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Listen. Listen. It’s okay not to be your ideal person right now. It’s okay not to be anyone’s ideal person right now. I keep seeing posts about like “you’re someone’s perfect person” or “you’re someone’s fantasy” and everyone is reblogging them with “lol I sure wish they’d speak up then because I’m pretty sure I’m not” and it’s so frustrating because of COURSE you aren’t. That would suck. Ideals exist as things to strive toward, and if you were already there you wouldn’t have much to do or anywhere to go.

Allow yourself character development. Allow yourself the full length of a story to get there. You’re still living the story, you don’t need to be at a perfect resolution yet.

  • person: what do you watch during your free time?
  • what jungkook says: you know, sitcoms, music videos, some things on YouTube, the usual...
  • What jungkook means: in the morning, I watch a 6 hour loop of jimin laughing. It helps me cleanse my soul. And then, during lunch time, I watch jimin’s perfect man fancam. I have to watch it to function. After 8pm, I watch another loop of jimin laughing. This one is different cause it is an 8 hour loop. And then I watc-

I’m sorry I’m so territorial,
I get jealous pretty easily.
I’ve just never had anyone loyal,
Sometimes I fear you’ll do the same to me.

I know you’re not like all the rest,
But I can’t silence these thoughts.
Even now this has me stressed,
Because you’re all my heart wants.

—  K.N.B.
Pretty and Perfect

 Sit still and smile

 No one cares about your pain 

 Don’t think and don’t speak

 try and be pretty

 I try to be pretty 

 But my scars and marks make me ugly 

 I’m not pretty like you 

 I’ll never be pretty

 Is it because I’m fat? 

 I’ll stop eating for a while 

 It it because I speak too much? 

 I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut

 Is it because I worry a lot?

 Sorry, I’ll just dissociate from the world

 Because the only pain I see is that I’m hurting myself for people to see me

 I know I’m not pretty

 I’ll never be skinny

 I always talk 

 And I worry a lot

 I’m sorry I’m not perfect

 I promise I’m trying 

 Stop telling me I’m worthless 

 I know I’m not who you want me to be

It’s been years, and still Person of Interest is the best I’ve seen in years, yes there were missteps, yes there were decisions I wished they didn’t make (Carter), and some that felt like a great closing of an arc but whose ending is unfortunately mired in present unfortunate implications (Root) but I can’t deny that this is the best ending of a show I’ve ever watched. Return 0 is still a great coda to the whole series and left with a fantastic thematic statement.

And it’s fitting that the Machine might have learned her morals and ethics from Harold but she learned humanity and grace from an ordinary person, and it was that more than anything was the Machine tried to live up to.

Even when humanity sometimes frustrated The Machine as evidenced by 5x11 – I think it was in delving further into the AU where Samaritan was the lone ASI, the Machine realized it didn’t want to become what Samaritan became.

Also, honestly, as someone who is still sometimes hit by grief Officer Murphy’s words were a balm and it helps a lot. 

Sure. Everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone, if you help someone or love someone, if even a single person remembers you… Then maybe… you never really die at all.

Watching last half of season 5 too is actually a better experience because it felt like chapters of a novel and the nitpicks are kind of smoothed over. It’s not a perfect show but man do I love it.

POI stands pretty well and Orphan Black is also a contender for its bittersweet ending. 

In terms of how much a show changed and grow from a simple procedural, I haven’t seen a show currently airing that’s like this.

ETA quote




Like seriously he spent the time with everyone in line to chat and answer their questions. He wanted to know where we’re from and he really answered everyone’s questions in a detailed manner. I really appreciated that!


and if there’s something going on there–

(This is all being transcribed from memory so I can’t vouch for perfect quotes, so please don’t quote me exactly!)

First things first–we can’t really ever know, but clearly something made Sherlock rescue Irene, (re: his sword–that was probably pretty gory!) But Irene probably gets into all sorts of trouble all over the world, knowing she’s got Sherlock on a lead [implying that Sherlock would come and rescue her if she gets into too much trouble.]

He also said maybe they get together and tear a room apart.

