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Across the Universe

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Ex-Boyfriend!Kang Daniel

Note: that time when i watched Junggigo’s Across the Universe mv too many times and ended up writing a scenario inspired by it of course i had to throw in my fav in there

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Invisible — A Vampire!AU Park Jihoon Fic

requested by @wannaonechu

genre: fluff

just s short drabble! i havent updated in weeks, feelsbadman jfsknsa

Walking out of your house, you come face to face with what looked like a pink cotton candy mashed up with a blue colored one. What the heck is that?!1?

“Yo, who are you and why are you dressed like that. I was excited about my first day of school but you just ruined it.”

You hear offended grumblings coming from underneath that disgustingly bright sweater, pulling it down, you gasp in terror. “Jihoon?? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?”

“Ok listen, my mom bought me these clothes for the new school year and I wanted to wear them?? Why?”

“Because you make me want to confine you in a room forever, the way you set up your outfit is embarrassing.”

Laughter can be heard all around you, it’s lunch time. Walking to a table with your tray of food and Jihoon trailing behind you, you giggle in amusement.

“I still can’t believe your mom let you out of the house like that.”

Groaning in annoyance he mumbles, “Stop laughing at my misery. I know I look terrible,”

Cutting him off, “Then why’d you dress like that?”

“BECAUSE, you know my problem. -mutters- I can’t see myself in the mirror remember??”

Yes you remember alright. You still couldn’t get over how you found out he was a vampire. He didn’t tell you or anything…it was during your 6th grade year; a few minutes before 12AM hits, before his birthday. Being the amazing best friend that you are, you wanted to surprise him.

Being best friends since childhood has it’s perks, you know how to sneak into his house and he to yours.

Quietly walking into the kitchen with a box of cake in our hands, you were determined to set everything up and then wake him up and surprise him. What you didn’t expect though was to see him awake. Drinking some kind of liquid that looked too dark to be red kool-aid.

“W-what? Why are you awake so early? And what are you drinking??”


“IS THAT BLOOD??!1?2?”

Putting yourself in his shoes, you understand his pain. You’d probably end up dressing like a fashion terrorist too, but you’d of have someone there to stop you from leaving in that mess. Feeling a tiny bit sympathy, you pout. However, you still can’t get over how funny he looks, so you gotta continue your teasing.

“Hey, you know what you look like?”

“I swear to freaking pineapples Y/N, if you say it-”


“That’s it, i’m leaving. I don’t deserve this slANder.” Getting up from his seat and turning around, he bumps into another student. ‘Oh shit, he’s that basketball jock isn’t he?’

“I-i’m sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going and-”

“Shut up, freshman. You look disgusting in that outfit, where’d you get it from? Your little sister’s closet?” Laughing he turns around to high five his ‘crew’.

Now, you know Jihoon can handle himself since he’s a vampire and all, but he’s too timid to do so. That’s where you come in, the loud, obnoxious best friend that Jihoon oh so adores.

Stomping up to the jock with your clenched fists, you get yourself ready to attack if necessary.

“Hey, you. Stupid! Leave my best friend alone, pick on someone your own size. Or maybe you need some extra lessons on how to play nice.” Swinging your arm, you punch him in the jaw; you couldn’t handle the cocky grin he had plastered on his face. He was getting ready to fight back, but something stopped him. ‘Heh, big annoying jock is scared of lil’ ol’ me. Moron. Serves you right for picking on my best friend.’ What you didn’t know was Jihoon flashed his fangs and his eyes glowed a bright red, daring the jock to make a move. 

Grabbing Jihoon’s arm and pulling him away, you glare stare at him, “You gotta stick up for yourself, don’t let others pick on you. Cough, except me cough.”

It’s silent for a good minute before he speaks up.

“AAAWWWWWW Y/N, YOU DO CARE ABOUT ME~ EVERYONE,” he screams out to the empty hallway save for you two, “Y/N, MY LOVABLE BEST FRIEND, DOES LOVE ME- Ow ow oWW-”

Repeatedly smacking his arm, face red (even though no one’s there, it’s still embarrassing yk), “SHUT UP YOU DORK, you’re embarrassing. WHY am I even friends with you? I don’t know you, bye.”

Power walking to your next class, you hear footsteps running behind you, Jihoon screaming, “Y/N, WAIT FOR ME.” You’re surprised he isn’t using his super speed to catch up to you, maybe it’s ‘cause of the curious, judging eyes watching both you and Jihoon’s actions.





is it normal for your ear to hURT when you’re sick??? LIKE it hurts??? and also yk how you pinch your nose and close your mouth and like bREATHE or something??? to like pop(?) your ear?? like i cANT DO THAT RN???

so yeah, this might suck bc im sick and lazy and i have a headache and these are just excuses and iM SORRY? imma just stop now,,,

hope y’all enjoy! ♡

hangover ♡ grayson

–requested by anon

“Ugh…” You groan, pressing a pillow to your face as hard as you could, attempting to relive the pain of the pounding headache you had due to last night.

