this random movie I never watched

Do you ever find random songs on your iPod that you never remember listening to and sometimes they’re good

Beauty (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Requested by a nonnie! It’s about reader being insecure about their acne.

So sorry this took forever to get out hun!! Hope you enjoy! Also shoutout to @uncharted-hoe for the Hell’s Kitchen Rafe headcanon. This is the second time I’ve used it in a fic I swear I’m obsessed with it - enjoy!! xx

Word Count: 1,423


You never thought Rafe would be the type for the smaller, cozier date, but your past seven dates had been just that. Had it really been seven? If someone had told you when you met Rafe just over a year ago that eight months from then the two of you would be sitting on his couch watching some random movie on Netflix after dinner, you would have rolled your eyes and taken them for an idiot.

“This movie is awful,” Rafe says beside you, arm slung around your shoulders. You snort. Typical. You swear he hated every movie you two watched but you just laughed it off every time. The most positive reaction you ever got out of him was when the two of you watched The Devil Wears Prada and he seemed to approve of Meryl Streep’s character. You swear he even cracked a smile at her attitude in the film but he denied it adamantly and to this day hasn’t fessed up to it.

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10 random things about myself and tag 15 others:

1) its midnight while starting this, my favorite time of day/night

2) the news is on, I never watch the news, turned the channel to Apollo 13, love this movie

3) very sad today, my brother came over to get his dog back, I’ve been watching him for a few months, a brown boxer, my kids and I miss him already

4) haven’t played guitar in 2 weeks, miss that too

5) I will be buying my first pair of glasses soon, my eyes suck, over 40 sucks

6) 3 cd’s in my car (yes, cd’s) TOOL - 10,000 Days, DAVID NAIL - I’m About To Come Alive, and JIMI HENDRIX - Band Of Gypsys

7) the grocery store I always go to rearranged all the aisles recently, besides the deli and produce departments, I still can’t get used to it

8) sometimes I come to tumblr just for the pictures

9) I was at a PRIMUS concert in the 90’s with my girlfriend at the time, she had long straight brown hair, she was standing in front of me, I was many beers in, the dude (also) in front of me had long straight brown hair, at some point I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, except… NO… I kissed HIM on the cheek, she had been tossed up to crowd surf, that was a very awkward few seconds, but he laughed, I later bought him a beer and when my girlfriend made it back I showed him how I made the mistake (did I actually just share this? lol)

10) its now 1am and I’m hungry, bye.

no tags, but if you read this and press the heart I’m interested in you also, so do it, please, pretty please, I’m begging you to do it, damn it - do it! or not :) its ok, I forgive you, move along now…

Conversations with my husband about HP

My husband…out of the blue…just spoke up and said, “Woah! I bet when two magicals make a mug baby, they kill it. This Harry Potter thing is messed up.”

Before I can even ask him where that thought cane from- he kept going.

“They could use more of those mug babies. Maybe because they kill them is why they don’t have working toilets in Harry Potter land. You’d think they’d need toilets at Harry Potter school. But they don’t have any because they killed all the mug babies.”

😂😂😂You guys….I have NO clue where this thread of thought came from. My husband had never seen any of the movies or read the books. Ever. He’s still sitting here, watching a car auction on tv, muttering about how messed up ‘Harry Potter land’ is and asking me random questions.

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(1) If I were dating you, we spend lazy mornings in bed, cuddling and kissing and not caring that the world is going on around us. We'd cook meals together, though it would take some negotiating because you eat some weird stuff.

2We’d stay up late talking about the kind of random things that people talk about when it’s so late that it’s early. We’d have dates at museums, you’d tell me things about science and mythology, and I’d share my weirdly specific historical knowledge.

(3)- We’d watch each other favourite movies and read it others favourite books, and, overall, I think it would be pretty great.

I think that would be pretty great too!! I’d totally be willing to never ever make peanut butter with rice!! (And I would avoid tomatos as much as I could!) I would so love to date you….

Tag game

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spell your URL with song titles
S- sing for you exo
E- everything has changed taylor swift
H- history exo
U- uptown funk mark ronson ft. bruno mars
N- needed me rihanna
N- never be like you flume
I- i really like you carly rae jepsen
F- first love exo
I- i need u bts
E- el dorado exo
D- dangerous woman ariana grande

random things about yourself
I don’t have any pets
I like iron man
I don’t like chocolate ice cream
I enjoy running
I have way too many clothes

rule: 10 questions 10 answers
1. last movie I watched: Suicide Squad
2. last song I listened to: artificial love exo
3. last tv show I watched: the mystic nine
4. last book I read: paper towns
5. last thing I ate: chicken chow mein
6. if I had a million dollars: I would buy a new house for my parents and donate some of it to charity and with the remaining money I would use it to travel to new places
7. if I could be anywhere else rn: exo’s apartment tbh or wherever they are rn
8. if I could time travel to a decade: the future obviously so I can see how screwed up it is
9. a fic character that I’d hang out with for a day: Tris Prior- Divergent
10. last fandom I joined: EXO 😏😏😏