They’re the only two ‘bad’ enough to deserve each other (memory’s fritzing there but that’s basically the gist).


He repeated though its one of those things that we can’t ever know.


We also got a picture and an autograph with him with my Japanese Sherlock comic which was great.

Hilariously enough I was in line struggling with this giant framed picture of Irene and Sherlock with a piece of her wallpaper.

Getting to Know Bonnie-Wee-Swordsman

Unless you guys have been living under a rock, you probably have read at least one fanfic written by the lovely @bonnie-wee-swordsman​. You probably also know that back in October, she along with @lenny9987​ had the wonderful fortune of having excerpts from their fanfics read by Sam and Cait. Here’s the video for those of you just waking up from hibernation:

(Here’s lenny9987′s video)

I thought it’d be fun to question Bonnie-Wee-Swordsman so we could all get to know her a little better. 

How did it feel when you first found out that Sam and Cait would be reading an excerpt from Chapter 7 of “A Hundred Lesser Faces”?

Well, I guess it’s important to note that I kinda knew that it was at least a possibility. Harper’s Bazaar had reached out to @Lenny9987 a few days prior, and so I’d already gone through the stages of OMG SQUEE/THAT’S SO COOL THEY”RE DOING THAT for her, so when I saw a ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ show up in my DMs, I knew what it must be about! With Lenny on board, I signed the release immediately and said OF COURSE YOU CAN USE MY DUMB STORY!!!

On the one hand, I was super excited and flattered to be involved, especially since they told me up front that Sam was going to say the name of my blog and title of the story, and let’s be real, I would have said yes for that one gif alone!


Now, Lenny and I were both pretty good at crossing fingers and hoping for the best and reminding one another of all the good, promising signs that those worst-case scenarios wouldn’t be the case….but still, it was pretty nerve-wracking,to have to wait a month with all those speculations rolling around in our heads! It was great to have a good friend with whom to commiserate!

OH, and when they first reached out to me, they didn’t immediately mention which story of mine was involved (they didn’t tell me until we were actually emailing off of tumblr), but I knew from Lenny that the selections were all reunion-themed, AND SO there was a frantic 30-or-so minutes in which I was like

If this reputable magazine…..

picked my dumb FMM reunion….

…..the melodramatic sex-on-the-kitchen-floor reunion …


How did it feel when you watched them actually reading your fanfic?

Equal parts CRINGE and SQUEE and HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. I haven’t actually been able to bring myself to rewatch it! Not that it was terrible, I just can’t. In the same way I can’t watch I Love Lucy (#anxiety)

What inspired you to start writing Outlander fanfiction?

I listened to ALLLLLLL the Outlander audiobooks and a few of the Novellas between January and April 2016. I’d recently finished The Space Between, and got inspired by the following line:

“Did you come looking for me?” he asked boldly. He moved a little, trying to get a better view of the man. He was nearly sure that the frog appeared younger than he had when last seen. Surely his flowing hair was darker, his step more elastic? A spurt of excitement bubbled in his chest.

“For you?” The frog seemed amused for a moment, but then the look faded. “No. I’m searching for a lost daughter.”

Rakoczy was surprised and disconcerted.


“More or less.” Raymond seemed uninterested in explaining further.

I got thinking about who this might be, and though the more obvious answer is likely Claire, I got thinking, ‘what if it were Faith’? And the rest is history.

What are some of your favourite quotes that you have written?

Oh, goodness, this is hard. A lot of my favorite things to write are comedic banter between Jamie and Claire, but I can’t for the life of me think of any specific passages.

So here are just a few angsty bits that popped first to mind:

Flood My Mornings, Ch. 11: 

“He surrendered himself to her, not by way of seduction, for—by some unspoken understanding—neither sought to tease or arouse the other; but rather in the way that marble submits to the sculptor: expectant of the promise that one person’s touch will create beauty”.

A Hundred Lesser Faces, Ch. 6:

Yes, the body, so perfectly adapted to regenerate and prolong us, will do everything in its power to erase the imperfections life inflicts upon it. The platelets will descend; the threads of fibrin will lash and bind; the white blood cells will attack infection at the breach, keeping the small hurt from becoming fatal. It is how we—physically, fundamentally—go on.

