this quote is pretty much perfect

I’m sorry I’m so territorial,
I get jealous pretty easily.
I’ve just never had anyone loyal,
Sometimes I fear you’ll do the same to me.

I know you’re not like all the rest,
But I can’t silence these thoughts.
Even now this has me stressed,
Because you’re all my heart wants.

—  K.N.B.
Pretty and Perfect

 Sit still and smile

 No one cares about your pain 

 Don’t think and don’t speak

 try and be pretty

 I try to be pretty 

 But my scars and marks make me ugly 

 I’m not pretty like you 

 I’ll never be pretty

 Is it because I’m fat? 

 I’ll stop eating for a while 

 It it because I speak too much? 

 I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut

 Is it because I worry a lot?

 Sorry, I’ll just dissociate from the world

 Because the only pain I see is that I’m hurting myself for people to see me

 I know I’m not pretty

 I’ll never be skinny

 I always talk 

 And I worry a lot

 I’m sorry I’m not perfect

 I promise I’m trying 

 Stop telling me I’m worthless 

 I know I’m not who you want me to be




Like seriously he spent the time with everyone in line to chat and answer their questions. He wanted to know where we’re from and he really answered everyone’s questions in a detailed manner. I really appreciated that!


and if there’s something going on there–

(This is all being transcribed from memory so I can’t vouch for perfect quotes, so please don’t quote me exactly!)

First things first–we can’t really ever know, but clearly something made Sherlock rescue Irene, (re: his sword–that was probably pretty gory!) But Irene probably gets into all sorts of trouble all over the world, knowing she’s got Sherlock on a lead [implying that Sherlock would come and rescue her if she gets into too much trouble.]

He also said maybe they get together and tear a room apart.

They’re the only two ‘bad’ enough to deserve each other (memory’s fritzing there but that’s basically the gist).


He repeated though its one of those things that we can’t ever know.


We also got a picture and an autograph with him with my Japanese Sherlock comic which was great.

Hilariously enough I was in line struggling with this giant framed picture of Irene and Sherlock with a piece of her wallpaper.

Stay safe, stay in school, be nice to your mother, be nice to your dad and always appreciate life.
—  Tristan Evans

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Okay so you're definitely one of my top fandom crushes. Since you're also a big tastemaker in this community who would you say YOUR fandom crushes are?

Hey anon! So glad I got this ask too, because now I have an excuse to have a little love fest over here. And thank you for calling me your crush, I’m blushing! Yet I have to say that - GOD - I’m sure I’m not a tastemaker for anyone…:)

I have so many crushes here in our Outlander fandom that it’s probably borderline criminal. I have a big heart where all the baes go to live.

I need to get the Queen herself, the Master Life Ruiner, @gotham-ruaidh out of the way. She was the first person I ever talked to in here, has been a relentless support and a true friend. Besides, she showed me by example what an accomplished fanfic writer is and her meta discussions on the books are the best. A very good reason to get myself to NY some day. :)

@westerhos is soulful AF. Also, she is writing what is probably my favourite fanfiction ever - Our Story. It’s brilliant brilliant brilliant. Like “I want-your-autograph-and-maybe-even-stalk-you-for-the-rest-of-my-life” brilliant. Also, she likes out of the box and weird stuff, which is my totally my thing.

@creag-an-fhitich and I call each other dessert names. She really is a GOOD person, one that shines and shines. She is the one that I wished I could hug the most. I love this girl like cray-cray.

@iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight is the homeland bae. Also, Heart Slayer is one of the purest and most funny creatures of the Outlander landscape. When I want to get a summary of the great stuff and have little time, it’s her blog I go to to get my fix.

@suhailauniverse is kind of a soul sister. I get the feeling we are very much alike in lots of things. Also I RESPECT HER SO MUCH as a writer. Her Neighbours AU will go down for the ages as one of the very best. She is witty and sassy AF and I’M HERE FOR THAT.

@notevenjokingrightnow is such a good writer that it blows my mind. Also, she strikes me as someone both humble and hardworking, as well as direct. I find myself nodding while I read her posts quite a lot, which is a sign of her consistency and my lunacy.

