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“I don’t need E̔̾́g̶̍͊̅̽̓̚ĝ͋̉́͑m̵̈a̿ͣ̈́̍̑̚n̍̅̌ͯ̚ ! I don’t need my s҉̸̘̟͓q̘͓̰̗u̷̘̙̱͢a͏̫͚̥̠̰̤ͅd͇̞̙̠ ! I don’t need a̷̷̷̢̤̹͎̯̫̻̗͇̼̱̹͉͆͂̌̊̑ṉ̴̦̭̝̖͖̘̞̱ͩ͋ͭ̌͜͝y̶̴̢̜͔̤̭̦͔̗̺͎̤̥̙̻̘ͯͥ̐ͦ̉ͤ͆̍̂̕͜ͅo̸ͭ͂͂̌̌͂ͪ̅̽̊ͫͤ̓͊ͧ҉̫̭̹̣͙̬̥̺̯͕n̸̢͉̺̤̼͓̦̙͌ͧ̑ͮͧ̔́̿ͫ̑́͢è̸̵͓͕͔̈́̓̓̏̈̓̌̽̋͛͒̽̔̋̌̂͟͡ dragging me down!”

“Don’t you get what happened? Why we won and you lost? Because I had my friends fighting right there beside me the whole time! If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today!”

“At least we k̥̭̳n̴̘̻͕̥͈o͘w͚̟̗̦̤̕ ̣̮͇̯͘w͜h͍̤̼o̱̦͕ to b̹̳̺̯̣͖̲͟l̨͚̭͢a̷̛̱͍͉͙͓̤̹̼m̡̤̻̪͠é̢̖̭̜͔ͅ for your ḓ̴̶̷̢̱̙͖̙͝e̛̞̜̙̝̙̟̙͎̩̱͙͟͜ͅm̶̕͡҉̡̹̬̯̙͉͙̲͈̬̥̰̱i̷̧̗͖̠̗͇̩̹̻͚͎̱͎̖̭͖̝ṋ̵̷͕̩̟͚̯̺̮͚̤̭̹͇̬̗͢͢͡ͅͅs̴̷̛̜̰͓̭̜̞̝̝̭̯̗̭̩͟ͅȩ̶̣̥̟̤̞͈̺̩̬̤̳͔̪͇̺́͟͡ͅͅ 

I got waaaay too invested in this post I made a while back.
Also someone remind me never to attempt to draw Null Space again please thanks.

i apologize for the shitty banner i don’t do Top Graphic Design™

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Even if you can’t commission me, reblogs or any boosts are so very highly appreciated!! C:

So I need money for a new laptop. I decided to do commissions before the one I’m currently using stops working completely (…I barely got it working for now and I’m not sure for how long it’s gonna hold). I still have school but I will try to get them done in the evenings as much as possible. Sorry if the prices are too much, it’s my first time doing commissions so more than anything, I’m just trying to see if I‘m able to get any at all. The rules are listed below (PLEASE READ):

*Send me a PM here on tumblr to contact me!!
*I accept PAYPAL only. I will send you an invoice after you confirm your request along with your email adress. Reminder that you’ll be charged a paypal fee (around 1~3$ at most).    
*Prices can increase or decrease depending on the complexity of the   drawing, and I’m open to negotiations
*I will start working after receiving the payment
*You can ask for 2 revisions
*Please be specific about what you want and send me as many references as possible, or a detailed description

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!! I’m not sure if I will get any commissions yet so there’s no slot system for now.

There are a few examples of my art above. To see more of them check out herehere and here. Basically what I can draw for you is:

*NSFW/Smut (This depends a lot!!!)
*Gay stuff
*Cute stuff 
*Combinations of the things listed above
*Your OC’s
*Characters from anime, manga, comics, games etc. 

