this random movie I never watched

watched p&p with a group of friends who had never seen it before and i honestly had to hide my crazy a little bit because i just wanted to shout out random facts like “look it begins and ends with a sunrise” or  “pay close attention to the evolution of darcy’s outfits and how they correlate to his feelings for elizabeth” and literally quote the movie verbatim but you know, i had to play it cool

Good Girl (Smut)


Request: Can you do something like Keep It Down but with Aaliyah being in the room.

Word count: 3,512

I was lying between each of Shawn’s thighs on the couch, my back resting against his broad chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me.

We were cuddled up and tangled together under a warm blanket, watching some random movie on the TV that Aaliyah really wanted us to see with her. Aaliyah was lying under another blanket in the beanbag in front of us, resting her head on the edge of the grey sofa.

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A Date With Markiplier

So I’m sure most of you are aware of @markiplier ’s most recent video which is a choose your own adventure-esc story. I’m completely in love with the idea and how it was executed. Team Markiplier did a fanastic job with it and i was movitaved enough to do this! i spent 10 hours making these cute little gifs and the lack of sleep was worth it. (Thanks for the motivation to get my ass in gear once more :) )

So here we go on the adventure that is a Date With Markiplier:

Warning! THERE ARE SPOILERS! these are all of the 10 endings and so if you haven’t gotten them I may spoil it for you! First Ending: Meta 

AKA, Mark being a huge dick 

Second Ending: I Had So Much Planned

AKA, use wheelies to escape your feelies

Third Ending: Vanilla 

this one was the first one i did, and i was just going to do this and Chocolate but i got carried away…

AKA, Pure Vanilla Bean 

Fourth Ending: Chocolate

This was supposed to look more menacing than it actually does. Oh Whale 


Fifth & Sixth Endings: Peanut Butter Blues & Tuna Triumph

These are some of my favorites because they are so random and they remind me of the history lesson videos 

AKA, What. The. Actual. Shit. Just. Happened.

Seventh Ending: Alien Abduction

AKA, the newest MIB movie looks great!

Eighth Ending: The Big Dig???

I believe that this is the eighth ending??? Please Correct me if I’m wrong

AKA, I just watched a full grown man scrape the floor with a spoon for ten minutes

Ninth Ending: Mark Ded AF

AKA, this is why you never split up 

and finally, the Tenth Ending: True Ending

AKA, The Return Of Wilford Warfstache

Sorry for the long-ass post, but i hope you like the fruits of my efforts. I am a beginner in digital art and I know its not perfect, but that’s why i posted it. :)

I want to share my night with you. We will play pillow fight until we get tired. We will laugh all night long; we will eat our favorite food and watch movies together. And when it gets late, I will entangle you inside my arms while we have long sweet and random talks. I will become your cuddle buddy. I will kiss you slowly, embrace you tightly and we’ll enjoy the rest of the night. I want to feel you gasping for air. I want to feel that you are wanting for more. I want to feel you breathing. No sexual interaction, just intimate and romantic love connection. I want to see your body lying next to me. I want to feel your arms wanting for my warmth embrace. I want to wake up in the morning seeing your adorable face. I will wake you up with a lovely kiss on your forehead and say I love you in your ear. I want this. With you.
—  E.J. Cenita

anonymous asked:

prompt idea: 1st year Isak meeting 3rd year Even before Isak came out, and Even kissed Mikael? Just to see how they would interact with each other?

oh my gosh this is adorable. I hope I do it justice <3 

“That was amazing, wasn’t that amazing? don’t even try to tell me that wasn’t amazing.” Jonas gushed as they walked out into the cinema lobby together after watching the new star wars movie. 

Isak smiled brightly at his best friend, his eyes twinkling as he watched the excitement make his face glow with sheer happiness. He nodded “Yeah it was amazing.” 

to be honest Isak couldn’t remember much of the movie, but he remembered giggling with Jonas during the funny parts, and hearing him gasp when the action blew up, he remembered what it felt like when the lights went down and he could imagine that it was just him and Jonas and no one else.

“Holy shit that was incredible!” Eva screeched wrapping her arm around Jonas and kissing him on the cheek. 

but more than anything Isak remembered Eva sitting between them, reminding him the reality that will always be there when the lights come back on. 

“actually I was gonna say amazing” Jonas smiled, pulling her in for a kiss. 

Isak’s chest tightened and he told himself, it didn’t mean anything. he didn’t care. 

but he did. 

he always did. 

“so guys…pizza?” he asked trying to get their attention. 

trying to get any attention. 

“actually I was having a craving for burgers, how about we-” Jonas’s voice was drowned out suddenly by a group of boys walking past them laughing at something one of them said. 

“I am serious though, where is the originality these days?” an extremely tall boy wearing a baseball cap talked so passionately Isak couldn’t help but notice and listen. “the entire thing felt like a rewind of everything we’ve seen: watch rinse repeat. What happened to something unique and real with a construct that isn’t-” 

“I swear to god Even if you try to ruin star wars-” a dark haired boy cut him off, as the group hummed in agreement. 

“I’m not ruining anything- i’m just saying can you imagine if they tried that technique we learnt last week where- 

Suddenly Isak felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up to see Jonas frowning and shaking his head. 

“ugh don’t you just hate pretentious film nerds?”

Isak looked off where he saw the boys walking away, and was surprised to notice the pretentious film nerd looking back. It was for a split second. But Isak was sure, that he saw him…or maybe he didn’t. 

