this quote just means so much to me ok


They just went into the whole story, explaining the why behind the what, and that it’s not like this thing that all of a sudden is just spilling out, it’s a discovery for her. That’s how we wanted to approach it. You have so many stories — shows and movies — where people are already established as gay, lesbian, bi[sexual]; these are people who are coming in like that. This was a great opportunity to show somebody who’s figuring it out, the light bulb moment and putting the puzzle pieces together.

Sometimes I become doubtful and afraid and sometimes I come close to completely losing it. I feel so bad for it, like I’ve failed by getting upset. But I have to remember that that’s ok. It’s ok to be afraid sometimes, it just means that there’s something I’m afraid to lose. I love and care about things. I can’t shut it off, no matter how much I want to. That’s what makes me human, being afraid to lose what I love. But I know I don’t have to be that way all the time. I don’t have to worry I’m losing you everyday. There’s a God in heaven with a plan for you. He’s got a plan and He’s always beside you. That’s enough. I personally like taking care of things and fixing problems, so it’s hard when I have to have patience and let God take care of you. But He’s got you and He loves you. He has a plan for you and someday you’ll be here and I’ll be able to help you. For now, I need to wait. I’ll wait, praying and listening for what God wants me to do and say. But I have hope. You’re not completely lost. There is hope for you and there always will be. I just have to have faith and be patient.
  • taehyung to jimin : Haha dude,,,you are so cute bro. want to be my bf? Bf means brofriend, so its like double the bro. Youre my best bro dude. I love you man. I really love you so much <3 <3
Let's talk about Mob Psycho 100

(like a little bit of spoilers)

Alright, it’s obvious that ONE intended to make this series more serious as opposed the the comedy-oriented One Punch Man.

While I really enjoy his humor (and it’s definitely in mp100), I also just really like his storytelling in general. It’s witty, it’s pretty quick, and his characters are lovely. The drama he writes is just as filled with content as the humor.

What I don’t understand is how he is also great at ripping my fucking heart out and tearing it to shreds

You guys remember the Mogami arc or whatever??? It fucking KILLED ME!! I CANT ADD PICS BECAUSE IM ON MOBILE BUT MOB IS SO FUCKING KIND AND GOOD AND EVERYTHING!!!!


This is SO MUCH MORE serious and emotional than OPM and I do like it but there are so many differences and it’s just!!!

I mean the comedy relief is Reigen basically (bless his soul) but he also got a part where it gets all emotional and shit when he was like “mob ur all grown now im PROUD” (not actually quoting haha) AND IT WRECKED ME TOO

Also Mob is like 14 and he’s put in all these situations and he’s gotta deal with them and he’s experiencing all this violence but he HANDLES IT LIKE A CHAMP

where was i going with this? oh yeah

IN CONCLUSION if you’re like “hmmmmm should i really read mob psycho 100 won’t it be the same kinda story? i mean theres a super powerful person and a teacher/disciple dynamic it sounds the same” you are MISTAKEN it’s a really different experience from OPM and there’s gonna be an anime for it so GET INTO IT!! IT’S REAL GOOD!!!

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Dear Lulu, firstly, you're the personification of sunshine and everytime I visit your blog it makes me smile! I wonder if you that any insights about coming back from a running injury, not so much the physical side but the mental resilience you've build? I just got the ok to run again after 3 weeks and I'm so excited! Obviously I'm going to be really careful about slowly increasing mileage and loads of recovery/stretching but I'm a little nervous about feeling slow and inadequate.

Hi pal! When I get messages like this, I don’t even know how to respond. You made me smile so much. Thank you, thank you.

There’s a quote I really like:

“Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.”

I took this quote to mean don’t compare yourself to others, but I also think it could be interpreted to mean don’t compare your present self to your past self. When I was at the peak of my training season last fall, I was significantly faster than I am now. Just like life, your running career will have ebbs and flows. There are definitely small moments where I feel “slow and inadequate” during my recent runs, but I always come back to the gratitude I have that I can even run at all.

My best advice is be easy on yourself and bask in the wonder of experiencing running again for the first time in a while. I even find gratitude in the tiny blisters I’m redeveloping because my feet lost the feel for running during my injury. Breathing will be harder, but delight in that too. 

Your legs are moving, you are running, and that is all that matters. 

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I hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you mean by 'lili changed her stance on b*rchie'?

well, when they were first filming the show– she seemed pro b*rchie and even thought they were going to be endgame. now she says she’s not so sure anymore and that she thinks they’re way better off as friends. here are some of my favorite quotes by her: 

Archie is such a mess! They’re just two people who are so much better off as friends, but she doesn’t realize it just yet. That’s OK. She’s young. She’ll realize it eventually.