What I won’t draw:

*Furry (I can only draw an actual cat next to the character/s)
*Realistic People
*Certain kink/fetish stuff

Show Me (M)

Reader x J-Hope

Rated: M for smut 

Word count: 1.6k (I swear this was supposed to be a drabble but im an idiot as you can see LOL)

Summary: You wake up next to your best friend the morning after a party you knew you clearly went too crazy at. Not remembering what happened while you were in your drunken state, your best friend attempts to remind you what went down. But perhaps he went a little overboard… ;)

Authors note: my very first smut on this blog! this was something i just decided to write after seeing an fmv of hoseok and it clearly made me go nuts LOOOOL I’m not too good at writing smut, but please enjoy! ;)) 

warning: you need water fammmmm lots and lots of water

Opening your eyes, you squinted to the rays of light from the grey skies coming through the windows. The effects from last night’s party and all those drinks were wearing down on you as your head pounded and distorted your trail of thought. You started to get out of bed when you notice a toned arm wrapped around your waist. Stifling a gasp, you shut your eyes and slowly turned your body to see who the stranger was that shared your bed last night. Slowly opening an eye, you see your best friend Jung Hoseok, sleeping next to you, his face merely inches from yours. The natural light from the windows illuminated his face, giving him a heavenly glow. Still shocked from what you saw, you carefully lifted the blanket the two of you shared, and sighed in relief, knowing that nothing happened between you guys last night.

You looked at the time, it was 9 AM. How did I wake up this early? You thought, as you attempted to remove Hoseok’s strong hold on you so you could go get some pain medications to control your headache. Doing so, a low groan was emitted from your best friend as he tightened his grip even more, not letting you go. You huffed and turned to face him, and saw him gazing at you with a slight smile on his face.

“Oh my gosh let go of me, you’re holding me so tightly.” You whined.

“Good morning to you too.” Hoseok murmured, smiling dreamily.

“My head hurts so, so much. What the hell even happened last night?” You winced at your pounding head.

“Someone here had a little too much to drink,” Hoseok chucked, “and the things she did last night…”

You felt your face turn red, “W-what do you mean ‘the things she did last night?’”

“You really want to know?” Hoseok inched closer, whispering into your ear.

“Hoseok… we didn’t… do that… did we?” You asked warily.

He smiled lazily, “Nothing that you’d regret the next day when you’re sober.”

You laughed out of relief, and Hoseok snuggled into you as you whacked him, telling him to move.

“But I wanna sleep!” Hoseok pouted as he hugged onto you for dear life, “You’re so comfy!”

You agreed to stay like that for another hour and the two of you laid there sprawled out on each other, when you suddenly recalled what Hoseok had told you moments earlier.

“Hey… what did you really mean by the stuff I did last night?” You asked carefully.

“Do you not remember anything from the party?” Hoseok asked.

You furrowed your brows as you tried to remember things from last night.

“Wheee! This is so much fun! Dance with me!!” You grabbed your best friends’ hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. The two of you were tipsy and out of control, dancing around like idiots, and doing stupid antics.

The music changed to a slow tempo, as you threw your arms around Hoseok’s neck, swaying your hips to the beat. He placed his hands on your hips as you two danced together. All your friends were sitting at the bar table, staring at the two of you.

“Just fuck already geez, can they be a couple, please??” Your friend Julie whined.

“Patience is virtue, my friend.” Another one of your friends snickered.

“Shut up Namjoon, I’m not gonna listen to your philosophical stuff tonight.” Julie laughed, hitting him playfully.

Back at the dance floor, you were getting tired from dancing and wanted to rest. 

“Hobi, I wanna go upstairs and lie down for a bit, can you come with me?” You slurred.

You both climbed up the stairs, and searched for an empty room. Hoseok took you into the room and brought out clothes, a bit too big for you, to change into. Without considering the company in the room, you stripped out of your clothes and slipped the loose t-shirt over your body, causing the boy in the room to flush a bright shade of red.

“Ahh, comfy at last…” You sighed, as you threw yourself onto the bed. Hoseok climbed onto the bed and laid next to you. You took his hand and traced meaningless shapes and lines as he stared intently at you. Looking up at him, you notice him inching closer and closer, smelling the mix of beer and cologne from him.

The next thing you remembered was Hoseok’s hand caressing your face.

