last part BUT it’s not, I’m so sorry but the next part definitely will and again I’m so sorry for the wait, things had been a little rough at school with exams and just life *ugh* but I hope you enjoy this!

“Hey, what’s wrong man?” Taehyung asked worriedly, as Jimin sat down in front of him, his head buried in his hands as he let out a long sigh.

It had been a couple days since he’d last seen you, and honestly it was destroying him. Every day he’d go to Jieun’s preschool, expecting to see you there, but you weren’t.

But in all honesty, even if you were, he didn’t know what he’d do. What would he say to you after what happened? Would he act like it never happened? Would he bring it up? Would you bring it up?

“I–” he started before grumbling, “I just don’t know what to do Taehyung-ah.”

Prying Jimin’s hands away from his face, Taehyung looked at the boy and teased, “It’d be easier for me to help if you told me what’s actually going on.”

Jimin gave him a look, before sighing again and spilling out everything that happened in the last 3 weeks. From the day he met you,m to the club incident and to last Friday, to where Jimin had messed up big time.

“So you were about to kiss her and then you just..didn’t?” Taehyung asked in disbelief, “Are you freaking crazy? Why?!

"I–” Jimin exasperated before taking a breath, “I couldn’t do that to her.”

He stirred the small spoon he held in his coffee cup as he continued, “I didn’t want to because she deserves someone much more than me. She doesn’t deserve to be held back with someone who’s a single father and–”

“Did she say that?” Taehyung interrupted softly making Jimin look up at him with widened eyes.

“Did she say she didn’t want to be with you? Because I think it’s up to her whether she thinks you’re deserving or not and in all honesty man? You’re hell of a good guy.” Taehyung finished, with a proud smile on his face.

“Just look at the way you raised Jieun. She’s one of the most beautiful kids I know and the sweetest too? Why? Because of you.” Taehyung said softly, making Jimin chuckle, “Even after Herim left you, you still stayed strong. Why wouldn’t she deserve you?”

At the sound of Jieun’s mothers name and Jimin’s ex, he grimaced slightly although Taehyung didn’t give him anytime to ponder upon her when he started again, “You just need to trust yourself more, give yourself more credit Jimin-ah.” Taehyung advised, looking at Jimin with a sympathetic look in his eyes.

Jimin simply nodded, his mouth opening to say something as he looked up from his drink, when he saw a familiar figure walk through, his breath hitching at the sight. His gaze quickly followed you as you walked up to the cash register, fiddling with your sleeves, a habit he had noticed you often had, as you quietly ordered.

Taehyung looked to where Jimin was intently gazing upon when his own eyes widened, a bright smile of disbelief appearing on his face, when your name slipped out of his mouth.

Jimin looked at Taehyung in bewilderment when you suddenly turned around, your eyes meeting Taehyung’s as the smile you returned made Jimins lips part in surprise.

“Wai-” he started anxiously when Taehyung jumped out of his seat and started to walk towards you, quickly engulfing your small body into his arms as he hugged you tightly, making small giggles spill out of you.

Jimin quickly stood up, his eyes still furrowed in confusion as he stared at the scene in front of him.

H-how did Taehyung know you?

But just as he was trying to sort his thoughts out, he had failed to notice that the both of you were approaching him. You looked up away from Taehyung, a wide smile still on your face as when suddenly you felt your breath being knocked out of you, your eyes widening as you stood there in shock.

Jimin stared back at you, a similar expression on his own face when you saw him gulp nervously, his eyes darting towards Taehyung as you noticed him look at the two of you in confusion.

“Hey Y/N.” Jimin said anxiously, his voice cracking at the slightest as Taehyung choked on his spit beside you.

“Wait, you two know each other already?” Taehyung said in disbelief as you simply stared at Jimin in front of you.

It was as if you didn’t hear what Taehyung had said. Not when Jimin was in front of you, looking almost as good as he did the other day, making you want to rip out your hair in frustration. You didn’t know how you felt then. Were you upset because of what happened last Friday? Did you feel betrayed? Were you mad at him or yourself, for making assumptions that were prone to be false.

“Taehyung-ah. Remember I told you Jieun’s going to school now?” Jimin started when suddenly Taehyung’s eyes widened, when Jimin continued, trailing off at the end, “Y/N’s her teacher…”

Everything connected in Taehyung’s mind like puzzle pieces as he gaped at the two of you for a second before getting himself together, afraid the situation was going to get more awkward than it already was.

