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Your posts give me the feeling that Rob wouldn't mind dragging you to a sleepover to have a pillowfight or something. I just love to read about your conversations. What I wouldn't give to be there to witness one of them. I do wonder what Rich does while Rob is busy fangirling all over you, though.

I FORGOT ABOUT AN EMBARRASSING THING THAT HAPPENED and this reminded me as ridiculous as that is

a friend of mine wanted to know if i wanted to be a part of her r2 op–every time i try to talk to rich, rob doesn’t let it happen

he just doesn’t

so the plan is that she would hug rob, i’d run past, and i’d finally get to thank rich for the kind words he said about god’n’gabe on stage in atlanta. in short, it went like this:

friend: [stands in front of rob as i rush past him to rich]

me: hey! i just wanted to thank you for what you said about god’n’gabe during atl. i’m scout!

rich: oh, you–YOU’RE scout! that’s great! love the work.

[photo op ends, i have accomplish my goal, we are walking awa–]

shrill voice from behind me: SCOUT! hey!!!

me: ?????????? 


so mostly rich just stares into the void of space when i’m around

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Your interactions with Rob are goals tbh

easy to accomplish! just mutter “please don’t embarrass me in front of my friends, dad” and he’ll be like, “[LOUDLY] WHAT FRIENDS? I WANNA MEET THEM”


i’ve been tagged to do the six selfie meme a couple times!! i can’t remember who all tagged me tho lol

i felt pretty dang good this year!! diggin the look! this set also shows my brand new amplitude power-up tattoo! (my sister and i got matching ones today!)

if you haven’t done this yet, please feel free to! i know i’m pretty late to the game :’D

Okay, under the cut is a very long story that I posted in multiple segments on facebook about my awesome (and definitely flirtatious whoops) experience with Mark Sheppard at CONjure

For some background, CONjure was the smallest and least-advertised of three conventions happening in central Florida this past weekend.
The biggest name was Mark Sheppard. The attendance of the first two days was so bad that they stopped charging admission on the third day as the con rushed to get any patrons

This is obviously from my pov and is solely my experience, not anyone else’s
I wrote it all down so I wouldn’t forget it and I’m making it public in case someone else was curious how that weekend went


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