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RTX2017 RWBY panel summary

I watched the stream on Twitch and will only post information that were meant to be on the stream. Spoilers for volume 4. 

  • Pumpkin Pete’s cereal is happening, along with a bunch of other merch 
  • Volume 5 premieres on October 14th 
  • We will get three character shorts before volume 5 airs. They showed the one for Weiss on the stream and it will be out in about a week for everyone to see. Also not all character shorts will be combat focussed. 
  • Monty’s brother showed up cosplaying Ironwood, he brought Haloid and Dead Fantasy posters he had found on an old harddrive from Monty and gifted them to the animation departmet. 
  • Someone was asking about Tyrian calling Ruby a bitch or adding curse words in general because they said they wouldn’t do that on a panel a couple of years ago. They said they wanted to be specific about who uses them and why, also the show is growing up. In that scene it just fit the character and situation, so they decided to do it there and then, but they don’t want to throw it in just to throw it in and some words will probably never be said on the show.
  • There will be RWBY at NYCC.
  • Someone asked how Jaune got Pyrrha’s weapons after the fall of Beacon. That probably won’t be covered on the show, but Kerry said he imagines Qrow picking it up when he got Ruby. Miles mentioned something about spare pieces of armour because Pyrrha probably owned more than one. 
  • Someone asked about whether or not Remnant has more than one language. Kerry said just the proper way to speak German (so I fully support people throwing German into fanfictions), but on a more serious note they said yes probably and it would be fun to explore that, but they probably won’t have the time to cover it. 
  • Vic records all his lines home alone in LA. 
  • Ruby’s dream in volume 4 was really just about Ruby trying to cope with what happend and also an effect of her overhearing Pyrrha’s voice every night while Jaune is training. 
  • There might be some exciting news leaking along EVO.
  • Also they announced a new RT animated show coming up soon (but definitely not this year) named gen:lock, something SciFi with robots, I’m excited.

That’s not everything that has happened, but I tried to focus on the stuff that would be most interesting to me. 

    '' Tea Party ''

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At a Concert

MC: So please say something about the other Members

Chanyeol: *grabs the Microfon* Well this is Baekhyun he is a really good singer and a beautiful Person, he can do a lot of things so IF ANYONE MAKING HIM CRY OR SAD I’LL MAKE YOU REGRET TO BE BORN! FUCK THE HATERS!

Mc: *Can’t believe what just happend* Well that was… impressive

Baekhyun: …That was really hot

Mc: I hate my Job!

so mercy was a good person who may have done bad things for good reasons , but blizzard was like “uhhhhhh no she’s PERFECT ANGEL WITH NO CHARACTER DEPTH SHES JUST GOOD OKAY” *shoves half the lore into a pit and throws new evil doctor at us*

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Hello! Could I possibly request some sfw and nsfw headcannons for a poly relationship with Keith, Lance, and their S/O?? Thank you, and I absolutely love your blog, btw!!!

uuhm yes hello is this the ER? … why am i calling?? becasue ive finally considered a Klance x me ship and it has broken me sufficiently please i need assistance yes thank y ou



  • the day it became official, Lance would not shut up about it, and Keith was such a blushy mess, and would sneakily try and hold hands with you  a lot, and You get Lance to be quiet but pulling him into a group hug. Keith is just so happy and Lance is just so happy too and they both express it in opposite ways. 
  • Lance likes to set up dates every weekend, sometimes theyre a surprise sometimes theyre not, but all of them are unique and special and intricate and just so lovely. usually end in cuddling in bed together reminiscing about stupid jokes that were mad or cool things youve seen.
  • In return for Lance’s great date planning, you and Keith band together to treat him to the best day or relaxation and company ever. you’ll give him foot rubs and share a bath mabey and let Lance give you both face masks to try liek he’s always wanted. probably paint each others nails because its what Lance wants to do and so it happens because it’s Lance’s special date day. 
  • If anyone doubts the relationship theres this group empathy/telepathy thing that kicks in and you all get so defensive of the others’ honour and even more in love than be fore its beautiful honestly. 
  • Lots of casual hand holding and stupid inside jokes. still the same petty arguments and sometimes you have insult war’s but its all out of love 


  • The first time you all got sexual together it was a mess. not the good mess either. a lot of pauses and confusion and worrying that everyone was satisfied and getting an equal share and that it was all good and stuff. it took a while to get a good system. 
  • early on it was discussed that everyone would feel most comfortable if sex with involving all three, but it was also explicitly understood that there would eb no grudges held if something happend between just two of you. Trust is really important, and jealousy is understandable. it only took a few weeks for it all to get settled in with no more worry.

  • Youve probably had sex in the dining hall more than in the bedroom tbh. There’s just something about the rush of possibly getting caught or being heard that really strikes the three of you, and the first time, Coran actually did find out pretty easily thanks to Lance’s inability to be quiet;;; didnt stop you tho. 

me: *tells people times that girls were nice to me and really trusting to the point that often they were being sexual and even sending nudes (and i dont mind bc i lov my friends)*

them: they were probably hitting on you

me: OH

This is gonna be a pain to edit

Request by @writingevil sorry it took soo long but here it is!