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I’m going to need some stuff to watch in the next little while, so: what movies should I watch? Anything you think is a film someone else should see, basically - I can’t promise to like it but I never see enough movies and I would really like some random suggestions I might not know about or have thought of myself<3


NEW STUDYBLR :) • • • Hey my name is Miranda Noel!! I am 15 years old and I live in the United States. I am currently a sophomore at Midview High School in Ohio. English, history, and science are my favorite subjects. I am in a couple honors classes and I actually really enjoy school. When I graduate high school I hope to attend college and become a genetic engineer. I also want to live in New York City and travel! • Some random facts about me!!! I love reading, writing, and photography. I love the beach. I have been out of the country twice, once to Canada and another to Turks and Caicos! I like to binge watch my favorite tv shows and movies on Netflix. I love concerts and music is my passion. I was adopted when I was 3 days and I have never met my birth parents. I love photography and writing. (follow me on VSCO @princessmirandaa for some pretty cool pictures of my life) • The reason I made this account is because one day I was scrolling though my dashboard and someone I followed reblogged something from @/studypetals and it was about studyblr. I had no idea what studyblr was so I started to do some investigating. Just looking through some accounts gave me inspiration and motivation. I have always wanted to become more organized with school and start to become a better student but I had never had much motivation. These studying blogs had many tips on how to improve your life with school so I have made the decision to become more organized and start to study more. I would like to thank @studyspo @studyblr @scholarly @bulletjournalinspiration and @studypetals for creating your blogs, if I didn’t find your pages I wouldn’t have found this inspiration!!
((please reblog this post & follow me!! and feel free to let me know about your favorite studyblrs so I can find more people to follow. also let me know what you would like to see on my account i’m open to any of your opinions!)) here’s my personal blog :) (

Zootopia Sequel / Random Thoughts

So, ever since watching this movie it has taken over my life and I can’t stop thinking about it. You don’t get many movies like this these days - the all consuming need to take in all related content - most movies these days you go in with such low expectations and come out going “well it wasn’t too bad.”

Not Zootopia.

Maybe cause it’s Disney, and they have such a high standard on themselves to come out with amazing content. I never watch a Disney film with low expectations, if anything it’s too high, and sometimes you enjoy them, sometimes you don’t and then sometimes they go above and beyond!

That’s Zootopia for you.

It has the BEST themes and messages in a movie aimed at kids ever, it’s not about true love/romance (though I’ll get there in a minute) the fact that a kids movie goes into depth about racism and discrimination etc is so well done and is something that needs to be said. Not only that, but about never giving up on your dreams requires hard work and dedication. The fact that you could have been as bad as the people you spoke out against and that change starts with you. Amazing and the whole theme of this in the background of a crime/buddy cop film was excellent.

I mean this:

Wow. That was really and moving and sad, cause we see this shit in the real world. Given all the racism it tackled in the movie, it really does leave me in weird spaces to see fan art of Nick and Judy has humans. Because they’re both white. Only 1 human fan art I’ve see has had black skin. Does anyone else feel bothered by this? That we had an entire movie about racism and discrimination and when out of that setting the fan art picks all white. I don’t know… it feels wrong to see all the human fan art.

Now, the “romance”. I’m hoping for a sequel- many if they all remain high quality- I really want to see Judy and Nick’s relationship grow more. Personally, I want them to be in a romantic relationship, I am a shipper. That’s just how I see it. There were certain body gestures you don’t do with a friend, and they had a couple. There hugging scene, after Judy apologies, is one. We all hug friends, but Nick holding Judy’s head like that, I’ve never had friends do that. It’s like, I only see that movement for a couple or parents to their child. It’s the same gesture to me as cupping someone’s cheek.

See this:

Bodies are still too far apart but the rest of his gesturing is there.

Well, if there is never a sequel this scene works as lovers or as friends. This movie works as a stand alone in terms of the romantic or lack there of because it wasn’t the main plot. And I think I like that for origin stories. We’ve got too many kids movies about true love, let’s stop hammering that over the head in the first movie and show other stories first. Cause if they never make a sequel, shippers and non shippers would be satisfied with their relationship because it’s left alone enough that way. If they had kissed, we’ll all bets would’ve been off. But hey, I definitely want them in a romantic relationship for the sequels. Their chemistry- oh my god.

