this ran away from me in word length but it's still a oneshot

Family // FP & Jughead Jones

Request: Can you do a FP Jones x reader x Jughead Jones oneshot where the reader is FP’s gf for awhile & Jug has never liked the reader(you can make up why he don’t like her). When she gets prego w/ FP’s baby, Jug gets distant towards FP&everyone? When the reader is 9 mo, she goes into labor but FP isn’t there to be w/ her bc he’s in jail or something, so she begs for Jug to be there bc she doesn’t want to be alone. he gives in & he’s happy to meet his new baby sibling & calls reader mom? Fluff plz!

Pairing: FP Jones x girlfriend!reader, jughead jones x mom!reader

Words: 2053

Warnings: fluuuufffff, may kill u

A/n: y/b/n, is your baby’s name. Also, I hope y'all like this.

You pace the length of the trailer bathroom nervously, eyeing the piece of plastic on the counter every so often.

This is the most nervous you’ve felt in your whole life. While FP was asleep, you ran to the nearest drug store and picked up a pregnancy test. You had missed your period for two months now, and the first time you dismissed it as an irregularity because of your birth control. However, once the second month rolled around and there was still no blood, you knew something was up.

So here you are. You decided that you would wait until you knew for sure before scaring the shit out of FP. Come to think of it, you had no idea how he would react. The thought just made you more nervous.

Over a minute had passed, and you thought for sure that the pregnancy test must be done. You had placed it upside down on the toilet lid so you wouldn’t have to look at it. You picked it up, flipping it around …

All of the air was taken from you as you saw the two lines on the stick.

You were excited, but the uncertainty of FP’s reaction overshadowed it.

You take a deep breath, grabbing the stick and hiding it behind you. Walk out of the bathroom and toward the kitchen, and you smell freshly brewed coffee.

As you walk into the kitchen, you see FP’s back turned to you.

“Uh, FP,” your voice comes out weak.

He turns around,“Morning, baby. Coffee?” He notices your worried expression instantly,“Are you alright?”

You clear your throat, but then decide that you didn’t really need to talk. You brought the stick that was previously hidden behind your back into view, and FP’s eyes widen.

He doesn’t say anything, and you feel tears come to your eyes,“I’m pregnant, Forsythe.”

He still says nothing, and tears drop down your cheeks. He’s been staring at your stomach this whole time, but finally looks up at you,“Hey, why are you crying, doll? This is a good thing, right?”

“It is? I just didn’t know if you were ready or if you thought-”

His laughter cuts you off, and you send a confused expression. You were sitting here crying and he thinks this is funny?

“Baby, sweetheart. Of course we’re ready. I’ve got a job, you’ve got a job. We love each other. The next thing is, well, is this,” he says with a cheeky smile.

“Oh thank god,” you run up to him, encasing him in hug. You can’t hear the door open over your excitement.

“Hey, dad- whoa, sorry,” Jughead suddenly walks in, and looks away.

“Jug, its fine. We were just hugging,” you separate from FP, both of your mouths still smiling wide.

Jug turns back to you, him being the confused one now,“What’s with all the excitement?” But as soon as he finishes his sentence, he notices the stick you’re holding.

His face drops instantly,“Oh. You’re pregnant.”

“Wow, Jughead. Don’t sound so enthusiastic,” his dad retorts.

“So this is actually a thing. You’re not just replacing mom, but you’re trying to replace Jellybean too,” he says with a hard expression.

You open your mouth to say something, but decide it’s probably better if FP handled it.

“Jug, I’ve been with y/n for over a year. You have to accept this, and you have to accept your mom left me and doesn’t want to come back. I will love this child, but no more than I love you or Jellybean,” FP says with a hopeful look.

Jughead just shakes his head and exits the trailer.


After you had gotten pregnant, Jughead almost completely cut off ties with you and his father. He was even being distant toward his friends, but not on purpose.

You’re about seven months along, and you had just witnessed FP getting arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. This murder case has put a damper on your mood throughout your pregnancy, with FP trying his hardest to keep your mind off of it. For you and the baby’s sake.

The news about FP being arrested hasn’t spread yet, so you decide it would be best for Jug to hear it from you. Even if he hates you.

After taking longer than what is normal to get your shoes on, you get in your car, making your way to Pop’s, the best place for you to search for Jughead.

When you arrive, you see through the glass hay Jughead is sitting with his three friends, like usual.

You walk into Pops, your eyes still red from crying when they took FP away.

Approaching the booth, Archie clears his throat and gets Jughead’s attention.

He looks up at you, previously smiling, but it drops when he realizes who it is.

“Can I talk to you Jug? It’s important, about your father,” you croak.

“You can tell me in front of them,” he says, sneering slightly.

“Uh, okay, if you insist,” he stays silent when you pause. “Okay, well. FP has just been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. I just thought you should be the first one to know.”

All four of the teens eye’s widen, and no one says anything until Betty speaks up,“Uh, thanks for telling us Y/n.”

You nod, exiting the diner. You almost wish you wouldn’t have told Jughead, and would’ve let him find it out for himself. But then he’d only hate you more.

*two months later*

“Well, looks like I’m having a baby,” you glance down at the floor in disgust at the pool of water between your legs.

You sigh, deciding that with contractions, it may not be the best to drive. So you decide the best way to go would be to call Fred Andrews, FP’s best friend.

You dial his number, waiting patiently for him to pick up the phone.

F: hello?

Y: hey, yeah, it’s y/n. My water just kind of broke, and I don’t think I’m in the best position to drive myself to the hospital.

F: oh. Oh! Oh shit! Yeah, I’ll be there in five. Just, uh, hang in there?

Y: yeah, sure. Just hurry, please.

You hang up your phone, grabbing a drawstring bag with some things you want to take to the hospital with you.

You walk out to the porch of the trailer barefoot (because honestly, you weren’t bending over at this point) and wait for Fred to pull up.

Once he does, he puts it in park and rushes up to you, helping you to the passenger side of his truck. There was no way in hell you were getting up there yourself.

Once you were both in the car and on the way to the hospital, a sudden wave of depression hit you. Hormones for one, and the fact that you knew FP wouldn’t be there for you.

You pull out your cellphone, scrolling to the only contact that would make sense to call. Jughead.

He doesn’t answer you, of course, but you leave a voicemail.

“Hey, Jug. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going into labor, and your dad can’t be with me so I was really, really hoping you would come and see your sibling be born. I know it may be a lot to ask. I’m begging you. I cannot do this alone. I know you hate me, but I’ve grown to love you. And I really hope I’ll see you in that hospital room.”

You hang up with a sigh, and you then realize that you’re at the hospital.

“He’s a good kid. I’m sure he’ll show up. You sure you’re alright on your own?” Feed questions.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I do need help getting out of this truck though,” you say with a laugh.

“OH LORD HAVE MERCY IS IT COMING YET?” It’s an hour later, and you’re squirming in your hospital room. Contractions are bad, and you just wish this sucker would pop out already.

You reach for your phone, about to leave Jughead the fourth voicemail.

To your surprise, he picks up this time.

“Y/n, you’ve left me three voicemails. What could you possibly want from me that bad?” He questions, slightly agitated.

“Well, I’m currently contracting a lot, my water broke earlier. Soon I’ll be popping this child out of me, and I was really hoping you would be here with me because your father can’t.”

Before he can reply, you drop your phone as you grip the bed rails, another painful contraction coming on.

A nurse comes in,“Alright, Miss L/n, it’s time to go. Is anyone coming?”

“I think my step son might be coming, the baby’s brother, but I don’t know,” you squirm again.

“Alright, we’ll keep an eye out for him,” she replies and begins to push your bed to another room as a contraction comes on.



