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SO high school kinda really sucks BUT BUT BUT if you have a group of friends you should be fine. You're probably going to make friends on accident but those are the best, (I yelled "move I'm gay" in a hallway and someone went "Bitch me too" and now we're buds)

sounds nice, but if i did that i’d probably ruin my life lmao

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ok i should preface this by saying i'm a lesbian so this is purely on an aesthetic level but: you're really fucking right about puberty making a few dudes suddenly super attractive junior year like. i just started bein an junior and a portion of the guys i know suddenly got super hot out of nowhere it's ??? i mean the rest still look like very large middle schoolers but damn ig i'm just gonna wait until senior year to find out bc wow puberty is real apparently

how did they do it!!! you cant just look like a punching bag one year and a model the next!! dont do that to me!!!

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So, I really try not to be racist but sometimes (ok a lot of the time) I worry that I am racist. One example is plenty of my (white, we're all white) girlfriends are always like, worshipping Serena Williams and yasss queening her all the time. I always feel like they're kind of, i dunno, fetishizing/tokenizing her? How can I be less uptight and convince myself its really just because shes good at tennis?

It’s not “just because shes [sic] good at tennis,” and you should absolutely question people’s actions about shit like this.

Ok I am sorry this is going to sound incredibly bitter but I’m really curious… 

Why is it that every time theres a new good cartoon the fandoms start fighting each other to which show is better?

I’ve seen it with many shows before, the fandom setting rivalries between each other and doing posts like “X is better than Y and everyone liking Y can fuck off” or “X show is objectively better because I like it more” or “X show beats Y show in the ass y’all should stop liking Y and instead start enjoying X”.

Yes, there are shows that are objectively better than others, but setting rivalries like that is… sort of dumb?

Idk guess I never got into it that much.

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ok maybe it's just me but I saw someone say that the anniversary of the tianshan kiss is coming up and I hope it doesn't mean that people will actually be celebrating that. it's gross?? I love these boys but we should celebrate their first kiss when it's actually consensual (I'm all for that) and not the forced one he tian pushed on him that made him cry. it just feels really wrong imo. like please don't romanticize this, fandom. please.

I stand with you there; I don’t agree with celebrating the first, er, “kiss”. I haven’t seen this myself, however, so it might have been Chinese Valentine’s Day that you saw approaching instead (August 28th). I encourage celebrating that and creating artistic works of your favourite ship for that festival.

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Confession, I have bought clothes just because they have reminded me of dan or Phil. I've bought two jackets because it's reminded me of there's. I once bought a shirt because it reminded me of a shirt phil had... ok more than once. But still, I really like the clothes they wear, mostly phil because it's ether simple or interesting... and actually affordable.

wow that sounds super tough, i can’t relate though :/ maybe you should get help.

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I'm a first year teacher, and the new vs veteran thing you just posted really resonated with me. I have been really self loathing telling myself that I'm bad for being "disillusioned" for already moving towards the right side. I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel like it's ok to not kill myself to do everything.

Though I didn’t create it, I’m so glad that post helped you. If you haven’t done so already, you should download and print out my guide for first year teachers. (Click here!) Hang it somewhere you will look at it regularly because there are some really great reminders on there. I am constantly telling myself that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” even with a decade of teaching experience. Cut yourself some slack and try to enjoy the ride! 

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OK I don't know if you have ever watched TVD but your Sirius and Regulus are really reminding me of Stefan and Damon rn with the whole diary thing when Damon used to annoy Stefan with extracts from his diary XDDDDDDD

((OOC: It’s so funny you should mention that because that’s exactly what I have been thinking while writing the diary things aha!))

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Gina should have gotten a few more scenes imo because Bellamy is so important to the narrative, thus her affect on his state of mind is really relevant and fueled his siding with pike. But for me, when people say Clarke loved L or Finn, I'm like, "ok, granted." I saw more or both relationships. If she cares about Niylah, I claim there's not tons of development there. If bell felt strongly for Gina, why not? Sure. Ok. But they're in love with each other, not with any of those other people. --

Bellarke slowly started giving more and more of themselves to each other, and that’s what kept walls up between them and Finn, Gina, and L. It would be sad to be any of those other people in a relationship with bell or Clarke. It’s hard to come in second to someone’s dream partner or soulmate 2/2.