@bonnie-wee-swordsman has written some of my favourite ever stuff. Flood my Mornings is the fic I carry on my heart and I’ll duel anyone who dares to say it isn’t better than A LOT of stuff in the books. Besides, she is beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring, loyal and all-round talented. When God gave away his gifts, he winked several times at Bon.

@lenny9987 is an extraordinary writer and a source of so much knowledge that I always feel in awe of her. Very much so. She has an approach on life and literature that I enjoy so much.

@outlanderedandoverhere gives me hope in humanity. She is so…good. Like on a fundamental level. Master Seamstress puts dreams and fabrics together alike. I have so much admiration and love for her.

@takemeawaytocamelot is lovely and kind. Besides, her Exes AU (IMMA GET TO THAT DRABBLE NEXT) is a piece that was missing from my soul. 

@sapphiresassenach which is a woman of convictions, that proudly stands for the things she believes in. Besides, she is a marvellous writer and SHE HAS A HAMMOCK.

@tammywt shows me everyday that compassion and caring for strangers is possible. She always has a kind word, an advice, an encouragement to give. She truly cares and I crush hard on that.

@danielledreamsthedayaway has some of the best quotes and pictures around. Thanks to her I get all the purrrrty. And @yellowfeather84 and @saint-hildegard-of-bingen are masters on Outlander bits, besides their calm and wise input seems pretty spot on on a consistent level.

@mibasiamille is a new crush. We are on that phase where I think she is the love of my life and pretty much perfect lol. She is such a finished writer for her age and her bubbly personality gives me life.

Last but not least (I’m sure I’m missing someone, GOD OH GOD, I’M SORRY), I crush hard on all the people, namely anons, that come to my inbox to give me love. To tell me their ideas, thoughts, feelings. And all the people that comment and with whom I’ve had such interesting discussions. They keep me going, even when it would be easier to stop. They really are the best. <3

Top 5 Ships

Thanks @ethereal-bellarke @bellarkelifestyle and @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit for tagging me!

1. Bellarke

(no surprise here lmao) Bellarke has honestly taken over my life, and they are honestly so amazing and perfect together, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I will always be such Bellarke trash.

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“Together.” + “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” + “I can’t lose you too, okay?”

2. Stydia

Stydia was excruciating slow burn torture, and I loved every second of it. When they finally got together I pretty much died.

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“Remember I love you.” + “When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed.” + “If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!” 

3. Romione 

This was pretty much my first ship ever (the beginning of my descent into shipping hell lol). I remember reading the books for the first time and just NEEDING them to get together. 

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4. Peraltiago

They are just so cute and amazing together, it kills me.

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5. Jim x Pam

Yet ANOTHER slow burn ship (I am seeing a pattern here…). Jim and Pam are so perfect together and I love them so much.

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(I didn’t write quotes for the last few ships lol because I’m lazy af lol)

This tag made me want to cry omg. Anyway, I tag @as-inevitable-as-morning @bellamybb @the-princess-and-the-king @belle-ami @problematicbellarke @platonic-bellarke @baerry-allens-wife @parapluiepliant @bellamylovedlincoln @frecklessbellamy and anyone else who wants to do this!

Petty War

Pairing: slight Castiel x Reader

Words: 1389 

Warnings: slight sillyness, mild fluff 

 An// this is my entry for @dancingalone21 Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My main account is @chumi-la-chula where I was assigned my quote. It was “Please accept this sandwich as an act of solidarity.” It’ll be bolded. I’m going to go ahead and tag @mamapeterson since she’s like the only person on my basic tag list lol

 Castiel Novak. Cas-the-ass-tiel. Castiel. You couldn’t stand the name. He was your biggest foe. Why? He always had to show you up. Why? You had absolutely no clue, it’d been going on for pretty much your entire life. 

 It all started way back when you were around five or six. Kindergarten. 

 The final quarter was coming to a close and you were so proud of yourself. Good grades, good attendance and perfect behavior was your legacy in Mrs. Rivera’s class. 

Until that dreadful day. 

