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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

The Smile (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

Previous Doctor Who/Sherlock parallels in Series 10:

The Pilot (opening episode of Doctor Who Series 10) & Sherlock parallels

The Smile (Doctor Who) & (smiley) Sherlock

And a look back at Series 9 etc parallels here 

This episode was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce but as we’ll see, Steven being showrunner I feel definitely influences the potential for Sherlock parallels… big things to be screamed about soon, but I’m going in order of as things appeared in the episode.

  • The Doctor calling Nardole “Mum”= similar to Mycroft and Sherlock’s “I’ll be mother” moment in A Scandal in Belgravia.
  • Eurus’s “Smiling is advertising” quip in The Final Problem is quite literally in play here- little emoji’s ‘advertising’/displaying your mood constantly.
  • The Doctor saying “a thing” happened= Sherlock lying and saying he has a “thing” in Many Happy Returns. Well, ‘only lies have detail.’
  • Bill saying “You can’t offend a machine.” And it turns out the things she’s referring to are not machines at all… just as John incorrectly labels Sherlock as a machine in The Reichenbach Fall.
  • The fact that you can’t see your own ‘mood disc’- Bill highlights the problem: “What if you fancy someone?” The Doctor supposes you simply have to maintain eye contact with them so they don’t see your true feelings. Reminds me of Sherlock’s “We can’t both stare” remark in A Study in Pink.
  • Rosemary= the smell of home? Mary as Rosamund…hmm, not sure how to parse that one yet.
  • The Doctor’s “magic haddock” reminds me of a “red herring.” Of which there are plenty in Sherlock. But there’s also literally Mycroft’s “red herring” page in his notebook in The Abominable Bride- a note saying “scarlet rollmops”, a pickled (red) herring.
  • The Doctor cradling a skull. Obvious Hamlet-esque vibes and of course, Sherlock’s skull.
  • The Doctor saying, “What a lovely beautiful morning. It makes me so happy.”= Sherlock’s ‘#ohwhatabeautifulmorning in The Six Thatchers.
  • The Doctor says “Don’t sentimentalise me.”= Sherlock’s line in The Great Game: “Don’t make people into heroes John. Heroes don’t exist and if they did I wouldn’t be one of them.”
  • The Doctor and Bill’s banter about memorising the map on the wall and Bill taking a photo of it visually reminded me of John taking a picture of the graffiti on the wall in The Blind Banker.
  • The Doctor: “Not bad, not good. Just different.”= John in The Final Problem: “It’s not good, it’s not bad… it is what it is.”
  • The Doctor exclaiming “Fascinating!” is an all round Sherlock-y moment.

“Do you know why I always win at chess? I have a secret move. I kick over the board.” HELLO, ATTEMPT AT AN EXPLANATION FOR THAT CHESS PROMO PICTURE, 3 MONTHS LATE. ;)

And let’s end with a Final Scream:


…Ahem. ;) Bring on next week, that was a cracker of an episode! <3

GOT7 Aesthetics

Things that remind me of Mark Tuan -

skateboards, headphones, warm zip up hoodies, swimming pools, ice cream dates, brick walls, chill late night get-togethers, sunsets, carnivals by the pier, sitting on the roof of your house while staring at the sky, warm colors like dandelion yellow and pastel orange, playing basketball on your driveway, graffiti

Things that remind me of Im Jaebum -

the boy that grabs a book that’s too high above you head for you, cold weather, late night walks, cities, white pillows with black bed sheets, street lights, polaroid cameras, zombie video games, sleepy smiles, the calm before a storm, hurricanes, bright porch lights in the dark, singing in the car, oversized t-shirts

Things that remind me of Jackson Wang -

puppy dog eyes (of course), the one who brings a bouquet of flowers on the first date, boomboxes, beaches, laser tag, paintball fights, tight hugs, romcoms, the color blue, the sound of thunder even though it’s sunny outside, the smell of fabric softener, the acceleration of a car, plushies, contagious laughter

Things that remind me of Park Jinyoung -

denim on denim, freshly brewed coffee, peach soda, the smell of lavender, early morning sunshine coming through windows, a perfectly made bed, playing piano, succulents, the quietness when it snows, rainstorms, the sound of car wheels on a wet road, comfy sweaters, laying on the grass while staring at stars

