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Scenario: (this for early in the relationship) the character doesn't think that they're good enough for their s/o, so they try to push them away, meaning ignoring them and not hanging out as much, but not considering s/o's feelings Possible quote: "Would you please just shut up for one second/once in your *curse word* life and listen to me?!" (cursing isn't mandatory); "If you cares so much about me, you'd let me make my own *curse word* decisions like the adult that I am./!"

:)  This reminded me of Sans idk why.

Let me know if it made you cry, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 



You had done something wrong you knew it.  Sans hasn’t even looked you in the eyes for weeks.  He made every excuse to avoid you even going so far as lying to you.  It seemed that every time he talked to you lately he was lying.

You had cried yourself to sleep again last night.  You couldn’t help it you had so much pain inside.  Who knew that you would ever feel so much for someone?  What would you have done the first time you saw him if you knew that this would be what happened?  

After a few minutes of thinking you decide that you wouldn’t have changed a thing.  No matter how badly this hurt there had been so many good times.  You were convinced you had true love.  Even if it was just for a short time.

But the time was over.  There was no need to drag it out so painfully.  You were going to find Sans and end this.  You walked around town for a while.  It was a small town and you found him sitting in Grillby’s.  You walked over and sat down on the stool next to him.  As soon as you were comfortable Sans got up without looking at you and began to walk out the door.

“Sans.”  You reach out and grab his sleeve, “sit down we need to talk.”

Sans sat down without a word.  He stared at the counter in front of him.

“So…,”  you couldn’t do it, even after all the pain he put you through.  Sitting beside him now, you just couldn’t tell him to get lost.  “That is a really interesting counter there, huh?”

“Yep,”  Sans got up again this time you didn’t stop him.  “I have to go.  I love ya, babe.”  

He started walking away and you couldn’t help the next words that came out of your mouth.  “Do you really?”  Once the words were out you regretted them.  You started something you couldn’t fix.  But maybe you started something that he could fix.

“Why’d you say that.”  He was still facing away from you so you couldn’t see his face but he had stopped moving towards the door.

“Because, Sans, you haven’t been around, you lied to me, you keep walking out on me.  What else am I supposed to think except that you are done with me?  You got what you wanted and now you are leaving me behind!  What else can I think except that you don’t love me anymore!  Maybe you never did-”

“Would you please just shut up for one fucking second and listen to me?!”  Sans voice had cut you off and you were actually happy for that.  Your words had flowed out of you and you never meant to say that much.  Sans turned around and you could see how heartbroken he was.  “I stayed away so that you would leave.  You’re right about that.  But it was never because I didn’t love you.  I love you, I truly do.  But you are- you’re too good.  You are going to do great things one day and I- I’m just going to drag you down.  Even now I’m hurting you aren’t I?”  

You could feel the tears on your own face.  You weren’t sure when they started but they were so hot they burned, you could feel every tear track they made as they fell down your face, and you couldn’t see much more than a blurry mess.  But that wasn’t important, he loved you!  He wanted to be with you.  But he had made the decision to push you away.

“If you cared so much about me, you’d let me make my own damn decisions like the adult that I am!”  Sans looked shocked that you had yelled, hell even you were shocked you yelled.  You took a breath and continued, “I love you, Sans.  If you do this to me now, where ever you think I’m going I won’t be able to get there.  Because I’ll be stuck here.  I’ll be stuck waiting for you to come back so that I can tell you that I still love you.  Because I will never stop loving you.”

He just stared at you and you just stared back.  You had said all that you could, you had poured your heart out and now you felt vulnerable and scared.  You noticed all the monsters in the bar that had been watching you.  But when you looked back at Sans you forgot all of them.  He held out his hand to you and smiled.  Not a fake smile that he normally used, but a real one.  You rushed to him letting him pull you into a hug and wrapping your arms around him.

“I’m so sorry, babe.  I love you.”  In that moment everything was right, everything was perfect, and the thing was you would do it all over.  A hundred times if you needed to, because this is home and this is always where you will need to be.