Isak tried to shake the thought out of his head. He was a mess. What was wrong with him. Why could he not see a single attractive guy without- 

he looked up at Jonas and laughed lightly “yeah, so food?” 

They sat down in a booth, grateful for once that Eva was here and wanting of pizza so Isak could satisfy his pizza craving. 

Jonas and Eva cuddled together as they tried to decide what pizza they wanted, Isak tried hard to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach, while pushing away the movie boy. 

ugh the movie boy. 

Isak couldn’t believe how ridiculous he was being. Why was he like this? 

it seemed like a simple question. on the surface it seems like something not very harmful.

but the truth was that question kept Isak up at night so often he doesn’t even remember what a good nights sleep is anymore. he spends hours thinking, questioning, asking, why why why he couldn’t just be like everyone else. 

why he couldn’t just-

not feel what he is too afraid to admit he feels. 

Isak was a mess, but he tried to ignore it. He tried, because if he did, nothing is ruined and he can pretend that it’s not there. 

it doesn’t exist.

Isak nominates himself to order the pizza just to get a break from the third wheeling for two fucking minutes. Just two minutes of being able to breathe. of being able to forget about seeing his two best friends…together. 

when he got to the counter he noticed someone already being served, so he waited, letting his thoughts drift. 

and then a familiar song started to play, and he began singing involuntarily. A smile creeping on his face, as the world turned into a calm safe ocean around him. 

“ba bee da buh” he mumbled the first bit until words he remembered played and he sung louder, tapping his fingers on the counter. “I tried to be chill but you’re so hot I melted, I fell right through the cracks, And now I’m trying to get baaaaaack” 

suddenly he heard a soft laugh from behind him. Isak nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw movie boy staring at him with a warm smile on his face. 

“Halla” Isak smiled. He couldn’t help it. This boy was pretty…and smiling at him? 

“I love this song too” movie boy replied before singing the hook right in front of Isak “But I won’t hesitate No more, no more. It cannot wait, I’m yooours.” he raised his hand up and dramatically swung it around with the beat of the song. 

Isak could feel himself blushing a deep red and he was still grinning widely at this strange boy practically serenading his favourite song to him in a pizza parlour. 

movie boy raised his eyebrows “i’m Even by the way” 

“Isak” he looked at the ground shyly, his hand unconsciously resting on his neck as he giggled nervously at Even the movie boy. 

Even giggled back, there was something about his laugh that lit a fire within Isak. He could feel himself melting just from watching the way the boys eyes crinkled up, and the sun materialised out of thin air just from a random teenage boys smile. 

How could Isak even remember to breathe? 

“I have never seen you at bakka…you don’t go to bakka do you? I would have seen you” Even stated nodding proudly at his detective skills “see I know things” 

Isak rolled his eyes “oh yeah you are very clever bakka boy. hmm this actually explains a lot.” 

Even perked up in surprise, his eyebrows practically hitting his hairline. “oh does it now?” 

Isak laughed “mmhmm I heard you were all snobby arty wannabe types.” 

Even faked gasped like a drama queen “ugh excuse me…okay hmm lets see…test time.” 

“Test time?” Isak asked, laughter not dying down anytime soon. 

“yep, tell me, what did you think of the movie?” 

Even leant his head forward so the baseball cap created a shadow on his face that made his emotions ambiguous. it sent shivers up Isak’s spine. 

Isak straightened up smugly “I loved it” he said daringly with a twinkle in his eye. 

“you loved it? hmm”

Isak nodded “I liked the robot.” 

Even scoffed “the robot. THE ROBOT! oh wow” 

“what? what’s wrong with the robot?” 

“okay first of all, there is no way any star wars fan would call BB-8 a robot” 

“your being a snobby arty wannabe again” Isak pointed out. 

Even smiled shaking his head “you are something else Isak.” 

Isak tried really hard not to turn into a mess right then and there. he really really tried. his heart was beating against his chest, his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, and he could feel this warm fluffy feeling in his stomach that was causing all the smiling. 

how could he still stand? 

suddenly the waitress asked him what his order was and he reluctantly removed his attention away from Even the movie boy to order their pizzas. 

after writing it down the girl looked at him “Chilli?” 

Isak nodded and opened his mouth to say 

“always chilli”

he turned around shocked to hear the words taken from his mouth and smiled at Even “yeah always chilli” he said. the girl took his order and walked away. 

Isak and Even stood there for a moment just staring at each other in awe. Isak wasn’t sure what Even the movie boy was thinking, but all he could feel was this feeling, this notion of “who are you and where have you been” 

Even opened his mouth to say something, but before he could someone from his table called him over. 

Even looked back “i’m coming!” he shouted and then looked at Isak in slight disappointment. “I gotta go” 

Isak nodded and tried to hide the overwhelming sadness he felt at that simple phrase. he hated himself for feeling it because this guy was a mere stranger right? but somehow he didn’t want him to leave just yet. being around him set his heart on power speed, made his cheeks turn pink, and caused him to smile like an idiot; but still he wanted more. 

Even turned to leave but then stopped, he walked closer to Isak and gave him his phone. 

“here, can I have your number? I mean so I could somehow prove to you why i’m not a snobby arty wannabe” 

Isak smiled “you’re not?” he asked as he took his phone and put his number in. 

“Nah i’m not a wannabe, just an artsy snob.” he winked before taking his phone back and walking away, waving at Isak right before walking out the door with his friends. 

