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Pentagon: Reacting to you sleeping half naked

Scenario: You went on a trip with Pentagon and their manager, but you only booked 6 rooms, so you had to share with one of the members. They all know you always sleep half naked, so what happens when you start taking off your clothes?

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The Naming of Things

Fenris/f!Hawke, 10k words, sfw. Fenris doesn’t have a favourite dragon breed; it falls to Hawke to remedy this. In her subsequent bid to elucidate the nature of sea dragons, she ends up uncovering a great deal more about friendship, and love, and loss.

A/N: The whole Kirkwall gang is there, with special mentions to Varric and Isabela, and guest appearances by the Arishok and Professor Frederic of Serault from Inquisition. :D Content warnings for non-graphic character injury, referenced character death, and canon-typical violence.

Many thanks to @sasskarian for looking this over and smoothing out the rough edges. ♥

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“It’s a valiant attempt to teach children about the Fade, but it’s the fear of spirits and demons that should be instilled in their minds, not the idea that they can be friends,” Fenris says between sips of the dry Nevarran white they found in her cellar. “And the part with the desire demon was entirely age-inappropriate. It’s a wonder the Chantry hasn’t banned this book.”

Ensconced in her armchair, Hawke is running her toes up and down the back of the mabari curled up at her feet, watching him gesture as he speaks. “Tut, tut, elf. It was my favourite. My father stole it from the Circle library before eloping with my mother when she was pregnant with me. You don’t know half the favours I had to do for Orsino to lend me the Circle’s copy and—” she bursts into peals of laughter when he turns to stare at her, slack-jawed, “—Maker, you should see your face.”

Hawke,” he protests, but there’s no bite to it.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you’d fall for it,” she replies, biting down a fresh fit of giggles. “In fact, I’m almost insulted you did.”

He laughs into his glass. “I did think it was much too treacly for you. Not to mention wanting dragons.”

“Well, that’s a given. Who wouldn’t want a dragon?” she quips, teasing another laugh out of him.

It took no little effort to coax Fenris into reading a children’s book. A Slave’s Life was too big a step up from the simple sentences Hawke would scribble down for him: the prose that she remembered as spare and parse suddenly wasn’t, and the Tevene that peppered the text—what with its quirks and arbitrary spellings—had him storming out of the estate before long, pride chafed raw.

It was her mother who suggested children’s literature. The few picture books Leandra had held onto in hopes of grandchildren had all been lost in Lothering, so Hawke dug a yellowed copy of Martha’s Adventures in the Fade out of the two-copper bin of a Lowtown second-hand store and snickered at it until the owner had her buy the Maker-damned thing or leave. “Here, we can even make up for your lost childhood memories,” she told Fenris, and though shame had tugged his gaze down, he raised his face then.

“Have it your way,” he relented, but his eyes were soft.

Varric would never let her live it down if he found out, but between the deep rumble of Fenris’s voice and his snide remarks, she caught herself enjoying the stupid thing more than she’d care to admit. Few evenings turn out half as pleasant, sitting shoulder to shoulder, fingers bumping and brushing to turn pages. When Fenris clamped his hand around her wrist to keep her away from the book, she retaliated by twining their fingers together, and he made no effort to pull free until the end of the last page.

It’s been just a little bit harder to breathe since.

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Origins companions react to the warden learning she's pregnant with Alistair's child right before they fight the archdemon???

Alistair: Alistair himself oscillates between panic and euphoria for a while. On one hand, he’s gonna be a father! They say the chances for two Wardens to have children are slim, yet here they are– defying the odds like they always do. On the other hand– Maker, what if something happens to her or their baby or both? He knows she wouldn’t agree to sit back and let the others fight, so he’s determined to act as her personal bodyguard and protect her from all dangers on the battlefield, even more than he already does. When learning about Morrigan’s ritual, he’s the one to insist that they must do it because it’s the only way they can raise their child together after the Archdemon is defeated.

