this random movie I never watched

watched p&p with a group of friends who had never seen it before and i honestly had to hide my crazy a little bit because i just wanted to shout out random facts like “look it begins and ends with a sunrise” or  “pay close attention to the evolution of darcy’s outfits and how they correlate to his feelings for elizabeth” and literally quote the movie verbatim but you know, i had to play it cool

As A Woman, Watching ‘Wonder Woman’ Served As A Beautiful Reminder That I Could Probably Kill Someone With A Sword

In the days since I saw Wonder Woman, I’ve had a lot to reflect on. The movie not only smashed box office earning records and featured a female director, but it also showed a powerful representation of a strong, confident female superhero kicking ass on-screen. As a woman, watching Wonder Woman was a transformative experience that I’ll never forget, because it served as a powerful reminder that I could probably kill someone with a sword.

As I left the theater, my eyes were opened to a totally new possibility: I could maybe someday stab and kill a person with a sword if I ever wanted to, and the fact that I was a woman wasn’t going to stop me.

When I saw Wonder Woman in full armor emerging from the trenches on a battlefield and killing Germans with her sword, I knew this movie would be different than any other movie I had seen before. As a woman, seeing a powerful feminine figure command the screen and shove her weapon deep within another human made me think about how swords actually don’t look that hard to use, and I could probably stab or slice someone to death, no problem. With the help of a fully fleshed-out, inspiring female character, I learned something very transformative about myself and my ability to harness the power of the blade that I, somewhere in my life living as a woman, had sadly forgotten. “I could… probably do some damage with a sword?” I thought to myself upon leaving the theater. “I could at least at least hack someone up pretty bad, if not outright kill them. Yeah?”


While Wonder Woman fought and stabbed her way through battle after battle, my eyes filled with tears. It finally hit me: I, a female, could buy a sword and kill someone with it, and that was a choice I could make. If I picked a random person on the street and just sort of swung that thing around, just like the totally kickass Wonder Woman showed me, I could probably hurt them pretty bad, if not murder them outright. These are thoughts I never had while watching a film in recent memory, and a thought that I hope empowers women everywhere.

Yes, I’ve seen men kill with swords in movies all the time, but when I looked in the mirror, I never saw Superman or Batman staring back. Now when I look in the mirror, I see myself, a proud woman holding a samurai sword looking kind of confused about how to hold it but also pretty sure she could figure it out if the urge to kill ever hit her hard enough. I wish I had this movie when I was a kid. If I had known at 10 that I could probably kill someone with a sword, where would I be today? I probably would not have killed anyone, for what it’s worth, but to know I could? That would have been priceless.

For me personally, Wonder Woman was a powerful reminder that I could stab someone with a sword. I spent my entire life not even thinking that this was a possibility, but now, thanks to this movie, I’ll never stop thinking about it. So, as a woman, I encourage every woman to see it and know that you could also probably kill with a sword. All you have to do is believe.

Good Girl (Smut)


Request: Can you do something like Keep It Down but with Aaliyah being in the room.

Word count: 3,512

I was lying between each of Shawn’s thighs on the couch, my back resting against his broad chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me.

We were cuddled up and tangled together under a warm blanket, watching some random movie on the TV that Aaliyah really wanted us to see with her. Aaliyah was lying under another blanket in the beanbag in front of us, resting her head on the edge of the grey sofa.

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Being roommates with Jason Todd

•You being the organized one would pick up all of his junk

•"No I need that" literally every time you try to throw something away

•"Mhm sure you do" As you throw it away

•Him bringing home drive through food

•3 am movie watching

•4 am random YouTube watching

•Unfortunately patching him up when he gets hurt

•When he has a bad day you write a bunch of sticky notes for him and stick them around the apartment

•"Jason Todd is really cool"
“Jason Todd is the reason why I won’t date anybody”
“Jason Todd is the reason why nobody will date me”
And lastly “Free hugs for Jason Todd” are some of them

•He pretends like these are stupid and annoying

•But secretly keeps them all

•You balance him out and he’s really grateful, but will never show it

I’m huge on affection, I will kiss your face a million times especially your cheeks, I will never get tired of kissing them. I will never get tired of showing you constant effort showing you how bad I want this because actions speak louder than words most of the time. I’m huge on doing random things to make you smile. I’m huge on just spending time together, we don’t need to go out and always do stuff I’m okay with staying in bed all day cuddling and watching movies. I’ll be your gym partner, someone you can confide in,your best friend someone who motivates you because I see how much you can do. I will be here for the good days, the bad days and the everything in between. I’ll hold your hand through it, if you let me. I’ll be your 3 am phone call if you need company and your afternoon lunch date if you want to hangout. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we take for granted, because at the end of the day they’re the most important to us.
—  Show them they’re important 💜
Good things to imagine

