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Pentagon: Reacting to you sleeping half naked

Scenario: You went on a trip with Pentagon and their manager, but you only booked 6 rooms, so you had to share with one of the members. They all know you always sleep half naked, so what happens when you start taking off your clothes?

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Small Parasites - Adoribull

Most kids bring home stray cats and dogs, even the occasional injured squirrel or rabbit. But as Bull blinks in confusion on the park bench he’s occupied while the kids mess around the park, he finds himself completely surprised.

Krem isn’t really the type to pick up strays.

The kid has a heart. He’ll take them to a vet or a no-kill shelter, but he knows better than to get attached and bring them home. (It’s honestly a little bit heartbreaking, but they’re working on that.)

The really mind-boggling thing here is that Krem has somehow picked up a preschooler. The kid is all bronze skin and dark, curly hair with truly massive hazel eyes staring right back up at Bull.

“Avanna.” The kid says.

Tevene. Oh, boy.

“Hey.” Bull smiles. “Where’d you come from?”

“The playground,” Krem says. “He latched on to me at the playground and now he won’t let go.

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BTS Reaction: Seeing Their Newborn Baby for the First Time //requested//


Him: Hehehe it came from my sperm

Y/N: Namjoon please…

Him: I’m kidding! It’s cute!

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Him: You young lady will not date until you’re 30. You here me?

Y/N: She can’t respond, Tae..

Him: Already a trouble maker!

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That thing is so ugly!

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Hey little one! It’s Appa!

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*attacks the baby with kisses*

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Him: Are you sure he’s mine? He looks an awful lot like Woozi…

Y/N: Are you serious right now?

Him: I’m joking! I just…I’m getting a little emotional at the moment…he’s so beautiful 

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She’s so pretty just like her mom! So…when will we be making another..??

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Hey little man! Appa’s going to teach you to sing like an angel, too! 

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O_o  I don’t remember this scene in Hello Baby…

Oh my…Onew seems really into it…and Taemin is like biting his pillow…I’m dying here…oh god help me….

in retaliation to dan’s influence on sophii’s amnesia au

here @blackjacktheboss and @spooky-son-of-rome . I know you guys love jasper.

  • It’s been twelve years.
  • Twelve years since the final battle with Gaea.
  • Twelve years since all of her friends were together.
  • Twelve years since Piper has seen Jason.
  • He sacrificed himself that day, right before Leo could. It was–Piper hadn’t expected Jason to grab Leo’s arm and push them back down toward the ground, and all she could hear was Leo screaming and yelling and Piper was falling toward the ground watching as the sky lit up with fire and and and–
  • Piper doesn’t believe it for a long time.
  • Leo doesn’t either.
  • It’s just–he’s gone. There’s nothing left. No body. No glasses. No clues. He’s just gone. Erased from the world. Incinerated. Blown to dust.
  • It makes it worse when Leo tells her all of the stuff that he did to try and make it so he could get to Ogygia because it was supposed to be him. It wasn’t supposed to be Jason and if he would have just stayed out of the way then they wouldn’t be having this problem and Leo blames it all on Jason right then and Piper can’t stand to listen to him anymore and–
  • Piper doesn’t speak to Leo for a year. Even after he apologizes because Jason saved the world and saved them and Leo just threw that away because he wanted to save Calypso. It takes Piper a long time to forgive him for that, but that’s when she realizes that he’s been hurting just as much as she has.
  • They officially say goodbye to Jason one night in the winter of the following year. They go out to that museum at the Grand Canyon where they technically met Jason for the first time since their other memories of him weren’t real. They sneak out onto the observation deck, letting the wind blown around them, and Piper remembers Jason jumping out after her even when he had no idea if he could fly.
  • As the wind ruffles her hair, she lets her tears fall.
  • “Jason,” Leo’s voice is rough because he’s crying too, and Piper reaches out for his hand. “We miss you. You were–you were–”
  • “Our best friend,” Piper finishes for him, staring out at the dark sky. “And we love you. We’ll see you soon.”
  • They cry that night, but it helps them move on.