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okay so, i’d like to dump a bunch of Allrianne/Shallan/Rysn (i’m thinking Shallriasn for a ship name??? but that’s subject to change if anyone has better ideas) headcanons and thoughts:

  • Shallan’s lightweaving and and Allrianne’s emotional allomancy are just screaming for a spy au
  • (they probably call themselves the ‘bi spies’ bc they’re cheesy and cute like that)
  • speaking of emotional allomancy, Allrianne hardly has to riot Shallan and Rysn’s emotions bc they are already Useless when faced with pretty girls
  • …not that it stops her.
  • Rysn likes to quote that one Sappho poem about feeling pale as grass and close to death pretty much whenever she sees her beautiful girlfriends
  • the three of them are all stubborn AF so together they’re like the triforce of ignoring other people’s advice
  • this leads to shenanigans.
  • Allrianne likes to do her girlfriends’ hair and makeup and put them in pretty dresses and then cry about how perfect they look
  • Allrianne thinks her girlfriends look perfect whatever they’re wearing tbh
  • she is also Obsessed with Rysn’s pretty eyebrows and I hc that Thaylen people have pretty long eyelashes to match as well so can you imagine what mascara would do to those?
  • Rysn actually has quite a green thumb so their house is filled with flowers so Shallan always has something to sketch and Allrianne always has daisies or roses in her hair.
  • Shallan also has an entire sketchbook just for drawings of Rysn and Allrianne.
  • When Shallan is stressed she gets twice the hugs and a kiss on both cheeks at the same time.
  • Rysn and Allrianne think Shallan’s safepouch is the Root Of All Evil bc it stops them both holding her hand at the same time.
  • they team up to convince her to ‘just wear a glove babe please!’
  • This makes Shallan extra blushy
  • Their house is Aesthetic af.
  • their house also serves as the hq for their fashion brand, with Allrianne picking fabrics and always having an eye for trends, Shallan sketching ideas, and Rysn being in charge of the financial side of things.
  • They are Happy.

ok so vhope au where they’re both in college and they’re at a party and both drunk as hell and taehyung is just walking around with a picture of hoseok on his phone (it’s his background) and he’s literally just barging into people’s conversations to show them like “look! this is my boyfriend hoseok! Isn’t he so pretty?? i love him so much- he’s the best boyfriend ever!“ "have you met hobi? no??? why?? he’s an angel!” “look at how pretty my hobi is! he’s so pretty! and he’s so sweet too! did you know his favorite flowers are sunflowers? he looks so pretty holding sunflowers!” “hoseok is so perfect, and beautiful, and talented- you can’t have him though! he’s mine! i love him so so so much!”

and poor jimin, the designated driver and only sober one has to drag taehyung over to the couch (“yes i’ve met hoseok, i introduced you two.” “yes he’s very pretty taetae” “yes taetae i know you love him”) and hoseok is already on the couch where’s he’s been telling an equally drunk and completely enraptured jeongguk about why taehyung’s eyes are the prettiest in the world while jeongguk nods as enthusiastically as if he’s listening to tony stark himself speak. jimin sighs at the loud yell that escapes taehyung as soon as he spots hoseok sitting on the couch and suddenly hoseok is tackled back onto the couch by all 62kg of kim taehyung as the younger presses sloppy kisses all over the dance major’s face.

in all honesty jimin can’t really be annoyed with them as he watches the way hoseok’s face lights up like sunrise as he suddenly finds himself with an armful of taehyung who keeps slurring the exact same stuff he was saying earlier except now to it’s intended audience.(“i love you so much hobi” “did you know you look pretty when you hold sunflowers?” “you’re so beautiful” “you’re the prettiest sunshine in the world” “i love you so so much”)  

at this point hoseok is crying and kissing taehyung’s cheeks every chance he gets and smiling like he’s never been happier.

jimin grunts as jeongguk suddenly throws himself into the elders lap, wrapping his arms around jimin’s neck as he sobs into his shoulders. “minnie- chimchim, i love you so much, you know that right? i love you so much- they’re so cute.” jimin laughs at his romance-weak boyfriend and pats his back reassuringly. “yes jeonggukie, i know.”