“what took you so long?” Jonas asked when he sat back down. 

“who was that guy?” Eva questioned, looking where Even just left. 

Isak smiled and waved her question off “oh you know, just some movie nerd.” 

He looked down at his phone that had one new message from an unknown number. 


even though your taste in films is questionable, your taste in music is not. - Even

Isak grinned before typing in the new contact name. 

“Even the movie boy” 

i hate that the cat in the hat movie has become a meme because when my sister was a toddler she watched that fucking movie every goddamn day. multiple times a day. i don’t think she even liked the cat. she just liked the angry boss who yelled at people all the time. she would scream YOU’RE FIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEED along with the movie, but also sometimes at random. my only respite was when she would alternate with ang lee’s hulk. those were her two favorite films. that was my life, for months. watching this toddler watch those movies, pretending to be whoever was the angriest man on screen. i thought i was free but now she’s a teen and she’s posting goddamn cat in the hat memes on facebook. we’ve come full circle. i will never be free.

EXO: dating Lay (Yixing) would include

• him not being able to look away from you when you make eye contact
• you’re both trapped in a sort of daze, unable to look away from each other and honestly…people are starting to look lmao
• so if one of the guys is there with him (Baekhyun probs), they’ll make the first move and shove him towards you
• he’d be so shy when first getting to know you, always asking advice from the others and they’d be like aw our baby finally found love
• they’d be so confused when it comes to helping him, bc they know you’re already in love with this fool and he can no do wrong in your eyes
• he’d approach you romantically over time, not wanting to chase you away, until you’re both acting like a married couple
• literally the most romantic person and will go out of his way just to please you
• whether it’s in bed, cooking for you, cuddling with you, teaching you a language- you’re his sunshine and he just wants to make you happy
• laughing whenever he says some sexual innuendos bc he’s not as innocent as everyone thinks (only to you ofc)
• butt grabs
• pretending to be mad when he grabs someone else’s butt so he’d give you more kisses
• wearing his comfy clothes around the house
• esp when he’s away and you can still smell his shampoo and aftershave
• Skyping and face timing ALWAYS with some of the other members popping in to say hello every now and then
• random bursts of affection
• like he’d pull you into his chest when you’re just cooking or watching a movie
• “y/n, I love you so much. What would I do without you? I swear, I would never survive without you, the love of my life, the bread to my jam, the-”
• “yixing can we please go back to watching the movie why did you have to pause it”
• buys you plush toys just to see your excitement
• kisses are so slow and full of love
• won’t pull away for hours, completely drawn to you like a magnet
• has a cute habit of burying his face in your neck when you make him laugh
• playing with your hair if you ever let him
• watching tutorials on YouTube like ‘now to French braid’ or ‘how to make a waterfall braid’
• he’d sit you on his lap and put this new information to the test
• fails ofc, but it’s ok bc he’ll proceed to kiss your neck and forget all about braids
• randomly would stare at you and mumble something in Mandarin
• and you’re like ? Does he plan on killing me or did he just confess his love
• he was just saying how beautiful you are when the sun shines on your face and aw he never translates for you anymore bc you’re always making him blush
• having staring contests with kyungsoo and yixing being creeped out by yall
• so content and happy when you lay your head down on his chest and trace your fingers over his skin
• never wanting you to get out of bed in the morning and always begging for a few more minutes of silence
• you always catching him staring at you
• and he never looks away, just smiles and goes back to whatever he was doing
• putting his hands in your back pocket when you’re kissing
• shoulder bites
• surprising you with food (feat. Chanyeol)
• playing footsies with you when you’re out in public, just to get a reaction out of you
• massaging your shoulder softly whenever you’re tired, whispering every now and then “does that feel good? “Is that better, baby?” Cheeky devil
• keep this innocent man with you forever, he only deserves the best 🌷

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Word Count: 1.1k

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader

Summary: How easily does true love disappear?

First Day 

“…. which would then make the initial velocity 40 meters per second, at theta equals 30 degrees…” Your physics professor rambles on and on, scribbling diagrams here and there on the smart-board. You sit all the way back in the lecture hall, avoiding the cluster of future Issac Newtons up ahead. Your empty notebook is withering away on the desk. 

The doors behind you open, and a boy sneaks in, slowly shutting the door as it creaks. You check the time on your phone and try not to give him a judgmental look when he settles down next to you. How is he 45 minutes late? He might as well have stayed home… You try to mind your own business and stare at your blank notebook. 

Well into the lessons, you feel a tap on your lower arm. 

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FFXV Second Play Through Thoughts

So I am doing a second play through (Just finished Chapter 7) of FFXV (of course as a new game + because who doesn’t enjoy slaughtering beasts and demons at a level 80 when they are level 10?) and there are so many things I am noticing that I did not notice the first time:



- First play through I never truly appreciated how beautiful of a man Ignis really is in this game.


- I feel like Ignis had to be aware to some degree that the reason the wedding was being held in Altissia was because Regis felt something might go down.  I can’t fully believe that Ignis didn’t have some inkling on what was to come.


- It became very apparent to me how ok Lunafreya and Noct were about marrying each other.  I mean they weren’t ok with the circumstances, but the fact that it would be to each other they seemed totally fine with.


- Ignis’s back flips during battle are everything.


- I can’t not believe that the boys didn’t give Prompto shit for taking a ‘self defense’ training class with Cor prior to departing on the trip.


- Cor clearly cares about the well being of Prompto.