Last night, Grayson decided to take you to a huge party that was filled with alcohol. You happened to have a couple drinks, then a couple more and then before you knew it you were wasted.

“Poor baby,” Grayson coos as he hops under the covers with you, grabbing the water and Advil he got for you.

“Haha,” You say, placing the pill in your mouth and gulping down some water, laying back down.

You close your eyes and place your fingers to your temple, “Why in the world would you let me drink that much?” You ask and Grayson laughs, grabbing you by the waste and pulling you into his chest.

“You were so much fun!“He laughs and you groan, twisting your body so that you were facing him.

"Thanks a lot.” You roll your eyes, looking up at him.

“Your welcome a lot .” He says back, placing a quick kiss on your lips, making you smile.

“Your kisses make me feel better.” You mumble and he chuckles, pressing another one on your lips then one on your cheek.

“You’re so cute.” He states and you laugh,

“Right now? Doubt it.” Grayson rolls his eyes and places another kiss to your lips,

“I’ll be right back. I think I know what will make you feel better.” He says and you nod, bundling yourself up in a bunch of blankets.

When Grayson comes back, he has a tan-colored smoothie in his hand that you were not excited to drink

“If you think I’m drinking that, you’re very wrong.” You say making Grayson laugh,

“No Y/N you have to, it’ll make you feel better I promise.” He informs you and you narrow yours eyes at him skeptically,

“Grayson Bailey Dolan if this is a prank, I will personally slap the holy hell out of you.” You warn and he raises his hands in the air,

“It’s not a prank babe!”

You take the drink from his hand, taking big gulps of it until it was all gone, “I don’t feel better. Actually, I think I might throw up.” You tell him and he breaks down laughing,

“It isn’t magic, Y/N, it’s not going to work in .5 seconds!” You groan and fall back on the bed,

“Come cuddle with me!” You demand and Grayson smiles, getting under the blanket and you place your head on his chest.

“Fall asleep, when you wake up you’ll feel much better.” Grayson assures you and you mumble a quiet ‘ok’, already half way there.

“I love you.” He tells you and you smile into his chest,

“I love you too.” You mumble which makes him smile to himself.

It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep, but Grayson wasn’t tired at all. As you slept Grayson played awake and played with your hair, thinking about how much he loved you, even when you were slightly hungover and grumpy.

a/n – WHY are my endings so bad lolol. but I hope this was good hahaha, I liked it :)

Christmas Can’t Wait (Peter Parker x reader)

Request: Hi I’d like to request one with Peter Parker where the reader and him are best friends that have eyes for each other but are too shy to say anything. The reader has a bad day and a terrible headache and Peter comforts her. Super fluff! Thank you!

“Ugh,” you groaned quietly, since the sound of even your own voice only made your head pound even more. You had been on the couch with your head buried under pillows and blankets to try to shield yourself from the sun that wouldn’t take the hint to leave you alone, and from the sounds of families running through the halls of your apartment building as they met for Christmas traditions.  It was like the universe and world around you had no idea of your suffering, and you couldn’t help but feel put out.  When a gentle knock sounded on your door, it echoed through the room like a sledgehammer striking, and you couldn’t believe the audacity of whoever was on the other side of it.

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Why So Late?

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Requested by: None

Genre: Drabble / Fluff

Character(s): Jaehyun

Word Count: 475

Author’s Note: Reuploaded because I wasn’t satisfied with this one either.

You’ve been tossing and turning all night. Your mind was occupied with as many things as it could occupy. It was overwhelming.

It was hard to process all of the information at once and it was starting to give you a headache. “Ugh…” You groaned aloud.

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The Christmas Present

Prompt from anon: Cas never thought Dean would be willing to get a dog, so he’d given up hoping early in their relationship of ever getting one. Disappointing, but Dean is worth it. So he isn’t expecting it when Dean surprises him with a puppy on Christmas morning.


“Puppies are so cute! And they are a test of a relationship working!” Cas wasn’t about to let Dean’s ‘no dogs’ rule win. Ever since he was a boy he wanted a puppy of his own. He dreamt about it, coming from a home where his mother was allergic, and knew deep in his bones that a dog was what he wanted more than anything.

His boyfriend, Dean Winchester, simply rolled his eyes with a sigh. “Babe, they are messy and poop and pee and it’s a lot of work. We are both working full-time. You really think that’s the best for a puppy?”

“Better than the streets, a pound, or being put down? Yes, I do.”

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anonymous asked:

I neeeed a Poe anything fluffy. Maybe Poe saving reader from a terrible day at work where reader works in front of a screen all day in command. Poe swoops in and all the ladies in command have the heart eyes over him and he takes reader on a date or something? Dreaming about Poe saving me from my terrible job lol

Request: I neeeed a Poe anything fluffy. Maybe Poe saving reader from a terrible day at work where reader works in front of a screen all day in command. Poe swoops in and all the ladies in command have the heart eyes over him and he takes reader on a date or something? Dreaming about Poe saving me from my terrible job lol

(Lol me too fam, me too.)