Things that remind me of Choi Youngjae -

sunny days, watermelon, lots of laughs, summer, large hats, beach walks, sunflowers, dew on the grass in the morning, cold drinks on warm days, stickers that you don’t want to put on anything because you’re afraid to lose them, flowers on a windowsill, floral prints, soft pinks and yellows, first kisses

Things that remind me of Kunpimook Bhuwaku -

room interiors that match perfectly, palm trees, group chats, playgrounds, nightclubs, neon lights, rich dark colors, high end fashion, night dates around town, turtleneck sweaters, smoke from a candlewick, the crackling of fire, bulky rings, fireworks, cracks of lightning, a comforting hand on your shoulder

Things that remind me of Kim Yugyeom -

soccer sweatpants, maroon/burgundy, late night bonfires, the sound of crickets at night, the lines made in the sky by airplanes, the gradient in the sky of dark blue to light blue after the sun goes down, cozy blankets, the feeling of a hand sliding into yours, warm scarves, flushed cheeks, nervous giggling

Eastern Market, Detroit

Considering last weekend I didn’t leave my apartment, and spent my entire Saturday hungover in bed (from going drinking with colleagues Friday night), and then Sunday recovering mentally from such a brutal Saturday (so classy, I know), this weekend was incredibly productive. 

It’s challenging sometimes to motivate myself to get our and go, see, and do.  I know nobody, and am not too familiar with Detroit yet, and sometimes I am so tired of being alone that being out n’ about alone just seems to perpetuate the loneliness. 

Eastern Market

Yesterday I knocked off Eastern Market from my Detroit To-Do list.  Eastern Market is the U.S.’s largest public market! I had no idea what it would be like, but I decided to make the twenty minute walk there Saturday morning to buy some veggies and explore.. 

The walk there was, well, empty… 

There was just nobody around

Except for one gentleman who asked me if I was 23, I replied he had made my day! Because I WISH. 

The market is made up of many massive sheds. I had no idea where was what, so I spent about an hour wondering around and exploring. 

There was lots of graffiti all around the market (which reminded me so much of the street art in Melbourne!)

ps I totally just went down a rabbit hole looking up that post

I loved this dude with his tiny burger. 

The market wasn’t too busy, but I have a feeling this could be because it’s winter, as someone told me a lot of people head there on weekends usually. 

One of the things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about living in the States is how cheap flowers are.  In Toronto it was hard to find a bunch under $20, but some of these were $5!

This couple was wonderful! They played together and then she would sing. I watched them for quite a while, and opted for giving them some money as apposed to dancing (like he was encouraging me!). 

I took the long way home to walk by more beautiful Detroit mansions. 

I can’t wait to see these beautiful homes in the summer when the ivy is in full bloom. 

Some of the mansions have been pulled down, while others they’re restoring to their original splendor. I hope they restore most of them, as they’re all so beautiful! Imagine this area back in the day; must have been something. 

It’s neat to see the construction too. The photos above are particular buildings in ruins, but there is LOTS of construction in Detroit (see below), and lots of new homes going up. 

Times are changing for Detroit, and it’s great to see it. 

I ended by buying a lot of produce and cooked myself this delicious omelet with all the ingredients from the market this morning for breakfast. It was SO yummy!

I spent the rest of Saturday doing a whole lot of nothing, and it was wonderfully glorious. :)

Also, I can’t believe I never went to look back at the graffiti while the lights were on till now? I remember always being baffled that you could examine the graffiti in near darkness. “Skater Mecca” indeed and totally reminds me of graffiti found at Fort Ward

