this quote just means so much to me ok

  • taehyung to jimin : Haha dude,,,you are so cute bro. want to be my bf? Bf means brofriend, so its like double the bro. Youre my best bro dude. I love you man. I really love you so much <3 <3

It’s here…

Rules of Disorder Enamel Pins have Arrived!

Teacups and Time and the Rules of Disorder

I think they look marvelous, and it’s hard to believe a little doodle in the corner of my diary has become what I’ve photographed today.

I can’t thank everyone who supported me enough, via backing, cheering on and signal boosting, and without every single one of you it wouldn’t exist.

And just looking at the pin and thinking about that quote, what it means, and how important this show is to me, aesthetically, emotionally. And wearing it will constantly remind me of all the friends I’ve made, how my life has changed and how much creativity and art means to me even after all my years of study based on something that couldn’t be more opposite to that.

Ok so enough of the fluff, lets move on…

So I will get the orders out ASAP, I am still waiting on certain stretch goal bits.

I do have some extra badges available (as I had to purchase a minimum amount) you can buy badges of both colours HERE.

Again, I cannot thank you enough, and I can’t wait for you all to get your badges. 


Get to know me meme: 2/10 celebrity crushes » Kellin Quinn

I believe if you’re man enough to bring someone in this world, then you should be man enough to stick around and see how they turned out.

EVERY(!!!) pynch moment in trc part 3: blue lily, lily blue

 alternatively titled: if you didn’t think adam was bi before,, well bud, u do now

part 1 // part 2


“Maybe I dreamt you,” [Ronan] said.

“Thanks for the straight teeth then,” Adam replied. (pg. 13)

ok, an anon asked me to explain the significance of this quote and i’m gonna try to do my best. this is the first textual example of ronan,, (hear me out),, actually, intentionally flirting. did he mean it in the ‘adam you’re so unreal, you’re like a dream, i love you so much’ way? maybe!!! maybe not!!! but regardless, ronan made a joke that he knew could be taken as a romantic advance, and he did it ANYWAY!! this just shows how far he’s come since the dream thieves. adam handles this statement well and honestly? this sets up the entire book in terms of their relationship

Blue’s voice warred with the engine and Ronan’s still abusive electronica. It seemed impossible that Adam could sleep through it. (pg. 33-34)

hmmm, adam is so used to his extremely loud music that he can sleep through it??? he must spend a lot of time around ronan, then …..hmmmm

For a moment, he watched Ronan and tried to imagine that he was a teacher instead of a Ronan. It was impossible. Adam couldn’t decide if it was how he’d shoved up his sleeves or the apocalyptic way he tied his tie. (pg. 78)

mostly I’m including this line to remind you all that adam thought of ronan as a teacher, a king, and a god all in one book (but we’ll get to the last two later ok)

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