“Alright, get ready to push!” You look around nervously, not seeing Jughead.

He didn’t come. He hates you that much, that he’d skip out on seeing his little brother or sister born?

“Y/n, push!” You let out a deranged scream as you push again, feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

As the doctor tells you to push again, you feel a hand on yours.

You open your eyes, half expecting to see FP, but instead see Jughead.

You mouth a thank you to him as you’re commanded once again to push, and you scream in pain. You tighten your grip on Jughead’s hand as a reaction, and he grabs back. Maybe he doesn’t hate you so much after all.

You pushed and pushed with all your might, thinking that you were going to break Jughead’s hand.

“Young man, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” Jughead looks back to you for approval and you nod your head with a smile. You see his eyes crinkle and know that he’s smiling too.

After the cord is cut, a nurse takes the baby momentarily to clean them off.

After a moment, the nurse walks over to you,“Here’s your beautiful baby girl.”

You hold her in your arms, tears rolling down your face from the extreme joy swelling in your chest.

“Hello, little y/b/n,” you say with a smile.

“Y/b/n? Let me guess, dad’s idea?” Jughead asks with a smile.

“Of course.”


After the baby (finally) was delivered, you and Jughead were sent back to your original hospital room.

The nurses said after they cleaned the baby and wrapped her up, they would bring her to you.

“Alright, Miss L/n. Here’s your baby girl. When you want to rest just let one of us or this young man here know, and then we can lay her down,” the nurse says with a smile as she hands you your daughter.

You stroke her little nose, it was definitely FP’s. You couldn’t wait to see her little eyes open. Her hair was dark, like FP’s also. That definitely had given you heart burn.

You look over at Jughead, who decided to stay and take a seat in the corner.

“Jug, you want to hold her?” You look at him with a lazy smile.

He gets up from his chair, swallowing nervously. He walks to you, and you hand him y/b/n,“Make sure her head is resting on your arm.”

“Okay, okay,” Jughead mumbles nervously. “She’s so tiny.” He mutters as he gazes down at her.

“Yeah, most babies are,” you respond.

He rolls his eyes,“Still a smart ass on pain meds, I see.” He looks at the baby, and to your surprise, starts talking to her. “Hi, y/b/n. I’m sorry your dad can’t be here right now, but your big brother is. And I love you very much. So is mom. She loves you the most, probably. And even though I don’t act like it, I’m very grateful for her, and even more for you.”

Your mouth drops open a little bit when the word ‘mom’ comes out of his mouth, but you smile immediately afterwards.

“Jughead Jones, a softie. Who would have thought,” you smile.

He rolls his eyes again, smiling still.

“Babies do that to ya.”

Hot Water

PAIRING- reader x Tony Stark 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (Wrap it up irl guys) 

Request from Anon- Ok so I have this unhealthy obsession of RDJ and hottubs, don’t ask me why. Could you please do a smutty reader x Tony oneshot in a hottub? Can’t believe i’m asking this. 

Well I’m glad you asked this because it gave me a change to write more Tony smut *grins* even though I lost inspiration halfway through (idk what happened? *shruggs*) anyway I hope its ok! Enjoy x 


Originally posted by duckbuttt

“You’re kidding right?” you asked slightly scandalous as Tony face fell slightly.

“Darling I didn’t install this bad boy just so I could joke” He raised his eyebrow whilst unbuttoning his shirt, you looked to Tony the corners of your mouth twitched slightly.

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First Best Friend

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1743

Warnings: Little Angst, nice fluffy ending.

A/N – this is for @jared-padaloveme ‘s Fluffy Birthday Challenge. Happy Birthday Juju! With the prompt/trope → “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious.”

The first time you met Sam Winchester, you were only a little munchkin. You barely remember but your mom had taken pictures. They were kept in your memory box, stored deep inside your closet, hidden under a few old sweaters that don’t fit you anymore but you refuse to throw away.

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Stick To The Plan *SMUT*

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Leonard Snart x Reader
Request: (Anon) Any snart x Reader smut! That would be fabulous please xx
Prompt:  (Requested by Anon) Leonard snart prompt: “ I want you to wear these stolen diamonds while I fuck you before the cops get here”
Warnings: Smut galore

Every time Leonard took a job with you his head spun faster than a helicopter blade. The person you were always depended on who you were talking to and whatever it was that you wanted. You’d been everything from a badass to a vulnerable child-like woman with a new story for every situation. You had an infinite number of childhoods; your parents were happy, separated, fighting, abusive or six feet under. Your father had been  a lawyer, a construction worker, a crime boss or unemployed. Your mother had been an addict, a politician, stay-at-home mother or tart. You were an only child, the oldest of eight, brought up in a foster home or the heir to a fortune.

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Just Because

Anon Requested:  20&45 drabble with kookie? Smut?

God my smut skills are shit, I’m sorry you guys idk why I can’t make a decent smut.

Originally posted by baekyeolkaisoogirl

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1563

Warnings: Smut

“Did you just throw that at me?”

“Just because.”

You knew that when you got into a relationship with Jungkook that his attention could never be 100% on you, you knew that, you accepted that, but when he actually had a few days off you would think that he wouldn’t stay on his phone all day.

You were excited when Jungkook called you because you haven’t talked to him in little under a week due to promotions and everything, you came right over unlocking the dorms front door with the key Jungkook had gave to you and walked right in hoping to see your boyfriend waiting for you, but no. He was sitting on the couch, tv on and feet resting on the small ottoman in front of him. You closed the door signaling that you walked in, you expected at least a small glance at the very least, you questioned why he even called you over to see him if all he was going to do was keep his nose buried in his phone.

You sat down on the other side of the couch he was sitting on and decided not to say anything. The silence got old to you real fast, you wished the silence caressed your skin like the small breeze from the air conditioner against your skin did but it didn’t. You felt irritation grow inside of you and a part of you wanted to just get up and leave because you didn’t even think he would have noticed. Just as you huffed out a breath of air Jungkook dropped his legs from the ottoman, eyes still glued to his phone, fingers tapping away mindlessly to whoever he was texting.

Who was he texting? What was so important that he had the nerve to ignore you? He stood up from his spot and you understood that he was now walking away. Every step he took you found yourself get angrier, you didn’t think you’d be this angry with him, you’re not the type of girlfriend to be needy or clingy and get angry at every little thing he does but today and not having any contact with him in a week has got you frustrated and the lack of attention and communication only made it worse.

You never liked to fight with Jungkook, you never pushed him or got physical with him so you did the only thing logical. You turned around quickly, clutching on a pillow that was behind your back and chucked it as hard as you can. You don’t know what you were aiming for, you really wanted to hit his phone out of his hands but you knew if you actually succeeded in that and he dropped it and it happened to break that he surely wasn’t going to speak to you today. The pillow was easy to throw, it wasn’t extremely soft and was fairly firm so when it hit the back of Jungkook’s head his head jerked forward and as if it was in slow motion you saw his head raise back up, phone get tucked back in his back pocket and his body soon turn around to face you.

Your head instantly snapped to the tv before his eyes had the chance to land on you, you dropped any emotion you had on your face and focused on not looking at his expression whether it be amused or irritated. “Did you just throw that at me?” He asked, you felt relieved when you heard that there was no annoyance in his tone of voice. You glanced at him quickly before diverting your eyes back to the tv and shrugging at his question. “I don’t know did the pillow just magically levitate and decide to hit you in the back of the head?” You said, sarcasm dripping from every word that left your mouth.