Morrigan: Even if the Warden herself is pregnant, this doesn’t mean the ritual doesn’t need to be completed anymore– ‘tis all the more important to do it, Morrigan explains. She jests that hopefully the child will take after their mother, and not Alistair, but wishes them well all the same.

Leliana: She is exhilarated by the news. “This must be a sign from the Maker,” she says. “Such a great joy amidst all this fighting and misery can only mean we will be victorious.” She promises both the Warden and Alistair that as long as she has arrows nothing will get to them or their child.

Zevran: He’s a little surprised at first, and he jokes about it, but makes sure Alistair and the Warden know he’s happy for them. He even asks if they’ve thought about names already and if they’d be willing to let him name their child.

Sten: He isn’t sure exactly how he’s supposed to react. The Qun doesn’t celebrate pregnancies and children are not born out of love. Still, he acknowledges this is not the case for the Warden and Alistair, so he won’t spoil their high spirits. “Good job, kadan,” he says, squeezing the Warden’s shoulder, perhaps less firmly than he normally would have.

Oghren: He breaks into a fit of rowdy laughter when he hears the news. He pats Alistair on the back and congratulates him for a job well done, then invites both him and the Warden to drink with him, to toast and celebrate. 

Wynne: Although they’re on the eve of battle, she takes the time to give the Warden a few tips about the upcoming stages of pregnancy. She’s the only one who’s been through this before, and Maker knows if there will be another chances to share a little bit of her experience after the fight with the Archdemon.

Shale: They pretend not to care at first, but then approach the Warden with questions. “Just how soft and squishy will this new flesh creature be? Will it look anything like Alistair? And will I be allowed to hold it?” When the next day comes, they throw themselves in battle harder than ever to protect the Warden. 

Dog: Wags tail, barks happily, and jumps on Alistair and the Warden to lick their faces.

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"Did you get my letter?" + Alex Summers, preferably about Vietnam

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There’s very limited time for phone calls and an even larger shortage of actual telephones where he’s at. He’s stationed just outside a small town a half mile away from camp and there’s maybe two phones in the town. 

He shouldn’t really be going out there but the company doesn’t move out for another three days into a war zone and Alex is sure he’s not going to have an opportunity to call or even write to you. So, he sneaks off with a few other guys from the company looking to get high or drunk. 

It’s worth the risk, he thinks, when he clambers into the back of a passing farmers truck, to get in trouble for this. He’s only had letters from you the past five- almost six- months and they were becoming few and far between the more that he was moved around. This place is hell and he just wants a little relief from it, to hear your voice and help remind him of what’s waiting for him back home.

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Okay so I’m at work by myself and I attempted more, let me know what you think or if you have any ideas… (I need help)

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The weekend went by without a hitch, Jarvis was the perfect gentleman when they went on their walks, even allowed Brock his ten minutes at his bench to smoke his cigarrette. Tony frented through text and Brock sent him pictures to appease him.

So Sunday mid afternoon Tony lets Brock know he’ll be there shortly and Brock is just like “doors unlocked.”

When Tony enters the apartment he barely makes it three feet before he’s being tackled to the ground. “Jesus Jay, you’re not little you know?!” Brock laughed but helped Tony up.

Awkwardly, Tony shuffled his feet, “Hey.”

Brock smirked and then reached out, wrapping an arm around Tony’s waist, tugging him closer. “Hey yourself.” Huh…. well isn’t that cute. Tony’s freckles became more pronounced when he blushed. “Can I get a thank you kiss?” If possible Tony’s blush got darker. 

Instead of a kiss Tony buried his burning face in Brock’s chest, hands clutching his tee shirt at his sides, “Damn you.." 

Brock laughed, "Come’re cutey.” Tilting the other’s chin up he gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. He didn’t push for anything more and neither did Tony. They only stopped because Jarvis didn’t like being ignored.

“Hey Babe”

“Hi Brock, we still good for today?”