Your head pounded as you tried to remember more. How much did you even drink last night?

“Shit… I don’t remember… can you tell me for once, please?” You winced. Hoseok’s hand reached over to your head, and gave it a light massage.

“Should I really tell you?” Hoseok smirked.


“You sure?”

You grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards you. “Fucking tell me right now Jung Hoseok, or you’ll see the worst of me.”

It all happened so quickly. Hoseok suddenly was hovering above you, his body on all fours, on top of yours, and hands on either side of your head. He smirked as he leaned close to your face.

“No idea yet?”

Your face flushed as you started to get an inkling of what might’ve happened last night.

“How about you show me instead?” You stared up at him, finding your newfound confidence. Hoseok smirked again, as his eyes grew intense. He lifted a hand to caress your cheek.

He leaned forward slowly, and you closed your eyes, anticipating what was to come. His lips pressed firmly on yours. You unconsciously brought your hands up and brought his face closer, and reciprocated the kiss. Hoseok swiped his tongue over your top lip and you gave him entrance to explore the depths of your mouth. His tongue caressed yours, slowly at first, then increasing speed as you both started fighting for dominance. You pulled at his bottom lip and elicited a growl from him. Breaking apart after a few moments, you stopped to catch your breaths.

“Remember anything now?” Hoseok panted.

Your stomach tightened, and you pulled him back in for another deep and heated kiss. Mouths were moulded onto each other, teeth were clashing, riling you up even more. You spread your legs, letting him place his knee between your legs. Hoseok started trailing kisses down your jaw, and onto your neck. You let out a soft moan, clutching onto his hair as he sucked harshly on your sensitive spot, leaving a blossoming red mark. Not getting enough of you, he came back up again and kissed you hungrily. Your senses were overwhelmed and you unconsciously bucked your hips up towards him.

“Someone’s getting a little too excited hmm?” Hoseok playfully growled against your lips.

“Shut up and kiss me.” You moaned.

Your mind focused on all the little touches Hoseok placed on your body. From the feather-light touches on your waist, to the sloppy yet soft kisses he was placing on your neck, slowly going lower. Hoseok reached your collarbones and lightly sucked on it. Moaning softly, you reached forward to pull his shirt up, and slipped your hands under the clothing, feeling his torso.

Without warning, Hoseok brought his hand down and cupped your heat, making you gasp very loudly. He traced small circles over your underwear, and your breathing became even more erratic, making you a moaning mess. You continued to buck your hips up to feel more of his fingers, but he pulled away and you whined at the loss of contact.

“Do you want something, Y/N?” Hoseok purred.

“I-I want y-your fingers.” You gasped.

He leaned forward and grazed your ear, “You don’t want to do anything you’ll regret later.”

His husky yet honey-like voice turned you on even more, you felt like your insides burning up, and you felt your underwear becoming more and more soaked. You took his hand and placed it on your mound, staring directly at him as you rocked your hips ever so slowly.

The gesture was so intimate, that Hoseok let out a loud groan and slipped his middle finger into your core. Lewd, squelching noises were made as his finger thrusted in and out of you. You tightened your core, thrusting in rhythm, moaning shamelessly. None of you cared if the rest of your friends heard your noises.

“Fuck… right there!” You moaned. Hoseok went faster, and curled his finger inside of you, leaving you in ecstasy right there. Suddenly he pulled out, and put his finger in his mouth to have a taste of your arousal. “Mmm, you taste so sweet.” He hummed.

Realization started to hit you, that you were doing all this with your best friend. You turned red and brought your legs back together, but when you looked back at him, you couldn’t ignore the clear arousal on his face, and how blown out he looked. All because of you. Caving into your sexual desires, you sat up and straddled him, then kissed him passionately. Hoseok placed one hand on your waist and cupped your cheek with the other, as he gently reciprocated the kiss.

Moments later, Hoseok parts away from you, panting, and his swollen lips smirking. He lifts you off of him and pushes you onto the surface of the mattress. Still panting heavily, you gaze up at him in confusion.