You could see from the corner of your eye that Jungkook had leaned against the wall, arms crossing over his chest as he continued to stare at you who was still maintaining your focus on the television. “Why’d you throw it?” Jungkook said pushing himself off the wall and now brought himself towards you. Your head snapped at seeing him move and a big smile just appeared on your face. “Just because.” You shrugged again head craning up as Jungkook soon towered over you. Before you knew it Jungkook was leaning over you, your back hitting the arm rest of the couch and his lips trailed kisses down your neck. “Just…because…huh?” Jungkook said in between breathes, his hands pressing down into your hips as he pressed himself into you more.

“Jungkook, why are you-”

“Just because.” You didn’t have to see him to know that he was smirking against your neck. His hand trailed up from your side and found its way around your neck, his lips left your neck momentarily for him to pull you into him for a heated kiss. His lips easily dominated yours as he pinned you under him, hands sliding underneath your shirt and pulling it off all while he pushed one of his knees in between your legs spreading them apart. Your shirt was thrown on the floor and before you knew it your bra was unclasped and joined your shirt. You quickly pulled up at Jungkook’s shirt and he easily slid it off of him exposing his chest.

You haven’t seen him like this in a while so you found yourself staring longer than usual. Your hands slowly tracing each groove in his stomach before looking up at him to see his eyes staring down at you. “What’s wrong?” He whispered before taking your hand in his, you shook your head slightly smiling up at him before utter a small nothing. “We just haven’t-”

“I know.” He quickly interrupted, a sad smile appearing on his face. “I’m sorry.” You shook your head again telling him it was okay before pulling him down to you to reconnect your lips to his. Your hands took no time at all to work with the button and zipper on his jeans and helping him tug them down. They were only half way down when he reached for the waistband of your leggings. He easily slipped them off of you quickly pulling your lace panties off right after and finally pulling down his jeans and boxers tossing the clothes along the floor with the rest. You both were completely bare for the first time in what felt like forever, Jungkook eyed your naked chest hungrily before reaching up to run his soft hands over your chest. His lips found their way onto your neck trailing down love bites, you wrapped your legs around Jungkook’s waist pulling him in closer to you as your hands ran up his stomach, and you felt his stomach muscles tense under your hands and you couldn’t help but giggle slightly. “Oh you think that’s funny?” Jungkook breathed out pulling away from you quickly. “Just a lit- Fuck!”

Before any second thought Jungkook rammed himself inside you not letting you get used to his length which you really wished he had but the pain soon turned into pleasure moments after. It wasn’t long after until you felt Jungkook’s arm wrap under your back and pull you up, he was now sitting while you were straddled over him. “Ride me.” He groaned and you simply nodded, you began to move your hips against him, hands gripped the back of the couch beside Jungkook’s head for support. As you continued to ride him, he began to buck up against you. The sound of skin slapping skin filled the air.

All the thoughts of being ignored left your mind when he shifted from under you and began thrusting up hard, his hands took hold of your waist in a tight grip and began slamming you down into him at an ungodly speed. You let out a shriek of pleasure from the power Jungkook was thrusting up into you, you could feel your walls already clenching around him. “Jungkook…I-”

“Cum for me.” He groaned out and that’s just what you did, you could feel yourself unraveling around him, Jungkook continued to mercilessly drill up into you at a much faster pace before he stilled, a loud groan escaped his lips and you collapsed against his chest panting hard.

You didn’t know how long you were against his chest, but once you regained your breath you slowly sat up and rolled off of him sitting beside him. You let out a big huff but a smile came upon your face soon after. “You know, that was totally worth you ignoring me today.” You admitted before interlocking fingers with him. Jungkook’s head snapped down to you, “I wasn’t ignoring you.”

“Then who were you texting all day?” You now looked up to him, confusion covering all of your features. “Why do you think all the guys aren’t here? We all had the day off, I just needed them…preoccupied.” You raised your eyebrows as the sudden realization dawned on you, you looked at both of your scattered clothing along the living room then soon turning to face Jungkook again. “Where are they now?” Jungkook looked at the clock, his eyes squinted as he tried reading the time. “They should be-”

A knock on the door interrupted Jungkook before your head snapped over, eyes widening ten times in size.


Up All Night


“Let’s stay up all night.”

“Why would we want to do that, Snow?”

“It’ll be fun.”


They transformed Baz’s room into a fort of blankets and pillows, at its center they were nestled three feet apart, eyes glued to the television screen.

“I know who the Winter Soldier is,” Simon mumbled before stuffing a handful of buttery popcorn into his mouth. “It’s kind of obvious that it's–”

Baz cut him off with a carefully aimed pillow that smacked Simon square in the face and effectively shut him up.

“Crowley, not all of us have the gift of divination.” Baz raised another pillow threateningly when Simon’s mouth opened again (but he promptly shut it at the dangerous glint in Baz’s eyes).

“You’re as big of a nerd as I am,” Simon grumbled, picking up the pillow Baz had hit him with and tucking it behind his head. “Can we watch Thor next?”


They didn’t watch Thor.


Baz had crept down into the kitchen to make tea, and nearly ten minutes later, he returned with two steaming mugs.

“Here,” he yawned, handing Simon a drink. “We didn’t have any scones.”

“Then why am I here?” Simon took a sip of tea and winced.

“For my charming good looks, obviously.” Baz rolled his eyes.

Simon was dressed in red flannel pants and a tee shirt (both belonging to Baz). They hung loosely off of Simon’s thin frame, exposing the jut of his hipbones as he clambered back into his tangled nest of blankets on the floor.

Baz nearly choked on his tea.


“You just passed go.”

“I know what I did, Baz.”

“Then collect your damn money! It’s only two hundred, Snow. Don’t think I’ve not noticed that you–PUT THAT BACK.

“It’s a game.”

“It’s a war.”


“I’m bloody tired.”

“Hi bloody tired, I’m Simon.”

“Go to hell.”


The room was pitch black, save for a lantern Baz had dug out of the closet he had placed between him and Simon. His eyes swept over Simon’s face, down the length of his body before fixing on the gentle swoop of his jaw.

Simon, on the other hand, was staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression.

Baz drew his eyelids shut and leaned back on the floor, mimicking Simon’s position. “Are we going to sleep?”

“No,” Simon replied flatly.

“Did I do something to upset you?” Baz propped himself up onto his elbow. Simon’s prior nonchalance and vigor had melted away.

“No.” Simon slowly pushed himself into a sitting position and raked a hand through his golden curls. “I’m just confused.”

Baz’s eyebrows scrunched together. “About?”


Baz pressed his lips into a firm line. You’re the one that’s being confusing, Snow, he thought wearily. “The hell did I do?”

Simon shook his head lightly. Baz was his best friend, he couldn’t tell him how he deliberately left his pajamas at home just so he could wear some of Baz’s. Simon couldn’t look him in the eye and tell Baz that he kept him up all night with fantasies of lazy kisses and lovely whispers. “Nothing. It’s just–” He sucked in a lungful of air and forced himself to meet Baz’s gaze. “I think I like you.”

Baz shoved down the giddy shock rising from the pit of his stomach and forced his face into a neutral expression. How long have I wanted to hear that? “Of course you like me, you dolt, why else would you be at my house?” He knew what Simon meant, but he wanted to hear the word leave his mouth.

“No.” Even in the dim lantern light, Baz could see the red rising to Simon’s cheeks. “I think I have a crush on you, Baz.” He soldiered on, still holding Baz’s eyes. “At first I didn’t realize what it meant, because I’ve never felt this way about a boy and…Why are you smiling like that?”

“Because, you idiot, I’m happy this isn’t one sided.”

“You mean–” Simon stumbled.

“Yes I mean.”

Neither of them could wipe the grins off their faces.


“Simon, I think I’m going to fall asleep.”