Why? Did we not get all that we needed? I did. And I don’t think their love story was actually all THAT important to the narrative. He didn’t lose it just because Gina died. That made it personal for the audience, but he didn’t need that. The retriggering of his trauma from the first MW massacre was enough. Him siding with Pike was not actually about Gina at all. It was about politics, it was about grounders, it was about being a victim, it was about being hunted and wanting to take power back. 

I think when people look at everything from the shipping perspective, you tend to want MORE of the romance, because that’s what you like. But this story is not really ABOUT the romances. We got enough of the Gina/Bellamy romance to sketch out the situation. Our imaginations can take over. It wasn’t that essential that we knew everything. Especially since Finn and L and Niylah and Gina were NOT central romances. We get confused sometimes because of the fandom shipping focus, but all of those romances were about CLARKE or BELLAMY’s development and plot, or RAVEN’s, for that matter. 

We don’t see more because it’s not about them. And I actually think there’s a bit in canon where Gina does kind of address how Bellamy is not all there with her and that his devotion WAS towards Clarke instead. He says he wants to be in Polis, and she says “but then you wouldn’t be here with me.” And that gets him to focus on her. Because she had a point and she was real. But she knew, didn’t she? Where the pull was? I didn’t like their relationship because of this. Because it was sad and Gina deserved someone who put her first. But, again, the story isn’t telling Gina and Bellamy’s story. She was there for his development. I’m not even going to say that’s bad. This is the was stories work. Minor characters are there to support major characters’ journeys. Not everyone can be the hero. 

In contrast, We see Clarke and Bellamy slowly develop as a partnership, friendship, romance, and they grow together. It IS a central romance. THE central romance, if you ask me. I’m not saying it as a shipper, but because the story being told is actually about their relationship and how that moves the plot forward. 

The show is about love, and how it affects people, but it’s not a romance show. It focuses on other things. HOWEVER, it is about bellarke. 

I don’t know what Bellarke is going to look like when they come back, but it’s going to be intense. Specifically. Bellarke. Their relationship. It’s going to be significant. 

Chapter 250 Thoughts

Ok so it’s time for my chapter 250 thoughts, and sadly my thought is BLAH. I guess I just wanted something more after a month off. I knew in my head it wouldn’t make sense logically for us to get anything other than what we received but I am still kinda disappointed. I want Ren/Kuon and Kyoko, and to know his reaction to the picture!

My other thought isn’t really about the chapter itself but peoples violent reactions to Kimiko. I mean, seriously, you would think she physically injured Kyoko then killed her puppy with the way people are reacting. All she did was bait her, which gives Kyoko exactly what she needs to nail the audition… if she can figure out what she is supposed to do…

I think that as long as Kyoko reacts to who ever is acting opposite her in character then she should be ok, but I am apprehensive about how this will go. This will make it a close call on who gets the part since Kimiko seems to know what she is supposed to do. I am hoping Kanae is her partner, but I don’t think we will get that lucky. 

My last thought is about Koga, he’s an interesting character. I think Kyoko will win him over with her acting, but I don’t see him as a competitor for her affections. I can see him maybe acting like he is interested in her to bait Ren, when/if he realizes Ren’s feelings. Also, his reaction to the ring Kimiko was wearing was a little strange. I feel like he went overboard with his appraisal of the ring, maybe to goad Kyoko on as well. 

ANNYYWAYYYY this is it for now. I might think of something later but for now, we wait
Night Will Come
Night Will Come, a song by John Sanders, Tim Minchin on Spotify

my friends, groundhog day: the musical is fast becoming a problem for me. i saw it recently because i got a free ticket but internally i was like “sure, ok, groundhog day: the musical. this is going to be terrible.” 

but it’s actually really wonderful and strangely deep and i can’t believe it’s closing september 17th so i guess this is just a psa to say that if you can you should go see groundhog day: the musical and if you can’t get to nyc please listen along with me so that we can suffer together  

so there’s this friend I have

I’ve been asking him to hang out a bunch lately, but he’s always busy or tired, and always says no. 
That’s fine, obviously. Not tryna force anyone to hang out with me.