PS Jonas is a nerd

The Signs According To A Taurus
  • Aries: You sweet lil motherfucker come here and let me cuddle you. You remind me of a swimming pool on a warm summer night and joking with friends across a class room.
  • Taurus: I swear you are the most annoying people i know yet i can't seem to stay away from you no matter how angry you make me. You remind me of almost getting caught while doing graffiti and stubbing my pinky toe.
  • Gemini: We don't always get along but when we do you are one of my favorite friends without a doubt. You remind me of low-key hangouts while listening to a record player and failed baking attempts.
  • Cancer: You can either be a literal angel or the devil reincarnate, you have like no in-between, you are sweet or sour. You remind me of lemonade on a summer day and watching someone you love leave you.
  • Leo: You're a fuckboy, no doubt about it. But, you can also be very sweet and are very dependable for the people you care about. You remind me of finally beating a video game and a sweet but short vacation.
  • Virgo: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME PLZ! You are surrounded by so much drama and you take everything personally, also you're really fucking loud. You remind me of watching someone you hate get something you want and police sirens.
  • Libra: You're usually pretty sweet and chill but you like things a certain way and sometimes you could try a little harder to be a better person. You remind me of home cooked meals and visiting new cities.
  • Scorpio: You are literally my soulmate and i couldn't ask for a better friend, you may be secretive and maybe a lil evil but you have good all throughout your heart. You remind me of riding my favorite roller coaster and getting into bed after a super long day. Most of all you remind me of home.
  • Sagittarius: You and Pisces are like a great friend pairing in my opinion because you're both chill and high-strung at the same time. You're an angel in disguise and are hella funny. You remind me of low-key birthday parties and learning to drive
  • Capricorn: You get on my nerves like 24/7 even though you mean well. You need to not always worry about everyone else and sometimes you just need to relax. You remind me of test taking and playing in a field.
  • Aquarius: You mean well, you really do, but you are such an airhead sometimes that i worry about you. You need to focus on getting your life together before you try to add anyone to it. You remind me of free candy and cheesy romantic comedies.
  • Pisces: I feel like i always have this deep need to impress you and i also feel like you're just so chill that you don't want to be impressed. You can be kind of cynical and hypocritical at times but when i need you, you're always there for me. You remind me of getting in trouble but laughing about it and carbonated beverages for some reason.

Creepateria Howleen! I was so bored with another pink Howleen, but I fell in love with her face-up. She’s really pretty! I’m not convinced the shirt and skirt go together, but I adore the ombré effect on her skirt. Also, I don’t know if you can see it in this crappy iPhone pic, but her shoes have graffiti details molded in them- it reminds me of how I used to doodle on my shoes in school. Overall I’m glad I got her.

Preference #63 He Picks The Ring

Previous Wedding Preference 

Harry:Gemma and I went to the jewelry shop. I had brought her along since she and Y/N were the same ring size.

“What kind of ring do you think she’ll like best?” Gem asked.

“I don’t know. I think she’d prefer something simple.” I told her.

We walked into the large shop, that was decorated in shiny new crystals and diamonds. A case on the far corner of the store kept calling my name. I found my way over to it while Gemma wondered the rest of the shop. She was saying something along the line of, “Harold! These would be perfect!”

To bad I didn’t care, I was already focused on one ring and it was perfect. Dark brown gems with gold tracing those gems. It reminded me of her amazing eyes, her gorgeous hair, and her phenomenal smile. Every bit of shimmer, and glitz was just right.

“Hey dork, come over here.” I said waving my oblivious sister over to the counter.

“Hey name calling won’t be getting you anywhere with Y/N!” She laughed.

“No, not at all, but that will.” I said pointing down at the ring.

“Whoa, Harold. That’s gorgeous! Y/N will love that so much!” She said smiling.

“I hope so.” I said waving down the shop owner.

Liam: Standing there with my mum, and dad, made everything so surreal. I couldn’t believe that I was about to ask the most amazing girl in the world to marry me.

“I think she’ll be liking something like those.” Mum said pointing at the case of rather large diamond engagement rings.

“Now just because Liam’s got the money for it doesn’t mean that he needs to be buying the ring you wished for.” Dad said jokingly.

“Oh shut it, Geoff.” She said pushing at his shoulder.

As much as they joked and teased each other, I knew that they loved each other. With mum’s simple wedding band and dainty engagement ring, I almost wanted to do something for the two of them, but for now, this was about Y/N and me. Nothing else was as important.