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All Bleeding Stops 4

So remember how I was on surgery last month?? I still have two half finished pieces from that rotation to get up and out for you all before I start writing about my OB adventures. Third year is kinda busy, guys. Haha. But here it is at last!! 

All Bleeding Stops is my new series recording the events of my surgery rotation!  Click here to read the first two parts in the series or more of my writing through all my adventures third year. 

All Bleeding Stops 4: Celebrate the Middle Places 


T and I have dinner late in the evening after I’m exhausted from a 13-hour shift and then walk back to the apartment in the October chill, the cold soaking through our jackets, strong enough not even the wine-warmth of our skin can chase it away. The cold is a reminder that the end of the year has come quickly, crept up on me out of the shadows of my busyness.

“I can’t believe I’m halfway through third year,” I tell T as we walk with our fingers twisted together in the space between us. Talking about time always touched with stress in medical school, like a constant reminder of how dangerous it is to let time pass, how quickly the things you think you have time to deal with can become due.

I’ve been thinking, frequently, about how quickly time goes when you’re not watching. Every night when I go to bed, I’m afraid that I will wake up the next day a doctor and someone will expect competency that I have not yet achieved. That’s terrifying. I feel like I was just taking Step 1, just starting medical school, and here it’s six months into my third year.

Sometimes I’m so busy in the middle of it all that I forget to breathe. Third year of medical school is like running a marathon—but a marathon that you’re running at a spring, gasping for air at elevation on three hours of sleep. It’s like swimming the length of the English Channel with the riptide pulling you down with every stroke.


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Medieval AU

The floral gardens of the castle was small yet beautiful. The ivy crept up the old stone walls and flowers of all sort of size and colours flourished about in this little patch of green. It was the Queen’s garden, though she herself never cared for it, but nothing short of perfection was allowed in it and no one without permission could step foot in it.

However the princess was never one for rules. The young woman sat in the middle of it the flowers, her red and gold dress splayed about her. An angry scowl marred her face as she plucked petals off the flower in her hand. 

Cleopatra was not your typical princess; she preferred to be crass and fight and be respected. She would also much rather be learning how to sword-fight like her elder brother than learning how to become a good little political pawn. Who wanted to become a baby maker, producing heirs for some foreigner? Hell, Cleo had never even been outside the damn walls on her own before; how was she to leave her own homeland without even knowing what it was like? 

It was why she was currently out in the gardens right now. She just needed to breather from everything happening; who cares if she wasn’t supposed to be here? It had to be better that ’accidentally’ getting a servant injured right?

Another open letter to Marvel's Agents of Shield

Dear Agents of Shield,

Firstly, I would like to commend you on the top notch work you have done in giving my beloved FitzSimmons fandom what they want. Truly, well done. You have given us love confessions and rescues and hand holding and head laying and it is only episode 2.

And yet… And yet… I still don’t trust you. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it is because Ward turned out to be Hydra or because hallucination Simmons was not real or because oatmeal raisin cookies look like chocolate chip cookies. Regardless of the reason, life has taught me to not trust what I see.

From what we can tell… You are giving us FitzSimmons. For now. The promo pictures for next week… The hand holding… It’s fine. I did not need to be productive for the month of October anyway.

God does not give with both hands and neither do you, Agents of Shield. So what exactly are you planning? More pain, of course. I have been watching the show, after all. But what kind of pain? A glorious FitzSimmons season followed by an “I can’t do this anymore” breakup filled with pain and angst? A tragically defeated Simmons and a Fitz that can’t draw her out no matter what he does? Or are you just going to pull one of them to another planet again knowing damn well you can’t let these two be together?

Know one thing and know it well, Agents of Shield. We are on to you. We know you. We know you enough to know that we never know what you are going to do. We know enough to expect the unexpected.

You are playing a dangerous game, my friend.

Even though this fandom may appear full of feelings and easily broken, we are here and we are loud and if you mess with our children (again) there will be hell to pay. Sure, that hell will be covered in the tears of broken-hearted gif makers, but it will be hell none the less.

Treat them well and treat them right or Hydra will be the least of your concerns.

I side with science babies.


Your devoted and emotionally traumatized fan