this reckless age


Randall may look like a completely buttoned up member of the establishment, but we know he really is such a troublemaker.  I wouldn’t quite go as far as saying he wants to burn it all down – although that IS his lighter he’s spinning round and round as he listens to Bel and Lix.

Also, Malcolm totally wasn’t kidding when he said this

except he left out the part when he did it in both the past AND the future (you know ~timey-wimey~) and in terms of how old that would actually make Ollie at the time of Spinners and Losers I have only this to say:

which I feel very strongly explains everything…and NOTHING!

(Seriously though – and not to go too far off on an Ollie tangent on a Randall Monday – but I’ve always wanted to read a story about what would happen if  everyone found out Ollie was actually ten years older then they thought he was.)

no lies in this disguise

for @bodhirookweek - April 23rd: Free Day

Way back when I started this blog @deathbyspaceglam gave me an idea. Sniperpilot shippers, this is for you. (Also I’m sorry.) 

disclaimer: I actually despise drinking culture, but the novelization made me do this :P (tw for drinking) (I made sure not to take the sexualization-of-latino-characters route but if it did come off that way I am so sorry & would appreciate corrections) 

Word Count: 2.5k

there are no lies in this disguise;

there is no honesty in these truths;

I am not beside you, my love.

The viewport is suddenly filled with swirling orangey-gold atmosphere as the ship drops out of hyperspace. Bodhi can feel his heartbeat quicken at the sight.

Bamayar was every pilot’s favourite planet. At least, the ones that Bodhi knew. 

Each had their own reasons. The gas giant’s upper atmosphere was dotted with spaceports, casinos, bars, and the like. It was a lively hub of entertainment located at the intersection of several major transport routes. A haven for a travel-weary Imperial pilot – or pilot-in-training. 

But the prospect of winning a few extra credits wasn’t what caused Bodhi’s heart to thrum with excitement. His fingers sweep over the console, engaging the landing procedures, but his mind is already on the artificial surface.

“Fantasizing already?”

Bodhi looks up at his co-pilot, fellow Academy student, and best friend. “Shut up,” he says, angry tone failing to mask the touch of a smile on his lips.  

Sidhu hums, drumming his fingers on the side of his seat. “Alright,” he huffs, “Then don’t come running to me asking for pickup lines.”

“As if yours have ever worked.”

“As if yours have ever worked.”

Bodhi glares at him. “At least I’ve never been slapped.”

“Ouch,” Sidhu pouts, touching his cheek as if it still stung from his last endeavor. “That hurt.”

“Besides,” Bodhi continues, “He’s different.”

“Really?” Sidhu rests his chin on his palm and looks up at him. “How so?”

“This feels… real. Important. Not…” Bodhi sighs.

“Don’t get sappy on me.”

“I’m not!” Bodhi sits up, almost knocking over his now-cold cup of caf. “I’m not,” he repeats, quieter this time, catching the cup and setting it down. “But it’s true.”

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Kat’s 500 Follower Celebration Writing Challenge

Prompt: How dare you?

@cheerfulsammy requested: Eileen helping Sam practice his sign language maybe? For the prompts thing :)

I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to it! I twisted the prompt a bit, hope you don’t mind!

Summary: After hearing Eileen cry because of something Arya said, Sam has a small talk with his daughter. She ends up understanding that, sometimes, it’s okay to skip the truth. 

Wourd count: 2324 (wohoo!)

Pairing: Sam x Eileen (in the background)

Warnings: lots of flashbacks (kind of), a bit of angst, mostly fluff, dad!Sam, established relationship (Saileen), OFC (Arya- Sam and Eileen’s daughter), crying, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of bullying (kinda?)

Beta: @creepykatftw (thank you :))

A/N: Lots of first times in this one: first time writing Saileen, first time writing kids. I really like how this one turned out as I really like the idea of Sam settling down with Eileen. Hope you’re gonna like it! Sentences and words that were signed (not said) are in italics!

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag list! (Tags at the bottom of the post.) Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated.

“How dare you, Arya!” A loud shout snapped Sam out of his thoughts and he got up, closing the book which he was reading until then, trying to check where that shout came from.

He saw Eileen sitting on the floor in the library, in front of one of the bookcases, wiping the tears that were slowly running down her cheeks.

He crouched in front of her and took her face in his hands forcing her to look at him.

“What’s wrong? Tell me, love,” Sam asked, wiping away the tears with his thumbs. His wife took a deep breath, her chest heaving with every ragged breath she took.

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So long live us

pauliporcupine  asked:

Caskett 9

“You know, it’s okay to cry.”

“Stop looking at me like that.” He huffs, scowling at her. Kate laughs at his reflection in the mirror and finishes twisting her hair into a French knot. There are strands of grey streaked through it now, the wiry hair difficult to work with, but she won’t dye it. Castle thinks it’s sexy, tells her every chance he gets. And, well, her second baby is graduating high school today. There’s really no use trying to pretend.

Kate fastens the delicate strand of pearls - a fiftieth birthday gift from her children - at her neck and gives her makeup a last, cursory once over before she’s satisfied. Her husband is perched on the edge of the bed to watch her, his hair dashed through with salt and pepper now, but it hasn’t lessened his appeal whatsoever. She still hears the other women gaggling together to whisper about him at the parent-teacher conferences.

“Are you ready?”


“No, babe.” Kate turns away from the mirror and comes to stand between his legs, straightening his already perfect tie. “Are you ready?”

She remembers what he was like when it was Alexis, how he moped, and now that it’s his last she’s worried about how he’s going to take it.

“Beckett, really. I’m fine. It’s good to see her growing up. I’m happy.”

She hums, fingers curling at his neck and her thumb stroking along his jawline. “I know. But this is our last baby. Your last little girl.”

