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Wings and Embers: A Nessian Pregnancy: Part One

Barefoot as always, Ash Acheron, Heir to the Autumn Court was dragged to Hybern by his sister. She insisted that they keep the Queen and King company while she prepares for the birth of her children.

“Cia. Is it really necessary that we see Nesta? I’m sure she and Cassian are busy with preparing for the babies and the approaching Blood Rites.”

She smacked his arm, “Yes, it is necessary. She was there for your birth now you will be there for the our cousins’ births.”

“The twins don’t have to go.” he accused. Adara and Fia, his twin sisters.

“That’s because they are helping Father prepare for the Equinox. Besides, Nesta has had a difficult pregnancy and with your healing abilities, it’s right for you to be here.”

He sighed. True.

“Oh come on, Ash.” she crowed, “ It’s time to put you to use. Unless the rumors of you being nothing but pretty hair and reckless decisions are true.”

He pointed at her, “that is a lie, sister. I am plenty useful.”

She walked ahead of him and he said, “Careful,” just as she tripped over a loose branch, nearly falling on her face. He ‘saw’ the branch and knowing his clumsy sister, she would fall on her face. And he was right.


Dacia put her hands in front of her, blocking the fall before she hit the ground. Looking back at her brother she glared, “Thanks for the warning, Ash.”

He gave her a large grin and shrugged, “I told you to be careful.”

The guard at the door bowed, “ Lord. High Lady.”

Ash folded his arms, “Is Bay here?”

“Yes, he’s most likely sparring with the King, preparing for the Blood Rite. Would you like me to alert them?”

Baylor was Ash’s best friend. He was very different from her brother. Where Ash was sharp tongued and hotheaded, Baylor had a quiet anger and a desire to read. Ranting on about book characters and stories about faraway places.

Ash shook his head, “No, let him prepare. I need to go say hello to my favorite Aunt.”

Dacia elbowed him, “Don’t let Feyre hear you say that.”

Ash rolled his eyes, “Come on.”

Dacia flipped back her hair and led the way.


Nesta washed her face, letting the water cool the heat in her face.


She looked up into the mirror. Ash was leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed. The usual smirk was replaced with a grim line.


He narrowed his eyes, pushing off the frame and sauntered over, taking her face into his hands, the sharp tang of magic hit her nose as he placed the back of his hand on her forehead, “You’re ill. How long have you had a fever?”

She glared at the sharpness in his voice, “Since this morning.”

“You are going to bed, right now. I don’t care if you are queen or can roast me from inside out. You are going to listen to me or else you’ll end up having your babies two months early. Understood?”

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O_o  I don’t remember this scene in Hello Baby…

Oh my…Onew seems really into it…and Taemin is like biting his pillow…I’m dying here…oh god help me….

BTS Reaction: Seeing Their Newborn Baby for the First Time //requested//


Him: Hehehe it came from my sperm

Y/N: Namjoon please…

Him: I’m kidding! It’s cute!

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Him: You young lady will not date until you’re 30. You here me?

Y/N: She can’t respond, Tae..

Him: Already a trouble maker!

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That thing is so ugly!

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Hey little one! It’s Appa!

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*attacks the baby with kisses*

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Him: Are you sure he’s mine? He looks an awful lot like Woozi…

Y/N: Are you serious right now?

Him: I’m joking! I just…I’m getting a little emotional at the moment…he’s so beautiful 

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She’s so pretty just like her mom! So…when will we be making another..??

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Hey little man! Appa’s going to teach you to sing like an angel, too! 

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Alright so here's stick-mun's interpretation on how ya make babs. First, rip out your soul. That's right, really just jam your hand in there and give it a firm tug! Then ya rip out someone else's soul. Ya got a good grip on both? Nice! Now, and this is the important part, politely ask for permission to do the soul merge baby maker thingy. Do not pass go if the answer is no! If its yes then ya kinda just... squish em up... Anyways, running out of characters to type with. Boi!!!!

Hi guys! As you can see in the poster above, I just reached 12K followers! Thank you so much for your utmost support and never-ending warm messages. Despite the overwhelming happiness, I am sad to announce that I am leaving Tumblr.

I know this appears to be sudden, especially after hitting such a milestone. Though to be completely honest, I’ve been thinking about it for months now. And I kept delaying said thought for the reasons of wanting to make gifs and my mutuals’ advises.

However,  I can’t lie to myself. Although being a gif-maker gives me plenty of rush and excitement, I no longer feel happy here on Tumblr. Every time I log onto my account, I keep seeing negativity on my dash (either about Seventeen or the fandom, even my friends or myself). Not to forget the amount of hate I get, plus the constant reposting done by reposters. I know I sound like a whiny baby right now, but having to keep up this blog has become a ‘task’ rather than a hobby.

I just want to rest.

Of course, I’ll still keep supporting SEVENTEEN as a Carat. I don’t know why but I feel that I haven’t contribute much to SEVENTEEN and the fandom, so I’ve decided to focus on a fansite [ @int-carats ] I’m currently running with other few members, working on respective birthday supports we are/will be handling. If you are interested to join or support us in any way, do visit International Carats [twitter: int_carats]. Currently, we are finalising Anniversary Project, simultaneously handling Jun and Hoshi’s Birthday Support.

I’ll still be providing updates + translations on my Twitter [@leewooji96] (especially for the upcoming Asia Tour as I might be going to all listed countries). I’ll continue writing Jicheol fics, even occasionally post gifs on Twitter. I just want to focus on supporting SEVENTEEN, doing things that make me happy. Rather than dealing with negativity and keeping up with something that might push me further into depression.

With that being said, I want to thank all of you for being the best mutuals and followers ever. I wish to address each and everyone of you personally, but it’ll make it harder for me to say goodbye. I did record several videos for those who have a special place in my heart, but I ended up crying most of the time, thus decided it’s best to not include them here. I’m sorry if I forgot to include any of you (mutuals especially) for  I can’t remember all, given that I keep wanting to cry. It took me a good one hour to finish this whole post. Still, do know that I am thankful to every single person here.

I am sorry for the past mistakes I’ve done. If I by chance did I hurt your feelings or made you angry in any way, please forgive my insensitive and inattentive self. As for this blog, I won’t be taking it down. I might come back or might not at all. But no need to worry as I’ll still leave my gifs here, available to be used. The reason why I made gifs is for Tumblr anyway, so yeah. Besides, this is the least I can do after hitting such an amazing, still unexpected milestone of 12K. It feels like a dream, so thank you, for making it happen.

LOL I am acting as if it’s a big deal when it’s not. Trust me, my absence won’t affect anyone - there are other great tumblr users out there, far more amazing than I am. I’m sure me leaving won’t affect anyone, but still I just want to say a proper goodbye. :)

So for my mutuals, here goes a rather ‘simplified’ but still long message specially written for you.

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