“He’s a confused teenage boy. He doesn’t know what he wants, romantically or for his future. He’s just lost. She has sympathy for him, but she’s trying to protect him. At the end of the day, she doesn’t want him to get hurt or wrapped up in something dangerous. I think her opinion of him, as a person, doesn’t change, but her opinion of him, as a romantic figure in her life, changes. She grew up with him as a best friend, and when you grow up with a guy as a best friend when you’re a girl, it’s hard not to see yourselves becoming romantically involved. You’re like, “We’ve been best friends. Why don’t we just be together?” That’s what she thought. Maybe she wasn’t really in love with him. Maybe she just thought she was because it felt like the right thing to do. It wasn’t easy, but it was easier than you would think for her to get over the fact that they shouldn’t be together, romantically. She just had an idea in her head of the perfect couple that was Betty and Archie, but in reality, it wasn’t there and it wouldn’t have been as good.

“In the comic books, Archie just kind of picks between each girl every other day. No girl wants to watch a girl on television be pulled apart by a guy every which way. You want a girl who doesn’t let someone do that to her.

At first I thought, yeah of course they’re gonna end up together; at the end of the day, end of the series, that’s what’s right and what’s meant to happen. Now, I’m not so sure. I think Archie and Betty are so much better off as friends, and it’s kind of like when you’re so close to a person of the opposite sex, if things were to get romantic, it would feel so wrong.” 

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Ok but if we're going by accurate age, Maisie Williams as Lilah would be perfect!! Isn't Lilah 19 in adsom?

Lila *is* 19 in ADSOM. And if Maisie works for you then by all means make her your pick!

Personally (though I LOVE Maisie in everything I’ve seen her in), she just doesn’t *look* like Lila to me. Plus she’s much shorter (5'1") than Lila (who is 5'9").

Even Lily Collins is a bit short (5'5") but she looks much more like Lila to me so I’d be willing to forgive on the height.

Personal preferences, though. These are just my opinions, and they’re certainly not the only ones out there, nor are they the most important ❤️

EVERY(!!!) pynch moment in trc part 3: blue lily, lily blue

 alternatively titled: if you didn’t think adam was bi before,, well bud, u do now

part 1 // part 2


“Maybe I dreamt you,” [Ronan] said.

“Thanks for the straight teeth then,” Adam replied. (pg. 13)

ok, an anon asked me to explain the significance of this quote and i’m gonna try to do my best. this is the first textual example of ronan,, (hear me out),, actually, intentionally flirting. did he mean it in the ‘adam you’re so unreal, you’re like a dream, i love you so much’ way? maybe!!! maybe not!!! but regardless, ronan made a joke that he knew could be taken as a romantic advance, and he did it ANYWAY!! this just shows how far he’s come since the dream thieves. adam handles this statement well and honestly? this sets up the entire book in terms of their relationship

Blue’s voice warred with the engine and Ronan’s still abusive electronica. It seemed impossible that Adam could sleep through it. (pg. 33-34)

hmmm, adam is so used to his extremely loud music that he can sleep through it??? he must spend a lot of time around ronan, then …..hmmmm

For a moment, he watched Ronan and tried to imagine that he was a teacher instead of a Ronan. It was impossible. Adam couldn’t decide if it was how he’d shoved up his sleeves or the apocalyptic way he tied his tie. (pg. 78)

mostly I’m including this line to remind you all that adam thought of ronan as a teacher, a king, and a god all in one book (but we’ll get to the last two later ok)

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-rolls in, chin hands- we get some small details, but how do you think samara's childhood was like?

send me hc topics !! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

ok so! let’s start with what we know —— which, spoiler alert, isn’t much. all samara really lets on is that she’s a PUREBLOOD ( meaning both her mother and ‘father’ were asari ) and she used to be a mercenary in her hot-blooded, reckless maiden years.

canonically in asari culture, purebloods are regarded as less than desirable; mating with another asari is akin to a social FAUX PAS if you will. hell, just look at this quote:

PUREBLOODED” asari, who have two asari parents, are seen as wasteful by some because “nothing has been gained.” however, unsurprisingly, it is considered cruel and insulting to say such a thing to a pureblooded asari’s face.

samara’s lineage was known from birth, and as such, she grew up with this silent but unshakable JUDGMENT that was placed upon her wherever she went: that she was not GOOD enough, would never be good enough, and had no place in the progressive asari culture. though her parents were supportive and loving and tried their best to refute this belief, samara grew up insecure and jaded and BITTER

and when she was on the cusp of maturity ( around age 40 ) she was sent by her parents to see a doctor for a genetic test that is required of purebloods and ONLY of purebloods: to see if she carried the genetic pattern that made her predisposed to becoming an ardat-yakshi.

