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I wish you would write....a fic where Katniss and Peeta are dating but go to separate schools. Peeta goes to private school so his friends (or enemies) doesn't believe Katniss exists. Maybe some sexy time when she tries to cheer him up. Then she shows up at his school or their schools are at the same sporting event and she makes it clear that he is hers.

Well this was…specific. I did my best, Anon. Hope you don’t mind some cheesiness with your smut. ;-) RATED M for the hanky panky.

The Lies That Bind Us

“Now this is what I like to call a ‘target rich environment.’ Nice specimens,” Johanna says as she cranes her neck to check out a passing gymnastics squad wearing the colors of our biggest rival and our host – Mercator University.

“We’ve been here five minutes and you’re already scoping out for your list? From them?” I ask, standing on my toes to gage our progress through the line to check into the dorms.

“Come on, Kat. Private school, lots of money, plenty of lonely and horny students with Daddy issues—”

“Bunch of entitled assholes who swap partners and STD’s every other month,” I mutter.

“So hide it before you ride it, Brainless,” Johanna sneers and someone coughs beside us.

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BTS reaction: their girlfriend being a really famous idol/model in Korea but came from another country.

Anon requested:

Hi:) Can I request a BTS reaction to their girlfriend began a really famous model/idol in Korea but she came from another country☺️


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Jin would absolutely love that about you! He would constantly be making comments about your beauty and talent and about what a great couple the two of you are.

“Jagi, we are the most beautiful AND most talented couple in Korea! Even though only one of us is Korean.”


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Yoongi would be extremely supportive of everything you do. He would always try to help with whatever he can - whether it’s producing a song, touring, or doing a photoshoot he would.

“Hey love, how’s work? Need any help with anything?”


Originally posted by bangtan

Hoseok would be the type of person who would want to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about what you do. He would be always curious about what you’re working on and what you will be working on.

“Hey baby, how did that photo shoot go? Tell me EVERYTHING! I want to know!”


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Namjoon would absolutely love your body, so he wouldn’t really like the fact that so many other people would get to see your it in ways that only he’s supposed to see it. He would be really jealous of your fans, always making sure the two of you are seen together in public so everyone knows you’re his.

“What the hell?! Someone on tumblr said that you have the nicest legs in Korea! First of all, you’re not even Korean! Second of all, you have the nicest legs in the entire world - not just Korea. But third of all, that dude has no right to talk about my girlfriend’s legs like that!”


Originally posted by kookiyoon

Jimin would find your job to be extremely sexy. He would be always asking you to collab with him on a dance or a song and would be extremely happy that the love of his life is also an idol.

“Jagi. Do you want to collab sometime? It’s going to be really fun!”


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Your biggest fan! He would watch all of your music videos, come to all of your concerts, and own a ton of merch of you.

“Y/N, love, do you mind signing my “Y/N” mug?”


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Jungkook would always brag bout you and how talented you are. He would always bring you with him to important events so he can show you off and would constantly remind himself how lucky he is to be dating someone like you.

“Yeah that’s my girlfriend, Y/N, she is a model, an idol and the most beautiful woman on Earth.”


answering asks

i also went back and tagged all my ask posts so u can read thru old asks here!

aaand i think i might start answering some more in-depth questions on their own now? like the ones i feel are a lil more important?? not sure. we’ll seee

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Fic Prompt/Request: SSS Family Time

Anonymous asked:

Okay, so this last semester sucked. University has definitely taken a toll on me. Thankfully it’s almost over. Still, I still have to go trough my exams to call it off completely. Please tell me you have something cute of Sarada ou SasuSaku romantic/funny moment planned out for this week.

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Prompt where Lyanna and Elia raise their three children together because Rhaegar has disappeared and he shows up again during a Stark/Martell family reunion to find both his ex-lovers are together?

(hi anon for the part where I’m filling old prompts that y’all thought I forgot: have fun)

It’s probably very cliché that it starts when they literally crash into each other at the supermarket.

Or better: Elia’s cart crashes against Lyanna’s while she’s distracted because her eldest daughter is running off towards the sweets counter, and Lyanna is just glad she had her own kid on her back and not in the front.

“Sorry,” Elia tells her, “you know how it is with -” she says, and then she never finishes the sentence.

Lyanna imagines why - finding yourself in front of the woman your ex-husband had a fling with, who caused your split and who also has a kid from that same ex who has also conveniently vanished into thin air before he was born is probably not what Elia had in mind for today.

“Er,” Lyanna says, “no problem. I know.”

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usagifelton said: I commented in your post but figured I’d ask officially. You mentioned the informal way Kook talks to Jimin, but as a non-Korean speaker can you clarify for me, is there a difference in how he talks to Jimin vs how he talks (formal/informal) to Taehyung? Or the other members?

Anon: hi!! just a question about korean speech, is speaking completely informal to someone more intimate (closer?) than semipolite? or does JK speaking to JM in semipolite still show they are very close? and also i thought V allowed JK to speak to him like that too but the xmas vlive threw me off (when JK said gomawo). in a vlive they did in JPN when JK sang tori kelly and V said he doesn’t have the lyrics, wasnt JK speaking informally?why would v allow informal speech only sometimes(esp vlive 4 both)

gayyaoibl said: Hey~ first of all I wanted to say That I love love your blog , definitely my favorite Jikook blog! What I’m here to ask you is , well I heard before that in korea and betweens couples/people involved in a roma, it’s considered something very attractive when the younger one speaks informally / banmal to the older one , I want to know if that’s really true ? Since I’ve noticed that jungkook sometimes talks to jimin in banmal and if that’s indeed true then that must the reason why he’s doing it.

Anon: Hello sajeon :)) this not abt our kook/min but im rly curious, does the speak formal to the older person even when we close apply for girls too? Or more strictly in boyxboy friendship? Cause i think i saw many girl idols dont add “-yo” when they speak to the unnies she’s close to. But im not sure. Thankyouu ^^ 

If you need a refresher on what banmal means, click here. Also check out some my previous answers to similar asks here, here, and here.

