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did you hear about jese and these pregnancys? i can't believe what a motherfucker he is... and did you know that fatima was pregnant also??? what do you think about this and about him?

I heard about it, I have read this article both in english and spanish and I’m shocked and terrified with this what happend. The fact that Jese, who is 24 years old now (!!) could have (almost, counting Aurah’s pregnancy) 5 children already, with 3 other women is just unbelievable and I really can’t understand how it happend. They are adults, they perfectly know how the contraception works or at least how to avoide the pregnancy. For me, it only shows the irresponsibility and immaturity of them all. I mean, spontaneous sex + no protection, complicated situation between them (Melody and Jese), the relation with Fatima. Then two pregnancies at once, two abortions - one voluntary, because Fatima was abandoned and left with nothing. I can’t imagine how it happend that after all those situations, after all those years Melody made it once again and had sex with him and again got pregnant. That tops it all, it’s absolute thoughtlessness. 

But I’m trying to understand Melody, as she said she was incredibly in love with him and he had never let her go, because anytime she tried to do something he came back with sweet promises and hopes. I guess her feelings have never gone away and, what’s more, everytime he was coming back, she thought he has changed and maybe this time she would create a family for Jese Junior. He was lying all the time, when she came to Madrid they have met in hotels, because Fatima’s things were in his house. Melody didn’t know it, Fatima also. Both have been pregnant. I understand from the history, that Jese came back in February/March 2016 and promised Melody to live with her and Junior, he to create a happy family. She believed. She ,,let him in” to their life once again and accidentally, unintentional got pregnant. Of course, he left once again but when she told him about the pregnancy he didn’t want her to get an abortion. Holiday together, when he already was in relationship with Aurah…crazy, just crazy. Melody said that she was in really bad condition, she was crying all the time, she stopped eating. And he was having fun with Aurah in Maldives. I don’t have words to describe it all, it’s hard to believe. I can only say that I don’t want to insult or blame Melody for this situation, she was madly in love and she has a baby, she wanted Jese Junior to have contacts with Jese. The thing that he didn’t recognised Neizan as his son and he had the audacity to send Melody call for paternity suit researchs has made him even bigger idiot, asshole and motherfucker. I really would like to believe that the pregnancy of Aurah will change him, but I can’t. His life is a mess, I don’t know how it will looks like in the future. I only want him to take care of his children, they haven’t done anything bad and they deserve a good life. Jese is a professional footballer and he has a lot of money, if he can’t act like a real, mature man, at least he has to pay alimony for Jese and Neizan. And I hope the court will decide that they will be very, very, very high. 

What do you think about it all, guys? :(

717) I've been vegan for a year now, and I still feel ashamed when I have to inform somebody about that. I'm a 20 year old boy, and I am still fighting a really bad acne I had for years. Also, I just happend to be very skinny, and gaining weight has always been a huge problem for me. Now, I never say I'm vegan unless somebody asks, because everyone always judges veganism pointing at me and saying "He looks like that because he's vegan, don't go vegan".

E: “…and know I’m so stressed and feel so bad, and in two days we will be in Twikkii Falls, on this romantic trip and I just feel like shit!”
C: “-Don’t be too hard on yourself! It was just a kiss right? Just let it go.”
E & C “-Blah blah blah blah blah…”
E: “-Omg, there is David…”
D: “-Hi El, Hi Chepi, long time! So El, can I talk with you for a sec?”
E: “ Of course!”
D: “-I feel really bad for what happend the other night, I just want to apologize, I was in a funky mood and…”
E: “-No, it was my fault too! Let us just forget about!”
D: “-I’m glad you feel the same! I don’t want to f*ck things up between us!”