this reminds me of the spongebob movie

Karasuno Headcanons, anyone?

  • kageyama and hinata spend their saturday nights watching animation movies
  • kageyama’s favorite is the toy story trilogy while hinata’s wall-e
  • actually, tbh hinata has seen all of the princess movies because of natsu, but he enjoys them, and his bias is mulan 
  • “she’s so waaaah, kageyama. she goes to war bc her father’s sick, she uses her brain and she saves an entire country"
  • when tanaka and nishinoya hear them talk about them (“THEY’RE NOT MOVIE DATES”) they decide to arrange one long marathon movie with the whole team
  • (but they soon find out that it’s hard to watch a movie with more than ten people)
  • “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod-”
  • “you old looking man, why are you covering your eyes? this is the good part, see? now their parents are gonna die”
  • “they’re not gonna-OH WHAT THE HELL NOOO”
  • “his brother too? poor hiro, poor kid”
  • “that ghost thingy is from pac-man, that’s bowser - who is that one with the thong?”
  • “nishinoya!”
  • “what, daichi san why are you…? oh, yeah, you’re right, that’s not a thong”
  • “what’s a thong, kageyama?”
  • “nobody tells hinata what it-”
  • “it’s that piece of underwear that covers your -”
  • there’s no one i’d rather be than me! i like it! it’s gonna be my new motto”
  • “oh? but don’t you wish you were born a bit taller than 4′11?”
  • “but if felix can fix everything can’t he fix vanelope too?”
  • “………………..” everyone turns to look at tsukishima with eyes as big as saucers. they groan
  • “kuzco actually reminds me of tanaka”
  • “because he’s crazy?”
  • “hey!”
  • “what can we watch next?”
  • “what about the good dinosaur?”
  • no
  • kageyama stares at tsukishima. “let’s watch it just because he doesn’t want to, suga san”
  • tsk
  • (yamaguchi apologises for picking up that one movie that made tsukishima’s eyes red as he’s trying not to cry. the truth is, he’s not gomen at all)
  • “let’s watch spongebob”
  • it’s not the nickelodeon movie, but a porn. movie marathon ends as soon as spongebob and patrick pull their pants down

glenn’s pecs remind me of in the spongebob movie when david hasslehoff’s pecs lift and separate so spongebob and patrick can ride his chest that’s what glenn’s look like all the time

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LOL harry dangling in the air reminds me of Spongebob from the movie where he turns into a singing wizard at the end!! 😂😂😂

LMAO my poor baby

About the whole campaign on reviving Wander Over Yonder...

There has been lots of news of the cancellation of this show and the petitions that are being sent to executives in order to keep Wander back on. This whole ordeal reminds me of the time people were begging for SpongeBob to come back as the show’s first movie premieres originally as a series finale. 

Here’s what I have to say…. don’t you dare blame the executives for rebooting the show if Wander Over Yonder comes out again as utter crap. The same deal kinda happened for the Sponge when it came back to produce new episodes (for the 4th season) after the first movie as the show went gradually downhill from there. Hell, even The Powerpuff Girls are still getting the same problem with their reboot.

If you want to revive something, be careful of what you wish for before pinning it on anybody else.