“So… I showed you what happened last night with a bit of extra perks. But if you wanna get the full package, just let me know.” He winks, teasingly caressing your thigh as he proceeds to get up.

You sat up hurriedly, “What the fuck?!” You yelped. He had denied you of your orgasm, and you felt empty and somewhat mad that he suddenly backed out and said all that to your face.


You huffed, as you watched him walk out of the room. First and foremost, you realized that you two only made out last night. Second, you knew you liked what happened and deep down, you actually wanted this to happen. Lastly, you were definitely going to get him back for this.

A/N: there might be spelling errors in this so i apologize in advance! but anywaysss, feedback? comments? suggestions? lemme know, i’m open to all! :) thanks for reading!! 

No.102 “You’re the only person I wanted to be with tonight”

Kit and Ty

Requested by anon| It’s a bit short but I hope you like

Kit found Ty outside the London Institute in a sharp black suit that made the hard edges of his pale face even more prominent. It was the annual Christmas party the Institute threw. Except it wasn’t on Christmas because too many shadowhunters wanted to spend Christmas with their families; it was December 23rd. And you couldn’t blame them, a love bestowed upon by a shadowhunter was a fierce love, an overflowing love.

Christmas lights blinked a rainbow, people in pearls and their names’ most prized possessions hung from bare, sculpted necks or wrists. A string quartet strung out resonant, dance tunes over the chatter.

To the average person it would’ve just been a formal party but to Ty that may have meant sensory overload and maybe, if he wasn’t having an okay day, a breakdown. Kit was worried about Tiberius’ well being ever since the Blackthorn slipped from the masses. But when Kit saw Ty outside, he immediately knew his friend was fine and just needed a break.

His face was engulfed in the light of the moon and light of the artificial kind. He appeared… ethereal. The way Kit imagined the way an angel would aesthetically please him. But Ty wasn’t only a pretty beautiful face, he was the sunshine of Kit’s soul.

Kit sat next to Ty—although not too close. Both their backs were pressed against the stone wall.

Ty spoke first, quietly, “I thought you were enjoying the party, having fun.”

Kit shrugged, “It was alright. The party, I mean. But nothing beats being with you.”

The air was cool, a little too cool. It reminded Kit of the time he and Ty spent on the roof. He wondered if Ty could still feel his warm embrace.

Ty waited a a minute then blurted out, “Why are you being sarcastic, Christopher? You could be having tons of fun in there. You’re just out here with me because…because I don’t know why!”

Tiberius threw his hands up in frustration, “Everyone wants to be with Christopher Jonathan Herondale” Jealousy seeped into his voice, “And you want to be with them.”

Ty gazed at the moon. Kit wasn’t sure but he thought he saw a sheen of tears well up in the Blackthorn’s eyes.

“Ty-Ty”, Kit called patiently, “You’re the only person I wanted to be with tonight.”

Ty was rolling the fidget cube Kit gave him in his hands when he looked up at Kit, completely shocked.

Opened mouthed he queried, “Really?”

Kit gave a half-smile and nodded. He was glad it was dark out, so no one could see how pink he was. Kit tugged at his cuff links and accidentally let his fingers tap the other boy’s. He gingerly inched his fingers closer, until his hand laid above Ty’s palm. He nearly moved it away before Ty squeezed it, a hard, reassuring squeeze and relieved the pressure, just as sudden. Ty then lightly ran his fingers over the lines of Kit’s hands.

Soon his head lolled in the crook of Kit’s neck and he muttered softly, “Glass, twin, apple, whisper, stars, crystal, shadow, lilt, Christopher. My Christopher.”

Kit sung the song that only went to the rhythm of heart beats. “Cloud, secret, highway, hurricane, mirror, castle, thorns, Tiberius. My Tiberius.”

He looked down at the taller boy for the first time in his life. Ty’s legs were spread out before him and he slouched against Kit. Ty brought his face up to his friend’s. Their noses touched and their lips brushed and Kit shivered. He brought his face down a couple inches and he could see silver-shining irises. In the midst of the taciturn intensity, Tiberius cupped the blond boy’s face—whose skin reflected pale gold—and kissed him.

