this really is one of my most favourite things about the doctor and donna

Fic Writer Wednesday (8/2)

In which I read Too Much Fic™.

Seriously, I was travelling this week which means there is A Lot.

<<Doctor Who>>

Ten x Rose

A Kiss A Day by @lastbluetardis​: This is adorable and necessary for my soul and I love every word.

A Place For Us To Dream (Chapter 59-61) by @dimensionhoppingrose​: Turn Left!! One of my favourite episodes ever and it’s such an interesting twist having the Doctor searching for Rose!! And Stolen Earth is beginning!! They’re so close to getting reunited!!!

Electrostatic Potential (Chapter 29) by @tenscupcake​: Bad Wolf!Rose, telepathy, the Doctor and Rose demonstrating again and again why they are my otp… this fic has it all, and this chapter has it in spades! The moment when the Doctor finds out Rose can actually follow through on forever will always be my favourite.

Call of the Void (Chapter 4) by @fadewithfury​: Ohhh this fic has been a roller coaster ride and one of the most unique reunion fics I’ve ever read! Highly recommended! I always love moments when the Doctor gets a taste of his lost culture and there aren’t enough of them!

With a Kiss, Undone by @chocolatequeennk​: This is what happened. I’m always a sucker for post-Idiot’s Lantern fluff and Nancy always delivers. This is glorious! 

Mirage by @chocolatequeennk​: No one does Doomsday angst like Nancy and in only 200 words too! Owwww.

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 13) by @chocolatequeennk​: the ongoing Sontaran saga. Lots of changes mean Colonel Mace isn’t as antagonising but there’s still the issue of the Martha clone and Donna alone on the Sontaran ship… Everything about this fic is perfection!

To Bring Them Home (Chapter 4) by @chocolatequeennk​: Bad Wolf Program One hurt me just as much as it hurt the Doctor I think! It’s such a Rose thing to do and ohhh the knife just twists even as it fills its intended purpose! I’m very much looking forward to Nine’s entrance and getting Rose and her plus one home again!!

Of Impossible Things (Chapter 5 & 6) by @goingtothetardis​: So happy to have them together again, and bonding will always be one of my favourite things to read. This was such a wonderful fic and such a great addition to a fantastic series!

Newly Found & Newly Bound by @jellyneau-xo​: I always love me some good jellyneau angst… always finds a way to put these characters I love in impossible situations that hit the sweet spot for me and these two are no exception. Memory loss is always a fertile trope and pairing it with the great twist on the shag-or-die trope in the sequel (on their honeymoon no less!) meant that I really had fun with these two stories!

Forever Found (Chapter 31): Further adventures on Messaline! I hope this story will have a happy outcome for our little family!!! Maybe Jack’s presence with the Hath will make a difference?

An Ode To Hope (Chapter 6) by @kelkat9​: The Doctor’s investigation of Amelia Pond’s mysterious house is mirrored by Team TARDIS’ investigation of the different, equally mysterious Caliburn house! The plot continues to thicken and I’m so excited to see where it leads, especially now that Martha’s on board too!

Getting Through (Chapter 7 & 8) by @khaelis​: Rose has uncovered the Doctor’s secret now in the worst way!! Crying in the shower hurt/comfort is best hurt/comfort and wow the emotions in this are so raw! But all that matters is the Doctor believes in Rose, and that’s all they need!

these violent delights (have violent ends) by @lvslie: I’m not quite sure what’s going on here yet, but it’s gorgeously written and I know amazing things are going to happen so I’m going to wait right here as the mystery unravels!

AU fic

And Baby Makes Four (Chapter 3) by @lastbluetardis​: ahhh the joys of living with a toddler continue… this time it’s Rose who loses her temper (understandably so) and Ainsley has her first talk about the birds and the bees… Everything about this fic is wonderful.