-amy wearing jakes flannels around the house

-jake wanting to cook a nice sweet dinner for him and amy so he facetimes charles the whole time for advice

-a sleepy amy in the winter, snuggled against jake in a cacoon of 600 blankets while they watch terrible hallmark christmas specials

-jake giving amy That Look when she starts talking passionately about a neat article she read

-amy and jake showering together, not even for the sexy times, but because they’re dorks and they really like bubbles and kissing in “the rain” and each other

-one day, jake has a day off but amy still has to go in to catch up on some paperwork so he honest to goodness considers going with her because he’ll miss her so much

-jake and amy knowing how each other likes their coffee

-amy can probably lowkey sing rlly well bc she’s musically experienced and shes always invinting cute little tunes when shes doing chores and they always sound like old do-wop songs and jake always sneaks recordings of her because wow he loves her

-jake and amy binge watching stranger things

-watching scary movies together, both acting tough at first but having to hide in the others shoulder by the end. Its a mess.

-couple’s cooking class that goes horribly south.

-they play that “watch me catch this random food in my mouth” game aaaaaall the time bc of their first date

-they never ever go seperate ways without saying “i love you so much” first

-jake being the little spoon and amy snuggling her face between his shoulder blades bc have you seen jake peralta’s shoulders?

-jake rarley ever waking up before amy but when he does he can hardly help himself from watching her sleep because god shes so soft and beautiful and amazing and he loves her so much

-when amy wakes up before jake, which is almost always, she likes to trace his face. His laugh linesm, his eyelashes, his /chin dimple/.

-they probably have so many cute stupid inside jokes its ridiculous

-they bet on everything but its bever an issue bc they are so solid okay?

-just…..jake and amy.

hurtlingtowardsoblivion  asked:

If you're still wanting Sterek prompts here's one "Adult life is already so goddamn weird!" - I was watching John Mulaney and it just stuck in my head haha

“Adult life is already so goddamn weird I didn’t think that I would have to deal with this too,” Stiles sighed as he gently picked up the baby that was sitting in the middle of his bed.

An hour ago, Derek stopped by, handing Stiles a baby and telling him he’d be back in a few hours before practically sprinting out the door.  

“So Lily, how’s it going?” Stiles asked.

She babbled back at him, smacking her chubby hands against his face.

“I feel you kiddo, Derek just handed you to me and left. Are you his kid or just some random baby? We’ll never know,” he exaggerated, making faces at her to keep her entertained.

Stiles wasn’t completely incompetent but he’s never been in charge of a one-year old before. Thankfully the afternoon went by without a hitch and Derek was letting himself back into Stiles’ house.

“Derek, I don’t want to assume but you didn’t steal this baby did you? Because yesterday we went out on a date and watched a movie and had a great meal and I’m almost 100% sure that there was no tiny human with us so where did she come from?”

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Michi’s 2016 Jdrama List
  • All the 2016 dramas & movies I watched (in random order)
  • Favourites / best  bolded

◇ Juhan Shuttai! → comedy, business

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◇ Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara  [movie]

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Jimi ni sugoi! → rom-com, business

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◇ Koe Koi → rom-com, school

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◇ Cain and Abel → drama, romance, business  * still watching *

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◇ Busujima Yuriko no Sekinara Nikki  

◇ Carrer → comedy, crime

◇ Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko → comedy, action, crime

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Daisho → suspense, psycological

◇ Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri → crime, mystery

◇ Hippocratic Oath → medical

IQ246 → crime, comedy  * still watching *

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◇ Fragile → medical

Hapimari →  romance, business

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◇ Haburashi Onna Tomodachi  

Seisei Suruhodo aishiteru →  romance, drama

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◇ Chihayufuru part I, part II [movies]

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◇ Never let me go → drama, sci-fi

Good Morning Call → romance, school, friendship

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◇ Love song → romance, music

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu →  rom-com  * still watching *

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Love that makes you cry → romance

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◇ Terra Formars [movie]

