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A Wild Dog Chase

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1200ish

Warnings: None I think

Prompt: Person A’s pet runs away and Person B finds it.

A/N: I love dogs. This took too long

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“Sophie!” The chances of the puppy listening to your calls was slim to none, but with no other idea of how to find her in this park, desperate times call for desperate measures. All around you, you saw families, couples, kids, and more dogs but none of them yours. The baby pit bull was nowhere to be seen.

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The ceremony was over and your Sherlock co-star Benedict Cabbagepatch was officially off the market. You could almost hear the fan girls’ hearts breaking across the world. Sophie looked beautiful in her dress, her baby bump just showing a little under the grey lace. 

You were all back at the reception after the dinner. The DJ was on fire, and most of the guests were on the dancefloor. You, Benedict, Sophie, and Tom Hiddleston were sat at the head table chatting. You and Sophie were in the middle, with Benedict next to her and Tom next to you.

The funniest part of the day had been trying to stay cool around Tom. You’d been seeing each other for about six months. Over the years, you’d done a lot of films together, and the attraction had always been there. What had kicked off your relationship was a make-out scene for your latest joint project. It had frustrated you both, but you hadn’t given it too much thought - you’d done love scenes together more hardcore than that! Later that night, there had been a knock at your hotel room door. It was Tom. 

“Can we finish what we started earlier?”

The rest was history. But you hadn’t really told anyone. Both sets of parents knew, but you’d asked them all to keep the secret. Relationships in Hollywood were difficult, particularly with people who worked together frequently, like you and Tom. Often, you both took jobs simply for the fact that the other person would be involved on the project too. Some writers even admitted to writing parts just for the two of you to act together. Also, the world was still recovering from the train wreck that was Hiddleswift, and neither of you wanted the media saying anything horrible about your relationship, whether it was Tom using you to get back at Taylor, or you using Tom’s name to augment your own career. Both were ridiculous: Tom had been the one to end it with Taylor, and you starred in just as many films as Tom and had as many awards and nominations. 

Back at the reception, you and Benedict discuss the next series of Sherlock

“I can’t wait for the Moriarty explanation,” Ben says.

“I wouldn’t get too excited,” you caution, “Andrew says he doesn’t think he’s in it.”

“Are you?” Tom asks.

You chuckle darkly, somewhat reminiscent of your character in the drama. “Perhaps.”

Tom looks confused. “But how can Moriarty’s sibling be in the new stuff, if Moriarty isn’t?”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Benedict chuckles, he’s a little tipsy, “Tom, have you told Y/N about Jamie Moriarty?”

Tom immediately blushes. “Shut up, Ben, you’re drunk!”

You look to Tom. “What’s this?”


“Tom loves Jamie Moriarty!”

You smirk and raise your eyebrow as Tom tries to hide behind his champagne. “Oh, you do? You have a thing for the villain?” Tom just groans in embarrassment. You rub his arm playfully. “Well, if it makes you feel better, I’m absolutely head over heels for Loki. And Thomas Sharpe, too.”

Sophie laughs. “Is that just because you play his love interest for both characters?”

You give a playful shrug. “Well, it’s weird with Loki. I mean, our characters are secretly married but we haven’t even had an on-screen kiss! The outrage!”

“Well, just fix that now,” Benedict suggests. You and Tom both stare at Ben. “What? Maid-of-honour and the best man? It’s a bit traditional,” he teases.

You scoff. “Since when am I traditional?” You down the rest of your champagne. “On that note, I’m going to pop to the loo.”

“Me too,” Tom says, getting to his feet. He pulls you chair out for you, ever the gentleman. “Back soon, guys.”

As you and Tom walk through the reception hall, Ben and Sophie watch from the table and laugh. “Do they actually think we don’t know?”

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What contemporary women do you think have the pre-raphaelite 'look?'

Oh, this is an interesting question… First of all, definitely Florence Welch! Hm… also definitely Q'orianka Kilcher. Some others are Eleanor Tomlinson, from what I’ve seen in Poldark, The Pre-Raphaelite look with her abundant curls! Lily Cole, Claudia Devlin and Imaam Hammam at times/in certain shoots. Oh, also Sophie Turner and Drew Barrymore, Drew’s face reminds me of Rossetti’s paintings so much… (just like Q'orianka’s) Also Chloe Grace Moretz comes to mind, because of her lips I suppose… Her lips are the only lips Rossetti ever and always painted haha


Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Is Camille here?” Klaus asked you and the jolt of fear that always followed Klaus shook through you.

“Yeah um… maybe let me check.” You mumbled and hurried to the back.

It took you a moment to gather your thoughts and actually look for Camille. You didn’t want Klaus to find out your secret and you had thought living right under his nose would be the perfect way to hide from him. Or it would be if you could just keep your head long enough to find Camille.

“Klaus is looking for you!” You squeaked and she frowned, nodded as she left you alone with Sophie.

“You have to tell him!” She sighed and you franticly shook your head.

“He can hear you from here!” You reminded her and pointed to your own ears.

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So, I was thinking the other day about how similar Viktor is to Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. I mean, besides the fact that they’re both the best in their respective fields (ice-skating and magic). Seriously, remember the part about Howl sliming up the entire place because he dyed his hair the wrong colour?That level of extra cannot be beat. Except by flying halfway across the world to coach someone you hardly know, of course. But who does that anyway- wait

Then I thought about Yuuri and Sophie. Sophie’s self-esteem is total shit. She thinks being an old woman suits her more than her actual age. She’s never believed she was beautiful, though we have no proof that she looks particularly terrible anywhere in the books or movie. Kinda reminded me of Yuuri too. We all know he’s a totally unreliable narrator. He thought he was just a dime-a-dozen skater, but he was at least top 6 in the world, since he made it to the Grand Prix Finals.

Probably why I’ve seen so many Howl’s Moving Castle AUs for Viktuuri. Haven’t actually gotten around to reading one, but maybe I should.

send me a ship and i’ll tell you…

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter: Sophie is DEFINITELY the hunter because Howl is named howl and i would very much like to see Cliche and Typical Werewolf Named Howl who literally nobody thinks is the werewolf bc it’s just. too obvious.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman: After being cursed to have a tail instead of legs (it was just typical, she thought), Sophie decided to leave her tiny little seaside town behind her and explore the ocean she’d always been too afraid to sail. Well. That’s what she told herself, at least. But after getting injured in a storm, Sophie washes up on an unfamiliar beach, where she wakes up and finds a disgustingly beautiful man, a sweet little boy, and a cranky lantern that seems to have some sort of sentient THING inside it. (Who am I to judge, thought sophie; I am a FISH.) Sophie is trapped in the lagoon until her tail is healed enough to brave open ocean again. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the horrifically pretty fisherman wasn’t so much of an idiot, and if he wasn’t the ex-boyfriend of the woman who had cursed her in the first place, and if he would just BREAK THE SPELL HOWL I KNOW YOU HAVE MAGIC STOP TRYING TO SLITHER OUT OF THIS.