“Wha–Wow! The world is such a small place isn’t it?!” Taehyung exclaimed as you found yourself giving him a tight smile in response.

“Well, I never knew you too knew each other. I met Y/N is college, I think sophomore year?  Remember all the good times Y/N? You wouldn’t believe me, but Y/N sure was a party girl.” Taehyung joked, wrapping his arm around your shoulder playfully and nudging your arm, causing you to crack an embarrased smile at him.

I mean it was literally impossible to not smile back when Taehyung’s smile was simply contagious. Just as you were about to joke back, you heard your name being called by the barista as you quickly excused yourself to go get your order, leaving the two boys alone again.

“This is crazy.” Taehyung muttered as soon as you were out of ear-shot, sitting back down next to Jimin, who simply shot him a glare.

“Why didn’t you tell me you knew her already?!” he asked to what Taehyung scoffed, “It’s not like you ever told me her name!”

Jimin started to retort but shut his mouth quickly when he realized Taehyung was right.

“But Jimin,  If I were to give you one thing, you sure know how to pick your women.”

“Yah! Kim Taehyung!”

“Hey! Y/N! Wait up!” a voice called behind you as you walked out the coffee shop, stopping at the sound of your name.

Turning around you saw Jimin shooting you a awkward smile as he made his way towards you, a nervous step in his walk.

“Hey.” you said in a small voice as you gripped the cup in your hand.

“A-are you busy or?” he asked slowly before you shook your head.

“Not really, but I was planning on going back home. I had some stuff to do since I’m going back to school in a couple days.” you replied, a sense of hope filling you as soon as Jimin smiled widely at you in response.

“That’s good.” he nodded to himself, before adding uncertainy,“ C-Can I walk you home?”

The two of you walked down the street, the sun shining in the corner as the light breeze enveloped the two of you as you both continued talking to each other, falling back into a comfortable balance, neither of you mentioning what had happened just days ago.

“Yea, so that actually happened.” you laughed, as Jimin looked at you in complete surprise.

“He just kissed you.” Jimin said blankly.

“Well he was drunk, but goodness, his face when I told him the next day was priceless.” You said.

“Man, never thought Taehyung was a wild one.” Jimin snorted, making you retort, “Taehyung was always a wild one.”

Your apartment quickly came into view as you rounded the corner when suddenly Jimin spoke up.

“I’m sorry by the way.” Jimin said softly, as you froze, your eyes nervously looking up at him, immediately dreading the next few words about to come out of his mouth.

“About last Friday, I should've–”

“Jimin, it’s okay really. Mistakes happen.” you replied quickly, not wanting to hear his explanation. Not wanting to know why he had rejected you and why he hadn’t kissed you.

Jimin’s eyes immediately widened as he shook his head,“ Y/N! N-No…I mean..It wasn’t a mista–”

You hesitatingly touched his arm, making him stop mid-sentence as he looked at you, before you said tightly, not looking up at him, “It’s fine Jimin. I understand, really.”

As you quickly mumbled a silent goodbye, you turned around and started to walk towards your apartment door when Jimin asked.

“Do you?”

As his words shot through you, you looked back at him in confusion, your heart racing at the way Jimin was staring at you, his brown eyes boring into your soul.

“Do you understand, really?”

“Jimin, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say–”

“Y/N, I care about you.”

You felt your heart stop in your chest as your hands faltered on the railing you didn’t realize you had been holding so tightly. Lips parting, your could feel your throat go dry as no words would come out, your mind still trying to process the words that had left his mouth.

But before you could do anything else, Jimin took a couple strides towards you and before you knew it, he had pulled you into his chest. His arms wrapped around your waist as he brought you closer to him, his shaky breath fanning your bare shoulder, making the hairs rise on your arms at the closeness.

“A lot.” he added in a light whisper, his grip tightening around you as words made you shiver.

Since last Friday, you never thought you’d needed Jimin this close to you ever again, but at that moment you knew, you’d always want him this close to you, for as long as you possibly could.

Pulling away, his hand intertwined with yours as he gave you small squeeze before smiling at you softly. At that moment you waned to tell him to stay, but your tongue restricted you of any speech and soon he waved you goodbye and walked down the street, leaving you feeling breathless. You slowly leaned across your front door, your hand reaching out to your chest as you could feel your heart thumping.