◇ MARS  

◇ The Bride of Rip van Winkle [movie]

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite kudasai →  rom-com

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◇ Ie uru onna → comedy, business

99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi → comedy, law

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Suki na Hito ga iru Koto → rom-com

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◇ Higanbana → detective, crime

◇ Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta 

◇ Ookami Shoujo to to Kuro Ouji [movie] 

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◇ Nobunaga Concerto Movie 

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TOP 5my most favourite dramas (of this year)

  1. Good Morning Call
  2. NigeHagi
  3. 99.9
  4. Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto
  5. Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
A Date With Markiplier

So I’m sure most of you are aware of @markiplier ’s most recent video which is a choose your own adventure-esc story. I’m completely in love with the idea and how it was executed. Team Markiplier did a fanastic job with it and i was movitaved enough to do this! i spent 10 hours making these cute little gifs and the lack of sleep was worth it. (Thanks for the motivation to get my ass in gear once more :) )

So here we go on the adventure that is a Date With Markiplier:

Warning! THERE ARE SPOILERS! these are all of the 10 endings and so if you haven’t gotten them I may spoil it for you! First Ending: Meta 

AKA, Mark being a huge dick 

Second Ending: I Had So Much Planned

AKA, use wheelies to escape your feelies

Third Ending: Vanilla 

this one was the first one i did, and i was just going to do this and Chocolate but i got carried away…

AKA, Pure Vanilla Bean 

Fourth Ending: Chocolate

This was supposed to look more menacing than it actually does. Oh Whale 


Fifth & Sixth Endings: Peanut Butter Blues & Tuna Triumph

These are some of my favorites because they are so random and they remind me of the history lesson videos 

AKA, What. The. Actual. Shit. Just. Happened.

Seventh Ending: Alien Abduction

AKA, the newest MIB movie looks great!

Eighth Ending: The Big Dig???

I believe that this is the eighth ending??? Please Correct me if I’m wrong

AKA, I just watched a full grown man scrape the floor with a spoon for ten minutes

Ninth Ending: Mark Ded AF

AKA, this is why you never split up 

and finally, the Tenth Ending: True Ending

AKA, The Return Of Wilford Warfstache

Sorry for the long-ass post, but i hope you like the fruits of my efforts. I am a beginner in digital art and I know its not perfect, but that’s why i posted it. :)

All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sitting beside you and watching as you play your games, Laying across your lap and watching a movie we spent hours picking out.  Getting to wake up next to you and feel your warmth.

Or having you suggesting a trip to Chapter or Coles, even if you don’t want to, but going because you know it makes me happy.  Going on random adventures that take us to places we’ve never been like a reptile zoo or a pottery painting studio.  Spending time at my cottage and having it be a happy place for both of us.

I want this for the rest of my life.  Please, don’t take it away from me.

You Missed

In which you and Harry watch Elf, and your friendship turns into more. 

The notes fill the air around you as you sing along to Christmas music on your phone while hanging up a string of lights in your living room.

You’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Your friend, Harry, stares back at you through the peephole. “Hi,” you welcome him.

“Hello, love,” he hugs you. He pauses when he hears your music, trying to place the tune. “Is that Christmas music?” Harry asks.

“Yeah!” You grin.

“Y/N, it’s way to early to listen to Christmas music.”

“But Harry, it’s October 1st, which means it’s almost November, which means it’s almost December, which means it’s almost Christmas!” You reason. “And besides the Christmas season is only here for a short time so we better enjoy it while we can.”

“A ‘short time’? Says the person who watches Elf year round,” he scoffs.

“Elf is a great movie, and besides, you always watch it with me.”

“Yeah, because you throw a fit if I don’t.”

“That was only once,” you pout, “but you know you love me.”

“Yeah,” Harry agrees, and you don’t know just how much he really means it.

“Speaking of Elf, we should watch it tonight,” you suggest.

“Do we have to,” Harry whines.

“Pleaassseee?” You can see Harry’s face softening at your plea, and you know you’ve gotten through to him.

“Alright,” he grumbles, but you know he doesn’t really mind.

You put in the dvd and Harry makes some hot cocoa while the beginning part rings out through the house. You and Harry share a blanket and a cuddle while sipping on your cocoa. Throughout the movie you somehow move from sitting beside Harry to laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around you, and you’re so engrossed in the movie that you don’t catch Harry watching you instead.