“You can’t. Do you want me to turn the lights on?”

The lantern’s batteries had died, and no one made a move to fix the lack of lighting, so they filled the darkness with conversation of mundane things. School work, movies, relationships.

“Don’t.” Baz rubbed at his eyes. “Did you and Agatha ever kiss?”

“We only dated for a month until she realized relationships weren’t her thing.” Simon sighed, he honestly didn’t care. Relationships with Agatha Wellbelove hadn’t been his thing. “Never got that far.” Simon yawned. “I didn’t mind.”

“You’re tired.”

“Am not.”

“I’ve never kissed anyone either.” Baz’s heart hammered against his rib cage. Just a few hours ago, a kiss from Simon Snow (although definitely not the last thing on his mind) seemed like a selfish desire, but Simon had a crush on him and was only an arm’s length away. It was a possibility, something that could be tangible. “Simon.”


“They say the best way to stay awake is kissing someone.”

“Wow. You didn’t even try to be smooth with that one.”

“I guess you don’t want to see if it’s true.”

“I never said I didn’t want to.”

And then they were feeling for each other in the dark until their fingers brushed. Baz’s lips landed on what he was pretty sure was Simon’s nose.

He snorted. “We’re bad at this.” Baz’s fingers ran up Simon’s arm until finding the curve of his neck and traveling along his jaw before resting on his lips. “Now sit still and let me kiss you,” he murmured, slowly drawing his fingers away from Simon’s mouth and replacing them with his lips.

Baz felt like someone had lit a match in his stomach and burned him away from the inside out. He was kissing Simon Snow. Their jaws moved in unison, bumping and scraping and pushing. It was like clockwork.

They kissed until they couldn’t tell which way was up.


They fell asleep on the floor, Simon’s face buried in the crook of Baz’s neck, arms wrapped tightly around each other’s waists, tangled in blankets.

Completely draped in each other.

Claws and Lace

Princess Peach finds that love between different species sometimes creates problems… in bed.

This is 100% pure smutfic about a princess and her monster boyfriend. Please don’t expect to find any plot in this mess.

Oneshot ☆ 5,200 words ☆ NSFWAlso on AO3

* * * * *

“Oh no, I have been kidnapped! Whatever will I do?” Peach cried out into the deserted hallway as Bowser carried her to his bedroom.

“Do you want me to put you down so I can open the door, or would you prefer a manly display of strength?” he asked her.

“Manly display, please,” she answered, smiling.

“All right then, hold on tight,” he responded before raising his leg and kicking in the door, which burst open with a crash.

“You should roar when you do that.”

Bowser rolled his eyes. “Roar,” he said, carrying her over the threshold.

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Handmaiden’s Love

Word Count  ⇾ 767 words.

Warning ⇾ SMUT + NSFW GIFS.

Request  ⇾ “I wanted a imagine with Ramsay Bolton from got..where he has to marry Sansa but falls in love with her hand maiden (reader) and one night he asks (reader) to bath him like reek does, then he makes her join him, then you can imagine what happens next😉 I don’t know of you write smut, if you do you can add it in there, so even know he has to marry Sansa he loves (reader) and still does stuff with her…with gifs please.”

Writer ⇾ Sam.

Author’s Note ⇾ Not my gifs.

“Lady Sansa?” 

A voice caught Ramsay’s attention, one he was dwelling on hearing again. Sansa’s hand maiden. 

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I’ll Follow You Anywhere

Title: I’ll Follow You Anywhere

Rating: K+

AN: Some Peter Maximoff x reader fluff (one shot)

Warnings: Slight Apocalypse spoilers, but not really since I changed it up a bit.

Word Count: 1,222

“Alright everyone, today we’re going to try something a bit different,” Raven’s voice echoed through the room. Her boots clicked as she paced in front you and your suited-up team; Kurt, Peter, Jean, Scott, and Ororo. Training in the danger room was an everyday occurrence, so you wondered what your teachers had in store today.

The sound of wheels drew everyone’s attention to the door; Hank was rolling in something that looked suspiciously like a smaller version of Cerebro.

“This,” Charles gestured to the machine, “is a new invention of ours. Hank and I created a Cerebro-inspired machine that can be accessed by all mutants, not just myself. What is does, well, it will find your worst fear and then simulate it. What we wish to accomplish here today is to help you all take one step closer to conquering your fears; and doing so in front of us all will bring this team closer on a mental level.”

“We don’t want this to be an embarrassing activity; it should be one of self discovery and bonding,“ Hank continued, plugging in cords and flipping switches. After some tinkering, Hank turned with a sheepish smile, holding a silver helmet out to the young teens. "So….who want’s the first go?”

The group just looked at each other, wide eyed, until finally someone broke the silence. “V-vell, I guess I vill,” Kurt stepped up, voice wavering slightly. As Hank prepared the scared boy, you gave him a clap on the back and a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, Blue, we’re all friends here.”

The entire danger room went dark. As your eyes struggled to adjust, a spotlight shone down. It landed on a quivering body in the middle of an open ring. Jean gasped to your right, and then you saw it: it was Kurt. Not the real one standing in front of you, but an image of him. It showed him being laughed at, pushed around, being pelted with assorted bottles and cans. It showed his life in the circus. It showed him being exploited for his looks and abilities. Your blood boiled as the image faded and the room regained its normal look, and poor Kurt crumbled to his knees and ripped off the helmet. Charles moved to where the shaken boy sat and gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

“You did so well, Kurt, you did so well. Don’t let this define you. Don’t let your past prevent you from reaching the future you deserve, and by God don’t ever be ashamed of how you look, because you are not an abomination.” Charles looked at everyone. “Mutant and proud.”

It went along like that for hours. Someone would go up, reveal and endure their worst fear, then you all would help console each other. Jean feared losing control of her powers. Scott was scared of losing those he held dear. Ororo feared being manipulated again, like she was with Apocalypse, and Peter was scared the most of simply not being fast enough.

Finally, all eyes turned to you. Up until this point, you had yet to pinpoint what you were truly afraid of. It seemed so far  everyone’s was different, so as Raven placed the helmet on your head, you couldn’t help the uneasiness you felt. As the machine lit up, you closed your eyes and let it search your mind.

The room dimmed, and when you opened your eyes, nothing seemed to be there. You looked around you at your friends, then all of a sudden an explosion sounded overhead. The room had turned into a war zone, but a very familiar one. Your blood ran cold as the X-Men’s fight with Apocalypse unfolded before you, and if felt as though you were right there on the battlefield again.

The scene flickered and changed to one more chilling, and you felt your heart stop. Apocalypse had Peter trapped. When the speedster’s leg was broken was when you snapped. “Turn it off,” you croaked, turning around to see everyone’s shocked and terrified faces; no one looking more confused than Quicksilver himself. Sparing a glance back at the horrific scene, you audibly gasped as Apocalypse barreled down on Peter, hitting him again and again and again and you couldn’t take it. Your chest squeezed and you couldn’t breathe. You tried to rip the helmet off, but Hank shouted.

“The simulation is still running! If you take it off…. w-well, I’m not sure what could happen, but that’s the point!” He looked at you with a saddened expression. “It has to finish. I’m so sorry.”

Apocalypse threw Peters limp body to the ground and you screamed, falling to your hands and knees. A gush of air was felt, and the real Peter appeared at your side. He held your head to face him.

“Look at me. Don’t look away from me.”

“I can’t do this,” you cried, gripping his arms. “Turn it off!! Please, make it stop!”

Peter held you as his simulated counterpart cried out before being turned to dust.