- I get Xenia Warrior Princess vibes from Monica.  I wish we got more screen time from her.


- If I was Gladio I would have been way more angry that Iris didn’t call me first before Noct.


- Ardyn is still the personification of stranger danger.


- The first time around I missed that Sania was at Hammerhead and Gladio was talking with her.  I could only imagine what they were talking about lol.


- I feel like Takka lived for some in depth conversations about recipes with Ignis.


- Prompto clearly had it bad for Cindy, I mean pick that man’s jaw up off the floor bad for her.  His feelings for Aranea and Iris were more casual “hey those girls are cute…” sort of thing.


- Noctis was a cocky little shit in Chapter 2.


- I still think the guys are idiots for taking Ardyn up on his ‘offers’.


- Did Carbuncle always photo bomb my photos or did that come from an update?  Because it’s god damn cute.


- Base Busting is still as funny as it was when I did my first play through and Prompto really needs to start a side business doing this.


- The little details are still amazing the second time around.


- Apparently Iris can ride Chocobos and I never knew and her Chocobo in my game was hot pink and it was everything.


- Iris should have just come along for the whole journey, she is queen.


- Talcott talking about his late grandfather still breaks my fucking heart.


- Replaying the game makes me think that the girl Gladio meets during the ten years of darkness is someone who works at the power plant in Lestallum.  I think the big guy has a thing for built women.


- I haven’t watched Kingsglaive but is Loqi and Caliglio in that movie?  They just seem so random in this game to me.


- I feel like Dustin is the ninja assassin in the crownsguard and you can’t convince me otherwise.


- I love Prompto, don’t get me wrong, but my god sometimes he can be such a whiny bitch. It makes me wonder how on earth Ignis put up with that on their journey.  Like I just envision Ignis yelling at him in the Regalia saying “he should have went when they were at the last rest stop and that he needs to hold it” since he will not pull over just so he can go pee and then Noct making some comment about going off the side and Ignis getting more mad lol.


- How many books did Gladio bring on this trip?  So far I have seen a total of 3 different books.


- I get the Ignis/Aranea shippers…I 100% get it now and I am on board.  I just want them to out sass each other and end up making out.


- I also am 100% in Gladnis hell on second play through.


- And I am still on the Noct/Iris train.  I am really loving Iris more playing the second time.


- I need more Cor in my life, thank the six he is in Gladio’s DLC.


- Cid reminds me of a guy that has seen some shit in his life time and will never let you forget that fact.


- I really need to know what the Reggie/Cid fallout was.


- Even on second play through I still needed to give Prompto Chocobos over Gladio needing to make sure his sister was ok in Lestallum.  He just needs to ride those Chocobos all day!


- I used to think I had a bad coffee addiction, until I was introduced to Mr. Ignis Scientia who quite literally gets cravings during battles and at inappropriate times.  Like, Iggy seriously get your shit together.


- This game had some very under used strong female characters and I am very upset they were not used to their fullest.


- Aranea needs a spin off game.


- When Aranea is talking with Prompto about MT’s being demons my heart just broke and I cried a thousand tears.  I am still unclear as to if he really knew he was an MT at that point (I mean I know he knows he was from Niffelheim) but the fact that he might have just made that conversation even harder to hear.


- Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Cindy either swings both ways or is into the ladies based on the fact that she coaxed Holly with a dinner?  Just something about the way Holly talked about it made me get that vibe.  Maybe it’s not so much that she is married to her job as it is that she plays for the other team.  Or maybe Holly is really into her?  I am ok with either.


- Dino is just a gigolo trying to make that dolla.


- Ardyn is still stranger danger 101.


- The Titan battle is hands down the best battle of the whole game.


- Also I don’t know how I missed the Fallgrove tomb being robbed and having no weapon in it the first play through I did.


- Gladio is way too casual about his scars when he rejoins the group.  I would have never let him just brush it off like that.  I mean the man’s chest looks like he just had open heart surgery.


- Also how could Noctis not know the hunter in the power plant was Gladio…it was painfully obvious even when you had the sound on mute.


- I definitely yelled at my TV screen “Fuck you Holly I am getting these demons even if I melt to death in this power plant” when she came over the radio telling me to abort the mission.


- I still overwhelmingly really love this game.


I will post again when I play through the rest of the game.  But I can not wait for the Gladio DLC at the end of the month.  Cor and him are looking so fine in that trailer.  Also anyone else getting the vibes that Cor is really immortal from that?  If he is I called it months ago lol.

Good things about the Lego Batman Movie (spoilers):

-References, mocks, and embraces pretty much every piece of Batman media ever
-Remembers that everything is made of lego, and takes advantage of that
-Batman has a crush on Barbara, but the focus is on learning to work together as friends. She never notices, and he doesn’t pressure her about it.
-Babs graduated top of her class at “Harvard for Police”
-everyone says “pew pew pew” while shooting
-Harley Quinn is always on rollerblades. This is never addressed or alluded to.
-Superfriends Cameo
-Central relationships are Batfamily gen and Joker<3<Batman
-Voldemort is there. Ralph Fiennes is a va. Ralph Fiennes does not voice Voldemort.
-Commissioner Barbara Gordon
-Random D-List super villains
-Batman continues to write music about himself
-I didn’t have to watch Thomas and Martha Wayne get shot for the hundredth time
-A family can be a vigilante, a butler, a police commissioner, and a pantsless acrobat

I Hate You, I Love  You (Harry Styles Imagine)

REQUEST: (from @draginy-moon-shine) Your mum died and she was one of the boys mums best friend so she takes you in? And he sort of is against it but falls in love with you eventually? Xxx

Here’s the newest addition to my writings! Hope you enjoy!

