this remembered me gumi from vocaloid

OdAT 4 -WiP-

This is related to this post from some weeks ago:

I’ve been reconstructing that Vocaloid song from those midi files, I don’t even remember which plugins the old version used but I feel this sounds better. You will be able to hear some gumi vocals around 3 measures before the end

As for the illustration, the cintiq has helped me a lot with it (the device has grown on me considerably ever since my past rant). I’m also working at very large resolution and putting a lot of effort in its rendering in order to start dabbling with prints

Feel free to leave any kind of feedback about about both. 

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anonymous asked:

im rin kagamine from vocaloid! im looking for kaito and my twin brother len. i would pull pranks w/ len alot (esp on kaito) and we'd sing alot too-- i remember singing meltdown and fear garden alot myself. kaito was like an older brother figure to me and id confide in him when i had problems. we also ate icecream together. us cryptonloids lived together ig and gakupo and gumi would visit us really often, almost daily. im pretty sure gumi was a trans girl!! im a minor, so please no 17+!