It was slightly awkward; their breaths a little too hot, their noses bumped, and their lips chapped from the cold but it didn’t stop them from doing it again and again. Because with each kiss they tasted pure passion, a shadowhunter’s love, and each kiss became better than the last.

At one point, they stopped, hot and flushed and slightly embarrassed but both radiated happiness and contentedness. And for the rest of the night they sat in a comfortable silence.

How did you start liking Lovecraft?

I remember that in summer 2016 my brother read The Rats In The Walls to me, and it shocked me so much that I wanted to read more; that was my absolutely first contact with Lovecraft. I read Dagon, The Color Out Of Space and Pickman’s Model, and I don’t remember if something else. Then I stopped. In THIS summer instead, 2017, I started reading some Poe and, when I finished the book with his tales, my brother reminded me that we had downloaded a lot of Lovecraft’s stories, too: if I liked Poe (as I did) I could have also read Lovecraft. I remembered “Oh, yes, Lovecraft, I kinda liked him last year, maybe I could reread his books”. And I read his whole bibliography in one summer. Feel free to add your experiences, I’m curious!

abreathofsnowandashes  asked:

Congrats on the result, darling! Love wins again! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿณ๏ธ‍๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’—

Thank you so much for thinking of me @abreathofsnowandashes. ☺️

It was a weird day honestly. I was too anxious to do anything from about half an hour before the results were announced, but then once they were announced I felt simultaneously glad, let down, resigned, angry, and disappointed.

I was hoping for higher numbers, but realistically it was about what we expected. And I remind myself that the 20% of people who didn’t vote clearly don’t care, so they’re not crazy bigots. So when you factor in the non-voters, that takes the percentage of actual hardcore NO vote for the whole population down considerably further.

I am still angry we even had to do this stupid survey and that my life was put to vote, but I’m trying to get over it!

It’s also a let down because now we have to wait for legislation to pass, but there’s a strong desire to have that done before Christmas, so hopefully we’ll have the first weddings in early January. We’ll probably marry later in 2018 - I’d like to do it on our existing anniversary, but it’s a few days before Christmas so I dunno about the timing. Our civil partnership date is different again, but we don’t really celebrate that - that was just paperwork.

I’ll have to work out the logistics of transitioning from civil partnership to marriage… and whether I use my maiden name or civilly partnered name on the marriage certificate (I’ve been using my wife’s surname for 5+ years now). Do I need to get civilly un-partnered first? I think not; I think I can just ‘upgrade’…

Instead of feeling /done/ it feels unfinished and with lots more work and questions remaining.

But I am still, of course, very pleased that the YES vote got up.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the affirmative. 😊

anonymous asked:

Tbh I love seeing you on my dash because you're like a constant, positive reminder that I can play video games even past my twenties. And ik that sounds like a stupid thing but I was always constantly told that girls don't play video games past 19 because they're 'too mature' and have 'too much to do' (but guys playing up to their 60's was fine because 'they're men') and I'm still trying not to have the 'I HAVE to play this before I run out of time' mindset so seeing you play means a lot to me

Ahh, anon, that means a lot to me that I help you like that. One thing I really feel as an “older” person who plays games is that I grew up at the same time that games did. I was there growing up alongside them as they moved from Pac-Man to Nintendo to what we have today. I feel like they are “mine”, that “gaming” is the same age as me. Games are lifelong friends - you don’t outgrow friends!

It’s absolutely okay to be a girl who games as a main hobby. I live alone in my apartment with my cat and my games. I write and talk to my friends. I learned that that is what makes me happy and I don’t need to be married with kids and a white picket fence to feel fulfilled. The world probably thinks I’m weird, but screw it, the world already thinks I’m weird for being a girl and being neurodivergent and a million other reasons.