Hank stumbled over apologies as he unhooked you from the machine. Charles and Raven remained speechless, as the vivid images still stunned them. Kurt prayed, Ororo held her head in her hands, and Scott held a shaking Jean.

Catching your breath didn’t come easy, but soon you were able to look Peter in the eye without taking large gasps of air. His mouth open and closed for a minute, before choosing his words carefully.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Was what he finally decided upon.

“In all honesty, I’m just as surprised as you are. But…figuring out you mean the world to me is not so surprising.” You mumbled the last part.

Pulling you away to arms length, Peter stared down at you. His head was tilted, eyebrows knitted together, and it seemed that for once in his life he didn’t know what to say. Suddenly he tilted his head back and laughed. His eyes betrayed him as he started to cry. Looking at you with a teary-eyed smile, he wiped a rough hand over his face.

“Y/N, God, see what you do to me?” He reeled you in for a hug, and squeezed you like he would never let you go. “I, never in a million years, thought that I would be able to score a chick like you. Don’t you ever worry about me, okay babe? Because I’m never going anywhere. I’ll always be here, alright? Because once you have me, I’m never leaving your sight.” He laughed, grabbing your cheeks and pressing your foreheads together.

“I don’t care if you’re on a mission, walking down the hallway, taking a shit, I don’t care! I’m following you forever, babe. You’re stuck with me now,” he smiled, blinking away the rest of his tears. “Is that okay?”

“Yes,“ you cleared your throat, grabbing the sides of Peter’s face, nodding frantically. He grinned, picking you up and in a fraction of a second you both were in his room. He laid on his bed, prompting you to do the same.

Getting cozy next to Peter, you both looked into each other’s eyes. Fiddling with your fingers with one hand and the other weaving its way through your hair, he flashed a lopsided grin.

“You know I wasn’t kidding about the bathroom thing, right?”


A sequel to part one requested by @shadowkat564 I hope you like it! x

It had been weeks and you where desperate. You had pleaded with the guards who refused your entry to the prisons. You had begged Thor to let you and although he to suffered in the loss of his brother, but not in quite the same way, so he too had refused to help you see Loki. There was no way you could beg Odin to change his mind, to allow the never ending pain in your aching heart to stop, so there was only one person left who might be able to help you. Frigga.

You knocked lightly on her door and a maid ran to open the large door allowing you to step in. Frigga was sat gracefully in a chair in front the large arch way looking out over the city, smiling kindly, with a hint if sympathy in her eyes. “Your majesty” you said softly and cursed low before walking over and taking the seat next to her that she offered. “My dear, Y/N, its been too long” she said and you nodded
“I’m sorry” you sighed relaxing more. Ever since you came to live in the Asgard palace Frigga had taken you under her wing, treating you more like a daughter than your own mother and not like her son’s… lover… is that what you where? A fling? A daring moment that took away some of the pain that Loki had felt at being the outsider? Or did he really love you? In the seconds that past these thoughts ran through your mind like wild fire and you could’t stop them. “Y/N?” Frigga muttered and you where pulled from your thoughts as a gentle hand was placed on you knee. “You seem to be distracted, I haven’t seen you for weeks. Are you ill?” she asked and you shook your head, your hair swinging with the movement. “No… I…um…” you muttered trying to get the words out, it hadn’t been this hard asking before. “I know what you are here to ask of me, Thor told me of what you where seeking” she sighed and stood up to pace the length of the room, and you hung your head.
“I’m sorry… it’s…. strange…. “ you muttered and the queen based to look at you, giving you time to finish. “I understand what he did….” tears began to well in your eyes “and I understand that it was a horrible crime… “ you looked up at her “But I still love him.”

Frigga nodded and retook her seat leaning forwards to take your hands in her own. “I feel the same. Loki’s crimes where so terrible, but I still love my son as if he where still the same one that I raised from a baby” she said and you smiled. You knew that Frigga would understand. “Please, I… I just want to see him one last time” you begged and she nodded. “I understand, but there is little that can be done.” She paused as you hung your head once more then took in a sharp breath. “I may not be able to get you into the prisons, but I have my ways and I should be able to let you speak with him.” Your head snapped up as you nearly jumped in your seat. “Could you? With your magic?” you asked and she nodded, a joyful smile spreading across her lips at your own excitement. “Yes, my dear. Now hold still.” Frigga placed her hands on either side of your face and closed her eyes, you copied and suddenly you where no longer in her rooms.

You opened your eyes to find your self in a white, painfully white cell. The golden shield acting as indestructible bars. “Y/N?” a familiar voice asked and you spun around to see Loki, sat bolt up right in a chair, the book he had been holding fallen to the floor with shock. “Loki” you breathed and he rushed forwards but froze when your form flickered. “Frigga” he huffed and you nodded.
“I had asked to see you, but this was the only way. Please, let me just stay for a small while” you begged and he nodded reaching out a hand to try and touch you, you doing the same. Fingers just out of reach so that the mirage of you was not disturbed. “I hate Odin more than ever for separating us like that” he muttered watching your fingers whisper next to each other. “I hate him for taking you away” you whispered back watching his face “but this is better than your death. I… I don’t know… what… what I might do if you really left me” you said and tears pooled again. “Y/N… don’t cry. I hate it even more when you cry” he said tearing his eyes away to look at your face and your coughed a smile through the tears. “You always did” you chuckled. You both knew that had you really been there, he would have brushed the tears from your cheek with his thumb. “I miss you” you told him and he nodded. “I miss you” he repeated. Your form flickered as the magic began to wear off. “I think I have to go” you said you voice rising and panic filling it. “I love you” Loki promised
“I love you too.”

You opened your eyes and found yourself alone in the queen’s Royal chambers, not even the maids where there and you could feel the steady stream of tears rolling silently down your cheeks and Loki’s name trailing from your lips.

Loki fell into his chair once more his arms nearly aching with the need to hold you. He blood boiled in his cold blue veins as he thought about how upset you had been. He could live with being in prison, like you had said, it was better than death. But how dare Odin cause you pain this way. Loki was seething in his furnished cell that without you felt emptier than ever.

Early Breakfast

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky’s been suffering from constant nightmares and sleep deprivation, until one night a trip the kitchen ends up making all the sleepless nights worth it.

Word Count: 985

Warnings: Nightmares, PTSD, fluff, small character injury

A/N: Because I did this instead of doing homework. :) Enjoy!

Originally posted by faded-facades

(Gif not mine)


Out of all the things that could happen, of course, I’d be having nightmares. Every night I’ve been having them and they always made me feel guilty for all the things I’ve done during my time as the Winter Soldier.

I reach out to the side of the bed to find it empty. It wasn’t unusual to find it empty, she’d get up to stretch now and then. Knowing I was never going to get back to sleep, I might as well make the most of it. I made my way down to the kitchen, to make some of (Y/N)’s tea to help calm my mind. Lost in thought, I failed to realize I wasn’t alone when I entered the kitchen. I practically jumped right out of my skin when a voice screamed at me.

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evanspetres  asked:

calum's mouth fell agape when he saw you wearing...

as you approached the double doors of your worn-out school building, you released a shaky breath and waltzed through the bustling hallways with your head held high. you ignored the endless stares burning into your back as you walked past, disregarding the whispers bubbling in the atmosphere that clearly had to do with the absence of your other half usually attached to your hip.

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Nothing's Ever Easy ~A Joshifer-One Shot Continuation~

Well goodness; the monster is finally finished! After much talk with my lovely followers and friends on here (especially peetasbunmyoven for giving me ideas to work off of), I was finally inspired to write the much longer continuation to Not So Easy, my Joshifer ice-skating fic. This one follows my headcanon concerning the events surrounding the BAFTA’s, the Olympics, and Montreal.