The body cannot comprehend that its healing power, that very erasure, is a wound in and of itself; that our hurts and imperfections might be nothing less than our deepest desire.

For a Lost Daughter, Ch. 3

They murmured it to one another, over and over.



A name. A child.



A command. A call to a strength neither of them possessed alone.

What is your writing process when writing your fanfics? Do you ask for input from peers? Do you edit while you write or do you use a more stream-of-consciousness approach?

First I outline: What are the big things that must happen to move the plot forward?

Then I brain dump snatches of detail or plot points. Just write everything I can think of to get the basic flow in the google doc. Then I go back and brain dump snatches of dialogue or description into that draft. In no particular order, just capturing as many of the little snippets of inspiration that come to mind as possible. Sometimes this happens more in my head than on paper, but this is my general process. Like visual art: draw the outline, then do the basic shading, then add the more precise shading and highlights, and slowly move to smaller and smaller details until it looks right.

Sometimes when I feel stuck, I have to go back and analyze myself, asking things like: Why did that snippet of dialogue seem important to include? What am I trying to get across about that character or that moment? And from that, does my original snippet do that concept justice? Most of the time, not, so revise, add, delete, wordsmith, etc. A lot of times, I’ll go back and do the analyzing part a little more formally, particularly if I’m feeling stuck or if the scene is extra emotionally complex. (E.G– Stepping back and actually writing down answers to questions like ‘what is claire actually feeling right now, and why?’ ‘Am I taking for granted that ________ , etc). It helps me stay focused on the character’s state so the progression of the dialogue feels natural rather than just zipping around from dramatic high point to dramatic high point.

And then I just obsessively re-read what I’ve written and make tiny adjustments until it’s time to post! For me, there’s no real distinction between ‘writing’ and ‘editing’. Pretty much every chapter of mine comes together in tiny little adjustments over a long stretch of time. Some of my favorite quotes/moments came from literally last-minute tweaks. As in, minutes before posting! It also keeps the mental pressure down, for me—because there’s absolutely no expectation for it to be perfect right off the bat, or even for many days. The goodness comes over time and with lots of thought and small improvements,  not from having it together immediately (a good life lesson, actually!)

And no, I don’t tend to ask for input before posting, except for the occasional fact-check!

What is your favourite genre to write and why?

I’m a sucker for meaningful angst. Angst for angst’s sake can be too much, but as long as there’s hope for redemption, I’ll always throw my energies into making the dark turmoil before the dawn breaks as dark and painful as possible!

What has been your favourite season of the show so far and why?

Season Three honestly threw my love into a whole new level—I loved many of the adaptation changes they made, and it just felt like a beautiful homage to the books with some wonderful twists. THOROUGHLY enjoyed.

Have you read any of Diana’s books? If so, which ones? Do you have a favourite book?

Pretty much all of them! I’ve only read a scattering of the Lord John Books, but I’ve read all the OL books and novellas.

Do you read/write fanfics for any other fandom?

I will occasionally read some ACOTAR or Harry Potter fanfic, but I haven’t written any yet.

What is one random fact about you that you have never revealed on Tumblr before?

I have a mole on the pad of my right big toe, right above the nail.

I hope you all learned a little more about this beautiful mind. I know I did!

anonymous asked:

now you have seen justice league what is your opinion on all of the dceu character interpretations so far?

oh all of them? alrighty i’ll just go over the main characters of each film because i know there are a LOT- possible VERY MINOR spoilers ahead for justice league but i’ll try to avoid that as much as i can

superman- i have said this time and time again and i’ll say it now, i absolutely love henry cavill as superman. i love his interpretation in mos and bvs and in justice league he just gets better and better. all the love.

batman- i’m still not completely sold on batfleck, but i don’t dislike him, i just feel like something’s off. he doesn’t feel as powerful as he should either. 

wonder woman- dceu wonder woman is my one and only, honestly, diana on film has given me so much more love and adoration for the character… best wonder woman ever by a long shot.