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I can’t even begin to explain the heartache and sadness that I am feeling right now.

Who would’ve thought that I’d get to wear a white dress not on my wedding day, but on my mother’s funeral? My mom’s friends and family all came to console my broken heart, but nothing’s working. My friends supporting me and keeping me comforted still did not do the trick.

“Honey.” A voice said. After my mom’s coffin has been lowered down, all I ever did was stare at the newly covered spot where she lays. I slowly looked up and found Anne, our neighbor and my mom’s best friend. Feeling weak, I just gave her a small smile.

“I know it’s hard losing a mother. But I know you’re a strong woman. You can get through this.” She said, handing me a piece of paper.

I read the top part and it said “LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT”

“What is this?” I asked?

“It’s your mom’s. Your family lawyer explained everything to me because apparently she doesn’t trust your aunts and uncles and made me your guardian until you’re at least 21.”

I read the writings as if they were from a strange land. I never thought my mom would leave me with all these properties and wealth. Since dad left, all mom did was work.

All her hard work paid off.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re 19. In two years you can live your own life the way you want it. But for now, if you’ll allow me, I’ll be your “mum” for a while and you can stay with me and my family yeah?”

After that day, I moved in with the Styles’ and hoped for the best.


For the past few days, I got to know my new family.

Robin, Anne’s husband, was a big man with a big heart. He and Anne both treat me like I wasn’t a stranger to their home. Of course they saw me grow up as the live next door, but they treat me like their own and not just a random neighbor’s daughter.

Anne was the best. She treated me like I came from her own womb. She made sure to get to know me better by finding out everything about me. She asked about my favorite food once and cooked it during dinner. She made me feel at home.

Gemma, their eldest daughter, was a three or four years older than me. She and I get along very well because we treat each other as the sister we never had. She became my instant best friend. I can talk to her about anything. We also watch Rom-Com movies and paint our nails together. She was even the one who wanted to share a room and not let me stay at the guest room. I declined though, I know how important privacy is at my age, especially hers.

And then there’s Harry. 3 words. He hates me. Apparently we’re the same age and he did not appreciate his mom bringing another girl in the family. He made my happy life a little less happy.


“Give it back!” I shouted.

Here we are again, bickering like cat and dog. Apparently he came into my room and found my journal, the journal my mom gave me last before she passed. That journal contained poems and stories written mostly by her and a few me.

“Harry, if you open that journal or even scratch the cover I will destroy your face!” I shouted as I follow him around the house. He then ran towards the backyard.

Oh no. It was raining.

I had a bad feeling about this.

“Harry I’m fucking serious! Give it back.” As soon as I caught up with him, I was too late.

Harry had a sheepish smile on his face, my journal no longer in his hands.

“Where’s my journal?” but I did not need his answer because I got a glimpse of a wet journal on top of the garden table.

“Fucking hell!” I said, trying my best to dry it out with my hands.

“I’m sorry! I slipped and fell. It fell on the puddle right there.” He said pointing out the puddle. I took notice of his wet shirt and hair but I did not care.

“Do you have any idea how important this journal is? Do you? Do you even care about my dead mother and her remaining memories with me? Do you know that she wrote most of the things written here?” I shouted. The entire family must’ve heard my outburst and started gathering by the door.

“I said I’m sorr-”

“But sorry won’t fix this! Even if this dries out, it’ll be in bad shape.” I said. Reality set in and the thought of not being able to read her poems to sleep made tears form in my eyes. Seeing me cry will add to Harry’s triumph, so I quickly ran up to my room and locked it.


A few days passed since the incident. I haven’t talked to Harry since. He’s tried apologizing countless of times but I just shrugged him off and continued not noticing his presence.

Today as I got home from school, I saw Harry watching the telly. I just passed by him and went straight to my room. When I enter the room, I saw small box on top of my bed. I didn’t say who it was from so I guessed it was from Gemma, since she was the only one who knew it was my birthday. When I opened the box, it contained the exact same journal that Harry ruined. When I skimmed through the journal, it contained the same poems and stories from the old one, as well as my mother’s handwriting and mine - exactly the same. A piece of paper slid off it and I immediately recognized the handwriting.

I’m sorry. -H

I quickly ran down and saw Harry by the kitchen, sipping tea.

“Ho- How did you do this?” I asked in disbelief.

“I have my ways.” He said, winking. I didn’t say anything else and just hugged him.

“I do care about you. I just needed to get used to you.. But I got too much used to you.” He said.

I was about to ask what he meant when I felt his lips on mine.

I didn’t stop him. I kissed back and that started a great relationship between us.

Tender Feelings

Who: Jughead Jones
Quote: Since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I use to.

[Y/N] had only been in Riverdale for a total of three months. Ninety days of stumbling into a whirlwind of a small town looking for a murder within its walls. It took roughly six weeks before she was able to calm down and enjoy the friendships she had made. Everyone was a little on edge about Jason Blossom’s death but at the same, mostly everyone was welcoming and made [Y/N] feel right at home. 