Tentoo x Rose

In Living Memory by @skyler10fic: did I mention how I’m a sucker for memory loss fics? The Doctor is just so wonderful with Rose and so in love despite all the blows to his heart and the angst is so great <3

Doctor x Rose

A Rose for All Seasons by @rudennotgingr: such a fantastic reunion/fixit!! How everything fits together is just magical! A new favourite of mine for sure! I think Ten asking Eleven if it was worth it is one of my favourite moments in fic ever.

<<Dragon Age>>


All I Ask of You (Chapter 19) by @khirsahle​: It’s been a joy to reread this gorgeous tale from the other side but alas, all good things must come to an end. And what an end! I’ve fallen as deeply in love with these two as they did with each other!

pocket universes

for the lovely @wishuponabluebox who requested it “i’m coming, just sit tight!”. It’s not angsty at all. Well, a tiny bit, but mostly it’s just pure crack. Seriously, the crackiest thing I’ve ever written. I got inspired by the abundant and utterly wondrous social media AUs that are circulating around the Jily side of Tumblr and decided DW needs some as well. <3
Summary: Group chats and suspicions. Sort of high school, sort of social media AU. John and Rose and up to something and there’s no hiding that.
Pairing: Ten x Rose (a bit of side Mickey/Martha)
Rating: T


Jack Harkness to Defenders of the Earth: heyyyyy everyone

Mickey Smith: are you drunk

Rose Tyler: yeah mickey what else is new

Jack Harkness: is that Rose!

Martha Jones: What, capitalization of a name? Punctuation marks? Is that a Christmas miracle?

Martha Jones: … Although that exclamation mark does make me uneasy.

Jack Harkness: !!

Jack Harkness: Rose i’ve been thanking

Jack Harkness: thinking

Rose Tyler: that actually happens?? i’m impressed

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Hey, look! I did a thing!

Finally, I finished my Masterpost but what a buttload of work it was! If you notice any mistakes, please tell me. Also, here is a link to the page:



Masterpost (Updated 21-05-2016, most of these are shorter imagines but there are also some with over 1000 words, so it varies a lot ;) )


Imagine skipping a hunt so that you can watch the next season of your favourite show (Deanxreader)

Imagine having a horror marathon with the Winchesters and pointinf out everything that is wrong (Winchestersxreader)

Imagine you and Dean confessing your feelings after you almost die (Deanxreader - longer imagine)

Imagine being (tenporarily) trapped in the cage with Lucifer, but instead of torture you end up telling each other stories (Luciferxreader)

Imagine kissing Cas in the rain (Casxreader)

Imagine Dean being your first kiss (Deanxreader)

Imagine going on a roadtrip with the Winchesters (Winchesterxreader)

Being the Winchester’s younger sibling would include… (Winchesterxreader)

Imagine Dean comforing you after you had a nightmare (Deanxreader - longer imagine)

Imagine becoming a Knight of Hell in order to save your brothers, the Winchesters, from burning in hell (WinchesterxSister!reader)

Imagine not knowing who to ask for prom, so Cas offers to go with you (Casxreader)

Imagine Cas making a joke in Enochian and the Doctor laughing because he thought it was funny (Superwho)

Imagine seeing Dean shirtless and not knowing how to react (Deanxreader)

Imagine trying to distract Sam from research by goofing around (Samxreader)

Imagine actually getting along really well with Demon!Dean (Deanxreader)

Imagine Dean getting really protective when a drunken man doesn’t accept your no (Deanxreader)

Imagine being a hunter and working a case along the Winchesters (Winchestersxreader)


Imagine being one of the few persons Bucky really trusts after he escaped from HYDRA (Buckyxreader)

Imagine SHIELD discovering your abilities after you stop a crime and ask you to join the Avengers (Avengersxreader)

Imagine having to explain periods to the Asgardian brothers (ThorxreaderxLoki)

Imagine being a HYDRA experiment, just as Wanda and Pietro Maximoff

Imagine being trained by your favourite Avengers (PART 1) (PART 2)

Imagine having a Disney marathon with Steve and Bucky to catch up with all the films they have missed (StevexreaderxBucky)