When the movie finally ends, you continue to lay on top of him, talking about random ideas, “I think they should make an Elf 2, and I can be little Susie.”

“Or they can do a remake of Elf and I could be Buddy, and you could be Jovie.” Harry says softly, not knowing how you’ll react.

“But I would make a better Buddy, since I already do Christmas year round,” you argue.

“Never mind,” he mumbles, and you hear him say something about you “missing the point.”

You stop for a moment, not sure of what he’s implying. He couldn’t possibly have casted the hypothetical movie that way, so you could be together, could he? “What do you mean ‘I’m missing the point’?” You ask, pushing yourself up on your elbow to look down at him.

“It’s nothing,” his eyes look sad with a hint of something else that you can’t quite put your finger on, but he covers it quickly and moves the two of you back into a seated position. “I think you would make a great Buddy the Elf, or Susie, or whoever you wanna play,” he says, finishing with a kiss to your forehead.

You’ve always been to scared to pursue your feelings for Harry. Your friendship isn’t something you want to ruin, but tonight you find some tiny ounce of courage, and you decide you’ll go for it. “You missed,” you whisper, stealing a line from the movie.

Harry’s eyes widen, and you worry that you misread the situation, but his hand cups your cheek and his eyes flick from your lips back to your eyes to ask for permission. You answer by pressing your lips into his. The kiss doesn’t last long, but it says more than words could, and you know that things have changed.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Harry admits.

“Me too,” you agree.

Harry kisses you again. This time more passionate than before, and you only stop when you need air.

“I love you Y/N,” Harry breathes, “and I’ve loved you for so long, and I said the Elf thing because I’ve pictured us together and I want to be with you, and I want to get married one day, and I want our own little Susie too, and I probably shouldn’t be telling you all of this so soon–”

You cut him off with another kiss, eventually pulling away, “I love you too Harry, and I’d like all of that a lot.”

“Yeah?” He smiles.


FFXV Second Play Through Thoughts

So I am doing a second play through (Just finished Chapter 7) of FFXV (of course as a new game + because who doesn’t enjoy slaughtering beasts and demons at a level 80 when they are level 10?) and there are so many things I am noticing that I did not notice the first time:



- First play through I never truly appreciated how beautiful of a man Ignis really is in this game.


- I feel like Ignis had to be aware to some degree that the reason the wedding was being held in Altissia was because Regis felt something might go down.  I can’t fully believe that Ignis didn’t have some inkling on what was to come.


- It became very apparent to me how ok Lunafreya and Noct were about marrying each other.  I mean they weren’t ok with the circumstances, but the fact that it would be to each other they seemed totally fine with.


- Ignis’s back flips during battle are everything.


- I can’t not believe that the boys didn’t give Prompto shit for taking a ‘self defense’ training class with Cor prior to departing on the trip.


- Cor clearly cares about the well being of Prompto.


- I get Xenia Warrior Princess vibes from Monica.  I wish we got more screen time from her.


- If I was Gladio I would have been way more angry that Iris didn’t call me first before Noct.


- Ardyn is still the personification of stranger danger.


- The first time around I missed that Sania was at Hammerhead and Gladio was talking with her.  I could only imagine what they were talking about lol.


- I feel like Takka lived for some in depth conversations about recipes with Ignis.


- Prompto clearly had it bad for Cindy, I mean pick that man’s jaw up off the floor bad for her.  His feelings for Aranea and Iris were more casual “hey those girls are cute…” sort of thing.


- Noctis was a cocky little shit in Chapter 2.


- I still think the guys are idiots for taking Ardyn up on his ‘offers’.


- Did Carbuncle always photo bomb my photos or did that come from an update?  Because it’s god damn cute.


- Base Busting is still as funny as it was when I did my first play through and Prompto really needs to start a side business doing this.


- The little details are still amazing the second time around.


- Apparently Iris can ride Chocobos and I never knew and her Chocobo in my game was hot pink and it was everything.


- Iris should have just come along for the whole journey, she is queen.


- Talcott talking about his late grandfather still breaks my fucking heart.


- Replaying the game makes me think that the girl Gladio meets during the ten years of darkness is someone who works at the power plant in Lestallum.  I think the big guy has a thing for built women.


- I haven’t watched Kingsglaive but is Loqi and Caliglio in that movie?  They just seem so random in this game to me.