What had just happened?

You were lying down on the couch, your legs sprawled around as pillows and blankets were messily spread around, while you blinked through your sleepy eyes as you the bright lights filled the room through your blinds.

Did you seriously fall asleep on the couch?

You looked at the clock as the hand pointed to 5 when you moaned, cursing yourself for waking up so early. Just then you heard your phone ring, making you grown in annoyance as you dug through your couch and its gaps in attempts to find the ringing device. Without looking at the caller ID, you put the phone to your ear as you mumbled, your voice groggy, “Hello?”

“Y/N?” a voice said hurriedly, making you furrow your eyebrows in confusion as you quickly looked at the caller ID. Your eyes widened as you suddenly sat up straight, the memories from yesterday flooding in as you pulled back the phone back to your ear.


“Hey, I know it’s a really bad time, but I need your help, please.” he begged, the rawness in his voice making you full of worry.

“Jimin, what happened? I-Is something wrong?” you blurted, getting up from the couch as you quickly shrugged on a jacket you had laying on the couch.

“No..I mean yes… It’s just- can you take care of Jieun today? It’s just s-someone I know got into an accident and I need to see them but I don’t want to take Jieun there with me and Yura isn’t in town this week an–”

Letting out a silent sigh of relief, you replied immediately, “Of course Jimin. Of course I’ll take care of Jieun. God, I thought something happened to yo–” you sputtered when you realized what you were saying, your words trailing off as your face flushed in embarrassment.

But to your relief, Jimin hadn’t noticed as he let out a long sigh, “Oh thank you. Thank you so much Y/N. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” and before you could say anything back, he ended the call.

You looked around your apartment, resting a hand on your hip before sighing, “Time to actually clean this place.”

Hearing the loud knock, you opened the door to see Jimin and a sleepy Jieun still in her banana pajamas. Holding back your chuckles, you noticed as she tightly clutched a small brown teddy bear in her right hand.

You smiled at her softly before you slowly bent down and cupped her round face within your hands. She blinked at you before a sleepy smile made it’s way to her face, “Hi Ms. Y/N.”

“Hey Jieun-ah.” you whispered softly when you slowly pulled her towards you, her arms automatically wrapping themselves around your neck as you lifted her up into your arms. Her head rested in the crook of your neck as you slowly felt her breathing even, her eyes fluttering close.

You looked back towards Jimin when your lips turned into a small frown, noticing how his eyes were sunken in as his hair was disheveled, his face tight as the tiredness was evident.

“Is everything alright?” you asked softly, grabbing Jieun’s things from him and setting them down beside you.

He shook his head before sighing, “Not really, but I hope so.”

A small silence hung over the two of you, when you spoke up again, as you hesitantly took his hand in yours. He looked up at you in surprise but didn’t pull away as his fingers slowly held yours.

“Don’t stress too much Jimin-ah.” you whispered, squeezing his hand gently, “And don’t worry about Jieun, I’ll take care of her just as well, I promise.”

Jimin’s gaze immediately softened at you, as he suddenly looked at you in a way that had you reminded of yesterday, your insides melting all over again. His brown eyes had you mesmerized on the spot, as you could feel yourself getting pulled into them as the long, torturous seconds passed. But before you could say anything else, you suddenly felt his hands wrap around your waist as he pulled you into his embrace.

His grip on your waist tightened as you felt him sigh in what seemed like content to you, your heart hammering away as your head rested against his chest, the sound of his heartbeat echoing in your ear. You nervously looked up at him, afraid your face would give all your feelings away but he simply smiled softly at you when he turned around and looked at Jieun.

Placing a gentle kiss on her head, he whispered, “Don’t bother Y/N too much, okay sweetie? And be safe. Daddy will be back faster than you know it.”

Jieun hummed happily in response as she simply nestled further into your arms, making you chuckle softly. Looking back at you, Jimin gently tucked your the stray strands that fell out of your ponytail back behind your ear before he pulled you closer to him, your breath hitching in your throat at the sudden closeness.

His plush lips brushed your forehead, kissing it firmly, the sensation sending tingles down your body as the intimacy of the kiss had your knees turning weak.He pulled back slowly as he gave you a smile that made you want to crawl into a small ball in the corner of your room, his gaze making you feel something that was almost indescribable.

