this reminded me of sailor moon

How Pink Diamond was shattered

It’s all coming together.

So lets start off with this.

This is what started the rebellion, the first act of treason from Rose Quartz, but here’s the thing, we’ve already seen the scene directly after the act of poofing pink diamond. (I specified ‘poofing’ and not ‘shattering’ for a reason, bare with me)

This is it. Right here.

If you’ve watched Rose’s Scabbard as many times as I have (so many, too many) then you know how this scene goes.

Rose: “Pearl, I’m going to stay and fight for this planet.”

This dialogue is so, so important. They’ve reached a breaking point (ha) here. Something that Rose just did has pushed them both into needing to make a choice. There’s no going back. Rose chooses to stay.

It’s important to notice her expressions here.

The first thing that strikes me is that for a few frames she’s looking away from Pearl, looking back. What exactly is she looking at? The evidence of what she’s just done? Pink Diamond’s Gem?

But it’s her eyes that really do it for me.

She looks haunted.

Then the urgency of the situation comes in through the dialogue, and here’s why I think this just happened.

Rose: “You don’t have to do this with me.”
Pearl: “But I want to!”
Rose: “I know you do. Please, please understand, if we lose we’ll be killed, and if we win, we can never go home.”

She’s done something punishable by death, so she gives Pearl the option of leaving. She still has time to give Pearl the option of leaving.

This, if nothing else is proof that Homeworld doesn’t know that Pink Diamond has been poofed yet, that the act of treason has just been committed. They are the only  gems who know what has happened, we know this because not only does Eyeball confirm that there were witnesses to Pink Diamond’s shattering but, in the beginning of “The Answer” when Pearl and Rose first attack, the Ruby guards can be heard crying out:

Who are you?!”
“Show yourselves!”

At that point all Homeworld knew was that there was a rebellion, they didn’t know who had rebelled, who attacked Pink Diamond.

Back to Rose’s Scabbard.

If Pearl returns to Homeworld now it’ll be without consequence, she won’t be blamed because nobody knows what just happened, Pearl can lie, claim no involvement, anything. Rose knows this, tries to protect her by offering her a means of escape. (It’s obvious by her body language, her hesitation, and her resignation that she wants Pearl to stay but she would never ask that of her, but that’s another post entirely ;D )

Pearl declines, of course.

(Rose looks so relieved and happy and ajshgjakhgs)

We’ve just witnessed the start of the rebellion and the birth of the Crystal Gems.

Now this. This is where and how Pink Diamond was shattered.

The rebellion is underway, a thousand year war. The Crystal Gems are outnumbered, outgunned, and it all comes to a head in the strawberry battlefield where it seems that White Diamond has been sent in to finish them off once and for all.

This mural has always reminded me of something straight out of Sailor Moon.

And I believe the same scenario played out here. The odds were stacked against them, they were facing total defeat. So Rose, like Usagi, uses her last resort, her strongest weapon.

In this case, that’s Pink Diamond’s Gem.

And this is what happens.

She never meant to shatter her.


Here it is <3 It will look much better once it’s healed and less swollen. Neo queen serenity. Done in a style similar To Mucha, who’s art I adore. Neo queen serenity means a lot to me and I’ve loved the character since I was little. She represents strength, wisdom, love for all life, and reminds me to look toward the future. Brooke at Nuclear Tattoo did an amazing job of bringing my rambling and reference images to life in one image. I’m in love with it.

S01.E07 - Sirens

Written by Laura McCreary and storyboarded by Christophe Yoshida, cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin.

Ah, Sirens. :) This episode is a little goofy, and was mostly an excuse to put our princesses on a boat and have them go undersea. 

It was absurdly expensive and complicated to do an underwater episode at this stage of the production : it was only the 7th episode ! Everyone was still trying to understand our characters, see where the show was going, how it would look like, etc. 

In Sirens, we experimented a lot, while having little to no room for mistakes (since we wouldn’t be able to fix our mistakes due to our tiny schedule & budget). Kind of risky, right ? But thanks to that, we ended up making a very unique episode within the show, and I think it’s a good thing. 

We could push Auriana’s boy crazyness (to the point it reminded me Usagi and Minako from Sailor Moon) while having her save the day and not be a hindrance. 

And we could prove to ourselves that, while Iris was to remain the main Princess, we could also have the main focus on another princess and it would still work. This lesson in particular would be very valuable for the rest of the show.

crunchbuttsteak  asked:

What are your top 10 favorite stores and restaurants that show up in the anime?

This is a cool question! It also makes me realise how much of an impact Sailor Moon has had on me that I immediately remember a lot of single-appearance places that stayed in my memory, haha.

I’m not going to mention the Hikawa Shrine (which is technically a store?), Osa-P, Crown Arcade, or the Crown Fruits Parlour, because I feel like it goes without saying that I (and many other SM fans) adore those locations. We see them all the time, we see the girls grow up in them, they’re #iconic. You can just assume that those four top my list.

Also I guess some of these aren’t technically stores, but I figure “an attraction that you have to pay to enter” counts?

Presented without any particular order:

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5/100 Days of Productivity

Busy afternoon planned! Going to film for my media internal with the other two amazing gals in my group, looking forward to it as afterwards will be staying the night at a friends flat! Plan on doing more filming tomorrow morning as well, but looking forward to having drinks and watching sailor moon on the couch tonight hehe!

RIP Chris Cornell - your voice will forever remind me of the soft days spent as a child on roadtrips and out on decks on summer nights.

Listening to - Doesn’t Remind Me (Audioslave) 


Some kind of AU (?) in which the former Queens of Mewni are invoked to help the new holder of the wand when a major catastrophe is approaching. They train her, give advise and support her to be the next Queen of Mewni and defeat the evil.