Her parents didn’t seem to like the idea that she had signed up for the Blue and Gold. [Y/N] spent a lot of her time with Betty and Jughead trying to piece together who could have murdered the high schooler. They felt that it wasn’t right for her to get in the middle of all it and above all else, feared that it would get her killed. However, they were trying to be lenient and allow her to follow her dreams in being a journalist but when she arrived home at three in the morning with a bruised lip and a black eye, they halted her investigation and locked her down. Grounded with no phone and no visitations from any of her friends she had made. The only interaction that was allowed were during school hours. 

[Y/N] didn’t know how long she was going to be put on lock-down but all she knew was that it was killing her to be hold up in her room all weekend and nights. 

She was lying on her back, a tennis ball in her hand as she threw it against the wall for it to come back to her. [Y/N] had created a game with herself, her record for keeping the streak was 417 before she just got so unbelievably bored and forgot to catch it. 

“[Y/N], your father and I will be out late. I’m not sure how long this dinner party is supposed to last.” [Y/N]’s mother walked into her room, giving her a stern look. “Don’t think for a minute you can skip out. I will be calling the house phone every hour to check up on you.” Setting down the cordless telephone on her night stand, she bit her lip, bent down and patted her daughter’s head. “This is for your protection, honey. I’m sorry but this town has a lot more demons than we thought when we bought the house.” 

“Whatever.” [Y/N] mumbled. Pressing her lips, she nodded and headed out the door. Sitting up, she leaned forward until she heard the car door shut and the engine turn on. Creeping up towards her window, she slyly watched as her parents exited their long driveway before she lunged for the house phone. 

Closing her eyes, she tried to rack her brain. Smirking, she dialed Jughead’s number. “Juggie! Hey, it’s me. No, I didn’t get a new phone….yeah it’s my house number and yup I’m still on lock-down.” Pacing back and forth in her room, she sighed, “I’m dying over here Jug, come over? Well my parents are gone till whenever…..I guess we’ve switched roles. They never used to socialize back in [random state] and now that I’ve been incarcerated with a very limited social life, they’ve miraculously found friends.” [Y/N] laughed at Jughead’s response, “But, seriously come over. We can watch movies or something. If the wicked witch of the west hadn’t promised that she’d call every hour, I’d be at Pop’s in a heartbeat.” Leaning against her dresser, she smiled. “Okay, I’ll see you in a little bit!” 

[Y/N] pouted as Jughead smeared pizza sauce all over her arm, “Jughead!” Laughing, she took spoon she had used and wiped it on his cheek.

Jughead chuckled, reaching over he plucked a few paper towels from the roll and cleaned off the sauce from his cheek and then from her arm. “Okay, okay! Truce?” 

Taking his hand, she nodded. “Truce but you’re the one who started it.” 

Shrugging, he smiled. “It was tempting.” 

Shaking her head, she used the pizza cutter to cut their homemade pizzas. “Alright, let the movie night begin!” Instructing him to grab the cups and plates, she juggled the two pizzas up their stairs. 

“Why are you going to your room for this?” 

“Because if my parents come home and I don’t hear their car coming up the driveway, it’ll be easier to hide you then if we were living room and they walked in.” Getting comfortable in her bed, she patted next to her, “I’m not supposed to be hanging out with you, remember? You could get me killed.” Rolling her eyes, she shuddered at the long conversation her parents had with her about her whole involvement with the Blue and Gold. 

“I’m sorry you got dragged into it.” He said softly. 

“I’m not.” She spoke with such certainty. “Jug, I’ve lived in [state] my entire life and never did I once ever had a friendship like I do with you guys. I love it here despite the murderer on the loose ordeal. I have friends who I can trust and depend on.”

Jughead looked at her, a smile instantly on his lips. Pulling away from her gaze, he looked down at his plate of pizza, “You know,” looking back up at her, “since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I use to.” 

[Y/N]’s breath hitched her throat. She had denied her growling feelings for Jughead for days now. It hadn’t really been something she had noticed until she became grounded and her nightly ritual of going to Pop’s every Tuesday and Thursday to drink milkshakes and eat fries had come to stop. She missed those alone moments with Jug. Not that she didn’t enjoy the gang but there was something about the two of them being together that made her feel different in a good way.

Clearing his throat, Jughead shook his head. “You don’t have to say anything, uh, um, I can’t really imagine a proper response to that.” 

Smiling softly, she whispered. “I do.” 

“You do?” He asked with a raised brow.

Nodding, she placed a gentle hand on his face and brought it closer to hers. Looking into his eyes, she smiled again before placing a sweet, tender kiss on his lips. 

Michi’s 2016 Jdrama List
  • All the 2016 dramas & movies I watched (in random order)
  • Favourites / best  bolded

◇ Juhan Shuttai! → comedy, business

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◇ Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara  [movie]

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Jimi ni sugoi! → rom-com, business

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◇ Koe Koi → rom-com, school

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◇ Cain and Abel → drama, romance, business  * still watching *

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◇ Busujima Yuriko no Sekinara Nikki  

◇ Carrer → comedy, crime

◇ Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko → comedy, action, crime

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Daisho → suspense, psycological

◇ Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri → crime, mystery

◇ Hippocratic Oath → medical

IQ246 → crime, comedy  * still watching *

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◇ Fragile → medical

Hapimari →  romance, business

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◇ Haburashi Onna Tomodachi  

Seisei Suruhodo aishiteru →  romance, drama

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◇ Chihayufuru part I, part II [movies]

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◇ Never let me go → drama, sci-fi

Good Morning Call → romance, school, friendship

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◇ Love song → romance, music