Summary: Ethan and Tyler recording a video together with LOTS of fluff and cute Tythan


“Tylerrr, ” Ethan whined as his boyfriend carried him to the couch

“What? I thought you liked cuddles.” Tyler said confused at the smaller man’s protests

“I do,” Ethan huffed “but I have to record”

Tyler sighed. He missed his boyfriend, Ethan had been working alot lately and they hardly got any time together anymore. Besides, Ethan was getting stressed and needed to take a break for everyone’s good. If Tyler didn’t step it earlier at the office Mark would have had 2 black eyes.

“Why don’t I record with you? Like a challenge video or something?” Tyler suggested

“Tyler, my fans don’t know about us.”

“I know, we can do a roommate tag or something. They won’t know anything! Please Ethan, I miss you.” Tyler begged

Normally Ethan would put up a fight but recently he hadn’t been spending much time with Tyler and he did feel bad. He also missed Tyler. Ethan looked Tyler in the eyes and instantly regretted it, Tyler had no his strongest puppy dog eyes and Ethan was powerless.

Ethan agreed, it could be alot of fun! Right?

~~~ TIME SKIP ~~~

“WHAT IS UP MY CRAZY BOIS!” Tyler yelled the second Ethan hit record

“NOooo000ooOo00oooo” Ethan cried before exploding with laughter

After Ethan regained his composure he began “what is up my cranky crew! It’s Ethan from crankgameplays and today, I am here with my amazing boy- roommate!!! Shit!”

Tyler and Ethan both started to laugh at what was almost said. They tried recording the opening again. Then again. After 26 trys they finally managed an opening that didn’t out them.

“FINALLY! Okay, so we’re going to be doing a roommate tag! It’s like a whose more likely to thing!” Ethan exsplaned happily

“Okay first question, whose more likely to steal the others clothing?” As soon as Tyler finished reading they both pointed to Ethan

“I can’t help it! They smell like you and I miss you when you go out and, we should really do that…” Ethan said realising what he had just said

This happend with almost every question asked. From saying Ethan’s bed was only good to sleep in if Ethan was also there, to Ethan saying they broke there coffee table one time when Tyler kissed him so hard he fell over.

“Okay, welp, we’re done. Goodbye guys!” Ethan ended after they finally got enough non outing footage to make a decent video.

Ethan looked up at his boyfriend who had a smug smile on his face.

“This is gonna be a bitch to edit” Ethan said giving a fake pout

Tyler smiled and pulled the younger man into his lap “awww, I’m sorry, do you forgive me?”

“ I think you’re gonna have to make it up to me,” Ethan smiled evily “why don’t we go out to eat?”

“I assume I’m paying and you want to go somewhere nice, and expensive?” Tyler asked already knowing the answer

“Yep!” Ethan giggled before running off and having his boyfriend chase him.

It may be a pain to edit, but it was worth it to spend time with his amazing boyfriend.


This is a little shorter than I wanted it to be but I couldn’t really think of what else to add. If anyone has any head canons or ideas fell free to message me or send me an ask!

Thank you for reading



“It was then when I ran into Isla fort he first time.”

“Isla?” The shrink went through his papers trying to remember the name and her relevance to the case.

“I doubt you’ll find her name back in there. She’s a friend, some sort of confidant. But we never talked in details about our issues. She’s just a good listener. That’s all. She doesn’t know about all the intrigues I was involved with.”

“I’ll have to give her name to my peers, just in case.”

Selene nodded. She didn’t wanna involve her friend in this. Even though Isla had nothing to fear as she didn’t know about any of this. It didn’t stop Selene from feeling a knot in her stomach.

“What happend next?”

“Nothing really important, Isla and her friend just asked for directions to the town hall.”




This was one of the most request character, and like 90% of the fandom I love her too.

For 1anon-kun and @irlseiko , there you have Seiko and Miaya being cuties (Also, as the request was done beforewas revelate that Miaya was an robot, I make like it was the real Miaya.)
For 2anon-kun the Soudam with a little Seiko gag included!
(Anon, sorry, really really sorry, idk what happend, i just read wrong your request and make this. Really sorry anon, REALLY SORRY! If you want another drawning, just ask and inmediatly i’m gonna do it. REALLY SORRY AGAIN!!!)
For @yuissamidare we have these 2 cuties! Just added that i pray for see Yui in DR3 mirai-hen or zetsubou-hen. She HAS to appear on some point!
And the last for 3anon-kun, SeikoxRuruka (in a better times and with cute clothes) and AoixSakura.

I hope you like it! Thanks for the request!!

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I truly wish 'abelena' never happened. Homegirl tried and his ass is all about business tbh . Selena traveled and paid for his bday how did she not try in the relationship?? hate when his fans come for her about that. But in the end, it wasn't who she really wanted.

Abelena happend fr a reason… just like everything else does

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AU Where the grim reapers are demons and the demons are grim reapers? How do you think their perdonalities would change?

I would say the one who be the most effected by this change would be Grell:

She would be no where close to how she is as a grim reaper. She would not like having contracts, and when she did they would be short. Enless for some reason she falls in love, then she’ll be clingy and devoted. But this is very unlikely to happen.

Ronald: He would be kinda like Grell, he would be in the contracting business for the fun of eating souls tbh. He’ll always be on earth, rarely shows his true form and doesn’t like hell.