- I feel like Dustin is the ninja assassin in the crownsguard and you can’t convince me otherwise.


- I love Prompto, don’t get me wrong, but my god sometimes he can be such a whiny bitch. It makes me wonder how on earth Ignis put up with that on their journey.  Like I just envision Ignis yelling at him in the Regalia saying “he should have went when they were at the last rest stop and that he needs to hold it” since he will not pull over just so he can go pee and then Noct making some comment about going off the side and Ignis getting more mad lol.


- How many books did Gladio bring on this trip?  So far I have seen a total of 3 different books.


- I get the Ignis/Aranea shippers…I 100% get it now and I am on board.  I just want them to out sass each other and end up making out.


- I also am 100% in Gladnis hell on second play through.


- And I am still on the Noct/Iris train.  I am really loving Iris more playing the second time.


- I need more Cor in my life, thank the six he is in Gladio’s DLC.


- Cid reminds me of a guy that has seen some shit in his life time and will never let you forget that fact.


- I really need to know what the Reggie/Cid fallout was.


- Even on second play through I still needed to give Prompto Chocobos over Gladio needing to make sure his sister was ok in Lestallum.  He just needs to ride those Chocobos all day!


- I used to think I had a bad coffee addiction, until I was introduced to Mr. Ignis Scientia who quite literally gets cravings during battles and at inappropriate times.  Like, Iggy seriously get your shit together.


- This game had some very under used strong female characters and I am very upset they were not used to their fullest.


- Aranea needs a spin off game.


- When Aranea is talking with Prompto about MT’s being demons my heart just broke and I cried a thousand tears.  I am still unclear as to if he really knew he was an MT at that point (I mean I know he knows he was from Niffelheim) but the fact that he might have just made that conversation even harder to hear.


- Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Cindy either swings both ways or is into the ladies based on the fact that she coaxed Holly with a dinner?  Just something about the way Holly talked about it made me get that vibe.  Maybe it’s not so much that she is married to her job as it is that she plays for the other team.  Or maybe Holly is really into her?  I am ok with either.


- Dino is just a gigolo trying to make that dolla.


- Ardyn is still stranger danger 101.


- The Titan battle is hands down the best battle of the whole game.


- Also I don’t know how I missed the Fallgrove tomb being robbed and having no weapon in it the first play through I did.


- Gladio is way too casual about his scars when he rejoins the group.  I would have never let him just brush it off like that.  I mean the man’s chest looks like he just had open heart surgery.


- Also how could Noctis not know the hunter in the power plant was Gladio…it was painfully obvious even when you had the sound on mute.


- I definitely yelled at my TV screen “Fuck you Holly I am getting these demons even if I melt to death in this power plant” when she came over the radio telling me to abort the mission.


- I still overwhelmingly really love this game.


I will post again when I play through the rest of the game.  But I can not wait for the Gladio DLC at the end of the month.  Cor and him are looking so fine in that trailer.  Also anyone else getting the vibes that Cor is really immortal from that?  If he is I called it months ago lol.


Word Count: 1.1k

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader

Summary: How easily does true love disappear?

First Day 

“…. which would then make the initial velocity 40 meters per second, at theta equals 30 degrees…” Your physics professor rambles on and on, scribbling diagrams here and there on the smart-board. You sit all the way back in the lecture hall, avoiding the cluster of future Issac Newtons up ahead. Your empty notebook is withering away on the desk. 

The doors behind you open, and a boy sneaks in, slowly shutting the door as it creaks. You check the time on your phone and try not to give him a judgmental look when he settles down next to you. How is he 45 minutes late? He might as well have stayed home… You try to mind your own business and stare at your blank notebook. 

Well into the lessons, you feel a tap on your lower arm. 

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EXO: dating Lay (Yixing) would include