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar: Witch Sophie and her idiot cat who she KNOWS can understand her and YES she’s trying to break the spell you IDIOT but these things take TIME and–don’t pet him he’s spoiled enough as it is–stop sitting on my book, Howl, I’m trying to read.
He just wants attention.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict: Sophie has been trying to supplement her scholarship at school by working at a coffee shop part time. It’s a nice job, and she’s trying not to complain–her sister is working at the bakery down the street, and there’s an ever-present perfume of flowers in the air from the flowershop directly opposite. (Oh, the flower shop, she thinks sourly as the door opens and the little bell on the handle jingles. A year and a half, she tells herself as the infuriatingly tall blond leans over the counter and smiles at her. And then I can graduate.)
Honestly, with all the coffee he drinks, she wonders if he even needs to blink.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA: Okay so she KNOWS he’s smart. Like. She gets it. She really does. But you can’t run a classroom like that i’m sorry Mr. Jenkins but you can’t there is a right way to teach magic and there is a wrong way and you sir are so COMPLETELY off the book–

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss): I was going to say Howl as the prince but how about Princess Sophie, who runs away from home (her sisters are better at the whole princess thing anyway; she’s never been anything but disappointing, she rationalizes). The queen orders a VERY RELUCTANT Howl to find her daughter, because that girl is going to be queen someday; I don’t CARE if she doesn’t think she looks like a princess, and good heavens this is ridiculous, Sophie. The whole AU is just Howl chasing Sophie around the known world, and Howl getting increasingly exasperated. He catches up to her in a tavern, but she’s spent the entire night washing dishes and befriending the innkeeper’s wife, and one nervous glance at the blond man in the doorway was all it took for him to get kicked out. They share an incredibly frustrating boat ride together crossing a channel. He knows she’s going to ditch him as soon as they touch soil. He was right.
She realizes eventually that she’s taking the coward’s way out, and this vain and annoyed man that has been tailing her is actually just trying to remind her that her parents care about her and that her country needs her. (This ends with her smirking and saying that she’ll come home, but only if he marries her. “GOD, NO,” he shrieks. “THE RESPONSIBILITY WOULD KILL ME.”)
But he marries her anyway. He would.

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent: “Let me see… You’re Michael’s father, aren’t you? …Aren’t you a little… blonde… to be a parent?”

who’s the writer and who’s the editor: Sophie is the writer and she writes beautifully. Words bend to her will. If only her editor would. You know. Actually return her calls. That would be great.

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dear laine, i have to know what's going to happen next with caroline working in klaus' bar! sincerely, a devoted reader :)

Back Office Intrigue (Part Two).

Part One here.

It takes a few weeks for Caroline to realize that something is off at the bar.

She’s settling in to Chicago nicely, had spent a weekend stalking garage sales so her apartment finally looked like someone actually lived there. She got a great deal on a little dining table and a set of chairs, couldn’t wait to have people over now that they actually had somewhere to sit. Her mom’s down to a single call filled with alarming crime stats every three days (a marked improvement from her twice daily briefings when Caroline had first arrived). Her classes are mostly interesting, save for the one with the drone-y professor. She figures 3 out of 4 ain’t bad at all. And she actually likes her job.

All in all, life is pretty sweet.

Caroline had been a mess internally while preparing to finally move out of Virginia. She’d had endless lists of worries, sleepless nights filled with anxiety, doubts about if she was doing the right thing. It was really nice to know that she’d done it, was well on her way to taking name and kicking ass, that she hadn’t let fear win.

She feels a little more settled, has grown comfortable at the bar and with her coworkers. Maybe that’s why she finally begins to notice the weirdness.

Klaus seems to practically live at work (though Enzo had informed her that wasn’t the case, that Klaus had a very nice place around the corner though he loathed entertaining his siblings so Enzo had only been inside twice). When in the bar Klaus spent a lot of time in his office, glued to his laptop or tablet. He did hop onto the floor whenever things got crazy or they were short staffed. Caroline appreciated it, figured it was rare. In all her years working at The Grille she didn’t think she’d seen the owner even uncap a beer let alone mix anything. He wasn’t super chatty from what she’d seen but he could turn it on with customers, left more than a few ladies discretely tugging their tops down to show more cleavage when he turned to pull bottles.

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Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up early because Sophie was on her way. It’s been around two months since Regulus saw her. He really missed her. I sat in the soft sheets and brushed my finger on Sirius’ cheek, trying to wake him up.

“Wake up love. Sophie will be arriving soon.” I smiled down at my boyfriend.

“What do you mean Sophie’s arriving soon?” He said, rubbing his eyes, also sitting up.

“I sent her a few letters and arranged her visit. She’s gonna be here in about 20 minutes.” I smiled.

“I thought she was coming in another month!” Sirius said.

“She was. But I told her that Regulus missed her a lot and that we would be more than happy to welcome her for a few days.” I smirked, proud of my plan.

“Merlin, you are the best! I’m so glad that you and Regulus get along.. Thank you for doing this for him. He really needs it.” Sirius said, giving me a kiss.

While we were kissing, Teddy’s babbling could be heared in the monitor. Sirius walked to his room while I prepared a quick eggs and bacon. Seeing my future husband walk out of that door with our son in his arms made my heart warm up.

“Mhmm.. Eggs and bacon sounds good!” Sirius smiled.

I looked at my two boys while laying the eggs on a plate. Sirius was tickling Teddy’s cheeks. He showered Teddy with kisses and he couldn’t stop laughing. This baby really loved to laugh. We all ate around the table, talking about the news on the Daily Prophet when suddently, the door bell rang.

“That must be Sophie!” I said, walking up to the door.

I opened the door and there she was. Her skin was a bit darker than her usual pale-self. Her dark blond hair were as curly as the first day I saw her. Merlin she reminded me of Lily. They were cousins after all.

“Oh Remus I missed you!” She said with her angelic voice as she jumped in my arms.

“I missed you too!” I said.

“I have so many books to show you! I visited this old library in Italy and It was filled with old adventure books! You would’ve loved it!” She said, smiling.

She always had this bubbly personality. She always seemed happy. She looked over my shoulder and saw Sirius holding Teddy.