As mum and dad kept on their playful bickering, my attention became focused on a beautiful diamond ring. It was small, but unique, with three decently sized diamond centered in the middle of a thin sliver band. It was so simple, but it had more beauty than many people would care to look for. Just like her, she seemed so simple, but if you knew her, really knew her, than you would see just how perfect she was.

“That one, I’ll take that one.” I told the clerk, pointing at one small thing that I knew was going to change my life.

Niall: I scratched the back of my head. There were so many choices, and so many options. My princess only deserves the best, and I had to pick the right one. With Greg standing by my side, I felt better. He’d been through this before, and I figured he would know what to do.

“I’m so proud of you bro.” Greg said, slapping me on the back.

“Why’s that then?” I asked him, still scanning the rings.

“Well, Y/N of course!” He laughed.

“Ahaha well what about her?” I laughed.

“You’re marrying someone that’s absolutely phenomenal. Y/N is perfect for you mate.” He explained.

“I haven’t married her yet Greg. I still have to ask.” I told him.

“Niall, all I’m telling you is that she is already apart of our family, and I she the best girlfriend you’ve ever brought home.”

“I know, I wouldn’t be purposing to her if she wasn’t the best.” I said sarcastically.

I picked a decently sized ring, that was in the shape a crown. It had several diamonds that help formed it, and it was without a doubt the most perfect thing that I would have ever thought of.


“Oh for fucks sake!” I said to myself.

I had been at the shop nearly an hour and a half, and I hadn’t come close to pick the ring.

“Louis mate, you’ve got to pick something.” Niall said patting my back.

“Well shit Ni! I wasn’t expecting to be looking at the royal jewels!” I said grabbing my hair in frustration.

I made my way over to the third counter for what felt like the millionth time. I scanned the rings again still looking for the perfect ring.

“You still having trouble?” The old man behind the counter asked, adjusting his thin wire rimmed glasses.

“Yes.” Niall and I said together.

I glared at him, I was just so frustrated and I almost want to give up and go home for the night.

“You know what…” The man said tapping the glass case.

“…I think I’ve got something in back that might interest you.”

The old man, disappeared into the back of the store and returned moments later. He had a small box in one hand, and walked over to Niall and myself.

“This one was special ordered months ago, but it never got picked up.” He said opening the box.

The ring inside was phenomenal. The band was lined with small, clean cut diamonds. In the center of the ring, was one of the most massive diamonds I had ever seen. The circle around the ring was also covered in diamonds. It was perfect and Y/N would love it. I just knew she had to.

“Well dammit mate! You should have brought that out first!!!” I said grabbing it from him.

“Should I ring that up then?” He said laughing.

I nodded and leaned into Niall, “Y/N will love it. I know she will.”

Zayn: “Will you shut up a minute lads. I knew I shouldn’t have brought all of ya.” I said running my fingers through my hair.

“Ah come on Zen, we’re just excited for yeh.” Niall laughed.

I scanned the cases upon cases of rings and wedding bands. There were so many to choose from and I hadn’t the faintest ide where to start.

“What kind of girl have you got then?” The shop owner asked me.

“Yeh Zayn, what kind of girl is Y/N, really?” Louis chuckled egging me on.

“Well, I don’t mean to sound like a knob, but she fantastic. We both like art and music, were both not very conventional.” I explained.

The shop owner, thought for a moment and pulled out a section of rings. Some were circled with rubies and others were circled with emeralds. They reminded me of what Y/N and I would work on, in the graffiti room.

“Oh I like that one.” Harry said pointing at the one ring that sat in the middle of the seclection.

It had the same design as the rest, but was circled with sapphires. The amazing blue gems reminded me of the fleck of blue that I would see in her eyes, and the bright blue shirt that she would so often wear to bed. I love it and I knew she would too.

“Wrap it up, that’s it.” I said looking at the store clerk.

A/N: This is the second part to the Wedding Series and I’m having loads of fun writing these. I’m really happy with how they turned out too! :)



So I was looking through some of my old sketches, and found some lame comic that reminded me of the Danny Phantom Graffiti au I did a while back and being the sad person that I am, I lazily scribbled out the crappy comic because why the hell not? I might try and get back into this since it was a fun idea but didn’t get very far with…maybe next time I work on this AU I’ll do a much more decent drawing