• him not being able to look away from you when you make eye contact
• you’re both trapped in a sort of daze, unable to look away from each other and honestly…people are starting to look lmao
• so if one of the guys is there with him (Baekhyun probs), they’ll make the first move and shove him towards you
• he’d be so shy when first getting to know you, always asking advice from the others and they’d be like aw our baby finally found love
• they’d be so confused when it comes to helping him, bc they know you’re already in love with this fool and he can no do wrong in your eyes
• he’d approach you romantically over time, not wanting to chase you away, until you’re both acting like a married couple
• literally the most romantic person and will go out of his way just to please you
• whether it’s in bed, cooking for you, cuddling with you, teaching you a language- you’re his sunshine and he just wants to make you happy
• laughing whenever he says some sexual innuendos bc he’s not as innocent as everyone thinks (only to you ofc)
• butt grabs
• pretending to be mad when he grabs someone else’s butt so he’d give you more kisses
• wearing his comfy clothes around the house
• esp when he’s away and you can still smell his shampoo and aftershave
• Skyping and face timing ALWAYS with some of the other members popping in to say hello every now and then
• random bursts of affection
• like he’d pull you into his chest when you’re just cooking or watching a movie
• “y/n, I love you so much. What would I do without you? I swear, I would never survive without you, the love of my life, the bread to my jam, the-”
• “yixing can we please go back to watching the movie why did you have to pause it”
• buys you plush toys just to see your excitement
• kisses are so slow and full of love
• won’t pull away for hours, completely drawn to you like a magnet
• has a cute habit of burying his face in your neck when you make him laugh
• playing with your hair if you ever let him
• watching tutorials on YouTube like ‘now to French braid’ or ‘how to make a waterfall braid’
• he’d sit you on his lap and put this new information to the test
• fails ofc, but it’s ok bc he’ll proceed to kiss your neck and forget all about braids
• randomly would stare at you and mumble something in Mandarin
• and you’re like ? Does he plan on killing me or did he just confess his love
• he was just saying how beautiful you are when the sun shines on your face and aw he never translates for you anymore bc you’re always making him blush
• having staring contests with kyungsoo and yixing being creeped out by yall
• so content and happy when you lay your head down on his chest and trace your fingers over his skin
• never wanting you to get out of bed in the morning and always begging for a few more minutes of silence
• you always catching him staring at you
• and he never looks away, just smiles and goes back to whatever he was doing
• putting his hands in your back pocket when you’re kissing
• shoulder bites
• surprising you with food (feat. Chanyeol)
• playing footsies with you when you’re out in public, just to get a reaction out of you
• massaging your shoulder softly whenever you’re tired, whispering every now and then “does that feel good? “Is that better, baby?” Cheeky devil
• keep this innocent man with you forever, he only deserves the best 🌷

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Twin Troubles

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Grant gustins girlfriend and Dylan obriens twin sister and she plays Supergirl and at comicon when the Supergirl cast and Grant are promoting the crossover with the flash and plays a prank on the reader and Grant and they end up shouting “DYLAN!” At the same time

Notes: So, I hope this is what you’re looking for, I added a lot of Grant x reader stuff in the middle with the hotel and all that, just because I felt like it and it worked well in there, I think (hope). Plus, I just really like this gif and it looks like something that would happen before the panel started in the fic so…Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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Jimin x Best Friend! Reader - First Sleepover

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° oml don’t even get me started

° okok so imagine you two being best friends whilst you invite him over

° well you didn’t exactly invite him, he came over because he wanted to

° and you guys are just hanging out

° it’s all bantz (banter)

° he’s about to leave bc it’s bare late

° until (here comes my cliché twist hehe :p) the weather changes drastically

° so it’s not safe to go outside

° therefore, you ask him to stay over

° “Jiminie, stay over, it’s not safe to go outside at this time and weather”

° “Are you sure Y/N? I mean I can hail a cab an-”

° *cue your death glare*

° “Jiminie it’s too dangerous”

° “Okok fine”

° as weird as it sounds, you guys have never had a sleep over before although you’re best friends

° and bc he’s Park Jimin, ofc he’s so prepared for these type of things so he always leaves a spare change of clothes at yours

° it’s currently 11am

° you guys sit in the living room and just watch random movies

° until you hear your belly rumble

° cue Jimin’s deadly smirks

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° “Well Y/N, your hungry aren’t y-”

° you hear his belly rumble lol

° and that’s wen smirky Jimin goes to mochi Jimin

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° Jimin being the gentleman he is, he offers to make food for you

° ofc you join him

° as you guys are cooking your fave quick easy foods, he does a step wrong

° so you shove him away playfully to the side so you can show him how to do it properly

° as your speaking and showing him how to do it, he’s leaning on the corner with his arms crossed

° “Jimin, do you know how to do it now?”