lois lane- i really love dceu lois! i think amy adams plays a fantastic adaptation of the character, still very much true to her other stories but managing to be something fresh, new and interesting as well. bless.

lex luthor- i’m aware a lot of people dislike jesse eisenberg’s lex but really, he’s the only iteration of lex i can stomach. i would sell my soul to dceu lex tbh but any other lex can choke. so yeah, i feel that dceu pretty much saved this character for me. now he’s my man. 

joker- honestly FUCK dceu joker. that isn’t joker, that’s jared leto self-projecting his damaged emo self onto a hot topic character and i fucking! hate! him! i feel the need to point out that it isn’t me thinking jared’s bad at acting either, because considering the direction the movie wanted him to go in, i genuinely think he did great even though i hate his guts. but this is a shit interpretation of some teenage gangster, not the one and only joker.

harley quinn- i really like dceu harley, she maintains a lot of the original characteristics of harley whilst translating to the big screen successfully. i could do with a little less sexualisation and ‘crazy!!! xD’ quotes but aside from that i feel like dceu harley is pretty decent. also margot robbie is the PERFECT harley quinn.

deadshot- boy am i a fan! i love will smith’s deadshot. he’s a smartass, funny, and skilled as hell, probably the only deadshot characterisation i really, truly love aside from maybe the new suicide squad comics.

the flash- having just seen justice league i willingly confess i love this interpretation of barry very much. could have done with less of the ‘awkward-teenage-boy’ shtick, but i blame that on joss whedon, not ezra miller, who plays a wonderful flash. also his backstory with his father was handled incredibly well and it’s canon that he’s jewish, listens to blackpink and watches rick and morty so

cyborg- honestly??? i was expecting to like cyborg more. but again something felt off. i don’t blame ray fisher for that, i blame the screenplay. he was a cool character but i’d like some more development, especially since cyborg was portrayed as a very edgy, emo character when i feel that’s not true to his character in pretty much anything else.

aquaman- listen. i HATE aquaman in pretty much everything else. but dceu aquaman saved my goddamn life. jason momoa is the best aquaman of all time and making him a real tough-guy, quippy bro-type was the greatest decision wb could have made. thank god for dceu arthur curry.

steve trevor- bitch i would DIE for steve trevor, best steve of all time, nothing wrong with this guy at all, i’m still crying over him

the amazons- oh boy howdy??? every time i watch a scene featuring the amazons i get 3235235% gayer??? and shoutout to their scene in justice league because it’s fucking incredible, i think the amazons as an entity are portrayed FLAWLESSLY

Presents | Taehyung

Leftovers after-story! A small, festive companion piece to Leftovers, also co-written somewhat by @kitten-dont and I :) 
Pairing: Taehyung x reader 
Genre: fluff, drabble-ish
Words: 2.7k+
Warnings: none
Notes: Aha! The time has finally come to post this! Kitten wrote the basis and I went through and added a couple sentences and whatnot here and there, I hope you all enjoy! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it (and for those who live where it’s still Christmas lol, It’s 1:30AM December 26th here).
@kitten-dont‘s note: Ahhh~ bless Buns heart~ ♥️♥️ I had posted this story once before only to delete it because I thought it wasn’t worthy- BUT SHE WENT THROUGH AND READ IT AND NOW ITS BACK!!! 😭😭 I couldn’t be more grateful so thank you to Bun and thank you to everyone who reads this ✨💖✨💖

Taehyung goes to great lengths to tell you he returns your feelings (and maybe gets his ass beat in the process).

Originally posted by piedpiper405

Masterlist | Kitten’s Masterlist | Leftovers

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Lady Bird discussion and review

So before I start just some background about me, I’ve lived in a few places in my life. I was born in Baltimore, lived in NYC until 7th grade, and now live in Sacramento California. This is not a cmbyn post so bear with me if that’s why you follow my account. Also this will be longer than my cmbyn review so I’m not really expecting that much response to it lol.