———— she DID

fortunately, her condition was latent and existed at such a MINOR degree that she was not deemed a threat. the only indication to her predisposition at all was her unusually strong biotics for her age. desperate to fit in —— and desperate to prove to her people that she belonged —— samara enrolled in the asari military with the intention of proving to her people that their bias against purebloods was wrong.

she was not successful. 

while her peers were polite at face value, they never could shake their disgust ( and fear ) of her. samara tried to grin and bear it —— and then to just bear it —— but eventually it got to the point where she couldn’t stand it anymore. lonely and misunderstood, she left asari military in favor of mercenary work, where she fell in quick with a rougher, much less judgmental crowd who didn’t give a SHIT what she was. just what she could do. and what she did, she did DAMN well. 

with nothing to prove, samara let herself loosen up and live as maidens do: stupidly, wildly, RECKLESSLY. she went everywhere, stepped on whoever got in her way, owning her power instead of shying away from it. she was not KIND, but she was fair: she fought only against those who were armed and only shot at those who shot first. gradually she earned a reputation; scant decades into her career she’d solidified her place in a society of gray and was welcomed and challenged by mercenaries and warlords alike. a particular gang sought her out, wooed her with the promise of a family, and brought her on.

for a time, it was nice. she was finally ACCEPTED ——— or so she thought.

then she was tasked with escorting a slave ship to the collectors. upon discovering what that was about, she voiced her protests to her gang and was met with VIOLENCE. hurt and incensed, she slaughtered them, freed the slaves, taught them all she knew ( of blood and battle ) and left. 


some things never really change. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this so you perhaps haven’t noticed: during the Bigfest Alex said, just before talking about Ford’s and Stan’s drawing skills, that he “imagined Ford’d be good at anything requiring dexterity, for example drawing, tickling and playing the piano….” GUYS. The headcanon about Ford playing the piano has been confirmed. (x)


Get to know me meme: 2/10 celebrity crushes » Kellin Quinn

I believe if you’re man enough to bring someone in this world, then you should be man enough to stick around and see how they turned out.

I’m really hurt.
I told you you didn’t have
to talk to me again and
you said “ok.”

It’s been about a week
since we’ve spoken
and I feel like you’ve
completely forgotten me.

I’ve been replaced.
You didn’t even try to
make me stay, you just
let me leave.
Now I’m here,
lost, unsure, incomplete.
Fuck I miss you so much.

I didn’t mean it when I
said I never wanted to hear
from you again.

and you knew it too.

Reversed chapter 4

Song suggestions: good girls by 5sos, rollercoaster by bleachers

“Okay goodnight!” I said softly, closing my door behind me. I pressed myself flat against the door and took a deep breath. It was almost 10, and I was about to do the worst thing  could possibly do. Sneak out. I paced around my room. I knew I would be a nervous wreck until then. I needed someone to calm me down. Trina and Ryan. Perfect. I called Trina right away and she answered, almost like I woke her up. “Hello?” she groaned

“Were you sleeping?”

“Ya. Tonight is my netflix and oero night.” she reminded

“Oh yah sorry. Is there anyway you could make this your sneak out with me night?”  bit my lip 

“Viv? Did I just hear you right?” she gasped

“Well if you heard something about sneaking out then yes.” I croaked

“Uhh sure sure. What’s the plan?" 

"Well get to my house as soon as you can and come around the back and I’ll let you in then Sam will come get us at 11.” I said quietly

“Sam? Viv, your going out with Sam tonight?”


“I hope you know what your getting yourself into. See you soon.” she hung up. I didn’t know what that last part was supposed to mean, but oh well. Next I had to call Ryan. He answered on the very last ring.

“What’s up cous?" 

"Hey so what are you doing tonight?" 

"I’m going to JJ’s house." 

"With Sam?” I asked hopefully


“Thank God!” I groaned. 

“Haha what?” he asked confused

“Sam invited me.” I told him proudly

“Oh cool, see you there then.” He said, we both hung up. Now, hopefully I could relax a little. I was so nervous and unsure of what was about to happen. I didn’t know what to expect or what to think, but that was the exciting aspect of it too. The first thing I had to do was change out of this dress. For some reason, I was compelled to wear something that wasn’t exactly my designated style. I was going for a darker look. After a long time of looking through my closet, I found my red, the 1975 t-shirt that I only wore to bed. I slipped it on and a pair of boyfriend shorts. I studied myself in the mirror for what felt like hours. I felt so, so, out my limit. I felt like the type of girl that would be seen with Sam. I loved it. I also put on my black converse that I wore for gym. My phone went off, Trina texted me,

Trina💎: I’m here

Me: coming!!