° no answer

° you whip your head around to look at him

° “Jimi-”

° and he’s just standing there

° in all his glory

° just staring at you with an emotion you’ve never seen before

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° and it just winds you, like fr he just took your breath away

° you guys are just staring at each other

° both of you are walking closer to each other

° you feel his hand sneak over yours that was holding the cutting knife

° “Like this?” he says quietly

° mind you, you guys are still staring into each other’s eyes

° shaking yourself outta it, you look at his hand over yours, mimicking the hand gestures on the knife

° “Oh yh… yh it’s like that”

° you guys act normally with each other after that

° you take your food to your room and you eat it there as he’s about to shower

° you both finish your food, and he goes to take a quick shower in your en suite, whilst your just surfing the net on your phone

° you hear the door opening after ten minutes with Jimin dressed in a black hoodie with some shorts

° and his hair is wet

° and your there like

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° but outside your there with sum rbf (resting bitch face)

° but he knows that he’s got an effect on you so him being a bitch, he runs his hand thru his hair making him hotter than ever

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° and your done with him teasing the shit outta you

° “two can play at that game” you thought

° so your there like

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° and then somehow you guys end up having a pillow fight bc why not

° and you guys are being brutal af lol

° until

° this happens

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° and then this happens

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° you guys are giggling sm omg

° but then it hits you

° you were in Jimin’s arms, straddling him

° you slowly move your head so you can face Jimin

° and you guys just… Smile at each other

° and outta nowhere, he gives you a peck, but like not a peck. Like ok yh it’s a peck but his lips are still on yours for another five seconds

° your #shooketh

° he gives you the biggest, cutest smile EVER

° and you just smile into another kiss, but this time it’s a proper kiss

° after its done, you roll off him and you both just lie in silence, staring at the ceiling

° but your hands are intertwined

° “that was the best first sleepover ever”

° “you got that right”

° you guys just giggle your asses off again

° both of you get engulfed by a relaxing silence

° after a couple of moments, you see his hand raise up

° “be with me?” he says

° “yeah”

° you put your hand in his, and both of you smiled like crazy, whilst falling asleep in his arms

A/N: Thank you guys for reading this. Hope you liked it :))

Credits: @xbabyunnie

My NT Family #1

The INTJ daughter (me)
-Likes to sleep
-Been focused on the same topic since she has use of memory
-Usually cleans to relax
-Loves the family pet
-Not fond of family gatherings
-Always with headphones
-The one that always breaks stuff
-and bumps into everything
-Naps everywhere
-Is almost always studying something.
-Not spontaneous at all
-Loves having a routine
-Hates being pushed around
-Has it’s own times for everything
-Eats to relieve stress
-Doesn’t like being interrupted
-Not affectionate
-Huge night owl
-Can’t do empathy
-Losses everything
-Spends too much time in fictional universes
-Half-listens all conversations
-Only two close friends
-Lots of sarcasm
-Has it’s own notebook for writing/reading/anime/tv shows
-In its own world 24/7
Common phrases include:
-”Sorry, wasn’t listening.”
-”That’s stupid.”
-”Don’t mess up with my routine.”
-”I’m doing something right now.”
-”I don’t want to go out today, or ever.”

The ENTP dad:
-Has lots of sudden ideas that he abandons a week later
-He goes out and has dinner with his friends a lot
-Collects memes of politicians and sends it to all of their WhatsApp contacts
-Dad jokes
-Loud telephone conversations that wake me up
-Tells lots of anecdotes
-Hates injustice
-Forces us to get outside
-Loves having people over
-Knows literally everyone
-and everyone knows him
-Is extroverted; but wants its own space as well
-Can adapt to sudden things easily
-Starts lots of books that he doesn’t finish
-Always willing to speak its mind
-Always honest
-Has his own way of doing empathy
-Curious about everything
-”Look, they’re dancing flamenco!”
Common phrases include:
-”A sudden idea came to me.”
-”If you think about it, it’s irrational.”
-”So I started talking to him/her and found out…”
-”Sometimes I wonder how people don’t think.”
- “It was an utterly bizarre situation.”
-”Today we are eating outside.”
-”How was that called?”

The INTP brother
-Enjoys ENTP’s memes
-Loves video games
-Knows everything about computer tech
-Does not have strong opinions about stuff
-Very introverted
-Has friends but not close ones
-Loves to discuss politics
-Watches lots of documentaries
-Proud nerd
-History geek
-Gains knowledge through unconventional means: History video games, random movies, tv shows, videogames, videogames
-Wide music taste
-Very witty comebacks
-Usually bossed around
-Has random occurrences and projects he never finishes
-Has lots of theories about how things work
-People love him
-Excellent conversational skills he hides
-Has very few preferences
Common phrases include:
-”I don’t have a preference.”
-”I’m tired of people’s stupidity.”
-”I’m too tired for that.”
-”Going out is too much trouble.”
-”Is that supposed to be an insult?”

