this really just happend

    '' Tea Party ''
At a Concert

MC: So please say something about the other Members

Chanyeol: *grabs the Microfon* Well this is Baekhyun he is a really good singer and a beautiful Person, he can do a lot of things so IF ANYONE MAKING HIM CRY OR SAD I’LL MAKE YOU REGRET TO BE BORN! FUCK THE HATERS!

Mc: *Can’t believe what just happend* Well that was… impressive

Baekhyun: …That was really hot

Mc: I hate my Job!


“It was then when I ran into Isla fort he first time.”

“Isla?” The shrink went through his papers trying to remember the name and her relevance to the case.

“I doubt you’ll find her name back in there. She’s a friend, some sort of confidant. But we never talked in details about our issues. She’s just a good listener. That’s all. She doesn’t know about all the intrigues I was involved with.”

“I’ll have to give her name to my peers, just in case.”

Selene nodded. She didn’t wanna involve her friend in this. Even though Isla had nothing to fear as she didn’t know about any of this. It didn’t stop Selene from feeling a knot in her stomach.

“What happend next?”

“Nothing really important, Isla and her friend just asked for directions to the town hall.”




This was one of the most request character, and like 90% of the fandom I love her too.

For 1anon-kun and @irlseiko , there you have Seiko and Miaya being cuties (Also, as the request was done beforewas revelate that Miaya was an robot, I make like it was the real Miaya.)
For 2anon-kun the Soudam with a little Seiko gag included!
(Anon, sorry, really really sorry, idk what happend, i just read wrong your request and make this. Really sorry anon, REALLY SORRY! If you want another drawning, just ask and inmediatly i’m gonna do it. REALLY SORRY AGAIN!!!)
For @yuissamidare we have these 2 cuties! Just added that i pray for see Yui in DR3 mirai-hen or zetsubou-hen. She HAS to appear on some point!
And the last for 3anon-kun, SeikoxRuruka (in a better times and with cute clothes) and AoixSakura.

I hope you like it! Thanks for the request!!

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Can I request a hc of the RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC's dream being to become a good digital artist, tending to overwork herself because of it, and having pretty frequent breakdowns because she feels like she will never be good enough? Tysm!💖


  • Yoosung never really cared for art until he saw your art
  • He doesn’t know why you don’t see it like he does
  • He knows how long she sits there, just working to get one piece finished
  • Compared to you, his LOLOL sessions don’t seem nearly as intense
  • But when he notices your breakdowns…
  • He starts to make sure you take regular breaks away from the computer
  • And each time he’ll check what you’re working on, and make comments about it, things like “I like the line work on this one” or “This shading looks intense!”
  • He’ll try copying your work, just to show you afterwards, making you laugh.


  • Jaehee is huge into aesthetic
  • Especially Zen’s face
  • But your art was on a completely different level
  • She actually framed a few of your pieces, and hung them around her apartment
  • When she first found out about your breakdowns the first thing she did was take you away from the computer
  • The last few times she had been over, you had been glued to the screen
  • After that, she held you close, whispering sweet nothings to you, rubbing your back in a comforting way
  • Afterwards she took you on a walk, buying you chocolate ice cream and such
  • The next few times she had you go to her place, so you could see your own work hanging on her walls, like it should be


  • Zen is your muse
  • When you draw figures, you use him for reference, he willingly poses for you
  • He loves doing it because he knows he has your full attention, for the most part…
  • When he first finds out about your breakdown, you’re sitting in your chair, laptop on the floor, in tears muttering things about how you’ll never be good enough
  • He immediately carried you out of the room, set you on a couch and started singing to you, while playing with your hair
  • Doing whatever he could to calm you down
  • Whenever he notices you getting upset, frustrated, or depressed over a piece he takes you on a walk
  • Pointing out references that he notices, like certain people’s hair, or the structure of certain buildings


  • Jumin buys you the best programs to work with
  • Elizabeth the 3rd likes to sit in your lap, and watch you while you work
  • Jumin often feels neglected by both of his loves, one taken by a computer, for days on end. The other in the arms of another.
  • He pouts once in a while, calling you to join him on the couch, or for dinner
  • He does love your art, especially the one piece you did of Elizabeth
  • But when he first sees you breakdown he’s so confused
  • As far as he could tell, nothing built up to it, it just… Happend?
  • He’s not really good with dealing with his e motions, let alone others
  • He awkwardly pulls you into a hug, and brings you to bed, so you can rest for a while after the breakdown is done with
  • When you wake up, he has water, and food ready for you


  • You and Seven are just two people living in the same house, you barely spend time away from your computers
  • The thing is, Seven doesn’t breakdown nearly as often as you do
  • However: he has similar insecurities, so when he finds you mid-breakdown one day, crying about how you’ll never be good enough
  • He pulls you into a tight hug
  • Both of you end up on the floor crying, telling each other your depressing thoughts
  • Self-depreciating lovers at their finest
  • By the end of it though, you both feel much better
  • You two actually schedule breaks through tout the week, where you let go of everything and just relax