Imagine teaming up with Cap during Civil War, even though Tony is your boyfriend (Tonyxreader)

Imagine going to Tony’s private beach with the Avengers (Avengersxreader - is going to be worked out later)

Imagine Bucky coming to you after he had a nightmare about HYDRA (Buckyxreader - is going to be worked out later)

Imagine Bucky, Natasha and Wanda trying to teach you Russian (BuckyxreaderxWandaxNatasha)

Imagine team Cap crashing your cabin to hide, thinking it was abandomed and being surprised when it isnt (PART 1) (PART 2)

Imagine helping Bucky to adjust to the modern world (Buckyxreader)

Imagine staying in bed with Bucky for the whole day after he came back from a long mission (Buckyxreader)

Imagine finding an old video of Steve about his first days as Captain America and showing it to the other Avengers (Avengersxreader)

Imagine Skinny!Steve comforting you after he saw someone bullying you (Skinny!Stevexreader)

Imagine Bucky hearing you playing ‘Innocent’ by Taylor Swift (Buckyxreader - longer imagine)

Imagine both Bucky and Pietro liking you (BuckyxreaderxPietro)

Imagine making a bet with Pietro that you’re faster than him. Little does he know you are able to teleport (Pietroxreader - longer imagine)

Imagine having a girl’s day with Wanda and Natasha (WandaxreaderxNatasha)

Imagine being the only person in Stark Tower Loki talks to (Lokixreader)

Imagine pulling pranks on the other Avengers wuth Clint (Clintxreader)

Imagine the Avengers in high school…

Fight practise and new love (Sebastian Stanxreader - longer imagine)

Imagine telling Loki to cut his hair because it is almost longer than yours (Lokixreader)

Imagine both Loki and Bucky fighting for your attention (LokixreaderxBucky)

Imagine being the one who has to interrogate Loki but it ends up becoming a bit personal (Lokixreader - longer imagine)

Imagine watching the Lion King with Bucky and him crying over Mufasa’s death (Buckyxreader)

Imagine going to Loki for comfort because you are afraid for the Thunder (Lokixreader - longer imagine)

Imagine giving Bucky a make-over (Buckyxreader)

Imagine your voice calming Bucky down after he had a nightmare (Buckyxreader - longer imagine)

Doctor Who:

Imagine staying home for exams so the Doctor and Donna skype with you every night to ask how it is going

Imagine the Doctor discovering you’re an Angel and being facinated by you

Imagine the 11th Doctor asking Clara to help him following you when  you have a date, because he secretly likes you and doesn’t  want you to date anyone else

Imagine being Rory William’s reaper and being annoyed because he always escapes you

Imagine spending a day in the TARDIS liberary with Doctor

Imagine travelling with the Doctor and accidentely changing history by stepping on a butterlfy

Teen Wolf:

Imagine being Scott’s beta but Derek’s mate

Imagine being the clumsiest member of the pack and getting the nickname ‘Moon Moon’

Imagine you and Stiles being partners in crime

Imagine being a former member of Deucalion’s pack and feeling horrible about the lifes you have taken. But Scott sees the good in you and offers you a place in his pack (longer imagine)

Imagine comforting Isaac after his father had hit him again

Imagine being one of the few people who can make Derek laugh

Imagine Stiles being furious with Scott because he turned you into a werewolf

Sherlock Holmes (BBC):

Imagine being the Holmes’ younger sister but ending up falling for Moriarty

Imagine you and your brother John Watson constantly getting into sibling fights

Imagine Sherlock’s reaction when you diss Anderson

Imagine Moriarty kidnapping you and being taken back by your surprise

The Maze Runner:

Imagine both Newt and Minho liking you

Imagine you and Minho constantly sassing at each other, much to the annoyance of the other Gladers

The 100:

Imagine you and Bellamy liking each other but being too stubborn to admit, so you end up fighting all the time

Percy Jackson:

Imagine having firepowers just like Leo (you don’t have the same Godly parent) and accidently setting the camp on fire when making out

Imagine going to camp halfblood where you discover you are Poseidon’s daughter

Attack on Titan:

Imagine being a Titan Shifter just like your brother, Eren.