Cuddling (Logicality)

Written quickly for my good friend @mylasagnaisraw because she read angst and wanted fluff, and nothing is better than sleepy cuddling Logicality. I hope you guys like this!!

Cuddling is a surprisingly nice activity, Logic has found. Calming. Relaxing. Peaceful. Warm and sweet. He liked it.

Luckily, Morality did too.

Before they had struck up a romantic relationship, Logan had never really had the opportunity to cuddle. There was simply no occasion! The only time he was ever cuddled was on the random opportunity that Roman would fall sleep with his head on Logic’s shoulder whilst they watched a Disney movie, for that boy was a natural cuddler. But that rarely happened, and Logan often moved away pretty quickly.

Anxiety had never hugged or cuddled him.

Morality had always been more comfortable around him, often giving him hugs or pats on the back, but proper cuddling still was a rare occurence.

And now they were dating, and Logic got to wake up most mornings in a large comfy bed, long legs tangled with his own, fingers intertwined, soft puffs of breath a warm rhythm against the back of his neck. He got to wake up with the warm feeling of arms looped around his waist, tugging him closer and tightening securely, pulling him against a soft body and keeping him safe and comfortable. He got to feel Patton’s head resting on his shoulder, soft hair tickling his neck, got to hear his sleepy mumbling. He was able to experience being hugged and cuddled and snuggled, Logic was allowed to feel loved and warm and protected whenever he wanted. That was a blessing. He was extremely lucky to have Morality.

And now, as Logan awoke cradled in his boyfriend’s arms, he was sure he had never felt so happy or content. Shifting slowly so he wouldn’t disturb the sleeping boy, he gently rolled over so he was facing Morality’s front. Logic shuffled closer and snuggled tighter, fingers idly playing with the hem of Patton’s pyjama shirt, feeling the comfortably warm skin beneath. He tucked himself further into Morality’s arms, pressing himself close to the sleeping trait’s chest and sighing happily. Patton’s arms tightened gently against Logic, sighing peacefully in his sleep. A rush of adoration shot through Logan as he gazed at his boyfriend’s face; his eyelashes were thick and cast soft shadows on his cheeks, the tiniest peaceful smile lingering on his lips, his faint freckles looking as adorable as ever. Logan couldn’t resist leaning up to press a kiss to Patton’s jaw, then his cheek, then a soft one to his lips. It was gentle and quick, sweet and love filled and innocent. It made Morality shift in his sleep, mumbling incoherently as his eyelids fluttered. Logan cuddled down further into the blankets, tucking his chin over Patton’s shoulder and humming contentedly as his boyfriend slowly woke up.

 After a minute a hand moved from Logan’s waist and clumsily reached up to gently stroke his hair. Logic flickered his gaze upwards, meeting Morality’s sleepy yet adoring gaze and smiling.

“G’morning love.” Patton yawned, pressing his face into Logan’s hair.

“Good morning.” Logic replied.

“Mmm. Do we have to get up?” Morality asked, sounding reluctant. Logan thought about it for a moment, but the idea of moving out of the warm bed and embrace of his boyfriend, of disrupting this peaceful moment, of ending the cuddling, was one he was not at all fond of.

“Well, we have nothing on. I suppose we could stay here for a bit longer.” Logan told him quietly.

“Great, I don’t wanna get up, I’m enjoying snuggling with you.” Patton noted casually, making a tiny blush and a pleased smile form on Logic’s face.

“I- I am enjoying this too.” 

“That’s good.”

“It’s nice. I like cuddling you.” Logic admitted, making Morality laugh quietly.

“I’m glad, I like cuddling you too. You’re adorable.” He cooed. Logan huffed and hid his face back in Patton’s shoulder, who continued hugging him with one arm and stroking his hair with the other. Logic couldn’t get the soft smile off his face though.

And maybe he didn’t need to. After all, this was his happy place. Snuggling peacefully with his boyfriend, happy and warm and content and comfortable.

Yes, Logan really loved cuddling.