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu →  rom-com  * still watching *

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Love that makes you cry → romance

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◇ Terra Formars [movie]

◇ MARS  

◇ The Bride of Rip van Winkle [movie]

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite kudasai →  rom-com

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◇ Ie uru onna → comedy, business

99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi → comedy, law

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Suki na Hito ga iru Koto → rom-com

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◇ Higanbana → detective, crime

◇ Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta 

◇ Ookami Shoujo to to Kuro Ouji [movie] 

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◇ Nobunaga Concerto Movie 

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TOP 5my most favourite dramas (of this year)

  1. Good Morning Call
  2. NigeHagi
  3. 99.9
  4. Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto
  5. Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
My NT Family #1

The INTJ daughter (me)
-Likes to sleep
-Been focused on the same topic since she has use of memory
-Usually cleans to relax
-Loves the family pet
-Not fond of family gatherings
-Always with headphones
-The one that always breaks stuff
-and bumps into everything
-Naps everywhere
-Is almost always studying something.
-Not spontaneous at all
-Loves having a routine
-Hates being pushed around
-Has it’s own times for everything
-Eats to relieve stress
-Doesn’t like being interrupted
-Not affectionate
-Huge night owl
-Can’t do empathy
-Losses everything
-Spends too much time in fictional universes
-Half-listens all conversations
-Only two close friends
-Lots of sarcasm
-Has it’s own notebook for writing/reading/anime/tv shows
-In its own world 24/7
Common phrases include:
-”Sorry, wasn’t listening.”
-”That’s stupid.”
-”Don’t mess up with my routine.”
-”I’m doing something right now.”
-”I don’t want to go out today, or ever.”

The ENTP dad:
-Has lots of sudden ideas that he abandons a week later
-He goes out and has dinner with his friends a lot
-Collects memes of politicians and sends it to all of their WhatsApp contacts
-Dad jokes
-Loud telephone conversations that wake me up
-Tells lots of anecdotes
-Hates injustice
-Forces us to get outside
-Loves having people over
-Knows literally everyone
-and everyone knows him
-Is extroverted; but wants its own space as well
-Can adapt to sudden things easily
-Starts lots of books that he doesn’t finish
-Always willing to speak its mind
-Always honest
-Has his own way of doing empathy
-Curious about everything
-”Look, they’re dancing flamenco!”
Common phrases include:
-”A sudden idea came to me.”
-”If you think about it, it’s irrational.”
-”So I started talking to him/her and found out…”
-”Sometimes I wonder how people don’t think.”
- “It was an utterly bizarre situation.”
-”Today we are eating outside.”
-”How was that called?”

The INTP brother
-Enjoys ENTP’s memes
-Loves video games
-Knows everything about computer tech
-Does not have strong opinions about stuff
-Very introverted
-Has friends but not close ones
-Loves to discuss politics
-Watches lots of documentaries
-Proud nerd
-History geek
-Gains knowledge through unconventional means: History video games, random movies, tv shows, videogames, videogames
-Wide music taste
-Very witty comebacks
-Usually bossed around
-Has random occurrences and projects he never finishes
-Has lots of theories about how things work
-People love him
-Excellent conversational skills he hides
-Has very few preferences
Common phrases include:
-”I don’t have a preference.”
-”I’m tired of people’s stupidity.”
-”I’m too tired for that.”
-”Going out is too much trouble.”
-”Is that supposed to be an insult?”

Funny Phantom Fopa

One time I was at a friend’s house and we were watching Harry Potter. We just had some movie site on their Xbox and we started to get a little bit bored because they’re not quite a potter fan. Their dad tells us to be quiet because he’s going to bed, (thin walls in this house, and it was reasonably late at night.) My friend tells me to pick some random movie, and since I knew they’d never seen Phantom of the Opera well I had to share that. I started playing Phantom from the Royal Albert Hall and played it at a random point in the show because we wouldn’t have time to watch it all. 

However what I forgot was the volume on the TV was full blast because for some reason the Harry Potter movie was very, very, very quiet. 

So, full blast in this friends room, ear piercingly loud, with their father in bed, we heard:


Cute date ideas

~coffee dates
~baking and turning into a food fight
~bowling and both failing amazingly
~driving and sharing music
~cuddling and sharing posts from tumblr
~sharing clothes and doing each others makeup
~pickup lines and corny jokes
~collecting shells
~finding objects in the clouds
~anime/TV/movie marathons

~answering tumblr question asks ~watching the stars while talking about astrology and mythology ~reading and sharing parts out the books outloud ~couple cosplay and photoshoot ~shopping for rocks and crystals ~museums and galleries ~art shows and craft fairs ~yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores ~going to the mall and trying on clothes we could never afford ~trying on random prom dresses ~picnic on the boat at sunset ~cooking you dinner ~waterballoon fight ~nurf war ~drawing eachother ~open mic night

scrapyardparadise  asked:

What's one anime you personally enjoy, but can't bring yourself to recommend to others?

Let me fucking tell you about Kakumeiki Valvrave

Now this show starts off like a generic shounen mecha anime 

(which is why I started it)


Like I’m not even kidding when I say every episode has a plot twist and it just gets progressively more ridiculous as the show continues. It’s like the writers just clicked a random snopes page and said “Fuck it. We’re adding that to the story.” I mean this show has FUCKING EVERYTHING. 