I healed my breath as I walked down the stairs to the living room. “What are you doing?” someone asked. I jumped 5 feet and my phone went flying out of my hand. Thank the lord it was only Will. “Holy shit Will you scared the crap out of me.” I laughed quietly, placing my hand over my rapidly beating heart. I looked around the living room and couldn’t believe I didn’t notice the TV and lamp was on. ”Wait, are you leaving?” he gasped

“Yes…Pplease don’t tell.” I begged.

“Okay, but you owe me.” he decided.

“Okay, thank you so much.” I sighed in relief. I opend the back door for Trina who came in quickly.

“Ready?” she smield

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I pushed my hair back put of my face. A few moments later, I got a text from Sam.

Sam: what’s your address?

me: 5606 Clear Crow Drive. 

I responded immediately. I put my phone back in my pocket. “What are we even gonna do?” I asked

“Hang out.” Trina shrugged

“I belive the correct term is chill.” Will corrected, making Trina and I giggle. Within a few minuets, I got another text

Sam: Were out front ;)

I began to panick. I don’t think I had ever been more nervous in my whole entire life. 

“Okay Viv, calm down. It’s all gonna be cool and no matter what, don’t let them think your nervous. They’ll totally take advantage of that.” she instructed. I nodded obediently. “Bye Willy, love you." 

"Good luck, love you too.” he waved me off. I slipped out the door followed by Trina and I was home free. I made it out of the house alive and to top if all off, Sam was waiting for me across the yard for me, looking adorable. “You did it!” He smiled, picking me up and twirling me around. I falt myself relax against his touch, and I knew this was going to be the best night. He led me out to a beat up pick up truck and I sat in the bed of the truck, another first. Before we drove off, Sam introduced me to the other people in the car. He introduced the driver first. “Vivian this is Kenny.” he said. The boy nodded his head at me. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” I smiled. Then he moved to the girl in the middle, I knew her from school, we just never talked. “Hey Vivian?” she smiled, but looked confused as to why I would be here. “Hey Aria!” I laughed. “Ok Kenny lets’ go!” Sam yelled. Kenny went speeding off without warning, blaring the music as well. I fell back into Sam. “Oh sorry.” I blushed, pulling my self off of him. He just laughed. 

“So, are you ready to start living?” he asked

External image

“Ha well if this isn’t living then I don’t know what is.” I shook my head in disbelief. Not more then two days ago, I would have slapped myself if I could see where I was. I had snuck out of my house because some boy I barely knew told me to. We got to Jack Johnson’s house,  I was so in the moment  forgot how to be nervous. Sam lead me through the door and down to the hazy, dimly lit basement filled with giggling strangers. I had never been in an atmosphere like this before, and it was absolutely thrilling. “Hey, I have to introduce you to someone.” Sam whispered, pulling me over to a couch on the other side of the basement. A boy with tattoos across his cheat and earrings looked up at me. He was beyond intimidating. “Nate, this is Vivian.” Sam said. Nate looked me up and down then stood right in front of me, face to face. I gulped nervously. i felt like backing away but then I remembered Trina’s words, “don;t let them see your nervous.” Nate’s serious expression vanished and a toothy grin appeared on his face. “Hey I’m Nate.”

“Hey.” I laughed, relieved. 

“Your really only 15?” he asked

“Ya? Howe’d you know?”

“Sam, obviously.” he shrugged

“Sam, let’s keep this girl innocent ok?” he turned to me.“It’s cute on her.” he flattered. 

“She’s in good hands.” he hit Nate on the back. 

“I’m going to go migle.” I said, backing away

“Have fun!” Sam said

“Don’t do drugs!” Nate added. I walked back to where I came in at and Saw Trina and Ryan talking to Aria. “Where did you go?” Trina asked

“Sam took me to meet Nate." 

"Oh my God Nate is hot.” Aria butted in.

“I never ever thought I would see you at something like this.” Ryan laughed as he hugged me

“Ya! I did’nt know you were friends with Sam!” Aria said

“Well we kinds just met.” I shrugged

“Oh you’ll love him, he’s so funny.” she flipped her jet black hair over her shoulder. 

“Ya.” I shoved my hands in my back pockets

“Oh my gosh I love your shirt!” she smield

“Oh thanks! Your outfit is so cute!” I returned the compliment

“Thanks! So, do you think you’ll be hanging around again?”