“Oh look at this cute little buddy! He’s so adorable!” She said, waving at Teddy.

Teddy wasn’t as shy as he usually is. He smiled and waved at her. Maybe she reminded him of Lily. She gave Sirius a big hug and looked around.

“Where’s Reggie?” She asked, all excited.

“He’s still asleep. Come on i’ll show you his room.” Sirius said.

We all walked upstairs to Regulus’ room. Sophie sat on his bed and brushed her finger on his cheek. He softly moved and mumbled some words.

“Mhmm.. Sirius mm go away mh..” He said.

I heared Sirius laugh next to me.

“Babe, wake up, it’s me. It’s Sophie.” His girlfriend said, her fingers brushing in his messy hair.

“Mhmm.. Soph?” Regulus said, his voice deep from his sleep.

“Yes.. I’m here baby.” She smiled.

When he rubbed his eyes and realised that he wasn’t dreaming, he jumped in her arms, making her fall in the messy sheets.

“How is it possible? I-I thought you were still in vacation?” Regulus said getting excited.

“A little birdy told me you needed me. Merlin I missed you Reg..” She said, kissing his lips softly.

“I missed you too.. I love you so much m'love..” he smiled.

She hugged him again and Regulus winced. He was still hurt from yesterday’s attack.

“Are you alright babe? What’s wrong?” Sophie asked him.

“Oh.. hum.. I’m fine.. it’s nothing.” He said, looking away, avoiding her big green eyes.

“Reg please tell me love..” she said, looking more than worried.

“Yesterday, some death eaters attacked us. Sirius healed me but i’m still a bit sore.” He chuckled nervously.

“You got hurt? How bad?” She asked, a frown on her face.

“It’s over now.. no need to make you worry. Now tell me about your trip! I want to hear all about it!” He smiled, his sight not leaving her eyes.

He was so deeply in love with her. Just by the way he looked at her when she talked, I knew. Sirius looked at me the same way.

Sirius and I went downstairs to let them alone. We sat on the couch with Teddy in between us and the teletubbies playing on the screen.

“Moons?” Sirius asked.


“Thank you.. for yesterday. I couldn’t have done it without you.” He smiled.

“That’s what i’m here for babe.” I also smiled.

“Oh and moons?” Sirius asked once more.


“I would love to get married in Paris.”

April 24th 1978

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Hey Sophie! I just wanted to say that I think you're right - camren will come back together in a few years. They remind me of Miley and Liam because they were a similar age when they broke up for the first time. And after having time away from each other to grow, they are back together and more in love than ever. Gives me hope that the same thing will happen with camren. : )

The Fox and the Hounds (Kyungsoo Gang!AU)

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You never thought that three months after your arranged marriage to the most powerful mob boss in Asia you would be crouched in the back room of a sporting goods store in a mall, hiding away as your husband and his men tracked you down. Like a fox being hunted by hounds, you thought bitterly.

It wasn’t as if you hadn’t come to care for Do Kyungsoo deeply in the months following your wedding, despite the illegality and brutality of his line of work. It was that he kept you restricted to one wing of his luxurious mansion and essentially forbade you from interacting with anyone but himself, even though he made your obedience worthwhile every night in bed. He restricted all of your movements, and the actions that weren’t restricted were carefully monitored. As if you were nothing but a captive canary, caged in against your will and expected to sing. His wealth meant your cage was elaborately gilded with everything you could want. Everything except freedom.

Which was how you came to be slouched against the back wall of a sporting goods store, hidden by stacks of cardboard boxes. You had to escape Kyungsoo, and you thought that hiding out in a mall until after the establishment had closed would provide the opportunity for you to evade his men wandering the city, at least until they had thought you were long gone and gave up the hunt in the immediate area.

But as your luck would have it, Kyungsoo had his men sent out around the city almost as soon as he found out about your disappearance. One of them you had spotted, and had spotted you, as you dashed into the mall, calling for backup right away.

Somehow you had the fortune to make it into the mall and to the sporting goods store, just as the young female employee was closing up. You explained your situation to her in a panic, your words rushed and your actions jerky as you expected to feel your husband’s hand clamp down on your shoulder any second. She seemed understanding, letting you inside and locking the door behind you, giving you parting instructions to head to the unlocked back room and to seek shelter at the very back, behind stacks of boxes. Thanking her, you heeded her advice and sprinted like the hounds of hell were at your heels, and for all intents and purposes they were.

It hadn’t been long after you had sat down that the PA system buzzed on, Kyungsoo’s voice ringing around your head like a bell. “Y/N, if you give yourself up now, we can avoid the consequences. Just come to me, and we can pretend this never happened,” his low voice crooned through the speakers. The mall was closed at this point, but Kyungsoo’s ample funds and power meant he essentially had complete control of the entire city, your hiding place included.

You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. He loved playing games of cat and mouse with you, and this was probably more exciting for him, since he knew your chances of getting away at this point were slim to none. Tears welled up in the corners of your eyes, letting your frustration spill over as silent sobs wracked your body. How could you have been so stupid as to think you would get away from the most powerful man in the city? 

Your silent pity party only lasted for so long, however. Not ten minutes after Kyungsoo had made his announcement, the bell to the shop you were tucked away in chimed cheerfully, alerting you to the fact that either Kyungsoo or his men had made it in. 

A part of you hoped to be found, to put an end to this feeling of fear and hopelessness, to just let Kyungsoo’s large hands wrap around your wrist and drag you back to your shared bedroom to have his way with you, to make you never want to leave again. To love you like only he could. Even at the cost of your freedom. 

And it looked like you might be getting your wish soon enough.

Loud shouts and taunts echoed in the main part of the store, making you push against the wall in shock, as if the wall could swallow you up and make you vanish completely.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” one of your husband’s men sang, reaching the room where you were located, pushing the door open and flooding your senses with light.

“Do you think she’s in here?” another scoffed doubtfully, rustling through some plastic bags filled with inventory at the front of the room. “She’d be more resourceful than I thought if she made it back here.”

Despite your conflicted situation, you couldn’t help but feel your anger boil at his words. When- no, if- Kyungsoo ever found you, you would take advantage of his policy of giving you whatever you wanted and make sure that man would be punished.

“Mr. Do wants us to check everywhere, and that means even the most unlikely of places. If he were to find her in an area that we didn’t check, we’d be dead at his hands before we could bat an eye, so do something with your whiny ass besides complain, and find her,” the first man hissed. The other grumbled, but his footsteps and actions sounded to move with more intent, approaching your position all too rapidly. Your heart pounded like the wings of a hummingbird, your mouth becoming dry at the surge of adrenaline and trepidation coursing through you, but you would not move an inch and would not make a sound.