- I am fortunate that I got to see the movie at Tower Theater(our local independent theater) the night it came out in Sacramento. I had plans to go out with my friends that night but they fell through so I thought, why not go see a movie by yourself. The theater was completely full of people, many of which I knew as my friends’ relatives or even acquaintances from school. Despite Sacramento being home to almost half a million people, it really does feel like a small town. This was the only time I had ever seen the theater that packed before. The movie at one point shows a clip of Tower theater and I pretty much just cried from there to the end of the movie. The movie starts out with a quote from Joan Didion, “anyone who talks about California hedonism has never spent a Christmas in Sacramento”. This got giant laughs each time I’ve seen the movie in Sacramento and hardly any reaction when I saw the movie in NYC. This is kind of a recurring theme throughout the movie, that the movie feels like a special little gift to Sacramentens. I’ve never experienced a piece of art so specific to me or my city.

- Saorise is the perfect representation of so many Sacramento teenagers I know, and her friends Jenna is also a perfect representation of the other side of the spectrum. The school the girls go to is based on a local Catholic school, St. Francis. The detail of saying Jenna had a starter house in the forties(a very nice neighborhood close to midtown) was so so funny to people living in my city. Along with that her saying she never wants to leave Sacramento and wants to raise her children here is so true to so many families and girls I know. Everyone who’s a teenager in Sacramento either wants to escape to the east coast or San Fransisco, or they never want to leave. I can say I know multiple Ladybirds’ and Jennas.

- I can say that Ladybird/Christine is a very relatable character for me, I often want to go back to NYC and want to “live through something”. I almost feel sometimes like I’m living a life that wasn’t really meant for me(this is really angsty and personal compared to my cmbyn review lol) and I think Saorise in general perfectly reflected what it feels like to almost be at odds with yourself. The whole idea that you don’t know where your home is until you leave it is very universal and definitely shown in a unique and fresh way in this movie. I love that there is no real villain in this movie. Everyone is flawed whether it be Ladybird, Kyle, Jenna or Ladybird’s parents, no one is truly one thing.

OK next onto performances:
I’m gonna talk about Saorise and Timmy mostly here

- You guys already know that I have to start with Timmy. I had never seen Timmy in anything before seeing him in Lady Bird. I knew he was going to play Elio in cmbyn and didn’t even realize that until after seeing Lady Bird. I genuinely think that he is one of the most versatile actors I’ve ever seen on screen. Kyle in this movie is so funny and such an asshole and Timmy is SO convincing. Whether he be talking about on participating in the economy through bartering or telling Ladybird that he’s not a virgin and hasn’t lied in two years, everything he says feels perfectly acted and performed with just the right amount of comedy and seriousness. I was kind of worried that Timmy wasn’t going to be nice enough to play Elio after seeing the movie, but obviously, I watched like one interview with him and became obsessed.

- Next, Saorise. WOW, she is incredible in this movie. I’ve seen it four times now and her performance hasn’t ceased to amaze me every time. The whole relationship between Ladybird and her family, especially her mother, is so well executed by Saorise. I definitely can relate to them constantly fighting and making up, and having miscommunication about what they want for themselves and each other. Saorise also does a perfect Sacramento accent, like genuinely perfect. I have seen so many coming of age movies in my life and have never felt quite as emotional as I do when I watch this movie. Saorise really reflects what it feels like to be in between two lives and knowing that you want to leave, but also loving your hometown. She is just so perfect in this movie, I really believe she deserves the Oscar for best actress. I saw Brooklyn a few years ago and felt the same way about her acting, she is one of the best actresses of our generation imo.

- To finish this section I just felt like I needed to comment on Beanie and Lauries’ performances. Beanie is so sweet and Julie. From her audition for the play to asking Jenna what the emergency was that interrupted her having sex at some dudes lake house, she is such a lovely actress to watch on screen. Her and Saorise crying in the car to Crash Into Me is so perfectly hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time I really love her acting and portrayal of Julie. OK it’s really hard for me to put into words how amazing Laurie is in this movie. She is really really perfect. Whether it be her and Saorise’s character getting in a screaming fight or her crying in the car at the airport, she really does a beautiful job acting out a very complex character without it ever feeling off-color.