“Of course, what time did you want to meet up?”

“In a little bit, I got to walk Jarvis and then I’ll be ready.”

“I’ll just meet you at our spot in the park then.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

Brock got ready (threw boots and a jacket on) and headed for the park, it was a nice night and the italian restuarant they were going to had outdoor seatting, they could always bring Jarvis with them.

He and Tony had been dating for a few weeks now and Brock couldn’t believe how gone he was on the other man. He never thought he use this word but Tony was absolutely adorable. With this soft brown eyes, curly hair and barely noticable freckles, Brock didn’t have a chance. Normally he was good with a quick lay and then would go back into solitude until the need arose for him to find another bed partner. With Tony, he wanted to smoother than man in cuddles. They hadn’t even done more than kiss and Brock was completely okay with that.

He was thinking about how cute Tony was and how long his eye lashes are when he feel asleep on him the other night when he noticed his boyfriend at their bench. With someone.

Tony was sitting on the bench, Jarvis half in his lap as Tony petted him. Focus jumping back and forth between Jarvis and his phone. Next to him was some random jogger, doing stretches and obviously trying to gain Tony’s attention. The guy was big, blonde and buff. Currently he was using the other half of the bench to stretch his legs and staring intently at Tony.

He wondered over, staying calm and relaxed. Jarvis noticed him first, head lifting from Tony’s lap and barking in greeting. “Jarvis, always a pleasure.” The great dane came over to greet him, his owner close behind. “Hey baby, been waiting long?”

His kissed the shorters cheeks before taking his hand. “No I just got here, ready?”

“Yeah let’s go.” He turned Tony in the direction of the restuarant but not before making eye contact with the other guy until he quickly advert his gaze. This happened more than he’d like, men and women alike blantly staring at his boyfriend, with or without him stand right there. At least Jarvis helped by keeping most away.


Season 4 Drabble #4-Santa Ana

Surprise! I’m back with another drabble for you all. Plus, I have another surprise for you this weekend. So, stay tuned. Enjoy!

For the past few months, Club Rome had been a popular attraction in LA. Parties, celebrity appearances, fundraisers and events had the club hopping. Ever since their return, Derek and Ahsha had become quite the power couple. They were now both owners of the club and with their name being on the building, they made sure everything stayed on point. Ahsha never thought she would be co-owner of one of the most popular spots in California. People traveled from across the states to visit. With many renovations, Club Rome had become a chic and sophisticated place to party. They had added on a lounge, a cigar bar, and a stage for small, intimate concerts. The Romans were proud of their recent investment and were reaping the benefits.

Gearing up for another big event, Derek and Ahsha were spending a lot of time in the club. “We need a DJ, someone that keeps people on their feet,” Ahsha expressed, standing behind her husband and looking at his computer. “You think that promoter you met can find a good one?”

“Baby, he’s the best promoter in LA, right now. Your man is on it, don’t worry,” Derek replied, turning his chair and pulling Ahsha down to his lap. “But you in business mode is sexy as hell. I must admit.”

The dancer grinned. “Hey, I’m only trying to help. Having Wale here is a big deal. Want to make sure he feels right at home.” Right after Ahsha finished her sentence, a strong wind made a tree branch loudly tap the office window.

“Whoa, we better finish up and head home,” Derek suggested. The Santa Ana winds had hit LA once again, bringing in strong winds that could possibly leave them without power. The last time this happened, Derek and Ahsha had gotten stuck in an elevator. At least this time, Derek wasn’t a super cocky baller only trying to get in her pants. Not that she minded him in her pants now.

“Right, I’ll go lock up my office,” Ahsha replied, jumping up from Derek’s lap. She didn’t even get far before another strong wind hit and knocked out the power. “Shit!”

“Oh great,” Derek groaned. Winds were way too strong to drive in, let alone walk. “Maybe we should wait this out. It’s looking crazy out there,” he peeked through the blinds and could see the winds picking up strength. “Maybe I can find something for us to eat in the kitchen.”