“You too. Take care, okay? And call me if anything happens, I’ll be there.” he whispered as his hands still cradled your face, his fingers tracing small circles on your cheeks.

You nodded, your tongue tied in your mouth as he let out an airy chuckle, releasing you and Jieun from his hold before bidding you goodbye. You waited for his car to disappear down your street before you closed the door behind you, a shy smile on your face as you held Jieun closer to you.

“Oh Jieun-ah, why does your dad do this to me, huh?” you whispered more so to yourself, blushing slightly as you grabbed her things and took it upstairs. Reaching your room, you gently placed Jieun down on the bed, pulling up the covers to her neck when suddenly her hand gripped your wrist.

“Ms. L/N, please don’t go.” she mumbled quietly, her eyes still close as she tugged on you harder. You sighed in defeat, a small smile on your face as you got into the covers, pulling Jieun’s small body into yours as she immediately moved into your warmth.

You smiled in adoration as you kissed her forehead softly, your heart swelling at the little girl in front of you. Brushing her hair back from her face, soft exhales left her rosy lips as you found your eyes take in the look of peace on her face.

You’d often wondered where Jieun got her nose from, her eyes and smile an exact copy of Jimin’s. But it had then hit you slowly that it probably came from her mom, someone’s existence you’d completely managed to have forgotten.

You sighed as you slightly shifted in the bed, your lips tilting downwards. You wondered how she was. Was she pretty? She must’ve been  if Jimin liked her and had Jieun, who looked like an actual doll. Did he love her? And did he still love her?

Moreover, did he like you?

You wanted to ignore those thoughts but you couldn’t help but wonder if he did. I mean, the way he was treating you meant something, right? With what happened yesterday, it only made sense. But it still had you scared. This was completely new territory for you, it being years since you had dated someone.

Brushing away the thought, you pulled Jieun in closer to you, her small hands grabbing onto your sweater as she hummed in slight content, making a happy smile spread across your face as you immediately forgot your troubles.

It was one of your dreams honestly. To have a child. It might seem like a typical thing. One dates, gets married, then has kids, it’s a process. But to you, ever since you were a kid and were an only child you’d always love being with smaller kids. No matter who they were, you’d always care for others, just as if you were their biological sister.

But you weren’t sure why Jieun made you genuinely happy. Was it because of Jimin? You used to think so, but you felt otherwise. You felt that it was because of Jieun you had fallen for Jimin and not the other way around. Jieun was the spitting image of the perfect daughter you’d always wanted, while Jimin was everything you had wanted in a guy.

And you didn’t know what had scared you more.

You have no idea how bad I feel everytime I read something about got7′s positions and Mark is one of the last in EVERYTHING. Of course he makes interview saying he doesn’t have a role in got7 and he is not good. Fans also make him feel like that!!! 

We all know he is not the best singer, but he is at least a great rapper and dancer. And he is HANDSOME. there are people who can’t even appreciate him for these things!

My forever celebrity crush (the one who has lasted the longest and who i love and who i know would love me if he knew me) lives in my city. And he’s single.

My city is big, so it’s not like we’re ever in the same place at the same time.

Except sometimes we are.

Tonight he was going for a jog while i was taking a walk. And i, even seeing him from behind, was like, “oh my goodness there’s —–” and my friend’s (she’s such a good friend) response was “let’s do a lap in the opposite direction so we can run into him again.”

But we didn’t run in to him again. But my brain starts spinning all of these elaborate fantasies into how the meet/cute could have taken place. Luckily my friend indulged me as i spouted each one of them off.

Someday. Someday.

Taking a break from Overwatch!

This anniversary bullshit was just the last nail in the coffin but I’m really too frustrated to have anything to do with that mess. 
It’s sub-par quality shat out by a company that doesn’t even try to do better and I really should have known better, but not even fandom can salvage this steaming pile of crap.

So, I’m going to take a break from this fandom for a while. Or forever, depending on how much more bullshit Blizzard can come up with, rather than fire everyone in charge of creative decisions and hire someone who is slightly more competent than braindead slugs.

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I'm sorry if you posted about this already: but what were your feelings on the samurai jack finale? Altho I think that the Jashi romance was rushed and forced, I was still satisfied with the ending.