“Don’t remind me.” He huffs, falling forward until his face presses against her stomach. Even through the silk of her dress she can feel the warmth of his skin and she shivers, palms the back of his head. She daren’t rake her fingers through his carefully styled hair and risk adding another half hour before they can finally leave.

“Remember when we brought her home from the hospital? She was so quiet. Just watching.” Kate smiles to think of it, the squirmy little body that nuzzled against her chest, looking for warmth. The way her baby girl would stare wide eyed from her mother’s arms, watching the antics of her daddy and her brother almost from the day she was born.

The whole of her daughter’s life flicks past like ticker tape and Kate presses a hand to her mouth to choke back the sob of emotion. So many amazing memories, and yet it seems like only yesterday she was laying on the couch and calling their son to feel his baby sister kicking, laughing at the adorable burst of confusion across his face.

“You know, it’s okay to cry.” Castle says, standing up and sliding his arms around her shoulders in an embrace. She goes, keeping her face away so she doesn’t get makeup on his clothes, and her fingers slide underneath his jacket to clutch his waist.

She takes a shuddering breath, forces herself to get it together. Kate was never really a particularly emotional person, but their children have always been able to ruin her. “It’s going to be just us. It hasn’t ever been just us.”

It took Martha so long to find her apartment that their son was born before his grandmother moved out, so they never got the loft to themselves. She wouldn’t have it any other way, and she’s sort of terrified that the quiet will swallow them whole now.

“Hey.” Her husband says softly, pulling out of their hug to smooth his thumb over her bottom lip and then lean in, press a gentle kiss there. “They’ll be here at Christmas, and in the summer. And there’s still the dog.”

“Right.” She laughs, shaking her head at him. “The dog. Maybe I shouldn’t have retired.”

He sighs, scrubbing both hands over his face. “Kate, we talked about this.”

“I know, I know. You want me to be safe. I just…I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. This past year I’ve filled that time being a mom, but now both the kids are going to be gone, and then what? What do I do now?”

“Whatever you want.” He takes both her hands and brings them up to his chest. “We can see the world. We’ve got money, and time, and life in us yet. So let’s have an adventure, Beckett.”

unraisedmang00  asked:

❓- Did they ask a lot of questions when they were younger? Did they like to explore the world?

“Yes, and Yes! It is still true of Luna. She is excitable and eager and always has to know the reason for everything I tell her. As for exploring, I fear she is possibly even too reckless for her age. I always get concerned she’ll scrape a knee or fall, and well she does, but she doesn’t cry. She brushes herself off, sometimes she doesn’t even notice. And dear me, I need to keep an eye on her because she is so eager to make friends out of every moving thing that she’d likely walk right up to a Morbol if she saw one…”

Okay but this deleted scene.
I can just imagine Bucky hearing about this and then smacking Steve on his head and screaming “YOU WENT INTO BATTLE WITH ROBOTS AND U DIDNT WEAR A HELMET U LITTLE FUCKER!?” And then forcing him to always wear his goddamn helmet because Steven Rogers is a small child who is too damn reckless

letssweetsongpinkliciousworld  asked:

hi I am a big fan and I love your the show but what about derpy and doctor what about lovestruck derpy bedeviled derpy that comic the song the tributes at first this show was getting amazing but now I have nothing to say i love the show and i love you guys but i really really have to be honest tick tock and derpy is WORSE Ship sorry

1: Lovestruck Derpy is NOT THE SAME STORY

2: The comic is not Whooves and Assistant either

3: Shipping songs are also not related to the series

4: You’re welcome to ship Derpy/Doctor, you can find it all over the place. It has been provided to you on a silver platter pretty much anywhere you go, and you can still get it over on Lovestruck Derpy.

But that Derpy and Doctor are completely different characters with completely different personalities.

You’re blinding yourself with headcanon ship goggles and you’re only seeing ‘Derpy and Doctor’. Take that away and look at them as individual characters, individual people with their own personalities, and really observe how they would function in a relationship.

Note how DWnA Doctor is not, in fact, a pony. Nor has he implied much interest in them outside of unicorns. Note how he’s very willing to kill without a second thought. Note how he’s also willing to convince OTHERS to kill. Note how he disregards the feelings of others and how out of control he can get.

Note how Derpy is clearly uncomfortable whenever ponies try to pair her off with him, and how she insists she’s not looking for a relationship.

Are you saying the ship is bad because it doesn’t agree with your headcanon?

Because that is not fair at all to the writers or the characters. 

You’re not really observing how these characters work together, instead, you’re dead set on the fandoms insistence on making Doctor whooves and Derpy a couple and you’re not really considering the potential consequences to that, such as the Doctor’s age, recklessness, the possibility of him returning home, the possibility of him being married already, the possibility that maybe he’s not attracted to equines because he’s not an equine, the possibility that he may not even be interested in romance at all…

You’re not considering any of their feelings. Or ours.

Or anyone else who might want to see something different than what the fandom is constantly providing.

Again, you are welcome to ship them.

But don’t call other ships terrible just because they aren’t the same as what you’re used to.

If you’re looking to our series for ships, and that’s the ONLY reason you’re watching, and you’re willing to completely ignore and disregard all the other characters and adventures and stories because your favorite pairing in’t hooking up?

Well, then you might need to step away from the show.

Because we didn’t write it to be a romance.

We wrote it to be a Doctor Who adventure.

4/16 “We are the youth. The reckless, silly age. Burning things in our path and spilling feelings like they’re water. But I’d rather be stupid and free, than conform to everything you want me to be.”

The Reckless And The Brave (Acoustic and Original)
All Time Low
The Reckless And The Brave (Acoustic and Original)

The Reckless And The Brave - Original and Acoustic put together