this room's become a mausoleum filled with relics of regret

the signs as all time low songs

aries: that girl

“What I am supposed to do, uh oh
When she’s so damn cold, like twenty below?
That girl, that girl, she’s such a bitch
But I tell myself I can handle it”

taurus: weightless

“But I’m stuck in this fucking rut
Waiting on a second hand pick me up
And I’m over, getting older”

gemini: if these sheets were the states

“This room’s become a mausoleum, filled with relics of regret
Paying dues to every moment wasted, on words left unsaid”

cancer: backseat serenade

“Whiskey Princess
Drink me under, pull me in
You had me at come over boy
I need a friend
I understand”

leo: the irony of choking on a lifesaver

“You’re the snake hidden in my daffodils when I’m picking flowers”

virgo: for baltimore

“I don’t wanna say goodnight
I’ve never been so sure
Just do it for the memories”

libra: dear maria, count me in

“When the lights go up
I want to watch the way you take the stage by storm
The way you wrap those boys around your finger”

scorpio: kids in the dark

“Here we are at the top of the hill - a hill that’s quietly crumbling,
Been a while since you dressed for the kill- the kill that sent me tumbling”

sagittarius: the reckless and the brave

“So long live the reckless and the brave
I don’t think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung”

capricorn: stella

“You’re only happy when I’m wasted
I point my finger but I just can’t place it”

aquarius: lost in stereo

“She works for the weekend, mixtape of her favorite bands
Tearin’ up the radio lost in the stereo sound”

pisces: therapy

“In a city of fools,
I was careful and cool,
But they tore me apart like a hurricane…”