I really hope that you continue to play games and do what makes you happy. I’m turning 34 next month and looking forward to replaying the DA series again :)

anonymous asked:

Mix of Leliana, Vivienne, and varric

That is a legitimately scary composite character and I’m both flattered and  regretting the life choices I made that culminated with me reminding someone of 1) the scary woman who literally coerces you to stay in the Inquisition by implying that you’ll be dead… by her agents… if you don’t 2) a ruthless pragmatist and 3) a very depressed short-statured writer who knows too much about everyone

which inquisition character do i remind you of?

anonymous asked:

I found a reylo fic last night that reminded me of your drawing of rey choking kylo - it's "The Pulse in My Throat" by Kyriadamorte (AO3). I died it's so goooooood



anon, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this perfectly captured the dynamic between them that i crave so badly but is unfortunately rare in the wild. awkwardly self-hating virgin kylo/shameless no nonsense rey is literally all i need in life. wowie wow wow.  i feel rejuvenated!!

fuck, you always have me feeling some type of way. my heart aches. there’s daggers of light trying to cut through the walls built from lifetimes of shadows around my heart. you always trigger these parts. like you and i won’t be one until there is no more dark left in me. because you are all Light. there is no room for anything but love with you. and you make me want to love it all. for you. so you and I can be one. you know that’s all you want too. that’s why you keep popping up. reminding me that the works not done. the reunion has yet to come. when I meet myself in Love, in God.

medievalbingeprincess69  asked:

Hi! Congratulations on hitting a new follower milestone! I wanted to request an otome matchup for a Voltage or Cybird game. I'm in my early 20s. I'm hard working and very passionate. I'm more introverted, but I do like having adventures and doing new things with people I like. But I do love a day indoors as well. I am very sensitive to the people around me and I will distance myself from negative people. I love baths, sushi and historical museums. Thank you so much! INFP. 5"4. Black curly hair.

Alyn Crawford ~ Midnight Cinderella

What attracted him to you is your hard working side. Your passion towards things reminds him of himself as a knight. He likes how you’re not way too out of his league when it comes to spending energy. That said, occasional dates with you in town or sometimes even outside of town is something he finds himself looking forward to. He loves the way your face brightens up when he takes you to a place you haven’t been to before. The way you don’t let yourself get swept up by the flow and stay away from the negativity, is one more thing he admires. Alyn likes to make you sushi when he has the time, with the excuse that it’s a reward for your hard work because he is aware of how much you love them. And he might or might not have sneaked a book on history and museums, out of Leo’s archives, with the intention of understanding you better. Sure enough, your next date with him was in a historical museum. 

anonymous asked:

My BFF is the cutest peach. One time I felt dizzy in class so she left her class to come bring me food. She's also a little forgetful so always have to remind her little things like bringing paper, but she's so smart and has tiny, adorable handwriting and has cute patterned binderclips. She also loves to cut her fruit in little cubes because she has a small mouth. Did I mention she is 4'11"? She's petite and cute. If you look up peach in the dictionary there she is.

omg I’m 4’11” too I totally understand that. everything is cute just bc you’re small, it’s the best XD she sounds wonderful, I’m so glad you have her

otterandterrier  asked:

Dagobah and Princess Leia!

Hey @otterandterrier, thank you so much for asking me stuff!! I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been feeling really crappy since last night and I kept putting this off until I felt good enough to think really hard and deeply about it (bc me), but since I’m still not feeling better, I figure I’ll just give it a B effort and answer it anyway.

Dagobah: Favorite quote?

Princess Leia: Favorite heroic moment?

Tbh, both of those questions could easily be given the same answer:

Originally posted by maraudingmegan

That part in RotJ when Luke throws away his lightsaber, knowing that doing so means he’s likely going to die, but choosing to do so anyway out of love for his father. He’s risking everything on love, and the hope that there’s a spark of love left in his father, too. He’s choosing to hope, choosing to believe, choosing to do everything he can to bring Anakin Skywalker back from the darkness, even if he dies in the process, because he knows it’s the right thing to do, and because he loves him. And it’s here, finally, that he knows true peace and purpose. He becomes the true Jedi, what the Jedi should have been all along, not by abandoning love and relationship, but by embracing it. 