  • Vampires
  • Thousand Year Time Skip
  • Aliens
  • Magic or some shit
  • BL teasing
  • Space Nazis

I mean the list just continues! It’s absolutely nuts!!! And I loved it. This show is something that you watch to be entertained from sheer stupidity and fun. Like a shitty B-Movie but done well enough to almost look like something good. But I can’t recommend it usually because you can’t follow the story, and there is like no story…

But it’s great.

Twin Troubles

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Grant gustins girlfriend and Dylan obriens twin sister and she plays Supergirl and at comicon when the Supergirl cast and Grant are promoting the crossover with the flash and plays a prank on the reader and Grant and they end up shouting “DYLAN!” At the same time

Notes: So, I hope this is what you’re looking for, I added a lot of Grant x reader stuff in the middle with the hotel and all that, just because I felt like it and it worked well in there, I think (hope). Plus, I just really like this gif and it looks like something that would happen before the panel started in the fic so…Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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I Like You

I can’t just say
I love you
can I?
If I did your reaction would probably sound like
crickets silently chirping.

So I say
I like you.
It didn’t change your mind.
If I told you
I love you
would your mind
flip a one – eighty
and turn around and
have me
in your arms?

I guess not.
I don’t know if you actually

I could actually
trust you,
a man,
outside of my family.
That probably sounds odd;
but coming from a girl
who’s had
trust issues especially with
it means
more than you could ever

I’ve liked you
for a while.
fell in
love with you
about a month ago.
Maybe even before that.

I knew for sure
that I love you
since that
tornado warning.
When I got so
and frightened
you comforted me.
Since all of those
lazy and sleepy afternoons
when we’d chit chat about
Since you were there
for every time
I cried.
Since those late night talks
and we’d say
goodnight and
I’d go to
sleep and
wake up
thinking of you.
I  knew that I wanted
of my dreams, and
thoughts about
to become a
I wanted my dream of
us holding
hands and
walking down a little park with
coffee in another
giggling and
having the best time
while you
randomly swoop me in for
a kiss.
I wanted my dream
of us
cuddling by a
fire while watching movies during
Christmas and winter.
I wanted my dream of
next to you and
waking up
next to you
looking into each other’s
eyes and we
kiss each other
good morning.
I wanted the smell of red roses and
to feel the
random love notes
scattered everywhere.
I wanted the sensation of being
in the rain and
staying up all night just
talking deeply
about ourselves and knowing
all of our
dreams in life.

You are
to me.
I’m not to you.
Not that you
never cared or
never liked me;
you did
you never saw
what I saw.

What you saw was
a door
An expiration date,
a timer about to go off,
a ticking time bomb,
a baby about to scream and cry,
a fire alarm screeching in your ears.
You name it
and that’s how you saw everything
crashing, and
burning down.
I understood your points,
really I did.
These were points that
I used to worry about
back when you didn’t
consider them.
Now that I don’t
care about these points
you do
and you’re moving on
while I sit alone
in this bubble.
I wish you had
told me all of this before
I fell
in love with you.

Now every time
I think of you
at first I’m happy and
at peace;
but then
I remember why these
can’t become a
Then tears start to
and then I
and then I
and then I
just want to
huddle on the couch with my little blanket and
hug my pillow
because I’m alone with
no one to
No one to talk to,
and I don’t go for my
little teddy bear
because then I’ll just
think of you
and how much
you want me to
have a
giant teddy bear to hug
instead of my
little one.
Then I cry even more and
the worst is
I care about
you and
love you
too much
to just
let you go.

So I want to attempt
to be friends
but I already know I’ll cry again
when you start having
strong feelings for
someone else
who is special to you
who will mean
so much more to you
than I ever can be and who
you will fall
deeply in love with.
I will
cry myself to
sleep again.

I guess this really does mean
I’m not someone’s
I’m not in a

Good things to imagine

-amy wearing jakes flannels around the house

-jake wanting to cook a nice sweet dinner for him and amy so he facetimes charles the whole time for advice

-a sleepy amy in the winter, snuggled against jake in a cacoon of 600 blankets while they watch terrible hallmark christmas specials

-jake giving amy That Look when she starts talking passionately about a neat article she read

-amy and jake showering together, not even for the sexy times, but because they’re dorks and they really like bubbles and kissing in “the rain” and each other

-one day, jake has a day off but amy still has to go in to catch up on some paperwork so he honest to goodness considers going with her because he’ll miss her so much

-jake and amy knowing how each other likes their coffee

-amy can probably lowkey sing rlly well bc she’s musically experienced and shes always invinting cute little tunes when shes doing chores and they always sound like old do-wop songs and jake always sneaks recordings of her because wow he loves her

-jake and amy binge watching stranger things

-watching scary movies together, both acting tough at first but having to hide in the others shoulder by the end. Its a mess.

-couple’s cooking class that goes horribly south.

-they play that “watch me catch this random food in my mouth” game aaaaaall the time bc of their first date

-they never ever go seperate ways without saying “i love you so much” first

-jake being the little spoon and amy snuggling her face between his shoulder blades bc have you seen jake peralta’s shoulders?

-jake rarley ever waking up before amy but when he does he can hardly help himself from watching her sleep because god shes so soft and beautiful and amazing and he loves her so much

-when amy wakes up before jake, which is almost always, she likes to trace his face. His laugh linesm, his eyelashes, his /chin dimple/.

-they probably have so many cute stupid inside jokes its ridiculous

-they bet on everything but its bever an issue bc they are so solid okay?

-just…..jake and amy.