this room's become a mausoleum filled with relics of regret

If These Sheets Were States, All Time Low

Write down the first ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping, no cheating), then write down your favorite lyric from each one and tag ten people to do the same.

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1. Bitter, Broken Me - As It Is

‘This dependency will shatter me’

2. Ripped Away - This Wild Life

'My heart is heavy and it keeps me to the ground’

3. Cheap Shots & Setbacks - As It Is

'I don’t need your cheap shots and setbacks, I’m fucking fine so go and take them all back’

4. If These Sheets Were The States - All Time Low

'This rooms become a mausoleum filled with relics of regret, paying dues to every moment wasted on words left unsaid’

5. Jasey Rae (acoustic) - All Time Low

'Don’t waste your time on me’

6. Can’t Save Myself - As It Is

'As I’ve aged the only thing I think has changed is that the demons have moved from under my bed into the inner depths of my head’

'Now I’m scared and I’m cold and alone because the world grew up without me’

7. The Girl’s A Straight-Up Hustler - All Time Low

'I’m just delirious, you can’t be serious’

8. The Best Thing (That Never Happened) - We Are The In Crowd

'So toxic you ain’t nothing but a prick’

9. My Oceans Were Lakes - As It Is

'If all this just washed away would I see another day’

Genuinely just love the instrumental in this song.

10. Over It - This Wild Life

'We were kids, made mistakes, couldn’t stay in one place. So we ran away’

Don’t really have that many different artists on my phone hence all the As It Is…

I tag anyone that wants to do it…