“Uh I hope so!” I answered

“Me too!” she beamed

“So, can I get your number?” I asked

“Sure! She chirped. We exchanged numbers. I liked these people. Everyone was funny and laid back and accepting. I only hoped they liked me as much as I liked them. After a little while, everyone decided to go to a nearby park. I walked closely to Sam. "You seem to be enjoying yourself.” he commented.

“I really am." 

"Everyone is enjoying you. The guys think your hot, the girls think your sweet, and everyone thinks your adorable. Including me.” he said, throwing his arm casually around me. In my head, all I could think was that this was moving way to fast, I was giving him too much control over me. We literally met a day ago, and I was already making bad decisions to please him. But, I decided to let it happen, just this once.

“Let’s go up there.” Sam pointed to the roof of a pavilian. 


“I’ll lift you up.” I climbed onto a picnic table and Sam did the rest of the work by lifting me up. He pulled himself up and took a seat by me on the roof. “Your a really cool girl, but I still don’t know that much about you.” he turned to look at me. I could barely see his face here in the dark.

“Well, I think it’s my turn to find out more about you.” I kicked my leg over my other

“I guess your right. What do you want to know?”

“Who are you?” I quoted

“I don’t know. I mean, I like music and just hanging around with friends. I’ve never really had much of a problem with being me. I know who I am, I think I always have.” I nodded, not totally shocked by his answer

“Okay, what’s your favorite song then?” I continued

“Oh jeez, that’s hard. How about when I come ground?”

“Greenday. Nice.” I nodded

“What’s your’s?” he asked, almost a whisper

“I can’t pick just one.” I threw my head back

“Lets do something fun.” He suggested


“So you will tell me who you think I am and I’ll tell you who you are." 

"Ok. Sam. You are, as cliche as it sounds, a classic bad boy. You do what feels good, just simply because you want to. You let everyone see this cool, laid back, tough version of you but deep down your sensitive. But, that’s just what I think.” I finished

“Ok, not bad Viv. Alright, my turn.” I rubbed my hands together, excited to hear what he had to say.“Your actually not that hard to figure out.” he added, making me giggle. “Ok, Vivian. You are innocent by actions, guilty by thoughts. Everyone thinks you’ve got it all figured out for yourself, but if it were up to you, you wouldn’t be living the life your parents built for yourself. You dream of adventure and leaving this black and white town, but you don;t know where to start, because your afraid to disappoint the people your living for, when really you should be living for yourself. You’ve got alot to say, you just eel voiceless. You don"t allow yourself to be all that you can because your scared. That’s who you are.” he asserted, leaving me speechless.

“I didn’t even know that about myself…” I trailed off into the whole new world that I was just exposed to, thanks to Sam

“So, where are you going to college?” I asked, directing the conversation back to him

“I’m not going at all.” he said flatly

“What?” I could only imagine how much more my parents would hate him now.

“Yah, it’s not really for me. I like to live one day at a time. I know it dosen’t sound like much of a plan, but oh well.”

“It’s really not.” I laughed. 

“Guys! Come on we have to go!” Kenny called from the ground. I quickly hoppen onto the table then to the ground followed by Sam. On the short walk back to Jack’s, I got a text

Will: you’ve been gone for hours, come home!

I sighed and showed the text to Sam. “How old is your brother?”

“12. He’s so annoying sometimes. I’m sorry but I really need to go home." 

"Yah, I know.” he nodded “Kenny can give us a ride. I would but my car is at home.”

“Sorry, I wish I could stay a little longer.”

“It’s fine, really.” he laughed. His phone rang and he answerd it. I saw the contact name was Vanessa. “Hey.” he said, I only heard peices of the conversation.

“Sorry, I can’t tonight, tomorrow?”

“I know, I want to to.”

“Tomorrow it is. Can’t wait.” then, he hung up. It was too early for me to have my feelings hurt, but I could still be curious. “Who was that?”

“Oh, she’s a family friend.” I knew he was lying, but I wasn’t going to make a big deal of it. Honestly, he wasn’t mine, so why should I care?

I got home safely, Sam even hugged me at the door. He told me he wanted to see me again sometime this week, of course I agreed. I went into Will’s room, he was soundly sleeping. He held his phone in his hand, probably waiting for a text from me. I crawled beside him in bed and he woke up right away. “Your home. Oh thank god I thought you were never coming back.” he said sleepily.

“Of course I came back.” I giggled, pinching his arm

“Did you have fun?”


"Who was that guy?”

“What guy?” I asked worried

“The one who was waiting for you before you left.” he yawned

“Oh, he’s just a friend.” I smiled to myself.