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Jungkook/Wonho as your boyfriend

Anon asked: I know you love Jk and Wonho. So can you do an “as your boyfriend” for them? 

OH! Anon you know me so well!! I had a hard time writing this because I would start day dreaming in the midst of writing. But it was fun, and now I am sad because I want all of this *silent crying*

Also guys, this is just my opinion of how I see them as boyfriends.


  • He would be the kind of boyfriend who would wake you up by kissing you
  • Hugs all day, everyday
  •  Loving stares all the time. 
  • He would be totally cuddly and would ask for cuddles, like a 4 yr old asks for candy
  • Wouldn’t ever let you cry
  • But if you did he would cry with you. 
  • Back hugs 
  • Kisses on the nose
  • Totally and completely smitten with you. He would be loyal af I think
  • He would send tons of texts asking if you were eating well, sleeping well 
  • Would cry and hold on to you before going for tours. Kisses you all over your face and would tell you “i love you” before leaving
  • Would send you good morning, good night, missing you texts while on tour
  • Midnight ramyun dates, because this boy lives for ramyun
  • Would be easily worried if you ever got hurt 
  • Arm around your waist or shoulder, and hand holding when outside
  • Constant babying on his part
  • He would be very protective of you around other guys
  • Always there to comfort you if you were feeling down. “Do I need to kick someone’s ass for you?” then would probably show off his muscles(like fuck… his muscles.. okay back to reality)
  • He would be so soft with you like sdfghjkl 
  • Constantly makes sure you were happy and comfortable
  • Would take you out on dates you wanted to go on
  • Never asks for anything in return except for love
  • His arms secured tightly around your waist as you sleep
  • Would watch you in awe as you slept and think of himself as the luckiest person ever
  • “Babe you know you are beautiful right?” “Why do you have to be cute?” 
  • He would be your personal cuddle teddy bear. I mean hes so soft…
  • “Why do you need a toy when you have me?” proceeds to cuddle you
  • OMG like the sweetest boyfriend ever  because he would always know what you needed. 
  • Would lend you his clothes to wear because he would LOVE IT
  • “I’ll give you my whole closet y/n. I love how my clothes look on you”
  • He would try anything and everything to make you blush any chance he got because he knew only he could do that to you


  • He would tease you to the ends of this earth 
  • Like seriously he would just need a reason 
  • Initially very shy, but as he gets comfortable his meme side starts to come out
  • Becomes a baby in an instant if he needs something
  • Random aegyo attacks to get you do what he wants
  • OMG tickle attacks!! 
  • He would be so adorable and soft and fluffy (my heart… hurts)
  • Would always hold your hand outside, and never let you out of his sight
  • Would kiss you very spontaneously and unexpectedly. But you can bet it would be like fireworks worthy
  • Going on your own secret adventures together away from everyone
  • Wouldnt let any of the members near you, because he would want you to love him and him only
  • If any guy hit on you he wouldn’t hesitate to let them know you were his 
  • Would love playing games with you, but he would let you win because he wants you to be happy
  • Would never lend you his white shirts. Forget about that
  • While cuddling you, he would keep one of his arms under your head kind of like a pillow. 
  • He would love it when you would either blush or avoid his gaze because damn my boy’s stare can kill
  • He would never let you feel insecure about yourself and would always remind you that to him you were the most beautiful person ever
  • Forehead kisses
  • He would secretly take pictures of you and make them his wallpapers
  • He would be so proud because you chose him, and he would want the whole world to know, but at the same time because of his protectiveness he would want to keep you hidden from the world
  • Wouldnt let you call him oppa. “For you its baby. Not oppa”
  • P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.V.E 
  • He would always stand up for you and he would forget who he was talking to whether that be an elder or someone younger because “no one hurts my baby”
  • Cuddling at night because he cant sleep without you 
  • Would do anything to make you happy. He would spoil you and give you the whole world.
  • Sends you random cheesy romantic texts. Random kisses on the neck
  • With him everything would be a competition. Even things like walking
  • Would proudly introduce you to everyone 
  • Would write cute little notes and post them at diff places for you to find to let you know that he thinks of you and acres even though he doesn’t say it often
  • His “I love you’s” are always special because he says it rarely but when he does you can bet he means it 
  • THE MOST PERFECT BOYFRIEND EVER (now I am going to go cry in a corner because thats all I have been doing since I have loved this boy)

Sorry I got carried away. I love my boys and.. yea sorry. Hope you like anon!

Stay beautiful ya’ll



What About Us? - Part II

You ignored everyone for weeks, not in the mood for apologies that meant nothing.

If it wasn’t the boys apologizing for what he did, if it wasn’t Jack apologizing for what he did, it was friends and family expressing their ‘disappointment’ in your break up.

“We truly thought you two would get married one day, or at least be together for the rest of your lives.”

‘Yeah, so did I.’ You thought to yourself, almost saying it out loud, but you never did.

You wanted to respond so badly, scream to them that it wasn’t a what you wanted. That you didn’t want to break up with the love of your life, but how could you stay with him?

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“just… come back alive, okay?” for Grif and Locus?


Also mild RVB 15x16 spoilers, for those who aren’t up to date. 

Edit: [Ao3 Mirror]

Want to send me a fic prompt? Send it to me here and I’ll be happy to fill it out. Anon is always on. Send me: RWBY, RVB, or leave it up to chance with a “Surprise me!”

Locus had been careful in landing the ship, coercively named the “Locus Pocus” (much to his own displeasure) and was immediately doing everything he could to run over the situation that he and his new… partners had found themselves in.

The robot, no, Lopez, he reminded himself, had been rather clear with the information that he’d given,  or at least as clear as one could expect from one of the Reds and Blues. Regardless, they’d survived a lot and Locus had no reasons to doubt him.

As he understood the situation, they were in for a fight, there were two missing freelancers, the reds and blues had been captured, and the base was underwater. Apparently there had been an attempt at a resistance and the Red’s sargeant, no, Colonel had placed his loyalty with their captors, which had not at all been conveniently named the Blues and Reds.

(Locus tried not to think about how the prospect of seeing Agent Washington face to face made his heart pound a little harder. Whether it came from fear, anxiety, or something else entirely wasn’t something to dwell on. Too dangerous. Too unpredictable.)

As things stood, Locus had the bodiless Lopez and Grif for help. And Grif was…

Well, he’d begun to calm down at the very least. Locus could at least take some small comfort in the fact that the man had finally allowed himself to slow down, especially considering that they were in the ship’s armory trying to prepare for whatever was ahead.

“You understand the plan?” Locus asked, picking up a shotgun and weighing it in his hands. If they got caught in close quarters, then he would. Behind the comforting shield of his helmet, Locus grimaced and set the gun back down. “Or do I need to go over it again?”

“I get the plan.” Grif said, shifting nervously, more like he had too much pent up energy. Considering what Locus knew about the man before, that seemed wrong, but a lot had changed over the last ten months it seemed. Locus knew he was in no place to judge anyone at that point considering… “You really think this can work?”

“I do.” Locus said calmly. “You have bullets?”

“Yeah, I’ve got it.” Grif replied. “I just want to go in and save my friends, and then we can get out of here, and, oh, can we stop at Sammy’s Pizza? I can’t stop thinking about it-”

“Focus.” Locus sighed the word out, checking his rifle. Don’t think about it. Don’t focus on it. It’s just a name, it doesn’t mean anything, he doesn’t know.“We need to focus on completing the objective.”

“Dude, just call it what it is.” Grif said, all too relaxed. Locus practically felt himself freeze, like a gun locking up mid-fire. “It’s a rescue.”

“Rescue.” Locus repeated, if only because he knew Grif was right. “We’ll do the  loop of their base as many times as we can for reconnaisance. You’ll create a diversion when we think we’ve found something and I’ll-’

Grif was staring him down from behind his helmet, and Locus paused, wanting to shrink behind his own or activate his cloaking. Staring. Locus still hated when people stared. “We’re going to be fine.” Grif said, sounding too confident. “I mean, doing the right thing does suck, but I’m used to playing things by ears. Besides, I survived you and Felix-”

Locus tried hard not to shoot the man a glare for that. It wasn’t worth commenting on, not when Locus knew what he’d done. “Right.” He mumbled. “I just need to know that…”

“Look, we’re going to go in, kick those guys asses, and then we’ll save everyone and I’ll get to tell them and-” Grif was beginning to ramble again, and Locus was ready to begin drowning him out mentally. It was just like Felix in a way, but Locus didn’t think that Grif was capable of the same things that Felix was. Grif was too genuine, and as an aside, he doubted that Grif was doing it specifically to annoy him. He’d been alone for a while, it seemed. “I dunno, we’ll figure it out after.”

Locus could understand being alone. He probably knew it better than anyone else.

He let out a sigh that was too quiet to make its way out of his voice filter and stood up straight, turning to Grif. “Are you ready?”

“I am.” Grif said. “Oh, can we use codenames?”

That was an interesting question, Locus thought, but he sighed. “If you want to. Although I prefer to go by my-” He paused. Codename? Name? “The name of my armor.”

“Yeah, you practically live with a codename, right?” Grif said, shifting around nervously again. “I just want to do this.”

“Good.” Locus said, shouldering his rifle and checking his thigh for his sword. Sure enough it was there, waiting for the moment that he needed it. It was almost a relief. “If this goes well, we won’t have any problems.”

“Yeah, so you say that-” Grif said, shifting. “I know it’s weird because you’ve always been a huge dick, but I like being your partner so-”

“So?” Locus raised an eyebrow behind his helmet, and was glad for the shield that the opaque visor provided him against the world.

“We’re splitting up.” Grif said finally. “And I know that you’re used to that but, just… come back alive, okay?”

Locus’ mind jammed again. “You-”

“I don’t want to lose another friend.” Grif said. “And it’s you and me, against the world, turning over some new leafs. Don’t make me do that alone.”

It was an amount of care that Locus wasn’t used to. It was someone reaching out for him in a way that he was never going to be able to get used to. He didn’t mind it all that much, as strange as it was.

“I won’t.” Locus said calmly. “I’ve survived worse than this. And if this goes correctly nobody will be killed. Stick to the plan, and it’ll be fine.”

“Right.” Grif said, shifting again and even hopping slightly. “I’ll stick to the plan. And you’ll come back alive. You better come back alive, I can’t drive The Locus Pocus without you-”

“I’ll come back alive.” Locus said. “I have no intentions of leaving you behind here either.”

“I’m holding you to that, dude.” Grif said, turning and beginning on his way out of the armory. This was the best that he could hope for, Locus thought as he followed after the man and activated his cloaking device. After that, they just had to make it underwater.

And then once everything was said and done, they had to make it out alive. Locus felt more motivation to do that than he had in a very long time. Grif made him feel good, for better or for worse. 

Stuck - The Quiett

Originally posted by parkjaewbom

Requested by anonymous:  Hi!Can I request an angsty the Quiett scenario? Where the reader has a crush on the Quiett but the Quiett only sees her as “one of the guys”. The Quiett’s feelings change for her after she dresses all sexy but she gets attention from other guys *cou-hashswan-gh*… cheers ♡♡

Genre: Angst  

Part 2

“I love you, you know that,” he pats my head, “I trust you with my life, you’re part of my family, my crew, things wouldn’t be the same without you.” I wish for the ground to open up and swallow me whole.

‚You deserve someone better’ is the only sentence I hate more than spiders and snakes. Hearing it from him has always been a painful reminder that I’ll never be the one he looks down at with love and content in his eyes, that I’m lacking something that could make him fall in love with me. But I am stuck. Stuck where I am only seen by him as a sister. A family member. I am stuck in this platonic sister-and-brother relationship with him.

„You’re like my little sister,” he smiles down at me, „that’s why I know that you deserve better. Better than me… better than us,” and leaves me standing in front of the restaurant we’re supposed to have lunch at with the rest of the group.

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You know that scene right after Orla's in a bikini and Gansey and Adam are both like 😳😳? Well that scene after isn't talked about enough, when blue goes up to Gansey and is like "seen enough?" And Ganseys like "why do you care if I stare at Orla?" And Blue's like "I don't care." And Gansey's thought process after that is basically like "She thinks I'm gorgeous, she wants to kiss me, she wants to date me, hug me, and marry me!" 😂😂


He was not Blue’s business, not in that way.
     “What care is it of yours,” he asked, “what I think of Orla?”
     This felt dangerous, for some reason. He possibly shouldn’t have asked it. In retrospect, it wasn’t the question itself at fault. It was the way that he’d asked it. His thoughts had been far away, and he hadn’t been minding how he looked on the outside, and now, too late, he heard the dip of his own words. How the inflection seemed to contain a dare.
     Come on, Gansey, he thought. Don’t ruin things.
     Blue held his gaze, unflinching. Crisp, she replied, “None at all.”
     And it was a lie.
     It should not have been, but it was, and Gansey, who prized honesty above nearly every other thing, knew it when he heard it. Blue Sargent cared whether or not he was interested in Orla. She cared a lot. As she whirled toward the truck with a dismissive shake of her head, he felt a dirty sort of thrill.


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saeran comforting a mc (she/her) when she has a bad depression day (nothing specific) I haven't been feeling all that great lately :(((

((oh no! I’m so sorry that this is super late!! I hope this makes your day a bit brighter anon. Also MC’s description is based off of MC one))

Saeran and MC were going to go on a date when MC suddenly called up Saeran and cancelled. Saeran became super concerned because MC had been cancelling a lot, and she hadn’t called him in days. So, he decided to call her up and find out what was going on. It went to voicemail, and Saeran tried again. After the third call, a quiet little voice greeted him

“Hey Saeran. Sorry, I haven’t been feeling well lately.”

“Are you alright? You’ve been cancelling a lot recently. Not that I’m worried about you or anything, I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong”

“I’m fine…” MC replied tiredly

“That’s a fucking lie and you know it. What’s going on?” Saeran demanded

“It’s nothing…my seasonal depression is hitting hard…and I’m having an especially bad day today…well a bad week actually.” MC admitted

Suddenly, Saeran hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket and wallet, and headed out in one of Seven’s cars. He ran to the store, picked up a few items, then headed straight to MC’s place. He was really worried, since he knew how bad depression could get. Hell, both him and his brother suffered from chronic depression.

MC was currently laying in bed, trying to muster up the motivation to get up. She hadn’t eaten all day, and she knew she couldn’t keep skipping meals, but getting out of bed was a challenge all on its own. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door, and she wondered who it was, but she didn’t have the energy to get up. Her phone buzzed, and she checked it to see that Saeran had sent a text telling her to let him in. She texted back that she had left the spare key under her welcome mat. Saeran put down the things he brought with him and checked under the mat to find that the key was attached to the bottom of the mat. He pulled it off and unlocked the door.

“MC? Where are you?” Saeran shouted into her apartment

“Bed” MC answered groggily

Saeran brought the stuff in and closed the door. He then went into MC, and as soon as he got to the door, he heard her stomach growl loudly. MC blushed and tried to brush it off, but Saeran wasn’t having that. He asked her when the last time she had eaten was, and she admitted that it was yesterday…at lunch. Saeran sighed, knowing that meant that she had skipped dinner and breakfast. Her hair was matted since she hadn’t been brushing it, she was still in her pjs and Saeran knew she hadn’t changed in at least two days, and she just looked exhausted.

“MC. Let’s get you something to eat first and foremost.” Saeran sighed

“Don’t wanna.” MC whined

However, even though Saeran knew that the depression was the cause of this, he also knew that she wouldn’t feel any better just staying in bed. So, ripping off the covers, he picked up MC, threw her over his shoulder, and carried the unwilling mc to the kitchen and plopped her down in a chair. She wasn’t really hungry, but at the same time she was starving…she just didn’t feel like making food because it was way too much work. Saeran then got the stove lit, and started boiling a pot of water.

“What are you doing? You’re a guest…lemme…” MC started before Saeran cut her off.
“It’s just spaghetti and meatballs. Sit your ass down, I’ve got this.” Saeran scolded

MC didn’t have the energy to argue, and just let Saeran cook for her. After a few minutes, the pasta was done, and Saeran threw the meatballs into the microwave for a few minutes, put the meal together and placed a warm plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of MC.

“Eat.” Saeran commanded.

MC just sort of poked at her food, and took an occasional nibble.

“MC. Eat the food. I know you don’t want to, but your body will shut down if you don’t eat, so eat it before I shove the food down your throat.”

MC began eating begrudgingly, and Saeran nodded in approval. After they were done eating, Saeran did the dishes, and MC was going to head back to bed, but Saeran wasn’t going to let that happen. She obviously hadn’t been taking care of herself recently, so Saeran was going to make sure that she was well taken care of whether she liked it or not.

So he had her sit on the edge of the bed while he went into the bathroom and got her hairbrush. He then began to brush her long beautiful brown hair, although he wasn’t too gentle. MC ended up brushing her own hair since Saeran was going to rip her hair in half from all the knots in her hair. He felt rather guilty that he couldn’t even brush her hair, but felt a little better when he saw that she had trouble brushing her own hair.

After she was done brushing her hair, she just sat there looking sad, or rather, tired. Saeran couldn’t help but hug her from behind. He sighed happily when MC leaned back into his chest, and smiled gently. He cracked a rare smile and held MC tightly.

“Hey…I’m here for you MC…You can rely on me you know….also I don’t like seeing you depressed…that’s my job to be depressed, so please, let me know when you’re struggling.” Saeran reminded her, a slight blush gracing his cheeks

“Mmhm” Mc answered happily.

After he gently let go of MC, he told her that he had filled her cabinets with microwavable food, and he made her promise that she’d get a shower and take care of herself. MC agreed and promised that she would. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she began bawling. Saeran didn’t know what to do besides get her some tissues and awkwardly watch her sob.

“Ah, MC, stop crying! Please?” Saeran begged her as the tears fell from her eyes

“I’m such a burden. I made you come all this way just to take care of me! Why are you doing this?” MC asked sadly

Because I love you,” Saeran answered without hesitating, “Because you deserve happiness, even if I don’t. Also, if you don’t take care of yourself, someone needs to kick your ass and tell you to take care of yourself. I….I don’t want you to end up hurting yourself like I did.”

MC then turned around and threw herself on top of Saeran, hugging him closely. He gently hugged her back and since, they were already on the bed, they decided to just get under the covers and cuddle, with Saeran occasionally playing with her hair or whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Neither of them could deny that they were happy and that this was one of their fondest moments together

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“If I have to turn around and go all the way back, I’m going to be a little peeved.” Bucky?

A/N: No warning just fun. Thanks for sending this in. It is a good break from science writing.

Sentence Prompts

“If I have to turn around and go all the way back, I’m going to be a little peeved.” You grimaced at the sound of Bucky’s words. He eyed you for a moment before looking back to the road and you could tell he was suppressing a smile.
“Bucky, I swear I checked like 3 times before we left-“
“If you don’t have it just tell me.” His voice was a little softer now, but you still felt bad about what you were about to say. So you mumbled something unintelligible. “What was that?” More mumbling. Bucky pulled the car over to turn to face you. “One more time. Use your big girl voice.”
“IFORGOTTHEHAMILTONTICKETSANDI’MSOSORRYANDTHISISKINDOFYOURFAULTFORTRUSTINGMETOREMEMBERSOMETHINGANDILOVEYOUANDDON’THATEME.” He sputtered with laughter no longer able to hold back his smile. You pouted over at him giving him the most pitiful puppy dog eyes you could muster. It took a few minutes for him to calm his breathing enough to speak.
“Honestly doll, I know you are a brilliant scientist and all, but how have you survived this long. I had to remind you to eat breakfast this morning too.”
“I was up late in the lab last night.” You deepened the pout.
“Alright stop with the face. Check the glove box.” He smiled goofily as he watched you excitedly rip open the small compartment to reveal back up tickets.
“Why would you make me feel bad if you had extra the whole time?”
“What can I say? You’re cute when your embarrassed.” He casually pulled back onto the road and continued the trip as you gaped at him not sure whether to be angry or just grateful he always had your back. As you pulled up to the theatre you decided on grateful, but you still couldn’t resist a small amount of vengeance.
“You know why I wanted to see this with you so bad?”
“Hm?” Like the gentlemen he was he opened your door and helped you from the car.
“I needed someone who was there to let me know how historically accurate it is.” He bit his lip holding back the verbal retaliation and after a breath calmly answered.
“I’m not that old, doll.”
“Maybe I should carbon date you to be sure.”
“Remind me again how you manage to help save the world, but you left the house the other day without shoes.”
“Oh shut it the house lights are going down.”

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anonymous asked:

What Hanzo dating an s/o who has a daughter they deeply love, but they confide in him that the child isn't truly theirs, but that they had found a baby abandoned one day and couldn't just leave the child there or give it so some loveless shelter. How would Hanzo feel about dating someone with a kid??

Did these in HC form, but if you wanted something different, please tell me! Hope you like it anon :)

- It would be of no concern to him honestly? At least, not the fact that you have the child but perhaps more so the way he acts around it. Hanzo is quite awkward with children not his own and would think he wouldn’t be suitable as a step-father due to his past and stoic personality. However, your daughter would grow to admire the archer over time and find him pretty cool to be around. He’d find it endearing once she’d start asking him obvious rhetorical questions about his archery and heritage, answering her with the same seriousness as he would an adult, so she could learn properly from him. Bonus points if the child would hug him after the three of you had dinner for a date between you and him, the man wouldn’t be able to move at all, his eyes the size of China plates as he stares down at the little arms enveloping him. Apparently he had done a good job then? As the child seemed to be fond of him and he would give your daughter a few awkward pets on her head, even though on the inside, he would be surging with joy accompanied by a big feeling of accomplishment.

- If the child would be sleeping, the both of you would bond further with each other, talking about the happiness you experience with each other. You would sense the archer had doubts about himself, but through your constant reassurances, Hanzo would gain more confidence at becoming a father figure for your child, promising you he would be good for her and treat her as his own daughter and be a pillar of wisdom she can build on in the future. Expecting nothing less than inspirational words from the marksman, you couldn’t help but chuckle out of joy and give him a soft kiss on his cheekbone, flustering the man once again as you had always done while you were together. You were very thankful for Hanzo and his peaceful nature, as not every person was as open to dating someone who already had a child of their own, thinking it is too much of a bother and responsibility. Even though your daughter is not biologically yours, she sure felt that way and the archer admired you greatly for your selfless act of taking her in when you found her and adopting her without hesitation. You truly had a heart worth more than any treasure he had ever laid his eyes upon and that was what initially attracted him to you in the first place. Hanzo has always been a naturally responsible person as well as family oriented, so deep down, he was even glad you had a bigger family of your own already, he had more to care for that way and it would never cross his mind to abandon someone just because they cared for a small child. People who left their partners for that reason, were plain filth in his eyes and he voiced it often to you whenever you two spoke of the topic. A man’s first duty is to his family, as is the archer’s philosophy and you had to blush whenever he told you such. Truly, an honorable man indeed.

- He frequently reminded you never to worry about such a thing as well as he would always be by your side, if you wished. The archer was a bit afraid of getting ahead of himself in the beginning though, you could see it in the way his sentence would slowly drift off into a quiet whisper, your love for him only growing stronger at his hesitation and you didn’t ponder to comfort him and tell him how grateful you were for his support and that you indeed wished to be with him for the rest of your life as well. You were glad that your daughter would now have two people looking out for her, a thought that put your mind more at ease as well as raising a child alone sometimes was quite a difficult task, but you did it with love of course. However, you also believed that a child having both its parents alongside them benefits them better for in the future and would give them a more stable mindset as well. Never would your child have to know about the loneliness they were in previously, as you never would have allowed her to waste away in an orphanage or even worse, children did not belong in there. Unfortunately, babies did get abandoned sometimes, whether it is because the parent can no longer care for it or it was born through severe circumstances, it should not happen or be out there for too long, so you had no regrets when you took your daughter in that day. It came naturally really, just something any human being should do and you never had the chance of getting a child of your own before, a lack of a partner being the cause of that at the time, so you were very much looking forward to parenthood finally. A notice about someone missing their baby never came around either and you were allowed to become the child’s caretaker rather quickly after all of the paperwork was filled out.

- In general, Hanzo would be a really good step-father towards your daughter, although he might not notice it himself and would think he’d be doing a numerous things wrong because of his insecurities. It does however, build up his confidence over time once he starts to notice the child is enjoying herself around his presence and even starts to call him father, that would really make him feel more involved and incredibly proud. He’d thank the little girl for considering him her father, as it is an important role in Hanzo’s eyes and would start calling her his daughter as well whenever he was in conversation with the other agents. Everyone would be able to see the prideful glance in the archer’s eyes, his newfound love for both his new lover and now also his daughter, being evident in his shining hues. Both of you, made his life all the more sweeter.

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hihi baeee!! i want to be the first to request something for our ever precious v :)) can we please! get a detailed hc (maybe fanfic???) for a v who's hurt gets very bad and he breaks one day? maybe getting unintentionally violent? i am sorry if this is too dark for you Dx you can leave it of that's the case ^^;; ~ love, sugar anon

hey again, sugar anon! hope you like this^^  💛

[ spoilers ahead!!!!  under the cut for that and because it got longer than i expected ]

[ word count: 1144 ]

…95% inspired by the chat I had with him and Jumin in the Christmas dlc today

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jennie / fem reader scenario - adopting a child

Originally posted by blackpink

thank you to the anon that requested this! i hope this is enough. it’s a lot harder than i thought incorporating a child into writing (at least for me) so this was a interesting challenge. the idea of mom jennie melts my heart and i hope it melts yours too.

the only warning i give is a couple curse words and just massive fluff.

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It Takes Work

A/N: Haven’t done a song fic in a while! So here is an anon request for a Spencer x Reader based on the song Issues by Julia Michaels. It’s basically a song about how two people can have their own issues, but can work through it together because they love each other enough to do that. @coveofmemories


“Spence!” you screamed, ripping your hair out from both sides. “For the last time, I was not looking at that guy in the restaurant! I have no interest in anyone else! Only you! I love you!” This was such a common issue between the two of you, it was getting unbelievably frustrating. The only thing that kept you going was that you loved the gangly idiot in front of you with all your heart, no matter how frustrated he made you. 

This was a constant thing between you. But he couldn’t help himself. His self-esteem had always been in the toilet, so to speak, and it was hard, even after 18 months together, to believe that she was his and his alone. He assumed their relationship would turn out to be all a dream and he’d wake up and you’d be gone. “I’m sorry, Y/N!” he yelled back before burying his head in his hands. “I know I keep bringing this up, but I can’t help it.”

“I know,” you said softly, walking up to him and planting your face in his chest. You continued, your voice muffled by the cotton of his button-up shirt. “I love you. And only you. We all have our issues.”

God wasn’t that the truth. Spencer was incessantly jealous and could never believe that you wouldn’t cheat on him (because in his mind, who wouldn’t), but you had your own issues. He chuckled under his breath, rubbing his hands up and down your back - that always calmed you. “Oh yea,” he said facetiously. “I never knew.”

You looked up from staring into his chest and playfully punched him in the arm. “I know I have my issues too. You don’t need to remind me.”

“What?” he laughed. “That you’re a pain in the ass with communication issues.”

Now in the kitchen, you shot him a joking death glare from across the room. “Yes! I get it!” you said. “I suck at telling people how I feel! I’m sorry! It’s hard!” You whined. Growing up, you’d been silenced by basically everyone when you tried to talk about how you felt. Your family’s way of dealing with heartbreak was to bottle it up and wait for it to go away, but 99% of the time, it didn’t work like that. 

And then you started dating Spencer. His field of work caused him to come into contact with horrible sights and sounds all the time, but after so long with the Bureau, he learned to talk about things and lean on his friends. As a psychiatrist at a local prison, coming across the horrible and depraved was part of the job for you too. Difference was, Spencer had since learned to communicate with people and you hadn’t. Just like when you were a kid, you bottled it up, and it consistently threatened to make you explode. “I get that I’m a pain in the ass,” you said again. Unless someone had a similar issue, they didn’t realize how hard it was to open up to people, especially when you’d been told the exact opposite for nearly your entire life. “I’m working on it.”

“Me too,” he replied honestly. The joking nature of your talk became more serious. “I’m really sorry I get so jealous. I am actually trying to work on it.” You knew he was. And you knew why he acted the way he did. But it was still frustrating.

Whether people wanted to admit it or not, relationships weren’t always sunshine and rainbows - sometimes they were, and other times they were work, but what mattered was finding someone you were willing to work through the problems with in order to find the sunshine and rainbows. “I know you are,” you replied. “How about this? Because you’re the better communicator anyway, you let me know whenever you think I’m looking at someone else and I’ll set the record straight. Maybe hearing it out loud, that I don’t want anyone else but you, will help it to sink in more.” As you said it, you wondered whether it would actually work, but you’d exhaust all options before giving up on you as a couple. He was worth to much to you.

“All we can do is try,” he smiled. “And can we make it a priority to talk about you and your job at least once a week? That’s all I want. I understand where you’re coming from and you can’t keep that bottled in. You’ll explode.”

Once a week seemed doable. Tough, but doable. “I think I can do that,” you said. He pulled you toward the couch and plopped down, bringing you with him. “I love you, you know.”

“I love you too, Y/N,” he whispered. “And thank you.”

“For what?” you asked. 

He pulled you in for a sweet kiss, your lips grazing his as he spoke. “For working with me. I know it takes a lot, but I love you. It’s work. But I’d rather work with you than anyone else.”

On Taishiro Week

(Or: no, I haven’t forgotten my promise to do this!)

This will be under a cut so that anyone who is not interested can just skip right past this post. The essential TL;DR is that, if you want to have an input on the dates/prompts/etc., please drop a message, make a post, or send an ask within the next week with your input!

In addition, it would be very much appreciated if you could reblog this post if you are generally interested in the week; the last post I made about it was…quite a while ago, and I want to make sure that anyone who was interested at the time has the chance to give input, even if they aren’t following the blog.

If you are not interested in seeing the discussion on this blog for Taishiro Week, please blacklist #Taishiro Week Planning.

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how can people think that nick wrote stay for selena? Don't they love her? She fucking cried because of that song it broke her heart

Sorry for the late reply but I haven’t really been on for the past two days and I wanted to take this ask as a chance to talk about Stay. Really talk about Stay. Actually, about both Nick’s Stay and Miley’s Stay. Yes, people (Nelena stans) think Stay was about her because he first performed it in January 2010 when they were dating again and she was attending that particular concert. And since she cried, every single one of them assumed it was because she got emotional over the song he wrote her. I couldn’t disagree more.

Let’s start with some context. As we all know, Miley and Nick definitely had some kind of reunion in 2009. It started with a hug on stage and the looks at the Golden Globes in January 2009, then lovely pics at the KCA in March, the lunch date in April, Miley’s breakup with Justin Gaston articles in early June, Before the Storm (the tweets about the writing, the live performance in June), the jet ski pics in potato camera quality (to my fellow Larry shippers: Wellington camera level, seriously), Send it on in the summer, Larry King with Joe’s confirmation (’Nobody’s as famous as Miley Cyrus’), then Miley’s enigmatic tweets and pics (which were actually pretty obvious) in August about love and talking to someone on the phone for hours, and missing someone (she was filming The Last Song at the time, so to those who think she was already in love with Liam and those were about him: sorry but no, because he was with her on set, sooo…). Then it basically all stopped and Miley turned up with Liam on the Wonder World Tour and Nick with Selena.

Now, on the WWT DVD, which was filmed in December 2009, at one point Miley sings a couple of verses from her Stay, which was on the Can’t be tamed album that came out about 6 months later, which means she had already written it/she was writing it. Nick first performed Stay live in early January 2010.

Now let’s talk about those lyrics. Nick’s Stay is literally a reply to Miley’s 7 things which the whole world knows it was about Nick.

7 things:

Your hand in mine when we’re intertwined, everything’s alright


Your hand in mine, babe,
Feels right somehow.

7 things:

the previous relationship we shared
It was awesome, but we lost it


We’ve had our past (I know),
let’s leave that behind.
Cause none of it lasts,
All that we have is tonight

7 things:

I probably shouldn’t say this
But at times I get so scared
When I think about the previous
Relationship we shared


I know you’re scared,
But I promise, babe,
I’m not who I was before.
Now the pain is done,
there’s no need to be afraid.
We don’t have time to waste,
Just tell me that you’ll stay.

I mean… yeah.

Besides, considering that he first performed it on January 7th, even though we don’t know when exactly he wrote it, I think it’s safe to say it could easily have been at the end of 2009. So whether it was written to try and prevent their second falling out or as a way to cope with their breakup, I’m quite convinced she had already performed it for Nick before, which makes me believe his Stay is a reply to hers and hers is not about Liam like she tried to convince the general public in those interviews to promote Can’t be Tamed (besides the fact that during the Gypsy Heart Tour she replied ‘it’s not that easy’ to a sign that said ‘if you ask Nick he’ll stay’). Why? Let’s look at Miley’s Stay lyrics for a second, shall we?

Well it’s good to hear your voice
I hope you’re doing fine
And if you ever wonder
I’m lonely here tonight
I’m lost here in this moment
And time keeps slipping by
And if I could have just one wish
I’d have you by my side
Ooh oh, I miss you
Ooh oh, I need you

Doesn’t this remind you of those phone calls and tweets in August? And wouldn’t it fit if they weren’t in a good place/had just broken up and she realized she still wanted to be with him by feeling the same as she did when they were together but physically apart back in August because he was on tour and she was on the set of a movie?

I love you more than I did before
And if today I don’t see your face
Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place
It gets harder, everyday
Say you love me more than you did before
And I’m sorry it’s this way

How could she say that about someone (Liam) she had never been in a relationship before? Someone she was dating for the first time in her life? Right, she couldn’t because it wouldn’t make any sense.

Well I try to live without you

Same thing here: how could she try to live without someone she had never been apart from before?

Nick’s Stay:

Beautiful, one of a kind.
You’re something special babe,
And don’t even realize
That you’re my heart’s desire.

Miley’s Stay:

I never wanna lose you
And if I had to I would choose you
So stay, please always stay
You’re the one that I hold onto
‘Cause my heart would stop without, you
[…] Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place

They were on the same page. For some reason even though things weren’t going so well they still needed each other and wanted to be with one another.

And finally…

Miley’s Stay:

And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay
I’ll always stay

Nick’s Stay:

Just tell me that you’ll stay.

He asked her to stay just like she wanted him to do, and to do that he basically replied to THE Niley breakup song which is 7 things. The one where she put all her anger and any type of feeling about her heartbreak.

Now, to (finally) get to the point: Selena is not stupid, she never was. She was just a bit naive maybe, but not stupid. When she heard that song all the pieces of the puzzle fit and she realized Nick was just using her once again to fill the void inside of him left by the breakup with Miley. She realized that just like in 2008 he wasn’t really into her, but just trying to cope with Miley’s absence, once again. She realized he probably wouldn’t ever feel the same way she felt about him, and love her as much as he loved Miley. And that, OF COURSE, broke her heart. That’s why she was crying. And that’s why by February 2010 we had articles about Nick and Selena’s breakup. The second and last breakup.

This turned out even longer than I expected it to be and I’m pretty sure you anon were not expecting such a long-ass answer either but I had been keeping this to myself for way too long and this message was the perfect one to let it all out, so thank you (and congrats to you if you got to the end of this. And to everyone else who stumbled across this post and did the same).

Seven Is Just a Number [Simon D]

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

Artist: Simon D | Word Count: 923

Sorry this one’s pretty short and took so long to finish:( But I hope you like this, anon!<3


Today, AOMG was having a celebration yet again, and this time was because Sunghwa had announced that he was getting married with his girlfriend that he has been dating for four years. Everyone was ecstatic about this and of course, celebration isn’t complete without throwing a party and having beers to drink the night away.

Among the sea of small people that Sunghwa invited over, you had managed to lose sight of your boyfriend, Kiseok, and so you decided to tag along with the girls. You recognized Hyukwoo and Jukyung’s girlfriend talking with Sunghwa’s fiancé, their expressions lighting up in excitement.

“Hey guys! Can I join you?” You greeted the three girls, and they all motioned you to step closer to them.

“Sure! Come and listen, Minhee is telling about the how Sunghwa proposed to her!” The new fiancé was grinning ear to ear, clearly looking very happy because of Sunghwa.

“It was really unexpected! He proposed to me in Jeju and at that time we were on a cruise ship. Suddenly there were fireworks spelling ‘Marry Me?’ and Sunghwa was kneeling down. He’s a sweet guy but I never knew he could be this romantic!” You felt awe hearing her story and so does the others, but then the comment that followed soon made your emotions change drastically.

“You’re marrying at an ideal age! And your age gap with Sunghwa is only two years.”

Somehow, hearing them say that was as like a harsh slap to the face. Sunghwa’s fiancé only had two years of age gap with him, while you and Kiseok was a total contrast of the two. You and your boyfriend have a seven years gap, much bigger than Sunghwa and Minhee.

And you were instantly pulled to your thoughts, your insecurity ruling over you. There were a lot more negative than positive effect of having a big age gap, such as Kiseok would be so old when you reached your ideal marriage age, how Kiseok would grow older than you, how it wouldn’t be easy for the public accepts this big age gap, and many more. You grew silent as you felt emotions mixing up inside of you, and the air inside the room suddenly felt so stuffy.

“I-I’m going to get some fresh air for a moment,” You said, picking your glass filled with champagne up, “If Kiseok is looking, I’ll be right at the balcony.” The girls didn’t seem to notice the storm going up inside your mind as they nodded and continued to chat away.

The air felt chilly with the wind hitting your bare shoulders and gently playing with your hair. Negative thoughts and your insecurity are flooding your mind again and again, even the city lights that shine below you couldn’t seem to light up your mood. You hated being born much younger than Kiseok, you wished to have at least one to two years of age gap like other normal couples.

And suddenly strong arms circled around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder, making you jolt and almost spill your drink. With the similiar smell of cologne dancing around the air, you recognized Kiseok immediately without having to turn around.

“Babe, why are you here all alone?” Kiseok whined, “We’re celebrating inside, it’s not complete without you.”

You twitched while holding onto the railings tighter, contemplating on whether you should spill the truth or not.

“The air just feel a little stuffy, I’ll go back inside in a few.” You said, turning around and faking a smile that you hoped looks genuine enough to Kiseok.

But of course, because of dating with Kiseok all these years, he had managed to read your expressions like a book, including seeing through the fake smile you used in situations like this.

“Are you hiding something from me, (Name)?” Kiseok asked, eyebrows furrowed and his eyes full of concern, “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“It’s nothing Kiseok-”

“Babe.” Kiseok’s voice turned deeper, and when he’s acting this way, you knew you had to tell him the truth.

“Alright, I just- Me, and the other girls talked with Minhee, and they all said that she and Sunghwa had the perfect age gap. While we have, like, seven years of difference? I just feel so insecure right now, because I seem so young while you’re-” You weren’t able to finish your jumbled-up thoughts when Kiseok slammed his lips on yours, holding onto your chin to stop you from talking.

And just like that you melted into the kiss, closing your eyes and leaning closer to his body. After a few seconds you both parted away, gasping for air. Your cheeks turned pink as Kiseok stared at you with such seriousness, yet so full of love.

“I love you, and that’s all that matters, you know that?” Kiseok muttered, “Seven is just a number, and my love for you is much bigger than seven years, (Name).”

How can you be so stupid? You scolded yourself. Who the hell cares about age gap? As long as you both love each other, that’s what matters for you both. Releasing a wide grin, you were very thankful of Kiseok for reminding you that.

“Right, seven is just a number and my love is bigger than that,” You whispered, “Thank you so much Kiseok!” Giving him a peck on the cheek, you received his usual confident smirk on his face.

“Anytime, love. So shall we go in and party?”