I think it’d be a nice backdrop for their next case - their interspecies relationship and how that meshes with Zootopia. Not once in that movie did I see any romantic relationship between species. Every family was one breed. Would the community be very accepting of such a relationship? Or at least be at surface level but underneath is discriminatory? I mean change isn’t instant and we are still - even in this day and age! - not at full equality for everyone. However I understand you can’t have the same movie theme over and over because it doesn’t work non stop in stories because it doesn’t work.

Anyway, I need more fan art. Be still, my shipper heart.


FINAL THOUGHTS? I’d like to see Nick’s family. Is he on good terms with them? And no more goddamn godfather reference that hinge on plot in movies ever. Ugh. I need a Zootopia movie sequel far more than Frozen or the other movies! It’s far better and outshines in all ways!

ok like. I watched ghostbusters for the third time today. And so now it’s later and I was looking for something new to watch so I put on a random movie ive never heard of before and 9 minutes in, a girl enters the scene, speaking before she comes into the shot. And immediately I know. That is my wife, Kate fucking McKinnon. I can’t escape her. It’s destiny

The movie Warcraft

I have to say that I really loved the movie Warcraft a lot, and I’ve never even played the game. I honestly liked Warcraft a little bit more than I liked Star Trek Beyond, which I thought was rather disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, Warcraft definitely has its fair share of problems, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. I’m really excited to watch it again when it comes out on DVD. :)

Random Tag?

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1. Last movie you saw: Suicide Squad w/ @matthewhealyfandom
2. Last song you listened to: Funeral Suits - All those friendly people
3. Last show you watched: Puella Magi Madoka Magica w/ @revengeoftheotaku at SMASH! aka the place we lost Chloe Price (no, im not over it)
4. Last book you read: Sketchy, Doubtful, Incomplete Jottings by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (ooh fanceh)
5. Last thing you ate: Bruschetta 
6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Submerged in the ocean on some secluded island. Preferably by myself and during that time in the morning where you can feel the crispness of the air. 
7. Where would you time travel to: The future. I want to know what happens to us- like our species. What new developments there are, how advanced we become, what the new issues of the time are, the changes of society, what our generation was wrong about, If we survive. ((The memes)) Just EVERYTHING. I want to know everything about the future. Also the medical side of things would be far superior and I would rack so much shit. Ummm.. so yea like the year 3005 maybe? Because I would (hopefully) still be able to blend into society and understand most language but could also get a lot out of it.
8. The first thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off all my mums bills and throw a massive party with killer music and a tonne of shrooms.
9.Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Chloe Price.. but not for a day. For..ever. Pls n thank.
10. Time right now: 4:36am

Idk if they’ll see this but I’m tagging @eviltits and @a-dignified-killer bc their blogs are v cool :)))

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TAGGING ( EIGHT PEOPLE ) | sorry, I don’t tag like this. 

ONE ( NAME / ALIAS ) | kira_k
TWO ( BIRTHDAY ) | 0710
THREE ( ZODIAC SIGN ) | cancer. mostly 
FOUR ( HEIGHT ) | 172 cm
FIVE ( TIME ) | 02:04 am
SIX ( SLEEP ) | too little, too late.
SEVEN ( FAVORITE BOOKS ) | Michael Ende’s Momo, JRRTolkien, Three Musketeers, Dune
NINE ( LAST MOVIE WATCHED ) | Ghostbusters (2016) - it was good. 
TEN ( COLLEGE ) | Been there, done that. it’s called BCE these days.
ELEVEN ( DREAM JOB ) | english/hungarian lit. translator or writer. It’s never gonna happen
TWELVE ( THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL ) | my name. *ba-dumm-tss*

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LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: Actually, I don’t know because apparently all of my music got deleted from my phone??? So I just had to put it all back, like literally just now Here’s a song off random: Never Let Go - Florence and The Machine
LAST BOOK YOU READ: Trials of Apollo, Book 1
LAST THING YOU ATE: Beer and Caramel ice cream

IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE: Somewhere that’s my own and nobody else’s
WHERE WOULD YOU TIME TRAVEL TO: A future where all disease is curable.
FIRST THING YOU WOULD DO WITH LOTTERY MONEY: pay off my debts and move out of my mother’s house.

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8,15,44 (:

8: Want any tattoos?
i see a lot of tattoos that I think are cool, or there’s a few quotes that I’d love to have on my body, but i’m too afraid of that commitment. I like them more on other people.

15: Favorite movie
Totally I was literally researching movies bc idk any good ones. I never watch movies.

44: A random fact about anything
I’m supposed to be cleaning for my cousin to come over tomorrow but there’s so many boxes and everyone’s asleep and idk how to move everything without waking ppl up lol i hate myself for procrastinating