this ripped my heart out


“There was nothing else in the room beyond basic furniture; not even discarded clothes or books or weapons. As if it’s occupant never slept here.” Pg 339, ACOTAR

Rereading ACOTAR, you pick up lines like this one where Feyre is cleaning in Rhysand’s room. And they many have seemed like nothing before ACOMAF, but now THEY RIP MY FRICKIN HEART OUT AND MAKE ME SOB.


This is probably one of the best Klance MV’s I’ve seen yet, and I’ve seen plenty. Like kudos to Marcia for making this wonderful piece of artwork. I hope it’s ok that I post this here @m-arci-a  

I just want to look at it everyday and cry.

story time👭

i was told i should definatley post this story so here we go!:

So I was selling Girl Scout cookies at a cookie booth this weekend, and this little old lady walks up to the booth to buy cookies! She looks to me like she’s at least 70 she’s really old. She’s super friendly talking to us and telling us about what it was like when she was a Girl Scout. So finally she picks out 5 boxes to buy and she says “you know I don’t really like these cookies but my, uh, my spouse Sharon did.” And she continued to tell us about her wife Sharon who died 2 years ago from cancer. Sharon was a Girl Scout leader and she was 6ft tall and she just loved thin mints. And then Margaret (she said at this point her name was Margaret) pointed down to her shirt (which was HUGE on her) and said it belonged to Sharon and even tho it’s really big on her she still wears it all the time because it feel like Sharon is still there hugging her. And she told us that they had been together for 28 years and really loved each other. Then Margarets old lady friends came over so she had to go and she said good bye and after she left we were talking about it and I was so happy to have met her because it just made me so happy to meet this elderly lesbian Girl Scout and all of the sudden the sort of sad mood is interrupted because the other girl in my troop looks over to me and says “wow Kaitlyn, she was the first gay Girl Scout I’ve ever met besides you!” and all I responded with was “it was an experience" 

I feel like crying and shouting and ripping my skin off - no ripping my heart out to stop feeling. To stop loving people. Because I only f**king suffer and I can’t endure this anymore. It feels like the end is coming for me. I have so little strength left. I’m becoming powerless. I’m scared I will become numb. Just so I don’t have to feel all this pain in my chest.
—  dewdropheart 
I didn’t know that it was possible to grieve someone who’s still alive.
—  I’m not being dramatic it’s just that missing you is like ripping my heart from my chest