But the last time i asked him, he tells me, “sorry i keep saying no I just need some solitude”, or “i need to be alone”. Again, totally OK with me.
But I call up my other friend and guess who she was hanging out with! 8) That’s right, my friend who desperately needs solitude

So. My feelings are pretty hurt, needless to say. I don’t know how to feel. Like I said, I can’t make people want to hang out with me. Nor should he be obligated… 
It’s just really hard when someone you considered close lies to you to avoid you. 

Should I talk to him about it? or leave him alone 4 everrrr

advice and insight welcome. 

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Josh completely deserves to have his face covered with a pile of crap however sometimes I feel like it gives him more attention. Using that as a cover up let's everyone know it's him where as just blurring him out would be like he's not even there. Which should be everyone's dream!!!

Interesting approach. I will do it for the next couple of posts and then ask Admin T to do a really tiny poll on what the followers prefer, ok? (Annie)

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please consider: nihlus and saren going on corny double dates with other couples. like really cheesy old people stuff, like bowling or card-playing tournaments or skybus tours. i thought about that this afternoon and i have to share with someone, and i thought you might like it


ok but it’s totally nihlus’s idea. saren just wants to say home and binge space netflix but nihlus is like “come on it’ll be fun” and “at least TRY it we don’t have to do it again if you don’t like it” and “you should spend time with other people”

and saren’s like “watching space netflix is fun too” and “i already don’t like it” and “but i don’t LIKE other people” but nihlus convinces him anyway

and they go out on a double date with one of their spectre friends and their respective love interest like probably out for brunch or something (my grandparents go out for brunch A Lot) and saren very grudgingly enjoys himself!!!! and they make plans to do it again in a few weeks and nihlus is all “see i told you” and saren’s all grumbly about it but is easily mollified with smooches

AND THEN IT BECOMES A MONTHLY THING and it’s not always with the same friend couple cause of everyone’s schedules there’s like five different couples they go out on double dates with regularly and saren is very cranky to admit he has fun but nihlus Knows and it’s cute ok ok

@eyeloy replied to your post: @eyeloy replied to your photo: Amen. I ship…

Hi, hey. Umm I don’t know how to start this… umm sorry for commenting on your post, it wasn’t my intention to insult you or your ship, I was just sharing, well, who I ship, my opinion, and it wasn’t my intention to made it sound like I thought that everyone should think the way I do nor ship the ship I ship for instance. So, I apologize for that. And actually I don’t usually comment or express my opinion because I’m always afraid of this kind of thing happening… so yup.

It’s ok. The post was not for that, nor was it asking for it, and I’m really tired of people shitting on my posts, especially this one. 

And I don’t use the annonymous option, that’s for cowards and I talk to people like I’m doing it right now. 

I’m sorry if any of the people looking through my blog did it, though. Don’t answer the message, flag it and it will block the person who send it blog’s, and their ID, they won’t be able to send anything to you again or have access to your blog.

@americans who are young: 20% is the correct amount to tip your server or delivery person

i say this (and repeat it a lot. probably too much. sorry.) because i know a lot of younger people who are just starting to go places on their own do not know how much they should tip, and i know this because i have heard this dilemma come up sometimes w/ tables of teens i’ve waited on, cause they just don’t know. 

i’m here 4 u teens of america: it’s 20%, unless ur waiter is an asshole (like not bad day asshole but Premium Asshole Asshole) or creepy, in which case it is 15%, dropping appropriately to 10% as their Assholery or Creepiness climbs.

just multiply what your bill is by two and drop the second digit. for example: i spend 15 bux, 15x2 = 30, drop the second digit and the appropriate 20% tip is 3 bux.  or u spent 48 bux, thats like 96, that’s p close to 100 so just tip 10 bux to be Cool. 

if you stay at the table for a long time, also compensate accordingly – servers usually have a limited number of tables that they are given responsibility for (so these five or six tables in the corner are my section, anyone who sits there is my table to take care of) and if you camp out for a long time that can cut into yr servers ability to Make doll4rs and/or Leave Work.

if you know that you’re gonna be catching up w/ an old friend for two hours, you can, honestly, just go “hey i’m planning on chatting w/ my friend for a while, but I know we’re taking up this table, and I’m going to tip extra for your time” and that’ll work out for everyone in the long run. people like to know you’re trying to be respectful of their time + effort. everyone is nice, everyone has a nice good time. 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….