Disclaimer: Wow, first time for everything. But this one-shot does get a little smutty later on; ye be warned. I also am quite aware that the events in this story may not be 100% accurate, but it’s all real in my eyes ;)

I hope you all like it, and sorry for the wait <3!

Nothing’s Ever Easy

Jen sauntered forward, wandering aimlessly through the network of small roads and alleys. Every now and then, she would also throw a look over her shoulder, smiling at the man trailing behind her. Her and Josh had been going ice skating, making a nightly habit of it ever since the Olympics had been airing.

This however, seemed to be taking quite a toll on Josh’s body, as he was now limping slightly and every movement seemed to be painful for him. Jen imagined that the blistering wind hitting them both probably wasn’t helping either.

Slowing her pace so she was by his side, she gently rubbed a hand up and down his back. “Hey. You okay back here?” She watched as a cloud of vapor left his lips, confirming once more how cold it was.

 “I’ve been better, Jen. Damn, couldn’t you have picked a more…easy sport to fangirl over?” His face contorted slightly in discomfort with every step he took, and although Jen felt bad for him, she couldn’t help but chuckle at his grouchy attitude.

“Not when we have the 2018 Olympics to train for, no,” she snickered, nudging him softly on the shoulder. He only groaned in response.

Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer and shivering as the wind continued to strike them relentlessly. Atlanta hadn’t warmed up in the slightest, the ice and snow still scattered about the city. That hadn’t stopped the both of them from wandering the streets however, going to their small, outdoor skating rink, or even taking short walks in the old Olympic park itself. And thanks to the large hooded jackets they were both wearing, no one took any notice of their identities, something they rarely got to experience.

A particularly large gust of wind whipped through the buildings surrounding them, causing Jen to shudder and press her body against his. “Couldn’t Mockingjay have been filmed in Hawaii,” she whined, bringing a chuckle from Josh.

“Hey, you’re the one who always wants to come out here. True Olympians shouldn’t be bothered by the cold.”

The look on her face only caused him to grin more.

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A Normal Day

Pairing: Sam x reader

Song: Come On Over - Royal Blood

Request: Hi. I was wondering if you could do a sam x reader or dean x reader where the reader has a praise kink? Ty. I love your writing.

Words: 1105.

Warnings: evidently smut. Soulless!Sam, dom!Sam, sub!reader.

A/N: so I incorporated a daddy kink into this, but I didn’t know what you guys would say to that. If you don’t like this because of that, anon/other readers, sorry I just went for it! Just to tell you, I’m not sure if it would be OC for Sam to ask the reader’s consent for everything as he has no soul so quite frankly, he wouldn’t care an awful lot. This is all consensual, though. :) P.S. Sorry this is so short! It took longer to write because I had to think about it more and it didn’t just flow like normal, so, it seemed lengthier than it actually is when I was writing! Sorry again x

Your name: submit What is this?


Ever since Sam’s soul had been absent, things had been a little different. By ‘a little different’, you meant your friendly relationship, full of boundaries, had become a…
“I want you” Sam growled, bursting through your bedroom door.
… Did that not explain it?
A couple of minutes later, you were being held up by Sam’s hands on your ass, while he slammed your back against the wall. You were left in your bra and underwear, whereas Sam’s jeans were still present on his body. You groaned as he rubbed his clothed crotch against yours, desperate for friction. “Oh, God daddy” you said that last word without even meaning to. Suddenly, you went red in the face, hoping Sam wouldn’t be turned off.
Little did you know that you were in for a pleasant surprise…
“Be a good girl and call me that again” Sam ordered, in a quiet voice, grinding on you with more force than before as he did so.
“Yes, daddy” you replied obediently, getting even more turned on at his request.
“Oh, you like that, do you?” Sam asked once he saw the look on your face, evidently revealing the pleasure it gave you. “Do you like it when daddy praises you?”
You swallowed and nodded as he bit his lip.
“Okay, but daddy only gives his baby girl what she wants if she does what he says” Sam warned you.
“Of course.”
With a swift moment, you were on your own feet, your body separated from Sam’s as he undid the button on his jeans, pulled down the zip and got rid of them. He chucked them somewhere to be found again later on, probably by you, him wanting an excuse to see you bent over.
The bulge dying to rip out of Sam’s boxers was unavoidable now and you gazed at it, mouth watering.
Taking your own initiative, you fell to your knees and-
“Down on all fours.” Sam instructed.
You complied, crawling over to Sam. He smirked, obviously enjoying the view. Without hesitation, you licked your lips and hooked your fingers onto each side of his boxers, pulling them down from his hips and exposing his hard cock. Knowing what came next, you ran your tongue around his tip at a slow pace, before fitting your whole mouth around his cock. Your head bobbed as you brought Sam towards the edge.
Sam grunted as your tongue swirled around his length, and then moaned. “Baby girl, do you want me to come already? I thought you wanted me to come inside you when I fuck you.”
You paused, halting your movements.
“You only get me… Like that once, alright? Good girls don’t get to control when their daddies come, do they?”
“No, daddy…” You managed to say from your position. Despite your words of agreement, you made no effort to pull away from Sam’s length.
“You know what happens to girls who don’t do what their daddy says?” Sam asked in a low voice. However, he didn’t wait for you to answer. “They get spanked.”
You let out a whine at the thought of Sam spanking you, that fantasy having always been a massive turn on for you.
“Oh, you get off on that, do you? Only naughty girls get off on being spanked.” Sam’s tone was menacing, but, God, were you enjoying it. “Stand up.”
You did as Sam had asked, and before you could process it, you were being picked up and thrown on the bed, face down.
“On all fours, baby girl.”
Practically as soon as you had actually got on all fours on your double bed, Sam was slipping off your underwear. He spanked you moderately hard, despite the fact that he knew it wasn’t a successful ‘punishment’, sending you begging him for more.
“Good girls don’t get what they want till their daddies get what they want, remember?” Sam reminded you. “So first, no more spanking unless you’re naughty again. And you want to be a good girl, don’t you?”
“Yes, daddy.” You still got so turned on when either of you put that word to use.
“Second, that means daddy can fuck his baby girl however he wants to. And I want you doggy style. Are you going to be a good girl and let me have you doggy style?”
“Are you asking me if I consent to this?” You inquired, not particularly caring to hear the answer to your question. “The Sam I knew before you left your soul in hell would approve.” You muttered under your breath, smiling even though he couldn’t see it.
Soon enough, you snapped out of your soliloquy and told him yes.
Smoothly, Sam slid his cock into you, propped up by his knees. You exhaled at how good this felt after receiving no favours from Sam at all. You barely had any time to adjust to his fat, throbbing length before Sam began to thrust in and out of you thoroughly. His hands were tightly holding onto each of your hips. He was perfectly aware that his nails would hurt you and leave marks, but he obviously didn’t let that stop him… Not that you were complaining. 
Sam didn’t ask how you wanted it. Had you really expected him to? He fucked you with increasing speed. You breathed heavily, neglecting any thoughts of hiding the pleasure coursing through you in all the right places… 
Sam let out a delicious moan and his grip tightened on your hips as his thrusts became more sporadic, a sign of him being at the edge.
“This is your one time” Sam’s chest heaved as his orgasm overtook him. He ran his hands up and down your sides. You were both shivering messes as you came along with him, Sam barely being able to utter the words “you earned this, baby. You were a good girl.”


After that, what Sam would never have done ordinarily became something you were both used to; something you’d expect on a normal day.