Me when I heard Rammstein for the first time
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Oh, I like this song.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, I like this album.<p/><b>Me:</b> Hey, the leadsinger is pretty attractive.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh hey there, so is the drummer. And the guitarists. And the bassist. And the keyboardist. Heh.<p/><b>Me:</b> I need to see this band live.<p/><b>Me:</b> I LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH. LOOK, THEY'RE SO WONDERFUL!<p/><b>Me:</b> YOU PERFECT FUCKING BASTARDS ARE RUNNING MY LIFE WITH YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR FACES AND YOUR PERSONALITIES AND OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN AHDHJFNVNSXZ.<p/><b></b> *Gets obsessed as hell*<p/></p><p/></p>

Hhhhhhh, decent chunk of people are commenting/tagging on the “Roy went to recruit Ed because the file said Ed was 31″ post saying the homunculi must have intentionally messed up the file in order to drag the Elrics in. And I can say with absolute certainty that is wrong.

The homunculi and Father were 100% oblivious to the Elrics until the Elrics got involved in the military. Father broke out into boyish glee when he learned Ed and Al were Hohenheim’s kids. His response was pretty much “shut up Hohenheim’s got children? Omfg that old fox.” Rewatch episode 28–it’s a beautiful thing. Then his follow-up was essentially “wait if youre his kids then wtf is an Elric?” Like, the guy had zero clue that these two “Elrics” were anything more special than sacrifice candidates until Ed and Al explained it to his face.

Hell, none of them even knew Al had opened the portal until he fought Lust in episode 19! To quote Lust, “Seems you’ve opened the portal. You really are a perfect sacrifice.” Which means they didn’t know any details about the Elrics’ attempt at human transmutation prior to their recruitment.  And the only reason they knew Ed had opened it was because he used clap alchemy in front of Bradley during his actual examination. That’s what pegged him as an ideal sacrifice, and even then they knew nothing about his relation to Hohenheim.

The homunculi’s hugest flaw was in their endless ability to underestimate humans. They flat out did not care about what humans were doing. Father likened it to how most people feel about ants. Father honestly, truly, legitimately lost track of Hohenheim and did not care at all. He never knew Hohenheim settled down, never knew he had kids, never knew Ed and Al “Elric” had the slightest thing to do with the man. Ed was recruited just like any other state alchemist.

Random fuck-up on Ed and Al’s file was just that–a random fuck-up. And without it, Father would likely have scoured further for two other people who had opened the portal, or who could be forced through it (Kimblee, Marcoh, etc.) in order to get on with his plans. 

That random fuck-up dragged Ed and Al into the picture, and it likely saved all of Amestris. 

The signs thoughts
  • ARIES: I´m better than all of you assholes
  • TAURUS: I could eat some cake right now
  • GEMINI: I´m going to pretend i care about what you just said
  • CANCER: I need hugs and cookies
  • LEO: Fuck u bitch i´m fabulous, bow down to me
  • VIRGO: You´re all uncultered swines
  • LIBRA: Stop war hug more
  • SCORPIO: I tired of your bullshit, i just wanna sleep
  • CAPRICORN: sex sex sex sex sex
  • Aquarius: I´m hot and gay
  • PISCES: Fuck my life

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Psychoshipping, please?!

opening credits: The Writer by Ellie Goulding (this is already way too sappy this is gonna be great)
meeting for the first time: The World Ender by Lord Huron (this is pretty much both character’s theme song so it works so well)
hey, i kinda like you: Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton (for anyone else this would work but not for these two lol)
i’m going to kiss you now: Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance (yeah pretty much)
falling in love: Gun In My Hand by Dorothy (yes perfect)
your place or mine: Hold Me Down by Halsey (also perfect)
naked in bed: Boadicea by Enya (what even)
first fight: Echo by Crusher-P (actually sort of works, if you consider that both of them have an alternate personality)
maybe we should take a break:  Oblivion by Bastille
i want you back: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Glee Cast (wHAT THE FECK)
will you marry me: To Sir, With Love by Glee Cast (kinky)
we’re getting older: Lady Marmalade by Lil’ Kim, Mya, P!nk, and Christina Aguilera (foxy old psychopaths)
if you die i’ll go with you: Your Biggest Mistake by Ellie Goulding
end credits: Partners In Crime by Set It Off