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A quick bughead rant

About antis and the effect they have in regards to the show.
I’ve been watching reviews and breakdowns of ep 5 and even reading them online and there definitely some antis in there who flat out refuse to acknowledge anything to do with bughead which (imo) is wrong.

The bughead relationship (be it friendship or otherwise) is so important to the plot and the show for many reasons.

Jugheads character (in his own words) is a conscientious objector which I took to mean that if it doesn’t have to do directly with him he stays out of it. He doesn’t want to get in anyone’s way.

Hes a loner who just wants to be by himself until Betty asks him to join her in the blue and gold.

The only reason we have as much jughead in the show is because of Betty.

Almost every scene he is in has something to do with her.

We get to see his character open up and most of the time it’s because of Betty.

His only other conversations with friends were with Archie and those times they were just quick conversations that ended up with one of them walking away from the other. Their friendship still seems a little strained.

With Betty, jughead stays and has in depth conversations. They open up to eachother. They do things together. They make plans and he’s more candid around her as opposed to anyone else when he puts his walls back up.

Whether you ship the romantically or not you cannot deny the impact that Betty cooper has on jughead. And you have to give her credit for it.


As you get older, you might start to find that things get harder. The world isn’t always a kind place. Especially for men like us. Take a look at the people on this mat. We are your community. When things get hard, we are gonna be the ones who hold each other up. As Randall’s father, you are his foundation. Come lie down, as if you’re gonna do a push-up. Randall, climb on your father’s back. 

Reblog if you are willing to write in-depth, significant, and valued FRIENDSHIPS.

There is so much focus on romantic/sexual relationships lately. Friendships are incredibly important for characters too, and deserve as much love and attention as romantic/sexual relationships.


“ My ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I reccieved my name and my life’s blood: Lorelai Gilmore. My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be… as she guided me through these incredible eighteen years I don’t know if she ever realized that person I most wanted to be was her. “


The first time Andrew kisses Neil he just kind of reads the situation and goes for it. But then he has a moment of panic where he feels like he took advantage of Neil being in a vulnerable state.

(“We are not doing this right now.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re a mess.”

“I’m always a mess.”)

It’s not until after that that he starts asking “yes or no” before engaging with Neil. My guess is that he talked to Betsy after that first kiss and she was the one who suggested that as a way for Andrew to give Neil more agency and assure Andrew that by asking he won’t be like his abusers and that trusting Neil to be able to say no is also important.


“It was the realisation of one of [Jane’s] dearest hopes to have Mary with her at court, and she kept her stepdaughter often in her company, walking with her hand in hand. Jane and Mary developed a deep and lasting friendship and Jane always ensured that Mary was treated with respect.” —  Elizabeth Norton “Jane Seymour, Henry VIII’s True Love”

Shout out to all my aces in relationships

Whether it be long-term, short-term, polyamorous, monogamous, and/or a qpp

You are valid <3

All my sapphic aces, you are valid

All my gay aces, you are valid

Aroaces? You’re valid

My straight aces? Hell yeah you’re valid

Trans aces, you are SO valid

NB aces of any sort are super valid

All those ace men, look at you, you’re valid

And my ace women, rock that validity

Aces whose relationships involve sex? Still ace, still valid

Aces whose relationships don’t involve sex? Valid

Aces whose relationships are romantic are valid and aces whose relationships aren’t romantic are valid

Sex repulsed or romance repulsed aces are valid and can have valid relationships

Engaged or married aces? Brilliantly valid

Never settling down aces? Guess what, you’re valid

And to all my aces out there who want any sort of relationship but aren’t in one, don’t despair. Your ace-ness is beautiful and good things will come to you

All of you in whatever type of relationship works for you, remember that your relationship is between you and your partner(s) and don’t let other people’s view of what a relationship should be come in between what is working for you

And to all my aces that don’t want a relationship and will never want a relationship, you’re valid too. Keep being you, and be you unapologetically. 

All aces are valid. And all of our ways of living and loving are valid too.

I’m so happy Gravity Falls didn’t end with the male lead kissing his love interest in front of the sunset like many other cartoons/movies. In fact the only end game romantic ships we have are SoosxMelody, BlubsxDurland, TambryxRobbie, and WaddlesxGompers and i think that’s beautiful .