But unfortunately for you, your body was giving you away. Your breaths, soft as they were, were even barely picked up by the highly trained ears of Kyungsoo’s men, but it was enough.

Their motions halted, waiting to confirm your existence. 

“Boss? Yeah, we’ve got her. Supply room of the sporting goods shop.” The men didn’t approach your spot, but odds are that was only because Kyungsoo probably promised to cut off their dicks and feed them to his dogs if they touched you, unless absolutely necessary. 

The thought almost made you smile. 

“Yeah, we’ll wait outside the door until we see you.”

Your blood chilled. You knew if you looked into his wide, coffee-colored eyes, you would be done for, literally and figuratively. You knew you would gladly stop fighting if you saw his face and were caged in his limbs, but he would also do everything in his power to remind you of that. He would tease and stroke and pleasure you, give you the world if you wanted. Because somehow, you knew he needed you.

Time slowed, and it seemed like hours until you heard the muffled conversation outside the door. The door swung open, letting light into the darkened room, when he switched the lights on. He shut the door behind him, twisting the lock until you heard a click echo throughout the space.

His actions were nearly silent as he explored the room, kicking bags of plastic out of the way, and pushing boxes around, his steps slowly drawing nearer to you. You felt like he was playing hide and seek with a toddler, looking in the spots he knew you weren’t, just to build your suspense until it came crashing down on you like a tsunami, which, of course, you were on the brink of.

Finally, your emotions swelled and you just couldn’t take it any longer. Exhausted of running from your new life as the wife of a gang leader, you realized, you rose, softly walking around the wall of boxes that separated the pair of you to come face to face with Kyungsoo. 

He turned at the sound of your approach, his heart shaped lips curving into a handsome smirk, one you had seen many times before that let you know you were in for a hell of a night. It was a promise, that smirk. It let you know that you wouldn’t be able to walk in a straight line out of this room, and that once you returned to your bedroom, you wouldn’t be walking tomorrow. Or quite a while after that. That smirk let you know that you were his, and that you would be reminded of that every night, until you wouldn’t be able to even think of leaving his side willingly.

That smirk went right to your core.

He advanced on your expectant form, eyes darkening.

“It looks like I’ll have to remind you what happens when you disobey, won’t I?”

Your eyes closed, having surrendered yourself to him completely even before you heard the unmistakable clink of his belt being unbuckled.

Oddly enough, this Satansoo was inspired by the Running Man episode with EXO, as well as @grand-empress-sophitia‘s Mafia!AUs (Sophie, if you happen to read this, I literally love your works more than life itself, and you were a big factor in inspiring me to start writing again.)

-Admin A

Dear Journal,

Today Sirius and I were walking through the halls hand in hand when we saw a group of third years. They didn’t seem like they were just talking. They were cornering someone. That someone was Johnny, the little boy I meet in the library yesterday. Sirius and I approached them to ask them to stop, except, Sirius wasn’t asking politely.

“Hey! How about you dickheads let him alone!” He said.

I took Johnny in my arms and guided him away from them. He had tears running down his cheeks and his bottom lip was shaking. I hugged him close to me to comfort him.

“It’s alright.. You’re safe now..” i whispered in his ear.

“I’m s-scared Remus…” he said with his soft voice.

“Don’t worry okay? Sirius is taking care of it.”

After a few moments, Sirius arrived with a smirk on his face. He bent down next to me and smiled at Johnny.

“Well I don’t think that they will ever bully you again.. There skins will be purple for the next week.” He smirked.

Johnny smiled and giggled. He was feeling better I could tell.

“How about we go get Ice cream?” Sirius said patting the little boy’s shoulder.

“Okay..” Johnny smiled.

We walked to the kitchens to grab ice cream cones. We then meet James, Lily, Regulus and Sophie on the Quidditch pitch. Lily and Sophie were making flower crowns and the boys were already in the air, flying on their broomsticks.

“Hi boys! Who is that cute little boy?!” Lily said.

“This is Johnny.”

“Hi!” He said, waving his hand to the girls.

“Sirius? Come play with us!” James screamed from his broomstick.

“I’m coming!” Sirius kissed my cheek and went to join the boys game.

“Do you want to sit down and read?” I asked Johnny.

“Okay! I already read almost half of the book you helped me find yesterday! I’m at the part where the prince is lost in the forest with his dog!” Johnny said, excitement glowing up in his eyes.

“That’s great! Let me tell you, the second book is even better!” I told him.

“Are you reading «The lost Prince»? I love that book!”
Sophie said, smilling too.

“You like books too?” He asked.

“I adore them!” She said.

And we talked and read until the sun was setting. When we walked back to the great hall, we saw the third year boys who were bullying Johnny. Their skins were indeed purple. Johnny laughed and went to eat at our table. He reminded me of myself. He was like the little brother I never had..

February 17th 1976

*sorry if it’s short, I’m actually sick and got no inspiration for this one :/

how many times do you think oswald randomly announced to the people around him that he wished ed was there? like, his assistant hands him his coffee and he sighs and says “ed used to hand me coffee”. someone congratulates him on his numbers and he says “i wish you were ed”. he asks his assistant how his hair is and his assistant is like “fine” and oswald goes “ed would have used a better adjective than fine”. he walks past a snake and says to the snake “you remind me of ed”. how many times??


“Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful pix!! This is my 2nd Dobi (1st one Sophie left us at 12 years, made me fall in love with the breed) Gemma ‘Queen’s Gem Sophia’ tries to use the little dog door LOL bless her. 2 years old. Thank you again!!!”

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures aprilartist69! Sophie tried to use the wee dog door too and I have to remind her she’s not so little anymore.

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Prompt idea: Leverage, alex/parker/elliot or team fic, somehow someone accidentally ends up having to look after a baby for a case (maybe they're infiltrating a shoddy day care? Maybe the mark needs a nanny, I don't know, I just want to see Elliot with a baby to be honest)

(It was a very Leverage promptfest!)

“Eliot,” Nate said, and Eliot crossed his arms, rocking lightly on his feet. It was a sign he was nervous, but also a sign that he knew he wasn’t in real trouble, because he only let his tells show around people he trusted. He lifted his chin, too, and Nate internally sighed.

“Where did the baby come from?” Sophie asked, probably more gently than Nate would have.

“Does it matter?” Eliot asked belligerently.

“Does it…OF COURSE IT MATTERS,” Hardison said, both hands on his forehead. To his credit, rather than yelling, he whisper-yelled it. The baby, swaddled in fleece and dozing in a carrier in the middle of the table, slept on.

