this request rofl

nayeonniekim  asked:

This is prolly the second time Im telling this but CONGRATS JEH JEH!!!! Could I get some Yoosung wearing Prompto's Kingsglaive uniform? MWEHEHE LOVE U

One (yandere) Yoosung in Prompto’s Kingsglaive outfit for you!
Thank you so much Bunso Nay LOVE YOU TOO <3


we need to talk about the way matt removes that chair like it has personally offended his butt

special-cereal-deactivated20160  asked:

cheezuz if you have time and feel like it please make a second part for that jikook choker fic jksksjkajakjas

Lmfao welllllll…..

Title: Pull, Part 2
Genre: NSFW-ish
Word Count: 990
Warning: Swearing and steamy things.

Part 1 | Part 3

Also on AO3

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make me choose → anonymous asked blonde or dark haired minwoo