I feel like the romance felt pretty rushed and it’s hard to suddenly expect your audience to give a specific crap about a relationship that’s never been alluded to before, 40 minutes before the series ends forever, just so they can throw the best character in the revival under the bus at the last second

The finale all in all was breathtaking and really satisfying, although I wish it could’ve been an hour long special so we could’ve really explored the question of “if I go back to the past, won’t that mean none of you will have ever existed?” in depth and arrived at the conclusion “we’re all okay with that as long as Aku is destroyed, this future will never exist but a better one will take its place.” 

Lots of good stuff in the finale, it was worth the wait and I’m glad I’ll get to watch it again at some point. 

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Yooo you're studying history !!! What period's your favorite? Got any good stories?

yes I am !!! omg so many anything habsburg, imperial russia, world war 2, roman empire, the renaissance I could go on forever lol 

I don’t know I always found amusing how austrian royals had like 2 million middle names ? Like this was the full name of the last crown prince of austria-hungary : Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xaver Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius, like this is so extra ??


mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade


Handyman (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, sub!Jimin, dirty talk

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: Jimin is your landlord’s son. After one stressful day he comes to fix your shower for you. You find yourself constantly thinking about him. Could he be the perfect submissive? (here’s some lovely Jimin moans for the occasion: credit to owner)

I’ve been working on this for forever so i’m excited about it! :)

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I’m sorry that I write so much, it’s my only comfortable form of expression. So if my heart skips a beat twice, know that I’m trying to remember a love that’s lost. I’m sorry that I speak in metaphors, it’s my way of exploring the mind and how often I’ll get away without giving it to you straight. I’m just a little sore and my soul is tender because soulmates don’t last forever– they were always meant to touch, to change and then they’ll leave. Although your smile is like the surface of the moon, you provide the warmth of the sun and if I don’t wake up tomorrow– know that you will always be the last thought on my mind until I go insane and tomorrow makes the front page and I’m just a loss cause waiting and waiting to be yours truly– just repeat after me: your heart and soul shall always be yours before anyone else’s. So stake your claim and wait it out. You never know, someone might just be falling in love with you right at this very second. And of course it’s scary, a nightingale once told me that if your dreams aren’t scary and it doesn’t spook you– you’re not living right. You’re not dreaming right. You’re not loving right. So dream big. Be large. You contain multitudes of genius.
—  About soulmates

I’m in the mood to write something sad. So I decided to write about people Bendy cares about dying.

Hell’s Studio AU is by @doodledrawsthings

Bendy had never been any good at goodbyes. As far as he was concerned, they were things that happened to other people. He was a cartoon living with other cartoons. They didn’t age, they didn’t change, they were the same for all eternity. He, Boris, and Alice were going to stay the same for as long as their existences would last. Sure, he’d known Henry and Sammy and Joey weren’t going to live forever, but he hadn’t ever wanted to consider that. They were his family, the only people he could ever rely on. He didn’t want to think about a world where they weren’t there. He wasn’t prepared to deal with something like that. Besides, he didn’t have time to be thinking about things like that. He had a studio to run, deadlines to meet, cartoons to make. He buried himself in his work so that he wouldn’t have to face the mortality of the people he cared most about. Time marched on unbidden though, and soon enough the staff began dying.

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Here Comes March.

1. hidup adalah penerimaan. sekuat manapun kamu membantah dan selama pun kamu bersedih, itu takkan mengubah hakikat yang sesuatu telah terjadi. dan tiada apa yang kamu boleh lakukan kecuali menangisinya dan membantah tanpa mengubah apa pun. maka kesatlah air mata. bersedia untuk yang akan datang. biarkan yang berlalu. kerana hidup adalah penerimaan.

2. before getting frustrated at a situation remember that you never know Allah plans for you in the future. stay strong.

3. mendung di langit, mentari akan menghapuskan ; mendung dalam hati, doa sebagai cahaya.

4. it’s hard to ask a heart from someone. so don’t. ask it from God, always.

5. nak minta apa-apa, minta pada Tuhan, bukan merayu pada manusia.

6. we all hurt in some way. but stop crying, and keep trying, keep praying.

7. jangan ingat orang yang kita suka tu akan suka kita sebagaimana kita suka kat dia. jadi jangan suka-suka, suka kat orang yang kita suka.

8. all you need to do is just hand it all to Him and He’ll take care of it all and give you, without doubt, what is best for you.

9. kalau datang cinta, jangan gembira sangat. mungkin itu ujian untuk menguji hati.

10. the world is changing. people are changing. environment are changing. the only way to not get hurt, is to learn how to change.

11. kita tak mahu sedar dengan segala perubahan sekeliling. itu yang sering membuat kita lupa, kehendak orang tak sama dengan kehendak kita, hati orang tak sama dengan hati kita, fikiran orang tak sama dengan fikiran kita. dan itu, selalu buat kita terluka kerana harapan kita supaya orang mengerti apa yang kita rasa, seringkali tersasar.

12. even if the sun doesn’t appear after the rain, you got to keep walking, because you realize that Allah is always with you.

13. ada sebab Allah menjadikan jalan hidup ini begini begitu. ada benda yang kita tak dapat walau kita cuba sehabis baik. dan itu bukan hukuman. Allah nak kita terus sabar.

14. life is too short to regretting and blaming others. live a happy life.

15. walau sekarang kita semua ditimpa dengan perkara-perkara yang tak baik saya harap nanti kita akan ketemu kebaikan. tak sekarang, nanti.

16. there are times when it seemed like we wanted to just give up, but we already this far. hold your love, take courage, and keep survive.

17. memaafkan untuk tenang.

18. there will come a time where we are going to receive the love we deserve. be patient and stay strong.

19. kadang kita bertanya kenapa kita belum dapat apa yang kita nak. mungkin sebab Tuhan tahu kita belum mampu untuk bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang kita mahu.

20. maybe nothing ever turned out as we planned. yes, there are things we don’t understand. but we need to just keep on living, keep on praying.

21. right now we are alive & things just keep going. kenapa asyik fikir pasal benda yang dah lepas? say alhamdulillah. be better for tomorrow.

22. maybe things will get worse before they get better. to teach you something. always. have faith in HIM.

23. the aching will fade. things are going to get better or hurt less, over time. find Allah. talk to Him.

24. hidup ni perjalanan. mungkin sekarang awak kehilangan, tapi siapa tahu, di hadapan sana, ada yang lebih baik buat awak?

25. nothing lasts forever, either happiness or sorrow.

26. terlalu mengenang, sebab tu tak nampak hikmah di masa depan. cipta kenangan baru, lepaskan yang dah tak boleh diubah.

27. we always have time to decide. just because we don’t get what we want, doesn’t mean that we are already late. it’s all about time. so have faith in HIM. always.

- sederhanaindah

p/s : times flies so fast. what ever we do, where ever we are, stay good!

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Can someone's trait change as a child if they take a huge change in life without reversing the trait? Like integrity to Patience and if they did change would they have more of their last trait then the other traits (not including the one they changed to) and would their magic be weaker or would they be able to use 2 kinds of magic?

Sadly not, you’re born with a trait and stay with that one forever, even if you go through a life-changing experience, your soul would just go grey until you can get through it

Humans are space orcs: adopting a human

Ok ok ok, last humans are the weird ones, I promise! (I am also a god damn liar.)

So this ailien crew is finally retiring their beloved human/orc friend who has thrown them through the ringer so many times they’ve learned all the weirdness that comes compacted in that apex predator from earth.

It’s really sad when they have to let their human go because ofcourse besides being a space-orc their human was also space-glue and made them all love it and want to be friends forever. But their human has a family it wants to get back to and tell all these wonderful adventures they all had together. So its good bye.

But soon after the human leaves the ship and goes to their family on this fringe-y colony planet that all the races in the galaxy agree can’t be settled but humans are sending their fifth colonizing attempt anyways because fuck it, it’s what we do, the colony succumbs to a terrible natural disaster.
The ailien crew rushes ba ck to save their friend (and reallynanybody) but alas, all they find is their former crew mates body clutching a small screaming bundle.

A human baby.

Well its only right to take it with them right?
To honor their friend!
To have a new friend!
Besides they are EXPERTS in dealing with a full grown human.
A baby human has to be a breeze in comparison right?

So they adopt it.

First they name it Clamchowder in honor of the human tradition of naming children in hopes of they having qualities linked to the name.
It was very, very carefully selected name.

Then they discover in very rapid and horrible sucsession:
Human babies don’t speak
Human babies don’t walk or move much on their own
Human babies do not regulate their excrement at apropriate intervals
Human babies need to be interacted with and physically touched or they waste away (that was a close call untill Clamchowder latched onto Moongah the extremely fuzzy first mate)
Human babies need special diet, which does not include bottles filled with engine grease. Another close call.
And it never ever ever stops screaming, ever!

Ultimately the crew decides that this is a whole new set of problems, and even gthougb they really wanted Clamchowder to be like their dead parent they eventually realize that this is a complete different adventure.

So they become baby experts too.

and let us all acknowledge that as michael was laying in the desert, injured, poisoned, convinced that he was going to die, the last images he had were of his family and friends, and his last words were “sara” muttered over and over again, much like when he almost died in surgery.

and now, he’s not only going to finally be reunited with the woman he’s been in love with forever, but she’s going to save his life, patch him up, like the first time she met him, keep him alive, like the image of her has kept him alive for the past seven years.

and that is so damn beautiful.

How cool are plants? My mornings usually look a little like this, chocolate + oat + banana smoothie bowl (going hard on the oats) and lots of pretty fruit, rawnola and peanut butter cookie dough to top. I have a big sweet tooth so I love these kind of breakfasts. 

Last week I set myself a health challenge, to stick to eating only wholefoods and things made by me for seven days. I had lots of homemade snacks in the freezer to munch on in between meals and had my smoothies for breakfast, carbs like rice and potatoes with lots of veggies and greens for lunch and dinner, and my homemade snacks for in the middle. Eight days later and I survived, didn’t even eat one Clif bar either. Not that I have an issue with any store bought food/snacks, but I wanted to challenge myself and my food and it also meant less package products and less waste. I love having homemade food to snack on (like brownies, oat bars and muffins) because I make them to my liking and know exactly what`s inside them, plus I store them in the freezer so they last forever. 

Recently I`ve been trying to be more conscious of what I`m eating, why I`m eating it, and keeping up my exercise regime and I`m feeling really good with my body these days. The mornings are getting colder now (9 degrees Celsius this morning) and I can see the warmth of my breath against the chilly air outside when I go out for my run, but every time I get back home I feel great, and so that feeling keeps me motivated every day to keep doing it.

Seven years ago, when I was about to leave Seattle, I sat on this little dock and thought about endings.

This dock had kinda been my place, you know?  It’s in a nice swampy park, there’s usually no one else there, and you can see ducks and turtles from it.  It’s walking distance of where I lived as a teenager, and I’d go there when I needed some quiet and solitude.  It wasn’t the most important thing in the world to me, but it was a thing.

And now I had to leave it.  Maybe forever.  I sat on the little dock and thought that this could be the last time.  Ever.  It would be no big loss to me, really.  I have places to sit now.  There are perfectly good parks in Massachusetts, with their own quiet lakes and lonely places.  But they wouldn’t be this specific dock, with its specific meaning and history to me.  That part of my life was over.

You move forward, and you always lose something.  You can’t keep the past tucked away somewhere, for safekeeping in case you want to go back sometime.  It goes away and it’s gone.  Even when you find new things, even when they’re good, even when they’re better, it still stings that things have to be gone.  Forever.

That’s just life.


Although now and then life does cut you a break.

05/17 Esquire Duo-Interview, Part I

<Blue Night, This Was Jonghyun>

What Should We Do With Kim Jonghyun?


Shin Kijoo (referred to as “Shin” below): You told me you’d host <Blue Night> forever and ever, so can you explain to me what’s going on right now?

Kim Jonghyun (referred to as “Kim” below): My life is consumed with guilt right now.

Shin: Many people think it’s such a shame. Yesterday, Saturday April 1st, was the last broadcast of our “Midnight Spoiler” corner. And right after this interview, you have to go straight to Sangam-dong to proceed with the final live broadcast of <Blue Night, This is Jonghyun>. There’s only about three, four hours left until midnight already.

Jung Woosung (referred to as “Jung” below): It’s time for listeners and fans alike to prepare their hearts. To prepare to let “Jjong-D” go.

Kim: Because I announced it on radio first. I felt that was the respectful thing to do for our listeners. Since the program airs every night at midnight, it could be disconcerting for me to suddenly vanish out of nowhere. And many of our listeners would wrap up their day by listening to <Blue Night, This is Jonghyun>, so. It’s been a while since I made up my mind. It might have been around the end of last year, it took a little while because I was consulting people around me and deciding on the appropriate timing.