So these are my last little comments and thoughts on the movie:

- Greta did an incredible job with this movie. While I adore Call Me by Your Name I’m kinda rooting for this to win best picture. The attention to detail, the directing, and the performances really made it stand out to me. One of my favorite little things she included was that we get very similar shots of Saorise the first time we see her walk through Sacramento and New York; I think they even play the same music in these two scenes! To kind of conclude this review/essay/rant, I just am overflowing with love for this movie. It is so rare to see such an honest portrayal of the teenage experience. I adore that Christine never has her whole life revolving around a dude and that it’s ok that none of the boys she dates are the right match for her. I think in general putting focus on a mother-daughter relationship immediately makes the movie more relatable to a wider audience and feels more honest. I felt so emotional by the end of the movie, especially when Ladybird is painting over her walls and paints over the boys’ names. The whole last ten minutes are so beautiful and moving. I love this movie and would strongly recommend to everyone that they should go see it ASAP.

As always, if you want to discuss this movie or other stuff like cmbyn with me, either put stuff in my asks or message me!! Lmk if you guys like this kind of post and if you got this far, thanks for reading:).

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Okay so you're definitely one of my top fandom crushes. Since you're also a big tastemaker in this community who would you say YOUR fandom crushes are?

Hey anon! So glad I got this ask too, because now I have an excuse to have a little love fest over here. And thank you for calling me your crush, I’m blushing! Yet I have to say that - GOD - I’m sure I’m not a tastemaker for anyone…:)

I have so many crushes here in our Outlander fandom that it’s probably borderline criminal. I have a big heart where all the baes go to live.

I need to get the Queen herself, the Master Life Ruiner, @gotham-ruaidh out of the way. She was the first person I ever talked to in here, has been a relentless support and a true friend. Besides, she showed me by example what an accomplished fanfic writer is and her meta discussions on the books are the best. A very good reason to get myself to NY some day. :)

@westerhos is soulful AF. Also, she is writing what is probably my favourite fanfiction ever - Our Story. It’s brilliant brilliant brilliant. Like “I want-your-autograph-and-maybe-even-stalk-you-for-the-rest-of-my-life” brilliant. Also, she likes out of the box and weird stuff, which is my totally my thing.

@creag-an-fhitich and I call each other dessert names. She really is a GOOD person, one that shines and shines. She is the one that I wished I could hug the most. I love this girl like cray-cray.

@iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight is the homeland bae. Also, Heart Slayer is one of the purest and most funny creatures of the Outlander landscape. When I want to get a summary of the great stuff and have little time, it’s her blog I go to to get my fix.

@suhailauniverse is kind of a soul sister. I get the feeling we are very much alike in lots of things. Also I RESPECT HER SO MUCH as a writer. Her Neighbours AU will go down for the ages as one of the very best. She is witty and sassy AF and I’M HERE FOR THAT.

@notevenjokingrightnow is such a good writer that it blows my mind. Also, she strikes me as someone both humble and hardworking, as well as direct. I find myself nodding while I read her posts quite a lot, which is a sign of her consistency and my lunacy.

@bonnie-wee-swordsman has written some of my favourite ever stuff. Flood my Mornings is the fic I carry on my heart and I’ll duel anyone who dares to say it isn’t better than A LOT of stuff in the books. Besides, she is beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring, loyal and all-round talented. When God gave away his gifts, he winked several times at Bon.

@lenny9987 is an extraordinary writer and a source of so much knowledge that I always feel in awe of her. Very much so. She has an approach on life and literature that I enjoy so much.

@outlanderedandoverhere gives me hope in humanity. She is so…good. Like on a fundamental level. Master Seamstress puts dreams and fabrics together alike. I have so much admiration and love for her.

@takemeawaytocamelot is lovely and kind. Besides, her Exes AU (IMMA GET TO THAT DRABBLE NEXT) is a piece that was missing from my soul. 

@sapphiresassenach which is a woman of convictions, that proudly stands for the things she believes in. Besides, she is a marvellous writer and SHE HAS A HAMMOCK.