“Why did you help him hide a baby?” Hardison added to Parker, who shrugged.

“It was fun,” she offered.

(There is a readmore below! Read more!)

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Over the Years

Fandom: Dragon Age

Pairings: Baby Rutherford/Baby Theirin, Sophie Rutherford/Bryce Theirin, Cullen/Inquisitor, Cullen/Tessa, Alistair/Warden, Alistair/Eryn

Rating: Teen

Summary: Sophie Rutherford is the daughter of the Inquisitor and the Commander of the Inquisition. She grew up learning everything from sword fighting and spell casting from her parents. Nothing they have taught her could have possibly prepared her for the Crown Prince of Ferelden, who had a bright smile and blue eyes to match.

(I love the idea of Cullen’s daughter and Alistair’s son falling in love so I finally wrote something)

Bryce hated it when important people visited.

It meant he had to wear a stiff, itchy coat and boots that were too nice to go outside and play in. Oh no, these boots had to stay inside or on the castle grounds so they wouldn’t be ruined.

The thing Bryce hated the most was seeing his parents act all different. They weren’t their laughing, smiling selves when important people were around. The smiles were fake and their words were forced.

Luckily, he was able to have his trusty mabari puppy, Midnight. Which was unusual, since she usually wasn’t allowed to be around important people.

Midnight was his best friend and he was so happy to see her on his 10th name day celebration.

Her black fur gleamed in the sunlight and he patted her head happily. Maybe today won’t be as bad because she was there.

The sound of the gates opening had him looking up and narrowing his eyes as four riders came galloping in. That was a really small number for important people. One was a woman with long, orange hair. His eyes widened when he realized who exactly was visiting. He couldn’t remember much about this lady, but she was super important, he remembered that.

And he remembered that she was very nice.

Bryce instantly knew this wasn’t going to be like the normal visit from important people. He glanced up at his parents and was surprised to see them smiling like they normally did. There was no pretending.

Another rider was behind the important lady and Bryce was curious when he saw a blond, tall man and a little girl. Wait, she looked around his age, did this mean they could play?

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Malec Week 2015– Day 5

“Back to the Future”

London, 1899


He rubbed his eyes, turning away from the brightness of the morning sun.

“Gideon, love. It is nearly eight. Gabriel’s train will be here soon.”



Alec opened his eyes. A sweet face stared down at him, a scar running across her cheek drew his eyes in.

He looked away quickly, though.


She scrunched her face together in confusion.

“Are you ill?” Concern, with a twinge of offense, made her voice climb octaves.

“I must be,” Alec mumbled. He sat up and she jumped back. “Who are you?”

“Sophie!” her voice squeaked.

“And you think I’m…”

“Gideon,” she filled in. “But you are!”

Alec shook his head.

“My name is Alexander.”

“I’m getting Will,” Sophie said, fleeing from the room.

The room looked nothing like the one he had gone to sleep in the night before. This was formal– entirely vintage.

Magnus’ house was anything but. Unless he had redone the furniture again and hired a psychotic maid.

Neither would be a first…

Alec climbed out of the four-poster bed, walking towards the open window.

His eyes adjusted with every step.

He put his hands on the windowsill, leaning against it.

Wherever he was, it was most definitely not Brooklyn.


Alec turned around, his body instinctively responding to the name.

“Alec,” Alec corrected to a man with black hair and shimmering blue eyes. Behind him stood a familiar face. “Tessa?”

Will put a protective arm out, blocking Tessa. It was obviously a reflex– Alec did the same thing to Isabelle and Magnus.

“Do you know him?” Will asked, looking back at Tessa.

“No,” she said, softly.

“My name is Alexander Lightwood–”

“Lightwood?” Sophie had appeared on the other side of Will.

Alec nodded, once.

“Where am I?” Alec asked.

“London,” Will answered.

“London?” Alec looked back at the dense fog looming over the city. “And what year is it?”

“1880,” Will said.

“That’s not right,” Alec said. “No, that can’t be right.”

Alec finally noticed the runes on Will’s lower arms, his biceps covered with loose cotton shirt.

“You’re a Shadowhunter,” Alec said. “Okay. Um–”

“Gid– Alexander, where are you from?”

“New York,” Alec said, his voice unnaturally high– and it wasn’t just Gideon’s voice. “And when I went to sleep last night it was 2014.”

“You must have a fever,” Sophie said, stepping in front of Will.

“I don’t,” Alec growled.

“I believe him,” Tessa said. “I’ll get Henry and Charlotte. Will, you should go get Gabriel and Cecily.”

Will looked at Tessa. They seemed to be reading each other’s minds.

He made a resigned sound.

“Keep him in here for now,” Will said.

Alec looked back out the window.




The man with red hair had been pacing Alec for over a minute now, a overly-pleased look on his face.

“Henry, dear, please explain,” the woman named Charlotte said.

“Time travel,” Henry said.

“I got that myself,” Alec snapped.

“No, but what did you say your name was?” Henry asked.

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood.”

Alec’s jaw dropped.


“He must be some distant relative,” Henry said, excited once again. “What was your father’s name?”

“Robert,” Alec said. “His father was Andrew and his father was Isidore. After that I don’t know.”

“It’s best you don’t,” Henry said. “We don’t want to know too much about the future.”

“Am I screwing up time?” Alec asked. Charlotte put a hand over her mouth to cover a gasp. Sophie looked up from where she was sitting, a concerned look on his face. Henry seemed unfazed.

“No,” Henry said. “Time is like line. You can jump around all you want but you won’t change anything. The universe is set into motion. You cannot bend it as you wish. You’re one person. You shouldn’t have the power. No, no. You were meant to come here.”

“This is crazy,” Alec said, shaking his head.

“But it worked!”

“Henry,” Charlotte growled. “What did you do?”

“It was just an experiment,” Henry said. “Harmless, or so I thought.”

Charlotte let her head fall against one of banisters of the bed, defeated.

“Tell me you can fix this,” Alec said.

“That, I do not know,” Henry said. “I did not know it worked until this very moment.”

“We will get you back to your rightful decade,” Charlotte promised. “Henry is going to call in assistance and favors.”

“Does that mean Gideon is in the future?” Sophie asked.

“Most likely,” Henry said, a grin stretching across his face. “I do hope he is taking good notes.”

Alec rubbed his forehead.


“Morning, love.”

Sleep clouded Gideon’s mind, his reactions taking longer than they should have.

Sophie kissed his forehead, and he opened his eyes.

Only, it was Magnus Bane he was looking at, not Sophie.