The Hobbit/LOTR:

Imagine going on an adventure with Bilbo

Harry Potter:

Imagine making a bet with Hermione about how long it will take Harry to figure out there is a spell that can fix his eyesight

Imagine singing a song in the Gryffindor dorm room and the whole dorm joining you

Hunger Games:

Imagine giving your life so that the little girl from your district will win the Games


Imagine Superwholock helping you through a though break up

The Jungle Book:

Imagine growing up in the jungle next to your brother, Mowgli

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you know of any good angst doctor/rose fics? I'm okay with character death :)

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dr strange review...

(warning: very long post. sincere apologies for dash pollution).

so… first of all; this is a marvel origin movie. so from the outset yes; doctor strange follows a certain formula both in terms of narrative and (to a degree) tone. but it is the original origin movie from which so many others borrowed so… that in itself deserves respect.

and in terms of respect – to my favourite marvel character (apart from storm but bryan singer ruined that but… oh sorry anyway); this film is steeped in the greatest fanboying respect on every level. and it fills me with love and gratitude every time i see it.

even though it was set in 2016, i loved the 1970s vibe to reference the era of the comics; “feels so good” by chuck mangione, the sitar and the lead guitar overlay in giacchino’s score, the loving homage to kung fu movies of the same era, the bleached, watercolour palette reminiscent of kodachrome slides and andrei tarkovski films. it was perfect; and yet also updated.

As stephen strange m.d, i loved how he didn’t have his goatee to begin with (unlike the comics). his goatee then becomes a more controlled reminder of his “man in a crisis” wild beard at his lowest, rather than a return to his old self. (goddamn it benedict you even made a beard poignant).

his arrogance as a surgeon was also humanised a great deal (thank god; stephen m.d. in early canon is pretty much a joyless arse). i.e. he is really someone in self-imposed exile. BC still exudes warmth and somehow loss - and if you know the canon and his tragic role in the death of his sister donna, this is what motivated stephen to become a doctor in the first place. his self-protection comes from a burning place of self-hatred and failure. and benedict played that even if we didn’t know why.

he’s totally believable as a neurosurgeon; his arrogance is kind of deserved as he shows incredible focus and self-control. The “doctor west. cover your watch” moment is not only incredibly hot; it sums up his domination perfectly.

And the voice benedict creates for stephen. i mean we think we’ve seen BC’s arsenal and then he does something completely new. how many actors not only transform emotionally and physically but also.. tonally? like streep. day lewis. and… yeah that’s all i can think of. BC forged a NY drawl so deep that when he’s talking to christine and kaecilius, he’s practically subsonic. it’s astonishing actually. 

 and the chemistry between stephen and christine was spiky and electric and full of broken love. i will fight anyone who says that another great actress was lost playing a worried girlfriend. christine is nobody’s girlfriend, plus she saves two lives (as scott has pointed out). and at the end; she’s the one who walks away leaving stephen crying. perfection.

the inevitable car crash scene – at least post-impact - was too short for me. i really really missed the underwater shots we first saw in the teaser; whilst the crash was excruciatingly filmed and was brutal, i kind of felt we didn’t suffer with him as much.and i loved that symbolic shot of his extended hands submerged in the water…

the cinematography was superb; i loved the palette evolution. the glare of NY presbyterian hospital quickly fades to bleak new york winter (but at least we got snugglebatch…). & then moving into a bleached, archival Nepal that almost looked like it was filmed on kodachrome (again a beautiful nostalgic nod alongside giacchino’s score that reminded me of Lawrence of Arabia or anything by john williams). 

