this reminds me of conners whole

My birthday lunch date is so enthused. 😂 He was like, “You know people can see us right now, right?” Me, “Um, yeah, obviously! And, they’re all incredibly jealous of how cool we are, so you should embrace it!” He’s unconvinced, but that’s fine. He’s not old like me yet.

Man, sure I’m not 100% sold on the whole physical aspect of aging, but the freedom of feeling So. Totally. Fine. with who I am? That part is amazing and 1,000,000% worth the physical trade offs!

I got free birthday breakfast from my coffee place; I was spoiled by my coworkers; and I left work at noon to have a lunch date with Conner! This morning when I tackled my husband in bed to kiss him and remind him (for the millionth time) that, “iiiiiiit’s my birthday,” he squished me to him, kissed me all over my face and told me that I’m his favorite thing in the world. So, I’d say it’s an A+ birthday so far! 😊