  • V loves art too
  • Remember he was a photographer
  • He knows a few things about the programs you use
  • Having used them to edit his photographs
  • Even though he can’t see your work, he’s sure that he would love it, often having you describe them to him
  • And when you have troubles with a program that he knows, he’ll walk you through how to solve it
  • He first hears your breakdown when he comes to check on you
  • He brings you out of the room, and places you in his lap, having you tell him everything
  • He’s one of the best listeners, and gives the best advice and morale support that you need
  • Whenever you break down he’s immediately by your side, to help you through it


  • This boy admires your art
  • It helps him understand you better
  • He’s extremely well with reading people, he’s just not great at adjusting to them
  • But your art is intriguing to him
  • How can someone transfer emotions into pictures like that
  • He can also notice the slightest changes in your art
  • Like when you start to feel frustrated
  • When he notices these changes become more frequent in your pieces he confronts you about it
  • And you breakdown
  • Telling him about your frequent breakdowns and such
  • And he just holds you, silently listening
  • It’s comforting

Hey guys! I’m not dead, Sorry i haven’t been posting, every time I tried to type a post, midway my laptop would delete it all…. =,=||| It drained all of my motivation;;; Also sorry it took forever to get this up, hope you like it anon!

Admin Lilac is out!~

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I had this idea, when I was writing with just an amazing person. (Like damn, she’s so beautiful - her body as well as her mind…oh god, she’s also so sweet *-*). Anyways, I guess this is going to be a bit longer series :3 I hope you enjoy!

Summary - You’re a pretty nerdy girl, loving to surf through tumblr after work and you randomly find this blog, that catches you attention.

Words - 814

Warnings - spoilers about movies and series but seriously…that shouldn’t be a spoiler to you anymore

A/N: Not my gif - didn’t know what gif to use and I guess that was the best thing for this situation xD

After a long day of work, you love to surf through the internet, especially through Tumblr. In the end nothing really has changed since you were on high school. You didn’t have a growth spurt like everyone told you, you still wore the same style of clothing that was quite boring and nerdy, didn’t change your haircut like you actually always wanted to and didn’t stop fangirling about your favorite pairings on your favorite shows you always binge watched on Netflix on your days off. But this time nothing really interesting was going on…so you decided to look for some different things. And you just happend to find yourself reading a really funny text post of someone freaking out about the ending of The Fault in our stars. This person seemed really furious about the ending and how a author could be this cruel. You ended up on clicking on the blog and scrolling through the hilarious posts, how this person is freaking out about all different sorts of books and movies. When you saw the comment about, why someone would start with the 4th movie of a series and make the 5th and 6th one before filming the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, made you curl up in your couch, bursting into laughter. And the reaction that Darth Vader is Luke’s father and that Anakin actually is Darth Vader doesn’t really help you. You end up reading all most of the comments until you’re already one hour late going to bed.

The next days you keep reading the comments you didn’t read yet and are excited to read the most recent ones. After a week of training your muscles from all the laughter, you see that there’s a new post that you immediately read.

Can someone please tell me, if they cried watching the scene of Lion King where Mufasa dies and Simba calls for help but no ones shows up, just Scar telling him it’s his fault and that he should run far, far away. My “friends” are making fun of me and I want to prove them, that I’m not the only one.

You chuckle a bit and comment on it.

Hey, there! I actually still cry whenever I rewatch it. Was it your first time watching this Disney classic? Btw, I’m really enjoying your blog. You have an interesting taste.

You wait a bit, but soon enough you get an answer.

Oh my god, thank you! It actually was. I didn’t see a lot of movies and my friends want me to catch up the classic movies and books of today.

You smile reading the answer and immediately write back.

Did you like it? I mean The Lion King. It’s my favorite disney movie of them all actually, even though the music of The Lion King 2 is really nice too. Oh, and if your friends get out of ideas, you can ask me as well. I actually really like reading your reaction to all the movies. It’s hilarious.

Soon after the answer follows.

Wait, there’s a sequel to The Lion King? Okay, I know what I’m watching next. That’s really nice of you as well. Maybe you have better recommendations than my stupid friends. And about that last part…was that a compliment or did you just insult me.

You can’t keep yourself from laughing reading the last line. You see the comments underneath the post getting a bit too long, so you decide to start a chat.


Hey! Aren’t you the one, that just insulted me?

You giggle to yourself.

Might be. I hope you’re not mad at me. I never saw someone with this passion, writing about books and movies.

I count that as a compliment. What’s your name by the way?

Oh, I’m Y/N and you?

I’m James.

You’re a guy?!

Yeah, did you think I am a girl?

Sorry, but you cried at the Lion King and complained about John not admitting to have feelings for Sherlock. The most people who ship this, are girls or guys, who are gay.

Well, sorry. But I’m definetly not gay. I mean it’s obvious that somethings going on between these two. Even if I was blind and deaf, I would notice that. Also what’s a ship?

Are you serious?

You then explained the main stuff every fan has to know, like what shipping is and what’s canon and you two complained about some other ships in different series and movies on how they should definetly together by now.

It was quite refreshing to talk to someone who shared the same opinion with you, but also had a whole different point of view on some things.

The next days you two talked a lot. About fan theories and discussed your opinions about some movies. You really started to look forward to get home and chat with James the whole night.