so much has been written of the magical mystery tour but… fuck it. it broke down every comic book movie barrier there has been to date. It was escher meets ditko meets kubrick and yet was breathtakingly new. my fave moment in the entire film; my DNA moment was seeing stephen’s stupefied body float across the screen whilst tilda’s serene yet probing, slightly disdainful voice asks who are you mister strange? in this vast multiverse? and stephen is like the embryo in kubrick’s 2001. And also like robinson crusoe on the shores of the cosmos. It’s beautiful and hopeful and terrifying.

 i felt that (but understood why) the time we saw at kamar taj was so short; i wanted to see stephen fail time and time again. and get beaten and cajoled and protected by mordo more. but i did love that wong also become his champion and mentor. 7 the thorn in his side…. even more than mordo. benedict wong is an incredible tour de force and i cannot wait to see more of him – and his Wong – in the sequel…

for me the music in the sanctuary at kamar taj was a definite homage to raiders of the lost ark. my main complaints with the music was that the brilliant main theme was held back until the credits. it should have been echoed more during the film to bleed into our subconscious. 

The “mister doctor” thing, while being one of the film’s better jokes, was actually one of the core themes explored beautifully in the post-astral fight scene. when stephen still identifies himself by his profession as an attempt of seem noble (to himself), mordo and TAO point out it is in fact hitherto one of the least noble things about him. sorry to get heavy here but it made me think about my, and other’s sense of self worth defined by work and work alone…

in terms of the supporting cast, i thought chiwetel, benedict w and mads were somewhat short-changed (but then it is stephen’s story…) but i missed their backstories and therefore clearer motivation.

and in regards to the ancient one; i have said this before but i do think there was capacity for an actor of asian descent to play that role whilst subverting it. but in this film, tilda was titanic in her performance and tbh i’d love to see her nominated. she’s a sage and a provocateur, wise and deeply dangerous. the first scene with BC at K-T i could watch forever; her little impish smile when stephen asks if her treatment is experimental…

now… benedict’s performance. ok i have no qualms anymore about where to place this; this is second most complete and skillful performance after Richard III. as scott has told us endlessly, it takes a great actor to traverse the entire human spectrum of emotional depth and self-discovery in a way that is sympathetic, compelling, shocking and poignant. and he did that. and the amount of times he cries beautifully throughout the film… and the physical prowess he attains was joyous. i remember danny boyle saying that BC is like a racehorse, a machine that needs to keep moving and yep… there it is again. i could watch him vault banisters all day. 

his american accent was almost perfect imv. in fact it was effortless by the end scenes which probably coincided with the fact that scott filmed it in sequence. my only issue (and tbh i found it enormously endearing; BC struggled with the world “powers” repeatedly. paaahwaaarrrrrs… :-)

i loved the (now well-documented) subversion of the marvel “let’s blow up a city and have a portal opened only to close it just in time” trope by reversing the destruction of hong kong; and have stephen go through the portal.  

and he won not through brute force but by intellectual bargaining. which to me was one of the most potent and moving homages to the doctor strange i’ve known since the 1980s. in the comics - esp the early ones - he’s incredibly intense and often wins battles through outwitting his opponent with strategic use of magic; hardly ever through physicality.  

and i may or may not have cried a little as stephen won the battle by failing. over and over again. remember TAO telling him before she died that it was his fear of failure that kept him from greatness. so he endures endless suffering (scott derrickson says stephen died in the dark dimension at least a thousand times…).

someone cleverly noted the smashed pattern of the christine watch matches the seal of vishanti. time was obviously everything and i loved how the infinity stone was introduced right at the very end. and whilst i loved the playful sentience of the cloak of levitation, i mostly loved that moment at the end in kamar taj where it silently chides him for oscillating as to whether return the time stone or not. it became his conscience.

so confession time :-) i have now seen this film…um, more than five times. and i will see it again. the last time I saw something in the theatre so repeatedly would have been when I was 11 (Star Wars episode iv). it’s a perfect love letter, whilst also being a technical and aesthetic marvel (ha). 

and it’s so far beyond what I hoped for, really. 