Poe x Reader

Your head was pounding. The computer screen was like a bright light that you couldn’t bare to look at. People were constantly bickering at you, causing the headache to worsen.
“Ugh….” You groaned, rubbing your temples whilst taking off the small headset.
“Bad day?” You heard someone chuckle. You looked up, head still pounding. Poe stood behind you, a small smirk on his lips.
“Nah, I’m doin swell.” You laughed in a painful manner.
Poe walks over to you and places his hands on your shoulders, slightly rubbing them in a soothing way.
“What do you say you take the rest of the day off of work, and I take you out?”
You smiles thankfully.
“Sounds great.” You sigh.
“Alright. Let’s go then. I already spoke to General Organa about the matter.”
You stand up, rubbing your temples.
“Thank you, Poe.”
“Don’t mention it, sweetheart.” He winks and you laugh a little while walking. The women (and some men) stare at you both in awe and jealousy. Everyone was in love with Poe Dameron, but who could blame them? Poe was attractive, charming, and had a good personality. You were glad that you were at least his friend.
Another part of you wanted to stick your tongue out at all of the people as you walked by, showing off the fact that Poe wasn’t friends with them, but with you. Sometimes you wondered why. Why you of all people?
“So where are we going, Dameron?” You inquire as he walks with you.
“It’s a surprise.”
“Okay” you roll your eyes. He chuckles as he stops at his apartment.
“Ladies first” he states whilst opening the door. You groan at his cheesiness, and walk inside.
“Thank you, kind gentleman.” You sit on his couch, knowing that he wouldn’t mind.
Poe sits beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.
“Tell me about it”
You look at him, and he stares down at you, his eyes content.
So you did. You ranted about how crappy work had been. How everyone was always nagging you to get work done. How you were so busy with work that you came home exhausted and couldn’t do anything but sleep. He listened to everything. Every little detail. That’s one of the traits that you adored about Poe. He was so respectful when people spoke. Even if he didn’t always show it, he was always listening.
“So yeah…” You finish. He sighs and hugs you close.
“Wanna spend the night?” He asks you. You nod while drifting off to sleep.
“That’d be great Poe.”
Just when you were about to fall asleep, Poe whispers “I love you (Y/N)”.
You smile softly.
“I love you too Poe.” You whisper before everything goes blank.


The next day, work wasn’t as bad. You wondered if Poe had talked to the general, but shrugged it off, enjoying the lack of work.

#139: Midnight Sickness

Request: He wakes you up in the middle of the night because he doesn’t feel good -Anonymous

Could you write a pref where he’s got a stomachache? -Anonymous

Ashton: You felt the bed shake as Ashton quickly got out of bed and ran into the bathroom, sitting up and wincing when you heard him throw up. You gave him a couple of minutes before slowly walking into the bathroom, sitting behind him and rubbing his back soothingly. “You okay?” you whisper, leaning your forehead on his bare back. He lets out a grunt before heaving up last night’s dinner, shaking as tears began to form in his eyes. “It’s going to be alright, just let it all out and then we’ll get you some medicine,” you continue, getting up and handing him a wet towel once he was done.

Calum: After not being able to sleep for 10 minutes because of Calum’s tossing and turning, you finally let out a sigh. “Cal, what’s the matter?” You felt him twitch a bit, not expecting you to be awake. “Sorry babe, didn’t think you were still awake. I’ll stop now.” Nodding, you turned around and closed your eyes, sleep washing over you before Calum let out a groan. “Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask, looking at him with worry as he curls up into himself, clutching his stomach. “Nothing,” he replies, shaking his head as he gives you a reassuring smile. “Just a stomach ache. Go back to sleep.” But a minute later, he let out another groan, asking you to get the heating pad while also asking, “Is this what it’s like to have cramps?”

Luke: “I told you to never drink the water unless it was bottled,” you mumble, running your fingers through Luke’s hair as he whimpered. The two of you were on vacation and Luke had decided to not listen to you, leading him to throw up at 1am and have a stomach ache for the rest of the day. You were currently in your hotel room, an episode of How I Met Your Mother softly playing as Luke curled up against you and rubbed his stomach. “You should try to eat something-” “No,” Luke grunted, burrowing his face into your shirt. “Don’t even mention food around me or I’ll throw up again.”

Michael: ”Food poisoning can suck my dick,” Michael grumbles into his pillow as you just laugh at him, rubbing his back as you sit up against the headboard and switch the channel. “Why the hell do I even have a fever from food, this doesn’t make any sense!” “Stop talking, you’re going to make your headache worse, you idiot,” you chuckle, moving his hair off of his forehead. “Then cuddle with me please,” he asks, weakly holding out his arms as he looks at you with tired eyes. “And take the blankets away, it’s getting too hot.” “Let me just get a bag or something in case you throw up.” “Ugh, don’t say that, I just might.”

A/N: Killed two birds with one stone by combining these two requests so yaaaaay (unless they were both from the same person and they just wanted to be more specific whoops). I tried to incorporate both preferences in there since they were similar so.  But um, we posted a new video on our YouTube channel so go check it out if you haven’t (x)! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx