this reminds me of sponge bob

What the signs remind me of
  • Aries: Red lipstick, fangs, my dad, pomegranate juice
  • Taurus: Blankets, thigh highs, Netflix, Ben & Jerrys
  • Gemini: Sunflowers, smiles, falling down the stairs, Skeleton war
  • Cancer: Holding hands, pearly whites, Pirates, sponge bob
  • Leo: Squad walking in sync, tiaras, messy bedrooms, cheese
  • Virgo: Big fields, book shelfs, Stephen King, It
  • Libra: Piano, Britney Spears, Money, Balls
  • Scorpio: Pocketknives, sparkling eyes, Pennsylvania, my aunt
  • Sagittarius: Maps, taking a jog, chihuahuas, chocolate covered carrots
  • Capricorn: Finding happiness, dancing, my mom, John Lennon
  • Aquarius: Kanye west, Kim Kardashian, north west, slaying
  • Pisces: Anime, sleep, my cousin, bad tattoos

Passerby: “You remind me of my father with your clothes and your [Holds hands out as wide as she can, palms facing each other and then rotates them vertically with the same distance]
Me: "Sorry I’m still a little confused. Was your father a strangely sartorial Sponge Bob or The Letter O (in calligraphy)?”