“By the Angel–”

Gideon grasped for something, anything. He found only a pillow, and slammed it into Magnus’ face, tossing him aside.

He jumped to his feet, expecting his mattress but found himself standing on an unnaturally orange couch.

His eyes went wide.

“Alec–” Magnus moaned from the floor. “What the hell?”

“Alec?” Gideon didn’t recognize his own voice.

What was going on?

A panic spread through him.

He wasn’t home.

The room was full of strange gadgets that looked like the deathtraps in Henry’s lab.

“Yes, that is your name, isn’t it?” Magnus asked, sitting up. He stared up at Gideon.

“My name is Gideon,” he breathed. “Not Alec.”

Magnus was silent for a second but then a cat-like smile stretched across his face.

Gideon took a step back, only to trip and fall back onto the couch.

“Oh,” Magnus smiled.


Despite Will’s order, Alec managed to convince Tessa to let him watch Henry work over a tiny sphere.

It was better than pacing around his room.

An hour went by and Henry had spent the entire time, screwing and unscrewing parts, replacing them with new ones, inspecting various pieces and screws.

Alec had no idea what was happening.

Sophie appeared at his side in the basement of the London Institute at some point.

“You should join us for lunch upstairs. Gabriel is curious,” she said. “Also, I hate being around him alone.”

“Gabriel is…?”

“Your– his brother,” Sophie said, pressing his lips together. “He’s a little… overbearing. Please, Mister Alexander.”

“Um, sure,” Alec said, deserting his stool. He followed her upstairs.

He still wasn’t used to the clothes or the manner of speaking.

He didn’t like how unhappy this body swap was making Sophie, who was making a decent attempt to be kind to him.

Gabriel seemed to be a carbon-copy of his new self, with longer hair.

He held himself so formally, not unlike Will, who was standing off to the side.

They were all in the sitting room, a tray of tea and cakes sitting on a table, untouched.

Will had his arm around a girl with long black hair. He smiled down at her before noticed Alec.

Tessa was sitting in an armchair, watching Alec intently.

“So you are Alexander Lightwood?” Gabriel asked, stepping up to Alec.

“Yes,” Alec said. There was a harshness to Gabriel’s eyes. They reminded him so much of his father’s.

“Hmm. You don’t seem so horrible, Lightwood,” Gabriel said.

“Lightworm,” they both heard Will whisper.

“I’ll have you know I’m a Lightwood now,” the black-haired girl snapped. “I’ve always liked the name Alexander.”

That made Alec smile.

“My name is Cecily, since no one is bothering to introduce me,” she said. She lifted her chin, proudly. “I am Will’s sister and Gabriel’s wife.”

Gabriel’s eyes soften momentarily, as if he were coming out of, or going into, a trance.

A knocking sound echoed throughout the room.

“That would be Henry’s assistant,” Sophie said. She stepped away from Alec and disappeared out of the room.

Alec stared back at the group until he heard the doors open again.

“–constantly calling in favors. Yet, I come anyways–”

Alec looked back.

Magnus stood at Sophie’s side, a grouchy look on his face.

“Another Lightwood family problem,” Magnus grumbled, looking pointedly at Alec and Gabriel.

“Good morning, Mr. Bane,” Gabriel said.

“Will your family ever not have problems?” Magnus continued, ignoring Gabriel.

Alec smiled.

But Magnus frowned, shaking his head. He saw Will and gave him a nod.

“William, always a pleasure,” Magnus said.

Wait, Will?

The Will?

“You’re Will Herondale?” Alec asked.

“So you have heard of me?” Will asked, looking over lazily at Alec.

Alec nodded, mesmerized.

The only other Shadowhunter Magnus had ever had feelings for.

And here he was.

They did look alike in a general sense, but there were obvious difference too, outside of the polar-opposite personalities.

Will was Jace.

“Yeah,” Alec said. “I just– wow. I’m sorry; ignore me.”

“Where is Henry?” Magnus asked.

“Lab,” Gabriel snapped, as if it was obvious.

“Gee, Gabriel,” Magnus retorted. “I wonder why no one likes you.”

“Magnus,” multiple people chided.

He left with a flourish, his tailcoat trailing behind him.


Magnus handed Gideon a cup of tea, his lame attempt at trying to help him acclimate.

Going to the past was one thing, Magnus figured, but the future was far more terrifying.

“What is it like out there?” Gideon asked.

“Everyone is fat, hates one another, and idolizes Kim Kardashian.”

“What is that?”

“A Kim Kardashian?”

Gideon nodded.

“I wish I knew,” Magnus said. He took a sip of his own tea.

“It’s 2014, you said?”


“Over a hundred years,” Gideon mused. “I should be dead.”

“You are dead,” Magnus said. “But your family lives on. There are plenty of Lightworms crawling around.”

“Lovely joke, Mr. Bane,” Gideon sighed.

“They run the New York Institute,” Magnus said.

“Someone left London?”

“I don’t know who so don’t ask,” Magnus said. “I spent my 20th century avoiding Shadowhunters.”

“And now?”

“And now, they seem to live here,” Magnus said. “But it’s not so bad.”

“We missed you in London.”

Magnus laughed.

“I’m sure,” Magnus said.

“Was that sarcasm?”

Magnus nodded.

“Can you send me back to my time?” Gideon asked.

“They’re working on it right now, in 1880,” Magnus said. “They get it, don’t worry.”

“And who is in my place?”

“Alec,” Magnus said. “I’d forgotten all of this happened. Mainly, because I didn’t care to write down what date Alec came from in 1880.”

“I don’t understand,” Gideon said.

“I don’t expect you to,” Magnus said. “But Henry and I do. That’s what matters.”

“Poor Sophie,” Gideon said. “She must be terrified.”

“Worried, not terrified,” Magnus said. “Everyone makes it out of this one alive, Gideon.”

“But how long does it take?” Gideon asked.

“Another thing I failed to remember,” Magnus said. “For now, just sit back and relax.”

Gideon looked out the massive windows. His tea still remained untouched, and it was probably better that way.


Alec had spent the day following Sophie around like a lost puppy, even watching her cook.

She told him it was better than him watching Henry and Magnus all day.

Though, he didn’t mind seeing Magnus in his formal clothes. They were still brighter and more outlandish than what everyone else seemed to be wearing but Alec expected nothing less.

Charlotte, who seemed to be running everything, demanded everyone eat dinner, including the mad scientists.

But Henry and Magnus hurried their way through dinner, disappearing again within a few minutes.

Dinner was a loud and long affair, everyone catching up.

So Alec was left out of it. All he knew was the future and talking about that probably wasn’t for the best.