In the case of Queen Moon could be a bit confusing because her present self is still around, so in order to accomplish that mission her present body falls asleep and a past figure of herself is helping Star, if their mission ends satisfactorily she goes back to her present self body.

From left to right: Sailor Celena, Sailor Solaria, Sailor Eclipsa, Sailor Mewni, Sailor Butterfly  (if I called Queen Moon Sailor Moon it would be weird XD), and the other two former Queens don’t have an official name, so I called them Sailor Bunny (I imagine her name is Diana, like the greek goddess of moon, hunt and nature, but she  likes everyone to call her “Bunny” because of her cheeks); I decided to call the last one Dionysia…because she reminds me Dionysus, greek god of fertility, grape harvest, winemaking and wine and other stuff X,D  

Good Stuff: Han̈azüki, Full of Treasures

Warning: I was stoned off my ass posting this. If I go off the rails, please come down to my basement and bungle some cheetos into my trash hole. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Woo hah! Let me tell ‘bout this weird dream I had last night, man. There was a girl made of earth from a floating baby. Then this baby starts to give her small items because he can. As for the girl, dubbed Hanazuki, she has moodring powers that lighten up the special items depending on her mood, and grow trees of different shapes and colors and they protect the planet from black space jizz. Then she meets a diamond, a pothead pony, her tsundere twin, and tiny bunny rabbits and they all go on crazy adventures while the space jizz looms from beyond. Let’s see, Rue Beep Boop? “Yes, Major?” Can you look up that one scene from Rick and Morty? Should be in the database. “But of course, Major. Got it right her.

Yeah, that’s basically the G rated version of it. This sooooo reminds me of Friendship is Magic, Sailor Moon, Paprika, and especially Star vs the Forces of Evil put together. It’s colorful, down to earth, sweet, and more importantly: coherent. It has a very interesting story going on with Han̈azüki’s   newfound role, the tsundere rival, the stoner pony, the black space jizz, and the magic that binds them all. She’s in a fresh environment, doing things great at first and everything’s fine, and while her moodring powers and optimism can be sweet enough to stomp the shenanigans that come her way, there’s a shred of despair and doubt that not everything can be resolved so nicely. Hate throwing this word around, but Han̈azüki is pretty nuanced in plotting something big, even with it’s cuddly and close minion rip offs. Those rabbit things aren’t annoying or bad as minions, but they push it sometimes. Plus, Han̈azüki is voiced by Flame Princess, Lucy, and Lynn Loud put together, so there will be energy. Small victories.

Though I forgot they promoted meth in this show, too

This is a colorful and intriguing series, and I’m surprised Hasbro is behind this, weird I’ve seen no toys of this first. That, and Titmouse Inc, the group behind Superjail, a favorite adult cartoon. What is also surprising is that this is all on Youtube. You don’t have to pay, watch it on a tiny screen while a nobody reacts to it, watch a rip of it, go to kisscartoon, or Youtube Red’s useless ass. All 9 11 minute episodes, of a cartoon series, free, are on YOUTUBE. Sorry to repeat myself, but this is rare since only animated shorts, reviews, parodies, cats, let’s plays, and trailers are what make that site run and fund nowadays. I mean I’m gonna download this season to my flash drive, just in case, but I honestly say Han̈azüki’s worth giving a try. You may think I’m too mannish and old to watch this, and you’d be correct, but I took a chance with this drunk in the head. Now I’m sober, and I still find it’s nice as I remember.

If anything I think they were high putting this trailer together

The cuteness and ecstasy color palette might turn you off, the opening is the only eyesore I see, but it can hook you without having to tune your brain off or get buzzed. It has layers of suspense while still being bright on the sunny side, and that’s a trend in cartoons I’m behind 100%. I hope season 2 will be just as good. Also, I need to lay off the cannabis jokes and this good cannabis. Then again, better than any other drug out there.

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And with that, I wish you peace and a good day. Later.

anonymous asked:

How would Dva, Zarya, and Tracer react to their S/O having to do a Kamen Rider or Sailor Moon like transformation in order to fight with them?


“Wooooah! That was so cool!” D.Va drops everything and squeals from inside her meka.

Her s/o struck another pose after their glitter transformation, just showing off at this point.

“That was just like in Sailor Moon! I used to love that show when I was a kid! Ooh, do you think you could cosplay sometime?” she gushed.

“Uh, sure I guess?” they shrugged.

Hana would be in love with her s/o’s style of battle. It reminds her of all the sparkly kick-butt girl power vibes that Sailor Moon always gave her.


Aleksandra also drops everything, but instead stares at the display in total silence, her face completely void of emotion. She certainly hadn’t expected that to happen! A few seconds after her s/o’s transformation, she slowly starts to clap and nod.

“Impressive. I did not see that coming,” she chuckled.

“Did ya like it?” her partner asked excitedly.

“Yes!” she said quickly, “Just um…warn me next time…”


“Whoa there, love, don’t get any glitter in your eyes,” she laughs as her partner finishes their transformation, “Where’d ya learn to do that?”

“Practice,” they sang.

“I guess a lot of practice, huh?” she joked, “Where were you keeping all those sparkly effects anyway?”

“It’s a secret,” they giggled.

“Ok, ok,” she shrugged, “A magician’s secret, I guess. That was really something though, can you do that for every mission we do? It’d make them a lot less boring!”


SOOOO I heard about fellow Dragonball fans’ reactions to the now-infamous “episode 5” of Dragonball Super. It reminded me of what happened with the randomly screwed up faces in the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot series @_@

Inconsistent animation quality is pretty commonplace with a long-running series, so I think the characters should make the best of it!