@tammywt shows me everyday that compassion and caring for strangers is possible. She always has a kind word, an advice, an encouragement to give. She truly cares and I crush hard on that.

@danielledreamsthedayaway has some of the best quotes and pictures around. Thanks to her I get all the purrrrty. And @yellowfeather84 and @saint-hildegard-of-bingen are masters on Outlander bits, besides their calm and wise input seems pretty spot on on a consistent level.

@mibasiamille is a new crush. We are on that phase where I think she is the love of my life and pretty much perfect lol. She is such a finished writer for her age and her bubbly personality gives me life.

Last but not least (I’m sure I’m missing someone, GOD OH GOD, I’M SORRY), I crush hard on all the people, namely anons, that come to my inbox to give me love. To tell me their ideas, thoughts, feelings. And all the people that comment and with whom I’ve had such interesting discussions. They keep me going, even when it would be easier to stop. They really are the best. <3

Top 5 Ships

Thanks @ethereal-bellarke @bellarkelifestyle and @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit for tagging me!

1. Bellarke

(no surprise here lmao) Bellarke has honestly taken over my life, and they are honestly so amazing and perfect together, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I will always be such Bellarke trash.

Originally posted by saviourblake-archive

“Together.” + “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” + “I can’t lose you too, okay?”

2. Stydia

Stydia was excruciating slow burn torture, and I loved every second of it. When they finally got together I pretty much died.

Originally posted by slowburnotptrash

“Remember I love you.” + “When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed.” + “If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!” 

3. Romione 

This was pretty much my first ship ever (the beginning of my descent into shipping hell lol). I remember reading the books for the first time and just NEEDING them to get together. 

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4. Peraltiago

They are just so cute and amazing together, it kills me.

Originally posted by wherethepalmtreesways

5. Jim x Pam

Yet ANOTHER slow burn ship (I am seeing a pattern here…). Jim and Pam are so perfect together and I love them so much.

Originally posted by andrewscoopers

(I didn’t write quotes for the last few ships lol because I’m lazy af lol)

This tag made me want to cry omg. Anyway, I tag @as-inevitable-as-morning @bellamybb @the-princess-and-the-king @belle-ami @problematicbellarke @platonic-bellarke @baerry-allens-wife @parapluiepliant @bellamylovedlincoln @frecklessbellamy and anyone else who wants to do this!


I drew these like 5 years ago but I never posted them anywhere because 5 years ago I was embarrassed that I was really into “Pacific Rim but the nerds turned into monsters.” I’m not embarrassed about that now (anything can be improved with “and also they turned into monsters” as far as I’m concerned) so here’s my designs. Newt is pretty much @alienfirst​‘s kaiju!newt design because you can’t improve on perfection and Hermann is some unholy combination of Karloff and Slattern with some wings thrown in for the Space Champion.

Oh also I got some fanfic to go along with it, also written like 5 years ago and never finished!!

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Petty War

Pairing: slight Castiel x Reader

Words: 1389 

Warnings: slight sillyness, mild fluff 

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 Castiel Novak. Cas-the-ass-tiel. Castiel. You couldn’t stand the name. He was your biggest foe. Why? He always had to show you up. Why? You had absolutely no clue, it’d been going on for pretty much your entire life. 

 It all started way back when you were around five or six. Kindergarten. 

 The final quarter was coming to a close and you were so proud of yourself. Good grades, good attendance and perfect behavior was your legacy in Mrs. Rivera’s class. 

Until that dreadful day. 

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Boyfriends Date?

I wrote this in a reply to one of the ADKOC Epilogue comments, but thought it was fun enough to post here.

@notoriousfish asked:

Okay one question for Yuuri & Yuri ~ Have you ever gone on a solo “date” together since your boyfriends title happened, and if so, what did you do?

Yuri and Yuuri share this knowing look, Yuri smirking and Yuuri blushing.

“You tell them, Katsudon,” Yuri snickers. Yuuri groans and covers his face in a hand, but Yuri keeps prodding until he sighs and looks up.