When dinner was done, he cleaned up with Sophie and Cecily, with Gabriel pitching in every once in awhile.

Sophie showed him to a guest room but he was too restless to go back to sleep.

He didn’t want to bother Magnus and Henry in the lab, so he wandered the Institute until he was on the rooftop.

He listened to London, which was a constant echo of hooves against cobblestone and the occasional shout.

As the moon continued the rise, the night got brighter and the sounds quieter.

He watched lamp after lamp go out in windows and curtains shut.

It was beautiful up here and he couldn’t figure out why none of the London Shadowhunters were up here.

“I’ve spoken to Henry.” Alec jumped to his feet, turning around.

It was just Magnus.

“We have decided that it’s probably best if I wipe everyone’s memories of this little fiasco,” Magnus said.

“I suppose,” Alec said.

“When Gideon returns, I’ll explain everything to him; I’m sure he can keep a secret,” Magnus said. Alec nodded.

“What about you?” Alec asked.

“I’ll do some erasing here and there but I won’t completely erase it,” Magnus said.

“Alright,” Alec said. He bit his lower lip. “Did you and Henry fix it?”

“No,” Magnus said. “But I’ve done all I can. Henry has to work out the rest. He will though. I trust him.”

“Okay,” Alec said.

“Are you normally this shy?” Magnus asked.

“Depends on who I’m with,” Alec said.

“I’d like to ask you a few questions,” Magnus said. He was the one who sounded shy now. “I’ll erase my memory of your answers but I’ll write myself a vague note. The future is more daunting when you know you’ll most likely live to see it.”

“Uh, okay,” Alec said.

“Do you know me, in the future?”

“Yes,” Alec said, smiling.


Alec hesitated.

“I shouldn’t tell you,” Alec said. “I don’t want you to be influenced when you meet me. You like to make your own choices.”

“I do,” Magnus said, his eyes flashing as if he was remembering Alec. That was, of course, impossible, but Alec could of sworn there was recognition in his amber eyes. “You must know me well then. Am I happy?”

“I believe so, yes,” Alec said.

“Do I get out of London?”


“Do– do I lose anyone else?”

“How do you mean?” Alec asked.

“My friends,” Magnus said.

“You’d tell me that death is inevitable in life,” Alec said. “And that you can’t protect everyone.”


“I don’t know them all,” Alec said. “You don’t talk about the past like that. You live in the moment.”

“You never ask me about my adventures?” The smile on Magnus’ face was wavering.

“You told me about Will. And Peru. And Tessa Grey and Jem. I know about Marie Antoinette. I know you better than anyone else,” Alec said. “Or so I think.”

“Camille Belcourt?”

Alec winced, hearing her name again.

It was taboo between him and Magnus now.

“No,” Alec said, softly. “It doesn’t work out.”

“Does it hurt to try?”

Alec looked up at him.

“I suppose the future is inescapable. Our destiny is already set.”

“She’s hard to escape,” Magnus said with a daring grin.

“Maybe,” Alec sighed.

“And one last question, Alec.”

Alec nodded. He was suddenly tired.

“Do I love you?”

“Yes,” Alec said, breaking his one rule.

“Then I look forward to the future.” Alec watched Magnus leave. He stopped at the doorway, looking back at Alec. “Though, what I could see in a Lightworm is completely beyond me.”


“Television is not entertaining, Mr. Bane,” Gideon said, decisively.

“Well, there’s nothing good on,” Magnus sighed. “National Treasure 2 isn’t on. Dance Moms isn’t on. Honestly, Duck Dynasty is the best thing I can find and that’s not even good.”

“Is that about the Chinese?” Gideon asked. “I heard they were having political troubles.”

“Duck Dynasty is not about a Chinese dynasty, but good guess,” Magnus said. He shut off the TV. “You should probably go to sleep. In all of the movies, you change back while you’re asleep.”


“Oh dear, I miss Alec,” Magnus sighed.

“I miss Sophie,” Gideon said, absent-mindedly. “And proper clothing.”

“Don’t let Alec hear you insult his sweaters.”

“Is that what this thing is?” Gideon scoffed, holding up his arm. The baggy sleeve slipped down. “Ridiculous.”

“You just don’t know comfort,” Magnus said.

“I’m sinking into this couch. No wonder Americans have such bad posture,” he said, gesturing to Magnus.

“I’m offended, Gideon. I truly am,” Magnus said.

“How is it that you haven’t changed over the years?” Gideon asked, crossing his arms.

“Strong sense of personality and self.”

“Wait, is Tessa here?” Gideon asked.

“Tessa doesn’t know this ever happened,” Magnus said. “I erase everyone’s memories as soon as you get back. I erase most of my own memory. You can’t tell them that this happened. Henry wanted to make sure we didn’t bring on the future too early.”

“I suppose that’s sensible,” Gideon said.

“Of course it is,” Magnus said. “I thought of it.”

“I don’t like you, Mr. Bane.”

“Good night, Gideon,” Magnus said, standing up. “I’m going to bed. You can crash wherever.”


“Sleep– I meant sleep.” Magnus rolled his eyes and scoffed, “Lightworms.


Alec was trying to go back to his room when he was caught by Will.

“You are up late,” Will said, accusation dripping in voice.

“I was on the roof,” Alec admitted.

“Ooh, sneaking around, are we?”

“You remind me of my parabatai,” Alec said, stepping towards Will.

“How so?”

“He’s a Herondale,” Alec said.

“Ahh, my progeny,” Will smiled.

“Something like that,” Alec sighed. “He’s pretentious, annoying, arrogant, selfless to the point of putting himself in danger.”

“Why, Alexander, that sounds nothing like me,” Will responded.

“Sure,” Alec said. “And I could never understand why I loved him so much.”

Will smiled.

“My parabatai would say the same about me.”

“Jem,” Alec filled in.

“Who told you?” Will asked. He went pale, as if someone had just stabbed him.

“Jem, he’s happy, in the future. It works out okay, Will. Tessa too.”

Will took in a sharp breath.

“I needed to hear that, Alexander, but you can understand how it might be overwhelming.”

Will fled the hallway.

“Thank you.”

Alec turned around. Tessa’s head was peeking out behind a door.

“He did need to hear that,” she said. “I just hope it’s true.”

“It is,” Alec said, still frozen to his spot.

“You are a good man, Alexander,” Tessa said. “I look forward to meeting you in your true form.”

“Thank you, Tessa.”

“Though, I don’t like the way you talk,” Tessa said. “The future has no class.”

“Formality doesn’t mean class,” Alec said.

“Ah, touche,” she said, shutting the door.