Fic Writer Wednesday, 7/12

In which I read Too Much Fic. (I will be all about the reunion fics until the month is over, FYI.)

<<Doctor Who>>


Catalyst by @chocolatequeennk: An outtake from possibly the most painful Doomsday story I’ve ever read. Just… so much beautiful pain.

To Bring Them Home (Chapter 1) by @chocolatequeennk: Possibly the most painful Doomsday story I’ve ever read. Wanna know how you make Canary Wharf worse? This is how.

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 10) by @chocolatequeennk: Donna settles in to her new life on the TARDIS with an alien ball. Gorgeous descriptions, Doctor/Rose fluff - what more could you want?

Taking Time by @chocolatequeennk: Got the urge to reread this one (again) after the anniversary dance from this popped into my head and I ended up reading the whole thing. And then the end of Time is Still a-Flying, of course. This is still one of my favourite stories of all time and definitely sets the bar for emotional consequences fic.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by @chocolatequeennk: Yes, I also reread this one. Again. Because I love it, and because I’ve had a few weeks where I hadn’t reread any of Nancy’s older stuff. It was a natural progression after Taking Time anyway.

Where the Love Light Gleams by @chocolatequeennk: I reread this one too, because I needed Nancy reunion feels and this is wonderful.

Forever and a Day by @chocolatequeennk: see above. I love the day of fun in the snow as they just enjoy the simple pleasure of being together at last, and the ending is sheer perfection.

Fifty Ways to Say I Love You (Chapter 5) by @chocolatequeennk: Huzzah! This is being continued! And the chapter was so sweet! First kisses are the absolute best!

Snapshots of Forever by @chocolatequeennk: such a beautiful summary of their relationship together <3 I adore this so much, no less because of what will inevitably follow.

For Whom His Hearts Beat by GroovyKat: one of the most unique reunions I’ve ever read. The emotions of their Library reunion is so fantastic and I get a kick out of the Doctor telling River exactly where to get off, despite the fact that I don’t really feel that way about the character. This is a personal favourite. (Ten x Rose)

A Place for Us to Dream (Chapter 56) by @dimensionhoppingrose​: Midnight begins! I feel so badly for Rose… it’s really not fair!

The Victorian, the Bookstore, and the Fireplace by @kelkat9​: In which fireplaces can be a good thing. And an endless maze of books! And the Doctor and Rose not being able to see each other for a bit despite being reunited! This is simply wonderful in every way!

When Time Lords Wander Off by @kelkat9​: the Doctor is reunited with Rose while… incredibly high.

Limit of the Void by Rachel_Lu: I love fics that find a way to reference their shared history together through the Doctor’s memories in a way that makes their separation all the more poignant… and their reunion, too!

The Engineer’s Gift by shan21non: Firefly. Doctor Who. Crossover. Need I say more? Okay I will: Doomsday fixit. Tenth Doctor/Rose. Mal/Inara. And some of the best characterisation I’ve ever seen in a fic. Not just of the Doctor - this person writes Firefly better than Whedon. Go read it - yesterday.

Camping Mishaps by @khaelis: Ten/Rose at its best - our two dorks, in love, being adorable.

Making Choices by @ofstormsandwolves: This incredible fic! It’s a fixit, but it also addresses Rose’s agency in a way that made me want to stand up and cheer!

to lead myself here by @goingtothetardis: Rose says ‘no’ to Bad Wolf Bay. The emotions in this are palpable! Only acceptable use of caps.

once more unto the breach by @lauraxxtennant: “Just pretend, for a little while, that we have all the time in the world.” Gorgeous and sweet!

tangled up in blue by @lizann5869: the classic balcony reunion! So beautiful!

Dreams of a Different Life by @veritascara: kidfic and reunion rolled into one. I love the interludes of the Doctor’s dreams, and Rose’s reactions are so painful and believable!

Roses and Ghosts by LizzyLovegood: the most unconventional reunion fic I’ve ever read. Mostly Jackie-centric. ‘Is your name the Doctor? Come in for a free Rose.’