“Did we still have those candles in the back,” Ahsha asked, her stomach growling at the mention of food.

“Yeah, there’s a couple of flashlights in my drawer.”

The couple went their separate ways. Ahsha used the flashlight to navigate the supply closet. Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong hands grip her hips, causing her to shriek. “Shh, it’s just me,” her husband chuckled. “Are there any towels in here?”

“You scared the hell out of me,” Ahsha panted, holding her chest. “Yeah, towels are right over here.” Reaching over to grab a towel, Ahsha’s backside rubbed against the tented fabric of Derek’s slacks. Damn, he was hard as a rock, she thought to herself. Shaking off the horny thoughts, Ahsha handed the towels to her husband, but he didn’t take them.

Knowing Ahsha had felt all of him, Derek decided to put food hunting off for a minute. “You know what they say, Santa Anas are baby makers.” The sensual tone of Derek’s voice made him hard to resist. Just get those candles, girl. But Derek had other plans. “We’re in a dark supply closet and I’m starving,” she laughed as Derek took the candles out of her hands and placed them back on a shelf.

“I can feed you,” he muttered, his lips grazing her ear.

“You’re so nasty,” Ahsha giggled, leaning back into Derek’s chest. When Derek began sucking the sensitive skin of her neck, the candles, towels, and food became afterthoughts.

“Mmmmm,” Ahsha hummed, grabbing the back of Derek’s head. His hardness continued digging into her ass and the loose fabric of her pants didn’t hide an inch of it. She turned her body to face Derek, grabbing his face between her hands before attacking his lips. The kiss was vicious, not dainty in any shape or form. Their tongues smacked loudly as the couple quickly became breathless. They began ripping off their clothes desperately trying to relieve themselves of the barriers. Touch became their primary sense with only the flashlight providing little light.

Ahsha’s hands fumbled with Derek’s belt buckle, pushing his pants to the floor. Her fingers tightly wrapped around his hardened length, massaging him through the fabric. Derek cursed under his breath when the dancer sunk down to the floor. Pulling down his boxer briefs, Ahsha held him in her hand. The thickness barely fit in her small hand as she wrapped her mouth around the player’s tip. Teasing him with her wicked tongue, Ahsha slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft. He could barely see her under the very dim light, but the feeling of her tongue and lips massaging him was hypnotizing. It almost took him by surprise. The player’s hand disappeared into her hair, providing wordless encouragement. His abs tightened as his wife continued to tease him. It wouldn’t be long under her care.

“Damn,” he grunted, his body tensing up. Mrs. Roman was showing him no mercy. When Derek knew he was close to busting, he quickly reached down and pulled his wife to her feet. “Didn’t want to make a mess,” he admitted with a smirk. Their lips were at it again before Ahsha could say a word. Her back collided with the wall and her legs were quickly wrapped around Derek’s waist. Winds could still be heard beating against the back windows of the club.

The dancer wiggled her hips, helping Derek rid her of her panties. Their breathing ragged, the baller lifted her hips, lowering them on his length. The feeling of him inside her never got old. They didn’t have much room in the closet but they would make it work. Derek began to move his hips, gently colliding with Ahsha’s. One of the shelves became a prop as Ahsha rested her elbows on it. Her head fell back, soft moans leaving her lips.

Using her strong core, the dancer tightened her legs around Derek’s waist and began riding him. “Thank God, I married a dancer,” he murmured against her warm skin. Tingles moved over her skin as Derek turned his attention to her exposed breasts. The tip of his tongue grazed the hardened bud, teasing it before sucking it between his lips. A combination of gentle tugs with his teeth and sucks drove his wife wild. Though soft whimpers escaped her throat, her body was screaming.  Derek gripped Ahsha’s hips bracing her for his increased force.