Alec was alone again.

He began his journey through the halls again, looking for his room. He had forgotten where Sophie had shown him.

So when he came upon the library, filled with couches, he just laid down in there, hoping that he wouldn’t wake up there.


“Good morning, love.”

Alec opened his eyes, relieved to see Magnus hovering above him.

Quite, literally, hovering, upside down, arms dangling down.

He poked Alec’s nose.

“Did you know that yesterday, you-but-not-you smacked me with a pillow?”

Alec smiled at the thought.

“How was 1880?”

“Something,” Alec sighed. “Everyone forgot that day?”

“I forgot most of it as well,” Magnus said. “But yes, none of them remembered. They later described the day as being incredibly forgettable.”

“What did you remember?”

“I knew that you and Gideon switched places for a day. Then it was the year 1880. You and I spoke on the roof. As to what about, I couldn’t exactly tell you.”

“It’s weird having you hovering above me,” Alec pointed out.

“Maybe,” Magnus shrugged. “Gideon was very boring company. I’m making up for loss excitement.”

“Don’t insult my great-great-great-great-great grandfather.”

“I think you over your ‘greats’ and you’re wrong,” Magnus said. “You ended up being Gabriel’s descendant.”

“I know how my dad got his personality then,” Alec sighed.

“Mm,” Magnus hummed. He snapped his fingers and he was freefalling, landing on top of Alec, leaning his head on his elbows which were on either side of Alec’s head.

Alec let out a gasp. Magnus was far too heavy to be belly-flopping onto him.

“I missed you,” Magnus said.

“I was gone for less than 24 hours,” Alec said. “But I technically saw you so–”

“Ah, but could you do this?”

Magnus slipped his hands out from under his chin, putting them on Alec’s cheeks, still warm with sleep. Magnus kissed him, softly.

“I suppose not,” Alec whispered. “But I did get to see you in a tailcoat, which is something I won’t be forgetting any time soon.”

Magnus smiled, his lips brushing Alec’s forehead.

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s any chance of you forgetting that.”

French Artists I listen to...

One way I love to surround myself with french while I’m doing other stuff is to listen to french music, so here’s some of the french musicians I listen to if you would like to check them out :)

Indila - the way I describe her is a more poppy version of Adele. They’re not completely comparable but her song Dernière Danse reminds me so much of Skyfall.  

Zaz - her style is quite stereotypically french. There’s the odd accordion, very upbeat almost light jazz. She often favours acapella as well, and I find her songs just very happy.

Coeur de Pirate - has a very breathy airy voice, but her songs are quite catchy and I always get them stuck in my head.

Frèro Delavega - the best way I can describe them is adorable. It’s very acoustic and upbeat, with guitars and harmonies.

Stromae - French hip hop. ‘Nuff said. His songs have great beats and the choruses will be stuck in your head for days!!

There’s a few for now. I do listen to others but their styles are all quite similar. I’ve struggled to find more bands that make slightly harder music, or rock music but a couple that i could suggest are Indochine or Kyo. If there are any country fans, Sophie Tapie is a wonderful country singer and her voice is so lovely to listen to. 


Post-finale headcanon

Sophie and Eliot call each other at least once a week. Mostly it’s to complain about the others. Because suddenly Sophie finds herself alone with Nate without the team and the job to act as a buffer when he’s being especially Nate-ish, so she calls Eliot all “REMIND ME WHY I SHOULDN’T JUST SMOTHER HIM IN HIS SLEEP” and Eliot is just: “I got nothin’, but call me if you need me to come smack him upside the head or hey, help you dump the body.” “You’re a dear, but seriously, he’s so bored without revenge he needs a new hobby Eliot there’s only so much sex I can have with the man.” “Damnit Sophie, swear to god I am hanging up this time, I’m not listening to you talk about your sex life again.” And then other times he calls her to vent because Parker is turning into a damn good mastermind but she’s still Parker and that means her plans involve even more explosions and spontaneous leaps off of buildings then before, and things get thrown at Eliot’s head far more often than he would like and she doesn’t always rein Hardison in when she really should and it’s not like the team didn’t scrape through by the skin of their teeth more often than not back before they split up but these days it’s like he feels it more. Maybe Nate and Sophie were a buffer for them, too, spreading the risk and the responsibility around but now they’re down to three, just Eliot and these two thieves he needs more than anyone he’s ever met. And sometimes he can’t tell what he wants more - to hug them or strangle them or lock ‘em up where they’ll be safe or turn 'em loose on the world because it’s just such a glorious damn sight to see. And sometimes he just needs to talk to someone who gets it, without him actually having to say any of that. So he calls Sophie and says things like “well Parker blew up a building while we were still in it and set my damn hair on fire, have to grow back an eyebrow now” and “Hardison didn’t duck fast enough and got himself a concussion and he’s being the biggest damn baby about it” and “if Hardison goes off script one more time I’m gonna kill him Sophie he cannot pull off a Kiwi accent Sophie it’s painful he’s gonna blow the whole con” and “Parker’s twice as crazy as Nate ever was and ten times creepier and how am I supposed to deal with that Sophie, huh?” And what Sophie hears is: what if I can’t keep them safe what then. And she just listens and tells him he can’t change who they are and she knows he wouldn’t even want that and btw she can recommend an excellent hot oil treatment that works wonders on split ends. “They’re not split Sophie they are literally singed I still smell like C4 it’s a very distinctive smell.” And he keeps grumbling for another ten minutes but he feels better just getting it off his chest. And then there are the times Sophie has her own little freak-outs about this whole retiring business and Eliot is the one she calls because he once said she couldn’t do it and what if he’s right and she just can’t because she’s rubbish at everything but crime and she can’t talk to Nate about it because he’s actually happy and what if she ruins everything Eliot help me I can’t be normal I’m the least normal person I know. And Eliot just shrugs and says: “So maybe you can’t, you give it a shot, it don’t work out, what then?” “I don’t know. We can’t just go back.” “Well not both of you. Team don’t need two masterminds. But we can always use a grifter so if you need to, sweetheart, you come on home. Cause home is where, when you show up, they always take you in. Hell, you can save us from Hardison acting like a damn - you know what he’s like, the guy can’t help himself. You know what he put on the menu last week?” And he just pretends not to notice Sophie sniffling and keeps talking about the brewpub and complains about Hardison until she’s laughing again and he’s not sure if he even helped that much but he figures Sophie doesn’t need him to fix things, just a little reassurance, to know there’s an exit strategy if things don’t work out, even though she’ll never need it because for all the complaining, she’s happy, too. They all are. And that’s why Sophie and Eliot call each other.