“I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” 

He reclaims his father somehow with these words, even while his father is still Vader. Luke’s hope, his belief in his father, and the love inherent in his statement and willingness to sacrifice is all a part of what eventually pulls Anakin Skywalker back to the light. And what’s more, here Luke has faced/is facing the same temptation his father did — the fear of losing those he loves, of them coming to harm, of them dying — and is able to make the decision his father should have, but didn’t. And somehow, in doing so, he brings his father along with him, giving him another chance, ushering him towards redemption. 

THIS SCENE, GUYS. It gets me EVERY SINGLE time. So, so powerful.

Runner Up (or at least, one out of many other likewise good ones I could have chosen): Leia trying to rescue the entire Alderaanian diaspora in the Princess Leia comic — honestly, everything she does in that comic is frikkin heroic, and done while she’s suffering so much — and her speech at the end to the gathered Alderaanians as they’re about to be attacked:

“…We will not surrender. We will defend ourselves. But we won’t land one more blow than necessary. We are not our enemy. We are Alderaan. We answer rage with wisdom. We answer fear with imagination. We answer war with hope. If one life with a single drop of Alderaanian blood survives, Alderaan survives. If one life with a passion for Alderaanian creativity survives — Alderaan survives. We are, each of us, important. And whatever happens, I bow to all of you and to our future.”


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Hello, how would the boys comfort their so if her pet is sick and needs too be put down?

•Vladimir probably says something that’s so beyond insensitive and doesn’t even realize it. “Would you like another one?” Is what he would ask, and still be confused when you kick him.

•Toly would remind you of all the great years you had with your pet. Like all the funny stories you’ve told him, and all the cute pictures you have of them on your phone, and you can remember them happily any time you want.

•Piotr would try to distract you from it and get your mind off of it, because that’s all he knows how to do. He’ll try to make you laugh, or talk about something else.

•Sergei would hold you as you cry, and try to console you, even though he knows that right now you don’t want to hear any of it.

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  • A song you like with a color in the title: Pink Floyd - Green is the Colour
  • A song you like that is a killer cover of a famous song: Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away
  • A song you like with a number in the title: U.K - Rendezvous 6:02
  • A song that reminds you of summertime: ASIA - Summer (Can’t Last Too Long)  
  • A song that needs to be played LOUD: King Crimson - Starless (especially the ending part!!!!)
  • A song that makes you want to dance: Barclay James Harvest - Life is for Living
  • A song to drive to: ELP - Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 2
  • A song about drugs or alcohol:  Korpiklaani - A Man With A Plan  
  • A song that makes you happy: Missing Persons - Right Now
  • A song that makes you sad: John Wetton - After All
  • A song that you really like that is so far from mainstream that it would get you funny looks: Eldberg - Ég er lífsins brauð

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Bill/Laura stranded au

(three-sentence fic)

It wasn’t the ideal location for her cabin - no stream, no lake as clear as glass - but it was as close to perfect as he could find on this new Earth. 

“It reminds me of you,” he said to the cairn behind him, happy to share the dawning of a new day on the planet with the woman he loved.

“Reminds me of you too,” she said as she settled next to him, dressed in that red outfit he’d loved so much, not so much flesh and bone as wind and air, but just as real to him as she’d always been, “just the perfect spot for two people who don’t want to be disturbed.”

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  ๐Ÿ’œ

For days when the enemy is trying to slither his way in, remember to continue:

- praying (Don’t ever stop talking to God, love. Tell Him everything. And if you’re feeling empty and like you have no words, know that it’s okay to sit in silence with Him and know that it’s okay to repeat Help me over and over and over.)

- praising Him (Put on some Praise & Worship music and sing through the tears because God is still good in the storm.)

- reading/studying His Word (Open your Bible, open your Bible, open your Bible. You want to hear God’s voice? Open your Bible. Open your heart. Read your Bible. Study your Bible. God is going to give you exactly what you need. You know this from experience.)

- leaning on others (You cannot, cannot carry all of this on your own. Reach out. Talk to someone. Hug someone. Love someone.)