The baller fell deeper, pleasing his wife with harder, longer strokes. His buttocks tightened with each harsh move. They found each other’s lips, hungrily kissing before their lips broke apart when Ahsha felt a bout of intense satisfaction rush through her body. She cursed under her breath, the sex feeling so good she could shout. Derek rested his forehead against Ahsha’s. Even in the dark, such a simple moment was so intimate. Ahsha bit her lip as she followed Derek’s increased rhythm. She could feel his eyes boring into her own as their breathing became sharper.

Reaching between Ahsha’s wrapped thighs with one hand, Derek’s thumb began to graze her sensitive bud. She swiftly gripped her husband’s broad shoulders, unable to hold herself up anymore. As her body responded, Derek rubbed a little harder, making her that much wetter. Almost in no time did Ahsha climax, collapsing into Derek’s shoulder, her limbs falling weak. Derek’s body stiffened as he came hard inside his wife.

For a few long seconds, they stayed connected, the thumping feeling still strong. They both chuckled when they came off their high.

“A lot different from the last Santa Ana fiasco, huh,” Derek purred, planting one last kiss on Ahsha’s lips before releasing her legs from his grip.

“Thankfully,” Ahsha chuckled, collecting the candles she initially came for in the first place. “Wish that would have happened the last time.”

Derek smirked, “Oh really?” But Ahsha didn’t respond to his remark. She simply winked, picked up the towels and handed them to Derek.

Those damn Santa Ana winds.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! I think you all will like the next surprise.

Small Parasites - Adoribull

Most kids bring home stray cats and dogs, even the occasional injured squirrel or rabbit. But as Bull blinks in confusion on the park bench he’s occupied while the kids mess around the park, he finds himself completely surprised.

Krem isn’t really the type to pick up strays.

The kid has a heart. He’ll take them to a vet or a no-kill shelter, but he knows better than to get attached and bring them home. (It’s honestly a little bit heartbreaking, but they’re working on that.)

The really mind-boggling thing here is that Krem has somehow picked up a preschooler. The kid is all bronze skin and dark, curly hair with truly massive hazel eyes staring right back up at Bull.

“Avanna.” The kid says.

Tevene. Oh, boy.

“Hey.” Bull smiles. “Where’d you come from?”

“The playground,” Krem says. “He latched on to me at the playground and now he won’t let go.

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BTS Reaction: Seeing Their Newborn Baby for the First Time //requested//


Him: Hehehe it came from my sperm

Y/N: Namjoon please…

Him: I’m kidding! It’s cute!

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Him: You young lady will not date until you’re 30. You here me?

Y/N: She can’t respond, Tae..

Him: Already a trouble maker!

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That thing is so ugly!

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Hey little one! It’s Appa!

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*attacks the baby with kisses*

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Him: Are you sure he’s mine? He looks an awful lot like Woozi…

Y/N: Are you serious right now?

Him: I’m joking! I just…I’m getting a little emotional at the moment…he’s so beautiful 

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She’s so pretty just like her mom! So…when will we be making another..??

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Hey little man! Appa’s going to teach you to sing like an angel, too! 

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in retaliation to dan’s influence on sophii’s amnesia au

here @blackjacktheboss and @spooky-son-of-rome . I know you guys love jasper.