Lost Things by @thebaddestwolf: an old (or future, depending on how you look at it) adventure plays a part in reuniting the Doctor and Rose. 

Homecoming by @lastbluetardis: with a marriage bond, the Doctor is able to tell the moment Rose is back in his universe after the adventure with the Adipose.

For Warmth of Heart by Toppbanana: the Doctor gets lost in the snow and dreams he’s been reunited with Rose. But she’s still there when he wakes up…

Keeping Alive: Doctor/Rose reunion crossover with SDoaCG? Yes please.

Desperado by bubblygal92: one of the best reunion fics I’ve ever read that doesn’t really focus on the reunion, instead Rose’s life in Pete’s World and Vortex Hopping (not dimension hopping) until she finds the Doctor… or the Doctor finds her? Really honestly, just read this. It’s incredible.


Everyone’s Got Something by @cryofthewolf: Rose comforting Three. Adorable and perfect.

<<Dragon Age>>

By Any Other Name (Chapter 9) by @khirsahle: The opening cutscene of Inquisition, in the Fade… from Dorian’s POV. My poor, poor baby. Next chapter they meet, and I simply can’t wait!!

Olicity: Shock and Awe

felicitysmoaklover said: Hey, sorry I don’t know if your taking prompts at the moment but I’ve just seen a video and it made me think of an amazing olicity fic. College age, felicity being in her wheelchair and wanting to walk to get her degree. Oliver (either friend or boyfriend) helps her surprise everyone, especially her mom, by supporting her as she walks to collect her degree. Can olicity get together by the end of it. Thank you. I feel your the best person for this fic :) (I love your writing!!)

“Are you sure about this?”

It’s a question he’s asked her fifteen times in the last ten months - which, technically, was breaking her rules. She’d told him he was allowed to ask her that question once a month at most, but he’s not very good at listening to rules, even when they come from her. It’s a routine - he asks, she says yes, and then they go back to whatever they were doing only moments before. But she loves that he asks, because this is a huge thing he’s helped her achieve and she loves him for that and a whole lot more.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

She loves him enough not to tell him that no matter how many times he asks, she’ll always be sure.

He bites down on his lip when he nods, glancing down for just a moment before he looks back at her. She finds it adorable that he’s feeling the nerves for her, but she’s really not nervous about this moment at all.

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The Sign of Three Review by Claudia Boleyn

For once, I find myself in the very rare position of writing an almost entirely positive review. It’s a gorgeous feeling, and one I hope continues into next week as we hit the climax of Sherlock Series Three.

The Sign of Three was funny, it was smart, it was emotional, it was tense in places, it was sensitive, it was well paced, well directed, and phenomenally acted. For me, it blew The Empty Hearse out of the water, and joins my list of favourite Sherlock episodes ever.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, I don't know if someone asked you this before but I wanted to know why 10 is your favourite Doctor. I love reading your blog!, it's so nice to find people who have similar opinions on Doctor Who.

loool how long do you have

On the most basic level I just really like him? I find him funny and charming and kind and clever, which are, you know, pretty basic things to like in a fictional character (or a real person, for that matter). I like his glee and enthusiasm for most things despite his increasingly shit life. But usually when I start answering these things I get caught up in more complicated reasoning and forget basics like that.

I also thought his flaws – like his hubris – rendered him an interesting and complex character without making him such a dick that I couldn’t root for him. The idea of “good person struggling to do the right thing in scenarios where the right thing is neither easy nor obvious” is a pretty common but (for me anyway) appealing trope, and it’s something that theoretically I suppose relates to all the Doctors (uh, Twelve’s complex over “AM I GOOD MAN” notwithstanding) but that I really got from Ten specifically. Waters of Mars is my favourite episode for that reason: the Tenth Doctor at his worst is someone who has claimed more power than he has right to, but not to use for personal gain, and not for sinister reasons – he’s trying to help people.

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