“We tried to go on a date,” Yuuri starts, and Yuri barks out a laugh.

“I didn’t know it was a date.”

“I told you I wanted to take you somewhere special!”

“I thought you meant, like, a new restaurant you found,” Yuri keeps laughing.

Yuuri’s look is that fond mix of exasperation and you’re-so-cute-I-want-to-strangle-you. He slings his arm around Yuri’s shoulder, shaking his head and kissing the corner of Yuri’s mouth.

“I told him where to meet me and was waiting in a nice suit with flowers,” Yuuri says.

“I swear to god I thought it was just an average restaurant!”

“He shows up in this… “ Yuuri makes a face.

Fashionable,” Yuri fills in the blank.

Fashionable,” Yuuri air quotes, “t-shirt that looked like someone tried to clog a garbage disposal.”

And Yuri just grins proudly, because that’s a perfect description of Yuri’s fashion style.

“Your face,” Yuri grins, but he’s being gentler with his teases now. It’s still a tad sore even after all the time has passed. Yuri looks at Yuuri with his own brand of adoration. “You were so upset.”

“Our reservations were in five minutes and nothing about you was up to the dress code,” Yuuri says. (They’ve pretty much forgotten about you at this point and are talking to themselves).

“I still looked good though, didn’t I?” Yuri smirks.

Of course you looked good,” Yuuri returns, unable to prevent his smile.

“We wound up walking along the river instead,” Yuri says. “That was more fun than a stuffy restaurant anyway.”

“I was so hot.”

“You should have dressed more appropriately!”

That earns Yuri a hard glare, which Yuri diffuses with a flash of his smile and a bat of his lashes.

“I suppose that explains why you were so quick to get naked when—“




anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on imprinting ?

I think it’s incredibly romantic, to have someone who matches you in every sense, and for love to come “easier” than in a date-around sort of sense, but I can see how it can be perceived as a loss of control over your own heart. Having a “mate” selected for you is a very uncomfortable concept, but is it as uncomfortable when described as “finding a soulmate?” I’ve always been enchanted by the idea of soulmates, though never in the cosmic-earthquake style of imprinting, but I suppose it’s sort of the same thing… only a little more extreme. Sure, there’s no trial period for the wolf; they’ve found their one and only, without doubt or hesitation they are going to love that person very deeply. For the imprint, there has to be that human period of getting to know the wolf, finding their niche and compatibility. On the imprint’s end, I see it as very comfortable, because these are two people who are literally destined to be together. For whatever reason, and however possible, they’re an ideal match. They’re going to get along. Also, I may be botching the exact quote, but I’m pretty sure there’s a moment in Eclipse when Jacob describes the imprint’s pull to the wolf along the lines of “it’s impossible to ignore that much love.”

On a personal note, I’d sure as Hell stick around if someone imprinted on me. I’m not about to walk away from someone who loves me and is literally my perfect match. Sure, it would seem a bit forced upon me, but at the end of the day, the wolves and imprints learn to love one another. There is love present, even in non-romantic imprinting scenarios. Claire and Quil love each other in a familial sense. Jacob and Renesmee love each other in a familial and platonic sense. Sam and Emily have a romantic love. Love is love across the board, and imprinting seems to be a way of honing-in on a perfect sort of love. I’m not opposed. It’s a sped-up version of the typical process humans embark on when finding love.

Me when I heard Rammstein for the first time
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Oh, I like this song.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, I like this album.<p/><b>Me:</b> Hey, the leadsinger is pretty attractive.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh hey there, so is the drummer. And the guitarists. And the bassist. And the keyboardist. Heh.<p/><b>Me:</b> I need to see this band live.<p/><b>Me:</b> I LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH. LOOK, THEY'RE SO WONDERFUL!<p/><b>Me:</b> YOU PERFECT FUCKING BASTARDS ARE RUNNING MY LIFE WITH YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR FACES AND YOUR PERSONALITIES AND OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN AHDHJFNVNSXZ.<p/><b></b> *Gets obsessed as hell*<p/></p><p/></p>