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Eleven having strong positive female figures in her life is just as important as her relationship with mike. She’s going to need someone to teach her about periods and go bra shopping with. She’s going to need someone who will teach her how to shave and how to use makeup and what the right amount of perfume is. And i really really hope she finds that in Joyce and Karen and Nancy because it’s so so important


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Storylines for Robert other than “will he cheat?”:

  • Telling Victoria and Diane about Jack
  • The lost years
  • Coming out as bi to Diane and Vic
  • Addressing Rebecca/Aaron/the villages’ biphobia
  • Robert finding out that Vic’s having a baby/supporting her through her likely fertility issues
  • Robert and Liv improving their relationship/bonding
  • Wedding planning
  • Renovating the Mill
  • Robert getting jealous/insecure for once
  • Robert making friends
  • Robert starting his own mental health journey
  • Literally a million other things?
Emergency Dance Party

         Nursey walks into the Haus to a familiar, but still strange, occurrence. Loud music is being blasted from somewhere within the Haus, and typically, during kegsters or when Bitty is baking, this would make sense. But it’s six in the afternoon on a Tuesday and Bitty is visiting Jack in an impromptu I-need-cuddles-from-my-boyfriend trip. So there is, logically, no reason for incredibly loud music to be playing right now.

         Nursey follows the sound of Adam Levine’s voice singing about sugar up the first flight of stairs to the attic. He knocks several times, but the music is too loud, so he assumes that nothing obscene is happening behind the door. He really doesn’t think that Ransom would allow Holster to put on Maroon 5 when they fuck, so he hopes it’s safe (of course, that’s also assuming that they’re fucking, but like half of Nursey’s life is based on assumptions so).

         When he pushes open the door he finds a sight he never could have dreamed of. All the dirty laundry, discarded papers, and stray objects in the attic have been pushed to the outskirts of the room to create, what seems to be, a dance floor. And utilizing that floor is none other than Ransom and… Dex.

         A dance party has broken out in the Haus attic, including Ransom, the typical stressed out ecosystem who definitely has a test tomorrow, and Dex, resident poindexter. Like, literally. And not only that, but the playlist seems to consists of mostly fast-beat pop songs and angry teen music. He’s pretty sure he heard some Black Parade on when he first walked into the Haus. Now he’s drifting into thoughts of Dex wearing eyeliner and ripped black jeans and… what was happening?

         Oh yeah, freak event dance party.

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guys as much as i love zimbits and how totally whipped jack is for bitty, you gotta remember how important shitty is to jack, too

  • shitty has always been there. i see these posts all like “bitty is the only person jack can be himself around” and i just?? no?? 
  • jack and shitty met just a year after jack’s overdose. at that point in time, jack had no one. his parents loved him but there was still so much pressure. kent and him weren’t speaking. and now here he is, in this brand new place, knowing absolutely no one 
  • being mentally ill and alone is not a good combination, either. it’s easy to get lost in your head, to go right back to harmful behaviors or even to start new ones 
  • but then shitty came along. shitty, who was loud and funny and who everyone loved. who didn’t give two shits about what others had to say. who was as outwardly passionate as jack felt inside 
  • and i don’t know how they became friends exactly, but I bet they just gravitated towards each other naturally (or, more accurately, jack followed shitty around until he took pity on the guy and asked if he wanted to hang out sometime) 
  • jack isn’t good at making friends. he’s quiet and awkward and likes watching history documentaries more than going to parties. he’s got his moods, and he’s not exactly the friendliest person. 
  • but shitty doesn’t care. he sees jack for who he really is, sees how hard he’s trying to find his place again. he doesn’t care about his name, doesn’t care about his past or the scars it left.
  • and jack just. he can’t believe this. he can’t believe he’s found someone who is willing to love him, even though he thinks he’s too fucked up for anything like that again. 
  • they grow really, really close. shitty gets weirder, jack opens up more. jack learns to be more friendly with others, but even as he makes friends with the other boys on the team, it’s nothing like what he has with shitty. 
  • because shitty is his best friend. and jack is shitty’s. they’ve seen each other laugh and cry and stoned while being but-ass naked (well, that one is mainly shitty) 
  • they probably have like. so many inside jokes. there will be a pair of broken sunglasses on the counter and they’ll just look at each other and bust up laughing and everyone else is just like. u guys okay.
  • imagine how many bad nights shitty’s helped jack through. how many times he’s been the one to hold him after a game, after the media takes another hit at jack. how shitty will lay with him or offer him a joint or even just ramble on about who knows what until jack can think straight again 
  • and same with jack, too. jack’s probably indulged shitty and spooned with him when he cries about his family. told him it doesn’t matter, they’re obviously shit if they can’t treat shitty right. lets shitty yell and punch and just lose it when it gets to be too much. 
  • and oh god the platonic flirting!! jack probably has such bad body image from growing up as a not-very-pretty chubby kid with actual model parents
  • and shitty just totally annihilates any bad feelings, loudly claiming things like “jack zimmermann’s cheek bones could cut glass. seriously. i had to get 4 stitches last time i touched his face.” and jack never says it but he loves it so much okay 
  • and don’t even think for ONE second keeping his relationship with bitty from shitty isn’t killing jack inside. I bet he’s the first person they tell. Because Shitty is Jack’s better half, the person who’s been there for him through everything, and the fact that he can’t share this new wonderful thing with him is torture. 

tldr; platonic relationships are consistently overlooked and undervalued and shitty and jack have been in love long before bitty came along