  • It’s been twelve years.
  • Twelve years since the final battle with Gaea.
  • Twelve years since all of her friends were together.
  • Twelve years since Piper has seen Jason.
  • He sacrificed himself that day, right before Leo could. It was–Piper hadn’t expected Jason to grab Leo’s arm and push them back down toward the ground, and all she could hear was Leo screaming and yelling and Piper was falling toward the ground watching as the sky lit up with fire and and and–
  • Piper doesn’t believe it for a long time.
  • Leo doesn’t either.
  • It’s just–he’s gone. There’s nothing left. No body. No glasses. No clues. He’s just gone. Erased from the world. Incinerated. Blown to dust.
  • It makes it worse when Leo tells her all of the stuff that he did to try and make it so he could get to Ogygia because it was supposed to be him. It wasn’t supposed to be Jason and if he would have just stayed out of the way then they wouldn’t be having this problem and Leo blames it all on Jason right then and Piper can’t stand to listen to him anymore and–
  • Piper doesn’t speak to Leo for a year. Even after he apologizes because Jason saved the world and saved them and Leo just threw that away because he wanted to save Calypso. It takes Piper a long time to forgive him for that, but that’s when she realizes that he’s been hurting just as much as she has.
  • They officially say goodbye to Jason one night in the winter of the following year. They go out to that museum at the Grand Canyon where they technically met Jason for the first time since their other memories of him weren’t real. They sneak out onto the observation deck, letting the wind blown around them, and Piper remembers Jason jumping out after her even when he had no idea if he could fly.
  • As the wind ruffles her hair, she lets her tears fall.
  • “Jason,” Leo’s voice is rough because he’s crying too, and Piper reaches out for his hand. “We miss you. You were–you were–”
  • “Our best friend,” Piper finishes for him, staring out at the dark sky. “And we love you. We’ll see you soon.”
  • They cry that night, but it helps them move on.

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O_o  I don’t remember this scene in Hello Baby…

Oh my…Onew seems really into it…and Taemin is like biting his pillow…I’m dying here…oh god help me….


David Eric “Dave” Grohl (12 January 1969)

Medieval AU

The floral gardens of the castle was small yet beautiful. The ivy crept up the old stone walls and flowers of all sort of size and colours flourished about in this little patch of green. It was the Queen’s garden, though she herself never cared for it, but nothing short of perfection was allowed in it and no one without permission could step foot in it.

However the princess was never one for rules. The young woman sat in the middle of it the flowers, her red and gold dress splayed about her. An angry scowl marred her face as she plucked petals off the flower in her hand. 

Cleopatra was not your typical princess; she preferred to be crass and fight and be respected. She would also much rather be learning how to sword-fight like her elder brother than learning how to become a good little political pawn. Who wanted to become a baby maker, producing heirs for some foreigner? Hell, Cleo had never even been outside the damn walls on her own before; how was she to leave her own homeland without even knowing what it was like? 

It was why she was currently out in the gardens right now. She just needed to breather from everything happening; who cares if she wasn’t supposed to be here? It had to be better that ’accidentally’ getting a servant injured right?

Another open letter to Marvel's Agents of Shield

Dear Agents of Shield,

Firstly, I would like to commend you on the top notch work you have done in giving my beloved FitzSimmons fandom what they want. Truly, well done. You have given us love confessions and rescues and hand holding and head laying and it is only episode 2.

And yet… And yet… I still don’t trust you. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it is because Ward turned out to be Hydra or because hallucination Simmons was not real or because oatmeal raisin cookies look like chocolate chip cookies. Regardless of the reason, life has taught me to not trust what I see.

From what we can tell… You are giving us FitzSimmons. For now. The promo pictures for next week… The hand holding… It’s fine. I did not need to be productive for the month of October anyway.

God does not give with both hands and neither do you, Agents of Shield. So what exactly are you planning? More pain, of course. I have been watching the show, after all. But what kind of pain? A glorious FitzSimmons season followed by an “I can’t do this anymore” breakup filled with pain and angst? A tragically defeated Simmons and a Fitz that can’t draw her out no matter what he does? Or are you just going to pull one of them to another planet again knowing damn well you can’t let these two be together?

Know one thing and know it well, Agents of Shield. We are on to you. We know you. We know you enough to know that we never know what you are going to do. We know enough to expect the unexpected.

You are playing a dangerous game, my friend.

Even though this fandom may appear full of feelings and easily broken, we are here and we are loud and if you mess with our children (again) there will be hell to pay. Sure, that hell will be covered in the tears of broken-hearted gif makers, but it will be hell none the less.

Treat them well and treat them right or Hydra will be the least of your concerns.

I side with science babies.


Your devoted and emotionally traumatized fan