“I’m so sorry” as soon as Sam got his soul back and had got himself together, he hurried to you to apologise for his previous behaviour regarding your compromising positions. “I’m so sorry I treated you so objectively and roughly.”
“Sam, hey” you interjected, looking into his eyes. “Don’t beat yourself up about this. I liked it, remember?” You shot Sam a reassuring smile.
“Maybe so,” Sam admitted. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want another round… You know, to show you how I do it on a normal day.” He winked, pulling you to him, not so roughly this time.

Fantasies (Michael smut)

Requested?: Nope

Pairing: Michael/Reader

Word count: 3.5k(probably more)

Ratings: R

Description: Best friend Mikey

Warnings: *contains smut, mild drug and alcohol use*

“Do you want to see another one?” I asked my friend still cackling. For the past like hour and a half we’ve been watch really old videos of 5sos but most specifically michael. In honor of the boys coming home my dearest friend and I are finishing up our first blunt laughing uncontrollably at them lip syncing over chipmunk versions of random pop songs.

“Yeah, this is the last one and then I have to get going because I have class in 30 minutes.”

“Okay perfect,” I said with a smirk plastered permanently onto my face.

About halfway through the video my front door opened and closed quietly enough for both of us to be oblivious to the noise. It must have been the effects of the drugs because we also didn’t hear the footsteps all the way down the hallway or the displeased Michael clear his throat in the doorway.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” He said in a loud voice making both of us jump up and me slam computer shut.

“Umm, I’m gonna get going. Nice seeing you Michael.” Y/F/N said laughing under her breath as she quickly darted towards the door.

“Yeah, likewise Y/F/N..” Michael said not taking his eyes off of me. “So is this what you guys do
when you’re bored? Sit around smoking and making fun of the darkest days of my life?”

“Well yeah, some of us know how to enjoy the finer things in life, Mikey.” I teased him because he usually didn’t choose to smoke with me. Not because he was scared to try it or anything he just wasn’t a big fan but it was always fun to watch him squirm when you mentioned it. He didn’t argue back like he usually did though, instead he picked up the two blunts that I had rolled and waiting on my end table. He must’ve saw the look on my face because the only answer I got was another glare back.

“Just come on.” he answered already halfway out the door not really giving me much of a choice but to follow him.

Once outside he was already sat in his car so I got in on the passenger side and watched him waiting to see what his next move was. It surprised
me when I saw him light the first blunt and take a long hit, holding it in while he rolled all the windows up and then blew out. He repeated the process two more times then handed it to me. He was acting very casual about it so I just went along with it and copied him.

After like 10 minutes of sitting in the silence, hot boxing his car he started up the engine and started driving. curiosity finally got the better of me so I looked over at him and said, “Not that its that big of a deal but where are we going?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you, me and the boys are hanging at the house tonight so they told me to go pick you up because we all missed you.” He smiled at the end of the phrase, I didn’t answer him again because I ran out of things to say.


Finally we got to their house and greetings were exchanged. Things got a little weird when I said hello to Ashton. I always felt like there was a little sexual tension there, the way that he never took any shit from anyone and just did whatever he wanted and didn’t care what repercussions there would be turned me on.

“Alright weenies, what are we doing tonight?” I said once everyone settled down and went back to what they were doing before we got here.

“Well,” Ashton spoke up so naturally I gave him my full attention “I got a few bottles if anyone wanted to drink?” Luke and Calum said they would after they finished the round in whatever game they were playing. Ashton was about to go sit on the couch and go back on his phone when I made one of the best/worst decisions of my life.

“I’ll drink with you.” I stated calmly trying not to seem like I was that desperate. He looked up at me and smirked. “Great, lets do it.” He said his voice suggesting everything but what we were
actually talking about.

“Me too,” chimed in a very nervous looking Michael, by all means the boy isn’t a wimp or anything but he usually isn’t a big partier. He drinks his beers and gets drunk off of that, the whole drugs and different kinds of shots was never really his scene so this came as a shock to us.

“Are you sure you’re up for this Mikey?” I asked him because I really wanted to make sure this wouldn’t be too much for him to handle.

“Yeah, Mikey, are you gonna be able to keep up with us?” Ashton asked him clearly joking around but Michael stood his ground. Ashton got the bottles and poured us each a shot making them all the same amount and then counted down.

Pretty soon Calum and Luke joined in and now it’s a little past midnight and we’re all drunk off our asses. We’re all sat around in a circle telling stories of all the bad things that we’ve ever done which means whenever Ashton is talking I get to stare at him and listen to him talk and it not be creepy. That is until I feel someone very close to me breathing on my neck, “Do you wanna go up to my room and smoke that other blunt?” Michael successfully whispers so only I hear him. I nod and I hear him come up with the lame excuse that we’re both really tired so we’re going to lay down. What confuses me is the laughing and cheering that follows him telling the other guys the reason for our departure. I just shrug it off and
make my way upstairs, blunt and lighter already in hand.

Once I’m in his room I light it and take a few hit, its taking him longer than i thought it would to get up here. Maybe he’s talking to the boys still, I’m not sure but the weed is starting to affect me and these clothes are too tight so I remove all of mine carefully not to burn any holes in my shirt. I pull out a pair of his boxers and put them on. I’m standing there in just his boxers and no bra when I hear him hiss from the doorway.

“Don’t look, perv.” I snort turning my back and putting one of his shirts i found on the floor onto my smaller frame. It smelled like him, i really did miss him while he was away. I picked the blunt back up and walked over to where he was standing with his back turned so he didn’t accidently see something he wasn’t supposed to again. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room and closed the door.

“Sorry, i didn’t know you we’re changing, i would’ve knocked or something even though its my room but,” He rambled on trying to cover himself for what just happened. I didnt say anything back to him, i just got closer and wrapped my arms around his neck. “I really missed you.” I mumbled into his neck, “I really missed you too Y/N” his grip on me just got tighter and in that moment I made a decision.

I walked him over to the bed and sat him down, as he did this i took a hit from the still lit blunt in my hand and straddled his lap and pressed my lips lightly onto his so i could blow the smoke into his mouth. He inhaled and held his breath then he let it out into the air around us.

Eventually he scooted back so he was against the
wall but i remained in his lap. We finished the blunt and we both stayed where we were. “How much did you miss me?” I asked him knowing exactly where i was about to take this.
“A fucking lot” was all i got back but it wasn’t enough.

“Did you ever think about me at night when you were lonely?” I asked putting on my innocent voice.

“I thought about you all the time, I was always thinking about you.”

“No, i mean like at night, did you think about me,” I leaned down and got close to his ear breathing out the next words “When you were lonely” with the end of the phrase i ground myself down onto his already hardening length. He couldn’t even answer me, instead he let his head fall back against the wall and brought his hands to my hips guiding me. Probably keeping them there to make sure I wouldn’t stop.

“Because, i thought about you so much Mikey.” I let my lips linger on his earlobe for a second and then started to kiss my way down his neck. At this point his was groaning and squeezing me tighter. “Talk to me baby,”

“Uggghhhh, you have no idea how long i’ve been waiting for this moment,” he was panting like he just ran
a 5k. “Oh yeah? Tell me about it, tell me what you always used to dream would happen.”

“I- ffuck I can’t think straight with you moving like that,” he started so i slowed down my motions almost to a complete stop. “No no no no no no no no, God please don’t stop, i’ll tell you another time just please do anything else.” He was so desperate for this i couldn’t keep this up any longer, hell who am I kidding I wanted it just as bad as he did.

Instead of grinding on him again i took off the his shirt that i was wearing. The second he saw my boobs he was a goner. His hands instantly cupped them and squeezed them, wasting no time at all he started to suck on one of my nipples causing me to moan and arch my back closer to him. He snaked one hand around my lower back holding me where i was while the other hand kept it’s place on the boob that he was leaving hickies all over.