William: I imagine him to be like Claude. He doesn’t show many emotions to people if he doesn’t think they are worthy of him like for instance the person he had a contract with. Or his S/o. He’d be one of the people who dont have many contracts but when he does, they lady that persons entire life. He’s in it for the long run.

Sebastian: I feel like his weapon would be something small or thin like a katana/sword. Like Grell has her chainsaw, only not a chainsaw. He’d be the most valued one. He’d be put out with a list to reap once a day. He’d be his bosses favourite.

Claude: He’d be the boss, he only comes to the reaping site if it’s absolutely necessary. And he wouldn’t be happy, he’ll burst in and after words punish who ever is his worker who just happend to fail. ;) No really though, he’d be brutal and might even fire you depending on who you are to him.

Hannah: She would also be a prized worker, because she would listen to whatever her boss said. It’d be just like when she was a maid.

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Can I request a hc of the RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC's dream being to become a good digital artist, tending to overwork herself because of it, and having pretty frequent breakdowns because she feels like she will never be good enough? Tysm!💖


  • Yoosung never really cared for art until he saw your art
  • He doesn’t know why you don’t see it like he does
  • He knows how long she sits there, just working to get one piece finished
  • Compared to you, his LOLOL sessions don’t seem nearly as intense
  • But when he notices your breakdowns…
  • He starts to make sure you take regular breaks away from the computer
  • And each time he’ll check what you’re working on, and make comments about it, things like “I like the line work on this one” or “This shading looks intense!”
  • He’ll try copying your work, just to show you afterwards, making you laugh.


  • Jaehee is huge into aesthetic
  • Especially Zen’s face
  • But your art was on a completely different level
  • She actually framed a few of your pieces, and hung them around her apartment
  • When she first found out about your breakdowns the first thing she did was take you away from the computer
  • The last few times she had been over, you had been glued to the screen
  • After that, she held you close, whispering sweet nothings to you, rubbing your back in a comforting way
  • Afterwards she took you on a walk, buying you chocolate ice cream and such
  • The next few times she had you go to her place, so you could see your own work hanging on her walls, like it should be


  • Zen is your muse
  • When you draw figures, you use him for reference, he willingly poses for you
  • He loves doing it because he knows he has your full attention, for the most part…
  • When he first finds out about your breakdown, you’re sitting in your chair, laptop on the floor, in tears muttering things about how you’ll never be good enough
  • He immediately carried you out of the room, set you on a couch and started singing to you, while playing with your hair
  • Doing whatever he could to calm you down
  • Whenever he notices you getting upset, frustrated, or depressed over a piece he takes you on a walk
  • Pointing out references that he notices, like certain people’s hair, or the structure of certain buildings


  • Jumin buys you the best programs to work with
  • Elizabeth the 3rd likes to sit in your lap, and watch you while you work
  • Jumin often feels neglected by both of his loves, one taken by a computer, for days on end. The other in the arms of another.
  • He pouts once in a while, calling you to join him on the couch, or for dinner
  • He does love your art, especially the one piece you did of Elizabeth
  • But when he first sees you breakdown he’s so confused
  • As far as he could tell, nothing built up to it, it just… Happend?
  • He’s not really good with dealing with his e motions, let alone others
  • He awkwardly pulls you into a hug, and brings you to bed, so you can rest for a while after the breakdown is done with
  • When you wake up, he has water, and food ready for you


  • You and Seven are just two people living in the same house, you barely spend time away from your computers
  • The thing is, Seven doesn’t breakdown nearly as often as you do
  • However: he has similar insecurities, so when he finds you mid-breakdown one day, crying about how you’ll never be good enough
  • He pulls you into a tight hug
  • Both of you end up on the floor crying, telling each other your depressing thoughts
  • Self-depreciating lovers at their finest
  • By the end of it though, you both feel much better
  • You two actually schedule breaks through tout the week, where you let go of everything and just relax


  • V loves art too
  • Remember he was a photographer
  • He knows a few things about the programs you use
  • Having used them to edit his photographs
  • Even though he can’t see your work, he’s sure that he would love it, often having you describe them to him
  • And when you have troubles with a program that he knows, he’ll walk you through how to solve it
  • He first hears your breakdown when he comes to check on you
  • He brings you out of the room, and places you in his lap, having you tell him everything
  • He’s one of the best listeners, and gives the best advice and morale support that you need
  • Whenever you break down he’s immediately by your side, to help you through it


  • This boy admires your art
  • It helps him understand you better
  • He’s extremely well with reading people, he’s just not great at adjusting to them
  • But your art is intriguing to him
  • How can someone transfer emotions into pictures like that
  • He can also notice the slightest changes in your art
  • Like when you start to feel frustrated
  • When he notices these changes become more frequent in your pieces he confronts you about it
  • And you breakdown
  • Telling him about your frequent breakdowns and such
  • And he just holds you, silently listening
  • It’s comforting

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