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Team 7

I watched Team 7 Team Ultimate Jutsu from  Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and paused at moment where Sakura was going to use a trap she set earlier and reaction of boys at it:

It reminded me of one well-known moment from Naruto Gaiden

I love this reaction of Sasuke at Sakura’s actions (especially a drop at the cheek)

”What?” face of Naruto

And here we have two sides of Sakura…


SOOOO I heard about fellow Dragonball fans’ reactions to the now-infamous “episode 5” of Dragonball Super. It reminded me of what happened with the randomly screwed up faces in the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot series @_@

Inconsistent animation quality is pretty commonplace with a long-running series, so I think the characters should make the best of it!

Five minute ficlet (evening shift edition)

You were sitting at your desk, reading an article about malnutrition in mouthless alien species and a wave of anxiety hit you. Hard. You dropped you PADD, and forced yourself to breathe, forced yourself to focus on the act of drawing a long, deep breath into your lungs, and slowly letting it out.

Your ears started ringing. Your chest felt heavy. Your eyes filled with unbidden tears. Your vision narrowed and you closed you eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out.

“Y/N. Come back to me.” The voice cut through the white noise in your brain, like the silent whisper of something better.

Breath in. Breathe out.

“Dammit, woman!” His hand was on your shoulder and the touch was electric. Your eyes shot open. His own rich hazel eyes met yours. “Come back to me, Y/N.”

“I couldn’t -”

Breathe in. Breathe out.

“I know, darlin’.” He pulled you into his arms and patted your back. “I know.”

Breathe in. Breathe out.

“I -”

“It’s not real. It’s a flashback.” The timbre of his low voice vibrated through your chest, soothing you. “You’re safe, sweetheart. I have you.”

You drew in another deep breath, and this one didn’t seem to catch. After several breaths you leaned back and looked up at him.

“Thank you.” You couldn’t meet his eyes. He tilted your chin up and pressed a gentle kiss against him.

“Darlin’, it is my absolute pleasure,” he murmured against your hair.

“Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

She folded her cap of invisibility. “Look…we’re just not supposed to get along, okay? Our parents are rivals.”


She sighed. "How many reasons do you want? One time my mom caught Poseidon with his girlfriend in Athena’s temple, which is hugely disrespectful. Another time, Athena and Poseidon competed to be the patron god for the city of Athens. Your dad created some stupid saltwater spring for his gift. My mom created the olive tree. The people saw that her gift was better, so they named the city after her.”

“They must really like olives.”

“Oh, forget it.”

Now, if she’d invented pizza-that I could understand.“
-Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)

Percy Jackson!AU Moodboard_Mark|마크| of NCT as the child of Poseidon for anon
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“This is something we’ve been working towards for a few seasons. And that is the showing that, yeah, absolutely there would be people in the Empire who were spies. What’s awesome is we’ve been able to show how a character who you really think is evil is, well, maybe not as evil as you might think. And you begin to understand why they would turn. They got into a fight hoping to make the galaxy a better place. However, it’s not turning out that way.” - Henry Gilroy, Star Wars Rebels co-executive producer (x)

When Kallus reacted to the death of Morad Sumar, it reminded me of his reaction to the beheading of Grint and Aresko in season one. I believe they were setting up Kallus’s turn back then.


a letter from the dark side (insp.)

Dating a thick black woman (Ikon)

B.I: He reminds me of someone who would watch his girlfriend more than touch her. You know commenting cute things about his girlfriend’s appearance more than touching her body. He would love the way she looks and even though their relationship wouldn’t be viewed with all good he would block out hate and be happy with her.

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Jinhwan: He someone who’s sweet as can be when they’re out in public but completely handsy when they get home. He seems like he would grabbed her waist and pull her in kisses or grabbing her body things like that. He really wouldn’t care what she looks like on the outside physique (even though he enjoys it) and would just love her for being she is mentally. 

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Bobby: Bobby reminds me of someone who would love to cuddling his thick girlfriend. He would lay his head on her body just being cute. He would love his girlfriend’s skin color and often tell her that. He doesn’t remind me of someone who cares of what his girlfriend’s race is. He’d date who he feels an emotional connection to.

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Junhoe: He reminds me of someone who would love to brag about his girlfriend even if people don’t like that he’s in a relationship with someone who’s of a different race. He would love every inch of her from her skin, body shape, and her mind. 

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Yunhyeong: He would be very clingy and happy with his girlfriend. I don’t think he would be very forward about his relationship he would love to have their privacy together. If he was asked he would tell people that his girlfriend without a problem. But when its just the two of them they would just enjoy each other’s company private more than public.

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Donghyuk: Constantly talk about her with the others. He loves her a lot, once he would come out about it he would hope no one would be too harsh about the relationship of what his girlfriend looked like. He loves everything she is and he wants the world to understand it.

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Chanwoo: He would also be hidden about his relationship out of hate reasons. The normal ones about celebrity dating. He would be okay with his friends knowing his girlfriend he’d show them pictures of her. And secretly prayed his friends were jealous that his girlfriend was so perfect.

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This season 10’ s scene in the church where Dean is talking to the priest always gets me, I mean he is talking about finding again the things he had with Lisa, but he is not talking about her. And there isn’t other woman in Dean’s life in the moment.
That reminds me of a change in Dean’s reaction when he meets a gay couple. I remember how unconfortable he was back in season 5 when he met that couple who were dressed like Sam and Dean in the convention about Supernatural’s books. But in the other hand we have Dean meeting the hunters in eleven season, he is not unconfortable, he is curious he wants to know how is the life with other hunter, someone who understand his kind of life. And then we discover they are going to quit hunting, because they want a normal life together.
Dean is a person who really enjoys having a home, because he never had one. And he will love to have someone to share this. And there is where Castiel enters in scene. He understand the life Dean has lived, He knows what kind of nightmares the hunter has faced, he has seen the best and the worst of Dean and even then he always returns to him.
I think Dean was in love with Lisa but she was fragile, she was all the things Dean couldn’t have. But Castiel is not, Castiel is a fighter, just like Dean. Dean can worry about Cas( thing that he does a lot), but he knows the angel is going to be Okay even if Dean is not with him.
The angel just wants a place he can call home too, returning to heaven is something that nowadays looks far away for Cas. This two humans are all he can call family. And well I can imagine Cas losing his grace if that means he can be with Dean, lately in the new episodes he has been acting more human that ever has being an angel.
Lots of people were saying how married they looked this season and it’s because, if they leave them have it, they will really like to stop running and just be happy in their home, having coffee for breakfast and being able to say good morning to each other.

Hey there. I’m here to talk about why Asuka’s latest development hit way too close to home.

I grew up with a… let’s say volatile mother, who wasn’t good with her temper and blamed a lot of her problems on me. And Asuka’s reaction to her mother’s outburst reminds me a lot of how I used to cope with my mother’s outbursts.

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