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A happy reunion

I can’t believe that I’m finally getting to see you; the girl that’s been on my mind for so long. It seems like it’s been forever since I saw you last. My heart starts to race as I begin planning what’s going to happen. As I get closer and closer to your place, my mind floods with all of these small romantic ideas, that eventually turn into panicked thoughts when I figure out they aren’t good enough. “ stark, she deserves better than that. Come on man, think.” I say to myself as another mediocre idea takes form. Unfortunately, the clock runs out. I pull into her driveway, with no plan whatsoever. My palms instantly start sweating as I approach the door slowly, shuffling nervously up the walkway. “ just cut your losses. She probably didn’t hear your car pull in, you could just turn around and leave. No one would know.” Except I would know. I don’t think I’ve wanted anything else more in my life. Thinking of that gives me a refreshing splash of confidence as I reach the door. If you want something, you go get it. I knock on the door, standing semi-confidently preparing myself for what’s on the other side. Foot steps approach, and she opens the door. I look up to see the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. The kind that look innocent, but cut right through you to your core. I’m stunned. She stands there in a beautiful sundress, looking at me for a moment. I forget how to speak, I can’t say anything. Luckily she breaks me free from my silent prison. “ you’re here!” She shrieks happily, running to me, wrapping her arms around my neck as she jumps up into my arms for a hug. She begins barraging me with kisses, her cheeks wet with tears. Holding her, I walk through the door and shut it behind me. “ you have no idea how happy I am to see you moon ( her nickname. She’s the sun, the moon, and all of the stars to me. I call her moon for short)”. Between kisses, she says “ stark…sooo many miles…. so happy…. to see you… don’t talk”. Our kisses continue, becoming less frantic and more loving. I kick off my shoes and her legs wrap around me as I walk over and sit down on the couch, her on my lap. She runs her fingers through my hair, instantly comforting me, sending my head to rest on her chest. After just a moment I begin kissing her her skin exposed on her chest, and up her neck. My hands find their place on her hips as our lips meet again. Her hands grasp both sides of my head as she pulls me in. I give her deep passionate kisses, leaving us both breathing heavily. I use one hand to pull her strap off of her shoulder, exposing it to my warm lips as I kiss across her collar bone. Her hands go down to the bottom of my shirt. She slips them under and presses her soft hand on my abs. My hands slowly scrunch up her dress until they’re resting on her bare skin. Electricity is coursing through her skin into my fingertips. It feels like my hands are tingling. She then pulls back her kiss, lifts my shirt up and takes it off, exposing my skin to the cool air. my hands go to the small of her back inside of her dress, and I give her goose bumps as I lightly trace shapes with my fingertip, driving her wild. Her hands got to my belt buckle then my zipper, making quick work of the clothing I have left. Our pulses quicken, our breath becomes more ragged, our touch, more aggressive. We start to feel it more and more, the magnetic attraction. My hands go back down to her hips and my fingers hook inside the waist band of her panties. I pull and rip them, making sure not to hurt her. I throw the piece of cloth across the room. She gets up quickly, strips my pants and boxers off me, and then returns to her previous position on my lap as lust grows between us, she begins to rock her hips back and forth on my lap, rubbing against my hardening member. I reach up and free her other shoulder from its strap, and pull down on the dress slightly, exposing her beautiful breasts, ready for my touch. We keep grinding as I lightly kiss, suck, and tease her hard nipples, driving her wild. She lifts her body up, sending me a message that she can’t wait any longer, and neither can I. I line up my now throbbing cock, and she slowly lowers herself on it, pushing further and further until her body won’t allow any more. My hands go to her waist, and I control her as I swirl my hips and thrust upwards causing her to moan. I allow her to push back down, driving my cock deeper into her. She lets out a small whimper as my finger finds her clit, and starts light slow strokes. After a few minutes of this treatment, I feel her start to squeeze me inside of her. The friction and the thought of her cumming is too much. Our pace quickens and my fingers grip her amazing toned ass tightly as we climax together. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back as I let out a growl. In the very last moments, our lips come together and our tongues twist together as her body begins to shake, and my muscles harden, rocking our hips together as we both orgasm.