this quote made me cry uncontrollably

OT5 Cassie

I know it’s been a few years already after DBSK split up, but damn. 

/sobs uncontrollably.

I know a lot of people have moved on now; but I know there is also many Cassie’s who love all five and probably know how I feel. Listening to their voices as five and blending in so beautifully, watching their variety shows where they laugh uncontrollably and them just acting like dorks and and having the most beautiful bonds.. yes, some people have moved on, but I find it so difficult. And honestly even if they don’t reunite— I’ll still be an OT5 Cassie. 

Junsu singing OT5 songs with such emotion made me cry a freaking waterfall. Junsu and Yoochun dancing to hug. Jaejoong being OT5 as hell all the time. Changmin singing their old songs with even teary eyes. Yunho’s sweet quotes,“No matter how far we’re separated, we’ll always be back together one day.”

To all those people who are probably laughing and mocking Cassies; we might look pathetic to you but these boys have given us so much to learn; to experience. They’re all so beautiful and wonderful and— asdfghjkl. Even if it takes years for them to reunite— even if they don’t— i’ll still be an OT5 Cassie. 

People can make fun of Cassie’s all they want; but it’ll never break the bond between all five of them, and the fandom. 

SB: JYJ stans, Homin stans bash. they seem to be butthurt over the fact there are still so many OT5 Cassie’s.