this quote is just... amazing

This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.

Me: *sees headcanon about a ship I don’t follow*

Me: Nah

Me: *reads it anyway*

Me: hOLiEe SHiT!! Let ME tELL yOu aBOUT my nEW OtP

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You’re too amazing to be treated as just a fucking option
—  things i wish i knew before i let you come back into my life (via @anotordinaryteen)

I love you.

I love your goofy smile. I love your thick gorgeous hair. I love the way you fall into a fit of laughter over silly things. I love the way the light dances in your eyes.

I love your kind heart. I love your amazing sense of humor. I love your beautiful, thought-provoking mind. I love your compassionate soul. I love your humble intelligence.

I love you, and I hope I can prove to you just how deeply and passionately you deserve to be loved.

—  I fucking adore you.