I pushed him back and removed his shirt, once it was discarded somewhere across the room i pressed my lips to his. The kiss was hard and urgent yet still slow and passionate. It felt like this is where we were both meant to be, right here kissing each other. I bit his bottom lip causing him to open his mouth giving me the perfect amount of space to stick my tongue in to meet his.

We were making out and groping each other for what felt like forever and i was content with just that but i knew he needed more. If he’s been dreaming about this i’m gonna put on the best damn show he’s ever seen in his entire life.

I pulled back from the kiss and started to get up, he groaned something about not wanting to stop
but i shushed him and told him to be patient. I went to his secret stash of condoms that he thinks I don’t know about and grabbed a handful bringing them over to the bed.

He watched me with wide eyes, unsure of what i was doing. I unbuttoned his pants and he got the idea of what i wanted and he helped me pull his pants all the way off. I climbed back on top of him but a little lower down so I was sat on his thighs. I leaned forward and rubbed the bulge in his boxers, the groans i heard satisfied me enough so i went on to leave very light kisses
all over it. He began to thrust up to try and create more friction so as slowly as i could, i grabbed the waistband in between my teeth and pulled them down making sure to breathe extra heavy so he could feel my hot breath.

“Please,” was the only word he could form, and it came out as more of a whimper. I couldn’t say no to that face, it was killing him to be this patient so its time to reward him.

“You have been a really good boy, I think you deserve something nice..” I said to him keeping a straight face although i wanted to gawk and his size. He nodded vigorously agreeing to anything that would end up with him being pleasured.

I put my hands on his
thighs and slowly started rubbing them. I rubbed him for about a minute before I wrapped one of my hands around his length, he let out the most pornographic moan and pushed himself into my hand trying to fuck it because I clearly wasn’t moving fast enough for him. I think that’s what struck this idea into my head.

“Hey Mikey, you know how you said you can’t remember any fantasies you’ve ever thought about me?”

“Umm, yeah. Fuuuuck why?” He asked half wondering what I was up too, knowing me too well, and half way too consumed in the pleasure to give the conversation his full attention.

“I’m gonna give you a new one,” This time I caught his attention because he
stopped his little thrusts to look me in the eyes.

“What are you on about?” Michael said closing his eyes again when i gave him a little squeeze.

“Let me be your slave, anything you want to do, do it. I just want to make you feel good.” I said and started sucking his tip. My eyes were close but after not hearing any verbal agreement to this proposition i looked up to see a very awestruck Michael looking back at me.

“Well?” I rose my eyebrows, waiting for his response. Michael put his hands on my head lacing his fingers through my hair and brought my face back down. That’s one way of demanding a blow job, asshole.

This time was different though, his hands were holding me tight and i couldn’t control how i moved my head. He wasn’t exactly fucking my mouth but he was in a sense.

After a
few minutes of him doing this and slightly thrusting up into my mouth he pulled me off of him and flipped me onto my stomach. He tore the boxers i was wear off and threw them over his shoulder.

“Get on your hands and knees and spread your legs as far as you can.” I did as he said without hesitation.

“Ohhh, yeah baby.. Fuckkk just like that, stick that ass up for me.” He groaned when i arched my back, causing my ass to raise higher for him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him, then he leaned down and started to kissed all over my back. While he was doing that he grabbed his dick in his hand and rubbed it up and down my slit, stopping only to tap it on my clit a few times then going back to rubbing.

“Y/N, I’m not going to use a condom.” Michael said in a low voice still leaving kisses on my lower back and ass now. He must’ve felt me tense up when he said this because he hugged around my waist. “I’ve been dreaming about what that sweet pussy of yours feels like for so long and I don’t want anything in my way of that. Don’t worry baby, i’ll always take care of you. I always have, this will be no different. It’s still your loser friend that you make fun of all the time that’s pathetically in love with you and has been for as long as he can remember, It’s still me.”

I melted into his arms and nodded giving him the only signal he needed. Hes my best friend, i trust him more than i trust myself. He pushed into me as slowly as he possibly could. We both let out the loudest moans completely oblivious to the fact that the other boys are still somewhere in the house.

Michael pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in, a lot harder this time. He kept a firm grip on my hips that i was sure would leave bruises. I pushed my ass back each time he thrusted.

“OHhh baby you feel so good,” I screamed out not even meaning for it to come out as a scream.

“God you’re so fucking hot, I can’t believe this is happening” He mumbled to himself thrusting even faster now. I could feel him twitching inside of me telling me he was near his release but i wasn’t quite there yet.

I let my hand trail down and rub my clit hoping to move my orgasm along so it would be at the same time as Michael. He must’ve felt or seen me doing this because i didn’t last more than 6 seconds before he smacked my right hand away and pulled it behind my back with his left hand.

So now instead of holding my hips he had my right
hand pinned behind my back with his left hand and he rubbed my clit really hard and really fast in no pattern at all.


“I know baby i’m really close too, hold on for me. Can you do that?” He grunted in between his thrusts.

“N-NO MICHAEL I CAN’T HOLD IF IM GON- FUUUUUCKKKK FUCK YESS OH MY GOD FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK” I saw stars as i came harder than i ever have in my entire life. Right after i came so did Michael, and he pulled out
and painted all over my back like i was his canvas. I collapsed onto my stomach, i felt Michael wipe me down with a shirt i think?

He climbed into bed and pulled me so i was half laying on him with my head resting on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and said “I accidently came in your hair..” It was quiet for a second but then we both broke out and were laughing so hard, clearly still under a haze from the drugs and alcohol.

“You know, i was just about to tell you that i loved you too but i take it back now.” I said smirking with my eyes closed starting to doze off.

“Thats good enough for me,” He chuckled lightly and that was the last thing i
heard before i fell asleep in my not so best friends arms.

** Next Morning **

When i woke up Michael wasn’t in bed
with me, instead i saw a glass of water and an entire bottle of painkillers waiting for me. I took two pills and dress in a new pair of his boxers and one of his tank tops.

I walked down stairs and i was about to step into the living room when i heard all the boy laughing. I wouldn’t have cared if i didn’t hear my name thrown into the mix.

“I fucking know dude, it must have been incredible because none of us slept last night..” Calum said still laughing.

I tried to back away so i could continue to listen but i bumped into a picture frame on the wall making noise so i knew it was too late. One of them mumbled a “Shit” realizing they might’ve been caught. I
walked out into where they were all sitting, Michael gave me a shy smile, the rest of them were smirking at me.

It was ashton who spoke up first, he looked me over and said “You look rough Y/N, you look a little sleep deprived. Were you up late last night?” A stupid smirk on his face as he finished his phrase thinking he was so cute.

“I slept quite well, haven’t slept so well in ages actually. Although i am really sore..” I said walking over towards the couch glancing over my shoulder to see the look on his face and it was priceless.

I stopped in front of the other three and said “Sorry if I kept you boys up last night, I guess it was a ‘rough’ night
so to speak.” I leaned down and pressed a long kiss on Michael’s lips. It started to get passionate but I bit his lip to keep anything more from happening on this couch with all of the guys sitting there gaping at us.

I pulled back from the kiss and turned back down the hallway that i came from. Looking over my shoulder I stopped where i was to really put the cherry on top.

“Come on Mikey, I could really use your help washing my hair, after all it is your fault why theres a giant patch of it thats practically glued together.” I laughed quietly to myself when all i heard was silence. Once i was far enough i was from them i pulled his shirt off of me so all they could see was my bare back, his boxers and the hand shaped marks on my sides.

“Come to think of it, I could use a little help washing.. everywhere.” With that he flew off the
couch, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder, making his way to the bathroom.