Want a second part? Let me know! Also if you have a request for a Bucky fanfiction! Requests are still open! :) Click here for requests!

TAG LIST: @your-average-mother-lover @dontfuckwithkezolas @learisa

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How to Know

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: mention of sex not rlly tho

Prompt: hey! Can you do a Drabble where the reader is a new edition the avengers(she’s the team manager) and she likes Bucky but she doesn’t know that he likes her? Thanks so much!! Get it done whenever you can:)

Notes: Hey guys here’s a little request that someone send me it so thanks for that. MY CO-OWNER NEEDS YALL TO SEND HER REQUEST (if u read supernatural or doctor who that’s her speciality but she’s also willing to do marvel). Other then that here’s the request hope u enjoy and have a great and safe day. (Ps I’ll Add gifs later)

Persona: female (I tried to make it for both genders as possible sorry.)

Keep reading

{Requested by anon :3}

It was just an ordinairy day at work. A lot of stress was upon you and you have been feeling nothing but for days now. There would be times where your breathing was a little off, but of course you didnt think nothing of it.
Your boyfriend Andy would worry about you but you swore to him that it was nothing. Still, he has been really concerned.
“(Y/N)! can you please stop daydreaming and get back to work!”
Yelled your manager. You worked as a waitress at a diner, the place was very full tonight, which added even more headaches to you. “Sorry..” was the only word you muttered and continued your work.

Later that night you came home to Andy. It was very late, and you were supposed to be dismissed at an earlier time. “Babe!” He yelled relieved and grabbed you pulling you close and holding you in his arms. “Ow…” you cooed. “Why are you home so late? Where have you been? Are you okay?”
“Andy please calm down Im fucking manager made me stay longer to clean the tables.”
He sighed of frustration and leaned away from you. “And you havent let me kick his ass yet why?”
“Because then I would lose my job.”
Andy sighed once more, “Baby I really wish you wouldnt work so hard, its really affecting you.”
“I dont really have a choice Andy..” you suddenly trailed off and tried to catch your breath a little.
He became very worried instantely.
“(Y/N)?…(Y/N)? You good?”

Your breathing went back to normal as you placed your hand on your chest.
“Yeah…now I am…”
“You still expect me to think that its nothing?”
You shook your head and walked away.
“I really dont think its anything serious.” You tell him.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me (Y/N)!! We need to take you to the hospital or something!”
“Because I lose my breath for a moment?! Thats normal!!”
Andy ran his fingers through his hair. “Not when it happens all the dam time!” He yelled. Your head was starting to pound badly, when Andy yelled his voice was like a lion’s roar, it was so loud. And right at this moment, your anger was building up and your body was responding very well to it.

“Please get off my fucking back!! Its bad enough my manager and all these customers are bitches!! I know whats wrong with me and I know what isnt wrong with me!! Just stop yelling!! Stop fucking screaming!! Just…” there was no way of finishing your sentence. The veins in your wrists began to become tighter and tighter. Your hands became numb the room started spinning like crazy, almost felt like you were on a fast ride in an amusement park.
You tried your hardest to breathe, but your soul almost felt like it was leaving your body, you were having a panic attack.
“(Y/N)!!” You heard Andy shout but you couldnt respond. You were too busy trying to breathe. Immediately your boyfriend took action and grabbed you before you hit the floor. Good thing he had been through situations like this before, so he knew exaclty what to do. He tried to remain calm and cuffed your face.
“Baby look at me, dont look away keep your eyes on me.” He ordered.

Even though you were going crazy you kept your eyes on him. “Okay breathe with me, do what I do.” He says taking deep breaths.
At first you couldnt control it but little by little you managed to breathe slower and open up your numb and tight veins. Andy even managed give you the kiss of life, giving you some of his air.
“There you go…” he mumbled when he saw that you were getting back to normal. “Youre good baby..youre okay.”
“Oh my gosh…” you gasped.
“Shhh, its okay youre fine now.” He helped you up and walked you to the bedroom. He gently sat you down, you tried to get back up but he didnt let you, Andy really wanted you to rest.
He positioned himself on the bed, “Come here beautiful.” He says and pulls you to him. You were laying on your back on him, he kept giving you pecks on your head and moving your hair away from your face.

“Im sorry…” he whispered, resting his head on yours. You even felt a tear wet your hair. You mingled your hand with his and rubbed it. Letting him know that he had nothing to worry about. But he really did get terrified because of what just happend.
“Its okay…” you weakly whispered back.
“Shhh, go to sleep honey, you need sleep.”
“Promise you wont leave me?”
He shook his head and hugged you tighter. “Im not going anywhere..” he assured you. A weak smile formed across your face, “Andy?….”
“Yes sweetheart?…”
You interwined your fingers with his and held his hand tightly.
“Thank you for saving me…if you werent there I dont know what wouldve happend…”
“Its over now..dont think about it…and I will always be there to catch you when you fall (Y/N)…now get some sleep..” he gently says to you.
Slowly your eye lids became very heavy and closed. Now you fell deep asleep with an adorable smile on your face.
Happy to be in the arms of your hero.

(Now thats love :,))